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19:32:21 <BB at work> I think I just caught the tail end of Lion at 1:28 ie
19:32:51 <BB at work> hadn't set up the capture program yet, so nothing to review
19:33:24 <BB at work> I will wait if someone is "on duty" in the basin, otherwise I will post it later with a question mark
22:09:38 <BB at work> Jake has posted a few times, I have two more
22:09:49 <BB at work> Lion was 3:50 ie
22:10:01 <BB at work> OF was 3:59 ie
00:36:35 <vw> Good afternoon BB
00:47:43 <BB at work> OF 6:46 ie
00:47:46 <vw> OF 0646 ie, UB static cam
00:47:47 <BB at work> hi vw
00:47:54 <BB at work> sorry, didn't see you come in
00:48:17 <BB at work> have the sound turned off, didn't want to disturb the intern reading files
00:48:31 <vw> running late and slow this morning. Just trying to catch up.
00:55:19 <vw> A few people out on the bw this morning.
00:55:32 <vw> So much steam it will be hard to see eruptions for a while.
00:56:52 <vw> 36F at 0615 at OF. Dewpoint 34, which explains the steam/fog.
01:00:58 <ynpvisitor81> .
01:12:51 <vw> As long as it is hard to see anything, I am going to get a few things done. brb
01:25:02 <ynpvisitor81> .
01:26:55 <vw> Lots of things could be or have erupted. No new reports from the basin though, so no way to tell for sure.
01:27:59 <vw> Looks like a possible Oblong now, 0727 ie
01:28:25 <vw> I am not going to log it because too great an uncertainty.
01:35:51 <vw> Riverside 0735 ie ?
01:36:38 <vw> If people are downbasin, we should get a confirming report.
01:42:15 <ynpvisitor81> .
01:42:22 <BB at work> Riverside was correct, Graham posted to GT
01:42:41 <vw> thx BB!
01:44:03 <vw> I see Daisy erupted at 0659. We saw lots of steam then, but could not distinquish
01:46:51 <BB at work> Are we posting Anemone? I have a beautiful capture at 07:42 ie
01:47:12 <vw> yes, I have been posting it.
01:47:29 <BB at work> I used to dutifully record all Little Cub times as well but I got the impression that no one except Steve really cared about it
01:47:42 <BB at work> ok, will post to GT then
01:48:14 <vw> We have several people who post both Little Cub and Split Cone. Not everybody, but enough that there is some interest in those lesser noticed geysers.
01:49:33 <vw> Since we have been using the databases, I think there is renewed interest in posting all eruption times.
01:50:26 <Graham> morning
01:50:35 <vw> Good morning Graham.
01:50:46 <vw> Fan and Mortar report?
01:50:57 <Graham> no FM events since 2150
01:51:11 <vw> did you have the late night shift?
01:51:22 <Graham> just getting up
01:51:45 <Graham> yes 0130 to 0500
01:51:46 <vw> ahhh.
01:52:03 <vw> Looks to be another beautiful day in YNP.
01:52:18 <Graham> hope they go today
01:52:36 <vw> How many more days are you there?
01:53:07 <Graham> fly back Sunday
01:53:28 <vw> If it goes today, you have a good chance at one more then.
01:54:03 <Graham> maybe but it needs to go soon
01:54:13 <Graham> bbl
01:54:20 <vw> Have a great day!
02:11:28 <ynpvisitor11> BH was at 0026
02:11:40 <vw> Thank you 11
02:11:43 <vw> Sorry about that. Lost my internet connection. Seem to be back full steam now.
02:14:08 <vw> OF 0813 ns
02:15:09 <BB at work> And Grand was posted at 7:20, so your possible Oblong was probably the rest of Grand, vw
02:15:57 <vw> That is what I thought too BB. Was saying something to that effect when I lost my internet connection.
02:20:57 <vw> good reports for today on most of the major geysers in our viewing area.
02:49:11 <ynpvisitor81> <>
03:02:15 <vw> Depression 0901 ie
03:19:48 <kc (working)> mornin
03:20:07 <vw> Good morning kc!
03:23:44 <vw> Plume 0923 ns
03:24:00 <kc (working)> how does BB see stuff on the cam at 0130?
03:24:28 <vw> Static cam. When the moon is full or near full, you can see some features.
03:25:21 <kc (working)> ill have to check that out. i cant see anything on there when the sun goes down
03:25:50 <vw> I can't either unless I happen to be up in the middle of the night.
03:26:09 <vw> Think it is best when the moon is directly over the basin.
03:30:43 <vw> Old Tardy 0930 ie ?
03:30:48 <ynpvisitor11> The down basin static camera resets at midnight. If you look before midnight all you see is black.
03:31:14 <vw> Thank you 11. I didn't know that. would explain why all I see is dots!
03:33:47 <vw> I don't know if that steam is from Old Tardy or not. Another candidate would be Bulger/Bulger's Hole?
03:35:04 <vw> I wish I had a better sense of the location of those features on the cam.
03:36:44 <vw> need more coffee. brb
03:37:55 <vw> one of those days...
03:41:15 <vw> Daisy 0940
03:46:06 <vw> Hi Kevin!
03:46:58 <Kevin L> Hi.
03:49:57 <vw> OF 0949
03:50:46 <vw> Hi lc!
03:51:55 <lc> good morning vw, everyone
03:52:45 <lc> I don't understand "the static cam resets at midnight".
03:53:45 <vw> I can't answer that question myself lc.
03:57:52 <vw> Kevin has taken the cam. I will be mostly lurking until my late shift starts.
03:58:47 <vw - lurking> Thanks Kevin! Go BH and F&M!
03:59:36 <Kevin L> Looks like I will get BH in my shift. Hopefully Graham will get his F&M.
04:01:30 <Kevin L> Big storm here has worked its way through now, but radar shows a bigger one coming. Had a half inch of rain today so far. Our annual average is 3.5"
04:23:20 <Kevin L> Plume 1023
05:12:27 <Kevin L> OF 1112
05:16:27 <Kevin L> Long
05:24:27 <Kevin L> Plume 1123 ie
05:50:00 <Kevin L> Castle 1149 ie
06:14:36 <Kevin L> Castle is a major
06:19:21 <Kevin L> Plume 1219 ie
06:24:35 <BB> just read the log: I don't understand "the cam resets at midnight" either
06:24:53 <BB> From my experience you can't see anything right after nightfall and right before dawn
06:25:30 <BB> But I have seen stuff before midnight, it just depends on the cloud cover and the time of moonrise
06:25:49 <BB> That was last year with the old static cam, of course. Can't say anything about the new one
06:26:33 <BB> And I always capture from the static at night because it is much easier to tell things apart if I can run back and forth between captures
06:27:16 <Kevin L> Looked like Aurum at 1226, but not sure. Rain is causing internet problems.
06:27:56 <BB> And I was busy typing and reading, so I haven't seen anything
06:46:33 <ynpvisitor81> .
06:48:17 <Kevin L> OF is very late
06:52:49 <Kevin L> Of 1252
06:56:19 <Kevin L> OF Long
06:59:09 <ynpvisitor56> Ding?
06:59:28 <ynpvisitor41> Earlier than 1258?
06:59:40 <vw - lurking> yeap.
06:59:43 <ynpvisitor41> ty GT
06:59:58 <vw - lurking> BHI
07:00:06 <vw - lurking> we should get a good time from the basin.
07:00:11 <vw - lurking> so...
07:00:12 <vw - lurking> ding
07:00:13 <vw - lurking> ding
07:00:14 <vw - lurking> ding
07:00:30 <ynpvisitor41> Jake is posting on GT
07:00:50 <vw - lurking> good! I haven't been checking it since I got off cam
07:00:51 <ynpvisitor67> thanks for the dings
07:01:11 <BB> that's a nice short interval
07:03:29 <Kevin L> Glad you get to see it BB.
07:03:33 <kc (working)> ty vw, hope my customers let me watch
07:03:58 <BB> yes, me too, Kevin
07:05:04 <Kevin L> Did you see the 0432 one Sunday am?
07:05:45 <BB> no, we were away this weekend, no moonlight gazing for me on Sat and Sun
07:06:20 <Kevin L> I was wondering. I was on the good side of the camera for that one!
07:09:40 <ynpvisitor54> river pause splashing in mv
07:10:41 <Graham> rtiver and gold on
07:11:30 <Kevin L> You are missing indicator Graham. ;)
07:11:32 <Graham> I am on geyser hill
07:11:54 <Kevin L> That may even be worse!
07:14:37 <Kevin L> bhi was 1256
07:14:45 <Graham> Plume 1313
07:16:58 <Kevin L> Looks like a big Aurum.
07:17:59 <ynpvisitor81> .
07:21:08 <kc (working)> nice show ty
07:22:34 <Graham> angle on and water lev els are poor
07:28:51 <vw - lurking> for Graham if he comes back: I sent him a text message. IMPORTANT he reads it.
07:35:23 <ynpvisitor81> tell us, I'll drive there. :)
07:38:31 <Kevin L> 35 second delay from livescope to the public feed streaming cam.
07:40:37 <ynpvisitor81> ..grr
08:17:52 <Kevin L> OF 1417
08:21:28 <Kevin L> Long
08:36:22 <Kevin L> Daisy 1436 ie
08:58:14 <vw> Hi again. You ready to get back to getting things done Kevin?
08:58:47 <Kevin L> Gofor it
08:59:09 <vw> Doesn't look like we have any impending eruptions. could be a quiet afternoon.
08:59:17 <vw> I have the cam.
08:59:20 <vw> Thank Kevin!
08:59:42 <Kevin L> About the only thing I could see possible was an early Grand.
08:59:58 <Kevin L> Will check back by later.
09:00:11 <vw> Yeap. Plume soon. Maybe hope for a Lion series to start up?
09:16:41 <vw> y'all wanted to see the needles on those trees... right?
09:16:55 <vw> hate it when I do that.
09:18:26 <vw> Plume 1518 ns
09:18:46 <vw> just at the minute change, so not real certain. 'ns' safest.
09:24:16 <vw> Turban 1523 ie ?
09:35:21 <vw> Giantess 1535 ie
09:35:30 <vw> MAJOR ding
09:35:32 <vw> ding
09:35:33 <vw> ding
09:36:11 <vw> Hello????
09:38:28 <kc (working)> wow
09:38:38 <vw> :)
09:38:39 <kc (working)> ill ding for that
09:38:42 <kc (working)> ding
09:38:45 <vw> thought I was here alone!
09:38:54 <kc (working)> where is Graham?
09:39:01 <vw> don't know. Texted him.
09:39:45 <kc (working)> i have not seen this before
09:39:53 <vw> Just in case, if anybody had Jake or glennon's numbers, call or text please?
09:41:27 <vw> Giantess will preempt most of our geyser watching and waiting for a while now!
09:41:45 <kc (working)> sure hope capture prog is running, im optimistic but glad to know others capture too
09:44:39 <vw> We were lucky and I think caught it very near start, but still waiting to see what time people in the basin have.
09:44:49 <vw> 1532!
09:45:01 <vw> posted by Jake
09:46:45 <kc (working)> definitely something on the seismo, not that i would have been able to recognize it but it does look different
09:47:28 <kcmule> work on hold : )
09:47:48 <vw> I agree. There have been bumps on the seismo all day though, so hard to tell. I will leave it to the seismologists to tell us!
09:48:51 <vw> Steam from Giantess can be seen on the left hand side of the VEC webcam. Water can be seen on the UB cam.
09:50:39 <vw> I will pull back when OF erupts in a few minutes, but for the most part, I intend to leave the camera aimed at Giantess today. We will miss Grand, probably a few Daisy's, etc. They will erupt again tomorrow.
09:51:42 <kcmule> nothing beats the front row look we get for this!
09:53:14 <vw> we miss the sound though. It is spectacular!
09:54:08 <kcmule> lots of folks back there on the bw, i expect to see videos on youtube tomorrow : )
09:54:23 <vw> I would hope!
09:54:33 <kcmule> imax was 1 day off darnit, unless maybe they're still ther
09:54:36 <kcmule> e?
09:54:49 <vw> oh darn! forgot about that!
09:55:00 <kcmule> scramble the chopper.. g
09:55:03 <vw> could be still there. That would be awesome!
09:55:51 <vw> Sun hitting the platform now. Nice.
09:56:58 <vw> OF 1556
09:57:07 <kcmule> never hoped for a short more than now
09:57:31 <vw> quck.... run to the bathroom... you maybe have 3.5 minutes.... ! :D
10:00:22 <vw> OF a Long
10:01:11 <vw> Looks like initial water phase done at Giantess? Will zoom when OF steam lightens.
10:03:12 <vw> now we wait....
10:05:59 <vw> mesage from Graham: he and Jake saw early boil from Churn.
10:06:18 <vw> Another water phase is starting
10:06:47 <vw> well.. maybe not. just a random burst of water!
10:08:38 <kcmule> giantess strikes me as a geyser that plays by her own rules
10:09:16 <kcmule> nice bursts!
10:11:40 <kcmule> hi Graham!
10:12:00 <vw> I would say your trip has been a success?
10:12:19 <Graham> shame the weather is so miserable
10:12:44 <vw> oh yeah, we feel so sorry for you!
10:18:58 <Graham> Plate 1616
10:19:25 <vw> our eyes are all for Giantess
10:20:29 <Graham> missed second churn too
10:20:50 <vw> well, darn!
10:20:53 <vw> :D
10:21:19 <vw> Odd to look at 'time since' chart and see only minutes for Giantess!
10:22:48 <vw> 128 days, 16h, 2m interval
10:23:06 <ynpvisitor71> Can anyone text or call lc and Kitt? I can't from here. My phone is not working right now. Thanks
10:24:07 <vw> I would if I had either of their numbers!
10:24:42 <vw> if you can, pm me. if you are in the basin, give to Graham and he can text me.
10:25:22 <ynpvisitor71> I don't have any mobile number because I am in the UK so never use it from here. Landline is refusing to work. Typical just when it is needed.
10:25:45 <vw> can you pm me the info?
10:31:38 <ynpvisitor71> I know this sounds daft but I have no idea how to do that!
10:32:15 <vw> I will open up a pm and you can type it in.
10:32:41 <vw> won't let me. try changing your name, because it tells me you are unknown.
10:33:19 <kcmule> 71 click on vw's name in contact list, pick 'private message' and a new tab will open
10:33:34 <vw> basically, you left click on my name and a very small box will open. click on the bottom where it says Prvate message
10:34:28 <Graham> nobody at FM
10:35:07 <vw> :D
10:35:23 <vw> G - do you have Kitt's cell or home number? could you text it to me if you do?
10:36:17 <Kevin L> Whoa!
10:36:38 <vw> welcome back Kevin. Tried to get your attention earlier!
10:39:28 <vw> hi cb!
10:39:28 <ynpvisitor71> OK. I have got a message going to Kitt right now via Mary Beth. I called her from the UK.
10:39:33 <kcmule> hi cb
10:39:48 <vw> great. thank you 71!
10:39:54 <ynpvisitor71> yw
10:40:18 <cb> wooooo hooooooo!!!!!!
10:40:33 <vw> fyi, if anybody wants to be notified of geyser events when I am on cam duty, they need only provide me with an email or textable number and i would be glad to send out alerts.
10:43:11 <kcmule> cool aurum too
10:43:16 <vw> Look Kevin: Aurum 1642
10:44:22 <Kevin L> BIG Aurum!
10:44:43 <ynpvisitor71> That was excellent
10:46:44 <cb> WOW!!!! Killler show!! lucky ducks!!
10:47:08 <kcmule> looks like a steam locomotive now
10:47:17 <vw> we need a south wind though to blow OF steam the other way!
10:47:34 <Graham> steam 1645
10:47:49 <Kevin L> Two days after I leave!
10:47:53 <cb> did anyone get in touch w Kitt?
10:48:00 <cb> I have her #
10:48:02 <vw> yeah, I thought about that
10:48:15 <vw> yes, somebody did via MBS
10:48:25 <cb> ok
10:48:59 <ynpvisitor71> Could you just check please? I have tried repeatedly from the UK and I phoned MBS and she said she would try. Many thanks
10:50:12 <cb> ok will do
10:50:16 <cb> calling
10:50:25 <vw> thx cb
10:50:50 <ynpvisitor71> Thanks cb.
10:50:55 <vw> now is a time for phone tree... I did post to Geyser Gazers page on FB.
10:51:27 <cb> answering machine :-(
10:51:30 <vw> Pat S. knows
10:52:23 <ynpvisitor71> Thanks for trying.
10:53:25 <lc> I'm back
10:53:42 <kcmule> hi lc
10:54:02 <lc> Nellie told me about an hour ago but was painting shutters.
10:54:32 <lc> thanks for the thoughts T. and vw
10:55:25 <cb> .
10:55:33 <kcmule> i anticipate a capture in a couple hours, anyone else capturing ielcome to beat me to it
10:55:40 <kcmule> *is welcome
10:56:11 <ynpvisitor71> I tried to find your phone number in Tennessee lc. Did email you just now too
10:56:25 <Graham> please post to listserve and I will push it out
10:56:38 <vw> will do that now graham
10:58:28 <lc> got your email T. thanks
10:59:02 <vw> Graham, I posted a VERY short email to the listserve.
10:59:07 <lc> anybody reach Kitt?
10:59:24 <cb> i left a msg on her answering machine
10:59:32 <vw> Notice has also been posted on a couple of pages on FB. If anybody is a regular poster on some of the YNP forums, PLEASE post!
10:59:33 <ynpvisitor71> I have tried several times and cannot get a ringing tone. I called MBS and she also tried.
11:00:07 <Janet> Saw it posted on Twitter
11:00:18 <vw> Hi Janet!
11:00:26 <Janet> Hey! :)
11:00:31 <cb> good to know!
11:00:39 <vw> Glad somebody knows how to Twitter cuz I don't!
11:00:52 <Janet> Secret Yellowstone posted it
11:01:13 <vw> oh good!
11:01:33 <Kevin L> There are a massive amount of people sitting on OF benches waiting for OF!
11:01:45 <vw> silly people
11:03:25 <kcmule> covered
11:04:02 <ynpvisitor71> Well I guess if you only wait for OF you don't get cold, wet or hungry. You also miss just about everything!
11:04:59 <Janet> Just posted it to those following me on Google+ as well as retweeting it.
11:05:03 <lc> I called Kitt's cell, no answer. ?
11:05:30 <ynpvisitor71> Thanks lc
11:05:32 <cb> weird!
11:12:59 <cb> boardwalk is a buzz i bet!!! good for Jake and Graham
11:13:20 <ynpvisitor27> Thanks for the call LC
11:13:32 <lc> yw
11:13:34 <ynpvisitor27> I was talking to MB and Polly
11:14:11 <ynpvisitor71> Oh good Kitt. Glad you got here
11:14:21 <ynpvisitor27> Is Graham at the Pile or did he go to Giantess
11:14:23 <ynpvisitor71> I did try
11:14:51 <ynpvisitor27> Yes, I heard from CB
11:16:02 <cb> did i hear my name?? :)
11:17:27 <cb> I bet the beginning was beautiful...warm afternoon, min steam, lots of water!!! wow!
11:19:30 <ynpvisitor27> I hope all the gazers enjoy the Vault initial!!!!!
11:20:44 <Kitt> It often occurs between 3 & 5 hours into Giantess
11:22:08 <Kitt> Did Graham say if the steam phase was good?
11:24:10 <Kitt> If I was in, I can tell you where I would be tonight
11:24:30 <Kitt> Full moon and Giantess
11:24:40 <lc> gtg for a little while.
11:25:00 <cb> omg kitt!!!
11:25:07 <cb> that would be sooooo cool!
11:25:38 <Kitt> It was terrific last year in July
11:26:29 <cb> i am glad it went today for Graham but still a wee bit disappointed it couldn't have waited 2 weeks...DRAT!!
11:26:46 <cb> oh well...can go hiking w/o haviing to worry
11:26:56 <vw> and for many it cam 3 or 4 days too late.
11:27:19 <Kitt> bbl - chores
11:27:20 <cb> yes ... so sorry Kevin!
11:27:41 <cb> go ahead I will get dinner also. will spell you lateer if ya want
11:27:51 <Kevin L> I think it is a relitive of Aurum!
11:27:57 <vw> great cb!
11:30:38 <vw> .
11:33:34 <Graham> still no listserve report
11:34:13 <Kevin L> Did F&M go?
11:35:58 <vw> Graham commented earleir that nobody was at F&M.
11:36:22 <vw> Graham, sorry, but I sent it quite a while ago. Don't know what else to do???
11:37:17 <cb> i just sent it also to the LS. in case vw's didn't get to you!
11:37:21 <vw> let me try from other email address... brb
11:37:36 <vw> never mind. will let cb's stand@
11:38:37 <ynpvisitor22> MBS emailed a bunch of folk.
11:39:23 <vw> Plume 1738 ie UB static cam
11:40:04 <ynpvisitor22> Also I got vw's from the list serve - it came in my inbox at 1628
11:40:21 <vw> a repeat: the cam will be aimed at Giantess this evening except for when OF is erupting. There will be several other eruptions that we will miss, but we can resume that programming at another time.
11:41:00 <cb> hum. i have yet to get vw's post to the LS
11:41:02 <Kevin L> I was hoping for a Daisy!
11:41:18 <vw> pull out your pictures from last weekend Kevin. :D
11:41:46 <Graham> what start did yo ha e for Giantess
11:42:00 <ynpvisitor22> correction- that was from FB, I think. Too much GIANTESS in my inbox!
11:42:21 <vw> Jake had Giantess start at 1532 MDT
11:42:35 <vw> we first saw it at 1535
11:42:38 <cb> i posted vw # from FB 1532
11:43:30 <vw> the 1532 time is from, Jake
11:43:49 <vw> cb's listserve report just arrived in my inbox.
11:44:51 <Graham> k
11:45:25 <Graham> did anyone check the seismo
11:45:35 <vw> yes
11:45:57 <vw> there was some activity around start time, but the chart shows a lot of activity all day today.
11:46:16 <vw>
11:47:10 <vw> Very threatening sky on VEC cam.
11:50:28 <ynpvisitor71> list servermessage just received from cb
11:51:53 <ynpvisitor22> .
11:53:34 <Graham> thanks seismo agrees with 1532
11:53:47 <vw> yeap
11:55:29 <vw> sleeping under the stars tonight Graham? Sleeping at all?
11:56:21 <Graham> no Plume at 16xx?
11:56:34 <vw> Darn!!! somehow I missed it.
12:05:50 <kcmule> drivin home bbs
12:06:06 <Kevin L> be safe
12:06:07 <vw> drive safe kc. see you soon.
12:09:07 <cb> wow!!
12:09:55 <Graham> we didn't see it either
12:10:30 <vw> well.... what in the world is wrong with all of us Graham!
12:27:45 <vw> Nearing the 3 hour mark now.
12:27:51 <Graham> .
12:28:06 <Graham> Infant is boiling
12:28:49 <Kevin L> Bet that smells good.
12:29:19 <vw> :)
12:32:41 <vw> Kitt, I pm'd you. To open, click on flashing tab with my initials on it.
12:34:47 <vw> Plume 1834 ie, UB static cam
12:43:05 <vw> Getting near OF predicted eruption. OF steam will be increasing.
12:46:37 <ynpvisitor70> <>
12:52:57 <vw> People streaming out to watch OF.
12:53:53 <Kevin L> Kind of like watching Anonme when BH is erupting.
12:56:02 <Kitt> Even gazers spend a lot of time chatting once the initial excitement of Giantess wears off
12:56:38 <vw> OF 1855
12:56:47 <Kevin L> Only if you use your whisper voices.
12:57:00 <vw> :D
12:57:19 <vw> So... Kitt was part of THAT loud group last weekend, huh? :D
12:57:32 <Kitt> I was
12:57:53 <vw> Kevin told us the story earlier. Too funny, in a scary kind of way.
12:58:04 <Kitt> The visitor could have politely asked us to quiet down.
12:58:05 <Kevin L> I think that guy has to go to a proctologist to get a complete physical.
12:58:51 <vw> or at least got to a proctologist to get his heart examined.
12:59:12 <Kitt> I know of many people that come in the fall because it is less busy (possibly quieter)
13:00:13 <Kevin L> His wife (very nice & polite) had asked me about how to see Grand. I suspect he wanted to go back but she wanted to stay.
13:00:28 <Kitt> We weren't being loud, but we were talking and he wanted no talking
13:04:47 <Kitt> I was in Yellowstone for 24 hours from that evening to the next evening
13:05:45 <Kitt> I did have other visitors especially at Fountain who politely asked for information
13:05:45 <Graham> headed back to Giantess with food and flashlight for vault
13:06:11 <vw> pajama party!!!
13:06:12 <Kevin L> No F&M watch tonight?
13:06:26 <Kitt> They stayed, asked more questions, and were very thankful for
13:06:54 <Kitt> the information and were wowed by Fountain
13:07:47 <Kitt> Enjoy Giantess in the moonlight Graham
13:08:09 <Kevin L> I had a bunch of great people who were really nice. I routed many from Aurum to BH when bhi went that were very excited and ended up at Grand.
13:09:59 <Kitt> bbl
13:22:22 <kcmule>
13:22:48 <kcmule> thru steam phase. large file, recommend right click -> save link as
13:23:01 <kcmule>
13:23:14 <vw> Thanks kc. I am a little busy on my computer right now, so will check it out later.
13:23:26 <kcmule> 2nd link is some of the best bursts
13:25:29 <Kevin L> ty kc.
13:28:30 <Kitt> I hope they get vault soon, so they can get some good sunset shots of Giantess
13:28:52 <vw> I thought I saw a flash of steam from Vault just a few minutes ago Kitt.
13:29:34 <kcmule> yw
13:30:19 <vw> kc, Kevin... if either of you would like to take the cam for a while, I could use a break...
13:30:52 <Kevin L> i can do it
13:31:19 <vw> that would be great Kevin. My legs could stand a stretch.
13:31:21 <Kevin L> Say when
13:31:34 <kcmule> 2nd link on youtube in case thats easier for some
13:31:37 <vw> whenever you are ready, go for it.
13:32:12 <vw> We are now 4 hours in. Vault could start any time.
13:32:23 <Kevin L> Anyone want me to check and see if Daisy is erupting?
13:32:39 <vw> don't even THINK of going there!!!!
13:32:58 <vw> :D
13:40:37 <lc> kc, your youtube post, was that the beginning of Giantess?
13:40:50 <lc> and thanks for the post.
13:41:35 <kcmule> no it was a pause. yw
13:41:49 <kcmule> about 30 mins into the eruption or so
13:42:00 <Kitt> I enjoyed the youtube post
13:42:17 <Kitt> I wish we could hear Vault
13:42:26 <lc> same here Kitt
13:42:38 <Kitt> The eruption itself isn't very big
13:42:56 <lc> eruption don't seem to be as strong as the one in June 09.
13:44:07 <lc> make that July 09.
13:44:34 <Kitt> Do you mean last July?
13:45:03 <lc> was that last year?
13:45:30 <Kitt> Yes, Thomas told some gazers not to go on their hike
13:45:45 <Kitt> He said Giantess would erupt that day
13:46:09 <Kitt> It erupted that night
13:46:47 <Kitt> One of the boys watched Vault all of the next day
13:46:52 <lc> the eruption that started oround 0715.
13:47:26 <Kitt> Oh, I was talking about the one that started around 2200
13:47:51 <Kitt> My Giantess' are starting to stack up
13:48:04 <lc> the Millers were there.
13:48:25 <Kitt> That was 2 years ago
13:48:53 <lc> 09 right?
13:49:06 <Kitt> Yes, your memory is long
13:49:40 <lc> I was beginning to wonder. G
13:50:24 <cb> Hi again!
13:50:42 <lc> hey cb
13:50:51 <cb> hey lc!!
13:51:51 <Kitt> bbl
13:51:55 <lc> Kitt, I remember SB saying the "good stuff" would start in about 30 min.
13:53:00 <lc> kc, thanks again for the post.
13:54:30 <lc> is it about to get dark?
13:54:46 <vw> darn close lc
13:54:52 <Kevin L> Getting close.
13:55:37 <vw> for any late night wanderer's, the static cam may have a fair picture of Geyser Hill tonight, if the clouds clear to let the full moon shine.
13:56:22 <vw> DaveM and BB have both been able to get eruption times the last couple of nights from the UB static cam.
14:01:09 <Kitt> Have to go, hope Vault goes soon
14:01:24 <cb> bye Kitt
14:01:37 <lc> later Kitt
14:01:37 <vw> good night Kitt. have a great evening.
14:05:14 <lc> have a good night everyone.
14:05:39 <vw> good night lc! Have a great evening!
14:07:48 <vw> ahhhh. flashbulbs and lights galore!
14:09:10 <cb> Grahams high $ flashlight!!
14:09:21 <vw> :D
14:12:48 <vw> I think that might be about all we are going to see on the stream this evening?
14:13:14 <Kevin L> Looks like that is about all we will see. I will keep the cam pointed at it in case Graham hits it with his light.
14:13:16 <vw> I am going to head out with hopes of a strong plume of steam in the morning. :)
14:13:20 <kcmule> nite
14:13:29 <vw> Have a good evening all!
14:13:35 <cb> If ya back out a bit it lets a little bit more of the light in
14:15:08 <ynpvisitor65> ..
14:19:49 <cb> .
14:20:45 <ynpvisitor65> *)
14:20:56 <ynpvisitor65> maybe that will help
14:21:23 <cb> i hope so...sent Graham a tx to "shine his fancy light"..
14:21:42 <cb> bet his battery is dead!
14:23:41 <cb> The Light!
14:28:18 <cb> wonder if that is Vault they are shining the light on?
14:34:37 <ynpvisitor39> Giantess, ARGGGGHHHH, I just knew it wouldn't wait. Nice pic of the moon.....
14:37:26 <cb> its a flashlight i think Inez! Hi BTW
14:39:57 <Inez Austin> A very consistant one....
14:40:11 <Inez Austin> Perhaps they could shine it Giantess
14:40:16 <Inez Austin> at
14:41:00 <Inez Austin> Hi, back. Our internet went out this afternoon so I missed everything. They say they are doing an upgrade on the wires....HA
14:42:23 <Inez Austin> Gotta go. bye
15:15:18 <cb> Vault was 2026 and lasted for 24 min per graham
15:15:37 <ynpvisitor65> cool
15:15:40 <cb> he was shinin the light!!
15:15:57 <ynpvisitor65> *)
15:16:06 <cb> G! love it!
15:16:18 <cb> *)
15:16:27 <cb> had to remember how to do that
15:16:40 <Kevin L> He sure got his money's worth this trip.
15:16:48 <ynpvisitor65> Look at the log, that's exactly what you said right then... Vault! Good work cb.
15:16:52 <cb> ya he did!! i am glad for him
15:17:07 <cb> bowing #65
15:17:11 <cb> hahaha
15:17:59 <ynpvisitor65> Now look for flashlites at F&M.
15:18:13 <cb> omg!! what a night!
15:18:33 <cb> i can still see a flashlight every once in a while!
15:18:55 <cb> are you still zoomed in Kevin?
15:19:27 <Kevin L> Yes. It is still there, probably for about another hour or so.
15:19:40 <ynpvisitor65> I hope Mike O saw it, I saw on FB that he was going elsewhere today.
15:20:39 <Kevin L> Suzanne S says Paul in in Scottsdale right now, so I don't know if they got it.
15:21:22 <ynpvisitor65> Kevin, I saw your youtube posted in the log the other day.
15:21:56 <ynpvisitor65> I do believe I saw you at Grand.. Friday?
15:21:56 <cb> was that you with the white hat w red lettering??
15:22:23 <cb> Kevin???
15:23:16 <Kevin L> I am back. Yes I was at Grand Friday. Not using my whisper voice.
15:23:34 <ynpvisitor65> anyway- if he comes back. I took pics of gazers at Grand and you are right there, Ingram hat?
15:24:00 <Kevin L> Yes. That was me.
15:24:29 <ynpvisitor65> LOL. Didn't know that til later, but I would have said "Hi from the Lurker"
15:25:21 <cb> G!
15:25:24 <Kevin L> Met a lot of new gazers. Came later than normal to drop my kid off at school at Rexburg.
15:25:45 <ynpvisitor65> Next time I will recognize you, but only if you wear the same hat.
15:25:50 <cb> did you stay for 2 days?
15:26:39 <cb> have to wear a t shirt that shows a pic of your pens Kevin!!
15:26:45 <Kevin L> Got there in time for an F&M event Thursday evening and left Sunday morning after I got a great moonlight BH.
15:27:16 <Kevin L> I did have a few pens with me. I had the one like yours with desert camo.
15:27:29 <cb> not to long, but something is better than nada!
15:28:15 <cb> i had it out the other day and a guy commented that he has seen one that has the cartig. on both ends!
15:28:24 <Kevin L> The school called us and yelled at us because we had the bad taste of taking their student with us for a few days.
15:28:49 <cb> tisk dare ya! LOL
15:28:57 <ynpvisitor65> Field Trip.
15:29:12 <Kevin L> There is one like that. It is a twist pen. I haven't done one of those yet.
15:29:31 <Kevin L> They seem to think they own the kids here.
15:30:06 <cb> he was really impressed with mine and said how cool the double cart. one was!
15:32:31 <ynpvisitor65> I am done, good luck watching flashlights!
15:33:03 <Kevin L> Sent you an email with the other pen picture.
15:34:22 <cb> i got it! and ty for all your BH and Giantess alerts to me Kevin!!
15:34:34 <cb> i am calling it a night!
15:34:38 <cb> see ya tomorrow
15:34:54 <Kevin L> ok nite
15:38:45 <kcmule> nite
15:39:00 <Kevin L> bye
15:58:49 <ynpvisitor50> see anything?