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18:24:26 <BB> I read in the log that there seem to be some doubts about the Depression times I have posted.
18:24:34 <BB> I have a few things to say to that.
18:24:44 <BB> First of all, I am not confusing Depression with the Dwarf. The Dwarf is in the same area as Depression, but a different location. After staring at screenshots for months I am quite confident I can tell them apart.
18:24:54 <BB> I cannot swear, of course, that Depression is actually erupting as you can rarely see water on the static cam. But it is definitely doing something.
18:25:01 <BB> I have captured about half a million screenshots until today, and I look through all of them, writing down every eruption I see in a spreadsheet, including the ones nobody seems to care about like Little Cub and Anemone. Well, not Pump, I admit that.
18:25:08 <BB> And I compared every single one of my calls to GOSA data where available, especially the difficult geysers like Depression and Aurum. I even look up the ones I missed in my captures to find out what they look like and why I missed them. (Yes, I am obsessive, I know.)
18:25:15 <BB> I miss a few Depression eruptions but the ones I do get are usually correct. (My Aurum rate is not so good, still working on that one). I write down more times than I post to GT because I already leave out the ones I find doubtful.
18:25:26 <BB> It is easier to spot Depression on static if you have a sequence of captures to run through. Very often the steam is blown towards the Lion group and not very obvious in a single shot. I have always found more Depression eruptions in my captures than were posted in the chat log. But since we didn't have GT back then nobody knew or noticed. The streaming cam is not always pointed at GH, and unless
18:25:33 <BB> To wrap this up, I am quite confident that it is Depression that is doing something. BTW, I didn't see anything that I would have called eruption steam during the days that Graham said it didn't erupt. And believe me, I did look.
18:25:41 <BB> But since I don't want to confuse anyone and can't swear Depression is actually erupting I will send a note to Tara and ask her to use caution with Depression times when she writes her geyser summary for the Sput.
00:38:34 <ynpvisitor12> I had 0732 on the last OF and a long
01:22:47 <Dave from B> ...
01:44:17 <ynpvisitor12> <>
02:33:32 <ynpvisitor46> Lion 9:32ie wc
02:51:34 <DaveM> BB -- I'm interested in Little Cub and Anemone. Please share your times.
03:01:48 <Dave from B> Morning, Kevin
03:02:50 <Kristine> Gosh, it's a beautiful morning out.
03:06:37 <Kevin L> Morning
03:07:02 <Kevin L> Looks like not too much to look at till it clears a bit.
03:07:17 <Kristine> Yeah
03:23:17 <Af> Good Morning
03:23:34 <Kevin L> Looks like some nice Giantess boils.
03:23:37 <Kristine> Morning Af
03:23:43 <Kevin L> Hi frog
03:25:12 <Af> So I subscribed to the sput
03:25:19 <Kristine> I wouldn't mind seeing Giantess.
03:26:04 <Dave from B> Hi, Froggy. Sput is a must for any gazer
03:26:32 <Af> I didn't quit
03:27:22 <Kevin L> OF 1026
03:27:45 <Af> must be the billowing stem I see on static
03:28:49 <Kevin L> Impressive steam today. 4 degress out there.
03:31:17 <Af> long or short
03:32:10 <Kevin L> VEC calling it a long. No way to see water on the cam.
03:34:11 <Af> All I get is OF predictions on VEC is there soemthing special there?
03:35:10 <Dave from B> Press 2
03:37:18 <Af> trying not to be a pain but pressing 2 on VEC webcam does nothing. As far as I can see.
03:37:24 <Kevin L> Still too steamy to see much down basin.
03:38:14 <Af> Tha'ts a lot of Giantess steam
03:38:21 <Af> !
03:38:24 <Kevin L> Looks like Lion ie @ 1037
03:38:28 <Dave from B> Sorry, AF. Thought you were talking about the VEC Geyser Prediction Phone number
03:39:24 <Af> Phone number? wow there are still wierd things like that I never knew about thanks for the info though.
03:40:56 <Dave from B> VEC Geyser Phone is 307-344-2751
03:41:26 <Dave from B> Press 1 for OF prediction. Press 2 for Castle, Daisy, Riverside, Grand
03:41:46 <Af> I don't have a vell phone but thaks Dave.
03:42:05 <ynpvisitor33> do they include Great Fountain when they can?
03:42:21 <kc (working)> yes
03:42:26 <Kristine> I believe so, Af
03:45:22 <Kevin L> Lot of steam downbasin. Possible Daisy
03:47:31 <Af> A lot of steam from Oblong Grotto area on static
03:47:44 <Af> like an actula plume not just steam
03:52:59 <ynpvisitor33> ..
03:54:24 <Af> got that right 33
03:55:48 <Kevin L> Downbasin is mostly geyser fog. Pat S has a questionable Plume at 1044.
03:56:43 <Kevin L> Temp is up to 11.
03:56:52 <Kristine> Heat wave :)
03:57:21 <Af> :)
03:57:25 <Af> lol
03:57:56 <Kristine> When it gets into the low 30s, employees ski in T-shirts and shorts.
03:58:40 <Af> And it gets to the 40s they know it isn't winter anymore
03:59:43 <Kristine> Sunbathe in the 40s. I've seen folks ski a local OF trail in their bathing suites.
04:03:26 <Kristine> Goodness, I miss OF in winter. Anyway...
04:05:06 <Af> If it gets any hotter you never go into the shade without getting mosquito bites all over yourslef. That is the only thing I dislike about YNP
04:06:39 <Kristine> I hate the mosquitos. Last summer was the worst I'd seen. I could've bathed in bug juice and I don't think it would've helped.
04:07:03 <Kristine> I had to spray my camera bag when I visited Bechler in late August.
04:07:06 <Af> went to Iron Pot out in sentinal and left it wa so bad.
04:08:30 <Kevin L> Try taking B Complex vitimins about a month before you go. Someone told me that mosquitos didn't like the smell of it when you sweat and will leave you alone. I tried it the last few times I went and it worked!
04:08:46 <Kristine> I was amazed at the ability of the mosquites to find the smallest patch of skin that I hadn't sprayed with bug juice.
04:09:07 <Kristine> Really Kevin? I may have to try that. I am a blue plate special to the little buggers.
04:09:37 <Af> It was a paain wile I waited for Grand under the terees over by rift. It sucked but I saw grand the first time :)
04:10:08 <Dave from B> I try to leave as little skin uncovered as possible. Lightweight long sleeve shirt even in summer is better than being attacked.
04:10:59 <Kristine> I tried that Dave, they still found me.
04:11:16 <Af> The bugger s are tenacious and ruthless
04:11:54 <Kevin L> They are illegal in Las Vegas.
04:12:03 <Af> Gotta go see you all later
04:12:20 <Kristine> When I was a guide, I asked my group what animal in the park it was legal to kill. Without hesitation, the entire bus yelled "mosqutios"!
04:12:21 <Dave from B> Buy, AF
04:12:23 <Kevin L> bye
04:12:27 <Kristine> Later Af
04:12:32 <Dave from B> buy = bye
04:13:08 <Dave from B> Kevin, I like your Vitamin B Complex idea. May have to try that one
04:14:03 <Kristine> Me too.
04:17:09 <Kevin L> Give you that added boost of energy also!
04:24:09 <Kristine> Important for a F&M run :)
04:28:11 <Dave from B> That's more like a marathon
04:28:27 <Kristine> LOL
04:30:09 <Kevin L> Or just getting up that hill between GH and the cabins.
04:31:07 <Kristine> Yeah. I just know that someday I'm going to go face first down that hill while trying to get out to Beehive.
04:32:05 <Dave from B> Kristine, I am interested in what you thought of your Bechler trip. I did that trip about 10 years ago.
04:32:43 <Kevin L> If you had to have a fatal heart attack, it would be a nice place for it - BUT only after BH.
04:33:15 <Kristine> It was only a day trip; basically my hubby showed me around (his duty station was at Madison so he would work in Bechler once a week) and to see Cave Falls.
04:33:38 <Kristine> I definately want to explore the area more. I love photographing waterfalls
04:33:50 <Kristine> Yeah...definately after Beehive.
04:35:00 <Dave from B> I hiked from OF to Bechler. 5 nights. The only long trip I've ever taken. I loved it. WShoshone GB, Waterfalls, huckleberries and Mr. Bubbles were fantastic
04:35:51 <Kristine> I'd love to do that hike. I've day hiked Shoshone and I really want to do it again.
04:37:22 <Dave from B> I would love to go to Shoshone with someone who knew the area. That's on my "bucket list"
04:38:42 <Kristine> I know a few folks who are knowledgable. I'm trying to talk some folks into day hiking Shoshone this summer.
04:43:08 <Dave from B> That's a lot of walking in 1 day. How much time can you spend in the basin on a day trip?
04:45:24 <Kristine> Hours. It's about 15 miles or so roundtrip. We walked all over the basin. I still have the maps of the basin. I did the whole hike of 3.5 hours of sleep.
04:47:37 <Dave from B> Do you bike to Lone Star to shorten the trip?
04:48:23 <Kristine> We didn't that time, but next time that's what I will do. Even more time in the basin.
04:52:04 <Kevin L> Lion 1151
04:53:15 <Kevin L> OF 1152
04:53:19 <Kristine> Old Faithful
04:53:47 <Kristine> Steamy
04:54:30 <Kristine> Not so good wind direction
04:56:08 <kc (working)> lion was a minor?
04:56:36 <Kevin L> I am going to guess a long.
04:57:04 <Kristine> Me too. I saw water at about 3 minutes
04:59:13 <Kevin L> VEC called it long, so I guess we are good.
04:59:29 <Kristine> Yep.
04:59:50 <Kevin L> And humble....
05:05:52 <Kevin L> Is that a Plate eruption?
05:14:29 <Dave from B> Aurum looks hot
05:15:44 <Kevin L> I think we have a Penta ie.
05:15:44 <kc (working)> lion 12:14ie
05:21:31 <Kevin L> Groblong ie 1220
05:21:51 <Kristine> haha
05:22:50 <Kevin L> Any guesses?
05:23:22 <Kristine> I'm watching for water
05:23:35 <Dave from B> Turban?
05:24:09 <Kristine> I'm not seeing water
05:25:11 <Kevin L> I am not either
05:28:36 <Dave from B> Triple interval from GT would suggest Grand is in its window (22 hr 36 min)
05:31:28 <Kevin L> Back again. Not sure what happed, but my computer just threw a temper tantrum.
05:32:43 <Kristine> Love it when that happens
05:37:29 <Kristine> Lunchtime. I'll leave this on and see if I can get it to ding this time.
05:37:40 <Kevin L> Froze up and had to do a restart to get it back.
05:39:03 <Dave from B> Computers can be fun. I've had a laptop hard drive crash and my work printer/fax machine go down in the last week.
05:39:58 <Dave from B> kc, did you try to PM me?
05:46:25 <Dave from B> Hi, BB
05:48:20 <BB> hi Dave
05:55:14 <kc (working)> disregard Dave, chat was giving me trouble
05:55:33 <Dave from B> That's what I thought. np
05:57:07 <Kevin L> Depression ie 1256
05:58:40 <BB> Thanks Kevin!
05:59:52 <Kevin L> Hi BB.
06:00:53 <BB> hi
06:17:37 <Kevin L> Lion 1317
06:22:00 <Kevin L> OF 1321
06:24:56 <CC> just turned on my computer Kevin
06:24:57 <Dave from B> Hi, CC
06:25:14 <CC> hi Dave
06:25:40 <CC> just got your second text Kevin...guess you don't need the wipte
06:25:51 <CC> bye
06:26:53 <Af> Afternoon
06:27:49 <CC> is that daisy
06:28:31 <Af> Getting into BH butter zone
06:28:43 <Kevin L> Daisy 1327
06:28:54 <CC> yeaph
06:30:13 <Kevin L> Was hoping to catch that and Grand.
06:31:03 <CC> Riverside is predicated for 4:15
06:31:10 <CC> bye again
06:32:00 <Af> Bye CC
06:34:51 <Af> .
06:36:58 <ynpvisitor15> Possible Plume on static at 1330?? Large columns of vapor, but with the lens being fogged it made it difficult to trace the origin
06:37:10 <Kevin L> Grand 1336
06:37:39 <Af> Really now? while I can only see static
06:38:08 <ynpvisitor15> Nice water to the right on Grand
06:42:00 <Af> wanana put the plume in 15?
06:42:33 <Af> never mind
06:43:33 <Kevin L> Will be going to preset @ 1400 for school bus duty.
06:44:57 <Dave from B> We'll try to hold off BH for you, Kevin
06:45:20 <Af> At home my DSL motem might be giving up and loads only certain parts. do what sucks? Doesn't load streaming or static but does get cam chat and GT
06:45:35 <Af> sights not parts
06:47:37 <Kevin L> 2nd burst
06:47:41 <Af> wolf on static
06:47:55 <Af> gone
06:50:02 <Dave from B> That was a nice second
06:50:22 <Af> is it done?
06:51:08 <Af> gotta go!
06:55:34 <Kevin L> Dave, txt me if we get BH
06:58:02 <Dave from B> Will do
06:58:46 <Kevin L> This is the best I can do and keep it legal.
06:59:03 <Kevin L> bbs
07:35:33 <Kevin L> back
07:37:26 <Dave from B> Not much from BH.
07:38:54 <Kevin L> Take a bit closer look.
07:54:18 <Kevin L> OF 1451
07:58:04 <kc (working)> steamy at bh
07:58:34 <CC> I will leave the computer open so if Graham needs a wipe he can call me
07:59:47 <kc (working)> 1456ie unless someone got a better time
07:59:54 <kc (working)> for bhi
08:00:00 <kc (working)> .
08:00:00 <kc (working)> .
08:00:00 <kc (working)> .
08:00:02 <Kevin L> ding
08:00:46 <Dave from B> Had sound off. Good thing I looked up
08:01:03 <Dave from B> Thanks for the text, Kevin
08:01:05 <Kevin L> I just sent you a txt.
08:02:05 <Kevin L> This has been a good shift.
08:04:59 <Kevin L> BH 1504
08:07:17 <Kristine> So pretty
08:09:13 <Dave from B> Doesn't seem to be many people in the basin today.
08:09:34 <Kristine> No. It looks like such a great day.
08:10:00 <Dave from B> Not many winter days when the wind isn't blowing.
08:10:13 <Kristine> Yeah
08:14:34 <kc (working)>
08:17:08 <Dave from B> ..
08:26:55 <Dave from B> Time for me to go. Have a good night Kevin and kc.
08:27:08 <kc (working)> u2
08:33:22 <Kevin L> Not sure if that was an Aurum or not.
08:33:39 <Kevin L> Would have bee at 1525
08:37:55 <Kevin L> been
08:38:51 <kc (working)> bh sure knows how to clear a room
08:58:18 <Graham> hello
09:01:33 <Kevin L> Hi.
09:01:46 <Kevin L> Most everything gone. Daisy looking hot.
09:01:58 <kc (working)> howdy
09:02:00 <Graham> yeah Daisy is due....
09:02:06 <Graham> good to get two BH reports
09:02:14 <Graham> shame it couldn't wait an hour
09:03:16 <Graham> looks like you had a busy day Penta and Plate?
09:10:30 <Kevin L> Not 100% sure on both of them, but pretty sure.
09:10:44 <CC> hi all
09:11:05 <Kevin L> Wind not OF friendly today. Had to have CC wipe a few times. She is standing by.
09:11:07 <CC> Graham I have the scope up in case the lens needs a wipe
09:11:19 <Kevin L> Hi CC. Right on cue.
09:11:21 <Graham> k, thanks
09:11:34 <Graham> right now the wind is blowing ok
09:11:42 <CC> VC using a three hour window for Daisy
09:11:55 <Graham> yeah it looks ready
09:12:37 <Graham> how about Daisy 1611
09:13:15 <Graham> nice lighting
09:13:23 <Graham> and wind
09:13:42 <CC> Beside BH I love Daisy from the cam
09:14:07 <Graham> evening Castles are great too
09:14:35 <CC> beautifl
09:14:40 <CC> beautiful
09:15:17 <CC> Graham it really looks like the snow has melted
09:16:18 <Kevin L> That was nice.
09:16:43 <Kevin L> Bison are going to have an easy winter.
09:17:11 <Graham> yeah been a gap in the snow. not much this next week too
09:17:18 <Graham> maybe in 2 weeks they will get some more
09:21:17 <Graham> OF 1620
09:21:30 <CC> even OF looks nice
09:21:31 <Graham> nice one too
09:25:39 <CC> guess you won't need me...have a good night
09:25:57 <Graham> ok, you too
09:26:07 <Graham> thanks for coming in tho
09:29:03 <Graham> Dep 1628ie
09:29:08 <Graham> yeah I have seen it erupt again
09:58:50 <Graham> Riverside 1657ie
10:10:03 <Graham> bye bye Sawmill, just quit
10:12:44 <Graham> Plume 1712ie
10:52:58 <Graham> OF 1751
11:00:58 <Graham> lovely steam plumes now
11:02:35 <Graham> looks like we missed Uncertain - all steamy
11:20:08 <kcmule> plume?
11:20:14 <kcmule> 18:19ie i think
11:21:24 <Graham> dunno...rather dark
11:23:29 <kcmule> confirmed on capture
11:23:47 <kcmule> amazing since im all about these tacos right now
11:23:52 <Graham> k, good catch then
11:25:00 <kcmule> 1 plume and 1 bhi, good enough day for me : )
11:25:18 <Graham> no BH?
11:25:43 <kcmule> those are my calls today
11:25:52 <kcmule> but was a little busy and didnt get
11:25:57 <kcmule> to see uch of bh live
11:26:02 <kcmule> much
11:27:51 <Kevin L> The camera work was superb, so the replay should be nice. :)
11:28:19 <Graham> maybe tomorrow...although it might not show up, could go before and after dark
11:29:05 <Graham> goodnight
11:29:24 <kcmule> can only hope
11:29:28 <kcmule> nite
11:32:06 <Kevin L> nite