Showing logs for date: 2011-05-07
18:45:40 <CC> OF 5:43 IE
18:45:52 <CC> BH 5:44 IE
18:54:49 <CC> Couldn't tell if there was an indicator due to the steam from OF
19:04:39 <CC> We had another dual today and the possibility of another BH later today
19:25:36 <Graham> looks like CC had a good start to her day
19:27:25 <cb> Hi Graham!
19:27:40 <cb> and visitors 10,86,40!
19:28:16 <Graham> hello cb, how r u?
19:28:55 <cb> hey! good. waiting for the coffee to brew!
19:29:08 <cb> last day of my garage sale today!
19:29:24 <Graham> hows it going?
19:29:39 <cb> been following the churn eruptions cycles! very fun!
19:29:47 <cb> sale was great!!!!
19:30:17 <Graham> good
19:30:19 <cb> Garage and shed are all clean, and some pocket change to boot!
19:30:47 <Graham> yeah Churn has been fun. i forgot to mention there were two or more Sawmill eruptions seen yesterday
19:30:58 <Graham> looks like Tardy is going now
19:31:25 <Graham> must be time for a YNP visit then :)
19:31:51 <cb> getting closer!
19:32:19 <cb> the conewalkers finally hit our local news channel last night!
19:32:21 <Graham> has should start going down now too
19:32:58 <Graham> ah, cool. glad to know our efforts are being seen
19:33:16 <Graham> has=gas
19:34:55 <cb> I wondered what that ment!
19:35:30 <Graham> should make for a cheaper drive
19:35:57 <cb> you did a great job on the cam that night following them! kudos to you!
19:36:32 <Graham> thanks, it was a shock when i zoomed out and kept seeing more and more ppl
19:36:48 <cb> yeah it was!
19:37:09 <cb> 2,,,then 4 then more and more. was crazy!
19:37:52 <Graham> when i called LE i told them there were 4 or 5 ppl
19:38:35 <CC> Lion IE at 6:37
19:39:08 <Graham> busy morning for u CC, congrats
19:39:18 <CC> yep
19:39:35 <cb> coffees done and the suns coming up. got to get outside! Hi CC!
19:40:11 <cb> Just wanted to come in and say ty!!
19:40:11 <CC> hi cb
19:40:29 <cb> bye!
19:42:06 <CC> Graham you still there?
19:43:56 <Graham> yes, msgd u
19:45:27 <CC> thanks
19:48:03 <CC> Daisy 6:47 IE
20:09:38 <CC> OF 7:25
20:10:24 <CC> Correction: OF 7:09
20:14:24 <CC> When I time OF I use a stop watch and today it started at 7:09:25...thus I just read the time wrong the first time I posted
20:15:11 <CC> OF was with water for 4 minutes...thus a long
20:25:37 <vw> Good morning.
20:25:52 <vw> Looks like CC has had a good morning!
20:26:13 <vw> Guess we can just put the cam on OF preset and leave it there for the day?
20:29:37 <ynpvisitor83> Could be a two Beehive day?
20:30:41 <vw> seems very probabl
20:30:59 <vw> with and e added in....[
20:33:01 <CC> morning vw
20:33:28 <vw> good morning vw. having trouble typing today. Not awake yet i guess.
20:33:38 <vw> nice morning for you!
20:33:56 <CC> looks like it may have rained in the basin
20:34:14 <CC> I tried the wipers ..not sure they did any good
20:34:50 <vw> it does look foggy there. some moisture would be a good thing.
20:35:32 <vw> Thunderstorms predicted for the Park today.
20:35:34 <CC> that is why I tried the wipers..thought there might be some fog on the lens
20:35:57 <CC> predicting storms here later today
20:40:25 <vw> Plume 0739ie
20:41:19 <CC> thanks vw
20:41:46 <vw> I wasn't sure for a long while!
20:42:02 <CC> I was debating
20:43:54 <ynpvisitor10> ..
20:45:52 <CC> Herd of bison in the basin
20:48:33 <CC> Lion 7:48 IE
20:50:03 <ynpvisitor83> Question: where is the best site for YNP weather forecast. I see some mention accuweather, some mention wunderground, others noaa, etc.
20:50:05 <ynpvisitor83> What do you use?
20:51:05 <Kevin L> This is my favorite.
20:51:07 <Kevin L>
20:51:12 <vw> Really a personal preference for format 83. All get their data from NOAA.
20:51:43 <vw> Intellicast is nice because it has lots of options.
20:51:50 <CC> morning Kevin
20:52:02 <Kevin L> hi
20:52:18 <vw> Another we refer to often is mesowest, but it is just current conditions.
20:52:19 <CC> sorry you missed BH this morning
20:53:17 <ynpvisitor83> yeah I was just looking at mewowest I go there for current temp at OF, but can't find a forecast there
20:53:21 <Kevin L> I suppose I would have had to get up before 5, so that takes a bit out of it. We do have another shot tonight!
20:53:44 <ynpvisitor83> meSowest
21:08:50 <Janet> Darn - so when did Beehive erupt?
21:08:59 <CC> early
21:09:09 <CC> 5:44 IE
21:09:29 <Janet> The dogs tried to get me up at 5, but I rolled back over and went back to sleep
21:23:26 <vw> Those bison seem to be heading for greanerr pastures pretty quickly
21:31:05 <vw> Plume 0830
21:33:50 <vw> Umbrella's out on the bw, so it is still raining
21:35:34 <ynpvisitor10> looks wet alright
21:51:12 <vw> OF 0850
21:54:39 <vw> OF was a long
21:56:37 <vw> Lion 0856
22:03:04 <ynpvisitor49> ///
22:04:00 <vw> Depression 0903
22:10:26 <ynpvisitor49> Il pleut.
22:14:45 <kcmule> oui
22:16:46 <ynpvisitor49> Hi contner
22:24:11 <kcmule> not much to see on the morning BH capture. indicator was going prior to the eruption but thats about all i can tell
22:25:09 <ynpvisitor49> ty, kcmule
22:25:47 <vw> Plume 0925
22:29:13 <Derek> Hi All
22:29:21 <vw> Hi D!
22:29:42 <ynpvisitor49> Hi Derek
22:29:58 <Derek> Hi 49
22:34:23 <ynpvisitor49> OF prediction 10:23
22:34:57 <vw> yeap.
22:35:26 <vw> Prediction call line had not been updated when I called a little while ago. Curious as to what the VEC is saying about Castle.
22:37:14 <vw> Weather might make seeing Daisy cleary a problem. Getting very steamy.
22:38:48 <ynpvisitor44> hi everybody
22:39:08 <vw> Hi 44
22:39:40 <ynpvisitor44> i am from germany , sorry about my bad english.......i love this page
22:40:06 <kcmule> welcome 44
22:40:17 <ynpvisitor44> thanks :-)
22:40:18 <vw> we have another regular visitor who lives in Germany.
22:40:40 <vw> Bad English is NO problem! Those of us who profess to some proficiency mess it up routinely
22:41:01 <vw> and our typing always leaves a lot to be desired.
22:41:02 <ynpvisitor44> maybe i know him.........he tell me this page
22:41:25 <vw> watch for the initials BB. That is our regular here.
22:42:15 <ynpvisitor44> can you tell me something about the weather in the next weeks........hard to say , i know :-)
22:42:34 <ynpvisitor44> i visit yellowstone at June 5th - 9th
22:43:00 <vw> this time of year, the weaher in the park is totally unpredictable. We could see highs in the 60's, night time lows well below freezing.
22:43:22 <vw> Spring also tends to be the rainy season, which means snow at those elevations.
22:44:17 <vw> Early June you are likely to still find snow at the higher elevations. Plan to wear layers of clothes so you can adapt to changing conditions. ALWAYS plan on a layer to protect you from wet!
22:44:25 <vw> And bring some bear spray!
22:45:01 <ynpvisitor44> ok, i hope for a little bit sunshine in June......for the grand prismatic an also the amazing geysers ! I love thats ok, with little bit of sunshine :-)
22:45:25 <vw> Will hope for sun for you too!
22:45:32 <kcmule> Churn 09:45ie
22:46:52 <ynpvisitor44> thats so nice from you ......thanky
22:48:03 <ynpvisitor44> Bear spray ?? i hope to see animals......and if i could see a bear, i would be the happiest person :-)
22:48:39 <vw> seeing a bear is very cool. But you want to be protected if there is too close an encounter. They move very fast.
22:49:19 <ynpvisitor44> Yes , i heard about should i buy a bear spray at yellowstone ?
22:50:07 <vw> You will most certainly see bison, elk. Good chance of wolves if you go where the watchers are. Lots of birds and other smaller animals. Bears are out there, and you will have a fair chance of seeing one or more.
22:50:44 <ynpvisitor44> Wow , sounds really great :-)
22:50:50 <vw> before you leave for vacation, watch the various forums for news about what the wildlife is doing. That might help you figure out the best place to see wildlife.
22:51:32 <ynpvisitor44> ok, thanks for that good advice
22:52:02 <vw> Daisy 0951
22:53:07 <ynpvisitor44> you visit yellowstone very often ?
22:53:51 <vw> in the past, there have been times I was there a couple of times a month. Now a couple of times a year.
22:54:12 <vw> I live fairly close. Just 4 hour drive to OF.
22:54:17 <ynpvisitor44> wow, so you a very lucky person
22:54:41 <vw> when it comes to access to the Park, yes, I am .
22:54:42 <ynpvisitor44> ok 4 hours is a short trip, i have a 11 hours flight from germany
22:55:21 <vw> Yes, I would imagine some of your layovers are longer than 4 hours
22:56:29 <ynpvisitor44> yes, we start a roundtrip from vegas over salt lake city to yellowstone......looking forward to
22:57:24 <vw> It should be a delightful trip. Some beautiful country you will be seeing. Some pretty barren, but there is a certain beauty in that too.
22:59:09 <ynpvisitor44> thank you so much for this informations.......nice to talk with you
22:59:26 <vw> please visit us any time!
22:59:36 <vw> most of us love to talk here!
23:00:26 <ynpvisitor44> thanks for invitation......
23:00:39 <ynpvisitor86> Me, I recommend sun screen, but I don't think you'll need Bear spray, you may get lucky and see on, but no need to spray one usually
23:01:28 <ynpvisitor86> i recommend dun screan, I doubt you'll need the bear spray, but you may get to see one
23:01:31 <vw> I never go anywhere without sunscreen! I forget all about it!
23:01:37 <ynpvisitor44> ok, sounds good.......i would be carefull
23:01:56 <vw> hey steve!
23:01:58 <steve> morning
23:02:58 <vw> recent reports of up to 5 bear in the UGB has me extra cautious about bears! I also have like to go off trail, so take that extra step of having spray in one of my backpack sleeves!
23:03:00 <steve> mornng, it appears I was about half an hor behind on the chat log for som reason
23:03:22 <steve> Allthe sudden, the rest appeared
23:03:23 <vw> huh?
23:03:30 <vw> that is weird!
23:03:37 <steve> O, well, not the first time I have been behind
23:03:43 <ynpvisitor44> 5 .....amazing .....
23:03:45 <vw> :D
23:04:08 <vw> Fairly big area 44, and those reports are very generalized.
23:05:35 <ynpvisitor44> have to go
23:05:38 <vw> Appearance of more people as we get near Memorial Day will also likely change wildlife behavior.
23:05:44 <ynpvisitor44> not buy :-)
23:05:49 <vw> Bye 44! Have a great evening.
23:06:39 <ynpvisitor44> Thanks , its 6 pm and now we have a barbeque :-)
23:06:54 <vw> enjoy!
23:12:11 <vw> Lion 1011 ie
23:12:14 <steve> Lion 1012 ns wc
23:12:17 <vw> step away for just a second..
23:12:41 <steve> OK, I'll take 1011.
23:16:58 <ynpvisitor49> OF window open
23:20:15 <vw> Castle 1019 ie
23:20:22 <vw> Will have to check it out after OF
23:20:53 <vw> .
23:21:56 <vw> Plume 1021
23:26:04 <ynpvisitor37> Radio traffic from Interps at OFVEC, Riverside's cone is overflowing. About to enter window for eruption.
23:26:30 <vw> very good news. Thank you 37
23:26:48 <ynpvisitor96> Can we see Riverside in this weather?
23:27:11 <vw> Iffy at best.
23:27:18 <vw> We can watch after OF
23:27:40 <vw> OF 1027
23:31:20 <vw> OF is a long
23:31:46 <vw> Next OF should be right around oon
23:31:50 <vw> noon.
23:31:57 <vw> mooseitis
23:32:33 <vw> That earlier Castle time is definitely good.
23:32:43 <ynpvisitor49> And that is what VEC called it for.
23:33:01 <vw> Still seeing water at Castle now.
23:33:20 <vw> 49, I am guessing you are referring to OF and not Castle?
23:33:35 <vw> Checking on Riverside...
23:33:59 <vw> With a stop at Grand
23:34:03 <vw> Grand 1033 ie
23:34:44 <vw> rare event: Castle steam interferring with view of Grand
23:35:55 <vw> Hopefully we will get reports from the basin on both Riverside and Grand.
23:37:16 <ynpvisitor10> who was hearing radio traffic. and more importantly where are they?
23:37:28 <vw> I believe I saw water at Grand, but it didn't last for very long.
23:38:08 <ynpvisitor88> maybe in the basin but in this site on a smart phone?
23:38:11 <vw> From what was said, sounded like radio reports into the VEC, Someone down at Riverside. Not sure who is in the basin or who reported on this page.
23:38:43 <steve> Kren?
23:39:02 <steve> Karen I mean
23:39:13 <steve> ?
23:39:30 <ynpvisitor10> technology is pretty cool
23:39:32 <vw> could be steve. Without id though, no way to be sure.
23:42:46 <vw> Prediction call line updated: Castle tonight at 1230 (confirms current eruption!), Grand 1930 (confirms we just saw the end of Grand), Daisy 1235, Riverside 1100.
23:42:57 <vw> All times with standard +/- times.
23:44:00 <ynpvisitor92> good that you added the +/- statement....I thought the VC was getting cokcy in its predictions
23:44:21 <vw> Recording noted that there is not prediction for Great Fountain, so that must be one of the geysers we will be able to get info on during the summer.
23:44:43 <vw> ALWAY depend on the gov't to hedge its bets!
23:45:27 <ynpvisitor10> Now if they could just add "last reported Fountain" that number would be really useful
23:45:39 <steve> The Firehole lake drive will be closed until Memorial day,so no downloads until then, thus no predictions
23:46:02 <vw> yes, especially if Fountain stays as reliable as it has been. Last summer was great.
23:46:11 <steve> It is only rrarely seen and reported from the road
23:46:42 <vw> and Memorial Day is dependant on if it is plowed. I have not heard. Maybe Kristine can update us!
23:47:22 <steve> I'm not sure they set up the download time yet. It was about 9-10 in the morning.
23:48:24 <steve> As for plowing, that should not be an issue, most of the lower basisn is melting fast now that it is warmng up
23:49:07 <vw> I hope so. One of my favorite sits.
23:49:44 <steve> I need to ask Marueen about Fountain. Ralph's data shows teo long periods, but monstly 6 hour intervals
23:50:40 <steve> Oops, Ralphs date showed two period with longer intervals, but most are still 6 hours
23:51:07 <vw> sorry, on the phone.
23:51:17 <vw> 6 hours was the reliable interval on Fountain last year.
23:51:49 <steve> Fountain's been stable since 2007. I love it
23:54:36 <vw> Castle is a major
23:55:47 <vw> Time already entered on, so can't update. Something we need to have Jake change!
23:56:07 <steve> Sorry, I was confusing the data down load on Great Fountian with Fountian.
23:56:56 <steve> The VEC did predict Fountain one summer, but it caused problems. They did not get the data until about noon so many of the predictions were off
23:57:22 <vw> Might be possible to see steam from Riverside. Somewhat clearer now, but not sure if it will last!
23:57:31 <steve> visitors complained and the VEC decided to quit predicting Fountain
23:57:47 <ynpvisitor88> YTG has reported a few Great Fountains from the road this winter, that was fun
23:58:04 <vw> I can imagine. Probably best for them to post last eruption and average interval. See if visitors can add.
23:58:28 <vw> last comment in re Fountain.
23:59:07 <ynpvisitor10> It would probably be mayhem with clueless visitors waiting on that skinny boardwalk
23:59:21 <steve> Yep, but te onew that complain the lowest usually can't add
23:59:31 <ynpvisitor49> Jake is working on way to make correction to
23:59:38 <vw> Without Lynn S in the park, predictions on Grt Fountain will be less dependable too.
00:00:57 <ynpvisitor10> ME has it covered pretty darn well
00:01:15 <ynpvisitor10> she's probably there right now. :)
00:02:30 <vw> I have not heard who is in the Park or will be this year.
00:04:57 <ynpvisitor88> I think it is the usual cast of characters with a few omissions, saw some dates of some in the Sput
00:05:41 <vw> Will Jim S be there? Comforting to look for his red jacket hanging out on the bw!
00:12:02 <vw> this rain is going to do a serious job on the remaining snow.
00:13:15 <steve> Biscuit Lake, here we come
00:13:39 <vw> :D bring your waders!
00:13:45 <ynpvisitor88> Goodbye F&M for a while
00:15:52 <ynpvisitor10> yeah, the creeks are going to rise
00:17:20 <steve> I have head Jim S is coming but that is all second hand.
00:17:37 <vw> Plume 1117
00:18:18 <steve> As for Lynn, I hope she visits for a while.
00:18:32 <steve> Ralph not until June
00:18:34 <vw> No downstream flood advisories at this time, but lots of precip forecast for the coming week could change that. Heavy wet snow likely at elevations starting Sunday.
00:19:20 <vw> thanks for volunteer updates steve!
00:19:44 <vw> I hope we will see all of those volunteers/gazers that we have come to love and rely on.
00:21:19 <ynpvisitor88> heavy wet snow doesn't sound like it will help the situation!
00:22:10 <vw> only a forecast 88! usually less than totally reliable!
00:23:21 <ynpvisitor49> Recap 2011-05-07: BH 0544 ie wc, Castle 1019 ie wc maj, Daisy 0647 ie wc, 0951 wc, Depression 0903 wc, 0903 wc, Grand 1033 ie wc, Lion 0637 ie wc, 0748 ie wc, 0856 wc, 1011 ie wc, OF 0543 ie wc, 0709 wc, 0850 wc, 1027 wc Churn 0945 ie wc, Plume 0739 ie wc, 0830 ie wc, 0925 wc, 1021 wc, 1117 wc,
00:23:45 <Graham> thanks for the recap
00:27:50 <vw> I am heading out for a while. Will see everybody later!
00:28:20 <Graham> see you klater vw
00:30:19 <steve> bye
00:31:50 <CC> hey Graham
00:41:31 <ynpvisitor49> 7 cars lined up at the North Entrance waiting to enter.
01:04:45 <Graham> OF 1204
01:11:41 <ynpvisitor27> .
01:15:08 <Graham> Plume 1214
01:16:16 <steve> I remember a few days ago there was a discussion about the burst count on Plume. Was the result that it is still usually doing 5?
01:17:15 <ynpvisitor47> Menu from our grill: Castle 0015 5/8 +/- 1', Grand 1930 +/- 2', Daisy 1235 +/- 30", Riverside 1650 +/- 30"
01:20:52 <Graham> I have not seen anything other than 5 bursts this year
01:21:17 <steve> Thanks Graham
01:27:16 <Graham> not to say it hasn't done more, just when i have counted its always been 5
01:41:56 <Graham> I see that Churn is one of the geysers we can select on Jakes page
01:42:23 <Graham> watch it go dormant now!
01:43:37 <Graham> Daisy 1243
01:59:28 <steve> It looks windy and wet out there
02:00:13 <Graham> beautiful day in the basin
02:07:18 <Graham> Plume 1306
02:22:52 <Graham> Penta 1322ie
02:22:57 <Graham> hi Derek
02:23:06 <Derek> Hi Graham
02:23:32 <Graham> did you get invited to the wedding?
02:23:36 <Derek> Off to Cornwall again next Saturday
02:23:55 <Graham> k, hope you have fun there
02:24:19 <Derek> Thanks
02:32:02 <Graham> hi Jake
02:32:13 <Jake> Hi Graham
02:32:23 <Jake> I'm doing my best to make Churn go dormant!
02:32:27 <Graham> i c u have changed things, thanks
02:33:28 <Jake> I tried to make the entry form in IE look better -- I know a lot more now about html forms, cascading style sheets and why some people hate IE
02:33:39 <Jake> it still looks better in Firefox
02:34:20 <Graham> i noticed it looked nicer and there were more geysers to pick from
02:34:46 <kcmule> hi Jake, sent u an email a little while ago
02:43:45 <Graham> OF 1343
02:44:21 <Michael> My turn to jinx something...from a quick glance at the geysertimes database, I think Castle has been all majors for over a week.
02:45:08 <Michael> Average interval over that span is about 13h 50m.
02:46:02 <ynpvisitor14> When visibility is low, Castle majors haven't always been called from the cam.
02:48:14 <Michael> I was just going by times. It's been advancing a few hours each day. The last interval that doesn't fit the pattern is around 4/26-28.
02:48:53 <Graham> Penta still going
02:51:58 <ynpvisitor14> OF prediction 15:16
03:01:19 <Graham> Plume 1401
03:17:58 <Michael> Churn 14:17ie
03:19:24 <ynpvisitor80> That was fun.
03:50:28 <Michael> Churn 14:50ie
03:50:33 <Graham> Churn 1450
03:51:32 <Michael> surprised me. I though it missed its chance already.
03:53:06 <Graham> Plume 1452
04:06:23 <Graham> Churn 1506
04:26:54 <Graham> OF 1526
04:31:22 <Graham> Daisy 1531ie
04:33:06 <Michael> Next Old Faithful probably kicks off the unofficial Beehive-watching window. Unless my arithmetic is wrong.
04:33:29 <Graham> Sawmill 1535ie
04:33:50 <Graham> so much for Churn now
04:34:49 <Michael> Yup. I wonder how Sawmill managed to get going now...I thought it preferred to butt in right when Penta was looking promising.
04:35:44 <Michael> Churn 15:35!
04:36:40 <Graham> guess I missed that Churn
04:42:03 <kcmule> Churn/Sawmill 15:35
04:42:29 <vw> Good afternoon/evening all.
04:42:29 <Michael> Thanks kcmule.
04:42:38 <Michael> Hi vw.
04:42:55 <kcmule> yw. hi vw
04:42:56 <vw> Its been a busy day here!
04:48:28 <Graham> Plume 1548
04:59:05 <kcmule> headin out, cya later
04:59:15 <vw> bye kc!
04:59:29 <vw> happy Mother's Day to all the women in your life!
05:07:50 <vw> wind picking up and blowing camera around
05:29:34 <ynpvisitor32> ..
05:38:36 <vw> Plume 1638
05:51:57 <vw> OF 1651
05:56:01 <vw> OF is a long. Next eruption should be ~1824 +/-10m
06:24:24 <Michael> Another Sawmill eruption. Looks like we'll have to wait and see if Tardy can regain control overnight.
06:24:52 <vw> Yes Michael. I have been checking it periodically, but Sawmill is clearly in control right now.
06:25:10 <vw> Very windy, so hard to hold the camera down that way.
06:26:16 <vw> Sawmill had turned off earlier, but I didn't notice the time.
06:26:55 <Michael> I know it was off at 17:00. Beyond that I have no idea when it stopped or started.
06:27:33 <vw> That may have been about when I noticed it.
06:27:49 <vw> I just can't be certain
06:29:56 <vw> Plume 1729
06:38:37 <vw> starting to see a steadier stream of steam from BH. Coming up on 12 hours now.
06:44:20 <Michael> We're also at 7 hours on Grand.
06:46:09 <Michael> In the spirit of the day, shall we set odds on whether Grand or Beehive erupts first?
06:46:29 <vw> I think BH before Grand.
06:46:59 <Michael> My line has Beehive as a 2:1 favorite...
06:47:02 <vw> Just may not be around to watch! :(
06:47:09 <Graham> both after dark?
06:48:10 <vw - afk> off for some food.
06:49:39 <Michael> Is the bison going to download Depression eruption times?
06:55:52 <Graham> i was wondering if he was going to walk straight into Depression
06:58:39 <Michael> Shoot. I am having problems getting the video feed the last couple of minutes.
06:59:57 <Graham> same here too, cam control has gone slow
07:04:54 <ynpvisitor41> Hey! Who turned out the lights?
07:05:40 <Michael> It sure gets dark fast this time of year.
07:07:07 <ynpvisitor41> What are the odds that both Beehive and Grand will erupt during this eclipse?
07:08:17 <Michael> And we're back?
07:09:45 <Graham> I am back and you all should be too
07:10:17 <Graham> sawmill is off now
07:10:35 <Graham> CC fixed the streaming cam
07:11:04 <ynpvisitor80> Two thumbs up!
07:11:09 <ynpvisitor41> Thank you CC
07:11:13 <Michael> Thanks CC! In time for Daisy, too.
07:11:14 <ynpvisitor71> is it time for beehive?
07:13:46 <Michael> The last one was 12.5 hours ago.
07:14:53 <Kevin L> It will probably be a no indicator. I am watching grown men crash expensive cars, so I will miss it.
07:15:06 <Michael> Daisy 18:15ie
07:15:46 <CC> Stream is now running from my house
07:15:59 <CC> seems to be okay
07:16:41 <CC> ]nice Daisy
07:16:58 <Michael> Hi CC. Thanks for the camera-work.
07:17:30 <CC> welcome
07:19:27 <Graham> Plume 1819ie
07:19:52 <CC> anything at BH while I am at the computer
07:20:34 <Graham> BH has not erupted, been splashing
07:21:08 <CC> me back if you need me
07:21:22 <Graham> k, thanks
07:30:22 <Graham> BHI and Depression 1829ie
07:30:41 <Graham> wake up
07:30:56 <Michael> I'm awake. I think.
07:31:23 <ynpvisitor80> I am awake also!!!
07:31:44 <ynpvisitor80> Go baby go!
07:31:55 <ynpvisitor80> Ping ping ping.
07:31:58 <Graham> where are all the other lurkers
07:32:39 <ynpvisitor80> Ping ping ping
07:32:51 <ynpvisitor80> Ping ping ping
07:32:57 <CC> matve another dual
07:33:34 <CC> maybe
07:34:17 <Graham> where is vw?
07:34:21 <vw - afk> who is making all this noise????
07:34:37 <vw - afk> Can tell from a room away what is going ont!
07:34:37 <Graham> good
07:34:38 <ynpvisitor80> A day without TWO Beehives is a day without sunshine :(*
07:34:42 <CC> :)
07:35:03 <vw> Hi all! Nice to see you here at the end of the day CC!
07:35:14 <CC> thanks to Graaham
07:35:16 <Allan> Thought I'd join the crowd
07:35:27 <CC> hi Allan
07:35:35 <Allan> Hi CC
07:35:40 <Allan> Hi vw
07:35:45 <CC> hi cb]
07:35:46 <Allan> Hi Graham
07:35:48 <cb> what is that i see???
07:36:05 <cb> could my luck be any better!!!
07:36:09 <Graham> hello everyone
07:36:10 <CC> friends make this page Rock
07:36:26 <CC> hi Kent
07:37:05 <Kent> Beehive? Beehive? Did someone say Beehive?
07:37:17 <Kent> Hey CC
07:38:02 <CC> Kent you in the park over Memorial weekend
07:38:22 <Allan> Nothing like Beehive to bring us all out of hiding :)
07:38:26 <Kent> I have reservations but am undecided.
07:38:42 <Kevin L> TY vw
07:38:44 <CC> well, maybe I'll see you then
07:38:54 <Kent> Hopefully
07:39:02 <cb> any one else have BSOD??
07:39:10 <vw> is taht person on bw really walking away??? everybody yell.
07:39:35 <Michael> I've had to stop and restart a couple of times, cb.
07:39:36 <vw> hi cb! i have livescope up, not public stream. mine is fine.
07:39:46 <CC> cb...maybe you have reboot
07:39:55 <Kevin L> Mine is public and working.
07:40:07 <CC> public is working for me
07:40:19 <CC> I have it running right now from my house
07:40:30 <cb> keep refreshing and it works for a minutes and then fails....arggggg
07:40:42 <Kevin L> Mine did it now.
07:41:17 <Kevin L> Probably about 800 people logging on.
07:41:25 <Kent> I go to VC and then back to stream and it works
07:41:29 <CC> I see we have a problem it keeps freezing
07:41:54 <Allan> I do what Kent does. That gets the stream back
07:42:05 <Kevin L> Looks like semi static.
07:43:51 <cb> livescope is frozen also....paashaw!!
07:44:00 <vw> here too cb
07:44:15 <vw> but getting stops and starts on public stream.
07:46:40 <Graham> OF 1846ie
07:47:12 <cb> Dual day!!!
07:47:15 <Graham> BH 1846
07:47:26 <vw> very cool.
07:47:36 <Kevin L> Still dead
07:48:01 <cb> i guess that was not a start for OF??
07:48:01 <Kent> Keep switching Kevin
07:48:13 <vw> my nps feed is holding now.
07:50:27 <Kevin L> Trying 3 didfferent sources. Nothing.
07:50:51 <Kent> Sorry :(
07:50:56 <vw> hopefully kc's capture program is getting it. problems might be affecting him too though.
07:50:59 <cb> I am finally getting a feed through this page Kevin
07:51:07 <cb> I soooo sorry
07:52:04 <Allan> I've tried various things and apparently missed both OF and BH
07:52:36 <Kevin L> Oh goody. It just came back.
07:52:43 <Allan> Looks like I get a replay of the same part of the streamover and over. Weird
07:52:51 <cb> and i lost it....weird
07:53:04 <Graham> with BH erupting tho, so not all bad
07:53:33 <Kevin L> I didn't get any of it
07:53:43 <Graham> although over and over BH eruption could make some ppl yawn...getting sleepy...zzzzzzz
07:53:51 <Allan> Neither did I Kevin
07:54:17 <Allan> Now I'm seeing BH post eruption.
07:54:29 <cb> Bath and Bed is in order!! goodnight all! ty Graham
07:54:41 <Graham> BH is still erupting on my stream
07:54:51 <Graham> longest eruption ever
07:54:52 <Allan> Good night cb. Pleasant dreams
07:54:54 <Michael> Goodnight cb.
07:55:12 <Graham> bye cb
07:56:41 <Graham> BH still going...
07:57:37 <Graham> finally over!
07:59:57 <Kevin L> Heinrich's page got it about 5 minutes after it happened. I got most of it. Really wierd. At least I got most of it. I take back half the bad things I was saying about it a few minutes ago.
08:11:41 <Michael> Is that the right amount of steam for Turban or for Oblong?
08:12:15 <Graham> looks like Plume was before 1911?
08:12:25 <Graham> yes probably Micheal
08:14:14 <Michael> I'm going to head out for the evening. Take care!
08:30:56 <Graham> Penta 1930ie
08:35:57 <Graham> Penta is off now, short eruption?
08:53:44 <Graham> Sawmill 1952ns
09:17:30 <Graham> OF 2017
09:21:32 <Graham> i am done for the day too, see ya