Showing logs for date: 2011-01-31
19:25:19 <ynpvisitor59> OF 0725ie
19:56:02 <cb> Hi all!
19:56:17 <Kevin L> Morning
19:56:22 <cb> Bison in the same place we left em last night
19:56:53 <lc> good morning all
19:56:56 <cb> Hi lc
19:57:07 <Kevin L> Must have had reservations at the cabins.
19:57:25 <cb> Depression went last night right after...and i mean RIGHT after you left
19:57:56 <Kevin L> It was kind of you to be our sacrifice
19:58:24 <lc> I thought it was time but couldn't see much anyway.
19:58:59 <cb> we saw a few nice sized bursts and then the lighting went
19:59:38 <lc> its a little colder this morning
19:59:48 <lc> bout zero
19:59:50 <Kevin L> Looks like our sun is gone today.
20:01:39 <cb> Nice!! I can almost hear them snorting
20:03:09 <cb> just a quick peek for me this morning. bbl have a great day all!
20:03:35 <Kevin L> bye
20:04:01 <lc> later cb, have a good day
20:35:20 <vw> good morning all. Rather foggy in the basin this morning.
20:35:42 <lc> morning vw
20:35:57 <lc> and Derek
20:36:07 <Derek> Hi
20:36:12 <Kevin L> Morning. Looks cold also.
20:36:40 <vw> at 0815 the temperature at OF Ranger station was -8F
20:37:16 <vw> very minor winds at 2 mph at least mean wind chill isn't too awful.
20:39:26 <vw> I will check back later to see if we have a better view into the basin.
20:39:30 <vw> bbl
20:39:48 <lc> later vw
20:50:13 <Kevin L> Is that Indicator?
20:51:19 <lc> sure looks like it to me.
20:51:37 <Derek> You tell me. I'm straining my eyes here :-)
20:52:28 <Kevin L> Almost looks like it could be in the Lion group.
20:54:00 <lc> I think it was BH area
20:54:54 <Kevin L> Hopefully it wasn't the end of a Beehive eruption.
20:56:22 <lc> might have been
20:56:50 <Kevin L> Nice OF on static cam
20:59:20 <lc> was that OF 0856ie?
20:59:48 <Kevin L> That is what I had.
21:00:56 <lc> I was checking the VC cam, wasen't sure.
21:04:15 <Kevin L> The shot of the VC camera I saved has the time 0856.
21:04:32 <lc> ty
21:11:15 <ynpvisitor88> .
21:41:33 <Kevin L> Didn't notice any action in the Beehive area. That could have been the last of a Beehive at 0850.
22:20:25 <Kevin L> Oblong?
22:40:15 <ynpvisitor67> OF 10:38ie
22:40:46 <Kevin L> Looked like a tornado.
22:41:17 <ynpvisitor67> Just like the ones that roar thru OK and Kansas
22:41:27 <Kevin L> Oh oh. Drips on the glass.
22:41:59 <Derek> and I don't have access to the wiper
22:42:47 <lc> you nswered my question D.
22:42:51 <ynpvisitor12> I thought I need to get my eyes checked, cause I was seeing spots.
22:42:58 <ynpvisitor67> Push the wiper request button. g
22:42:59 <lc> answered
22:44:43 <ynpvisitor12> Wow we ae being attacked by ailiens or what?
22:45:06 <Derek> cc on the wiper
22:46:19 <ynpvisitor67> An 'AFTER' burst on OF?
22:53:03 <ynpvisitor69> Is that Sawmill?
22:53:51 <Derek> It looks too far right but what else could it be?
22:54:39 <ynpvisitor69> Very good show whatever
23:04:27 <ynpvisitor67> Perhaps Spasmodic?
23:05:12 <ynpvisitor67> Or Penta?
23:06:46 <Derek> Sawmill on left of screen. Spasmodic on right of screen.
23:07:04 <Derek> Penta slightly left of spasmodic
23:07:38 <ynpvisitor67> yes and you said "It looks too far right but what else could it be?"
23:09:43 <Derek> I think it is steam from Sawmill's run off chanel
23:10:53 <Derek> Just out of curiosity, who am I chatting to? :-)
23:12:57 <Derek> Plume?
23:13:39 <Kevin L> I am stll here
23:13:41 <Derek> 11:13 Plume
23:17:07 <Kevin L> Beehive still looks dry. I bet it went this morning in the fog.
00:10:10 <Rich> OF 12:09ie
00:11:49 <Kevin L> Another tornado. Awesome!
00:15:09 <Rich> Y'all get wet?
00:15:25 <Kent> I guess no Plume this time around :)
00:21:45 <Kevin L> Looks like something in the Grand area.
00:28:20 <Kevin L> Steam in the Beehive area.
00:38:50 <vw> Good afternoon all. Much clearer in the basin now.
00:39:41 <Rich> Hi vw
00:40:03 <Rich> Sun has also come out. g
00:43:26 <vw> I can't tell if we are getting steam because something is going to erupt or because it is cold.
00:46:37 <Rich> Time will tell.
00:48:00 <vw> Lots of steam in the Grotto area
00:48:49 <vw> Grand 1248
00:49:22 <vw> better view here than ringside.
00:49:52 <vw> well, unless OF steam gets in the way. grrrrr.
00:53:32 <vw> Impressive steam column, but hard to see water in all that.
00:55:07 <vw> That looks like a 2nd burst to me.
00:57:25 <vw> hmmmm. pause *?) coming up
00:57:37 <vw> I can't type.
00:57:43 <steve> So, has BH made an apparence today?
00:58:21 <vw> I saw a comment in the log that some thought it might have gone earlier when it was too steamy to see here steve.
00:58:34 <vw> I saw some steam from it just a while ago, but no water splashing.
00:58:59 <steve> ty
00:59:20 <vw> Grand not done with us yet.
00:59:21 <steve> No idea if that was a second burst or just steam
00:59:49 <vw> hard to read with teh steam. There were people on the ground heading over that way. Maybe we will get a report from the basin.
01:00:31 <steve> looks like a nice day to be in the basin... shame work is calling
01:00:58 <vw> sadly, that is almost always true steve!
01:01:41 <steve> Groblong?
01:02:31 <vw> Almost too much steam from too many sources to tell?
01:03:23 <steve> Hmmm, its rare, but Grand can have afterbursts
01:03:45 <vw> in this cold, I would expect to see steam from Turban and Vent.
01:04:00 <vw> we are also seeing steam I think from Grotto on the right.
01:04:11 <steve> Yea, likely just steam anh hallucinations
01:04:18 <vw> The steam on the right has been going for a while.
01:04:29 <steve> OK
01:05:04 <vw> whatever the sources, there is a lot of it.
01:05:35 <steve> And on a day like today, Vent and Turban can kick up a big steam cloud on the left
01:05:49 <vw> now that whiter column could be a different source, maybe Oblong?
01:05:55 <steve> Maybe Rift too
01:06:06 <vw> yes,. The temp is about 11. Pretty chilly.
01:06:40 <steve> bbl, work nags
01:06:49 <vw> If it turns out to be Giant, lets not tell Graham.
01:06:57 <vw> Have fun steve. Will look for you later.
01:07:02 <steve> G
01:10:11 <vw> have to step away from control for a minute. brb.
01:23:39 <vw> Riverside 1323 ie ?
01:32:01 <vw> VC has predicted Castle for 1345 +/- 1hour, so want to keep an eye out for it.
01:34:02 <vw> We have confirmation from the VC that BH went this morning at 0850.
01:34:56 <vw> Castle 1334
01:35:03 <Kevin L> Well we did see the end of it anyway.
01:35:27 <vw> You guys have pretty good eyes!
01:36:24 <vw> I would say the VC pegged that Castle prediction pretty close.
01:36:47 <vw> Need to keep an eye on OF too
01:43:46 <vw> Sorry about the ride there folks. We are trying to get some info for the VC
01:44:19 <vw> OF 1344
01:44:45 <vw> I think. Steam heading right at us!
01:44:54 <vw> nope. just steam based on VEC static cam
01:47:59 <vw> Very tall column in the Grotto area right now.
01:49:48 <vw> sure wish OF would hurry up!
01:50:12 <vw> OF 1349
02:05:57 <vw> for all the steam earlier, the only thing really putting on a show now is Sawmill/
02:16:07 <vw> Nice water at Little Cub
02:22:28 <vw> Wind is blowing OF steam right at the camera. At this point about all I can really do is try to keep moisture from getting onto lens. Sorry.
02:26:59 <vw> Daisy 1426 ie
02:32:20 <vw> lost my internet connection for a second. Need to reconnect to livescope. brb.
02:33:34 <vw> back
02:33:51 <vw> sorry about that.
02:34:00 <vw> Looks like some water at Dome 1433 ie
02:35:27 <vw> Oblong 1435 ie ?
03:10:44 <vw> I think we will get sprayed with OF erupts
03:17:18 <vw> OF 1517
03:18:08 <vw> And more steam downbasin
03:18:27 <vw> Again, I think I called OF too soon. I think that was just preplay?
03:18:59 <vw> Sorry to whoever is doing the recap for today.
03:23:23 <vw> More preplay...
03:27:55 <vw> OF 1527
03:27:58 <vw> for real this time
03:29:14 <vw> Depression 1529 ie ?
03:30:41 <ynpvisitor40> vw is that you? it's sparekitty! how are you? are you freezing? brenna told me it's COLD.
03:31:07 <vw> Hey sparekitty! yeap its really me. Got on this afternoon as CC had some things to do.
03:31:24 <ynpvisitor40> nice to run into you!
03:31:29 <vw> It is very cold today. Won't get out of subzero temps today. Single digits tomorrow.
03:31:57 <ynpvisitor40> wow. too cold for me. brenna is doing well though. doesn't seem to mind the cold. i think she's too young to know better!
03:32:50 <vw> I hear you! My high schooler does just fine with his hoodie as his only coat. Luckily he only has a block to walk to school.
03:33:26 <vw> tell B that spring is right around the corner! Promise!
03:33:41 <ynpvisitor40> that is crazy!!! hey, i have to get back to work. hope to "see" you again sometime soon. i'll tell brenna that you promise it will warm up.
03:33:55 <vw> Have a good evening. Nice to see you here.
04:04:34 <vw> Hi Graham.
04:04:35 <Graham> hello
04:04:55 <vw> Was wondering if you got stuck in traffic!
04:05:00 <Graham> whats on the agenda tonight?
04:05:25 <Graham> not bad today. not sure about the next 2 days with the weather coming
04:05:51 <vw> Yeah, sounds like you guys are in for it, again.
04:06:24 <Graham> may be some ice, 1/4 to 1/2 inch
04:07:04 <vw> I would rather have snow.
04:08:03 <Graham> yeah ice is hard to deal with
04:14:20 <vw> I am heading out for the evening. Hope everybody has a good evening.
04:52:44 <Graham> OF 1651
05:00:01 <ynpvisitor24> dzfgh
05:00:31 <Graham> thats a good name for it
05:11:02 <Graham> Daisy 1710
05:11:07 <Graham> Daisy 1710
05:23:43 <Kevin L> Indicator
05:26:05 <Kevin L> Perhaps not, but that looked like a HW splash
05:26:24 <Graham> sorry was distracted by 3 fire trucks outside
05:27:16 <Graham> someone smelt a burning smell in a neighbors place. doesn't look like anything tho
05:27:53 <ynpvisitor79> wow. both for your fire scare and all the steam in the basin.
05:28:31 <Kevin L> Someone called the fire dept for a church BBQ we had. Funny thing was the fire chief was the cook!
05:28:35 <Graham> yeah not sure what it was but theres no sigh of urgency
05:28:39 <Graham> maybe something shorted out
05:31:00 <Graham> Little Squirt 1730ie
05:34:16 <Kevin L> Wonder if we have a shot at Beehive. Lion looks steamy also.
05:34:41 <Graham> must be waiting for dark
05:35:39 <Kevin L> Now if it were July and there was a full moon, I might enjoy the wait. Single digits, I don't think so.
05:36:39 <Graham> hard to wait out in he dark. Maybe for F&M if it starts events before dark, or Giant when its active...waited till 2200 marathon recovery in Feb 2008
05:36:53 <Graham> big hot period, no eruption
05:37:16 <Graham> still have not seen Giant at night
05:38:10 <Kevin L> My daughter caught a 2am Giant with Linda S. I was lucky enought to catch a 2am Beehive with Herb, John M, T Scott, and a few more. It was incredible.
05:39:33 <Graham> best BH i saw was at 0400, no wind at all so BH created its own wind vortex swirl
05:40:34 <Graham> Giant was poretty good with a blue sky in Fen too :)
05:40:42 <Kevin L> Nice. That one was my first full moon geyser. Have seen Grand and Castle under the full moon also.
05:40:47 <Graham> Feb
05:42:45 <Kevin L> There is something special about night geyser gazing. May be tooo many critters roaming the area now.
05:43:57 <Graham> i like the morning quiet
05:45:04 <Kevin L> Especially in the fog. I like to go sit by Doublet and hopefull catch an Aurum.
05:49:16 <Graham> hard to commit to Aurum in summer
05:51:53 <Kevin L> I know. It hates me. I sat there from 0600 to 2005 one day and it looked like it was ready to go at any time.
05:52:31 <Graham> looks like Dome again 1751ie?
05:53:34 <Kevin L> Looks like it to me.
05:56:15 <Kevin L> Nice splash
06:13:49 <Graham> goodnight
06:14:10 <Kevin L> Dittos here. Bye