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00:12:02 <Dave from B> Good Morning, CC.
00:12:20 <CC> morning Dave
00:12:25 <CC> waiting on OF
00:12:25 <Dave from B> 11 above at OF...looks colder on the webcam
00:14:21 <ynpvisitor80> Interesting thing is the directon the temp is heading. Gone down steady since midnight.
00:14:45 <Janet> Good morning!
00:15:14 <CC> morning Janet
00:16:02 <Janet> Here early because of the seismograph this morning - was hoping for Giantess, but obviously that wasn't it.
00:19:21 <CC> zoomed in on Giantess for you Janet but only steam
00:19:53 <Janet> Thanks. :)
00:20:25 <ynpvisitor80> There was 6.0 off the coast of Oregon. Wonder if that was it.
00:20:53 <CC> read about that last night late
00:20:57 <Janet> I checked and the timing doesn't quite seem like it. That was yesterday evening and this was early this morning
00:21:00 <Janet>
00:21:33 <Janet> Or would it be that delayed?
00:22:11 <ynpvisitor80> I think you are right. That one would have shown up earlier.
00:22:39 <ynpvisitor80> The Oregon one was 0331 UTC
00:23:20 <Janet> And this one was at - what? - 1053UTC?
00:24:07 <ynpvisitor80> The Oregon quake does show up and it is good sized.
00:24:23 <Dave from B> 2/14 graph shows the Oregon quake
00:24:39 <Janet> Yep - there it is - had to switch pages
00:24:44 <Dave from B> Morning, Kevin
00:24:55 <Kevin L> Hi.
00:24:56 <Janet> Good morning! :)
00:25:01 <Janet> Aftershock, maybe?
00:25:07 <Kevin L> Still only half awake.
00:25:11 <Kevin L> Could be.
00:27:23 <Janet> Well, the steam is still pretty and a nice view in the morning. :)
00:27:42 <Kevin L> I don't see anything about that time. I wonder if we may have a Giantess hiccup.
00:27:44 <Kevin L>
00:28:45 <Dave from B> Morning, cb
00:29:14 <Kevin L> Hey cb.
00:29:30 <cb> Good Morning all!
00:31:07 <Janet> Good morning!
00:31:29 <Dave from B> ..
00:31:50 <CC> trying to multitask at this moment
00:34:06 <CC> skype, words with friends. watch for OF etc.
00:34:39 <cb> G! sent you a word!
00:35:04 <CC> back at you
00:35:16 <cb> West is shakin up! 2nd nice sized quake in 3 days
00:35:46 <CC> you working today cb
00:35:57 <cb> yep!
00:36:23 <CC> morning Kevin
00:36:28 <Kevin L> Hi
00:36:43 <CC> didn't see you get on
00:36:55 <Kevin L> Looks like California is still there. Darn! I was hoping to have beachfront property!
00:39:20 <cb> not just yet Kevin!
00:39:39 <Kevin L> Oh well.
00:40:48 <cb> sure is a shakin though! :/
00:40:55 <Janet> bbl - morning chores are calling...
00:48:05 <Dave from B> Kevin, how's egg production this morning? Or were chickens "shaken" up?
00:48:36 <Kevin L> Was just heading out there. Let you know in a minute.
00:50:57 <CC> OF 7:50
00:51:03 <ynpvisitor46> fluffy
00:51:19 <CC> hi kitt
00:52:00 <ynpvisitor46> morning
00:52:16 <ynpvisitor46> off to work, just wanted a peek at the basin
00:52:25 <CC> bye
00:52:33 <ynpvisitor46> is bee doing something
00:52:37 <Kevin L> Would have been nice in about 10 minutes.
00:53:19 <ynpvisitor46> seems like there's extra steam over there
00:53:48 <CC> can not see.. to much steam
00:55:29 <ynpvisitor46> oh well, off to work and I'll see who ate all of their valentine candy
00:55:42 <ynpvisitor46> have a good day
00:59:14 <ynpvisitor90> ..
01:01:48 <Kevin L> Well speaking of morning chores, I will be lurking.
01:02:46 <ynpvisitor90> can you get Washburn cam this morning?
01:07:25 <cb> #90, I am not getting a pic
01:08:31 <ynpvisitor90> thx
01:13:58 <Dave from B> ..
01:19:18 <Dave from B> ...
01:22:23 <ynpvisitor57> is that BHI?
01:23:08 <ynpvisitor57> No, wishful thinking
01:38:18 <ynpvisitor57> Looks liike this morning North Gogges could do anything and not be noticed
02:25:10 <Dave from B> Down to 5 above at OF
02:31:13 <Kevin L> Yuck!
02:33:42 <Dave from B> Good day to get work done. Have a feeling today will not be a good viewing day
02:34:01 <Dave from B> Too bad....I wanted to see what's up with Lion
02:34:25 <Kevin L> Really. Won't be able to look much tomorrow.
03:02:24 <Dave from B> Kevin, R U Flying the camera now?
03:02:41 <Kevin L> Yep
03:03:19 <Kevin L> Looks a bit better
03:04:09 <Dave from B> Yes, it has. There is hope
03:05:53 <Dave from B> I see UNLV lost another one last night
03:07:19 <Kevin L> They were leading by 17 with less than 10 minutes to go. Third game in a row that they blew a double digit lead at the end.
03:07:54 <Dave from B> Don't know much about the game...Sounds like missed free throws were a culprit?
03:10:47 <Kevin L> I don't think they scored anything in the last 6 minutes. I don't think they even got a rebound.
03:18:09 <Dave from B> Sounds like my daughter's high school game last night. They shot 22%
03:18:20 <Dave from B> Even good shots weren't going in.
03:18:54 <Kevin L> Those are tough to watch.
03:19:25 <Dave from B> Yes, they are
03:23:38 <Dave from B> Little Cub?
03:23:49 <Kevin L> UNLV used to have a player who would do fast break 3 point shots. He would run to the 3 point line, stop and shoot. The guy chsing him would always continue then tuen to see what happened and hear the swish in the background.
03:23:55 <Kevin L> Yes
03:44:40 <Dave from B> Carolyn reported on other notes on GT that Daist erupted between 920 and 040. Predicting next at 1200.
03:44:56 <Dave from B> Daisy that is
03:45:28 <Kevin L> Thanks. I missed that.
03:56:56 <Kevin L> of1056
03:58:20 <Dave from B> Did you see Paul Strasser's e-mail to the list serve regarding Dallol in Africa. Those photos are amazing!
03:58:43 <Kevin L> I loved them.
03:59:02 <Kevin L> I wonder how big that area is.
03:59:25 <Dave from B> I was wondering the same thing.
04:00:17 <Kevin L> Not sure if that was a long or not.
04:09:40 <Kevin L> Nice BH splashing
04:11:03 <Dave from B> Sure be nice to see something happen in the Lion area...I'm getting impatient. Wish we had a data logger to see what's happened since NG started on Sunday
04:12:11 <Kevin L> It would be interesting. Nice to have the cam though. This could have happened before the cam and we never would have known about it.
04:12:54 <Kevin L> Been getting puff out of Lion today, but then again we did yesterday also.
04:38:02 <Dave from B> Did you see Carolyn's note on Grand?
04:38:21 <Kevin L> No
04:39:07 <Kevin L> Looks like we need to keep an eye on it.
04:39:57 <Dave from B> Looks like Turban now
04:40:53 <Kevin L> Right. Daisy hot also.
04:41:37 <Dave from B> Another day where everything happens at once?
04:44:22 <Kevin L> Looks like we could have another BH Grand dual also.
04:45:18 <Dave from B> Looks like Daisy now
04:45:46 <Kevin L> Has to be close.
04:47:16 <Dave from B> ..
04:48:47 <Kevin L> It is trying really really hard.....
04:49:30 <Kevin L> Sunlight on the hill.
04:51:27 <Dave from B> I saw light white from Daisy earlier. Thought it was water...didn't last long enough.
04:51:43 <Dave from B> Didn't see jets of water either.
04:52:00 <Kevin L> It seems to be having some big boils.
04:53:55 <Kevin L> It is like they are all teasing us today.
04:55:04 <Dave from B> Temps are up to 22 now
05:07:52 <Kevin L> Ding
05:07:54 <Kevin L> .
05:07:54 <Kevin L> .
05:07:55 <Kevin L> .
05:07:55 <Kevin L> .
05:07:56 <Kevin L> .
05:07:56 <Kevin L> .
05:07:57 <Kevin L> .
05:07:58 <Kevin L> .
05:07:58 <Kevin L> .
05:08:06 <Kevin L> bhi 1207 ie
05:09:34 <Dave from B> Thanks for the text, Kevin. Had the sound off.
05:09:47 <Kevin L> np
05:10:23 <kc (working)> ty
05:10:39 <Dave from B> This puts last 4 intervals (or presumed doubles) at 22:59, 22:14 , 22:11 and just over 23
05:10:48 <Kevin L> May even be able to see it!
05:11:19 <Dave from B> OF looks due
05:11:59 <Kevin L> close - hoping it holds off
05:14:30 <Dave from B> At least someone is watching BH in person today.
05:22:27 <Kevin L> Plume 1222
05:22:52 <Kevin L> OF 1222
05:23:10 <Kevin L> BH 1222
05:23:44 <Dave from B> Triple eruption of fog
05:24:31 <Dave from B> Carolyn has Daisy at 1210ie
05:24:58 <Kevin L> Getting a bit of a rainbow.
05:24:59 <Dave from B> BHI is still on
05:29:09 <CC> Wow!! Plume.
05:29:29 <CC> Plume. OF and BH all in one breathe
05:29:30 <Kevin L> Triple play!
05:29:40 <CC> nice work Kevin
05:29:58 <Kevin L> Not only that, we barely missed Daisy at 1210
05:30:25 <CC> I didn't have the computer on until you texted
05:30:36 <Kevin L> Grand logger is out, so we are watching that.
05:30:59 <CC> I think all the loggers areout
05:31:02 <Kevin L> I was hoping OF would hold off a bit.
05:31:15 <CC> unless they fixed them
05:33:57 <Kevin L> Grand?
05:35:21 <Dave from B> Really hard to say...That was a tall steam cloud
05:35:43 <Kevin L> Haven't seen water spikes.
05:37:43 <Dave from B> If I had to guess...Not Grand
05:38:01 <Kevin L> Turban Major?
05:38:40 <Dave from B> West Triplet?
05:39:04 <Kevin L> May be.
06:20:57 <Kevin L> Looks like Grand 1320
06:22:25 <Dave from B> I see water
06:23:21 <Kevin L> No doubt about this one.
06:23:40 <Kevin L> Wierd wind direction.
06:24:23 <Kevin L> Not going to be good for next OF. I have bus duty today also.
06:24:42 <Kevin L> BTW just checked the coop and got a couple eggs.
06:25:16 <Dave from B> Alright. That's great that chickens are finally helping with the groceries
06:27:54 <Dave from B> Hi ,CC
06:28:12 <CC> Just brought up the livescope Kevin if you need a wi[pe
06:28:20 <CC> Hi Dave
06:28:39 <Kevin L> OK getting steam from OF right now.
06:33:37 <Kevin L> Wonder what that is.
06:34:40 <CC> Grotto
06:35:08 <CC> at least it is in the area of Grotto
06:35:17 <Kevin L> That is what I was thinking.
06:36:09 <Kevin L> Really shows on static
06:36:52 <CC> I am not good in saying what is behind the trees when it is so cold and so much steam
06:37:23 <Kevin L> Really steamy today.
06:39:09 <Kevin L> Gee blue sky!
06:45:49 <kc (working)> plume 1343ie
06:46:40 <Kevin L> You sure?
06:47:02 <kc (working)> yep
06:47:17 <kc (working)> didmt have afree hand when it was going
06:47:52 <Kevin L> Don" know how I missed that.
06:48:16 <Kevin L> I was paying attention to Giantess & Lion.
06:49:12 <kc (working)> was very hidden behind of steam
06:51:16 <Kevin L> OF 1350
06:51:22 <Kevin L> That was abrupt.
06:53:50 <CC> looks like you will be okay
06:54:05 <Kevin L> Yes. ty
07:12:46 <Dave from B> Could it be?
07:13:05 <Kevin L> Nice boils.
07:13:20 <kc (working)> nice
07:13:35 <Dave from B> When Giantess erupts is it from the center of pool?
07:13:57 <Dave from B> I was thinking that was Aurum
07:14:09 <Kevin L> I was wondering.
07:14:36 <kc (working)> definitely aurum, nice closeup
07:14:49 <Kevin L> Hard to tell. Have to run to bus duty. brb
07:15:29 <Dave from B> Hi, kc. Not too often we have such a close view in winter with all the steam
07:16:35 <kc (working)> hi dave, OF sure likes to block that zone
07:29:39 <Kevin L> Back
07:29:57 <kc (working)> wb
07:34:35 <Dave from B> That was fast, Kevin
07:51:34 <Kevin L> Daisy 1451
08:11:31 <Kevin L> Plume 1510
08:11:37 <Kevin L> ie that is
08:17:52 <Kevin L> OF 1517
08:20:17 <Dave from B> Bison don't even seem to notice OF
08:20:43 <Kevin L> Not your typical tourists.
08:27:02 <Dave from B> Time to go and catch up on the day's sports news. Peyton Manning this and Peyton Manning that. Blah blah blah
08:27:16 <Dave from B> Have a good night Kevin and kc
08:27:23 <Kevin L> Have a good one.
08:27:58 <Kevin L> Think I will need NoDoz for the rest of the shift.
08:50:23 <Kevin L> Castle ie 1550
09:11:17 <Graham> hello
09:11:22 <Graham> sorry I am late today
09:11:25 <Kevin L> hi
09:11:47 <Graham> gonna be a quiet evening, you used up all the geysers?
09:12:00 <Kevin L> Didn't leave anything for you anyway.
09:12:20 <Graham> even the bison are asleep
09:12:47 <Kevin L> ""You may get another Aurum before dark
09:13:14 <Graham> still no Lion
09:13:21 <Graham> I did luck out and catch BH at work today
09:13:42 <Kevin L> Great threefor
09:15:27 <Graham> logged on and BHI was going so I had to stay there and do some more "work"
09:16:00 <kc (working)> good idea
09:16:07 <Kevin L> It was nice
09:18:02 <Graham> Depression 1617ie
09:18:18 <Graham> nice burst
09:22:53 <kc (working)> plume i thonk
09:22:58 <kc (working)> and think
09:23:03 <kc (working)> past tense
09:23:09 <kc (working)> 1621ie
09:23:57 <Graham> since I stepped away it probably erupted
09:24:34 <kc (working)> couple frames of non-of looking steam clouds on sc
09:34:51 <Graham> NG 1634
09:35:02 <Graham> ie
09:35:04 <kc (working)> nic4
09:35:24 <Graham> i presume it was a minor
09:35:38 <Graham> jusr caught the steam
09:35:49 <Kevin L> I missed it
09:36:14 <kc (working)> i didnt see start but wasnt looking away long
09:36:15 <Graham> so much for a snoozer
09:37:17 <Graham> was distracted booking my $2.50 trip to NY and back
09:39:49 <kc (working)> duration ~20s
09:40:46 <Graham> k, thanks
09:47:35 <Graham> OF 1647
09:52:39 <kc (working)>
09:55:09 <Graham> couldn't work NG in too?
09:55:30 <Kevin L> I was hoping for Aurum.
10:04:33 <kc (working)>
10:04:33 <kc (working)>
10:04:53 <Graham> get back to work!
10:05:05 <Kevin L> Allright
10:07:58 <kc (working)> its all about multitasking these days
10:08:14 <Graham> thanks for the videos kc , good job having the cam pointing at Aurum for the start too
10:09:42 <Graham> tardy
10:34:18 <Graham> he was in a hurry
10:35:32 <Graham> Daisy 1735ns
10:41:04 <kc (working)> nice scene
10:41:33 <Graham> all it needs is an erupting geyser
10:42:02 <Graham> nice alpenglow tho tonight
10:42:18 <Kevin L> Bison sure are fatter this year.
10:42:32 <Graham> been an easy winter
10:43:03 <Graham> NG steamy
10:43:44 <Graham> maybe something else
10:46:02 <Graham> practicing for the olympics again?
10:46:06 <Kevin L> NASCAR bison?
10:46:19 <Graham> and back
10:46:50 <Kevin L> And quickly at that. Must have left it's cellphone.
10:47:10 <Graham> wasting a lot of energy for winter
10:47:27 <Graham> and again
10:50:20 <Graham> Plume 1748
11:14:43 <Graham> OF 1814
11:29:27 <Kevin L> As the sun slowly sets in the west, we bid a fond farewell to nature's wonerland in Northwest Wyoming......
11:30:41 <Graham> yep...was wonmdering if that was Aurum
11:30:44 <Graham> oh well
11:30:46 <Graham> goodnight
11:31:13 <kcmule> nite