Showing logs for date: 2011-01-30
19:18:32 <ynpvisitor64> hi
19:19:18 <ynpvisitor13> g'morning
19:19:29 <lc> good morning
19:21:20 <lc> possible Riverside 0720ie
19:33:01 <Derek> I must be having abad day. It took three attempts tp type my own name :-)
19:33:30 <lc> not a good sign. g
19:35:55 <Graham> morning
19:36:13 <Derek> Hi
19:36:24 <Derek> CC's onthe cam
19:36:40 <lc> good morning Graham
19:40:40 <Graham> loks like another nice day
20:00:41 <ynpvisitor86> OF 08:00ie
20:05:17 <Graham> steamy morning
20:05:26 <ynpvisitor13> I found some images from someone's blog...
20:05:31 <ynpvisitor13>
20:16:59 <Graham> nice photos. I heard about the ermine crossing the road when i was there
20:17:09 <Graham> they got some good blue skys too
20:19:00 <Graham> bbl
20:29:50 <ynpvisitor76> Depression 0829 ie ?
20:29:59 <ynpvisitor76> Heavy steam at BH too
20:55:01 <kcmule> BHI 08:54ie
20:55:35 <Kevin L> Life is good
21:05:26 <ynpvisitor13> .
21:06:16 <vw> Woohoo!!!!
21:06:26 <Derek> Hi
21:06:47 <Kevin L> You came in at the right time.
21:06:50 <vw> Hi D. Got an email that we had Indicator. Thought I would take a break and watch for a few.
21:08:12 <vw> D, you on cam or is it still CC?
21:08:18 <vw> Very nice shots of BHI.
21:08:34 <vw> BH 0908
21:08:48 <Derek> It's me
21:09:02 <vw> Great shots!!!
21:09:20 <vw> Love the close ups of Indicator and splashing from BH
21:11:33 <Derek> I missed yesterday because granddaughters were here.
21:12:02 <ynpvisitor47> Just !
21:12:30 <vw> time with gkids is pretty important! Geysers will usually erupt again. Impossible to recreate lost time with little kids!
21:13:08 <vw> Nice break. I will be back in a couple of hours.
21:13:16 <vw> Thanks D!
21:14:36 <ynpvisitor47> Thank you.
21:18:52 <kcmule> Castle 09:18ie h2o
21:26:05 <Kevin L> OF ie 0925
21:26:47 <kcmule> castle is a major
21:46:02 <Kent> Just read the log. Day late and a dollar short. :(
21:49:06 <cb> Hello All!
21:49:41 <Kent> Hey cb, something at Grand?
21:49:55 <cb> just noticed that.
21:50:22 <cb> hey Kent. I see i am also day late and dollar short
21:50:37 <cb> BH early this am
21:50:47 <Kent> Yep
21:51:02 <cb> Hi Derek
21:52:34 <Derek> Hi
21:52:56 <Derek> CC or Craig just grabbed the cam
21:53:14 <cb> been awhile since we both have been on this page. Nice to "see" you!
21:53:33 <cb> not I
21:54:04 <Graham2> so no BH for me today
21:54:04 <Derek> They've given it back now
21:54:15 <cb> wow.....2 Grahams?
21:54:40 <Graham2> yeah, on my moms netbook now
21:54:53 <Graham2> shes on farmtown
21:55:04 <cb> G!
21:56:10 <cb> have many friends who play that
21:57:57 <cb> Derek. got a kick outta your sons posts to your page! to funny
21:59:16 <cb> Saw story on friday about a Zoo in Kent that has a gorilla that walks upright....have you seen him?
21:59:18 <Derek> He was looking at my new phone, then he started laughing so I guessed he was up to something
21:59:29 <cb> ya he was!
22:08:52 <Graham2> still no lion seen since the cam was fixed?
22:10:00 <cb> hum...not sure.. wasn't here Friday afternoon?
22:11:12 <cb> just cked posts...and I guess not
22:13:03 <Graham2> nothing in the reports
22:18:35 <cb> Plume 1018ie
22:19:45 <cb> bbl
22:28:38 <kcmule> Grand 10:28ie
22:38:03 <kcmule> 1b : (
22:38:31 <Graham2> at least we could see it tho
23:09:32 <ynpvisitor45> OF 11:08ie
23:26:38 <vw> Hello again. Nice crowd!
23:26:48 <vw> Guess 'cuz there isn't any football?
23:31:11 <vw> Depression 1131
23:32:30 <vw> approximately 3 hour interval on Depression
23:37:54 <kcmule> hi vw
23:38:38 <vw> hi kc!
23:39:07 <vw> Hope you are sitting in your easy chair and not your chair at work!
23:40:00 <kcmule> its an office chair but believe me no work is being done
23:42:22 <vw> That is what I wanted to hear!
23:43:09 <vw> With BH and Grand already behind us today, I sure hope we get a Lion series going to keep us entertained today.
23:58:31 <vw> Plume 1158
00:02:56 <vw> Need to relearrn how to control that zoom. Wasn't very good at it to begin with, and the hiatus only made things worse!
00:09:58 <vw> Nice water spikes at Sawmill
00:10:32 <Graham2> does look nice
00:10:58 <vw> I keep thinking those bison are going to go for a dip.
00:11:05 <vw> Just thirsty I guess.
00:11:15 <ynpvisitor50> Depth charge function
00:15:43 <Graham2> bbl
00:18:21 <vw> Steam possibly from the Oblong area
00:31:37 <vw> OF 1231
00:37:02 <vw> Looks like some sun in the basin.
00:38:42 <vw> Bison now on the OF side of the river
00:43:20 <vw> Hi Kent
00:43:35 <Kent> Hey vw
00:44:43 <Kent> A balmy 36° in the UGB
00:45:07 <vw> Plume 1244
00:45:21 <Kent> Not bad timing.
00:45:41 <vw> Very good timing!
00:46:15 <vw> Warmer in the basin than here in Billings. We won't make double digits today
01:15:48 <ynpvisitor13> ..
01:16:15 <ynpvisitor13> just checking, sorry.
01:16:23 <vw> g
01:17:24 <ynpvisitor13> I was timing out and it was purty quiet here, so I wasn't sure I was still "here"
01:18:36 <ynpvisitor50> Quite often I'm not all "fere"
01:19:14 <ynpvisitor13> that too. :)
01:19:25 <vw> :D
01:19:58 <ynpvisitor13> I think we need something to erupt.
01:20:53 <vw> Plume up soon, and maybe Riverside soon too
01:27:12 <vw> Very strange that we haven't been able to catch a Daisy today.
01:33:13 <vw> Plume 1332
01:35:30 <Graham2> where is cb for Daisy?
01:36:17 <vw> No kidding! I have been watching all during my shift with no luck. Need some of hers!
01:37:27 <vw> Riverside 1337 ie ?
01:38:09 <vw> Timing is right on for Riverside
01:38:34 <Graham2> then it must be so
01:38:39 <vw> g
01:46:52 <vw> zzzzzzzzzzzz
01:47:18 <Graham2> you know Daisy just erupted?
01:50:22 <kcmule> Daisy 1349ie
01:50:27 <vw> I step away for JUST a bit and see what happens!
01:50:43 <vw> Thanks Graham and kc
01:50:45 <Graham2> >)
01:51:11 <kcmule> g
01:51:40 <vw> Lighting is just right to see water
01:57:40 <Graham2> whats next?
01:59:25 <kcmule> OF
01:59:33 <vw> OF predicted in the next 5, then Plume. The dependables
01:59:38 <Graham2> zzzzz
02:01:45 <vw> Very active preplay from OF
02:02:37 <vw> Wavers
02:09:54 <vw> OF 1409
02:15:20 <Graham2> was that Dome?
02:16:11 <vw> Not sure how you would be able to tell on stream. The VEC static isn't showing it.
02:16:33 <Graham2> guess not
02:16:56 <vw> Steam downbasin. Possibly from Grotto
02:17:09 <vw> Too windy to be sure though
02:17:45 <vw> Plume 1417
02:18:07 <vw> 45 minute interval on that Plume
02:41:47 <vw> Depression 1441
02:46:42 <Graham2> looks like it might be icy
02:47:25 <vw> Yes, people are walking very delicately. Even going so far as to get down on all 4 around the BH accumulation.
02:48:20 <vw> Better to do that purposely than accidentally I suppose
02:53:30 <vw> Recap, Sunday, 1/30/11: BH 0908, BHI 0854ie; Castle 0918ie (Major); Daisy 1349ie; Depression 0829ie, 1131, 1441; Grand 1028ie; OF 0800ie, 0925ie, 1108ie, 1231, 1409; Plume 1018ie, 1158, 1244, 1332, 1417 Riverside 0720ie ?, 1337ie ?
02:53:35 <Graham2> no snow recenty to add traction
02:53:55 <vw> No, but I think there is supposed to be some in the near forecast.
02:54:10 <vw> So much as melted off in the last couple of days, more is sorely needed.
02:55:58 <Kevin L> I was hoping for an Aurum.
02:56:06 <Graham2> yeah and all those BH eruptions have been icing it over nicely
02:58:11 <vw> Wind has not been condusive to seeing anything in the Giantess area today Kevin. Sorry.
02:59:48 <cb> Hi all!
03:00:01 <Kevin L> Hi
03:00:22 <vw> Hey cb
03:00:36 <cb> you ready for me?
03:00:58 <vw> Whenever you are ready.
03:01:01 <Graham2> shift change?
03:01:01 <vw> About time for a Pluem
03:01:06 <vw> oops.. Plume
03:01:18 <cb> G! got it
03:01:21 <vw> Yeap. My muscles need stretching!
03:01:35 <cb> I bet! ty for the recap
03:01:44 <vw> yw.
03:02:27 <cb> been a busy day...nice to see Depression running about 3 hrs still
03:02:30 <vw> Have a great afternoon! afk here.
03:02:54 <cb> ok c u
03:02:56 <cb> ok c u
03:08:33 <cb> Plume 1508ie
03:34:12 <Graham2> zoom is working well
03:34:25 <cb> yes it is!!
03:34:52 <Graham2> skilful operator action too :)
03:34:58 <cb> was soooo nice to have the sun out yesterday
03:35:18 <cb> G! rusty.
03:35:41 <cb> hoping the cam stays operational!!
03:36:02 <cb> how was your evening Graham?
03:36:44 <Graham2> good, at my moms now
03:37:07 <Graham2> heaqd home in a couple of hoursw
03:37:30 <cb> you all get as much snow as cc
03:37:56 <Graham2> no, just 5" on Wed, none here in Richmond
03:38:40 <Graham2> we have missed the big snows
03:38:58 <Graham2> mostly from Philly north
03:39:15 <cb> looked like they will be slogging through the snow for awhile
03:39:46 <cb> Finally got some rain here. snow in the Sierra's
03:40:11 <Graham2> goode. we should ge sometghing Tues/Wed
03:40:31 <cb> Sure would be nice to see something from Lion soon!
03:41:22 <ynpvisitor63> hi
03:41:34 <cb> Hi #63
03:42:42 <Graham2> by 63
03:43:00 <cb> OF 1542ie
03:43:42 <Graham2> you can call actual times from cam control
03:52:40 <cb> seemed to be some differances last week, so being aware of variables i think in eruption allows for those
03:54:37 <cb> differances were within minutes but the actual on site times were different
03:58:34 <cb> Plume 1558
04:26:27 <Graham2> looks like my weather now
04:26:45 <cb> G!
04:27:15 <Graham2> with cam control we see it pretty much live tho
04:27:24 <Graham2> not from the main stream
04:27:41 <Graham2> having dinner now, then headed home
04:29:27 <cb> I understand what your saying
04:31:25 <cb> Daisy 1631
04:41:39 <Graham2> knew you would see Daisy
04:42:21 <cb> It was there but "seeing" it was difficult!
04:42:36 <cb> 'snow comin in
04:42:47 <cb> you finished w dinner?
04:47:54 <cb> Tail end of Plume I believe. had to step away for a min that be 1646ie
04:48:08 <cb> anyone else see it
04:48:29 <Graham2> .
04:49:34 <cb> Saw the last little burst
04:50:06 <Graham2> Plume 1647e?i
04:50:54 <cb> ok!!
04:56:59 <ynpvisitor93> hi all
04:57:07 <cb> HI
04:57:15 <ynpvisitor93> I am a man without GF or wife
04:57:20 <ynpvisitor93> and needs a partner online
04:57:29 <ynpvisitor93> any interested
04:57:32 <ynpvisitor93> ?
04:57:42 <cb> Barking up the wrong tree here
04:58:13 <ynpvisitor93> where do u recommed to go ?
04:58:31 <ynpvisitor93> ?
05:00:27 <superman> no interested in cam on messenger?
05:00:42 <cb> looking out to far....the 4 legged were under my nose
05:01:14 <Graham2> they just appeared
05:01:22 <Graham2> out of nowhere
05:01:32 <cb> sure did!
05:01:33 <Graham2> lots of them around when i nwas there
05:02:33 <Graham2> usual spots, by the inn, near Daisy, and Scalloped spring, between Oblong and Giant
05:03:15 <Graham2> doesn't look like much grass there
05:03:20 <cb> warm spots
05:03:26 <Graham2> yep
05:03:38 <Graham2> made it hard to get around sometimes
05:04:16 <cb> looks like a youngin
05:04:23 <Graham2> time to go, will check for times later and see you tomorrow...have to get home early from work
05:04:40 <cb> drive safe G!
05:04:42 <Graham2> have fun, enjoy Giantess
05:04:48 <cb> will do
05:04:52 <Graham2> thanks
05:09:44 <cb> OF 1709
05:17:02 <lc> just got home and checked the log, the 2 Riverside eruptions look about right.
05:17:42 <cb> hi lc
05:18:14 <lc> hi cb
05:19:25 <cb> Nice silver coat on bison shoulders
05:20:05 <Kevin L> Would make tasty jerky
05:20:38 <cb> think he's looking at the visitors....lickin his chops
05:21:13 <Kevin L> He thinks visitors would be tasty.
05:21:44 <cb> if not fun to throw around a bit
05:22:40 <Kevin L> I saw one toss a guy about 20 feet in the air once. I give them a WIDE berth now.
05:23:11 <cb> smart!!
05:24:41 <cb> I would NOT like to go nose to nose w one!
05:25:42 <Kevin L> I can't believe how fast something that big can move.
05:25:45 <cb> Nice for them to grace us w a showing tonight!
05:25:59 <cb> amen!
05:26:36 <cb> I like to watch em head butting....such force!
05:27:43 <Kevin L> They are am amazing animal. Size of a tank with an attitude of a rooster.
05:27:58 <cb> lol
05:28:23 <cb> They all look in good condition!
05:29:06 <Kevin L> You would think with all the snow, they would be a bit skinny by now.
05:29:29 <cb> My thoughts also!
05:29:55 <cb> look stocky
05:30:22 <Kevin L> Look how deep that snow is.
05:30:56 <cb> wowPlume 1730
05:31:05 <cb> that was incrediable timing
05:33:10 <lc> I think you got the first burst.
05:36:43 <cb> the hump on that dude is hugh
05:36:51 <cb> I think so also
05:38:00 <Kevin L> That is an awesome shot.
05:38:40 <cb> can't decided which to linger at...Bison or Depression should be soon
05:38:49 <cb> what the crowd think
05:39:27 <cb> a vote???
05:40:08 <Kevin L> I like both. Would like to see a closeup of Depression though. I have missed all of them.
05:40:32 <cb> ok!
05:41:04 <cb> hopefully we can come back to lazy bison!! G
05:41:25 <lc> I would like to see Depression.
05:43:38 <cb> Will do. been about right on 3 hours today
05:43:38 <cb> Will do. been about right on 3 hours today
05:43:57 <ynpvisitor16> send the bison over to Depression
05:44:08 <cb> I like that!! hahaha
05:44:34 <ynpvisitor16> Hazing bison is happening north and west, why not?
05:45:20 <Kevin L> I thought Spa Geyser was the soup pot.
05:48:03 <cb> I sound like Julie...."Come on Deppy....come on....u can do it...."
05:48:11 <Kevin L> It is looking hot.
05:48:47 <lc> bettrr go soon
05:49:59 <cb> from the times today I have a closed int at 3hr 2 min and 3 hr10 min
05:50:31 <Kevin L> I wonder what an infrared web cam would look like.
05:50:33 <cb> if I did my math right.....
05:52:14 <cb> The control cam has a very grain look to it and the FPS distort the view a bit...have the streamin view up
05:55:49 <lc> Im giving up. have a good night everyone.
05:55:59 <lc> thanks cb
05:56:04 <cb> ok bye lc
05:56:08 <cb> w
05:56:08 <Kevin L> bye
05:56:59 <cb> ya think lc was the sacrifical Gazer?
05:57:11 <Kevin L> Looks like it
05:58:17 <cb> There it is Depressioln 1758ie
05:59:02 <cb> lc you missed it by less than a minute!!
05:59:30 <Kevin L> If it would have been 5 minutes later, we all would have missed it.
05:59:55 <cb> right bout that!
06:00:48 <ynpvisitor16> too bad he missed that
06:01:02 <cb> yes!
06:01:48 <Kevin L> Been there and done that.
06:02:48 <cb> to dark to move in on the bison
06:06:46 <Kevin L> Think it is time to call it a night
06:07:04 <cb> agree!
06:07:20 <cb> thanks for keeping me company! have a good evening
06:08:04 <cb> good night
06:11:29 <kcmule> nite