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00:26:30 <Dave from B> Morning, Kevin
00:27:15 <Kevin L> Morning. Did you see the North Goggles events yesterday?
00:28:03 <Janet-working> Good morning! Yesterday was incredible. :)
00:28:51 <Kevin L> Lots of fun.
00:29:44 <Dave from B> No, I've read Dave's posts on the list serve. I have lots of questions.
00:29:56 <Kevin L> Looking forwad to today.
00:30:36 <Dave from B> Lion seemed very active yesterday. How does it normally behave when North Goggles is active?
00:31:16 <Janet-working> From what I understand - nothing like how it acted yesterday - normally follows a lion series
00:31:21 <Kevin L> North Googles usually only erupts when Lion is not active. One of the odd things about yesterday.
00:31:52 <Janet-working> NG? Lots of steam there
00:32:20 <Dave from B> Thanks, Janet and Kevin.
00:32:32 <Kevin L> Looks possible on static.
00:34:29 <Kevin L> Get the printer working Dave?
00:36:03 <Dave from B> No, Reinstallation did not help. Printer is still in one piece.
00:36:42 <Kevin L> Bummer.
00:37:41 <Dave from B> Has me baffled. Seems like a network issue, but I'm not having any other problems with my network.
00:43:18 <ynpvisitor10> .
00:56:28 <Kevin L> Going to be lurking for a while. Chickens want breakfast.
00:58:54 <Janet-working> bbl - morning chores are calling here, too.
01:06:36 <Janet-working> NG
01:06:59 <Janet-working> or at least a good steam cloud from there.
01:21:12 <Dave from B> OF 820 ie
01:34:15 <Dave from B> BH intervals seemed to have shortened in the past few days.
01:58:21 <ynpvisitor10> .
01:59:40 <Dave from B> ...
02:43:24 <kc (working)> OF 0941ie
02:47:13 <ynpvisitor83> NG
03:00:10 <Kevin L> I think today we are going to be looking mostly at GH.
03:01:02 <ynpvisitor99> "like"
03:01:27 <Kevin L> We are probably in a Grand window so if you see steam that way, let me know.
03:03:56 <Dave from B> I Read you're getting eggs from your chickens.
03:04:37 <Kevin L> Finally.Found some when I went out Friday night.
03:05:06 <Kevin L> ng 1004
03:19:44 <Af> Happy Monday
03:19:56 <Kevin L> hi
03:20:10 <Af> I see the NG series continues
03:22:57 <Kevin L> NG 1022
03:24:13 <Af> duration seems to be less than 30 seconds
03:25:17 <Kevin L> Not setting records for length, thats for sure.
03:25:27 <Dave from B> Miissed that one.
03:25:38 <Dave from B> Morning, Af
03:25:42 <Kevin L> You blink?
03:26:10 <Kevin L> Plume 1025
03:26:32 <Dave from B> Can't watch screen and work at the same time
03:27:07 <Af> I need to work so I'll be off and on till 1012
03:27:15 <Af> at school
03:27:17 <Kevin L> I always hated that.
03:27:59 <Kevin L> Had some nice Pacific Cod soaked in lemon juice fresh from the tress this weekend. It was great.
03:28:12 <Kevin L> tree
03:28:47 <ynpvisitor98> 5 bursts. I was hoping for more or less
03:28:47 <Dave from B> ...
03:30:55 <Dave from B> Sounds like you eat a lot of fish
03:31:22 <Dave from B> BH interval double or single yesterday?
03:31:42 <Kevin L> I think double.
03:31:57 <Kevin L> Hard to tell for sure.
03:32:30 <Af> What's double intervals with BH never heard of it beofre
03:33:14 <Dave from B> I noticed its intervals have been short the past few days.
03:33:17 <Kevin L> That is when you miss one, so there are two intervals.
03:34:00 <Af> so like BH 1200 then at night it erupted at 000 then the next day though it erupted at 1200 again.
03:34:02 <Kevin L> You may have a 21h single interval. If you have a 23h+, it is probably a double where you missed an eruption.
03:34:14 <Kevin L> You got it af.
03:34:25 <Kevin L> ng 1034 ie
03:37:20 <Af> can never go wrong with more geyser knowledge
03:38:15 <Kevin L> It never hurts.
03:39:26 <Af> just when I thought I "knew" F&M the info changed and slapped me in the face.
03:40:38 <Kevin L> Geyser info can change at a moment's notice. North Goggles is proving that right now.
03:41:33 <Af> with the exception of that major not erupting sice 2004 then 2 days of frequent eruptions
03:42:27 <Kevin L> People always ask me how I can go to the same place every year. I tell them that I don't. I go to Yellowstone. It is different every year.
03:44:43 <Af> Going to YNP is excitement from indicators, walk up and random eruptions from the weirdest geysers then frustartions from waiting and waiting for F&M only for it to erupt at the worst time
03:44:57 <Af> but all those change on the fly
03:45:56 <Kevin L> First F&M I saw, I waited for 40 hours, the 2nd one 15 minutes!
03:47:56 <Af> never seen one but I will! I wa stehre at a lock but then angle shut off. Such a bummer! :)
03:48:05 <Af> I mean :(
03:48:46 <Kevin L> Been there myself. I got theere last year and got everything but a lock. Went on the next cycle aboy 0100.
03:51:58 <Af> YNPvuster25 stop quiting
03:53:04 <Kevin L> ng 1052
03:53:47 <Af> NG looks very anemic on static
04:00:41 <Af> I don't like Mondays
04:01:21 <Kevin L> They only get worse.
04:03:10 <Af>
04:04:58 <Af> NG 1104
04:05:43 <Af> ns
04:07:54 <Af> kevin, I got ns and pat got ie and you got exact which one is it?
04:08:32 <Kevin L> Probably all of the above.
04:08:57 <Af> duratio npretty much meansd ie is a t 20 seconds
04:09:05 <Af> of a NG
04:09:24 <Af> so yeah
04:09:37 <Kevin L> When it is under a minute all would apply.
04:09:44 <Af> BBL see you later periods over.
04:09:58 <Kevin L> bye
04:11:14 <Dave from B> ...
04:13:25 <Kevin L> OF 1113
04:23:41 <Dave from B> NG?
04:23:52 <Inez (working)> yes
04:23:52 <Kevin L> yep
04:24:13 <Dave from B> 1123
04:24:17 <Inez (working)> and judging from the sign to about 3'
04:25:29 <Inez (working)> Did you notice the very white steam fro Lion then NG then the very white steam from Giantess, a real wave. Nice Daisy
04:25:30 <Kevin L> Castle ie 1125
04:25:57 <Inez (working)> Ha, that will tech me not to really look!
04:26:24 <Inez (working)> Looks like the Xcounty is good
04:31:30 <Dave from B> Looks like 25 is having computer problems...know what that feels like.
04:32:17 <Kevin L> Page just seem to pick on somebody every once in a while.
04:42:22 <Inez (working)> NG
04:43:20 <Inez (working)> That seemed a little higher but still very few seconds....or was I dreaming, no one else commented?
04:43:20 <Kevin L> I missed that one.
04:43:34 <Dave from B> Missed it also.
04:43:54 <Inez (working)> It seemed like 3 seconds at the most
04:43:55 <Dave from B> Anxious to see if Lion starts soon.
04:44:26 <Kevin L> BH getting some action
04:45:13 <Inez (working)> I know what the general info is but I know in the 55 years I have been watching the hill I never did see a consistancy on when NG would erupt that lasted for very long....
04:46:03 <Dave from B> How long can these active periods last?
04:46:06 <Kevin L> This series has been interesting
04:46:49 <Kevin L> Grand 1146 ie
04:46:50 <Dave from B> What is atypical about this recent activity?
04:47:17 <Inez (working)> All over the place on how long....I know that the last time I remember NG being this active, so were Big Cub and Lioness. I need to find my old notes and see when that was, but they are buried...
04:47:59 <Dave from B> Wow, can't wait to see what unfolds
04:48:18 <Inez (working)> And of BG and Lioness, only one erupted, the other was just steaming heavily and perhaps erupting to a foot or so....
04:48:48 <Inez (working)> BG should have been Big Cub so BC, flying fingers...
04:49:22 <Inez (working)> I want to say 1985
04:49:41 <Dave from B> So, Lion activity with NG is unusual?
04:49:56 <Inez (working)> No, no consistancy
04:50:17 <Dave from B> Thanks, Inez
04:50:39 <Inez (working)> Or at least long term, I know during the last active period it would erupt in concert with or at the time of or just before or after, and NO Giantess
04:51:19 <Inez (working)> But the active period before that it erupted when it wanted to, and no Giantess
04:52:21 <Inez (working)> But there is something to the wave thing you can see it on the hill the last few days and it's predominantly on the back and on the left near the lion group.
04:54:12 <Kevin L> 2nd
04:54:25 <Dave from B> Nice
04:55:35 <Kevin L> Looks like that is all.
04:56:27 <Kevin L> I think we can call Castle a major.
04:58:38 <Dave from B> BH definitely heating up
05:01:00 <Inez (working)> NG
05:01:07 <Kevin L> ng 1200
05:01:23 <Dave from B> I saw that was overdue:)
05:01:26 <Inez (working)> Much higher this time.
05:01:38 <Inez (working)> perhaps 5 feet
05:01:51 <Kevin L> That is what I was thinking. Longer duragtion also.
05:02:02 <Kevin L> duration.
05:02:13 <Inez (working)> Did any one notice if Giantess had a boil also...going with the L to NG to G
05:02:44 <Inez (working)> meaning the camera person
05:05:53 <Kevin L> I didn't look. Might pay to widen the view a bit.
05:14:00 <Inez (working)> Ok, which pool or geyser was tha 7 seconds ago
05:14:20 <Inez (working)> Middle above BH
05:14:27 <Kevin L> Has me baffled.
05:15:21 <Inez (working)> I have three screens open, chat, #3 and work, so all are small
05:16:00 <Inez (working)> I see LC had quieted so time for another L NG G
05:32:52 <Dave from B> Pat has NG at 1231...missed that one
05:33:13 <Kevin L> Plume 1232
05:33:31 <Dave from B> Your keyboard is faster:)
05:34:36 <Dave from B> Need to see Aurum today
05:34:55 <Dave from B> is that Pump?
05:35:25 <Kevin L> I believe so
05:39:46 <Dave from B> I'm sure this was discussed over the weekend...Plume intervals have also shortened in the past week.
05:40:29 <Kevin L> GH behaving oddly.
05:47:20 <Dave from B> ....
05:49:54 <ynpvisitor56> fluffy
05:50:03 <Kevin L> 1249
05:50:15 <Dave from B> Afternoon, Kitt
05:50:40 <ynpvisitor56> hello, home on lunch break
05:50:52 <ynpvisitor56> looks very windy on the hill
05:51:11 <Kevin L> Windy here too.
05:51:33 <ynpvisitor56> that was ie for OF wasn't it
05:52:00 <Kevin L> no, I am just slow
05:52:31 <Kevin L> It was just barely 1249
05:52:38 <ynpvisitor56> oh, I just turned on computer and saw it in full eruption
05:53:08 <Kevin L> It was like 1249:06
05:53:22 <ynpvisitor56> I see NG is still active
05:53:23 <Kevin L> Making it a long.
05:53:45 <Kevin L> Lots of them today. Had one that was good sized, the rest fairly small.
05:54:52 <ynpvisitor56> it looks like the grand march with everyone walking away from OF
05:55:02 <ynpvisitor56> on the still cam
05:55:14 <Dave from B> "nothing else to see"
05:55:33 <Dave from B> Don't know how many times I've heard that at OF
05:55:41 <ynpvisitor56> guess it is time to go back to work, just thought I would pop in
05:55:54 <Kevin L> Have a good day.
05:56:18 <ynpvisitor56> I hope Bee waits until after work
05:56:35 <ynpvisitor56> bbl
05:56:42 <Kevin L> Probably will
06:09:29 <kc (working)> ng 1309ie
06:09:46 <kc (working)> 1308ie static
06:09:56 <Dave from B> missed it again
06:10:15 <Kevin L> Was really short.
06:24:42 <Inez (lunch)> NG is steaming
06:27:15 <Af> good afternoon
06:27:33 <Inez (lunch)> NG? just one poof 5 sec ago
06:28:05 <Inez (lunch)> again?
06:28:15 <Inez (lunch)> NG
06:28:28 <Af> oofy
06:29:00 <Kevin L> 1328 on static
06:29:34 <Inez (lunch)> thx
06:29:55 <Af> pat got it
06:30:19 <Kevin L> Pat doesn't miss much
06:30:20 <Inez (lunch)> so the last 3 bigger were about 1/2 hr apart?
06:30:51 <Kevin L> Just about that
06:30:52 <Af> he said it was a minor but it was more like pathetic.
06:31:12 <Inez (lunch)> better than nooothing
06:31:22 <Af> I guess so.
06:31:35 <Inez (lunch)> Seems to still be following the whiter steam from Lion.
06:31:57 <Inez (lunch)> I didn't notice Giantess steam, and I need to wander away again in a few minutes
06:33:30 <Af> Giantess continues to boil and be annoying
06:34:02 <Inez (lunch)> and little cub reactivating, so there is a pattern somewhat
06:34:28 <Af> what do you ,can by pattern?
06:34:40 <Af> mean not can
06:34:54 <Dave from B> Do shorter Plume and BH intervals play into this pattern?
06:35:28 <Af> what is the patttern
06:35:33 <Kevin L> Right now it seems all of GH is strange.
06:36:11 <Af> a disterbance? or just plain weird
06:37:45 <Inez (lunch)> Sorry I was back at work
06:38:53 <Inez (lunch)> Pattern: Little cub active, LC quiet, a built up to white in Lion steam, NG perhaps with a few small small bursts, then a larger, sometimes white steam from Giantess, then wait for LC
06:39:52 <Inez (lunch)> I think the somewhat change in the closer to us part of geyser Hill is because the wave is at the back and to our left
06:40:52 <Af> I'm starting to think were getting a double from BH
06:41:32 <Inez (lunch)> It has small hot periods and throws water thru out the quiet period
06:42:13 <Inez (lunch)> That is also why we get BHI without BH, but I think it also meants the wave is closer to the front of GH and left when that happens
06:43:21 <Inez (lunch)> see the steam again from NG if you watch closely and have a big screen
06:43:38 <Inez (lunch)> Not the BH syteam that gets in the way occasionally
06:43:56 <Af> I'm on an iMac with a big screen
06:46:15 <Kevin L> Looks like I will be on bus duty in about 15, so it will be preset from about 1300 to 1330.
06:46:40 <Kevin L> Which is not much different than we are now.
06:46:52 <Kevin L> Plume 1346
06:47:11 <Inez (working b> NG
06:47:14 <Kevin L> ng 1356
06:47:22 <Kevin L> 1346
06:48:00 <Af (board)> pats on it again...
06:48:02 <Inez (working b> nice plume, NG less than 30 but couldn't see Giantess
07:00:16 <Kevin L> Heading out bbs.
07:31:44 <Inez (outside)> NG ie
07:33:37 <Inez (working)> Was there a NG between 1356 and 1431 ie?
07:35:49 <Kevin L> back
07:36:18 <Dave from B> pat has one at 1416
07:49:45 <Dave from B> Plume due
07:50:28 <Kevin L> ding
07:50:29 <Kevin L> .
07:50:29 <Kevin L> .
07:50:30 <Kevin L> .
07:50:30 <Kevin L> .
07:50:30 <Kevin L> .
07:50:30 <Kevin L> .
07:50:31 <Kevin L> .
07:50:31 <Kevin L> .
07:50:31 <Kevin L> .
07:50:32 <Kevin L> .
07:50:39 <Dave from B> BHI 1450
07:50:46 <ynpvisitor72> .
07:50:54 <kc (working)> g.. too many dings
07:51:47 <Kevin L> I hated that.
07:52:12 <Kevin L> Who is nofflood?
07:52:45 <ynpvisitor72> mine was a timeout, I didn't know about the other ones, my page was stuck
07:53:05 <Dave from B> Another weird interval...long single or short double?
07:53:12 <Kevin L> Looked like BH was going to go, so I got excited.
07:55:01 <Dave from B> About time for another NG
07:55:15 <Kevin L> noflood not liking us today.
07:55:59 <Kevin L> Could be either.
07:56:17 <Kevin L> Little over 22h interval.
07:58:35 <Dave from B> Little Cub 1458 ie
08:00:18 <Dave from B> Lion looking ready also
08:01:46 <Kevin L> bh1501
08:02:56 <Dave from B> Hard to believe BH is erupting and nobody to watch in person
08:08:24 <Inez (working)> Looks like I missed a bit!
08:09:55 <Dave from B> Have to leave early today to make a delivery on the way home. Talk to you tomorrow, Kevin.
08:10:18 <Kevin L> Glad you got bh
08:11:56 <Dave from B> Me, too. It was a fun day watching and learning about NG.
08:12:48 <Kevin L> It wasn't boring, that's for sure.
08:14:37 <Inez (working)> NG, some steam for sure 5 sec ago
08:15:30 <Kevin L> Missed that one. My eyes are fogging up.
08:16:17 <Inez (working)> It was almost nanoseconds and short, about a foot or so, mostly steam, although it appears to be trying....
08:17:14 <Inez (working)> It must have erupted between 1431 and now???
08:21:21 <Inez (working)> was that steam aurum or just Giantess?
08:22:32 <Kevin L> Could be either. Giantess has had some good steam clouds today.
08:22:48 <Kevin L> OF trying to hide it all day.
08:23:07 <Inez (working)> notice the steam is increasing at NG
08:23:28 <Inez (working)> Hard to see because of the wind and Lion steam, but increasing
08:24:13 <Inez (working)> I need to get back to work, I am just waiting for the next one...yeah yeah heard that before a few million times
08:32:09 <Graham> hello, home early for todays BH NG dual
08:32:25 <Kevin L> Not early enough.
08:32:28 <Inez (working)> Bad news then
08:32:59 <Inez (working)> even NG has slowed considerably
08:33:35 <Inez (working)> Little Cub has even become quiet, or did I speak too soon?
08:33:37 <Kevin L> On the plus side North by Northwest is just starting on TCM.
08:34:21 <Inez (working)> Pump?
08:34:49 <Kevin L> Looks like it. More from Giantess area also.
08:35:17 <Inez (working)> Seemed that whole are heated up for a moment
08:35:20 <Graham> I will take Giantess instead of BH
08:35:28 <Graham> hum, Plate too today?
08:35:30 <Inez (working)> Well, there ya go
08:35:39 <Kevin L> Feel free.
08:36:48 <Graham> yeah
08:36:48 <Inez (working)> NG
08:36:54 <Graham> 1536
08:36:55 <Kevin L> NG 1536
08:37:15 <Inez (working)> Now I have 20 minutes to look busy and edit photos
08:38:08 <Graham> hum, 2 plates
08:38:11 <kc (working)>
08:38:33 <Graham> still no Aurum reports, maybe it went dormant?
08:38:42 <Graham> thanks kc
08:39:11 <Kevin L> Or nobody looking in that direction. OF been covering it most of the day anyway.
08:39:22 <kc (working)> yw
08:44:06 <Graham> pretty BH
08:44:59 <Kevin L> Great camera work. Not so good in the cahtpage.
08:45:08 <Kevin L> Chatpage.
08:48:56 <Kevin L> OF 1548
08:58:35 <Graham> i guess its time for work
09:00:04 <Kevin L> Plume?
09:00:15 <Graham> 1559
09:02:38 <Kevin L> Haven't caught Daisy all day, but been looking more for ng. Livescope seems to have problems going between 3.21 fps to .08 fps.
09:04:22 <Graham> Riverside 1603ie
09:04:34 <Af> home at last...
09:14:03 <Kitt> I see Beehive continues to shorten its intervals
09:14:32 <Kevin L> I tried to tell you.
09:14:46 <Kitt> I was still at work
09:14:48 <Graham> or lengthen a single ...
09:14:59 <Graham> I was driving home
09:14:59 <Kitt> I do think it is doing doubles
09:15:26 <Graham> don't want to believe in the longer intervals?
09:15:33 <Kitt> Remember it was going as short as 9 hours apart early last summer
09:16:12 <Graham> i remember the 7 hour ones the year before...that lead to some fun
09:16:31 <Kitt> Fun for you maybe
09:16:55 <Graham> hey you could leave BH and come back for the next regular
09:17:21 <Graham> most ppl didnt like the 80h interval tho
09:19:22 <Af> or triples? bum buh buh!!
09:19:50 <Kitt> well, I guess I will go help Kevin get ready for his band concert
09:20:30 <Graham> Giantess will still be going when you get back
09:20:48 <Kevin L> I wasn't going to a band concert. Just watching TV.
09:21:31 <Inez (working)> I see steam is increasing at NG again
09:22:35 <Af> just got my first sput magazine for december 2011
09:23:19 <Inez (working)> Good reading!
09:25:27 <Graham> zoom just went wild there
09:25:29 <Af> little cub 1625ie
09:34:45 <Graham> NG steaming
09:36:18 <Graham> actually its probably GS steam
09:36:50 <lc> afternoon all
09:36:53 <ynpvisitor26> Depression
09:36:59 <Graham> Depression 1636ie
09:37:47 <lc> anything from NG today?
09:38:27 <Graham> yes but intervals are now over an hour if it has another
09:38:50 <lc> thanks G.
09:38:59 <Kitt> Hey LC
09:39:16 <Graham> 23 eruptions in the log
09:39:21 <lc> hey Kitt, how are you.
09:39:50 <Kitt> missed Bee today, but otherwise I'm fine
09:39:57 <lc> this is totally wild.
09:40:15 <lc> I have been fishing all day.
09:40:53 <Kitt> Yum, I'll be down
09:41:00 <lc> got email from Donnie, he said this is not how he remembers NG.
09:41:36 <Kitt> Yes, but having erupt for 24 or more hours at a time would sure make his summer
09:41:41 <Graham> i don' think anyone has seen it like this
09:41:42 <lc> come on down, we will have enough by Sunday.
09:42:18 <Kitt> How's the weather your way?
09:43:29 <lc> 18 last night about 45 today, chance for mix of rain/snow tonight.
09:44:33 <Kitt> Our snow is melting fast
09:46:16 <Kitt> Lots of steam over near Daisy
09:46:33 <lc> I would like to spend a day at Lion this summer if NG keeps this up.
09:47:08 <Kitt> If this keeps up, that is the only place we'll find Donnie
09:49:09 <lc> I agree Kitt.
09:49:24 <Kitt> bye bye
09:49:46 <lc> at least he wouldn't leave the hill.
09:49:57 <lc> take care Kitt.
09:50:12 <Kitt> fixing dinner
09:50:36 <lc> tell Bill and K. I said hey.
09:59:09 <Graham> Plume 1658
10:08:06 <Graham> OF 1707ns
10:08:18 <Kevin L> Fido!
10:08:33 <Kevin L> Or is that Fluffy?
10:09:28 <Graham> over 93m for NG now...
10:50:37 <kc (working)> aurum 1750ie i believe
10:50:43 <kc (working)> behind of steam
10:51:03 <Graham> I was wondering but couldn't tell
10:53:00 <kc (working)> super action replay confirms
10:53:10 <kc (working)> if Kevin is away that really confirms
10:53:40 <Kevin L> Ugh. Was out feeding chickens - and the stupid things didn't even give me eggs today.
10:58:00 <kcmule> dibs on the wings
11:02:14 <lc> good night all.
11:02:29 <Kevin L> night
11:02:29 <kcmule> nite lc
11:02:53 <Af> I'm going to>
11:02:59 <Af> nighty night
11:03:05 <Graham> bye
11:03:37 <Graham> Plume 1803
11:05:02 <Graham> 2.5 hours since last NG
11:05:06 <Graham> hi Todd
11:05:10 <Todd> Hey everybody
11:05:34 <Kevin L> Hi. Check log for bh replay link.
11:05:51 <Todd> Read yesterday's log, quite a day on the hill
11:06:40 <Kevin L> Twas fun.
11:07:23 <Todd> Would have been great to have been there
11:07:46 <Graham> GS steaming tho, must be in OF
11:07:47 <Todd> Could have stood by NG all day
11:08:44 <Graham> yeah
11:08:50 <Graham> Carolyn got over there yesterday
11:08:55 <Kevin L> I would have been there.
11:09:20 <Todd> Has she had anything to report firsthand?
11:10:50 <Todd> Graham, when you refer to "GS", are you talking about Giantess?
11:11:21 <Graham> Goggles Spring
11:11:44 <Graham> most of the steam was coming from the left of NG
11:11:46 <Todd> Ah, thanks
11:16:44 <Jake> any NG majors today?
11:18:39 <Jake> big puff of steam out of Plate(?) at 1818
11:19:35 <Graham> can't tell if any Majors .. GT query doesn't return todays
11:19:39 <Jake> ehh, it was probably OF...
11:20:44 <Jake> hmmm, that's strange
11:20:50 <Jake> another bug *sigh*
11:21:14 <Graham> and it hung up on me
11:22:09 <Graham> Retrieve Data, select N Goggles and "Today" and it gives you yesterdays data
11:22:23 <Jake> yes, I see that
11:22:48 <Jake> it does that for any geyser
11:22:56 <Graham> or even all data
11:23:08 <Graham> just excludes todays data
11:23:20 <Jake> if it never existed...
11:23:50 <Jake> well, check in tomorrow to see today's data....that's a good user interface if I've ever seen one
11:23:59 <Graham> if only we could contact the webmaster ...
11:24:07 <Jake> he's lazy
11:24:36 <Graham> can't blame it on leap year yet
11:24:53 <Jake> oh crap, leap year!
11:25:21 <Jake> makes my head hurt just thinking about it
11:26:02 <Jake> so NG is quieting down because Lion will start up in the dark?
11:26:43 <Jake> I'm excited to see what happens tomorrow!
11:26:48 <Jake> g'night!
11:27:39 <Todd> I can't see a thing :(
11:27:45 <Graham> i am out of here too, see ya
11:27:55 <Todd> Nite