Showing logs for date: 2011-05-31
23:52:20 <ynpvisitor69> OF 0551ie
00:06:04 <ynpvisitor45> missed my OF to start the day
00:34:48 <ynpvisitor52> Depression 634ie
00:37:32 <cb> that Depression should read done.
00:37:51 <ynpvisitor69> strong eruption
00:50:47 <ynpvisitor60> did you see the youtube of time lapse drive in YNP?
00:50:58 <ynpvisitor60> Shows the snow levels along the road too
00:51:12 <ynpvisitor60>
00:51:32 <cb> I haven't watched it yet. will do. ty!!
00:51:50 <cb> still trying to get the sleepies outta eyes
00:52:21 <ynpvisitor45> thanks, I will send that to some friends planning their June trips
01:22:56 <ynpvisitor81> OF 721 VC
01:23:08 <cb> ty
01:23:57 <ynpvisitor81> np
01:35:20 <cb> Churn 734ie
01:36:46 <cb> saw a nice burst right before sawmil steam drifted over
01:41:53 <cb> Grand/oblong 740ie will watch to seee which one it is
01:42:53 <cb> thinkin Grand
01:43:18 <Kevin L> Turban Major?
01:43:26 <cb> G!
01:43:30 <cb> Hi Kevin
01:43:36 <Kevin L> HI
01:44:54 <Kevin L> I'll bet on Grand. I saw some spikes myself.
01:48:46 <cb> ty Kevin
01:48:59 <cb> Yeap that is a distinct Grand right there
01:51:43 <Kevin L> I am guessing we saw the end of it.
02:02:09 <cb> Churn 801
02:02:35 <cb> wow
02:04:00 <cb> well that is fun!!! I hope this continues when we can see it in person!
02:06:54 <vw> Good morning.
02:07:24 <cb> Morning vw!
02:07:47 <vw> I have some times from the basin, but don't know if you already have them.
02:08:03 <cb> shoot em at us and lets see
02:09:01 <vw> Grand 0736, Churn 0734 and 0801 (by FRS), OF 0736ie
02:09:57 <vw> Just reading the logs, that OF looks off.
02:10:18 <cb> ty! had both churns. I was wondering if I missed one inbetween!
02:11:11 <cb> I see that.
02:13:22 <cb> had depression at 634ns also...did you pass that iinfo along?
02:13:23 <vw> I am guessing the Grand is a good time though. Knowing Kent he was sitting on the benches watching for it. Now he is probably headed in for breakfast!
02:14:26 <ynpvisitor69> how could they be off that much on OF?
02:15:02 <vw> not sure what is going on there. will text him back.
02:15:22 <vw> could be a typo too: he hates texting
02:15:31 <cb> Grand was VERY steamy. was hard to see...I think the time posted here was off..I missed the first part of it and to be honest didn't look at the time when someone else posted it here
02:16:20 <ynpvisitor69> I understand the typo. g
02:16:37 <cb> Lion 815
02:17:11 <cb> that could explain it!! :)
02:17:39 <ynpvisitor69> this initial?
02:18:29 <cb> It is the first one I havve seen on the webcam #69
02:19:27 <ynpvisitor45> <>
02:21:35 <Rich> Edit function is working on GeyserTimes.Org
02:22:05 <vw> I noticed that yesterday. Very cool!
02:22:12 <vw> Hi Rich!
02:22:44 <cb> yes i think you and I were posting churn at the same time...i deleted mie
02:23:03 <cb> are you posting Lion rich?
02:23:19 <Rich> Hi
02:23:26 <Rich> I did
02:23:27 <cb> Hi!! G
02:23:30 <cb> ty
02:23:47 <Rich> np
02:23:55 <vw> We need to ask Allan to change his "better" to "better/confirm" That way when we get double data like this we can confirm eruptions.
02:24:28 <vw> For two guys who are doing this on their own time, we sure are demanding of them!!!
02:25:26 <Rich> As far as OF time - back out the new VC predition and it comes to 0721
02:25:50 <vw> Isn't that the time posted here?
02:26:06 <Rich> yes
02:28:23 <cb> need to remember when watchin churn on the bw to move over!!! note to self
02:29:08 <vw> Hydrology report for the Park says snow melt starts today. OMG!!!
02:29:13 <Rich> OR carry an umbrella? g
02:29:20 <ynpvisitor45> I am not following this, but trust that you guys will figure out the times!
02:30:08 <vw> time for a recap maybe?!?!
02:30:08 <ynpvisitor45> I read that hydrology warning, scary. High waters will hit on Thursday, is that the one you read vw?
02:30:20 <Rich> VC predicts OF for 0854, subtracting 93 min equals 0721, the reported time here in the log before Kent's report.
02:30:27 <vw> I think all our times jive except that OF time. I have texted for info.
02:30:39 <vw> Yes.
02:30:57 <vw> With stream beds and rivers already running high, melt is going to cause major problems.
02:31:44 <ynpvisitor45> there are a few roads in YNP already in trouble where a stream or river is right on a curve
02:32:28 <vw> That plus the melting water will further undercut already unstable ground. More rockslides are likely.
02:36:39 <vw> Lets just hope that those that stuck around despite the bad weather will get a mostly sunny day!
02:36:53 <vw> oh look mom: a wildlife!!!
02:37:00 <vw> with a baby?
02:37:07 <vw> can't tell how many legs there are.
02:37:15 <cb> i don't see a bby
02:37:30 <vw> I think it is a bull!
02:37:58 <ynpvisitor45> LOL that is not a leg! :)
02:38:09 <vw> :D
02:38:31 <cb> ROFLMAO....I was tryiing to think how I could type that!!!!!
02:38:59 <ynpvisitor69> this is going down-hill. g
02:39:03 <ynpvisitor45>
02:39:28 <vw> this could be a fun day. You should hang around cb!
02:39:48 <cb> I am still laughting!!!
02:40:02 <vw> could keep you going all day cb!
02:40:10 <cb> i had 2 different posts.....both i deleted!!!
02:40:16 <ynpvisitor45> who's on first?
02:40:22 <ynpvisitor45> I mean who is on cam today?
02:40:39 <ynpvisitor45> I get to stay til I get a call from work, then will exit poste=haste
02:40:41 <vw> cb is on now. I will watch and occassionally take the cam.
02:40:48 <cb> I am on right now, but am off soon
02:40:56 <vw> come back 45. I like your sense of humor.
02:41:26 <ynpvisitor45> for now I get to stay, so find some fun stuff, erupting would be best since this is a family page
02:41:41 <vw> I just opened my email and have more times from the basin and will post to the databases.
02:42:08 <cb> CAstle?
02:42:35 <vw> Jim via FRS: Riverside 0604, Daisy 0623. Jim is predicting Castle for 1700 this afternoon.
02:43:03 <vw> Plume via FRS (Barbara L?) 0716.
02:43:21 <vw> Relay from LGB: Grt Fountain 0630 ns, Fountain 0554 ie
02:43:41 <vw> Posting now.
02:45:48 <ynpvisitor45> thx vw
02:46:21 <vw> We will want to thank Kent the next time he shows up here. Great to get reports!
02:48:05 <ynpvisitor45> 2 Churns today, both from webcam though?
02:48:29 <vw> yes, and confirmed by report from the basin
02:48:33 <cb> from webcam and onsite reports
02:49:12 <ynpvisitor45> From Kent's chatroom presence, shouldn't he just be standing at Plume all day?
02:49:21 <ynpvisitor45> isn't he the one that pops in every hour?
02:49:36 <cb> observant #45!!!
02:50:03 <ynpvisitor45> I read the logs, he comes, he goes
02:50:18 <vw> Kent loves Plume
02:50:20 <cb> I would really like to catch Daisy before I have to leave
02:50:28 <vw> It also gives him an excuse to stop working!
02:50:38 <cb> see the folks taht were standing at Churn left
02:51:01 <vw> Based on Jim's report another couple of minutes before Daisy?
02:51:18 <cb> yes
02:51:50 <cb> well i am done...back on preset...have a great day all!
02:52:14 <Rich> bye cb
02:52:15 <cb> bye
02:53:59 <vw> Wasn't gonna, but with Daisy so close I will take the cam for a little bit.
02:56:10 <ynpvisitor45> did we get better times on those Churns? I had to restart earlier so don't have all the text here
02:56:36 <vw> I think the Churn times exactly matched?
02:56:48 <ynpvisitor45> cool
02:56:59 <vw> coffee cup in one hand, dog on other arm, and I am kinda incapacitated here.
02:57:48 <ynpvisitor45> How do you drive the cam anyway? Is it mouse?
02:58:29 <ynpvisitor45> tell the dog to stay on Daisy
02:58:55 <vw> :D shih tzu. He would be tossed in the air!
02:59:02 <Rich> Archive Link - for other days change date at end of url
02:59:42 <ynpvisitor45> thanks Rich. Are the ones from before server change there?
02:59:48 <vw> Rich, do you know if Paul was able to recover the logs for the days when the chat was messed up?
02:59:58 <ynpvisitor45> same question, vw!
03:00:30 <vw> I remember being bummed cuz there was a link I wanted that disappeared. Now of course I don't remember what it was, but I am sure it was important!
03:00:36 <Rich> 45 - No
03:00:58 <vw> k. thanks!
03:01:05 <Rich> vw - I believe both days were lost.
03:01:24 <Rich> I have the most complete set of archives on my site.
03:01:25 <vw> rats. now I can't even get a crutch for my memory!
03:02:01 <Rich> OF 0900 ie wc
03:02:23 <vw> oops
03:02:41 <vw> I'm fired
03:03:55 <vw> based on time, its a long.
03:04:09 <vw> what happens without enough coffee.
03:05:26 <vw> texting for start time.
03:06:48 <ynpvisitor81> have fun - my CAPTIURE says 900
03:07:05 <vw> thx 81
03:07:28 <vw> times like this I really miss the webcam.
03:07:39 <vw> Daisy heating up.
03:10:06 <vw> VEC start on that OF was 0859
03:11:46 <vw> you want to post that Rich or should I?
03:12:27 <vw> wind picking up so camera is bouncy.
03:12:36 <Rich> Ladies first. g
03:12:48 <vw> k I will post
03:13:51 <vw> done
03:17:03 <vw> We may be seeing Old Tardy, but I can't be certain with the wind tossing the steam around
03:18:45 <vw> needed to check the Hill. Group at BH. We will check it in a bit.
03:23:05 <vw> Daisy 0922
03:25:13 <vw> Almost exactly 3 hour interval
03:28:03 <vw> going on OF preset.
03:28:23 <vw> after Plume that is..
03:28:26 <vw> Plume 0927
03:28:39 <ynpvisitor45> I wonder if they have an overnight time for BH
03:30:32 <vw> I haven't gotten one, so not sure.
03:31:50 <vw> away. I will text request for BHI warning for if I am away from computer.
03:33:44 <vw - away> Lion 0932
04:06:19 <vw - away> 45 - I was just reviewing the logs and noticed your question about how the cam is operated. My apologies for missing it earlier.
04:07:20 <vw - away> the cam program has preset buttons for major geysers that can be seen from the cam perspective. We also have bars for moving the camera up/down, left/right. A mouse is used to operate those movements.
04:07:37 <ynpvisitor45> still here, thanks!
04:07:53 <vw - away> OF course! Just sorry I missed the question earlier.
04:07:59 <ynpvisitor45> So coffee and a dog are a bit detrimental I would guess.
04:08:11 <vw - away> they can be distracting!
04:08:28 <vw - away> Biggest fear is dog stepping on touchpad and sending the cam zooming!
04:08:45 <ynpvisitor45> I was just going to ask about touchpad or arrow keys, in case of mouse failre
04:08:49 <ynpvisitor45> failure.
04:09:10 <vw - away> arrow keys on keypad can be used, but I have never tried them.
04:09:11 <ynpvisitor45> interesting, thanks.
04:09:29 <vw - away> The program is not very new so in some ways unsophisticated.
04:09:42 <ynpvisitor45> Is it your laptop, could you operate from any wifi spot?
04:09:50 <ynpvisitor45> like Snow Lodge? :)
04:10:16 <vw - away> Yes, as long as I have an internet connection that is fairly strong, the cam can be operated.
04:10:29 <ynpvisitor45> cool
04:10:51 <ynpvisitor45> back to email, glad you beeped! thanks
04:10:58 <vw - away> At one time I wondered about being able to do it from a smartphone or iPad type instrument, but can't download program to those type of electronic devices.
04:11:17 <vw - away> happy emailing! I am back at it here too.
04:31:23 <kcmule> Plume 10:30ie
04:31:30 <kcmule> OF 10:30ie
04:31:53 <Kevin L> Plume trying to hide again.
04:32:22 <kcmule> yep saw 1 puff before OF took over
04:38:53 <kcmule> Lion 10:38ie
04:55:35 <vw - away> New updates from the basin: Plume 1029. By FRS/relay: Artemisia 1040ie, Aurum 1006, Depression 0938
04:55:50 <vw - away> I am supposing Kent was at Plume?
04:56:28 <vw - away> I will check the databases and post. If later times posted from here, I will update the sites.
05:00:33 <vw - away> .
05:05:43 <vw - away> sites updated. Plume is duplicated with slightly different times, and will need to be amended later.
05:05:47 <vw - away> Back later.
05:10:48 <vw - away> have cam. CC coming on screen.
05:12:24 <ynpvisitor60> will this involve a ldder?
05:12:37 <ynpvisitor60> lAdder
05:12:45 <vw - away> we only wish!!!
05:13:06 <ynpvisitor60> Lime-away?
05:13:50 <ynpvisitor60> but the real question is if she knows anything about BH
05:14:53 <vw - away> no updates.
05:15:46 <vw - away> back on preset.
05:20:31 <vw - away> text request for BH information that I am taking for no info on BH coming from the Basin!
05:22:14 <vw> On cam for a bit. Maybe we will get some new info soon.
05:24:33 <vw> Steam at Churn, but nobody stopping there.
05:25:14 <vw> Not seeing water
05:35:06 <vw> Plume 1134 ie
05:35:21 <vw> I was not paying much attention and am not sure if I caught the start.
05:36:21 <vw> call from basin, that was start time
05:40:47 <vw> per CC, VEC Prediction times: OF 1203 (+/-10m), Castle 1700 (1h), Grand 1635 (2h), Daisy 1210 (30m), Riverside 1215 (30m)
05:41:19 <vw> Lynn S is predicting Fountain for 1330, but with the latest odd intervals, even she is uncertain.
05:41:22 <vw> Lion 1140
05:42:12 <vw> oops
05:55:23 <vw> OF 1154
06:15:17 <vw - away> per CC, Daisy looks dry, even though we are in its window.
06:27:50 <vw - away> Awaiting update from VEC logbook on BH. Setting cam to watch Daisy and Riverside as we are in the window for both.
06:30:34 <vw - away> per Kent, there were gazers earlier out by BH, but they have left that area.
06:30:52 <vw - away> Looks pretty quiet
06:33:14 <vw - away> Riverside 1231, from CC
06:34:30 <vw - away> Can barely see team there now
06:35:29 <vw - away> Plume 1233 per CC
06:40:29 <vw - away> VEC has no information on BH. By FRS: Lone Pine at West Thumb 1157 ie
06:52:02 <vw - away> Lion was at 1243 per FRS, CC
06:53:16 <vw - away> They are headed in for lunch, so probably no updates for a while. Time for me to get some things done!
06:54:16 <kcmule> thx vw
06:54:21 <vw - away> BH still looking very quiet.
06:57:19 <vw - away> All thanks are owed to Kent and CC for calling and texting updates.
07:08:46 <vw - away> Penta 1307 ie (?)
07:09:59 <vw - away> want to zoom in, but waiting out Daisy too.
07:11:03 <vw - away> Sun on the hills behind Black Sands
07:12:22 <vw - away> CC said is has been mostly cloudy with some sun, but warm enough to get you hot when walking.
07:15:17 <vw - away> almost time to flip the channel to OF. That means of course that Daisy will erupt during OF.
07:16:25 <vw - away> OF preset. Back as I can.
07:32:36 <kcmule> OF 13:30ie
07:54:11 <kcmule> Lion 13:53ie
07:56:19 <vw - away> Call from CC: Lion start was 1352. There was a Depression and Plume too, but she didn't have the time. Texting Kent, but he is driving so I may not hear for a while.
07:57:19 <Jake (in & out)> aahhhhh! technology overload in The Basin!
07:57:36 <vw - away> someone else has the cam.
07:58:14 <kcmule> lion recorded
07:58:14 <Graham> hello
07:58:23 <vw - away> so it was YOU!!!! Hi G!
07:58:24 <kcmule> hi Graham
07:58:38 <Graham> saw your msg vw and grabbed hte cam for Lion
07:59:08 <Graham> all yours
07:59:18 <Graham> in 45s
07:59:36 <Graham> didn't know you were "away" but not away
07:59:50 <vw - away> 's okay G!!! I am not really here anyway.
08:00:16 <Graham> looks like u r :)
08:00:40 <vw - away> ephemeral.
08:03:29 <vw - away> Penta 1402 ie, per CC
08:04:02 <vw - away> Water in Sawmill. Old Tardy on too.
08:04:33 <Graham> windy
08:04:35 <vw - away> Those are from CC. She is headed to BH.
08:04:38 <ynpvisitor22> Nifty!
08:05:16 <vw - away> Text updates from Kent: Grotto Fountain 1318, Grotto 1320, Plume 1332, Depression 1333, Penta 1335, Lion 1352. ALL FRS calls.
08:05:35 <vw - away> you guys can tell how much work I am getting done today....
08:06:00 <Graham> work - whats that?
08:06:18 <Graham> os BH is now at 15 hours
08:07:13 <vw - away> Yes, and VEC has no info about a night or early morning BH
08:07:52 <Graham> not 15, 27h
08:08:00 <Jake (in & out)> BH is at 15h interval? ahhh, ok
08:08:00 <vw - away> Aurum 1405, per CC
08:08:12 <Graham> missed another one
08:08:13 <Jake (in & out)> what's 12h between friends?
08:08:15 <ynpvisitor22> good correction Graham.
08:08:22 <Graham> should have been on preset :)
08:08:45 <Graham> so nobody stayed out in the beautiful weather last night for BH?
08:08:57 <vw - away> guess not!
08:10:40 <Jake (in & out)> just a general Q for Granam and others: for that ugly "current intervals" table on's your preference for when 'hours' start getting reported as 'days'?
08:13:53 <vw - away> back in a while. For now, I really am away!
08:14:22 <vw - away> untilt he next call or text that is...
08:18:10 <Jake (in & out)> heavy BH splashing
08:18:18 <Graham> yeah
08:18:21 <Graham> wake up
08:18:22 <Jake (in & out)> BH 1417 no indicator
08:18:27 <Jake (in & out)> wake up
08:18:28 <Graham> BH 1417
08:18:29 <Jake (in & out)> wake up
08:18:30 <Jake (in & out)> wakw up
08:18:52 <Graham> nice!
08:18:57 <Graham> hope all were there
08:18:58 <ynpvisitor22> WHOIA
08:19:09 <vw - away> Wow! Bad time to be away!
08:19:19 <kcmule> caught me
08:19:20 <vw - away> CC called, confirm no indicator and still none.
08:19:22 <Graham> several big surges then woosh
08:19:39 <vw - away> wondered what all that humming was about while I was out of the room!
08:20:03 <Jake (in & out)> getting some height despite the wind!
08:21:48 <vw - away> and FRS to VEC confirmation from Kent.
08:22:16 <Jake (in & out)> little cub 1421ns
08:22:17 <Graham> dont think we needed that vw :)
08:22:22 <ynpvisitor22> what do you mean vw?
08:22:37 <Jake (in & out)> vw, you are getting carried away!!
08:22:50 <vw - away> just passing on the info people are willing to give me!!!
08:22:54 <Graham> didnt see indicator at all
08:22:58 <vw - away> if they go to all that trouble...
08:23:41 <Jake (in & out)> Miss Manners will have to write an etiguette guide to gazing...;)
08:23:49 <Jake (in & out)> etiquette
08:24:00 <ynpvisitor22> speaking of which, can you see Beehive from the VEC in the corner?
08:24:28 <ynpvisitor22> poor sentence structure, chat makes me stupid.
08:24:30 <Jake (in & out)> from the building? yes. on the webcam? no
08:24:50 <ynpvisitor22> building, yes.
08:24:53 <vw - away> Nice BH Graham. Glad you were "there"
08:25:07 <Graham> yeah so am I :)
08:25:16 <Graham> not watching for Churn :)
08:25:40 <Graham> so I wonder who was caught not at GB?
08:25:51 <Jake (in & out)> the inital surging was certainly attention-grabbing
08:26:13 <Graham> maybe kc will have something to share
08:26:20 <Kevin L> Nice eruption. Would have been better if it gave us some warning.
08:26:39 <Graham> nop, these are the best :)
08:26:54 <Graham> only seen one IRL
08:27:01 <vw - away> Daisy 1425 per CC
08:27:21 <kcmule> will have capture up in about 3 hrs unless i get another sev1 in pakistan or something
08:27:36 <Kevin L> I do admit they are way cool IRL. Very impressive and a big surprise.
08:27:47 <vw - away> per CC, Indicator just bubbled during BH
08:27:57 <kcmule> i cant remote into my home pc easily anymore
08:28:27 <ynpvisitor22> got me, what's IRL
08:28:32 <Jake (in & out)> I've never seen a BH w/o indicator ever joining in
08:28:39 <Jake (in & out)> IRL = In Real Life
08:28:43 <Kevin L> In real life.
08:28:52 <Jake (in & out)> International Racing League
08:29:02 <ynpvisitor22> OK, thought I was missing some gazing nomenclature
08:29:03 <Kevin L> Or this week Indy Racing League.
08:29:09 <Jake (in & out)> I'm Really Lame
08:29:22 <ynpvisitor22> :) thanks
08:29:59 <Jake (in & out)> Graham tries to shorten what he can...fewer opportunities to make typos
08:30:21 <Graham> not much left now!
08:30:52 <Graham> the false indicator BH's were fun too, never knew if it would go or not
08:30:58 <Graham> so CC enjoyed it?
08:36:06 <Graham> Plume 1435
08:42:55 <Graham> I think the databases are sync'ed now
08:48:38 <ynpvisitor22> synched manually?
08:49:12 <Graham> yep
08:52:53 <ynpvisitor22> <>
08:54:20 <ynpvisitor12> '
08:59:33 <vw - away> Anything happen while I was away?
08:59:50 <Graham> zzzzzz
09:00:01 <Graham> OF and Lion are waiting for u tho
09:00:03 <vw - away> Might be kind of quiet for a couple of hours now.
09:00:15 <vw - away> Thanks G!
09:00:23 <Graham> yeah since you texted them all
09:00:33 <vw - away> :)
09:00:45 <vw - away> Kent off to Madison, so no more texts probably today.
09:00:50 <vw - away> CC might call though!
09:02:06 <Graham> could watch for Churn after OF and Lion, looked like Tardy was off
09:02:11 <Graham> and Penta was off too
09:02:35 <vw - away> that would put us in a good place to keep an eye on Grand too.
09:02:39 <Graham> Grand is in its window not woo
09:02:46 <Graham> yep
09:02:48 <vw - away> A little early in its window, but never knwo.
09:07:01 <vw - away> OF 1506
09:07:41 <vw - away> Lion 1507
09:11:34 <vw - away> Churn 1510
09:12:00 <vw - away> that time is per CC
09:12:30 <Graham> k. was going to say i don't see it!
09:12:39 <vw - away> I don't see water, so I would not have called it!
09:13:33 <vw - away> Cam very jumpy so we are not going to be able to get close to much now.
09:13:59 <vw - away> Looks like a parade going over to the BH overlook
09:14:10 <Graham> Churn has been as short as 8min and up to about 30 but a lot around 10-2
09:14:13 <Graham> 10-12
09:15:21 <vw - away> Sadly we aren't going to be able to watch it right now. Would need an iron stomach.
09:17:17 <vw - away> per CC, Grand is not looking good to go. A weak Turban and water levels are way down.
09:18:07 <Graham> glad they are getting some sun
09:19:26 <vw - away> I think she is enjoying it. Said she was laying down on the benches at Grand.
09:20:21 <Graham> did she enjoy BH?
09:20:32 <vw - away> Very much!
09:20:44 <Graham> glad she got there in time
09:21:35 <Graham> watching Penta is nice but not when you miss a no-indicator BH
09:21:55 <vw - away> Yes. I wonder how many gazers were there!
09:26:26 <Graham> bbl
09:26:48 <vw - away> Bye G!
09:34:35 <vw - away> Here comes the parade up to Plume
09:35:10 <vw - away> About all they have a chance to see erupting on Geyser Hill for a while now.
09:37:20 <vw - away> Plume 1536
09:43:19 <Kevin L> Looks like the Washburn railing cam has been put back into place.
09:46:46 <vw - away> Interesting. That means administrative travel is okayed on Dunraven
09:50:03 <vw - away> Checking the wind via the trees.
09:50:11 <vw - away> Definitly some shaking going on!
10:05:41 <Graham> zzzzz
10:06:07 <vw - away> as predicted!
10:06:28 <vw - away> Couldn't even see water in Churn after CC called with the start time.
10:07:05 <Graham> it had finished, you would have seen it when you zoomed over
10:07:21 <vw - away> can't keep camera zoomed out. too bouncy
10:07:39 <Graham> did it erupt again after I left?
10:08:12 <vw - away> I think you were still here for the 1510
10:10:14 <Graham> yeah it had finished then
10:10:34 <Graham> nice to watch it while waiting for Gramd
10:10:43 <vw - away> wind is going to make some eruptions very hard to see. Churn, Depression come to mind.
10:11:09 <vw - away> yes, but will have to have very good eyes to see from far away!
10:17:50 <Graham> over 50F today...break out the shorts and sunscreen
10:18:15 <vw - away> :D
10:18:32 <vw - away> That must be where the wind is coming from: Santa Ana's?
10:18:51 <Graham> watch out for flooding
10:19:06 <vw - away> That is defintely a problem.
10:19:26 <vw - away> flowing water is also going to cause even more unstable ground too.
10:20:45 <vw - away> Castle 1617 ie, per CC
10:22:15 <Graham> what - no start time from her?
10:23:10 <vw - away> She is still at Grand (I could hear the wind) and so time is probably from FRX
10:23:14 <vw - away> oops. FRS
10:29:20 <vw - away> Time to watch for OF.
10:29:37 <vw - away> Lion 1628
10:29:40 <vw - away> good timing!
10:30:05 <Graham> minor
10:30:12 <vw - away> yeap.
10:30:41 <vw - away> I have not put those into the databases. Have you G?
10:30:48 <Graham> sure
10:30:59 <Graham> lots of water, Ralph will see it on the logger
10:31:11 <vw - away> Depression due too
10:31:27 <vw - away> sounds good. Want to be consistent.
10:34:58 <vw - away> another Lion start 1634
10:35:38 <vw - away> this one is going to take?
10:36:03 <vw - away> Nice with the lighting
10:37:40 <vw - away> Plume 1636
10:42:48 <vw - away> of 1641
10:43:12 <vw - away> guess I had cap lock on and didn't know it. That is OF 1641
10:46:11 <vw - away> OF is a long. Next prediction should be approximately 1813
10:47:12 <vw - away> Sizeable crowd for OF. General store shoudl be doing a good business with the need for winter wear.
10:52:45 <Graham> another nap time?
10:53:04 <Graham> or Daisy and Depression?
10:53:14 <vw - away> well, Daisy due, so that might be worth watching for.
10:54:15 <vw - away> Depression looks the same as it has for the last 30 minutes. Wind makes it hard to see though.
10:55:59 <Graham> always chance for Grand now too in the second half of the window
10:56:36 <vw - away> yes. with having to keep cam back so far we are at least able to watch a few different locations.
10:58:54 <kc (working)> drivin home bbs
10:59:04 <vw - away> Drive safe kc
11:03:16 <vw - away> Daisy 1702
11:10:33 <vw - away> Now is a good time for a nap!
11:10:47 <vw - away> Unless Grand goes and report from CC is that it isn't looking too ready to erupt.
11:35:04 <vw - away> Plume 1734
11:39:07 <vw - away> Grand 1737
11:48:36 <vw - away> Hurray!
11:48:40 <vw - away> and Wow!
11:49:10 <ge-working> double wow
11:49:27 <vw - away> suppose we might get a triple wow ge?
11:49:28 <Graham> good time to walk back in
11:49:47 <ge-working> depends if there is a third burst
11:49:55 <vw - away> :)
11:50:02 <Graham> no pressure vw
11:50:22 <vw> Just sitting back enjoying the show. No pressure!
11:50:37 <Graham> how about Penta 1749ie for the trio?
11:50:52 <vw> Nice!
11:51:33 <vw> I am happy to get a double wow on Grand any day!
11:51:55 <Graham> long 2 burst?
11:52:05 <vw> I think so.
11:52:22 <Graham> still steamy
11:52:23 <vw> Nothing long enough to be a pause I think.
11:54:00 <vw> Steam from both Churn and Sawmill, but too windy to see water.
11:54:24 <vw> That looked like a burst from Sawmill
11:54:27 <Graham> Tardy steam
11:54:34 <vw> okay.
11:54:45 <vw> then I am double glad you are here G!
11:55:01 <Graham> and light Churn steam
11:55:25 <vw> We should begin to see an exodus from Grand
11:55:27 <Graham> you would be seeing bursts from Sawmil if it was going
11:55:47 <ge-working> no triple wow, but really was a spectacular second start
11:55:52 <vw> I did see one burst, but the wind put it down right away!
11:56:14 <vw> Hey ge, nice to see you! Its been a while.
11:56:25 <Graham> there are small bursts from Tardy you can see but not anything like Sawmills big bursts
11:56:27 <ge-working> the troops are marching home
11:56:56 <Graham> gazers at Penta maybe
11:57:00 <vw> Steam back on at Churn
11:57:03 <Graham> could get some rainbosw
11:57:15 <Graham> it does that vw :)
11:57:27 <vw> But I WANT WATER!!!
12:00:43 <vw> Nice bursts from Penta
12:03:57 <Graham> looks like Penta stopped and Old Tardy is going
12:05:03 <vw> OF due, but I am going to keep it here as long as i can. I am watching the static though for now.
12:06:42 <vw> Graham, did you notice the time when Tardy started?
12:06:53 <Graham> nope
12:07:00 <vw> I could just use the timestamp as an ie time.
12:07:10 <vw> I will update the databases during OF
12:07:23 <Graham> its erupting so much i dont bother recording it
12:07:45 <vw> hmmm. okay, then I won't either!
12:08:04 <Graham> would log Sawmill right now
12:08:21 <Graham> but its not erupting :(
12:08:53 <vw> We will probably get a report from a gazer. All of this is happening so soon after Grand. possible someone there to see it.
12:09:26 <vw> and then there was wind.
12:09:37 <vw> Have to go to OF now. Can't wait any longer. :(
12:11:01 <Graham> where was CC heading, out to West?
12:11:26 <vw> Not sure where they are at tonight. Did say they were leaving the basin after Grand.
12:17:04 <vw> OF 1816
12:22:45 <kcmule> BH 14:17
12:23:07 <vw> thanks kc!
12:25:32 <vw> Rest of the evening it is likely to be fairly quiet.
12:26:01 <vw> We probably missed a Lion if the series is continuing as well as Aurum.
12:26:44 <vw> That leaves us Plume and maybe more Lions. Possible Depression and another Daisy.
12:27:58 <vw> Penta back on?
12:28:03 <vw> that was a strange burst
12:28:18 <Graham> could be Old Tardy
12:28:32 <Graham> it comes up between the Penta tree and the next one on the right
12:28:34 <vw> even with the wind direction?
12:28:45 <Graham> not as high but you can see water in the gap between the trees
12:28:59 <vw> This was more to the left.
12:29:13 <Graham> could be anything else too :)
12:29:21 <Graham> there are steam swirls
12:29:29 <Graham> Bulger minor?
12:29:51 <Graham> can you nudge left for Churn?
12:30:08 <Graham> never mind, it was clear
12:30:11 <vw> Sorry! was going to do that when I saw the burst.
12:30:14 <Graham> that other steam always confuses me
12:30:56 <Graham> looks like Tardy stopped so this is good Churn chance
12:32:54 <vw> zoomed in, but not sure how much bouncing people can take!
12:33:27 <Graham> yeah lots of steam tho
12:35:19 <vw> sorry. don't know what I did!
12:35:29 <vw> Need to check to see if any life left in Lion
12:35:51 <vw> Plume and Riverside due too.
12:38:32 <vw> I think with the wind, it may be impossible to see Riverside steam
12:42:43 <vw> All seems quiet on the Hill.
12:49:57 <ynpvisitor46> Just like here on the chat page
12:50:12 <vw> :)
12:50:22 <vw> we wore out the geysers today 46
12:51:25 <vw> CHurn 1850
12:51:36 <ynpvisitor46> I came on too late. I noticed Grand a while back. Don't recall BH's time.
12:51:47 <Graham> finally :)
12:51:56 <vw> BH was at 1417
12:52:01 <vw> without an Indicator
12:52:12 <vw> Persistence pays sometimes G
12:52:42 <Graham> yep and not too bouncy
12:52:48 <Allan> Yes. Churn had a good sized burst a bit ago.
12:53:04 <vw> Yes, evening seems to have calmed the winds a bit. Hope it holds.
13:32:37 <vw> Daisy 1931
13:52:17 <ynpvisitor97> it's nice to see Hayden valley and Lake again from Washburn. Easier to check the weather in the mornings too.
13:53:00 <vw> Yes. The limited view of the railing and top of Washburn was great for checking ice and snow, but not much more.
13:53:33 <vw> OF 1952
13:55:22 <ynpvisitor97> what a wonderful geyser.
13:55:55 <vw> We sometimes forget how beautiful it can be
13:57:54 <vw> Some slight color finalling coming into the clouds for the evening.
14:00:21 <vw> I am calling it a night. Hope everyone has a wonderful evening.
14:00:44 <kcmule> nite vw
14:35:16 <kcmule> Plume 20:32ie
15:27:50 <kcmule> OF 21:26ie
15:38:54 <kcmule> Plume 21:37ie
16:01:34 <kcmule> nite
16:13:37 <ynpvisitor47> hi