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01:21:32 <ynpvisitor42> At least we can see Old Faithful this morning. I had 0819wc
01:21:56 <ynpvisitor4> hj
01:22:20 <ynpvisitor4> ***xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
01:42:44 <ynpvisitor5> Interior roads are closed to oversnow travel. Interesting.
01:44:05 <Dave from B> Too much snow?
01:52:12 <ynpvisitor77> Blowing-drifting and a snowcoach blocking the road at Sheepeater is what I gather
01:52:42 <ynpvisitor5> Guess Graham is "stuck" in the UGB. :)
01:59:07 <ynpvisitor31> Darn!
02:00:37 <Dave from B> Already 27 above at OF. Wind "down" to 9. Graham will have a more enjoyable day compared to his last two.
02:01:04 <Kevin L> I should hope so.
02:01:28 <Dave from B> Morning, Kevin
02:01:39 <Kevin L> Hi.
02:02:10 <Dave from B> Woke up the neighbors at 5:15 with the snowblower.
02:03:00 <Kevin L> As long as you did my driveway, I wouldn't complain. Of course I am already up at 0530 anyway.
02:09:28 <Dave from B> I'm afraid I'm not that nice of a neighbor
02:12:56 <Kevin L> Oh well. I'll be lurking for a while.
02:29:27 <ynpvisitor5> guess they are calling Snow Day in lots of Montana from west to central
02:34:14 <Dave from B> Nothing closed in Blgs. 8-10" of snow with up to 6 more today
02:46:14 <ynpvisitor77> local traffic only recommended on the northern range. Gardiner to Cooke City.
02:46:28 <ynpvisitor42> OF 0941wc
03:20:02 <Kevin L> Hey Dave, has the cam moved?
03:21:10 <Dave from B> No
03:22:59 <Dave from B> Somebody forgot to call in sick?
03:23:44 <Kevin L> Just wondering. I could take it until vw comes on, but I don't want to grab it from someone.
03:24:31 <Dave from B> Everything takes a little longer in the snow. I'm sure vw will be here soon
03:24:38 <Kevin L> CC says for me to take it until vw comes on.
03:26:40 <Kevin L> Keep it downbasin for a bit and keep an eye on the static. Let me know if you see something. Screen not big enough for both at once.
03:27:22 <Dave from B> np. I watch the statics
03:32:01 <Dave from B> ..
03:32:34 <Kevin L> Is it snowing in Billings?
03:33:51 <Dave from B> Hasn't snowed since I got up. They are still expecting up to 6" today. It's actually nice. No wind.
03:34:29 <Alpinefroggy> No OFs yet
03:34:36 <Alpinefroggy> wierd
03:35:08 <Kevin L> I like no wind, My kid finally made it to zero. Bet he never thought he would think that was warm.
03:35:09 <Dave from B> Lots of snow on the streets. Everyone is having to learn how to drive again.
03:35:35 <Dave from B> OF 941 wc
03:35:41 <Kevin L> I think they have seen some but none entered.
03:36:48 <Alpinefroggy> I was thinking if any geyser would be imputted it would be OF
03:37:26 <Kevin L> Me too. I just posted the 0941 vr
03:39:28 <Alpinefroggy> snooping around geysers and found this
03:40:22 <Kevin L> Looks like snow starting again.
03:42:15 <Kevin L> No Graham. Wonder if he is at Grand.
03:43:39 <Alpinefroggy> plume looks like is dormant or something else becuase according to geyser times it hasn't erupted in 2days 17h 41m
03:43:47 <Kevin L> Lion 1043 ie
03:44:31 <Kevin L> Plume has had snow around the cone for a couple of days with no reported eruptions.
03:44:38 <Dave from B> It is very possible Plume is taking a few days off. There have been reports of ice and snow on Plime
03:45:17 <Kevin L> Which means you should keep an eye on Giantess.
03:46:23 <Alpinefroggy> been 1/3rd of a year since so I will
04:00:23 <Alpinefroggy> has everyone left?
04:00:51 <Kevin L> N, just multitasking
04:00:55 <ynpvisitor40> Carolyn L reported yesterday that there was ice and snow at plume...thus no eruptions
04:08:25 <Kevin L> OF 1107
04:17:20 <Kevin L> Looks like we have some BH action,but still is tough to see it.
04:27:12 <vw> Good morning/afternoon all. Or evening I guess for our overseas visitors?
04:27:29 <Kevin L> Hi
04:27:42 <vw> Do you have the cam this morning K?
04:28:05 <Kevin L> I am driving.
04:28:17 <Dave from B> Morning, vw
04:28:21 <vw> I am here to take over if you are ready.
04:28:34 <Kevin L> Anytime you wish
04:28:46 <vw> Mornin' Dave. Winter arrived with a vengence, didn't it!
04:28:51 <Kevin L> Can't see much today either.
04:29:11 <vw> Not surprised. Big storms blowing through this part of the country.
04:29:21 <vw> I have the cam.
04:29:26 <Kevin L> OK
04:29:34 <vw> Thanks Kevin!
04:29:40 <Kevin L> yw
04:30:13 <Kevin L> Only 2 geysers seen. Nothing from Graham.
04:30:56 <vw> I hope he is on a nice warm, dry snow coach tour today!
04:31:30 <Kevin L> Roads are closed right now.
04:31:56 <vw> Even for snow coaches? that would be odd.
04:32:38 <vw> Lion 1132, minor
04:32:58 <Kevin L> I think drifts are the issue.
04:33:25 <vw> aaahhhh. Makes sense.
04:37:52 <vw> Just not a good view now matter how close we try to get.
04:38:12 <vw> Even those folks on the bw are probably thinking that..
04:40:59 <Kevin L> Looks like it is clearing just a bit.
04:41:21 <vw> Just a bit. Maybe it will hold?
04:41:58 <Kevin L> And they will balance the Federal Budget....
04:47:53 <vw> Lion 1147
04:48:05 <vw> Maybe it can keep it going this time?
04:48:43 <Kevin L> Looks better already.
04:57:31 <Dave from B> Sorry, vw. Had a company lunch. Yes, it is definitely winter now.
04:58:13 <vw> np Dave! Gotta eat, but boy is your afternoon going to be a long one. :(
04:58:27 <Kevin L> Bet you didn't have a steak bbq.
04:59:33 <Dave from B> No bbq, but I have been known to turn it on at home during the cold. Things don't cook as well.
04:59:51 <vw> I wouldn't bet on that Kevin. Up here, grilling goes on year around!
05:00:05 <vw> Just takes a little longer.
05:00:07 <Kevin L> Halibut is great on the bbq.
05:00:37 <vw> IMO, almost any meat/fish tastes better grilled.
05:00:57 <Dave from B> I'm afraid there is something you don't know.....I'm allergic to all seafood. Imagine that.
05:01:15 <vw> Bummer.
05:01:23 <Kevin L> What a bummer. In your business that is tough.
05:01:30 <vw> What about fresh water fish? A nice brook trout?
05:01:50 <Kevin L> Oh that sounds SOOOOOOO good right now.
05:02:07 <vw> Plume 1201 ns
05:02:15 <vw> I think that was start, but can't be sure.
05:02:19 <Kevin L> YEA!!!!!
05:02:32 <kc (working)> it lives
05:02:52 <Dave from B> Any flying snow or ice?
05:03:05 <Kevin L> Looks a bit sick though.
05:03:12 <vw> I wonder too Dave.
05:03:25 <vw> Wish those folks were still up on the bw there to give a report.
05:04:38 <Dave from B> Winds still gusting in the 20's. Did anyone count bursts?
05:05:13 <Kevin L> I saw 4.
05:06:01 <Dave from B> Forgot to count...I was also notiving how weak it looked. THat's why I checked the wind.
05:06:10 <Dave from B> noticing
05:07:15 <Kevin L> I have to run for a bit. txt me if bhi decides to go.
05:07:52 <vw> will do K. If WE see it that is!
05:08:28 <Dave from B> Will do, Kevin
05:08:53 <vw> Now that Kevin is leaving, it is time to watch for Aurum?
05:09:03 <Dave from B> :)
05:09:10 <vw> Or is that just before he gets back?
05:10:25 <vw> May be too windy to catch Aurum. Wind may keep the visible eruption below the Giantess platform.
05:11:28 <Dave from B> Aurum is not exactly a texting geyser
05:11:53 <vw> :D not so much...
05:14:17 <vw> Carolyn has loaded some electronic times. Gives us a mark for Daisy if the visibility is okay.
05:14:55 <Dave from B> Now we can see where Graham has been
05:15:39 <Dave from B> (Grand)
05:16:28 <vw> IF he is in the basin that is.
05:17:05 <Dave from B> Does Graham like to Cross Ctry ski?
05:17:09 <vw> Big group on bw by Plume
05:26:33 <Dave from B> vw, aren't we supposed to get more snow today?
05:26:56 <vw> Yes, the original forecast was for snow through to Friday morning.
05:27:23 <vw> Total storm accumulation up to 18 inches? Not sure, but know they kept upping the measure.
05:27:47 <vw> Lucky it has been light fluffy stuff so far. Easy to shovel.
05:27:53 <Dave from B> I noticed that yesterday. I wasn't expecting it to stop today.
05:29:05 <vw> Yeah, me either.
05:29:27 <vw> Temps warming up by tomorrow too. 20F for a high Friday.
05:31:21 <vw> OF 1230
05:34:18 <Dave from B> Graham at OF?
05:35:41 <vw> That would be unusual, but not impossible.
05:46:16 <vw> That might have been G. Sorry I missed most of his waving.
05:46:21 <vw> Good afternoon Kent.
05:46:45 <Kent> Excellent news on Plume! Hey vw
05:52:22 <vw> Lion 1251. Will wait to see if minor or not
05:52:40 <vw> Looking good....
05:53:34 <vw> Visibility is heading south again though.
06:07:16 <vw> BH steam getting more active.
06:09:47 <vw> Hoping to catch Plume or I would stay on BH.
06:13:44 <vw> The way the snow has piled up it sometimes look like Indicator through BH steam. Especially when the camera is bouncing around. :P
06:18:55 <vw> BHI 1318 ie
06:18:56 <vw> ding
06:18:57 <vw> ding
06:18:58 <vw> ding
06:19:15 <kc (working)> ding
06:19:30 <Kent> I hope that is Graham standing there
06:20:15 <vw> Me too. Didn't text him. Figured if not him, he wouldn't hear the ring or feel the vibe through all the winter clothes.
06:20:49 <Kent> :)
06:20:57 <Kevin L> ty
06:21:34 <vw> text from G. he got same start time, 1318 ie.
06:21:41 <Dave from B> If it is Graham, he didn't have to wait as long today as Tuesday
06:22:11 <Kevin L> Thankfully. I thought he was going to freeze out there.
06:22:46 <vw> doggone it... can't get my email to open. Sorry to those folks I normally would email. :'(
06:23:13 <Dave from B> I will never complain about being cold last Memorial Day after what I saw Graham go through on Tuesday
06:23:59 <Kevin L> I can't believe we can see it!
06:24:02 <vw> BH 1323
06:24:59 <vw> It's struggling against that wind. Wow.
06:26:19 <vw> Yeah, Graham is quite the trooper when it comes to watching geysers. Committed.
06:30:02 <Kevin L> Shortest BH I have seen.
06:30:21 <Kevin L> Wind really topped it.
06:31:11 <vw> At least we got to see it before the view totally fuzzed out. Limited now.
06:31:29 <vw> I am going to use this whiteout as a chance to grab a bite to eat. brb.
06:39:52 <vw> .
06:40:26 <vw> took out some goodies for the birds too. Winter caught them by surprise I am afraid.
06:45:16 <vw> .
06:54:13 <vw> .
06:54:18 <vw> .
06:55:38 <vw> sorry. bumped the mouse.
06:56:04 <vw> Lion 1355 ns
06:58:11 <vw> OF 1357
07:03:40 <Dave from B> I'll be curious to see what Graham has to say about Plume when he comes in for the day. Wondering if we missed any eruptions.
07:04:45 <vw> I was expecting it about the time that BH started to warm up, so I had the cam away from Plume during time we might have expected it.
07:43:43 <vw> conditions are not improving.
07:44:20 <vw> For now, I am going to just monitor the view. If things improve I will move the camera, but otherwise may be afk at times.
07:44:49 <Kevin L> I wonder if the firecam fall off will we get a better picture? I could land with the lens pointing south.
07:45:03 <vw> :D
07:52:27 <vw> .
07:56:16 <vw> Lion 1456 ie
08:05:01 <cb> hello
08:05:13 <vw> Hi cb!
08:05:16 <Kevin L> Hi cb
08:05:23 <vw> Pretty boring. View has been limited for a while now.
08:05:27 <cb> hey. not much visiblility
08:05:49 <Kevin L> Better than the last two days.
08:05:56 <Dave from B> Hi ,cb
08:06:02 <cb> ola all
08:06:31 <Kevin L> Bet the hubby is working now.
08:06:41 <vw> Cam is all yours whenever you are ready cb. Its been parked in this location for a while.
08:06:48 <cb> Thought i'd make my way from the couch to the computer to see if i can sit here for a bit. had knee surgery yesterday under the influence! :)
08:07:04 <vw> Ouch!
08:07:22 <vw> Well, leaving the cam in OF preset would work just fine today.
08:07:44 <vw> I am going to head out. If I don't move I am going to fall asleep.
08:07:46 <Kevin L> Ouch! Hope you are doing OK. I have to take the kid to an activity, but if you want I can handle the cam when I get back.
08:07:53 <vw> Have a great evening all!
08:08:00 <Kevin L> bye
08:08:01 <cb> ya i might just kinda keep a eye on it
08:08:06 <cb> bye vw
08:19:03 <Dave from B> Police don't give DUI's for driving the webcam erratically:)
08:19:46 <cb> LOL!! I hope not. going to leave it here for a bit. view's gettingg worse
08:20:22 <cb> I might go over the line though...been know to do that on occation!
08:20:36 <Dave from B> Don't blame you...I really haven't watched all day.
08:21:16 <cb> I did watch BH thanks to vw's tx!
08:21:33 <cb> love that i can get the live cam on my phone!
08:23:59 <Dave from B> What kind of phone and how clear is it?
08:24:20 <cb> Android and its really clear!
08:25:35 <cb> I saw Graham braved the cold again today! He's the man!
08:25:39 <Dave from B> I haven't quite made the jump to the smartphones. I can get e-mail and very very limited internet. Are you glad you made the jump?
08:27:04 <cb> Yes! I like it! Although my nose is to often buried in the device!
08:27:43 <cb> Did you ever get your FB account. let me know so i can send you a friend. I love all the pic's and info that gets posted there
08:28:01 <cb> friend request...arggggg
08:29:03 <Dave from B> I'm hoping to at least get a photo and some basics on my FB account this weekend. I'll get back to you next week.
08:29:39 <Dave from B> Trouble is I need lessons from my 18 year old and I hardly see her she is so busy with her senior year
08:30:18 <cb> OF 1530
08:30:25 <cb> I can barely see it
08:31:01 <cb> seniorites!! i know that one well! Pray alot!!
08:31:54 <Dave from B> She's a good's my 13 and 11 year olds that I am worried about
08:32:45 <Dave from B> Time for me to go. My senior has a basketball game tonight. Hope to talk to you tomorrow
08:33:15 <cb> you are going to be a busy dad iin the next few years!
08:33:26 <cb> take care. stay warm
08:37:12 <Dave from B> Wouldn't have it any other way. Hold on and enjoy the ride!
08:37:29 <cb> LOL
08:38:36 <cb> on preset i will check in a bit to see if weather clears
08:55:12 <cb> Hey Kevin. i am going to head back to put my leg up. sitting is NOT good!
08:55:26 <cb> I was going to put it on preset and ck in a bit
08:55:33 <cb> am
08:55:59 <Kevin L> I can drive
08:56:34 <Kevin L> Got it
08:56:46 <cb> i'm glad cuz i on restriction!
08:56:58 <Kevin L> np
08:57:10 <Kevin L> Can't see much anyway.
08:57:12 <cb> ok. i will ck back later. an afternoon not fit for man or beast
08:57:41 <Kevin L> Could be worse. My son had a low of minus 29 yesterday!
08:58:11 <cb> yikes
08:58:18 <cb> bbl
08:58:25 <Kevin L> Warmed up to minus 9
08:58:33 <Kevin L> Take care.
08:58:40 <cb> ty
09:40:22 <Kevin L> Clearing up just a bit.
10:01:58 <Kevin L> I think I missed it in the snow.
10:02:27 <Kevin L> Look ie on the vec
10:33:13 <Kevin L> Not looking good for the rest of the night.
10:41:34 <Kevin L> Think we can call this a night.
11:06:55 <Graham> Grand 1706 T1Q
11:07:59 <Graham> hello I think its going to snow
11:12:02 <Graham> no snowcoaches to Flag or MAmmoth
11:12:31 <Graham> Mammoth ppl sent to West and then bussed to Mammoth
11:13:16 <Graham> 2 Grands and BH, good day :)
11:13:31 <kc (working)> hi Graham
11:13:59 <kc (working)> visibility has been pretty rough on this side of the window into wonderland
11:17:21 <Graham> yeahbut I did share BH with you all today
11:17:58 <Graham> I think it got to 50'
11:18:56 <Graham> snowing hard again and its heavvy wet stuff
11:19:18 <Graham> I think that's why there's been less blowing snow
11:19:39 <Graham> but it is drifting, I have snowshoes
11:20:42 <Graham> tired now after a long day. need to clean up. bye
11:33:05 <ynpvisitor45> :)