Showing logs for date: 2011-02-01
19:31:48 <lc> morning cb
19:34:32 <ynpvisitor6> oops a little slippage on the fire lookout cam!
19:34:43 <ynpvisitor6> I was hoping to see the Tetons on this clear day!
19:37:24 <cb> Morning lc and #6
19:37:31 <cb> was in another window
19:38:01 <cb> yes I saw the firelookout.....nice view ot the stair rails!
19:38:57 <ynpvisitor6> that may take a while for someone to fix and could be our view for the foreseeable future
19:39:23 <ynpvisitor6> making my morning rounds of webcams, temps, websites, chat pages, etc.
19:39:32 <ynpvisitor6> -25 at OF
19:40:47 <cb> yes accuweather shows -30 for the park
19:42:32 <ynpvisitor6> I always forget to check parking lot cam, does it still work?
19:43:18 <cb> seems to be...I haven't looked this am. I have that on Johns site and forget to look
19:45:30 <cb>
19:45:46 <cb> Looks like it will be a nice day!
19:46:00 <ynpvisitor6> clear, but cold
19:49:42 <cb> OF 749 ie
19:50:35 <cb> Nice billows of steam!
20:18:21 <missouri> good morning
20:29:17 <cb> Morning Missouri
20:29:43 <cb> and Kevin and Derek!
20:29:57 <Derek> Hi cb
20:30:12 <cb> Hey D...wasn't sure you were at the computer
20:30:28 <Derek> I aint moving the cam until it clears a bit
20:30:55 <cb> should be nice today. clear but cold
20:31:56 <cb> I am cking in .... getting ready for work
21:12:15 <Kevin L> Back again. Wife got called in to work, so had to run kid to school.
21:28:55 <Kent> Clock on Parking Lot works, but the image is three days old :^(
21:30:57 <Kent> Lion 0930ie
21:36:02 <ynpvisitor34> OF 09:34ie
21:36:56 <Rich> Very nice images on the VEC cam.
21:38:03 <Kevin L> One of the best I have ever seen.
21:41:19 <Rich> Great lighting
21:41:57 <Kevin L> I can't believe how much steam still remains.
21:42:35 <Kent> We need just a bit of a breeze
21:43:09 <Rich> Eruption probably raised the general temp to dew point. g
21:44:32 <Kent> Dew point was -26 a half hour ago. Temp has warmed up to -21
21:46:23 <Rich> ty, Kent
22:56:49 <Kent> OF 1055ie
23:20:53 <Kevin L> Looks like Depression is ie
23:30:06 <Kevin L> That looks good.
23:31:30 <vw> Good morning/afternoon all.
23:31:56 <vw> Looks like a beautiful day in the basin.
23:32:04 <Kevin L> Morning (at least here it is?)
23:32:46 <vw> still morning here too Kevin. But know it isn't for everybody.
23:32:55 <Kent> Hey vw. Cold up your way?
23:33:19 <vw> Not as cold as you said it was in the basin a while ago Kent!
23:33:30 <vw> -8F right now. Calm, sunny.
23:33:51 <Kent> 17° and high winds here
23:34:03 <vw> Some places in Montana got down as low as into the -40's. We only got to the -teens.
23:34:20 <vw> Your wind chill might put you near zero?
23:35:22 <vw> Looks like temp here in Billings is actually colder than OF now.
23:35:32 <Kent> Spectacular OFs the morning
23:35:43 <vw> I bet with the clear skies.
23:36:02 <vw> looks warmer than the thermometer says it is there.
23:36:11 <Kent> VC cam was better than stream
23:36:33 <vw> See there were some Lions this am. Very nice to have them back. Was getting a little concerned!
23:36:41 <Kevin L> VC cam was one of the best I have seen.
23:36:51 <vw> I will make sure to have my VEC static up.
23:36:58 <vw> Anybody get a capture?
23:37:12 <Kevin L> Temp here is 49, but winds are howling and supposed to increase.
23:37:16 <vw> CC must be on the camera! Love those wipers.
23:37:25 <Kevin L> I have a capture.
23:37:33 <Kent> I'm glad we have the wiper back
23:37:41 <vw> me too Kent.
23:38:03 <vw> Kevin, can you post the capture somewhere? I would love to see it.
23:38:17 <Kent> Later
23:38:40 <vw> Bye Kent.
23:40:04 <Kevin L> I don't have a spot, but I will see what I can find.
23:40:31 <vw> do you have a facebook account? That seems to be a fav amongst many of the YNP crowd.
23:40:54 <vw> There is also the Up Close and Personal Page, or the Loon Page.
23:41:30 <vw> I need to head out, but will be back later, and will check the logs then. Hope everybody has a great day!
23:41:33 <vw> Go Beehive!
23:41:57 <Kevin L> I think I am the last person in the world that hasn't been on Facebook, but I may be able to get it up there on a friends account.
23:43:37 <lc> no Kevin, Im not. g
23:48:45 <Kevin L> I could send it as an attachment to the listserv. Would that work?
23:56:16 <ynpvisitor6> do you havea photobuket account or flickr or other photo hosting?
23:56:39 <Kevin L> no
23:59:53 <ynpvisitor25> Lion 1159 ie
00:01:21 <Kevin L> That is impressive for Lion. A friend is posting the picture and will send me the link when he gets it done.
00:11:46 <Kevin L> Here is the link to the OF picture:
00:11:52 <Kevin L>
00:12:45 <ynpvisitor25> Plume 1212 ie
00:13:28 <Kevin L> That link does not look like what I copied.
00:13:35 <Kevin L>
00:13:57 <Kevin L> It seems to cut off some digits.
00:14:39 <ynpvisitor25> link worked fine for me. nice picture.
00:15:13 <Kevin L> Great. I love the cold weather eruptions.
00:28:17 <ynpvisitor25> OF 1228 ie
00:44:18 <ynpvisitor51> Excellent capture Kevin
00:54:32 <vw> Hey lc, just looking at the weather after a heads up that things are cold in TX today. Saw some wild looking radar in your neck of the woods. Hope you are warm and dry. Also hoping the snow and ice are going to miss you.
00:55:22 <vw> Kevin, checked out your picture: Awesome!!! I love the blue and grey sky contrast. You are so right: cold weather eruptions are great!
00:55:53 <vw> Gotta go again. See everybody in a while. Hold on BH until its time for my shift okay?!?!
01:33:30 <Kevin L> This is not good.
01:48:53 <ynpvisitor38> ?
01:55:42 <ynpvisitor38> REading back up, there is also a thread for webcam shots on the Yellowstone Net Forum
02:28:08 <ynpvisitor38> .
02:28:21 <ynpvisitor38> just checking, having some difficulties here. Timeouts galore
02:50:28 <Kevin L> I found it says timeout, but you stay on. I have better luck using Firefox than Explorer.
02:53:14 <ynpvisitor38> That was weird, I am in Firefox.
02:54:16 <Kevin L> I get the timeouts in Firefox, but I seem to stay on. Explorer was always dumping me.
03:50:00 <steve> Hmmm,,, wind direction must be bad
03:50:52 <ynpvisitor65> the view of Mammoth Terraces ...different
03:51:07 <ynpvisitor65> Very cold me thinks
03:53:57 <Kevin L> has it at -3 with a low tonight of -40. Ugh. I was complaining about 40 with a 25 mph wind!
03:55:34 <cb> agree! I feel bad...out in the garden this afternooon. 57 here w a little breeze
03:58:40 <Kevin L> I was throwing horseshoes and the wind moved them. It was strange but fun.
04:01:22 <cb> hum we are fellow 'shoer's! hubby was in competiion
04:01:51 <cb> fairly strong "breeze" to blow shoes off course
04:05:06 <steve> Here in Boise the low was 19, wind chill to about 0, cold enough for me
04:06:34 <cb> burrrr Steve!
04:07:24 <Kevin L> I haven't thrown shoes much, but Dr told me to walk 3 miles a day. The way I play, that is about 2 games, and it beats getting chased by neighbors dogs.
04:07:53 <Kevin L> Gusts were in the 50 range.
04:08:18 <lc> anything erupt lately?
04:08:29 <vw> good afternoon all.
04:08:37 <vw> I was just wondering the same thing myself lc.
04:08:55 <vw> Just did a run through and no eruptions noted since 1228
04:09:01 <Kevin L> We think BH has held for you, not that we would have seen it or anything else...
04:09:02 <cb> not that I have been able to view
04:09:08 <vw> Looks like the camera got gunked up too.
04:09:25 <cb> wipers have been going intermittently
04:09:44 <Kevin L> Need defrosters.
04:09:45 <vw> Let me warm up the livescope and see if we can force our way through some of this stuff!
04:10:31 <cb> back to the yard. bbl
04:10:45 <vw> Bye cb! Have fun in the yard! mine is frozen!
04:11:05 <lc> wow, good show vw. g
04:11:25 <vw> we ca
04:11:27 <vw> oops.
04:11:37 <vw> can't get through all the yuck, but some of it anyway.
04:12:10 <Kevin L> This is an improvement anyway.
04:12:29 <steve> I was out for a while, cooking, making pan gravy. Any puffs from BH this afternoon
04:12:40 <lc> looks good if cam don't focus on the crud.
04:12:56 <steve> yes
04:13:14 <vw> OF just going to cause problems in this wind. Not much we can do about it.
04:13:22 <Kevin L> It was looking good until the camera iced over.
04:13:59 <steve> OK, is that Groblong in the right backround?
04:14:02 <vw> It was lovely earlier today when I looked in.
04:15:49 <vw> for just a second I saw steam at BH.
04:17:50 <steve> I suppose the lion series quit already
04:17:55 <vw> I think we will just have to enjoy the view mostly down basin folks.
04:18:08 <steve> G
04:18:38 <vw> last Lion in the logs was around noon, and after a 90 minute interval.
04:18:42 <steve> The Bison seem to like it
04:18:52 <steve> ty
04:18:56 <vw> We could guestimate another eruption soon.
04:19:18 <vw> I will keep trying to peek that way, but no promises
04:19:43 <vw> Probably Grotto down basin.
04:19:47 <steve> ok
04:24:31 <steve> Its interesting, in the summer you don't realize the ground between OF and the Lodge is thermal, but in the winter is always clears snow fast
04:25:15 <vw> yeap. the black also helps with the solar heating.
04:25:58 <vw> has anybody checked the current temperature at OF recently? I forgot before I logged on here.
04:25:59 <steve> That near steam clould is brob Spasmotic, but do you think it could be Penta?
04:26:20 <vw> yes steve, I think Spasmodic too.
04:26:45 <vw> Can usually tell if on this side of the boardwalk. Winter makes it a little trickier though because of amounts of steam.
04:26:58 <vw> Water at Sawmill.
04:27:01 <steve> Yep
04:27:18 <vw> Get you a little closer here...
04:27:51 <steve> From National Weather Seriice temp is 6, Wind chill 0
04:27:52 <vw> hmmmm. Actually, you can see the bw, so it could be Penta
04:28:21 <Graham> hello
04:28:24 <vw> hi Graham!
04:28:37 <vw> How is your weather? Glad you made it home safe.
04:28:52 <Graham> its warmed up, now forecast to be all rain here so thats good
04:29:08 <vw> That is VERY good! Much better than ice.
04:29:39 <Graham> yep. just a little to scrape this morning but roads were fine
04:29:49 <Graham> CC might not be so lucky tho, probably a bunch more snow
04:30:08 <vw> They are right in the path of the snow where she is at.
04:30:11 <steve> Maybe its Penta, maybe Old Tardy... For sure it is steamy
04:30:26 <Kevin L> Penta major?
04:30:38 <vw> Look quick everybody. Lion group is visible for now!
04:30:45 <steve> Coulln't be sure
04:30:57 <Kevin L> GO BEEHIVE!!!!!
04:31:07 <Graham> all i saw there was Spasmodic
04:31:09 <vw> :D
04:31:26 <vw> we were just discussing that Graham. hard to say when it is so steamy
04:32:01 <Graham> seemed to be right of the big tree tho
04:32:12 <Graham> so no BH yet? what about Lion?
04:32:30 <vw> there were two Lions this am.
04:32:40 <steve> But it looked on the far side of the bw also, ,, who knows?
04:32:45 <vw> No reports in the afternoon, but it seems the lens got covered
04:33:26 <steve> The Fire Lookout cam is nice
04:35:48 <vw> F&M ?
04:35:59 <steve> Predicted Low tonight at OF minus 30 F
04:36:33 <steve> Wind chil minus 50, give or take some
04:36:45 <Graham> mmm chilly
04:36:57 <vw> They say once you get below -30, it is all the same..
04:36:59 <Graham> Riverside maybe?
04:37:32 <vw> I thought so too, but left of where we would normally look. Wind of course is a huge factor today.
04:43:54 <vw> We will keep an eye on OF, but if the wind starts to blow the steam towards the camera, I am going to move the camera. Sorry to all of the OF faithful
04:44:27 <steve> Sounds wise to me
04:46:22 <ynpvisitor38> Wonder if their OF eruption will be in the sunlight, or part of it
04:46:55 <vw> If could be a beautiful eruption with the lighting right now.
04:47:04 <vw> Too bad we can't see it very well!
04:47:05 <steve> I think from here it will all be in steam
04:47:51 <vw> Castle 1647 ie
04:48:08 <vw> OF 1648 ie
04:48:19 <ynpvisitor38> long shadows on VEC cam
04:48:40 <vw> Blowing right at the camera. we will have to settle for Castle
04:48:58 <Kevin L> VC cam is awesome!
04:49:03 <vw> Beautiful on VEC!
04:49:31 <steve> yep
04:49:57 <vw> If the camera was aimed at OF right now all yo would see is white. And LOTS of it.
04:50:23 <ynpvisitor38> the place to be with a north wind is VEC I guess
04:50:24 <vw> I guess that is what we are going to get anyway!
04:51:17 <ynpvisitor38> Made it while the sun is still out, very nice.
04:52:36 <lc> was nice on VC cam
04:53:28 <vw> Very surreal picture on camera now. I hope that isn't more stuff on the lens.
04:54:28 <vw> Bad news: its stuff on the lens
04:56:47 <Graham> ug
04:57:22 <vw> yeap. Sorry folks. Not much we can do about it. Will focus away from OF, but quality of the picture is going to be compromised.
04:59:45 <steve> This is one time I like the wind, help go subline the water off the cover
05:00:27 <vw> Yeah, a little evaporation would be good. Slow though in this cold.
05:01:38 <steve> It looked like the bubblers at BH may have been on. Graham, were they active when you were in the park?
05:02:09 <Graham> i didnt see them
05:02:23 <steve> ty
05:03:00 <vw> An off=center peek at BH
05:03:13 <vw> look quick though
05:06:41 <vw> there is a lot of steam at BH right now, but I can't bring it into focus.
05:07:43 <Graham> a lot of frost anyway
05:08:01 <vw> I think this evening is going to be a lost cause.
05:08:14 <vw> Virtually nothing that I can focus on.
05:08:20 <Graham> glad i am not running the cam. who is on tonight?
05:08:23 <Graham> :)
05:09:03 <vw> :P
05:09:18 <vw> Recap, Tuesday, 2/2/11: Castle 1647ie; Depression 1120ie; Lion 0930ie, 1159ie; OF 0943ie, 1055ie, 1228ie, 1648ie; Plume 1212ie
05:09:41 <vw> I will stay and keep trying but I don't think things are likely to improve tonight.
05:11:01 <vw> and I have that date wrong above. It is only 2/1!
05:12:05 <Graham> hum, doesn't add up for a Riverside eruption, maybe it was F&M?
05:12:49 <vw> When was the last F&M? Maybe 4 days ago? Don't remember.
05:13:29 <ynpvisitor38> The GroundHog comes tomorrow 2/2
05:13:59 <vw> Maybe he could climb up the tree at OF and gnaw the ice off the camera lens cover...
05:14:20 <Graham> F&M were Thursday so would be about 5 day interval
05:15:08 <Graham> Riverside was 1323 so a jump of 3 hours (if yesterdays time was right) would not be right
05:15:11 <steve> Hmmm...
05:15:19 <ynpvisitor38> He probably won't come out at all in PA
05:15:32 <Kevin L> Not if he is smart
05:15:41 <vw> I think the rangers went out yesterday on geyser predict. We might hear something tomorrow then about F&M marker.
05:15:48 <Graham> cant see shadow due to snowdrifts?
05:16:32 <vw> with all the snow PA is supposed to have, would he even be able to find the hole to crawl out of?
05:17:05 <vw> If we could see better, this Castle is really pretty.
05:17:05 <Graham> uhoh...dead groundhog - now what happens?
05:17:13 <vw> :D
05:17:23 <ynpvisitor38> Maybe he'll fax it from the den and just stay put
05:17:43 <Graham> certainly won't see his shadow
05:17:48 <ynpvisitor38> Cancel Summer this year?
05:17:58 <vw> NOOOOOOOoooooo!
05:18:04 <Graham> 12 more months of winter?
05:18:23 <vw> This winter has already seemed like it has lasted 12 months!
05:18:29 <ynpvisitor38> Global cooling comes to Yellowstone
05:19:05 <vw> I can just see it: all those international visitors appearing in their shorts and sandals, and finding 4 feet of snow on the ground.
05:19:18 <Graham> maybe delay the next supervolcano eruption tho
05:19:42 <vw> ah yes: cooling of the rising thermals!
05:23:19 <ynpvisitor38> Looks like OF has reached the high temp for the day and is heading downward.
05:23:37 <vw> What is the current temp there?
05:23:58 <ynpvisitor38> It got up to 6, and it is now at 5
05:24:07 <vw> toasty!
05:24:29 <ynpvisitor38>
05:24:59 <vw> thank you visitor 38
05:25:56 <ynpvisitor38> I just went there to start closing out my windows and saw that it had just updated at 1721, pretty timely
05:26:13 <vw> very good timing!
05:26:38 <vw> did you happen to notice the wind conditions?
05:27:09 <vw> it says gusting to 7, but seems like more given what we have seen here
05:27:15 <ynpvisitor38> North, 4mph gusting to 7
05:28:03 <ynpvisitor38> If you can call 7 a "gust" compared to what's going on around the country! LOL
05:28:11 <vw> :D
05:28:37 <Kevin L> We had a 53 today
05:28:50 <vw> Grand 1728ie
05:29:00 <vw> 53 IS balmy Kevin!
05:29:05 <ynpvisitor38> That's a gust. 7 is practically calm in Chicago
05:29:33 <Kevin L> That is the wind gust. Temp is 44.
05:29:59 <vw> ahhh! misunderstood
05:30:41 <Kevin L> Like New Years Here. Canadians in shorts, Californians in heavy coats....
05:30:50 <vw> too funny!
05:31:22 <vw> 44 would be a considerably warmer temp than we saw in Billings today. Got all the way up to 4 I think.
05:31:55 <vw> 44 would be shorts weather for me. If I wore shorts that is!
05:32:04 <Kevin L> Right now we get the rewards for Summer. Hits 115, but cools down into the mid 90's.
05:36:11 <cb> Hi again
05:36:22 <vw> Hi cb!
05:36:34 <vw> Lens conditions did not improve in your absence. :(
05:36:45 <cb> is it foggy or looking through sopt
05:36:52 <cb> spots
05:36:57 <vw> we are looking through some serious ice on lens.
05:37:23 <Graham> someones been breathing on the lens
05:37:26 <vw> Better than earlier, but still not good.
05:41:17 <cb> was NOT good when I got on around 2ish
05:41:24 <cb> frozen spots
05:41:49 <Graham> so you can sleep in past 0200
05:41:57 <vw> I wondered how long it had been frozen. Wasn't pretty when I got on shortly after 4.
05:42:58 <vw> There just isn't a good focus point.
05:43:00 <Graham> it is clearing a bit now
05:43:09 <cb> cked it out when I got home from wk and was BAD. wipers helped a tad
05:43:20 <vw> The lens is clearing, but OF steam still a problem.
05:44:03 <cb> The big freeze of 2011 hitting a good section of the country....except here!
05:47:15 <steve> daisy?
05:47:37 <vw> I have been watching it. Hard to focus though.
05:47:47 <steve> ty
05:48:02 <vw> Closer up coming...
05:51:30 <lc> good night everyone.
05:51:43 <vw> Good night lc.
05:51:44 <steve> 'night
05:52:19 <vw> This steam makes me question my earlier call on
05:52:26 <vw> oops... Grand.
05:52:40 <vw> Hard to read anything without better focus.
05:53:02 <vw> This looks like Grand now, 1752 ie.
05:53:24 <vw> Anybody else have a guess?
05:53:48 <steve> nope
05:54:08 <vw> Come on steve!!! I was hoping someone else might have an opinion!
05:54:19 <vw> :D
05:54:30 <steve> g
05:54:48 <steve> I'm just lost in the steam and lens fog
05:54:54 <vw> I am getting a major headache looking through all the steam and stuff!
05:55:28 <steve> This could still be Vent/Turban/Rift?
05:56:07 <Graham> I am going with Grand because of the straight right side
05:56:23 <vw> I agree Graham. That is what made me think it is Grand.
05:56:32 <vw> More force than what I saw earlier.
05:56:53 <steve> I keep looking for water to be sure, but I haven't caught any. Now or earlier
05:57:13 <vw> Too out of focus to really be able to see water. That has been the problem.
05:57:31 <Kevin L> This means Beehive should be going in a few. I always seem to get an Indicator call when Grand starts.
05:57:45 <steve> G
05:58:14 <steve> The fabled Grand Beehive plumbing connection
05:58:27 <vw> Lots of steam at BH...
05:58:31 <vw> But no Indicator
06:00:55 <steve> I think the dak will come before BH. The fates are fickel sometimes
06:01:57 <Kevin L> I am afraid you are right.
06:01:58 <vw> visibilty affected by lots of things tonight!
06:03:11 <steve> Just BH puffing
06:04:13 <vw> OF not being very cooperative tonight
06:06:12 <vw> I am going to head out. Hope everybody has a good evening.
06:06:20 <vw> Hope we have some better viewing conditions tomorrow!
06:06:24 <vw> Good night.
06:06:30 <Kevin L> Night
06:06:33 <Graham> night
06:06:45 <steve> Turn out the lights, the party's over