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18:19:52 <BB> Dave M, thanks for your interest in my times.
18:20:29 <BB> I have been posting Little Cub times to GT for the last week or two, if I find the time I will go back through my spreadsheet and post more.
18:21:17 <BB> I post them all "ie", the time is always the static cam time stamp of the first frame I think LC is erupting in.
18:21:34 <BB> I will post Anemone, but usually it is blocked by OF steam most of the time.
18:22:12 <BB> And I decided I will write down Pump if I see it, no reason to exclude it, what I wrote yesterday sounded like geyser discrimination to me :)
18:23:05 <BB> And note to all: if you ever spot a Little Brother geyser entry on GT, that was me trying to enter Little Cub. Please leave me a note here or on FB or email me, so I can change it.
18:23:29 <BB> It happens when I don't pay attention, but I think I caught them all so far. I don't even know where Little Brother geyser is.
18:25:00 <BB> And to Glennon, if he reads this or somebody can get a message to him: The wrong Little Brother posts cross over to, and since I usually post a day or two later, after reviewing captures, I can't access the archives to flag them out of existence.
18:26:37 <BB> These are errors and should be deleted.
00:00:49 <vw> Good morning all.
00:01:04 <vw> Just looking at OF times, and think maybe I just missed one?
00:01:36 <vw> Too early/fuzzy to move the cam, but will keep an eye on it until picture gets clearer.
00:02:53 <Dave from B> Morning, vw.
00:03:05 <vw> Hi Dave!
00:04:38 <Dave from B> Last OF should have been just before 6
00:05:16 <vw> aaahhh. So one in the next half hour or so.
00:05:50 <vw> would be nice to get a time early. I thought what I was seeing was post-play.
00:09:16 <Dave from B> Small tremors at OF occurring in the last half hour.
00:09:46 <vw> and now the fog is rolling in so we might not be able to see much. :(
00:10:10 <Dave from B> A bit of activity last night after 9 pm.
00:10:28 <vw> ? Haven't read the log
00:15:52 <vw> OF 0715
00:16:25 <vw> Doesn't want to hold focus
00:19:23 <vw> More than 3.5m
00:23:08 <vw> Looks like that is all we are going to see for a while.
00:42:05 <vw> .
00:47:01 <Dave from B> Morning, Kevin
00:47:53 <vw> Good morning Kevin!
00:49:28 <Kevin L> hi
00:49:48 <Kevin L> Gettin Breakfast done. Should be back by 1200
00:50:19 <vw> 'See' you when you get back. Brkfst sounds good. Maybe I could drop by?
00:55:35 <Kevin L> No problem. I'll have a plate waiting...
00:55:51 <vw> Don't let it get cold K.
00:55:56 <vw> :D
00:57:48 <vw> Big steam at Castle.
01:06:18 <vw> And now at Grand too.
01:06:32 <vw> And maybe even Daisy.
01:06:43 <vw> Sure hope some folks are int here enjoying them.
01:27:21 <Dave from B> Starting to see some blue sky
01:27:44 <Kevin L> Heading out. bbs
01:27:59 <vw> Bye K. See ya later.
01:30:40 <ynpvisitor4> bison on the VC cam
01:31:09 <vw> Slowly meandering this way maybe?
01:31:19 <vw> Good patch of grass there.
01:38:15 <Dave from B> Does every visitor in winter have to have a tall tripod and big camera?
01:38:51 <vw> OF 0838
01:40:31 <vw> Those bison and people are a little too close to each other.
01:41:06 <vw> Somebody forgot to tell the bison to stay at least 50 ft away from the two-leggeds.
01:41:26 <Dave from B> :)
01:42:00 <Dave from B> Never hear of bison attacks in winter. Is that because of low number of winter visitors or bison conserving energy?
01:42:33 <vw> Good question Dave. Not sure.
01:42:57 <vw> Some wildlife would actually get more aggressive to protect the limited resource.
01:46:58 <vw> Might as well watch the bison.
02:06:50 <vw> Might as well watch the fog...
02:07:00 <vw> wow.
02:48:52 <vw> Should be an OF soon, but won't be able to see much. Preplay now I think.
02:51:22 <vw> BH? :'(
02:51:50 <vw> Yeap. Think so. BY 0951 ie ?
02:52:25 <vw> Oops. My bad! didn't realize I had cam aimed away from OF. :P
02:52:41 <vw> Guess I better get some more coffee. Sorry all.
02:57:03 <Dave from B> Long BH interval
02:57:34 <vw> It wasn't Dave. Just my inattentiveness.
02:59:16 <ynpvisitor49> oh give me a home where the buffalo roam!
02:59:46 <vw> Yes, nice to see them back after they have been gone a few days.
03:02:44 <ynpvisitor49> not a lot of people waiting for OF
03:03:18 <vw> Early coaches and snowmobiles probably just arriving now.
03:03:27 <Af> Good morning
03:03:38 <vw> Good morning Af
03:03:59 <vw> Lion 1003
03:06:12 <Dave from B> Morning, AF
03:06:33 <ynpvisitor49> few years ago saw Lion, Beehive and OF together
03:07:08 <Af> Wow 49 that would be.... beyond cool.
03:07:31 <vw> OF 1006
03:09:42 <Af> bison on static with OF
03:10:16 <Af> on that note its just chuck testa
03:11:56 <kc (working)> not all together but close
03:12:42 <ynpvisitor78> I wasn't watching, did I miss Beehive?
03:12:57 <Af> no but OF and lion
03:14:37 <ynpvisitor49> kc (working), Way cool! I think the 3 together was before the streaminging.
03:16:45 <Af> I wa sat Daisy one time BH erupte dthen about 5 minutes later Daisy went BH just finished
03:19:03 <kc (working)> ty 49, feel free to subscribe. i try to upload all the best stuff. between me and davem we've got a good collection
03:21:13 <Kristine> Morning everyone
03:21:23 <Dave from B> Hi, Kristine
03:21:25 <Af> morning
03:21:39 <kc (working)> mornin
03:22:00 <P. BOOM!> how do you subscribe?
03:22:06 <vw> Hi Kristine!
03:22:55 <Af> Go to her channel while signed in and click the giant yellow button saying SUBSCRIBE
03:22:56 <vw> Plume 1022 ie
03:23:47 <P. BOOM!> on .net??
03:24:00 <Af> youtube
03:24:20 <P. BOOM!> ahh...I thought you guys meant signing in here lol
03:24:49 <Kristine> Free camera on the live cam. Looks like it comes with a tripod and everything :)
03:25:03 <Kristine> Nevermind...the guy came back for it
03:25:06 <vw> :)
03:25:10 <vw> Bummer!
03:25:20 <Af> :)
03:25:31 <vw> well... maybe not for him.
03:25:40 <Kristine> Is it me or is a little bit close to those bison?
03:26:07 <Kristine> Yeah. Where I grew up, that was a "free" camera.
03:26:22 <Af> I need to get a thermal imaging camera
03:26:59 <Af> For YNP
03:27:00 <P. BOOM!> no signs of eruption on any of the webcams
03:27:01 <Kristine> That would be cool
03:27:33 <Af> but... there like 1500 bucks
03:27:40 <vw> None that we know of anyway Boom. Wasn't a good morning to see eruptions so could be hit and miss for a while.
03:28:26 <P. BOOM!> need more webcam coverage...hard to know what's going on in the Mirror Plateau lol
03:28:48 <vw> yeah, I can't zoom that far.
03:28:58 <Kristine> LOL
03:29:30 <P. BOOM!> washburn cam might be able to see Mirror if pointed in right direction
03:29:43 <vw> PLZ somebody clue that guy on the bw in...
03:30:07 <Af> Bison is a little close
03:30:14 <Af> to tripod man
03:30:25 <vw> Don't think I would want to be eye-to-eye with a bison that close. :P
03:30:39 <Kristine> People like that give photograhers a bad name.
03:30:52 <vw> He is going to lose more than a camera if he keeps that up.
03:31:00 <Kristine> The only time I've been that close has been when I've been snowmobiling in or out of OF.
03:31:57 <Kristine> These aren't cows people... *shakes head* I usually just walk away, I don't like the sight of blood.
03:32:43 <P. BOOM!> I've been that close to a big bull...but I was on a deck above him
03:33:11 <Af> I never whant to get pummeled I just say Nope, chuck tetsa and move along.
03:34:27 <P. BOOM!> thought about, but did not, throw any pine cones
03:35:23 <Af> I ran into two bison on teh same day minutes part. One at Ojo Caliente and then when I attempted to go to river group and see mound,
03:35:41 <Af> Just went over to the otehr side
03:36:15 <P. BOOM!> I had to pass fairly close to one coming back at night from Grand
03:36:53 <Kristine> I got the crap scared out of me last fall out hiking south of Ojo Caliente. I didn't see the bison until I stopped and then my friend said "Hey look, a bison".
03:37:22 <P. BOOM!> They're sneaky for their size
03:37:34 <Kristine> He was about 20 feet from us and it startled me and I fell over a log. The bison didn't even flinch. I got a nice scratch on my arm and splinters in my hand.
03:38:13 <Kristine> Yeah, this was a big bull and we knew he'd been in the area because we'd seen him earlier so we were watching for him.
03:38:30 <P. BOOM!> at Custer their is a nice bison wallow only a few feet away from a popular trail, but it is hidden by brush
03:39:18 <Af> Last time I waited for Grand there was a bison that passed though the Sawmill group and people were stupid like usual getting really close.
03:39:25 <Kristine> Yikes
03:39:57 <Kristine> Yeah, I've had that happen, Af. People thought I was crazy for putting my backpack on as the bison got closer.
03:40:03 <vw> yeah, there and between Castle and OF Inn, a lot of people take too many risks.
03:40:04 <P. BOOM!> I never did see a buffy in the wallow, though. (worked there 5 months)
03:40:37 <Af> Wildlife is unpredictable respect it.
03:41:39 <vw> Too many visitors have the zoo or farm mentality. See wildlife in its element too infrequently.
03:42:03 <Af> Hence wildlife jams
03:42:11 <Af> Oh I have to go for a little while come back soon I hope.
03:42:43 <vw> Thought I saw a puff from Lion on 1041 static cam. Nothing there now.
03:44:28 <Kristine> That's why rangers have to "people babsit". Wildlife seems to a foreign concept to a lot of folks.
03:44:50 <P. BOOM!> I wonder why there is never snow in the valley on the Electric Peak cam
03:45:19 <vw> There is in most winters. Proximity to river will also affect snow pack there.
03:45:24 <ynpvisitor78> IGardiner area is very dry
03:45:34 <Af> I live in Marin County and see deer walking home from High school. I get board with the deer and scare them.
03:52:01 <P. BOOM!> here in Iowa, I was once on a levee in a marsh and 2 deer got on it at the other end
03:52:14 <P. BOOM!> then they started towards me!
03:53:11 <P. BOOM!> I just stood there as they came right up to me and paused. They sensed something but didn't know I was
03:53:19 <P. BOOM!> a living being
03:55:03 <Kristine> Animals, like humans, are strange sometimes.
03:56:29 <Af> I'm in a class where I work with adobe products. I go to this chat when I'm board and everyone says I'm wierd.
03:56:59 <Af> They are right I am Wierd! very wierd
03:57:36 <Kristine> People say I'm weird too because I love to sit at steaming holes in the ground and wait for hot water to come out. I just say thank you :)
03:58:42 <Af> My brotehr wonderes why its so inticing to wait for 3 hours for hot water to come out a large hole named Grand.
03:59:21 <Af> I always tell him your not me.
04:00:03 <Kristine> Yeah, I get sme strange looks when I'm waiting on Beehive. Folks ask me when it will erupt and I usually tell them sometime that day.
04:04:12 <Af> There were 10 people at my first Daisy. I sat down whipped out Gyesers of yellowstone and my recording book all of them then asked me when it would erupt.
04:04:30 <Af> tells me us gazers are pretty obvious in the basin.
04:06:51 <Kristine> There are few places in the park that I can go and not get stopped and asked questions.
04:07:53 <Af> Pretty much everywhere other than UGB between geyser hill and morning glory.
04:08:25 <Af> and that is the place I lurk the most in.
04:09:16 <Af> lets get ready for a lion some time in the next 20 min
04:09:31 <vw> Plume too
04:09:56 <vw> OF could be a spoiler for both.
04:10:12 <Af> I forget though can never see it here on static.
04:10:41 <vw> Lion? You should be able to see it on the UGB static page.
04:10:46 <Kristine> I get stopped every time I drive through Lamar Valley :)
04:10:57 <vw>
04:11:38 <Af> That's what I watch VW
04:11:53 <vw> You should be able to see Lion fine on that static page?
04:12:07 <Af> I do its plume
04:12:18 <Af> I can't see
04:12:31 <vw> Yeah, Plume can be a challenge with OF.
04:12:36 <vw> Lion 1112
04:12:47 <Kristine> Speaking of Lion...
04:13:03 <vw> minor
04:13:51 <Af> wow just when I starte dthinking about lion
04:16:13 <vw> Aurum 1115 ns
04:17:42 <Af> and now aurm
04:25:24 <Af> i'm board
04:27:04 <vw> .
04:28:44 <Af> come on of
04:34:59 <vw> lots of preplay on this one
04:35:20 <vw> OF 1134
04:35:21 <Af> OF 1134
04:36:02 <Kristine> Lovely
04:36:13 <Af> interetsing wind direction
04:36:48 <Kristine> Good wind direction for the camera
04:38:09 <Af> Long?
04:38:24 <Kristine> Yes
04:38:25 <vw> Not yet.
04:38:30 <vw> 3.5 m is long
04:38:33 <vw> now
04:39:17 <Kristine> Are they still using that mid stuff?
04:39:31 <Af> Gotta go everyone see you later.
04:40:08 <vw> Not really. We are still seeing predictions somewhat shorter than in the past with either 83 or 88m for a long. Can't remember which!
04:40:19 <vw> Shorts are still around 60m.
04:40:50 <vw> Net predicted for 1302, so I guess they are using 88m
04:41:23 <vw> *next*
04:42:12 <vw> About time for Plume
04:42:25 <Kristine> They seem to be using 88 minutes for longs now.
04:42:49 <vw> yeap. For a while it was only 83, but I think 88 for at least the last couple of weeks.
04:45:25 <vw> Need to stretch my legs. brb.
05:00:25 <Kevin L> Strech it all vw.
05:00:35 <vw> Hey Kevin!
05:00:52 <Kevin L> Anytime you are ready.
05:00:52 <vw> Daisy 1200 ie
05:01:08 <Kevin L> Good catch.
05:01:42 <vw> We had a nice Aurum earlier, so you should have a good time for catching a repeat today.
05:02:33 <Kevin L> I will keep an eye on it. I think I caught one the other day, but it was too steamy to tell for sure.
05:03:15 <vw> This one was strong enough to cut through the steam. Very nice. At first was hoping maybe water from Giantess... but no. ONLY Aurum. :D
05:03:52 <vw> cam is yours whenever you are ready K.
05:04:15 <Kevin L> OK. I have it.
05:04:23 <vw> k. Thanks!
05:04:33 <vw> Have a great day all!
05:04:47 <Kevin L> Looks like we may be in a Grand window.
05:09:56 <Kevin L> Turban major?
05:13:58 <Kevin L> Little Cub 1213
05:43:08 <kc (working)> Plume 12:42ie
05:44:40 <Kevin L> Missed that one
05:44:57 <Dave from B> ...
05:49:39 <Kevin L> Grand 1249
05:50:23 <kc (working)> got that one
05:51:31 <Kevin L> I figured it was due about now.
05:53:36 <Kevin L> I was just getting ready to switch to OF.
06:00:09 <Kevin L> 1b
06:12:59 <Kevin L> OF 1312
06:37:39 <Af> Afternoon
06:37:51 <Kevin L> Hi
06:38:27 <Kevin L> No BH yet. Good splashes
06:41:52 <Af> is the nps still using 8hrs 45 min as the grand time or did it go up
06:42:27 <Kevin L> I think it is still the same
06:45:04 <Af> looks good but 9 hours looks to be the best interval going from the time on GT
06:46:25 <Kevin L> It will vary. I think we have had some short ones so they like to keep it shorter rather than longer.
06:47:39 <Af> Longer intervals (10+ hours) seem to be random but 9 hours-8hours is norm so I guess it works
06:49:28 <Kevin L> People have the habit of showing up about an hour before so if it is short they miss it. If they are there, they will usually stay.
06:51:54 <Af> Interesting observation I've got there 3 hours before
06:53:55 <Kevin L> Once you see it, you show up early. The average tourist doesn't understand geyser predictions I like the sign they had that said "We just predict the geysers, we don't schedule them!".
06:55:44 <Af> Bu tehy still ask "When is it going to erupt? I don't know how many of those I've gotten
06:56:37 <Kevin L> If I had a nickel for every time I have been asked that I would be rich.
06:57:11 <Kevin L> Are you on static or streaming cam right now AF?
06:57:19 <Af> static
06:58:22 <Kevin L> OK, I will keep you posted if BH looks like it is doing something. Looking at Giantess right now. Looks like the overflow channel is full of algae. A good sign.
06:58:30 <Af> at shcool I pretty much always use static becuas ethe computors can't run streamimng. However we have macs here in one room that can.
06:59:17 <Kevin L> I know when I was working they didn't like me running the streaming, but I could do the static, so I know where you are coming from.
06:59:50 <Af> Like they just won't run it at all. even if I tried
07:01:20 <Kevin L> I am back on BH. Steady steam, and a few splashes. Hoping it goes before dark.
07:02:02 <Af> I have like 5 minute shere then I come back on around 1400 hopefullt it'll hold off till then
07:03:04 <Kevin L> I think it will, but you never know with BH lately. I hate those no Indicator eruptions. But they do beat the false Indicator eruptions.
07:04:01 <Af> But no indicater gives you no time to look. Maybe you start looking at Daisy and it goes. never even knowing that itstarted
07:04:28 <Kevin L> Been there, done that!
07:05:12 <Af> later
07:05:27 <Kevin L> When you are standing by it on the boardwalk it is really cool. It has a big surge and then explodes.
07:05:30 <Kevin L> bye.
07:37:39 <Kevin L> OF 1436
07:44:31 <Kevin L> Daisy 1444
08:26:07 <Dave from B> Not that I was even here, I'm leaving. Hope to actually talk tomorrow. Goodnight, everyone.
08:26:28 <Kevin L> bye
08:29:40 <kc (working)> davem posted questionable bh 0621
08:30:32 <kc (working)> based on stills i presume, stream is pitch black at that time
08:30:51 <ynpvisitor40> Yes based on stills
08:31:00 <Kevin L> Aurum 1529
08:32:06 <kc (working)> cool ty, even tho it doesnt look good for seeing it again today : (
08:32:34 <Kevin L> Graham figured it would do that.
08:34:28 <Kevin L> I finally caught Aurum, but Livescope is really fickle today, getting .19 to 3.16 fps. It would pick that time to not respond.
08:35:32 <kc (working)> must be that murphys law i keep hearin about
08:36:21 <Kevin L> I did get to see it so I am not going to complain too bad. OF tried to hide it.
08:37:24 <Kevin L> I think we are about 4 weeks from Daylight Savings Time. That should help a bit.
08:37:59 <kc (working)> i look forward to viewing after work, uninterrupted
08:38:22 <Kevin L> Work?
08:38:51 <kc (working)> that stuff between high school and retirement
08:39:11 <Kevin L> I think I remember that.
08:39:44 <kc (working)> im trying to forget it, so yeah thats it
08:42:25 <Kevin L> I still get calls from the people at work asking if I want to do lunch. That usually means "I have a problem and need your advice".
08:43:31 <kc (working)> "and I want you to fix everything for me"
08:43:41 <Kevin L> Some pretty healthy BH splashes.
08:43:42 <kc (working)> your fault, shoulda changd your #
08:44:43 <Kevin L> The guys down here, I don't mind. The idiots from the State Capitol I just tell to send me a consultant agreement for $200 an hour.
08:45:40 <kc (working)> that sounds like a reasonable fee
08:46:06 <kc (working)> we had to pull an instructor from retirement for mainframe training
08:46:19 <kc (working)> she scored thousands for a 1 week class
08:47:41 <Kevin L> I am not too greedy. If you make too much, it just goes to Washington. The guys down here always bring me Walnettos when they go to Beatty to keep me happy.
08:48:42 <kc (working)> ive never heard of such a thing, had to google it
08:50:07 <Kevin L> If you remember Laugh In, that old guy would always ask the old lady on the park bench what she would do for a Walnetto. Only place I have found them in a store. Love them. Like a carmel fudge with walnuts.
08:52:08 <kc (working)> im more of a jolly rancher/life saver kind of guy. i save the nuts for beer drinking snacks
08:52:33 <kc (working)> dont get me started on nuts in brownies lol
08:52:48 <Kevin L> The
08:53:17 <Kevin L> Showboat Casino down here used to have the best walnut brownies in the world.
08:53:42 <kc (working)> at least put em on top so i can pick them off lol
08:54:30 <Kevin L> I love brownies with nuts. These were about 50% walnuts. Made a killer pecan pie also.
08:56:35 <kc (working)> ill go for the cherry pie and french vanilla ice cream ty. ugh what have we done, now i need a snack
08:57:13 <Kevin L> I will buy that myself.
08:59:46 <Kevin L> OF 1558
08:59:54 <Kevin L> Took a while to get it going.
09:00:15 <kc (working)> im SOL. snowed in again. i could have cherry kool aid and a slice of bread lol
09:00:54 <Kevin L> If I was snowed in, I would be looking for grape Kool-Aid.
09:03:05 <Kevin L> Plume 1602
09:03:41 <Graham> hello
09:03:54 <Kevin L> Hi
09:04:31 <Graham> now those bison are easy to see :)
09:05:43 <Kevin L> Posing for us.
09:06:12 <Graham> will they wake up for BH?
09:06:38 <Kevin L> Probably not
09:09:55 <Af> Hi
09:10:11 <Kevin L> Hi. No BH yet.
09:10:28 <Af> I held it off.
09:10:42 <Kevin L> Well make it go now!
09:12:52 <Graham> well if it went at 0621 we are unlikely to see it but its possible...
09:14:27 <Af> That was questionable.
09:23:38 <Kevin L> Plate 1623
09:25:03 <Af> my that's a rare geyser
09:25:35 <Af> my connection goes in and out that's why I quit then come back
09:25:42 <Kevin L> Caught one yesterday also
09:26:25 <Af> its new for me at leats
09:27:35 <Graham> quit already?
09:28:10 <Kitt> Hello!
09:28:22 <Af> hello
09:28:22 <Kevin L> Hi
09:28:35 <Kevin L> OF was covering it up
09:28:48 <Kitt> I noticed something about ?Bee at 0951 ie or was vw talking about Old Faithful?
09:29:13 <Graham> dave M posted BH ? at 0621
09:29:18 <Kevin L> BH possible 0621
09:29:42 <Kitt> It's another lovely day in Worland
09:30:01 <Kitt> I missed that
09:30:30 <Graham> he posted it an hour ago
09:35:41 <Kitt> How does he even see anything at that time?
09:35:53 <Kitt> It was very dark here
09:36:08 <Kitt> Was the moon out then?
09:36:12 <Af> moon?
09:36:29 <Graham> full moon today
09:36:59 <Kevin L> Hi cb
09:37:10 <cb> hello all!
09:37:22 <Kitt> Kevin left for the cave near Cody (with his class) at 6 AM and Bill left for work at 0620
09:37:29 <kc (working)> hi cb, et al
09:38:06 <cb> Nice rainy day here in N. CA and thought i would stop in for a bit and do some virtual gazing!
09:38:18 <cb> while soup simmers!
09:38:34 <Af> stopped here in Marin cb
09:38:41 <Graham> mmm soup
09:38:50 <Graham> may need some here if we get a blizzard tomorrow
09:39:13 <cb> cloudy most of the day here AF, but has started to rain nicely. much needed!!!!!
09:39:41 <cb> Ya Graham..little chicken soup a fresh vegys and brown rice!
09:40:03 <Graham> we may get an inch of snow tomorrow, bet the stores are busy
09:40:03 <Kevin L> Just cool and cloudy here. Peach tree is already blooming and getting buds on the apple tree.
09:40:16 <cb> Bill would be doing the happy dance if we could get a blizzard!!
09:40:32 <Af> sorry cb quit out randomly
09:40:38 <Graham> no chain restrictions here tho
09:40:41 <cb> yep. cherry trees at the capitol mall are all in bloom
09:40:49 <Af> much needed rain yesss!
09:41:05 <Graham> well they are budding, don't think they are blooming yet ...
09:42:27 <Kevin L> I am still afraid of a freeze. Looks like the lemon tree did better this year.
09:44:06 <Af> You guys worry about snow and chains. I worry about geting wet.
09:44:33 <Graham> where are you A-F?
09:44:37 <cb> went up to local lakes for a walk last weekend and people were all along the lake fishing. Boats on the lake....They should all be frozen over right now! Just a few patches of snow ... not good
09:45:06 <Af> I'm in Marin Coutny specifically Novato
09:45:13 <Graham> could be a tough fire season for you
09:45:45 <Af> We actually had some arson couple weeks back who set 50 fires
09:46:44 <cb> I recall that AF!
09:46:46 <Graham> tough fire season for cb if theres no snow
09:46:59 <cb> Ya...Not be good!
09:47:06 <Af>
09:47:18 <cb> AF you must be in the Bay area! Marin Co!
09:47:29 <cb> not far from us!
09:47:36 <Kristine> We haven't had a lot of snow here either.
09:47:37 <Af> Yes where are you cb
09:47:45 <cb> Placerville
09:48:11 <cb> Hi Kristine!
09:48:20 <Kristine> Hi cb
09:49:12 <Af> I always go through to go to South Lake, I love desolation
09:50:22 <cb> Yes! its a wonderful place!! Do a lot of Kayaking at Wrights Lake. and used to take care of a cabin at Echo Lake...Gateway to desolation
09:53:05 <Af> I like glen alpine haven't been to echo ina while. when I was 5? ten yeras ago I hate dthe boat ride and made my dad hike the 3 miles back.
09:55:20 <cb> passed right by the cabin. the trail to Aloha Lake/ Desolation goes right behind the cabin. The Taxi ride in the boat is nice. especially through the channel
09:56:47 <Af> My parents are planning a backpacking trip this summer from Echo to Lake of the woods then Aloha. Pass by your cabin again.
09:58:53 <cb> Nice hike!! Have done it many times!
09:59:38 <Kevin L> I think the best we can hope for tonight is a sunset Daisy.
10:00:07 <Af> last tiem I was in desolation was september. went through wrights to island lake. Really pretty back there.
10:01:16 <Graham> I will try and send some of this your way cb - two years ago today we had Snowmageddon and then Snoverkill a few days later
10:01:23 <cb> sure is. We live in a nice area. Always say that when we are driving back from the park and passing by the South Shore!
10:02:15 <cb> Graham, I remember that!! :)
10:03:00 <cb> think that was the same time period when we woke up to 2 ft in our front yard!
10:03:26 <cb> LOL at the Snowmageddon and Snoverkill!!
10:04:02 <kc (working)> its not a blizzard if u can still find your car : )
10:04:14 <cb> LOL kc!
10:04:21 <Kristine> LOL kc!
10:04:47 <kc (working)> <- buffalo, ny kid
10:05:28 <kc (working)>
10:05:39 <Kristine> I guess I've never been in a real blizzard :)
10:05:40 <Graham> thats why I dont live in Buffalo
10:05:58 <cb> HOLY SHIZZOLA!!
10:05:59 <Graham> sweet shot
10:06:17 <Kristine> Yeow!
10:06:31 <cb> wish i could play that word in "words w friends"!!
10:06:32 <kc (working)> thats why i cant complain no matter what i get in denver
10:06:59 <Graham> I think Bill might even stop doing the snow dance if there was that much snow
10:07:16 <cb> i bet it took days to unbury that car
10:07:24 <Kristine> I'm a California girl...I find it hard to comprehend that much snow.
10:07:37 <kc (working)> and then where is he going?
10:07:54 <cb> ya!! That much snow and Bill would not be happy...They close the hwy's here then!
10:08:31 <cb> true kc!
10:08:44 <kc (working)> the national guard plowed the snow and the cars off the road when they finally got there
10:09:04 <kc (working)> some cars still had people in them : (
10:09:07 <cb> yikes!
10:09:17 <Kristine> Yikes!
10:10:18 <cb> Daisy Daisy...give me your water true...i'm half crazy waiting around for you!!!
10:10:26 <cb> just kinda came to me!! hahaha
10:10:43 <Af> why do I keep randomly quiting
10:10:53 <Kevin L> Take it that is not water in your glass?
10:11:29 <cb> G!
10:11:39 <Graham> Plume 1710ie
10:11:49 <cb> Every time i type that...(G!) I think of Rich
10:12:17 <cb> miss him!
10:12:34 <kc (working)> me too
10:13:11 <Af> miss who?
10:15:47 <cb> a gentleman that used to be in this chat room daily!
10:15:53 <kc (working)> friend from the old old faithful camchat
10:16:16 <Af> oh he just spun off into the world of the interent
10:16:33 <cb> a time before GT's....Rich's recap's!
10:18:49 <cb> am off to pick up the grandkids! tata nice chatting!
10:18:58 <Kevin L> bye
10:18:59 <Graham> back in the Meebo days with our frequent visitors
10:19:02 <Kristine> Later cb
10:19:16 <cb> yes!! argggg don't miss them at all!!!!
10:19:52 <Kristine> Me neither
10:20:07 <cb> let me explain that before someone gets their panties in a was the perv's i didn't like...Love the visitors!! .....yikes
10:20:52 <cb> with that i shall exit stage left!! ttfn
10:20:57 <Kristine> Yeak
10:20:59 <Kristine> Yeah
10:21:15 <Kristine> I understood
10:21:21 <cb> ty
10:22:15 <Kristine> I'm out of here too. Later all.
10:22:31 <Kevin L> bye
10:23:20 <Af> I going too see you all tommorow
10:23:54 <Graham> bye af
10:24:04 <Graham> wow last WW I survivir passed away
10:24:14 <Graham> 110 years old
10:24:41 <Kevin L> Wow!
10:25:03 <Graham> signed on for W RAF in england
10:25:10 <Graham> 95 years ago
10:25:28 <Kevin L> He sure saw it all!
10:25:40 <Graham> shes seen a lot
10:27:09 <Graham> same age as AF when she joined up
10:27:39 <Kevin L> Young one.
10:28:05 <Graham> I wonder what AF will be doing in 96 years time :)
10:29:22 <Kevin L> That would be interesting.
10:30:10 <Kevin L> OF 1729
10:35:09 <Kevin L> Wonder if we missed Daisy.
10:35:55 <Graham> where is cb?
10:35:56 <Kevin L> Nope Daisy 1735
10:39:46 <Kevin L> Lots of doggies down there too.
10:50:50 <Graham> Riverside 1749ie?
10:52:01 <Kevin L> Could be
10:52:25 <Graham> yep
10:57:02 <Graham> was that a coyote ,moving right?
10:57:38 <Graham> dunno
10:57:48 <Graham> maybe moving left on static
10:57:53 <Graham> Dep line
10:58:29 <Graham> just seeing things
10:58:46 <ynpvisitor20> no there was acoyote or wolf for sure
10:58:54 <Kevin L> I didn't see anything
10:59:36 <Kevin L> After 6 hours it is all blurry
10:59:45 <Graham> that will get kc checking the replay
11:04:37 <kcmule> moving left to right
11:05:09 <Kevin L> Wolfoyte again?
11:05:32 <kcmule> super action replay
11:06:16 <Graham> Dep?
11:07:45 <Graham> yep 1807ie
11:08:34 <Kevin L> Probably the swansong today
11:09:14 <Kevin L> Or for you Graham, the fat lady is singing.
11:09:25 <Graham> :)
11:10:24 <Graham> on Friday its the tenor stabbing himself to end the opera
11:10:33 <Graham> on Friday its the tenor stabbing himself to death to end the opera
11:11:25 <Kevin L> They did have Elmer kill Bugs Bunny this morning.
11:11:37 <Graham> the next Wagner endurance opera isn't till April
11:11:50 <Kevin L> Kill the Wabbit, Kill the wabbit....
11:12:00 <Graham> i bet he didnt kill it tho
11:12:34 <Kevin L> He did come back for the next cartoon.
11:13:12 <Graham> next months is nice tho, its got the big mas burning at the end
11:13:38 <Kevin L> Cool.
11:13:48 <Kevin L> Or should I say hot?
11:15:06 <Kevin L> Bet BH goes real soon.
11:16:09 <Kevin L> Productive day anyway. I did get an Aurum.
11:16:50 <Graham> and Dep
11:18:09 <Graham> goodnight
11:19:38 <Kevin L> night
11:25:43 <kcmule> nite