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18:53:48 <cb> morning Kevin!
19:03:27 <Kevin L> Morning. (Lurking, cooking breakfast and getting kids to school)
19:04:27 <cb> me too! often am in the am. work!!
19:06:36 <BB> hi cb
19:08:26 <cb> Hey BB! how U?
19:08:50 <BB> so glad it's Friday :) And my work day is already over
19:08:54 <BB> and you?
19:09:17 <cb> and mine is just beginning!! :-) Am well ty!
19:09:32 <cb> I think.....working on my first cuppa coffee
19:09:33 <Kevin L> And mine are over.
19:09:57 <cb> your work day Kevin?
19:10:17 <Kevin L> I retired in December.
19:11:06 <BB> hi Kevin, I think we haven't met in here
19:11:19 <BB> I used to hang here all the time before they moved the static cam
19:11:19 <Kevin L> hi
19:11:57 <BB> Were you hoping for snow, cb?
19:12:56 <cb> had to get a refill! YES!! i was
19:13:31 <cb> and the weather reports had this storm all hyped up to me the mamma of all storms....
19:13:34 <BB> oops, OF
19:13:44 <BB> 07:13 ie
19:13:47 <cb> ty
19:14:00 <cb> CC is on the cam
19:14:21 <BB> She zoomed in a little, so at least one person was paying attention
19:15:01 <BB> Did you not have enough snow this winter? I hope it's over here, waiting for spring.
19:16:06 <cb> we had a great start to the winter! way above averages, but then stopped completely through Jan. and sent plants started to bud!
19:16:46 <BB> Funny, almost the same over here. Lots and lots of snow in December, and then mid-50s in January
19:16:57 <BB> Now back to really cold and freezing but no snow
19:17:05 <cb> Exactly!!
19:17:54 <cb> The Sierra's are getting alot. we live in the foothills and rarely get more than a few inches
19:19:24 <cb> How's the quilting comiing?
19:20:25 <BB> Not doing much right now. January is always my most unproductive month, and then I slowly recover as the days gets longer
19:20:41 <cb> G!
19:20:43 <BB> But I ordered some wool, thought I might do some knitting again
19:21:11 <BB> Never used English instructions before, a whole different language, will be interesting to figure that out :)
19:21:51 <cb> G!
19:25:16 <cb> Washburn cam has a glimpse of sun!
19:28:36 <cb> need to get ready for work.
19:28:45 <cb> in lurk mode
19:28:52 <BB> have a good day, cb
19:29:01 <Kevin L> bye
19:52:40 <ynpvisitor29> hi
19:53:06 <ynpvisitor29> anyone to webcam chat?
19:53:44 <lc> nope
19:55:47 <Kevin L> Depression???
19:59:04 <Kevin L> Never saw water, but it sure looked like an eruption.
19:59:18 <cb lurking> sorry Kevin I was afk
20:00:06 <Kevin L> Steam looked good, but covered up any water.
20:00:18 <lc> I didn't see any water but I agree with you.
20:02:14 <ynpvisitor72> Better morning for viewing than we'vehad lately
20:04:24 <Kent> Park may close a week from tomorrow. I wonder if they will turn off the cams?
20:04:41 <ynpvisitor91> turn out the lights and lock the doors?
20:04:56 <Kent> That's the word.
20:05:30 <Kent> Washington games.
20:09:19 <ynpvisitor91> Have a good link?
20:11:22 <cb lurking> looked at the NPS new site...where'd ya get the info Kent?
20:11:30 <cb lurking> news
20:12:30 <Kent> Came out of a news article and conversations with an NPS employee in Gardiner last weekend.
20:13:10 <cb lurking> ahhh! early for gates to close isn't it?
20:13:34 <Kent> Google "Government Shutdown." Parks will close if it happens. Yellowstone pretty much closes then anyway.
20:14:52 <cb lurking> will do. thanks. Bill and I were just talking about when the park closes...seemed to me it was later in march. your post was timely!! :-)
20:14:52 <Kent> Plows start between Mammoth and Norris on then 7th so we are getting close.
20:28:31 <ynpvisitor14> hi
20:30:41 <steve> I was hoping to be in the park for opening weekend. A federal shutdown would stop that. Even if they restart, if the plowing isn''t done, the park won't open
20:31:27 <steve> Looks like the bubblers at BH are on
20:35:19 <Kent>
20:41:49 <ynpvisitor91> Funny concessioners don't have firm dates for their openings. I wonder what would happen if I called for a room at Mammoth in late April
20:42:06 <ynpvisitor91> from your link Kent, thanks
20:45:44 <lc> OF 0845ie
21:00:46 <ynpvisitor68> hi
21:13:27 <steve> Would it be possible to get one more close look at BH?
21:15:02 <Kent> Looks like we are on pre-set? It will be nice to have static back come spring.
21:22:03 <steve> ty
21:22:29 <Kent> Pretty quiet
21:22:55 <steve> Any Loins this morning, or is this the long splashing before the initial?
21:24:02 <lc> no Lion this morning
21:24:22 <steve> thanks
21:25:32 <lc> yw
21:34:49 <kcmule> mornin
21:35:06 <lc> morning kc
21:35:15 <steve> morning
21:35:31 <CB> MORNING ALL
21:35:37 <CB> opps.
21:35:39 <Rich> Morning kcmule
21:35:41 <Rich> morning steve
21:35:51 <Rich> moring Kevin I
21:35:51 <lc> morning CB
21:35:53 <Rich> moring lc
21:35:53 <Rich> Morning CB
21:35:55 <Rich> moring visitor91
21:36:02 <Rich> Morning Rich
21:36:07 <lc> morning RIch
21:36:08 <CB> going to run the cam for a bit this am
21:37:18 <CB> Bison in the Basin
21:38:12 <Rich> Headed anywhere I'll be able to see them?
21:38:25 <CB> Hey rich,,we haven't been in the room together in a long while!!
21:38:54 <CB> They seem to be lurking in the meadow list side of Castle
21:38:59 <CB> this
21:39:27 <Rich> lol
21:39:41 <Rich> Tight squeeze.
21:39:50 <Rich> ty cb
21:40:13 <CB> so far all i can see is a dozen or so.
21:40:36 <CB> hopefully they will make an apperance by the VC soon ricch
21:40:39 <CB> rich
21:41:06 <Rich> I'll hope they head my way. g
21:41:25 <CB> hope so too!
21:54:51 <Rich> Hi visitor89
21:55:04 <Rich> Hi visitor81
21:55:32 <Kevin L> Bison are either getting gray or they have a lot of snow sticking to them.
21:55:41 <Rich> hi visitor91
21:55:41 <CB> looks like the Bison might be headed to the bridge rich
21:56:01 <CB> thinking a bit of both Kevin
21:56:24 <Rich> ty
21:56:34 <CB> harsh winter!
21:57:12 <Kevin L> Not a whole lot to eat.
21:57:32 <CB> yeap!! slim pickins
21:59:01 <Kevin L> Didn't he play on Dr. Strangelove?
21:59:03 <Rich> Is 'HE' going to perform a 'live' concert in the park?
21:59:23 <Rich> lol
21:59:24 <CB> G!
21:59:58 <CB> Dr. Strangelove???? never have seen that
22:01:04 <Kevin L> Good movie, but a bit different. You have to watch it a few times before you really get it all.
22:02:03 <CB> Hum....anything like Kill Bill? I forget the Directors name....
22:02:41 <CB> Snowy/rainy day here...snow kept me from work today...a movie sounds good
22:03:34 <Kevin L> This was early Stanley Kubrick in 60's. About crazy general who sent bombers to attack Russia. Has Peter Sellers (3 parts) and George C Scott.
22:04:20 <CB> OHHHH I remmember that one now!!
22:05:09 <Kevin L> Favorite line is "Gentelmen, you can't fight in here! This is the War Room."
22:05:22 <CB> Have The Longest Day on right now!! Background noise
22:05:40 <CB> good movie
22:06:21 <Kevin L> Love that one. Wife hates it, but it is one of the best.
22:07:18 <CB> yes it is! Great Cast! My all time fav is a Band o Brothers
22:07:28 <Kevin L> Another good one is "The Enemy Below".
22:08:24 <CB> Agree!!!
22:15:45 <CB> .
22:15:52 <CB> OF 1015
22:17:52 <ynpvisitor91> .
22:18:40 <lc> Rich, you see your biso?
22:18:49 <lc> bison?
22:20:04 <CB> Plume 1019
22:20:16 <Rich> Not yet
22:20:18 <lc> check the VC cam
22:20:51 <Rich> YEs, couldn't see the Bison for the Bison backsides. lol
22:21:26 <Rich> I get so use to the people walking the sidewalk, didn't notice the difference.g
22:21:50 <Rich> ty
22:22:35 <Rich> Very nice, up close this time.
22:22:40 <lc> yw, nice parade. g
22:23:37 <CB> here come some more rich
22:24:34 <Rich> Quite the herd.
22:24:54 <Rich> ty, cb
22:25:23 <Kevin L> Looking for Purina Bison Chow at the store.
22:25:48 <CB> like the plowed walk!
22:26:24 <Rich> Wonder if Purina makes a 'Winter' Bison Chow.
22:26:35 <CB> like the plowed walk!
22:27:35 <CB> The skyline looks like we might be in for afternoon snow again
22:28:17 <Rich> Perhaps the Bison heard the VEC had a special on a 'hot' lunch program.
22:28:46 <CB> G they are sure are following the cue
22:28:50 <lc> g
22:29:41 <CB> Lights are starting to flicker here!! raro
22:30:18 <Rich> Lower Hamm's been serving Bison Burgers again? A Whole new meaning.
22:32:18 <Rich> Ice must be melting off the wires.
22:40:48 <CB> .
22:50:31 <CB> my fps (frames per second) keep going from 2.54 down to ,84...weird
22:57:08 <Rich> Time Warp?
22:57:36 <CB> something!!
22:58:25 <CB> traveling to close to a black hole.
22:58:55 <CB> I forgot about the possible 755 Depression earlier
22:59:16 <Rich> Maybe the Solar flare caught up with you.
22:59:19 <CB> going to keep an eye on it for a bit
22:59:24 <CB> G
22:59:56 <CB> Thinking it has to do w someone w a spacephone at the docters office across the street!
23:01:12 <Rich> LOL
23:03:40 <Rich> VC must have gone to lunch, no new OF prediction.
23:04:12 <CB> ya! saw that...i figure 1145 +/-
23:05:53 <Rich> hi visitor3
23:06:49 <CB> Depression 1106ie
23:07:16 <CB> can't see water but the steam clouds are tell tale
23:12:55 <CB> .
23:18:14 <CB> Plume 1118
23:32:54 <CB> could be Oblong at 1132. can't see any water. and steam is blowing across the tree line
23:33:03 <CB> that would be ie
23:49:00 <CB> OF 1148
23:51:19 <Rich> hi visitor75
23:52:44 <CB> called the Geyser pred # and they think Grand erupted early this am. so are giving a tenitive 1715 pred. Castle will be after dark . and are still out walking the basin for Daisy and Riverside
00:02:05 <CB> I need to head out. going to leave the cam a wee bit zoomed to avoid the spots
00:02:19 <CB> bbl
00:17:00 <CB> Didn't get far...started to snow to bet the band
00:17:05 <CB> beat
00:24:03 <CB> Lion 1223
00:28:44 <CB> That be an initial
00:34:48 <vw> Good afternoon/morning all.
00:34:58 <vw> Nice bison!
00:35:09 <CB> Hey vw!
00:35:33 <vw> Heard you were driving today cb
00:35:58 <CB> yep. got cancelled much snow on the roads'
00:36:29 <CB> was headiing out to go to lunch and the clouds opened up. I turned around
00:36:31 <vw> in town too? Knew you were expecting some.
00:36:39 <vw> home safe is good.
00:37:02 <CB> is good! we going a lil while later
00:37:06 <vw> Freezing here: negative 8F
00:37:15 <CB> holy moly!
00:37:25 <CB> I bet your sick of the cold!!
00:37:35 <vw> was double digits earlier, but "warmed up"
00:38:04 <vw> .
00:38:11 <vw> spring will be welcomed this year.
00:38:16 <CB> that chilly.
00:38:43 <CB> scary to drive here in CA as some folks get all freaked out and forget to how to drive
00:38:45 <Kevin L> Would you believe we have snow predicted here Sunday?
00:39:07 <vw> this winter I would believe just about anything Kevin
00:39:12 <CB> brb
00:39:46 <vw> 17F at OF at 1215. Surprised. Thought they were supposed to be cold too.
00:39:48 <Kevin L> Apple tree is now blooming. Hope it doesn't mess it up.
00:40:53 <CB> yes. cherry trees here are in bloom...
00:41:12 <Kevin L> Not good.
00:41:16 <CB> Hoping for a early spring for you vw! been a long winter
00:50:02 <vw> I will check back later. Have a good afternoon all.
00:59:05 <CB> going out now, bbl
01:00:20 <kcmule> cya later cb
01:12:47 <lc (bbl)> Plume 1311ie
01:22:04 <lc> OF 1322ie
01:41:25 <lc> Lion 1341ie
01:41:29 <ynpvisitor36> Lion 1341ie
02:13:57 <lc> another steamy Depression with no water,
02:15:41 <Kevin L> It has to be erupting.
02:17:43 <lc> just over 3 hrs, about right time.
02:18:42 <lc> I should have said I didn't see any water.
02:54:16 <ynpvisitor89> OF 1452ie
03:54:05 <ynpvisitor91> .
04:05:25 <Kevin L> Looks like a whole lot of bear chow.
04:11:34 <kcmule> Grand 16:10ie
04:11:37 <ynpvisitor26> hi
04:12:02 <kcmule> hi #26
04:27:27 <kcmule> OF 16:26ie
04:27:51 <Graham> hello
04:28:03 <kcmule> hey Graham
04:28:15 <lc> hey Graham
04:29:27 <Graham> a bit clearer today?
04:29:42 <lc> we must have missed a Lion
04:34:34 <kcmule> little clearer yes
04:48:48 <Graham> so BH is taking its time today?
04:49:21 <Kevin L> That was an impressive splash it just had.
04:49:23 <lc> it is for sure.
04:54:22 <Graham> have to go now, see you tomorrow
04:54:34 <Kevin L> bye
04:54:39 <lc> later
05:20:50 <lc> looks like Depression again
05:21:04 <lc> just over 3 hrs
05:21:44 <lc> I wouldn't bet on any of them but the time is right.
05:41:16 <ynpvisitor91> .
05:45:43 <Kevin L> Time to go watch them crash some trucks. Have a good night.
05:46:03 <lc> good luck with BH, Im out of here.
06:16:33 <ynpvisitor78> Bh 1814ie
06:18:15 <vw> Plume 1818
06:19:05 <vw> Guess it was a good tme to be turning off my computer for the evening.
06:21:27 <ynpvisitor91> wasn't watching, glad someone caught it!!!
06:21:28 <ynpvisitor91> !!
06:21:49 <vw> Glad you caught it 91.
06:22:03 <vw> I am out of here. Good night.
06:22:05 <ynpvisitor91> Nope, I think you were solo on this one.