Showing logs for date: 2011-06-08
23:24:18 <ynpvisitor26> OF 0522ie. Not ns
23:58:05 <CC> Grand 5:55 IE
00:19:51 <ynpvisitor80> Hive ie
00:30:08 <CC> Hoping I didn't make a mistake on Grand!!!! I did see water but it was going straight up....wondering if it was Oblong.
00:30:39 <CC> Let's see what Jim says or the VC
00:51:53 <ynpvisitor1> OF 0650ie
00:52:41 <ynpvisitor85> close-up
01:09:52 <ynpvisitor60> Good name, Is that like a SOONER?
01:10:41 <YNP SOON> want it to be sooner
01:11:26 <ynpvisitor60> I hope good weather arrives when you do.
01:11:51 <Kevin L> I hope the good weather arrives.
01:12:21 <Kevin L> OF 0711ie
01:12:32 <cb> computer froze up
01:12:49 <YNP SOON> me too.. haven't seen good weather in the park for past 2 years
01:13:04 <cb> Hi Kevin
01:13:32 <cb> Hi Bill....aka YNP SOON
01:13:37 <YNP SOON> no
01:13:38 <Kevin L> HI. Think my computer froze up too. I noticed of on the static, so that time is probably bogus.
01:13:42 <YNP SOON> not me
01:14:44 <ynpvisitor1> 0650ie on OF was a good call
01:16:18 <Kevin L> I think my computer has a harder time waking up than I do, but I suppose in computer years, it is older than I am anyway.
01:16:55 <cb> G
01:17:51 <cb> sent
01:18:15 <ynpvisitor75> what is that "Hive" at 619?
01:18:16 <cb> or Kevin go to 5...:)
01:19:01 <cb> I have no ideea
01:19:03 <Kevin L> Got it.
01:20:49 <Kevin L> I was wondering if the was BH, but the timing does not make sense.
01:21:07 <missouri> i don't think so either
01:21:30 <missouri> and the visitor was here for 3 minutes?
01:21:45 <Kevin L> Of course BH does not make sense sometimes either.
01:22:07 <ynpvisitor60> good point
01:22:26 <missouri> yup, has to be considered
01:22:30 <ynpvisitor60> I was logged in, but doing emails so didn't see anything
01:25:50 <Kent> cb, you leave Saturday or arrive Saturday?
01:26:00 <Kevin L> I think CC was on then, so I would think she would notice.
01:28:00 <cb> sorry Kent...we are arrivig on Sat!!!!!! wooooo hoooooo
01:28:17 <Kent> Excellent
01:28:25 <cb> do an allnighter on friday
01:28:41 <Kent> Madison?
01:28:51 <cb> yes! #108
01:28:58 <cb> hopefully
01:29:24 <cb> This past week is dragging
01:29:33 <Kent> I'm a 237 kinda guy
01:29:45 <cb> G!
01:30:08 <Kent> G loop with gravel pad.
01:30:46 <cb> we stayed in the A loop last year and it was nice
01:31:22 <Kent> Madison is big, but it is a nice campground.
01:31:36 <cb> but we like 108. They always tell us that "the beast" won't fit, but it does!
01:31:53 <missouri> how big is your beast?
01:32:21 <cb> for us it is perfect!! good location and wonderful view! beast is 28 '
01:32:42 <cb> but really measures 30 tip to tail
01:33:07 <missouri> mh or 5th wheel
01:33:21 <cb> 5th wheel
01:33:54 <missouri> we have a 30' mh that we just bought a couple of years ago. i wish it was just a hair smaller
01:34:27 <missouri> we thought we were going to be spending more time in it, but series of family issues has prevented that and for just the occasional camping week, its really bigger than we want
01:34:34 <cb> i hear you there missouri...I miss our little 19ft trailer...was so easy to drop and run!
01:35:03 <missouri> yup. we'll keep it another summer, but we may trade "down" next year
01:35:56 <cb> ours is very nice, but i tend to stay inside because it is so nice and that kinda defeats the purpose of going "campiing"
01:36:25 <cb> plus...I now have to bring a vacume....argggggggggg
01:37:02 <YNP SOON> u choose to bring a vacuum
01:37:36 <cb> with you in the NEEDS a vacume!! :)
01:49:32 <Kent> Nice look at Fountain from last weekend I think:
01:52:27 <ynpvisitor38> great pic Kent!!
01:52:53 <Kent> MA said it was one of the better eruptions she's seen
01:53:19 <ynpvisitor38> great kudo's!!
01:55:17 <ynpvisitor75> Holmes does look snowy.
01:55:21 <ynpvisitor75> Thanks
01:58:20 <Kent> For those who know "Roadie" the car picture is a classic. I always use her rear window to leave messages.
01:59:43 <ynpvisitor75> I am guessing it's not one of the corvettes.
01:59:55 <Kent> :)
02:16:25 <ynpvisitor60> just switched over to Mammoth, it looks really neat, just enough light and lots of steam
02:17:09 <Kent> And a elk
02:19:14 <ynpvisitor60> No view at Washburn. I guess UGB is "the place to be"
02:24:38 <Kent> OF 0823ie
02:50:24 <ynpvisitor60> .
03:31:35 <kc (working)> mornin
03:32:20 <Rich> Morning kc
03:37:52 <ynpvisitor60> morning
03:38:31 <Rich> Morning visitor60
03:44:57 <ynpvisitor60> .
03:49:07 <Rich> OF prediction 09:56 mdt
03:56:07 <Rich> OF 0954 ie wc
04:12:00 <Rich> Interesting view on the VC cam. Ranger off walk setting up shop??
04:40:26 <Rich>
05:10:05 <ynpvisitor94> possibly... plate 1107 wc ie ?
05:10:58 <ynpvisitor15> Looks like Plate to me
05:11:17 <Kevin L> It gets my vote.
05:11:47 <ynpvisitor97> me also
05:16:41 <kc (working)> Plume 11:15ie
05:26:21 <ynpvisitor94> OF 1125ie wc
05:26:46 <Rich> OF 11:24ie wc
05:26:55 <ynpvisitor94> even better
05:27:17 <Kevin L> zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz - Oh is something happening?
05:27:49 <ynpvisitor15> Nice image on the cam right now
05:28:34 <Kevin L> Neat clouds.
05:29:39 <ynpvisitor15> Our trusty lens cover could use a bit of spit and polish.
06:00:32 <Rich> Recap 2011-06-08: Daisy 09:37?, Grand 05:36?, Great Fountain 05:11?, OF 0522 ie wc, 0650 ie wc, 0823 ie wc, 0954 ie wc, 1124 ie wc, Plate 1107 ie wc, Plume 1115 ie wc, Riverside 10:04?,
06:55:50 <BB> OF 12:54 ie
07:07:02 <BB> Plume 13:05 ie
07:07:11 <BB> hard to see behind OF steam
07:07:30 <ynpvisitor52> i see it too
07:07:47 <BB> I wasn't really sure until the third burst
07:13:54 <kc (working)> ~~~
07:59:28 <BB> bsod
07:59:47 <BB> I was just trying to figure out if Aurum was ie behind OF steam
08:00:19 <BB> and waiting for Plume, of course
08:04:19 <BB> Plume 14:03 ie
08:04:26 <BB> got the cam back just in time
08:07:22 <Kevin L> I still don't have the cam back. Tried 3 different sources.
08:08:08 <ynpvisitor56> Refresh worked for me.
08:08:09 <BB> It seems to be a chat room problem. I can't get the cam back in here either.
08:08:20 <BB>
08:08:24 <BB> works for me
08:09:29 <BB> refresh didn't work for me
08:09:53 <Kevin L> That is one I tried. It didn't work. Tried it with your link and it still does not work.
08:10:23 <kc (working)> im stuck on 'buffering'
08:10:24 <ynpvisitor56> I'm in Firefox
08:10:36 <kc (working)> with or without web browser
08:10:46 <BB> tried restarting the browser, didn't help
08:10:52 <Kevin L> I tried it in IE & Firefox.
08:10:55 <BB> buffering and flickering
08:11:49 <BB> the nps link worked after one refresh
08:11:58 <BB> I am using Opera
08:17:42 <ynpvisitor56> BH is doing a little steaming
08:18:31 <Kevin L> Did anyone ever figure out what the post at 0619 that said Hive ie was about? Was it BH?
08:19:49 <Kevin L> Still can't get the stream cam.
08:21:14 <Kent> I just logged on in Chrome and the stream came up.
08:22:06 <BB> I just got it back in the chat room
08:22:21 <Kevin L> Just got it on Firefox.
08:22:43 <Kevin L> Seems a bit choppy.
08:22:44 <kcmule> did a reboot, still stuck on buffering
08:24:33 <Kevin L> Be intersting to know about BH. If it is on a regular cycle, it should be due, if it went at 0619, it will be a while.
08:25:09 <BB> as someone pointed out, CC was watching at the time. she would have come in to post BH
08:25:30 <BB> And LoisB is usually watching that early, and she would have told Rich
08:25:31 <Kent> I'm hoping that morning report was just cone steam
08:25:39 <BB> so I rather doubt BH
08:25:45 <BB> might be wishful thinking though
08:26:04 <Kevin L> I agree, and I am looking for it now.
08:28:29 <BB> I have the cam up in FF chat room, Opera chat room and NPS site, all working for me
08:28:41 <BB> but they all show different pictures
08:29:02 <BB> Opera is faster than FF which again is faster than the nps site
08:29:18 <Kevin L> I got it on IE again also.
08:29:21 <BB> I just watched the same umbrella walk across three times
08:29:22 <Rich> Sorry was away from computer.
08:29:36 <Rich> Loisb is on vacation, so she wasn't on this morning.
08:29:57 <BB> Ah, I was wondering about the pictures she posted to FB
08:30:10 <kcmule> just took a quick look at the capture, it does indeed look like 'hive' was ie this morning
08:30:24 <Rich> Doing Southern WA and Central/Eastern Oregon this trip.
08:31:05 <Kent> That is interesting kc.
08:31:15 <BB> so BH is probably not due any time soon
08:31:24 <BB> might as well go to bed
08:31:35 <BB> and right then it started steaming again
08:31:37 <Kevin L> No one was expecting it, that's for sure.
08:32:20 <BB> after 10.30 pm here, I really gotta go
08:32:24 <BB> by all
08:32:31 <kcmule> bye BB
08:32:34 <BB> byE is what I mean
08:32:37 <ynpvisitor60> really. so what would that interval have been?
08:32:54 <Kevin L> bye
08:33:12 <Kevin L> I think it went at 1314 yesterday.
08:33:57 <Kevin L> 1314 ns with no Indicator noted.
08:34:05 <ynpvisitor60> so (counting on fingers) like 16 hours?
08:34:49 <Kevin L> Sounds about right. I would not expect two 8 hour intervals.
08:40:44 <Kent> Lawn mowing so ping real loud if BH goes :)
08:42:05 <kcmule> about 17 hours by my math
08:42:39 <ynpvisitor60> thanks, I didn't have enuf fingers
08:42:55 <ynpvisitor60> I wonder if there was an indicator
08:43:26 <kcmule> thats when i use my toes. from what i can tell, yes.. but i have to remote control to my home pc to see it, and it is low-res
08:43:52 <kcmule> will have capture posted in a few hours when i get home
08:44:19 <Kevin L> Looking forward to it.
08:45:00 <kcmule> me too. and im still stuck on buffering
08:48:17 <Kevin L> Try this link:
08:48:20 <Kevin L>
08:48:49 <kcmule> "Forbidden You don't have permission to access /webcamera/OldFaithfulOnly.php on this server."
08:49:30 <Kevin L> It really doesn't like you today, does it?
08:50:03 <Kevin L> Were you using Firefox? I think that one only works in IE.
08:50:10 <kcmule> boss probably wants me to get some work done. will try IE
08:51:08 <kcmule> link works but i can only see the still images
08:51:37 <kcmule> i cant get it to load in standalone WMP so thinking its not a browser problem
08:51:50 <Kevin L> It is really acting strange today.
08:54:58 <lrk> hello gazers.
08:55:08 <Kevin L> hi
08:55:24 <lrk> what's the news I have exactly 8 minutes to spare.
08:56:20 <Kevin L> Nothing much. Yucky day with fog and rain. Probable BH @ 0619
08:57:09 <lrk> concise, thanks.
08:57:40 <Kevin L> Grand may be due, but I think we are stuck on OF preset.
08:58:05 <Kevin L> Went at 0536.
08:59:19 <lrk> I read that Dunraven opened today, is summer here now?
08:59:53 <Kevin L> Well, it is rain and not snow today!
09:02:58 <Kent> ~~~
09:04:34 <lrk> thanks and good luck
09:04:46 <Kevin L> OK
09:07:12 <Kevin L> Plume ie 1506
09:08:52 <Kent> From the VC: Castle 0200 +/- 1', Grand 1500 +/- 2', Daisy 1500 +/- 30", Riverside 1615 +/- 30"
09:47:41 <kcmule> finally got the stream back
09:56:48 <ynpvisitor97> OF 1556ie
09:57:06 <ynpvisitor97> and my screen went black
09:57:27 <ynpvisitor26> Same here
09:57:35 <kcmule> now im stuck in 'waiting'
09:57:38 <ge (trying to w> black here too
09:58:05 <ynpvisitor26> Back
09:58:18 <ynpvisitor97> thanks, thought it was me
09:58:27 <ge (trying to w> "
10:05:57 <Graham> hello
10:06:13 <Graham> Castle 1605ie
10:06:23 <ynpvisitor97> hey Graham
10:06:49 <Graham> at least it looks like its ie?
10:07:18 <Graham> hum, early BH...maybe get another?
10:09:02 <Graham> Grand 1608ie
10:09:25 <kcmule> nice
10:09:50 <Graham> could have been the start the way that went way up
10:25:58 <Graham> hum...competing OF reports this morning 0650 and 0711
10:27:08 <ynpvisitor97> that 711 was corrected later.
10:27:41 <Graham> k, just got there
10:28:07 <Graham> Riverside 1627ie
10:32:17 <ynpvisitor97> Graham, I'm not sure about that early BH
10:32:37 <ynpvisitor97> at 0619
10:32:54 <Graham> Pat said she thought BHI was 0602ie but had to leave before BH
10:33:15 <Graham> so there are 2 data points
10:33:31 <Graham> no video replay yet tho
10:33:40 <ynpvisitor97> ok, I thought CC was here at that time and she didn't call it.
10:36:11 <ynpvisitor97> the post was a little strange.
10:37:07 <Graham> yeah i saw that
10:41:45 <Graham> Dunraven opened today - yeah
10:54:00 <Graham> Depression 1652ie
10:59:03 <Graham> Lion 1657ie
11:00:00 <kcmule> drivin home bbs
11:00:08 <Graham> stay safe
11:08:57 <Graham> Plume 1707
11:14:43 <cb> hi all
11:14:52 <Graham> hi there
11:15:01 <Graham> lots of water, hope it doesn't cause any problems
11:26:25 <Graham> looks like we have BH watchers, so this mornings call was probably right
11:46:22 <glennon> hello
11:46:38 <Graham> hi there how r u?
11:47:29 <glennon> good, thanks.
11:48:04 <Graham> OF 1746
12:10:30 <Graham> Daisy 1809ie
12:14:56 <kcmule> BH 0619
12:15:04 <Graham> Penta 1813ie
12:15:34 <kcmule> bhi was ie at least 15 mins prior to BH, just rough luck we missed it
12:16:26 <Graham> Lion 1815ie
12:16:31 <Graham> cool thanks for the confirmation
12:18:03 <Graham> so we are at 12 hours now....
12:20:33 <kcmule> yw
12:21:17 <Graham> brb
12:25:04 <ynpvisitor61> Why are we watching Sawmill?
12:31:59 <kcmule> pretty cool video of yesterdays cme explosion on the sun
12:32:53 <Graham> not watching Sawmill. Tardy is erupting and theres a chance for Churn
13:15:16 <ynpvisitor4> .
13:18:09 <Graham> Plume 1917ie
13:22:58 <Graham> Lion 1921ns
13:23:12 <ynpvisitor99> Yup
13:23:45 <Kevin L> Now BH look at Lion and learn something....
13:28:26 <Graham> OF 1927
13:33:07 <Graham> Sawmill 1932ie
13:46:19 <ynpvisitor4> .
13:54:40 <Graham> Sawmill is off
13:55:32 <vw> Good evening.
13:55:45 <Graham> hello
13:55:48 <MJ> Hi there VW
13:56:15 <Graham> quiet evening here today waiting for something
13:56:17 <vw> I was reading the logs and saw we had an early BH. Wanted to stop and thank kc for posting his captures. Sure is nice to watch those when we miss the originals.
13:56:37 <kcmule> hi vw yw
13:58:23 <vw> Not TOO quiet an evening Graham! You have quite a few eruptions posted to
13:58:42 <vw> So nice to have all this technology available to keep track and see what is going on!
13:59:44 <Graham> yeah well got to see something erupt
14:00:05 <Graham> not many ppl here even tho BH is due
14:00:27 <vw> An evening BH would be nice.
14:00:52 <vw> Maybe not many know about the early BH and figured it went sometime midday.
14:02:48 <Graham> BH has died down a bit now
14:03:23 <vw> Local reports are that all internal roads in the Park open now. MDOT is reporting Beartooth open too.
14:04:31 <vw> I don't know if the Wyoming side of the Beartooth is open though.
14:04:58 <Graham> cool, must have made good progress
14:05:41 <vw> some cool pictures of the clearing process on the MT site.
14:05:48 <vw> Checking Wyoming now.
14:06:34 <Graham> river running high here too
14:06:42 <vw> Wyoming map still showing section closed.
14:07:49 <vw> We have downstream flooding on the Yellowstone and other rivers in MT, but those are east of Billings for now.
14:08:14 <vw> Melt has definitely started and should start to affect several communities. Worried about Livingston.
14:08:33 <vw> Yeap, Firehole running strong!
14:08:41 <Kevin L> River is really high. No F&M for a while.
14:08:48 <Graham> dont usually see much water down there
14:09:17 <vw> don't usually have as much snow and recent precip as we have this year either.
14:09:22 <MJ> vw are you near the flooding?
14:10:22 <Graham> will be interesting to see if Going to Sun Road opens before 4th July
14:10:34 <vw> None near Billings, but we have been surrounded by it. Most of Billings is quite a bit above the river.
14:11:29 <vw> A couple of weeks ago when we were getting record rain, I-90 about 50 miles to the east of Billings was closed.
14:11:48 <MJ> That's right. Do be careful.
14:12:02 <Graham> Tardy going now
14:12:34 <vw> There were also partial closures to the west of us, so in some respects we were an island. Pretty funny when you consider how arid eastern MT usually is.
14:13:51 <MJ> It has been 106 and 10% humidity, with fires everywhere and 35mph gusts
14:14:47 <Graham> Plume 2013
14:15:00 <vw> Anybody traveling to YNP through MT should keep an eye on the flooding situation in Livingston and in the Gallatin Gateway. Gateway had some flooding with the river running over the road a couple of weeks ago.
14:15:09 <Graham> was over 100 with heat index here...not very dry tho
14:15:28 <vw> First fire in the Park has been reported though, despite all the wet!
14:15:44 <vw> I don't envy you those conditions MJ. Yuck!
14:16:25 <Kevin L> We haven't even hit 100 here in Vegas yet!
14:16:35 <MJ> We don't have the cities wanting to burn like those poor souls in Arizonia.
14:17:44 <vw> I am hoping for a very cool summer here in the Greater Yellowstone area. Spring moisture could create some huge fuel loads, and a hot summer with lots of lightening could be scary.
14:18:52 <MJ> I worry for the Park due to the lightening.
14:20:01 <vw> yes. We have been fairly fortunate the last couple of summers. The current fire, in the Tower area was lightening caused.
14:22:27 <MJ> Park looks so lovely and green,hope it stays moist .
14:30:43 <vw> I am heading out for the evening. Hope everybody has a wonderful one.
14:30:45 <vw> Go BH!!!
14:31:11 <MJ> Good Night vw
14:31:18 <Kevin L> night
14:45:10 <Graham> Daisy 2043
14:49:25 <Kevin L> zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
14:50:49 <Graham> Depression 2049ie
14:52:13 <Graham> of 2051IE
14:53:03 <Kevin L> Impressive Depression.
14:53:48 <Graham> 120'?
14:54:41 <MJ> That's so magnificent!
15:16:42 <ynpvisitor79> Are we still waiting for Beehive?
15:17:05 <Graham> always
15:18:44 <ynpvisitor79> Thanks! We had major lightning/thunderstorm go thru Worland
15:19:12 <ynpvisitor79> Had to shut down electrical appliances
15:19:32 <ynpvisitor4> 15 hrs now
15:19:40 <ynpvisitor79> At least the yard is watered again
15:19:51 <Graham> ah, big storms are no fun if you have to power off
15:20:08 <Graham> dont want to lose AC here, still 85 and humid
15:20:30 <Graham> free water .. yeah
15:20:46 <ynpvisitor79> It's about 52 degrees here
15:21:59 <Graham> brrr
15:23:06 <MJ> As always Graham thank-you for the excellent viewing. I do appreciate your Tours.
15:23:27 <Graham> yw...sorry no BH tonight
15:24:11 <MJ> That's okay. You can' t be held for this!
15:26:23 <MJ> Everyone have a good evening. Be back tomorrow.Night.
15:27:18 <Graham> see ya
15:32:42 <Graham> giving up, good luck
15:32:46 <Kevin L> Gee Graham, we turn on the AC to make it 85 here! ;-)
15:33:04 <kcmule> nite
15:33:14 <Kevin L> Night.
15:33:18 <Graham> well you can take some of the humidity if you want it to warm you up
15:33:21 <Graham> goodnight
15:47:46 <ynpvisitor55> I don't know who entered the 0511 Great Fountain or where it came from, but Great Fountain was 0611 per LS
15:49:10 <ynpvisitor93> Good correction