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21:54:35 <ynpvisitor80> hi
00:35:31 <vw> Good morning all. No time yet on OF, so we will have to stick with it mostly for a while.
00:36:26 <vw> Not much to see down basin anyway.
00:37:42 <vw> 4F at 0715 at the OF Ranger Station. Wind chill -13. Wind gusting up to 27.
00:42:29 <vw> Good morning Dave.
00:42:41 <Dave from B> Morning, vw
00:45:26 <Dave from B> ..
00:53:16 <ynpvisitor39> <>
00:56:41 <vw> Lion 0756 ns
00:57:18 <vw> yeah, the wind is definitely blowing.
00:57:29 <Dave from B> Looks nasty out there. I hope Graham has enough gear to stay warm
00:57:52 <vw> Me too.
00:58:14 <vw> He likes to get out into the basin very early, but this might be a good day to have a leisurely breakfast.
01:11:01 <vw> OF 0810
01:14:37 <vw> Hard to distinquish water from steam, but I am going to call that a long.
01:28:48 <vw> Castle 0828 ie
01:29:45 <vw> We are not going to be able see much of it.
01:39:50 <vw> VEC using an 88m interval on OF. Next predicted for 0938.
01:44:42 <vw> Lion 0844
01:48:51 <ynpvisitor39> isnt that 78 mins for OF?
01:49:40 <vw> 1 hour 28 minutes. Adds up to 88.
01:50:36 <ynpvisitor39> ooop sorry I was looking at the castle time just above. thx
01:51:41 <vw> np
01:54:08 <Dave from B> ..
01:54:34 <Dave from B> A lot of numbers hanging around today
01:56:14 <vw> :)
01:56:26 <ynpvisitor52> :)
02:03:52 <Dave from B> The crowd got me to thinkging...what is the most that have been on this chat page one one time? I'm assuming it was for BH or Giantess
02:04:38 <vw> I am not sure Dave. I remember seeing numbers around 15, and yes, BH and Giantess are the main attractions then.
02:10:01 <Dave from B> ...
02:23:45 <vw> A fleeting hope of being able to see Daisy. Oh well.
02:31:23 <vw> Lion 0930
02:35:21 <vw> Intervals on Lion fairly short. 48m and 46m this morning.
02:41:07 <Dave from B> Finally some humans on the bw...VEC static
02:41:44 <vw> There was one person hanging out for a while, but I haven't checked in a few minutes.
02:41:56 <vw> Pretty bitter conditions to stay out for long.
02:42:52 <Dave from B> I know Graham was hoping for snow...Don't think he's enjoying the bitter wind chills.
02:43:45 <vw> OF 0943
02:46:55 <vw> Long
03:16:34 <Alpinefroggy> morning
03:16:51 <vw> Good morning!
03:22:24 <vw> Good morning kc!
03:22:50 <Alpinefroggy> .
03:23:39 <kc (working)> mornin
03:26:12 <vw> Lion 1026 ns
03:26:21 <vw> stepped away, so not sure if that is start or not.
03:32:29 <Alpinefroggy> do you think F&M might be dormant this year becuase of the 89 day interval. and becuase they are overdue for one of those years without major action.
03:33:19 <vw> The current working theory is that it has gone dormant. Reasons are far beyond my pay scale to postulate!
03:35:01 <Alpinefroggy> You would think that becuase F&M would not have such episodes becuase it doesn't appear to be part of any other group. Not even chain of lakes
03:36:51 <vw> Like you said, it just may be due for a dormancy. It has had long periods in the past, so not totally unexpected.
03:38:17 <Alpinefroggy> Tha'ts what my copy of geysers of yellowstone says 2-3 years major action then 1 year with little or none. Last dormancy was 2006
03:40:31 <Dave from B> I wonder if close proximity to Firehole has anything to do with periodic dormancies.
03:41:14 <Alpinefroggy> they are both like ride on it so are you thinking water levels of the river or something?
03:41:50 <Dave from B> How many geysers besides F&M are partly underwater for a portion of the year?
03:42:29 <Dave from B> I have no expertise on the subject at all. Just wondering.
03:42:39 <Alpinefroggy> river spouter in midway, sand in river, sprinkler and no more I can think of
03:43:55 <Alpinefroggy> alide
03:45:45 <vw> There are some in the Lakeshore Group at West Thumb too.
03:46:32 <Alpinefroggy> I am most familiar with the firehole river drainage and not so much other places like norris and west thumb
03:53:38 <vw> .
03:55:01 <Alpinefroggy> on my nionrefreshing page lion is still erupting
03:56:42 <vw> My static picture is refreshing okay. Have you tried a manual refresh?
04:00:52 <Alpinefroggy> yeah i am not doing that and don't want to.
04:03:09 <vw> Can be a pain. I just know the feed from the Park is doing refreshes.
04:04:10 <Alpinefroggy> I can't see anything but geyser hill so it really doesn't matter
04:04:40 <vw> No better on streaming cam. Conditions are way less than ideal.
04:05:41 <Alpinefroggy> steamy? really steamy?
04:08:17 <vw> yeap. some may be crud on the lens too.
04:09:03 <Alpinefroggy> when do the conditions in yellowstone turn bad and season ends?
04:09:22 <vw> July 1 to June 30?
04:09:23 <vw> :D
04:10:49 <vw> About the only months that you can reliably say conditions aren't too bad are July and August. All other months can be rain/snow, cold/foggy, windy,
04:11:34 <vw> But, we have seen snow in the summer months on the rare occasion too.
04:11:52 <Alpinefroggy> I was thinking typically
04:12:43 <Alpinefroggy> but I still got my answer
04:13:48 <vw> It is really hard to predict. June 2010 was so wet and cold, many visitors gave up and left.
04:14:09 <vw> If I remember correctly, September and October that year were nice.
04:14:35 <Alpinefroggy> no plumes today
04:15:03 <vw> Nope, and I have tried to keep an eye out for it. Wind probably blowing water/steam behind OF steam.
04:16:08 <Alpinefroggy> oh I see how that would be a problem
04:16:29 <Dave from B> I see Carolyn has posted E times to GT. I thought we would have seen evidence of Graham on GT by now.
04:17:01 <Alpinefroggy> some one logged electronic times for Grand and daisy. Grand won't be due for another hour and a half
04:17:05 <vw> Except for BH and Depression, G doesn't spend much time on GH. Giantess too of course.
04:17:46 <vw> He may be doing a tour too. Know he had some plans to do that.
04:17:49 <Dave from B> I did see him waving at BH yesterday
04:18:12 <vw> OF 1117
04:18:26 <Dave from B> wait that doesn't sound right..How about waving at the cam!
04:18:48 <vw> :) we knew what you meant Dave.
04:22:34 <Alpinefroggy> fire lookout webcam has an outstanding view right now
04:23:21 <vw> and not likely to change for a while. Hard to get someone up there in the winter.
04:32:06 <vw> Lion trying to start, but can't keep its head of steam going.
04:33:36 <Alpinefroggy> 4 eruptions in and no knowlege of where the initial was could mean its ending
04:34:07 <Dave from B> Good morning, Kevin
04:34:25 <Kevin L> Hi.
04:34:43 <Alpinefroggy> gotta now
04:34:50 <Alpinefroggy> gotta go now
04:35:10 <Kevin L> Looks like you left most of the geysers for me - - IF we can see them!
04:35:33 <vw> All yours Kevin! But.... good luck with that!
04:35:43 <vw> I am going to head out. Might be back later.
04:35:44 <Dave from B> Bye, A. Froggy
04:36:06 <Kevin L> This makes me know why I live in the desert.
04:37:20 <Kevin L> We did get some times posted by Graham yesterday including an Aurum.
04:38:23 <Dave from B> I see that. Looks like Graham is on tour or hibernating today
04:41:32 <Kevin L> The temp doesn't look too bad, but the wind and snow must be awful.
05:15:11 <Kevin L> Looks like someone is trying to stay warm.
05:18:15 <Dave from B> Winter is miserable (dangerous) unless you are extremely prepared.
05:19:10 <Kevin L> Summer can be the same way here.
05:34:57 <Dave from B> Someone is waving at us again.
05:35:53 <Kevin L> Big indicator. They look cold.
05:44:54 <Kevin L> OF 1244
05:49:26 <Kevin L> Looks like we got a Grand at 1212 per Graham via OF Caroyln.
05:53:45 <Dave from B> First person I can remember making it to BH today
05:54:12 <Dave from B> Graham?
05:54:15 <Kevin L> Probably Graham
05:59:06 <Kevin L> Has to be. I can't imagine anyone else hanging out there.
06:01:33 <Dave from B> Not my idea of paradise today
06:02:53 <Kevin L> Not my idea of a good time.
06:25:16 <Kevin L> Looks like we are getting action from BH
06:42:31 <Dave from B> I have a feeling visibility will be worse tomorrow. We are supposed to get 4" of snow in Blgs on Wed
06:42:52 <Kevin L> Ugh.
07:04:18 <lc> iss that Graham at Depression?
07:05:20 <Kevin L> I has to be. Can't think of anyone else that would be hanging out there for a few hours.
07:05:42 <Kevin L> And he did report a Grand.
07:06:01 <lc> oh, he he's been there that long?
07:07:09 <Kevin L> We spotted him about 1254, but I assume he walked (or skied) over from Grand at 1212.
07:08:58 <Dave from B> Gazing a lonely activity today
07:09:48 <lc> not much need for a radio.
07:10:31 <Kevin L> Only to have the rangers rescue you.
07:15:25 <Kevin L> of 1415
07:20:43 <Dave from B> I'm cold just watching Graham pace back and forth
07:21:19 <lc> just thinking the same thing.
07:21:45 <kc (working)> u saw him move? thought he might be frozen to the bw
07:22:01 <lc> G
07:22:54 <Dave from B> If you look up dedication in the dictionary, the cam shot of Graham has to be there.
07:28:06 <Kevin L> Still can't see Daisy, but BH looks clearer
07:29:26 <lc> bbl, time for food.
07:29:41 <Kevin L> bye
07:59:32 <Dave from B> For Graham's sake...hope BH goes soon
08:00:35 <Kevin L> I am sure the fun is fading fast.
08:01:52 <Kevin L> It could be worse. I just checked where my kid is and it has warmed up to minus 13.
08:04:47 <Dave from B> 8 above gusting to 21 and a wind chill of Minus 8 at OF
08:05:24 <Kevin L> Sounds like a day for the Geyser Grill.
08:06:20 <Dave from B> New Blgs forecast: 9" for Wed and 2" for Thursday. Your only an Allegiant flight away, Kevin!!!
08:07:03 <Kevin L> Someone has to run the cam...
08:08:35 <Dave from B> CHICKEN :)
08:09:37 <Kevin L> Hey, I lived in that stuff for 2 years. That is why I live in the desert. You don't have to shovel the heat off your sidewalk.
08:09:55 <Dave from B> :)
08:12:59 <Dave from B> Just noticed Graham did see Aurum at 1359
08:13:08 <Kevin L> I am guessing if he is sitting by Plume, he expects it.
08:15:33 <Dave from B> Just noticed a note on GT. Graham thinks Plume may not be erupting
08:17:04 <Kevin L> Interesting. Also notice an Aurum at 1359.
08:29:45 <Dave from B> Time for me to go. I'll be anxious to here more about Plume from Graham. I may try to get on later. Have a good night, Kevin.
08:30:04 <Kevin L> You too Dave.
08:51:20 <Kevin L> Oops of 1550 ie
09:51:26 <Kevin L> Graham gets my nomination for the Diehard Geyser Gazer Award.
09:52:20 <lc> I second that.
09:53:51 <Kitt> Geyser Hill is not pleasant under these conditions
09:54:22 <lc> hey Kitt
09:54:29 <Kitt> Unfortunately you end up facing into the wind
09:54:33 <Kitt> Hello all
09:54:34 <Kevin L> NOTHING is pleasant under those conditions.
09:54:38 <Kevin L> hi
09:55:16 <Kitt> I actually enjoy this kind of weather waiting near Grand's tree
09:56:05 <Kitt> But it makes the trail between Grotto and Giant almost impossible to follow
09:56:06 <Kevin L> You would make a good Packers fan.
09:56:56 <Kitt> I'm always worn out from standing for 12 hours in the basin
09:57:12 <Kitt> If you sit, then you get cold
09:58:26 <Kitt> It is strange when you come in at the end of the day
09:59:01 <Kitt> Everyone is talking, drinking, and playing games while waiting for dinner
09:59:24 <Kitt> There's always a group based around the fireplace reading
09:59:49 <lc> at least there is not 16 hrs of light.
09:59:52 <Kitt> You come in from a quiet, cold world that just got dark
10:00:01 <Kitt> Such a contrast
10:00:03 <Kevin L> Not sure we will see BH if it goes
10:00:36 <Kitt> Yes, the long nights are helpful.
10:00:57 <Kitt> I actually read in the evening until I get tired
10:01:47 <Kitt> During the summer, I would rather look around at the geysers and visit with gazers
10:02:27 <Kevin L> Same here
10:04:13 <lc> Kitt, you get any snow today?
10:04:46 <Kitt> We got a little bit of snow yesterday then the temp. dropped
10:05:25 <lc> our high today was around 62, suppose to be 36 tomorrow.
10:05:25 <Kitt> The sun was out, but it was chilly here
10:06:25 <Kitt> the low was about -3
10:06:50 <Kitt> Our front porch says it is 30 degrees now
10:07:44 <lc> 53.6 here
10:08:53 <Kevin L> I am at 52
10:09:12 <lc> 34 about 150 miles NW
10:10:41 <Kitt> LC I sent you a PM
10:21:51 <Kevin L> OF 1721
10:26:00 <Kitt> wow, cam focus could make one queesy
10:26:26 <Kevin L> I am already seasick.
10:26:35 <Kitt> Hope Graham doesn't turn into a Grahamsicle
10:27:14 <Kevin L> I hope he recovers from being a Grahamsicle. I think he is already there.
10:27:50 <Kitt> When I got my layers right, I stayed warm
10:30:47 <Kitt> Msybe Graham went back to Aurum
10:31:04 <Kitt> At least the weather would be at his back
10:31:44 <Kevin L> Don't see him. Did you see his Plume note?
10:31:58 <Kitt> Yes
10:32:54 <Kitt> It would be 3 1/2 hours since last Aurum
10:33:31 <Kevin L> That is probably where he is at.
10:34:43 <Kitt> I think Bee is waiting for dark
10:35:34 <Kevin L> World's champion blind geyser.
10:36:20 <lc> I'm giving up. have a good night everyone.
10:36:31 <Kevin L> bye
10:36:49 <Kitt> bye lc
10:37:18 <Kitt> wow that cleared up
10:40:43 <Kevin L> Don't think it will do any good though
10:44:06 <Kitt> Well maybe Graham will get a mid morning eruption of Bee tomorrow
10:45:02 <Kevin L> Could be. I think we are running on 14-17 hour cycle.
10:45:25 <Kevin L> I hope it does a mid morning. I should be on the cam then.
10:45:36 <Kitt> sound right, with the occasional long to keep everyone honest
10:46:21 <Kitt> calling it a day, hope you get a lovely Bee tomorrow (I have preschool)
10:47:05 <Kevin L> I think we can kiss it off today. I will leave it on the Bee until I shut down my computer for those who seem to be able to see in the dark.
10:47:56 <Graham> hello
10:48:07 <Graham> geysers all messed up today
10:48:34 <Kevin L> Hi Graham. Was that you freezing by BH today?
10:50:10 <Graham> yep this afternoon
10:50:32 <Kevin L> We figured it was. Looked VERY cold.
10:50:37 <Graham> also watched dep overflow and drAin
10:50:59 <Kevin L> Did you ever get a Plume?
10:51:15 <Graham> did catch Grand and Aurum from distance
10:51:37 <Graham> snow around Plume
10:52:08 <Graham> Daisy may not hav e erupted either
10:52:10 <Kevin L> Saw the Aurum post and the one about Plume. Makes Giantess look more promising.
10:52:44 <Kevin L> We would never have seen it (or Grand). Horrible cam vies all day long.
11:00:27 <Graham> ha e not checked GT yet was too cold
11:00:33 <Graham> was coldest I have had here, not sure what the wind chill was
11:01:37 <Kevin L> On the weather list it was between 5 below to 15 below.
11:03:01 <Graham> k, felt colder :)
11:03:30 <Graham> the view in basin was not much better
11:04:19 <Graham> had icicles on my facemask and coat zipper froze up
11:05:16 <Kevin L> We figured you had turned popsicle.
11:05:35 <Graham> time to warm up in the shower
11:05:57 <Graham> will try and chat tomorrow but i haaave earlier dinner
11:06:04 <Kevin L> Could be worse. My son was 15 below WC 35 below!
11:06:08 <Graham> bye
11:06:14 <Kevin L> bye.
11:06:43 <Graham> was he outside for 10 hours?
11:06:55 <Kevin L> I sure hope not!
11:07:09 <Kevin L> That is Canada. It is coming your way!
11:07:34 <Graham> nooo. Bye
11:11:34 <kc (working)> just reading this makes me want to take a hot shower
11:11:49 <kc (working)> and not get out
11:12:57 <kc (working)> hope visibility improves tomorrow so we can not see plume and daisy too. nite