Showing logs for date: 2012-01-13
00:22:05 <ynpvisitor98> OF 721
00:30:00 <ynpvisitor38> I just noticed a ticking clock on the upper right on this page, is that synched well with real time, or does it get it from my cmputer
00:31:05 <ynpvisitor00> It's about 30 seconds behind my official clock?
00:31:12 <ynpvisitor69> I think it is real time. Or at least a time different than my computer.
00:34:36 <ynpvisitor38> interesting, I'll update my computer clock then keep an eye on both today
00:41:55 <ynpvisitor38> minute change matched exactly for me, and my computer synchs time every morning.
00:47:01 <vw> Good morning all.
00:47:25 <vw> I see the cam is in OF preset. Has it moved this morning?
00:50:07 <vw> There it goes!
00:50:37 <vw> Just wanting to make sure someone is on it before I get seriously moving this morning.
00:50:42 <vw> Will check back later.
01:54:57 <ynpvisitor23> OF 08:5e
01:55:25 <ynpvisitor23> 08:54
01:56:51 <lc> sure looked like the indicator before OF
01:58:29 <lc> maybe we will get a look soon
01:59:06 <ynpvisitor00> Good spot lc!
01:59:50 <lc> ty, I just got on before OF. don't know how long its been going.
02:00:30 <lc> ding
02:00:33 <lc> ding
02:00:36 <lc> .
02:00:36 <lc> .
02:00:38 <lc> .
02:01:04 <ynpvisitor94> start of indicator at 8:52
02:01:22 <ynpvisitor69> Yes!!!
02:01:38 <ynpvisitor94> make that IE at 08:52
02:02:22 <ynpvisitor94> BH 09:01
02:03:16 <ynpvisitor50> sweet
02:53:33 <ynpvisitor00> Possible Aurum at 0951ie Anyone else catch this?
03:10:24 <kc (working)>
03:14:52 <kc (working)> pretty sure youre right on aurum 00
03:23:44 <lc> OF 1022ie
03:34:46 <lc> has Vent 0846ie. Vent delay?
03:52:40 <ynpvisitor87> Anyone here know if it'll be a good idea to drive with snow chains if I'm driving from Bozeman to Yellowstone and then to Las Vegas?
04:03:12 <Kevin L> Won't need chains here in Vegas (low 60's), But there are some areas along the way they may be needed. Better to have them and not need them than to need them and not have them.
04:33:00 <ynpvisitor87> @Kevin: Thanks. I'm renting a car, and the renting company doesn't rent the chains. So i'll see how the weather is when I'll be driving. If there is need for them I may buy some, maybe at walmart?
04:33:19 <ynpvisitor87> Is it legal to drive with them in all states?
04:41:39 <Graham> hello from IAD
04:42:28 <lc> hey Graham
04:44:00 <Graham> glad you saw Aurun need an interval now please?
05:41:59 <lc> is that Riverside 1240ie?
05:43:46 <lc> don't think so now.
06:31:06 <lc> guest logged Grand 1521. is that a prediction?
06:35:33 <kc (working)> flagged into oblivion
06:35:46 <lc> G
06:36:13 <kc (working)> did u see the 1252 coyote?
06:36:34 <lc> no, missed it
06:37:11 <kc (working)> me too, was on lunch.
07:37:04 <kc (working)> .
07:37:58 <kc (working)> Grand 14:35ie
07:38:06 <kc (working)> not close to start tho
07:38:59 <lc> kc, i'm on phone but I had Grand 1429ie
07:39:38 <kc (working)> ty lc will put on gt
07:39:49 <lc> yw
07:42:19 <lc> OF 1441ie
07:59:37 <lc> bbl, time for food.
08:35:48 <kc (working)> depression? 15:34ie
09:08:04 <lc> OF 1607ie
09:38:23 <ynpvisitor69> in den
09:39:44 <Graham> I see Black Diamond erupted
10:21:06 <Graham> zzzzZ
10:33:05 <kc (working)> OF 17:32ie
10:35:48 <Graham> zzzzzz
10:37:29 <Graham> getting ready for next leg. may post a Norris report after dark tomorrow
10:37:40 <Graham> bye
10:38:04 <Kevin L> bye
10:38:20 <Kevin L> Have a good trip.
10:39:07 <Graham> y
10:39:12 <Graham> ty
10:51:28 <lc> good night
10:51:38 <kc (working)> nite