Showing logs for date: 2012-01-01
00:21:47 <CC> Wishing everyone a hapopy and healthy New Year
00:24:01 <Graham> Lion 0722ie ?
00:24:08 <Graham> morning, Happy New Year
00:24:36 <CC> walked out of the room so I am not sure
00:24:51 <CC> qre you packing yet
00:24:54 <CC> are
00:25:14 <CC> I am starting for real later today
00:31:53 <Graham> I pulled gear out yesterday, not packing it yet, just making sure its all here
00:32:02 <Graham> supposed to be cold when you get there
00:32:49 <CC> I worry about driving on ice
00:33:18 <CC> even though I am use to is always difficult
00:34:32 <Graham> can still see the benches so it didn't snow much overnight
00:35:10 <ynpvisitor88> First OF at 0001 !
00:35:31 <ynpvisitor9> thats my kinda fireworks!!
00:35:31 <CC> I saw that
00:35:32 <ynpvisitor88> Convenient time. :)
00:36:16 <CC> Graham please watch for OF...I want to get some coffee
00:36:28 <Graham> sunny on the 10th for you CC but snowy when I arrive. of course the forecast that far out will change
00:39:19 <CC> back
00:39:23 <CC> thanks
00:39:38 <Graham> it didn't erupt
00:40:04 <Graham> you fly through minneapolis?
00:40:18 <CC> yes but to Billings
00:40:28 <Graham> yeah i fly thry Denver
00:40:34 <CC> not arriving in the park until the 11th
00:41:00 <Graham> 10 days time :)
00:45:05 <Graham> BH looks quiet
00:45:18 <CC> I see a little steam
00:45:51 <Graham> I would rather see it eruopt this afternoon ..
00:46:12 <CC> two days without an indicator
00:46:21 <Graham> interesting sepia color on the UGB cam
00:46:42 <CC> maybe the suns rays
00:46:46 <Graham> changed the next capture
00:46:47 <CC> I just looked
00:47:03 <Graham> brb, time for breakfast
00:47:14 <CC> k
01:06:21 <Graham> lovely morning in the park
01:07:09 <CC> still no OF
01:08:02 <CC> Daisy looked like it might have been boiling but I cna't see anything now
01:08:04 <Graham> dormant?
01:08:38 <CC> people up and about this morning...Kent is in the Park but I think leaving today
01:09:04 <Graham> k. was he at BH yesterday? there were 2 people there
01:09:14 <CC> don't know
01:09:29 <CC> he was in the park yesterday though
01:16:02 <CC> lots of steam up a Giantess
01:16:25 <CC> varying intensity
01:17:31 <CC> Lion 8:16 IE
01:19:21 <CC> good call on Lion earlier Graham
01:19:55 <Graham> Giantess is due in 17 days +-2
01:20:27 <Graham> based on the last 124 and 128 day intervals
01:20:33 <CC> that would be wonderful...put in a good word
01:20:46 <CC> for it to wait
01:22:11 <Graham> its erupted in Dec or Jan the last 4 years
01:22:35 <CC> that's why we keep records!!
01:27:14 <Graham> headed ouit, bbl
01:27:32 <CC> k ...OF is in preplay
01:31:33 <CC> OF 8:30
01:34:51 <CC> OF is a long
02:02:44 <ynpvisitor83> happy new year
02:12:59 <CC> Lion 9:09 IE
02:40:00 <Dave from B> Happy New Year to everyone...May this be the year that Giant awakens!
02:40:20 <CC> Looks to me that the bubblers are going at BH
02:40:46 <CC> thanks Dave...back at you
02:49:41 <Dave from B> CC, do you know if it is possible to increase the size of the streaming cam on your computer?
02:50:13 <CC> yes
02:50:17 <CC> it is possbile
02:50:39 <CC> do you mean my own computer or your
02:51:05 <Dave from B> Mine
02:51:09 <CC> yes
02:51:33 <CC> waiting for OF will PM you shortly
02:51:44 <Dave from B> thanks
02:55:45 <ynpvisitor14> I think Riverside is going.
02:56:22 <vw> Good morning and Happy New Year to all.
02:56:29 <CC> can't move cam OF is due and BH looks hot
02:57:15 <ynpvisitor14> I know. Gray steam isn't much to see anyway.
02:58:03 <Dave from B> Same to you , vw
02:59:05 <Kevin L> Happy New Year.
02:59:11 <Kevin L> Fire cam is awesome.
03:00:22 <Dave from B> Same to you, Kevin. My resolutions: No more stupid comments about Mt Washburn webcam and better spelling:)
03:00:47 <CC> vw ...OF is in preplay
03:01:13 <vw> Thank you CC. Looks like Lion and BH might be too! Nice.
03:01:22 <vw> I am taking the cam
03:01:22 <CC> Lion 10:00
03:01:28 <Kevin L> Triple play!
03:01:51 <vw> Nice to see people out enjoying the basin.
03:02:59 <CC> Dave B just sent a PM
03:11:20 <vw> OF 1010
03:15:28 <vw> .
03:21:05 <vw> Nice to see the basin is finally getting some snow
03:25:01 <Dave from B> Have to get some work done...Kevin, vw or CC can you text me if BH (or Giantess) goes?
03:25:24 <ynpvisitor43> listening for dings
03:25:31 <Kevin L> Will do. I do have to leave in an hour.
03:27:16 <Kitt> Good morning everyone
03:27:29 <Kevin L> Happy New Year.
03:27:32 <vw> Good morning Kitt. Happy New Year!
03:28:01 <Kitt> Everyone is up and eating breakfast
03:29:32 <Kitt> wake up Bee
03:30:19 <Kevin L> It will probably go in just over an hour.
03:37:02 <vw> BHI 1036 ie
03:37:03 <vw> ding
03:37:05 <vw> ding
03:37:06 <vw> ding
03:37:21 <Kevin L> There is a God!!!!
03:38:09 <vw> Kitt, you there?
03:38:10 <Kitt> yippee
03:38:58 <Dave from B> Thansk, Kevin
03:39:11 <Kevin L> You should go run through the shower Kitt to get you in the mood!
03:39:15 <Kitt> yes
03:39:17 <Dave from B> Oops, broke my resolution, already!
03:39:43 <Kevin L> Blame it on a long night last night.
03:40:25 <lc> Happy NY everyone
03:40:33 <lc> thanks Kitt
03:40:36 <Kevin L> Same to you
03:40:38 <vw> Hi lc. Same to you!
03:40:51 <cb> ty vw and Kevin!
03:41:04 <Dave from B> Had to stay up and keep an eye on the dozen or so teenagers at my house.
03:41:12 <vw> Hi cb. Happy new year!
03:41:20 <vw> Hi Polly!
03:41:35 <cb> Hey Happy New Year Everyone!
03:41:41 <Kevin L> Big crowd in the room today!
03:41:48 <Kevin L> Hi cb.
03:42:24 <Polly> Happy New Year! Got to see the last Beehive of 2011 & first of 2012!
03:43:00 <cb> Did anyone else watch Sunday Morning show this am? the moment in nature at the end of the show featured Yellowstone and the gray wolves!
03:44:36 <vw> apologies to those I text. Guess I missed the 'I' in BHI. Trying to do too many things.
03:45:20 <vw> I have pulled the cam back as OF steam is messing with view. Catching start might be tricky.
03:46:03 <Kevin L> Hoping BB & Graham would be here.
03:48:35 <vw> BH 1047
03:49:17 <Kitt> yippee
03:50:53 <cb> one lone sole on the bw
03:51:21 <Graham> just home in time
03:51:22 <Kitt> lucky
03:52:32 <lc> gtg. thanks again Kitt.
03:52:52 <lc> happy New Year to everyone.
03:53:09 <Kevin L> Good way to start the new year
03:53:17 <Kitt> Happy New Year
03:53:40 <Graham> hum, was tha a long single interval or short double?
03:53:59 <Kevin L> Perhaps.
03:54:00 <Kitt> I think it was a long single
03:54:32 <Polly> Thank you everyone!
03:54:35 <Graham> thats not so good
03:54:36 <Kevin L> Looks like 3 people on the bw
03:55:25 <cb> back to chores. ty and have a great holiday all!
03:56:28 <Dave from B> Time to go. Talk to everyone tomorrow.
03:58:30 <vw> Lion 1056 ie, static cam
03:58:41 <Graham> thanks for the text vw, made me get online as soon as i got in
03:59:00 <vw> Hi G! Happy New Year!
04:00:39 <Graham> thank you, hope you have a good year too
04:12:01 <vw> .
04:32:08 <Kevin L> Heading out. bbl
04:32:32 <vw> Bye Kevin
04:33:46 <vw> Dog thinks he needs immediate attention. brb
04:35:26 <ynpvisitor56> So, BH about an hour ago
04:35:38 <vw> yeap
04:36:11 <ynpvisitor56> shouldn't a slept in
04:36:16 <vw> sorry if you missed it
04:37:08 <ynpvisitor56> I tey not to worry about the ones I miss, I just try to enjoy the ones I see
04:37:29 <vw> perfect way to do it!
04:38:28 <steve> don
04:38:37 <steve> don't know m own name
04:39:34 <vw> Hey steve! we knew who you were.
04:40:47 <vw> OF 1140
04:47:09 <steve> Nice to see more snow in the park
04:47:53 <vw> yeap. Finally!
04:58:00 <vw> Lion 1157 ns
05:05:45 <steve> Yum, last breakfast, pear spice pancakes
05:07:43 <vw> that sounds yummy steve.
05:08:40 <steve> Them to the showers and work. I still have 2011 stuff to finish up
05:17:47 <steve> good luck with Giantess
05:34:40 <vw> Snowman production. Looks like he lost some volume since Thursday.
05:35:25 <vw> Hi BB. Happy New Year.
05:36:44 <BB> hi vw
05:36:48 <BB> Happy New Year
06:15:18 <vw> OF 1314
06:23:13 <vw> Need to stretch my legs. brb
06:28:25 <vw> Lion still puffing. Hope I didn't miss it while I was away.
06:29:38 <Graham> zzzzzzz
06:29:40 <BB> I wasn't watching but I have captures running downstairs
06:31:01 <BB> I am still trying to figure out Plume but today is not a good day for that, OF steam blowing that way
06:31:27 <BB> someone (Kent, I think?) is posting Plume from GH
06:31:45 <BB> still a very long interval
06:42:36 <vw> Yes, Kent is in the basin and posting. He got the first OF for the year.
06:43:13 <BB> 11 seconds after midnight :)
06:43:37 <BB> too bad there isn't a like button on GT, I would have clicked it for that
06:43:41 <vw> We will have to ask him if he calibrated his watch beforehand. :)
06:56:15 <ynpvisitor3> vw, I can't get on GT from this computer. Please post Plume at 1335 exact time. ty kent
07:00:45 <vw> Hi Kent. Will do. Hope you are having a wonderful time!
07:01:02 <vw> We all loved your 0011 OF posting!
07:02:26 <ynpvisitor3> I got off very easy. it could have been 0130+ :)
07:02:57 <vw> :D
07:04:13 <vw> If you were in the basin that late, I am surprised you didn't get an end of year BH. Probably erupted around 2300?
07:06:17 <ynpvisitor3> If I had only known. Did everyone see CTC with Beehive? I haven't noticed it for a long time.
07:09:17 <vw> I didn't notice it K, but we were getting a lot of steam from OF covering our view.
07:09:48 <vw> We will have to watch for it. CC did mention the bubblers were going for a while.
07:10:05 <vw> brb
07:18:55 <Graham> oh well, football season is over for the year, 2012 season has got to be better
07:19:23 <BB> 2012 is not off to a good start in National Parks
07:19:27 <vw> Every fan's dream G.
07:19:35 <BB> Marianne just posted that there was a ranger shot at Mount Rainier this morning
07:19:50 <vw> Not good.
07:19:52 <Graham> wow thats bad
07:20:29 <vw> was there a link to a story BB?
07:20:50 <BB> yes, several, not much info though, let me check
07:20:59 <vw> Thanks.
07:21:27 <BB>
07:23:17 <BB> I am off to bed now, shouldn't have checked FB again, would have slept better without knowing that
07:23:22 <BB> bye, see you tomorrow
07:23:24 <vw> Seriously not good
07:23:34 <vw> Good night BB.
07:31:38 <vw> Daisy 1431
07:33:02 <vw> Was beginning to think Daisy was going to skunk us today. Now maybe Grand will do something too?
07:33:50 <Graham> any Grand prediction?
07:34:23 <vw> I haven't called today so not sure G.
07:38:05 <vw> When I first got on I knew ranger doing geyser predict wasn't back yet, and then kind of forgot to call later. :(
07:40:33 <Graham> k and kent didnt offer info
07:42:34 <vw> No, but he may not have known we hadn't seen it.
07:43:40 <vw> OF 1442
07:49:19 <Graham> any idea how long he is staying at OF?
07:49:50 <vw> Nope. Didn't even know he was going until I saw his OF posting!
07:50:17 <vw> Usually only stays in the Park a couple of days. Know he has wanted to do NY eve for several years.
07:50:46 <Graham> good trip with 2 BH eruptions
07:51:16 <Graham> mm that reminds me, have to convert my reservation to Frosty Fun
07:53:06 <Graham> bad news - opera boston is shutting down today
07:53:23 <vw> Lack of funds/patronage?
07:54:05 <Graham> too much debt
07:55:05 <vw> kind of the same thing, but could be a management issue too. Sorry to hear any venue being closed.
07:56:05 <Graham> three companies i used to go to have shut down in the last couple of years
07:56:37 <Graham> one new one started up tho last year, not many patrons tho
07:57:25 <vw> Hard times for NPO's. Hopefully new will flourish as patrons of other places find it.
07:59:34 <vw> Hi kc!
08:00:04 <kcmule> hello
08:00:18 <Graham> hum, just realized its 5 that have shut down
08:00:35 <Graham> hey ks ,,,,, football season done?
08:00:49 <Graham> kc that is
08:01:15 <kcmule> yeah til the draft
08:01:29 <vw> cam is all yours whenever you are ready kc. OF just went so you are good on it for about an hour or so.
08:01:53 <vw> Have fun!
08:01:54 <kcmule> ok
08:01:58 <kcmule> ty
08:02:16 <vw> I am heading out for the evening. Have a great day, and Happy New Year!
08:02:25 <Graham> Plume time?
08:02:31 <Graham> bye vw
08:02:36 <kcmule> cya vw
08:02:54 <kcmule> maybe of will let us view
08:03:51 <kcmule> 15:03ie?
08:04:07 <Graham> Plume 1503ie
08:04:40 <Graham> yep
08:05:18 <Graham> that was easy
08:05:42 <kcmule> grand and football time
08:05:59 <kcmule> one eye on each
08:06:19 <Graham> yiou watching Denver?
08:06:30 <Graham> Ravens Bengals here
08:06:45 <kcmule> i think thats the only game currently on tv
08:06:52 <kcmule> in denver
08:09:15 <kcmule> if raiders lose the tebows advance regardless
08:12:19 <Graham> are they chanting "Go San Diego Go"?
08:14:45 <kcmule> would be unusual to hear that but they may be soon
08:14:57 <Graham> Packers game was a scorefest
08:17:51 <kcmule> i heard the gb announcer call them the 'gutless lions' on the drive home
08:19:30 <Graham> gutless but ahead in the 4th quarter. of course GB had nothing to play for
08:21:25 <kcmule> i think it puts detroit on the road in week 1
08:22:40 <kcmule> chargers up by 11 now
08:25:29 <kcmule> groblong 15:24ie
08:26:31 <Graham> not much height, my vote is Oblong
08:27:15 <kcmule> havent seen a spike yet
08:41:56 <Kevin L> Wishful thinking?
08:42:47 <kcmule> nuffin else to watch for, aside from grand
08:43:00 <Graham> hi Kevin. glad football season is over?
08:43:14 <Kevin L> Go Aurum!
08:43:34 <Kevin L> Not over for me - yet.
08:44:20 <Graham> oh yeah, your team knows how to win :)
08:46:12 <Kevin L> But they can lose to losers.
09:09:53 <Kevin L> Have you watched Arena Football Graham?
09:10:49 <Graham> nope
09:11:32 <kcmule> OF 16:10
09:12:46 <Kevin L> It is different than regular football, but lots of fun. I love the net at the endzone. My wife's uncle owned the team that was in Las Vegas so we went and it is a ball and even more fun in person.
09:14:19 <Graham> yeah i bet its exciting, just never got into it. i an sure a DC team would lose anyway :(
09:15:05 <Kevin L> The last game the Sting played there were 3 touchdowns and a field goal in the last minute!
09:16:45 <Graham> sounds like the GB scoring :)
09:16:48 <kcmule> Sawmill 16:15ie
09:24:43 <Graham> "Go San Diego Go"?
09:26:11 <Kevin L> That one is also wild. When I walked in the Falcons were spanking the Bucs 42 - 0 with 7 to go in the first half!
09:26:36 <kcmule> tebow 4/14 for 43 yards thru 3 quarters
09:27:10 <Graham> tebow magic done for the season?
09:27:19 <Graham> not 4th quarter yet tho
09:54:40 <Graham> Kent got the next Plume, 1h20m interval
09:55:09 <Kevin L> Is that Daisy ie?
09:55:26 <Graham> nope
09:55:46 <Graham> Sawmill is ie
09:56:14 <Kevin L> Looked like Daisy may be starting, but it is just really steaming.
09:56:38 <Graham> 10-20m maybe?
09:57:55 <Graham> mainly Comet steam. you can see the smaller steam from Daisy to the right
09:58:56 <Kevin L> On YOUR monitor maybe. I am using a 17" bought in 2002!
09:59:00 <Graham> wonder where all the Bison are?
09:59:07 <Kevin L> Bear chow.
09:59:37 <Graham> hehe i am on a netbook mini screen now
10:00:10 <Kevin L> Hmmm.
10:00:29 <Graham> can see the smaller steam cloud now
10:01:10 <kcmule> raiders keeping things interesting
10:01:22 <Graham> Turban?
10:01:57 <Kevin L> And Daisy.
10:01:59 <Graham> whats up with Den?
10:02:14 <Kevin L> It keeps teasing me!
10:02:59 <Graham> Daisy looks like its going to be a while
10:03:02 <Kevin L> I did get an Uncertain the other day, so keep an eye on that!
10:03:26 <Graham> not expecting it now tho with Sawmill going strong
10:05:29 <Kevin L> Chargers are making it interesting also.
10:08:14 <Graham> looks like we will be watching the conclusion of the raiders game to see if Den is in or out
10:11:16 <kcmule> could not take care of their own business
10:11:54 <Kevin L> tD San Diego.
10:13:30 <Graham> big cheer at bengals game, they are in
10:13:38 <Graham> with Den loss
10:16:29 <Graham> Balt is #2 SEED
10:16:35 <Graham> ON oAKLAND GAME NOW
10:17:56 <kcmule> terribly thrown ball
10:18:11 <Graham> big play
10:18:31 <kcmule> how many 1st rounders did they pay for palmer?
10:19:13 <Graham> Daisy looks close now
10:25:49 <kcmule> Daisy 17:25ns
10:27:37 <Graham> go Broncos :)
10:28:17 <kcmule> what an offensive showing today
10:29:44 <Graham> Den 8-8 and Pit in at wildcard 12-4
10:29:55 <Graham> not fair
10:33:41 <Graham> goodnight
10:34:14 <kcmule> no grand isnt fair either : (
10:34:16 <kcmule> nite
10:34:19 <Kevin L> Have a good one. I am sure we are both cheering for the same team tonight.
10:37:31 <kcmule> grand? 17:36ns
10:37:41 <kcmule> OF 17:37ns
10:38:01 <kcmule> pretty sure about grand but can barely see a thing
10:44:06 <kcmule> nite
10:44:29 <Kevin L> Bye