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00:05:10 <ynpvisitor92> Hi Graham. Enjoy the game last night?
00:06:31 <Graham> yep, only bright thing all day
00:07:51 <Kevin L> I loved the shot of Jerry Jones looking sad.
00:08:21 <Graham> glad they got up to 30" at OF - thats the same amount of snow when I was there last Jan. not much in the forecast now tho
00:08:51 <Kevin L> You called it on the depth at the benches.
00:09:24 <Graham> from here
00:09:40 <Graham> theres a daily report and an archive to compare to last year
00:10:19 <Graham> Utah bans daily drink specials - what - no happy hour?
00:11:02 <Kevin L> Darn. Full price for Cherry 7up!
00:12:18 <Graham> i know they don't let you have more than one drink on the table, confused me when the waitress was waiting for my to finish my drink before putting the next on the table in the airport
00:12:48 <Graham> is that OF 0711ie?
00:13:08 <Graham> maybe not, no big steam bath
00:13:48 <Kevin L> Doesn't look like it on static.
00:13:56 <Graham> i didnt stay up for the end of the game last night but enjoyed seeing the score build
00:14:25 <Graham> so no football to watch next weekend?
00:14:31 <Kevin L> Giants tried to give it to them for a while, but then took it back.
00:15:53 <Kevin L> Wildcard games. They keep moving the Superbowl back. Nascar had to move their opening to avoid conflict.
00:20:45 <Graham> i guess you have no idea who the packers will play
00:21:26 <Kevin L> The team that survives with the worst record is all I know.
00:23:03 <Graham> that's got to make you feel good throughought the playoffs
00:24:00 <Kevin L> Right. Home field and worst records.
00:25:37 <CC> morning everyone
00:25:59 <Kevin L> Hi
00:27:57 <Graham> hi CC
00:27:59 <Graham> you packed yet?
00:38:45 <Kevin L> You off today Graham?
00:39:48 <Graham> yep, day off. just 8 full workdays till i am really off
00:40:35 <Kevin L> That's not really off. I've been really off for a year now.
00:41:13 <Graham> yeah well i don't like to think of how many years it will be before then for me
00:41:22 <Graham> nice fog bank
00:42:55 <Graham> Sundays games look more interesting
00:43:02 <Kevin L> I really would have liked to stayed a few years longer, but with the paycuts and the politics that were going on, I just decided that it was not worth it.
00:43:33 <Graham> but you like youir decision .. right?
00:43:33 <Kevin L> Check the fog on the VEC cam.
00:44:14 <Graham> nice
00:44:29 <Graham> like the contrasts on the streaming cam - unusual to see so well
00:45:22 <Kevin L> I have a feeling we won't see much in a few minutes.
00:46:02 <Graham> yeah gonna get a sauna soon
00:47:50 <Kevin L> Nice color
00:47:53 <Graham> little pink in the sky, nice morning
00:51:20 <Kevin L> OF 0750
01:00:56 <Graham> yep all fogged in now
01:01:18 <ynpvisitor69> did you notice if that OF was a long
01:01:42 <Graham> it was a long, I think 0750 was ns - may have started 0749
01:02:18 <Kevin L> Right - should have been ie
01:02:36 <ynpvisitor69> thanks
01:02:39 <Graham> my puter said it was 0749 start
01:03:32 <Graham> below zero this morning, first time in over a week
01:06:05 <Kevin L> A bit chilly. Sending the kid back to Idaho today. She should enjoy that!
01:07:52 <Graham> so you driving up to the park too?
01:08:05 <Graham> toughen her up....the beach is over-rated
01:15:22 <Graham> nice Coyote
01:29:15 <Kevin L> Back again. She is going up with a friend. I will drop her off again in September, and I plan on some time at the park then.
01:29:53 <Graham> thats a long wait
01:32:00 <Kevin L> I know what you mean. My family has a house just outside of Zion park. Sure wish it was Yellowstone.
01:32:38 <Graham> thats a nice place to go tho, pretty and quiet this time of year
01:34:10 <Kevin L> For sure. The view from the place is really nice. There is a webcam just half a block away. I will see if I can find the link.
01:40:41 <Kevin L> This is the best one I could find:
01:40:43 <Kevin L>
01:48:29 <Dave from B> Good morning everyone
01:48:40 <Kevin L> Hi
02:01:24 <ynpvisitor33> .
02:01:46 <Dave from B> All bears should be sleeping now that winter has finally taken hold
02:01:56 <Kevin L> Did I hear a fog horn?
02:02:42 <Graham> theres this Zion cam too
02:03:12 <Graham> beautiful day in YNP
02:04:26 <Graham> Mammoth looks beautiful this morning
02:07:39 <Kevin L> The second cam is about a mile into the park. The first one is the view we have at the house!
02:08:10 <Graham> nice
02:08:29 <Kevin L> Ice on the firecam is also fun today.
02:09:56 <Graham> had a good Zion/Brice/GC trip in 2009
02:10:48 <Kevin L> That is a fun area. Very pretty.
02:11:34 <Graham> yeah got to hike the Narrows again
02:11:45 <Graham> it was a nice swim
02:12:04 <Graham> fog didnt last long
02:12:56 <Kevin L> The Narrows is a totally awesome hike. I think I am too old to do it again. Last time almost killed me and that was about 20 years ago.
02:14:28 <Graham> yeah its a rough hike. this was in May and it was closed the first day but open the next so the water flow was fairly high. ended up stepping in a hole and swimming
02:14:59 <Graham> went to Ordeville Canyon and then back down, was on a time schedule for dinner so not too long to explore
02:15:14 <Graham> first time i did it i hiked up to big spring
02:16:24 <Kevin L> I like the Orderville Canyon route. We had high water also and took air matresses to ride on. You would end up rolling off so we turned them sideways.
02:17:23 <Kevin L> That worked except when you went over a submerged rock your knees would connect before you knew it. Were sure were a pathetic group when we arrived back.
02:17:24 <Graham> i think the Narrows is the best hike i have done anywhere
02:17:39 <Graham> Angels Landing is cool too but Narrows is so different
02:18:22 <Kevin L> It is sure amazing. Angels Landing is another killer too. Not for old folks.
02:19:36 <Dave from B> I took a trip to
02:20:28 <Dave from B> Zion and Bryce about 7 years ago with my elderly mom so I couldn't hike much.
02:20:55 <Dave from B> Those 2 hikes intrigued me; hope I get a chance to do them some day
02:21:57 <Kevin L> The fun thing about Zion for me is that my family settled the area. The government bought the land from them for the park. In fact they did a lot of the fancy stone work along the roads.
02:23:44 <Graham> cool, thanks for making the road so nice :)
02:23:56 <Dave from B> That's great, Kevin. I'll have to get out my guidebook I purchased to read up on the history.
02:24:03 <Graham> its worth it Dave, lots of great hiking and relaxation
02:24:54 <Graham> headed out, have fun
02:24:56 <Dave from B> We can all use a little more relaxation! Trying to force myself to slow down and smell the roses.
02:25:06 <Kevin L> If you want a different perspective, try some of the shorter hikes under the full moon. It is really interesting. (Bryce is also good for that.)
02:25:16 <Dave from B> That's hard for a Type A
02:25:17 <Kevin L> Bye Graham.
02:26:07 <Graham> OF 0924
02:26:16 <Dave from B> Bye, Graham
02:26:47 <Graham> gaysers in full moon are nice too :)
02:27:08 <Kevin L> Nice vec cam.
02:27:30 <Kevin L> Love geyser gazing under the full moon.
02:27:37 <Kevin L> Castle is great
02:29:10 <Graham> going out for real now, bye
03:02:04 <Kevin L> Not gonna see much for a while.
03:46:22 <Kevin L> Not sure we are going to see this one
03:51:41 <Kevin L> OF 1050 ie
03:58:48 <ynpvisitor64> plume 10:58ie
03:59:47 <Kevin L> Good eyes.
04:00:30 <kcmule> not good enough to see im a number
04:01:33 <Kevin L> Fog tried to lift for a bit, but never has left. Not a good camera gazing day.
04:04:12 <Kevin L> Looks like snowman is getting a friend or a makeover.
04:10:26 <Kevin L> A bit better.
04:19:17 <Dave from B> 14 above as of 1015
04:25:20 <Dave from B> VEC: Castle 1300 (+- 60), Grand 1100 (+-120), Daisy 1115 (+-30), Riverside 1615.
04:25:36 <Dave from B> Predictions are for those who can see thru fog
04:30:46 <Dave from B> Daisy?
04:31:28 <Kevin L> I think that is the Castle area.
04:32:04 <Dave from B> Your right. Hard to see. Hopefully will clear soon
04:33:22 <Kevin L> I don't expect to see much, but if either goes we should see the cloud.
04:46:44 <Kevin L> Fog is coming back.
04:54:47 <Kevin L> OF 1154 - I think....
04:56:39 <Dave from B> Another great view on (indoor) VEC static
04:59:10 <Kevin L> I'm guessing a long.
05:08:14 <ynpvisitor77> Is the hill as socked in as down basin?
05:08:48 <Kevin L> Pretty much so.
05:09:05 <ynpvisitor77> Hm, looks like it
05:09:05 <Kevin L> I am just looking for steam plumes.
05:11:25 <Dave from B> Could use a little wind to help
05:12:12 <ynpvisitor77> Castle looks impressive though
05:13:25 <Kevin L> Good steam phase
05:15:45 <Kevin L> Is that Lion?
05:16:05 <Kevin L> The way the steam is today it could be Little Cub.
05:17:00 <Kevin L> Good enought on Static that I will call it ie 1215.
05:24:57 <Kevin L> Fingers aren't working too well today either.
05:47:37 <Graham> can you get rid of the fog before my shift please?
05:48:33 <Kevin L> I sure would like to. Everytime I think it is going to go away, it comes back!
05:49:44 <Graham> i wonder where all that water vapor comes from?
05:50:19 <Kevin L> We just had a Castle steam phase, and that messed things up a lot.
05:50:40 <Graham> ah good for Castle
05:50:47 <Graham> I hear Churn erupted too
05:50:56 <Kevin L> That is about the best for BH I have had.
05:51:04 <Kevin L> Yes it did.
05:51:39 <Dave from B> Temps have warmed to 26 above
05:51:43 <Kevin L> Grand was due at 11, but I have not heard or seen anything.
05:52:30 <Kevin L> Fine view of Grand!
05:52:39 <Graham> yep
05:52:45 <Graham> big patch of blue on VEC cam
05:54:19 <Graham> crowd out there on GH
05:54:23 <Kevin L> It does look like it is clearing a bit now.
05:54:48 <Kevin L> Ranger tour left about half an hour ago. Probably them.
05:56:38 <Graham> good time for BHI
05:57:18 <Graham> looks lime the BH benches are getting nicely iced over now
05:57:18 <Kevin L> I would love it.
05:57:43 <Graham> should be a bit clearer in 3 hours time
05:58:33 <Kevin L> I said that 3 hours ago.
06:00:03 <Graham> sounds like they found the Rainier killer face down dead in the deep snow
06:00:32 <Kevin L> A day too late.
06:00:53 <Graham> yep, sad story
06:02:31 <Kevin L> That is looking better
06:08:21 <Graham> due another steam infusuin coming up
06:09:17 <Kevin L> Turban or Oblong?
06:09:57 <Graham> i am thinking Oblong but I have not been watching the size of the clouds today
06:10:49 <Graham> thank goodness the election is over tomorrow!
06:11:10 <Kevin L> Which election?
06:12:02 <Kevin L> Looks like some Sawmill action
06:12:32 <Kevin L> Almost OF time.
06:12:42 <Graham> presedential
06:13:01 <Graham> it will be all over this time tomorrow .. i hope :) can't take any more coverage
06:13:34 <Kevin L> I know what you mean. I liked it better when we were just a no count flyover state.
06:13:38 <Graham> maybe Plume?
06:13:40 <Graham> 1312ie?
06:14:26 <Graham> who knows, looked like a second steam plume past OF
06:14:30 <Graham> on basin cam
06:15:04 <Kevin L> I missed it, but it does like to hide behind OF.
06:15:05 <Graham> time for ol steamy anyway
06:15:42 <Graham> big steam from spasmo
06:15:46 <Kevin L> Had a big cloud on static.
06:23:02 <Kevin L> OF has a large indicator today
06:23:51 <Graham> yep, nice to see peeps there
06:24:23 <Kevin L> OF 1323
06:30:03 <Graham> Sawmill going now
06:30:33 <Graham> too much steam for Tardy I think
06:30:49 <Kevin L> I agree
06:45:03 <Kevin L> zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
06:46:47 <Graham> Lion is taking its time unless we missed a bunchg this morning
06:54:10 <Graham> Plume?
06:54:34 <Graham> 1353ie?
06:55:11 <Kevin L> There is a people looking at it.
06:55:36 <Graham> yeah i would have expected them to turn and leave by now
06:56:09 <Kevin L> Good BH action.
06:57:51 <Graham> pretty steam plumes
07:03:23 <Kevin L> I am suspecting that Grand was lost in the fog today - or was the cause of a lot of the fog.
07:13:01 <Graham> is that Daisy?
07:13:03 <ynpvisitor11> Is that Daisy?
07:13:10 <Graham> hehe
07:13:22 <Kevin L> I think it may be. Not sure.
07:13:24 <Graham> 1412ie
07:13:34 <Kitt> that was fun
07:13:44 <ynpvisitor13> Something is going back behind that steam
07:13:55 <Kevin L> Has to be Daisy.
07:14:01 <Graham> safe bet i think, unlikely to be Splendid
07:14:14 <Kevin L> Had it at 1412
07:14:14 <ynpvisitor13> alas
07:14:26 <Kitt> although that would be a nice addition for your Jan trip
07:14:46 <Graham> yeah that would make it exciting to be down there
07:15:01 <Graham> will be strange for me, first winter without Giant or F&M active
07:15:08 <Graham> Splendid woudl be good
07:15:25 <Kevin L> I think it has to be horrible weather for Splendid.
07:15:55 <Graham> i have some lovely sunny pictures of it
07:16:22 <Kevin L> Everytime I saw it it was cold with driving rain.
07:17:32 <Kevin L> Lot of steam in the Giantess area today
07:17:53 <Graham> i woinder why
07:18:25 <Graham> lots of steam in SPlendid and Giant areas too
07:19:13 <Kevin L> Probably the F&M area also
07:20:35 <Graham> maybe everythiung is erupting for Kent
07:27:08 <Graham> ooohhh steam
07:27:17 <Kevin L> Depression ie ?
07:27:27 <Graham> 1426ie
07:29:04 <Graham> some nice steam puffs
07:29:58 <ynpvisitor13> Yea, its hard to see the water for the steam
07:34:21 <Dave from B> .
07:47:30 <Kitt> nice splash
07:48:12 <Kitt> and Old Fairhful responds
07:48:12 <Graham> big big splash :)
07:49:44 <Kitt> 1447ns Old Faithful
07:50:31 <Kevin L> 1447 was the start.
07:51:26 <Kitt> OK, was watching Bee splash when it started
07:52:37 <Kevin L> I ws multitasking and didn't get it on the log.
07:54:13 <Kitt> Turban?
07:54:50 <Kevin L> Can't tell.
07:55:41 <Kevin L> Don't see water
07:58:12 <Dave from B> VEC: Castle 0200 Jan 3, Grand No current prediction, Dasiy 1715, Riverside 1615
07:58:50 <Kevin L> Interesting on Grand
07:59:23 <Graham> mm so I have riverside and daisy to look forward to
07:59:29 <Kitt> Could have gone on the early side of the window
07:59:36 <Dave from B> I called hoping to see if Grand had erupted I'm more confused
07:59:38 <Kitt> Fog would have hid it
08:00:09 <Graham> well carolyn posted the 1100 prediction this morning but nobody reported an eruption i bet
08:01:28 <Graham> Kemt may have left?
08:01:39 <Graham> have not seen him around today
08:06:03 <Kevin L> If Grand went early, that would put us in a window for it now anyway.
08:13:23 <Graham> high of 32 here tomorrow ... yikes
08:13:56 <Kevin L> I was running the AC in the car yesterday.
08:16:22 <Graham> Plume?
08:16:33 <Graham> 1515ie
08:16:38 <Graham> pretty sure about that one
08:16:46 <Graham> yeah
08:16:49 <Kevin L> 100%
08:18:02 <Graham> Kent pout 1352 Plume so one of my earlier calls was right
08:19:19 <Kevin L> Getting warmer but clouds coming in now.
08:20:18 <Graham> so Kent must still be there
08:23:04 <Graham> its splashy
08:23:48 <Kevin L> Looking better. Hope for daylight eruption.
08:24:05 <Graham> another hour :)
08:30:14 <Dave from B> Time for me to shutdown. Have to do a quickbooks installation. Have a good evening everyone.
08:30:36 <Kevin L> Bye
08:30:51 <Graham> bye and hope quickbooks doesn't become slowbooks
08:30:53 <Kevin L> Puff on Lion.
08:30:58 <Dave from B> Kevin, could you text me if you see BH or BHI?
08:31:29 <Kevin L> will do
08:31:56 <Graham> got some free software at the weekend ...
08:32:05 <Graham> would be exciting if it hadn't been tax software
08:32:39 <Kevin L> Taxes scare me this year big time.
08:43:39 <Kevin L> Nice splash
08:44:07 <Graham> almost time
08:58:06 <Kevin L> Looks like some overflow on Giantess.
09:00:35 <Graham> about 2 weeks till Giantess
09:00:53 <Kevin L> You may get it.
09:01:05 <Graham> we will
09:01:28 <Kevin L> That Grand?
09:01:51 <Graham> not big enoughg
09:02:17 <Graham> its gonna be big
09:03:06 <Graham> maybe Oblong
09:03:53 <Graham> basin cam is pretty
09:04:34 <Graham> look at solitary steam
09:06:41 <ynpvisitor13> no bhi yet
09:06:59 <ynpvisitor13> ?
09:07:37 <Graham> nope
09:15:27 <ynpvisitor13> ty
09:16:11 <Graham> had some biug BH splashes a while ago but it has calmed down now
09:19:32 <Kevin L> What is that in the Giantess area?
09:19:43 <Graham> steam
09:20:01 <Graham> and fog
09:20:18 <Kevin L> Aurum?
09:20:42 <Graham> think its just Giantess steam
09:29:40 <Graham> OF 1628
09:29:58 <Kevin L> About time
09:30:31 <Graham> maybe BH will be erupoting when the steam clears
09:34:46 <ynpvisitor64> lot of steam on geyser hill
09:44:02 <Graham> Grand 1643ie ?
09:44:52 <Kitt> Looks like it to me
09:44:53 <Kevin L> I think so
09:45:23 <Graham> mmm nice steam bath
09:46:06 <Kitt> looks like white cottoncandy
09:46:13 <Kevin L> Looks unreal.
09:46:57 <Kitt> as the white veil takes over the basin again
09:47:00 <Graham> unusual to sock in like this late in the day
09:48:40 <Kevin L> Wierd
09:57:07 <Graham> i think Daisy is steaming
10:01:15 <Graham> Daisy 1700ie
10:21:14 <Graham> mayube Kent at Depression?
10:25:32 <Graham> not looking good for BH
10:25:40 <ynpvisitor13> Well, I gotta leave so I hope for BHI in about 15 minutes. G
10:26:21 <Graham> maybe BH will show up tomorrow
10:30:03 <Graham> goodnight
10:30:15 <Kevin L> bye
10:31:47 <Graham> Dep 1730ie?
10:33:03 <Graham> Kent got another Plume too
11:44:10 <ynpvisitor76> :***:
11:45:34 <ynpvisitor76> 0=
11:45:51 <ynpvisitor76> :cloudy:
11:46:39 <ynpvisitor76> :cloudly: