Showing logs for date: 2011-11-26
17:39:12 <ynpvisitor37> i
00:15:50 <Graham> Aurum 0714ie
00:59:04 <cb> morniing Graham
01:00:52 <lc> good morning all
01:01:20 <lc> is that Grand?
01:03:33 <lc> Grand/Oblong 0800 ie
01:04:57 <Polly> I think it looks like Grand, too!
01:05:29 <lc> thats my guess.
01:05:40 <Polly> Would love to see it on streaming . . .
01:06:14 <lc> sure would
01:07:44 <lc> PS just logget it at 0758 with a ?
01:15:48 <CC> morning all
01:16:17 <CC> beautiful day in the basin
01:17:13 <CC> Aurum 8:16 IE
01:30:15 <CC> Graham posted an earlier time for Aurum so I now question my last time
01:35:01 <cb> try this again. having issues w our internet!
01:39:10 <CC> morning cb
01:42:20 <Graham> morning back from my walk
01:42:37 <Graham> pretty sure the earlier one was Aurum
01:42:53 <CC> I was wrong then
01:43:16 <Graham> sunny and steamy, looks cold
01:43:29 <Graham> or its having very short intervals :)
01:43:41 <CC> maybe KC can check it
01:43:53 <CC> he should be on the computer shortly
01:44:37 <CC> it is really gorgeous
01:47:20 <Graham> Pat had OF 0753ie
01:47:42 <Graham> bbl
02:02:51 <ynpvisitor44> try this once more. internet problems....Hi all!
02:03:04 <CC> hi cb
02:03:26 <lc> morning cb
02:03:29 <cb> hey CC
02:15:10 <ynpvisitor35> Depression 0914 ie ?
02:17:24 <lc> Plume 0916ie
02:20:20 <lc> OF 0919ie
02:22:17 <Graham> big steamy
02:49:16 <CC> I thought Kevin was away today but maybe it was KC
02:49:44 <CC> he usually takes the cam by 9 MDT
02:53:21 <Kevin L> Do you need me to take the cam?
02:54:55 <CC> that would be wonderful
02:55:03 <CC> my grandkids are here
02:55:16 <Kevin L> I can do that. Let me start Livescope.
02:55:26 <CC> sure
02:55:30 <CC> and thanks
02:57:26 <Kevin L> Got it.
03:01:12 <CC> if you have to leave just put the scope on default
03:01:24 <CC> I will be back later tofday
03:01:24 <Kevin L> Will do.
03:29:27 <Graham> hi Kevin. I am at home if you need me to take over earlier than usual
03:30:12 <Kevin L> OK will let you know. When do you usually take over?
03:33:01 <Graham> 1130
03:33:52 <Kevin L> Do you run it till dark?
03:34:11 <Graham> yep. not so long these days
03:34:23 <Kevin L> Still a long day.
03:35:10 <Graham> can multitask and get my shopping done
03:36:10 <Kevin L> I know what you mean. I have been doing a bit of that. I do have to get some things done in the shop tody, so that is something I can't do while on the computer.
03:38:18 <Kevin L> Must be cold today. Depression has fooled me a few times with all the steam.
03:40:51 <Kevin L> Temp was down to minus 14, Now up to plus 10.
03:45:54 <Kevin L> Plume 1045
03:46:56 <Graham> nice and white
03:48:19 <Kevin L> OF 1048
03:52:22 <Kevin L> I am guessing long, but who can tell?
04:32:52 <Graham> i am ready, switched computers
04:33:19 <Kevin L> Anytime you want it,.
04:33:56 <Kevin L> Been keeping an eye on Daisy GH on static.
04:34:27 <Graham> hard to tell with this steam
04:34:39 <Kevin L> BH was a no I
04:34:51 <Kevin L> ndicator yesterday.
04:36:00 <Kevin L> It is clearing somewhat
04:36:01 <Graham> i saw BB's comment
04:37:26 <Graham> lots of steam from Penta area
04:52:54 <Graham> OF 1151e - guess the last was a short
04:53:26 <Kevin L> Been doing that a lot lately.
05:04:19 <Graham> Daisy 1203
05:05:07 <Kevin L> Yea!
05:05:34 <Graham> yeah and 2 Aurums
05:05:36 <BB> hi Graham and Kevin
05:05:43 <Graham> hi BB how r u?
05:05:49 <Kevin L> Hi BB.
05:06:04 <BB> made first batch of Christmas cookies today
05:06:27 <BB> and busy making cards... Christmas always happens so suddenly every year
05:06:32 <Graham> what type?
05:06:59 <Kevin L> Sounds good. We just found some of the German Gingerbread cookies with the "cardboard" on the bottom.
05:07:00 <BB> I have no idea how to explain that in English
05:07:19 <BB> maybe you would call them sugar cookies?
05:07:36 <Graham> k
05:08:05 <BB> nothing special, just a basic dough, used lots of different-shaped cookie cutters, decorated with almonds
05:08:18 <BB> very basic, but still the best recipe in my opinion
05:08:21 <Graham> yeah we have them here too
05:09:24 <Graham> i am good at eating them
05:09:24 <BB> tomorrow I will get out the nuts and the spices. I usually just make one batch a day, easier to clean up that way
05:09:47 <Graham> do they last to Christmas?
05:09:51 <Kevin L> If you haven't rried them Graham the gingerbread cookies are Weissella soft Gingerbread cookies and you can get them at Trader Joes.
05:10:23 <Graham> k, i like ginger
05:10:30 <BB> they never last to Christmas. We start eating the right away. Christmas cookies always taste best in November
05:11:57 <BB> haha, Kevin, I almost missed your cardboard comment :)
05:12:21 <Kevin L> The Germans would always like to give those to the Americans and watch them try to peel the cardboard off the bottom (you eat it).
05:12:49 <Kevin L> My kids love them.
05:13:07 <BB> we even eat it without cookies on top, at least kids do
05:13:22 <BB> it is called Esspapier then which means edible paper
05:14:00 <BB> used to love it
05:14:14 <Kevin L> We usually buy about 20 packages of them. The clerks look at us like we are crazy.
05:14:43 <Kevin L> I think I gained about 30 pounds my first Christmas in Germany.
05:15:32 <Graham> i think TJs is used to binge purchasers tho
05:16:02 <Graham> my sister drives from Denver to Sante Fe
05:16:30 <Kevin L> Wow. I do like their store though.
05:17:15 <Graham> i would think they could epand to Colorado SPrings-Ft Collins corridor
05:19:05 <BB> I think TJ and our Aldi stores belong to the same group. Do they have German "Dominosteine" there? (Do you know what that is?) Aldi has the best.
05:19:08 <Kevin L> You would think they would have something there. I like to do some fancy Christmas cookies myself. I do date nut, pecan, and candy cane cookies.
05:19:43 <Graham> I think its an independant company out of California
05:20:11 <Kevin L> Plume 1220
05:20:43 <Graham> 95m interval?
05:21:00 <Kevin L> I haven't noticed that there. I will have to look for it. I think that is what put some of that weight on me that I still have after 30 years.
05:21:27 <BB> Plume has been having up to 90 minute intervals all week
05:23:22 <BB> Aldi is privately owned as well, two brothers, and one of them seems to have bought Trader Joe's in 1979. At least that's what the internet says, I have no idea if it is true
05:23:39 <Graham> k
05:24:29 <BB> but they are selling more and more TJ products at our Aldi stores
05:24:45 <Kevin L> I know they carry a lot of German foods.
05:24:52 <Graham> that would be the same company then
05:26:15 <Kevin L> I wish someone would carry the long skinny Bratwurst here. We can get the fat ones out of Wisconson, but the only place I have found the skinny ones is the Hofbrau Haus in Vegas.
05:28:07 <BB> My husband is cringing because of the Hofbräu Haus :) He should know that you have a copy of everything in Vegas
05:28:56 <Kevin L> It is owned by the one in Munich.
05:29:44 <Kevin L> But when I got the brats, all they had was the bright yellow American mustard. YUCK!!!!!!!
05:30:08 <Kevin L> Have to have the spicy brown mustard with horseradish.
05:30:42 <BB> I wouldn't know... don't like mustard at all
05:31:15 <Kevin L> After I tried the German mustard, I can't go back.
05:33:37 <Kevin L> BH either had a really long interval yesterday or a couple of really short ones.
05:34:15 <Graham> it does shorts every week or so
05:34:22 <Graham> maybe S-max
05:36:08 <Graham> i see there was a run of shorts 3.4.5 Nov
05:36:53 <Kevin L> Last one was no Indicator, one before that was only about 5 minutes.
05:39:10 <Graham> go dormant next?
05:39:37 <BB> ssshhh, don't jinx it!
05:40:32 <Kevin L> Maybe Giantess is getting primed,,,
05:41:00 <Graham> due just under 2 mo from now
05:52:26 <Graham> Lion is trying, hope it succeeds before dark
06:18:58 <Graham> Depression 1318ie
06:20:07 <Graham> OF 1319ie
06:20:23 <Kevin L> Has to hog the show.
06:21:37 <Graham> yep. looked like a nice Dep eruption too
06:35:49 <Graham> Oblong 1335ie ?
06:45:04 <Graham> Plume 1344
06:45:46 <BB> I wish Plume would go back to shorter intervals
07:04:07 <Graham> Riverside 1403ie
07:04:26 <Graham> its not nice having to wait so long for it
07:57:22 <Graham> Daisy 1456ns
07:58:17 <Kevin L> Allright! Now when is OF due?
07:58:48 <Kevin L> Nice clear view.
07:58:59 <Graham> no prediction posted
07:59:54 <Kevin L> It does seem to like to go during other geysers.
08:00:00 <Graham> OF 1459
08:00:08 <Kevin L> See?
08:00:11 <Graham> it does seem to know when something else is erupting
08:00:35 <Graham> maybe BH at next OF time?
08:00:56 <Kevin L> Got my vote.
08:05:21 <Graham> Plume 1505
08:05:48 <Kevin L> Good timing. Now Aurum?
08:13:59 <Graham> i had my one Aurum of the day
08:37:54 <kcmule> BHI 15:37ns
08:38:02 <kcmule> nice of it to wait for me
08:38:10 <ynpvisitor6> beehive indicator 15:38 ie
08:38:14 <Kevin L> Good geyser.
08:38:32 <Graham> ding
08:38:33 <Graham> ding
08:38:35 <Graham> ding
08:38:57 <Kevin L> Darn. BB is gone.
08:39:43 <Graham> is OF due?
08:40:05 <Kevin L> If it was a short...
08:40:18 <ynpvisitor6> last was along
08:40:24 <ynpvisitor6> a long
08:40:38 <Kevin L> Splash out of lion.
08:40:39 <ynpvisitor6> 14:59
08:42:08 <Graham> 6 - its just that OF has erupted when something else was erupting a couple of times so we expect it now :)
08:42:16 <Kitt> Yippee, I took a break from chores just in time to watch Ind. start
08:42:37 <Graham> chores are over-rated
08:42:56 <lc> hey Kitt, thanks for the heads-up.
08:43:13 <Kitt> Kevin is having a chuckle, because I ran through the house yelling Indicator, Indicator and got my phone
08:43:31 <Kitt> welcome LC Enjoy
08:43:40 <lc> just in time
08:43:47 <Graham> BH 1543
08:44:09 <Kevin L> Another short Indicator.
08:48:13 <lc> this a double interval?
08:48:43 <Graham> think so
08:49:13 <Graham> 27h
08:49:34 <Graham> may not see one tomorrow unless its after sunup
08:49:47 <Graham> theres a chance
08:51:10 <lc> probably not, not light until 0700, but that would only be little over 15 hrs.
08:52:01 <Graham> hey its usually me saying probably no BH :)
08:52:14 <lc> G
08:55:43 <kcmule>
08:59:08 <Graham> good time for Aurum
09:09:45 <Graham> Aurum 1608ie
09:09:56 <Graham> KEVIN
09:10:17 <Graham> oh well, didnt last long
09:23:01 <Graham> OF 1622
09:27:39 <Graham> Castle 1626ie ?
09:29:28 <Graham> dont think we missed a major but it might have minored
09:35:05 <Graham> Plume 1634ie?
09:35:08 <Graham> not sure
09:53:25 <Graham> pretty sky
09:58:12 <Graham> Grand 1657
09:58:32 <kcmule> nice
10:10:46 <lc> that does it for me, have a good night everyone.
10:11:01 <Graham> bye
10:33:22 <Graham> goodnight
10:34:31 <Kevin L> Night
10:36:47 <kcmule> nite