Showing logs for date: 2012-02-19
00:21:23 <cb> Morning Graham and #81
00:21:51 <Graham> morning
00:21:57 <Graham> looks like a nice day
00:22:26 <cb> can see at least! you get snow yesterday?
00:24:00 <Graham> supposed to be some here in Richmond later today, 2-4"
00:25:05 <Graham> probably be light snow as i head home tonight
00:35:15 <Graham> morning CC
00:35:39 <CC> hi
00:35:49 <Graham> nice day
00:36:02 <CC> quiet this morning in the basin
00:36:42 <Graham> nice to see the snow
00:37:00 <cb> Hi CC
00:37:06 <CC> hi
00:38:11 <Graham> headed out for a walk before the rain/snow. bbl
00:47:57 <lc> OF 0747ie
00:57:52 <Kitt> Good morning
00:58:07 <lc> good morning Kitt
00:58:21 <lc> good morning KItt
00:58:23 <ynpvisitor81> Lion was reported the day after the 2004 NG major, but these recent minors seem to have tamed the beast.
00:58:59 <Kitt> back from the big city
00:59:39 <lc> you have a good trip?
01:00:06 <Kitt> yes, dry roads, but no luck finding Kevin dress pants
01:00:09 <lc> is that Lion now?
01:00:29 <Kitt> I was just going to ask that
01:01:36 <Kitt> too far away
01:02:02 <Kitt> can't tell for sure'
01:02:33 <lc> or indicator?
01:02:34 <Kitt> looked like that was from Bee
01:02:50 <Kitt> Indicator"
01:02:56 <lc> I think Indicator
01:03:25 <lc> that would be 0800 ie
01:03:55 <Kitt> definitely indicator'
01:04:31 <Kitt> need a good breeze
01:04:41 <lc> must have been going for a bit
01:04:59 <Kitt> since I
01:05:05 <Kitt> have been on
01:05:46 <lc> was Beehive start 0803?
01:11:01 <Kitt> Couldn't tell if it was 0804
01:11:16 <Kitt> That was a very fuzzy Bee
01:11:25 <lc> for sure
01:11:58 <ynpvisitor81> A fuzzy hive is better than no hive at all.
01:12:24 <Kitt> Indi was gone by 0807
01:13:09 <Kitt> No school tomorrow, so another chance then
01:13:17 <lc> I thought BH started at 0803.
01:13:26 <Kitt> Have a nice day
01:13:43 <lc> see you Kitt.
01:14:20 <Kitt> Wish we could have called others but when I realized Bee was already erupting it was too late
01:14:48 <cb> Hi all
01:14:52 <lc> very hard to see
01:15:01 <lc> morning cb
01:15:02 <Kitt> I was trying to see if the steam was from the Lion group or Bee
01:15:07 <cb> Was just walking by the computer w my "breakfast" when i saw it erupting
01:15:17 <Kitt> Morning cb
01:15:25 <lc> same here Kitt
01:15:38 <cb> My thoughts also
01:15:48 <lc> my first thought was Lion
01:15:50 <ynpvisitor81> Itto.
01:16:24 <cb> mine also, till i took a closer look
01:16:31 <Kitt> take care, our house is still asleep
01:16:36 <Kitt> bbl
01:16:47 <cb> tata Kitt
01:16:54 <lc> is that Riverside?
01:17:44 <lc> it went away.
01:37:59 <lc> big steam in NG area, 0836
01:44:57 <ynpvisitor17> There is lots of steam behind and to the left of OF
01:48:57 <Jake> hard to tell, but it looks like the steam is from Lion
01:52:22 <kcmule> mornin
01:53:20 <ynpvisitor17> Hard to see more than just steam
01:54:14 <Jake> steam from Little Squirt area, too
02:01:29 <Kevin L> My guess is if BH went around 0800, we won't see another in daylight today.
02:01:39 <ynpvisitor17> I was thinking that about llittle squirt also, but it coul just be boiling on silver spring
02:10:02 <lc (bbl)> Riverside 0909ie
02:20:09 <Kevin L> Aurum?
02:21:00 <Kevin L> Probably not. Darn.
02:25:34 <Kristine> Steamy Old Faithful
02:34:13 <ynpvisitor17> did we miss an OF ?
02:35:04 <lc (bbl)> it was around 0925
02:41:52 <Jake> did anybody see if there's snow on Lion's cone?
02:44:01 <lc (bbl)> Jake, that is a good question. I have been wondering if there have been any eruptions at night.
02:45:30 <Kevin L> May need to put a marker on Lion.
02:45:55 <Kristine> The cam is pointed at the Lion group now...or was just pointed there and it looked like there was snow on Lion's cone (if I was looking at the right cone (: )
02:46:54 <Jake> Kristine, I think I saw the same
02:47:05 <Jake> snow going up the right hand side
02:47:41 <Kristine> Yeah
02:52:20 <Jake> which means Lion isn't splashing around, or at least not since this snowfall
02:53:22 <Kristine> Yeah. Fascinating behavior from that group lately.
02:57:27 <vw> Good morning/afternoon all. I will take the cam in just a few. Getting set up.
02:58:30 <Kristine> Morning vw
02:58:31 <Jake> sweet! make something happen, vw
02:59:09 <Jake> make the sun stay out, the steam disapate and a geyser erupt
02:59:55 <Kristine> It looks so gorgeous down there today.
03:01:55 <vw> Back. I have the cam
03:02:04 <vw> Steamy but quiet. Sorry all.
03:03:12 <Kevin L> Morning vw
03:03:44 <vw> Looks like a bit more snow since Thursday when I last checked the basin.
03:07:22 <vw> Someone was asking about snow on Lion cone... Yeap. Snow on cone.
03:08:27 <vw> So I got you half of what you asked for Jake. Just a little credit?
03:09:23 <vw> Sunny, just a little steam/fog, but not too much in the way of an eruption right now. :(
03:12:05 <Jake> not good enough, vw, I want my money back
03:12:07 <vw> Already got our daily dose of Vitamin Bee, so not much to see over there, although I think we are still on NG watch?
03:12:40 <vw> Still working on it Jake! Give a girl a break!
03:13:39 <vw> Will L.Cub help?
03:14:08 <vw> I think there is water in there, but can't be sure.
03:14:51 <vw> Even Sawmill hasn't waken up.
03:15:16 <Jake> looked like LC to me, I'll enter it
03:16:28 <vw> Thanks Jake.
03:21:54 <Kent> Jake, remember this guy:
03:23:04 <vw> Plume 1022 ie
03:23:23 <vw> An eruption!!!
03:24:56 <Jake> Kent, actually no...this is in Glen Africa?
03:25:27 <Jake> the only bison bones in a spring I remember are back at Shoshone
03:25:33 <Kent> I found this recently. Shoshoni. You posted on Loon a decade ago.
03:25:50 <Jake> that's my picture??
03:25:56 <Kent> Yes
03:25:56 <vw> :D
03:25:58 <Jake> I was just about to comment on how clear it is ;)
03:26:08 <Kent> :)
03:26:21 <vw> Good eye for photo's, somewhat iffy on memory?
03:26:38 <Jake> I'm getting old
03:26:51 <vw> Jake you aren't even coming close....
03:27:12 <Jake> Shoshone came to mind instantly...I just didn't know it was my photo
03:28:09 <Jake> Kent, I was looking at the url YOU are Mr. Glen Africa?
03:28:27 <Kent> My album name on Photobucket
03:37:33 <vw> Thought we might get some action from Daisy before OF watch started. Oh well.
03:44:46 <vw> .
03:47:48 <vw> OF 1047
03:49:16 <Kristine> Pretty
03:49:47 <vw> Hi Kristine! so many people I have forgotten to say hi to. My apologies.
03:50:40 <Kristine> Hi vw. No worries.
03:59:14 <vw> No eruptions. No wildlife. Whats to watch?!?!
04:04:28 <lc (bbl)> have a good day everyone.
04:04:43 <vw> Daisy 1104
04:04:50 <vw> Bye lc!
04:06:33 <Kristine> Well, I'm outta here too. Later all
04:06:59 <Kevin L> And add me to that list.
04:07:38 <vw> Bye! :(
04:21:53 <Derek> Hi All
04:22:06 <vw> Hi Derek!
04:29:12 <Jake> LC 1128 ie
04:29:57 <vw> I am not sure if it ever quite Jake. Heavy steam every time I looked.
04:33:02 <vw> Plume 1132
04:35:41 <Kent> Uncommon wind direction for a Plume. Thanks vw
04:36:05 <vw> yw Kent!
04:36:42 <vw> Wind direction does not bode well for camera clarity.
04:44:44 <ynpvisitor19> I think Lion has been steaming on and off, I hope it will show up today
04:45:07 <vw> Yes, steaming. Sadly, that is all.
04:45:13 <vw> Hey steve!
04:45:36 <vw> You will be glad to know that Jake has been keeping an eye on LC for you.
04:45:41 <steve> Hi vw
04:46:36 <steve> I was that. I have beem checking in now and then this morning Too much steam early on
04:46:58 <vw> Yeah, steam has been thick at times.
04:47:46 <vw> Heavy steam from NG area.
04:48:33 <vw> 1146 ie, static cam.
04:48:45 <vw> Not sure I would call it an eruption though.
04:49:46 <steve> Odd, BH wss steaming heavy soo A bit early for that
04:50:06 <vw> Actually had BH this morning already.
04:50:19 <vw> 0803.
04:51:09 <vw> Steam conditions are why I wouldn't call that last NG event an eruption. All steam this morning is very heavy and deceptive.
04:55:51 <steve> Soory, back again Making lunch I rea about the morning BH which is why I thought the steaming was odd
04:56:08 <vw> me too!
04:57:09 <steve> Sigh, Nine weeks until I cam be in the park
04:57:22 <steve> But whos counting/ Me
04:57:37 <vw> Odd to see so much steam now. Temp is 21. Humidity 55 for a dewpoint of 8. Steam should be diminishing.
04:57:54 <vw> 9 weeks isn't SOOoooo bad steve!
04:59:18 <steve> No, I guess not. But why get inthe was of a good whine
04:59:34 <vw> :D
05:02:59 <cb> hello
05:03:10 <vw> Hi cb!
05:03:12 <cb> thought i'd ck in for a bit
05:03:33 <vw> Relatively quiet. Just waiting for OF.
05:03:54 <Jake> DaveM just sent a photo to the listserv from Karen....possible Morning eruption?
05:04:10 <cb> interesting posts to the list serve....jake beat me to the punch
05:04:16 <vw> Thank you Jake.
05:04:37 <Jake> tantilizing
05:05:06 <cb> it is!!!
05:07:05 <ynpvisitor75> nice steam by giantess
05:09:56 <vw> I haven't read the listserve report. Any info on Fountain in Karen't post?
05:20:01 <vw> Grand 1218 ie
05:20:03 <vw> static cam
05:20:16 <vw> OF 1219
05:20:30 <vw> I want to verify that Grand before posting it.
05:20:42 <vw> But it will have to wait until after OF
05:20:51 <steve> I just looked at the picture Dave posted for Karne Low on the list serve. Either Morning's Thief or Morning.
05:21:07 <steve> I think its the thief, but I can't be sre
05:21:12 <steve> sure
05:23:55 <vw> Verification on that Grand.
05:25:28 <vw> Steam from OF too heavy to call a long, but I am pretty sure it was.
05:25:32 <vw> Thanks for wipe CC!
05:25:54 <steve> ty for the wipe
05:26:18 <vw> NOW the wind changes directions. :P
05:26:45 <vw> Thank you for the wipe CC!
05:27:09 <CC> just having lunch and turned the livescope on and saw water on lens
05:27:13 <vw> I tried to avoid it while still watching OF, but the wind has started to really whip around.
05:27:43 <CC> cam is yours vw...bye
05:27:47 <steve> when its quiet, could you take a look at Castle
05:27:53 <vw> Thanks! Bye.
05:28:16 <steve> please.
05:28:22 <vw> OF timing was not kind for us Grand lovers.
05:28:50 <vw> but we get a 2nd!
05:29:14 <vw> I will steve, right after Grand is done.
05:29:15 <steve> Nice second (third?) burst
05:29:30 <vw> pretty sure just a second.
05:31:05 <vw> Pretty quiet at Castle.
05:32:16 <steve> Yes, all quiet. I just took yesterda'y's time for the minor, added 6 then 15 and cam up with the wrong number
05:32:42 <steve> Maybe at sunsed
05:32:46 <steve> sunset
05:34:04 <steve> Hmmm .. still bad at math, iI should be thinking mayber it happen this morning in the steam/fog
05:34:39 <vw> Maybe the VEC has a good prediction time? I haven't called today.
05:35:10 <vw> Because it is showing on as unpredictable, that means last entry was a minor?
05:36:51 <steve> The GT entry said it was a minor
05:36:54 <vw> Last entry pretty old. Graham entered a minor for 1258ie yesterday.
05:37:12 <vw> not sure that counts anymore!
05:39:10 <steve> Having too much time on my hands, I thought the averager intervall after a minor is about 6 hours (with a big plus or minus) and then 15 for the first interval after a mafor (again a big guess) and so I missed it this morning
05:40:36 <vw> No reports here steve, so you aren't the only one who missed it!
05:40:57 <vw> FYI, Dave M called that earlier NG event that I posted here an eruption.
05:42:51 <steve> VC says ithey are predicting Castle for 1330
05:43:29 <vw> Thank you steve! So anytime now really
05:44:16 <vw> Plume 1244
05:44:40 <vw> Can't really see it though.
05:44:50 <steve> I was hoping for a Plume Lion dual
05:45:21 <steve> But Plume did haf an audence
05:45:41 <vw> Lion is acting like it might be a while before we see it
05:46:36 <vw> Wow... Castle 1246 nw
05:46:43 <vw> got lucky there!
05:47:03 <steve> Timing and Luck, nice to have
05:47:33 <vw> Usually I have neither, at least 'good' timing and 'good' luck!
05:47:46 <vw> Will take what I can though!
05:48:54 <steve> g
05:50:49 <vw> steve, thank you for getting that VEC prediction, otherwise I might not have checked Castle so soon.
05:51:16 <vw> Luck comes in all forms. Here, someone was watching my back for me. :)
05:52:37 <steve> No problem, I wanted to call the VEC anyway and bug them
05:53:52 <vw> :D And how were the fine folks at the VEC?
05:54:59 <steve> Doing well Daisy's intervals have still be 2.75-3 hours Black Diamond has not been seen. Black Sand continues to thump like Carolyn said.
05:55:24 <vw> oooohhh, to be there. :'(
05:55:31 <vw> Now I have my whine in for the day.
05:55:59 <steve> I was going to ask if anyone had been skiing out to Lone Star but I forgot
05:56:24 <steve> A whine now and then can be good for you.
05:56:42 <vw> I prefer mine with pears and cheese though....
05:58:32 <Ryan> Hello
05:58:42 <vw> Hi Ryan!
05:58:53 <steve> Last fall becasue Black Sand was actibe it was letting off a great deal of steam It was cold and the steam condenced on the ground. It looked like a new sheet of snow, but was so light your feet just broke 3 inches down when you stepped on it
05:58:57 <Ryan> Hows it goin vw?
05:59:39 <vw> Good Ryan. A beautiful day in the basin, blue skies, new snow. Only problem is I am 200+ miles away.
05:59:54 <Ryan> I know the feeling? Any plans?
06:00:05 <vw> Nope. :(
06:00:11 <vw> You going this summer?
06:00:12 <Ryan> :(
06:00:15 <Ryan> No
06:00:18 <Ryan> Next,yes
06:00:22 <Ryan> 7days
06:00:28 <Ryan> at the snow lodge :)
06:00:34 <vw> Nice. made reservations?
06:00:42 <Ryan> May 1 we will
06:00:49 <vw> Snow Lodge is good. Close to the action.
06:01:04 <Ryan> This summer is, Utah, Arches, Canyonlands, and Mesa Verde
06:01:07 <steve> May 1 must be a busy reservation day
06:01:13 <Ryan> Probaby
06:01:24 <Ryan> thats when the 2013 reservations open
06:02:05 <Ryan> vw, I'm thinking, early morning run at UGB? Perhaps a photo of Beehive under a full moon if lucky?
06:02:27 <steve> With Moonbows in the spray
06:02:37 <Ryan> Yes!
06:02:59 <vw> and few people...
06:03:10 <Ryan> even better
06:03:35 <vw> I like early morning eruptions of Grand with the sun poking over the hill...
06:04:00 <steve> So, on Caslte, a Major you think?
06:04:04 <Ryan> My favorite has to be OF with Halley's Comet
06:04:14 <vw> We are close.
06:04:19 <steve> To be so lucky
06:04:39 <vw> At 18 minutes, and steam just phase looks like it is kicking in now.
06:05:09 <vw> Its a major
06:05:57 <vw> Steam at Grotto on static
06:06:17 <steve> Well, a sink of dirty dishes has my name on it. Back Later
06:06:34 <Ryan> My goals are: (besides the "predictable ones"),BH, F&M, Artemesia and Atomizer, Pink Cone, White Dome, and Oblong...
06:06:35 <vw> bye steve! thanks for assist today!
06:06:44 <Ryan> Giant and Giantess if I may be so bold
06:06:53 <Ryan> and not even considering Steamboat ;)
06:07:07 <steve> a pleasure, as always
06:19:41 <vw> Bison on GH, static
06:21:58 <vw> Heavy steam from Lion. LC too.
06:30:57 <Af> Good afternoon
06:31:07 <vw> Hi Af!
06:31:44 <vw> Daisy 1331
06:31:46 <Af> active day?
06:32:19 <vw> Not too bad. Had some quiet times, but still seeing some eruptions.
06:32:24 <Af> like a walk up but more like a click up to a geyser for me!
06:33:03 <vw> Castle going to cover most of Daisy eruption.
06:34:48 <Af> Came to check really probably be bcak tommorow
06:35:11 <vw> k
06:39:58 <vw> Plume 1339
06:40:57 <vw> OF 1340
07:18:29 <vw> May have just had a NG, but not sure. Steam actually looked like it was coming from a pool on the inside of the bw, near the bison.
07:18:40 <vw> I did not have the cam aimed there at the time.
07:36:25 <vw> Little Cub 1436 ie
07:44:41 <CC> hi
07:44:51 <CC> looks lonely here now
07:44:57 <vw> Hi CC.
07:45:02 <vw> Yeap, been pretty quiet.
07:45:16 <vw> Plume 1444
07:45:22 <CC> just put up the livescope again and I see bison
07:45:37 <CC> nice plume
07:46:01 <vw> Yeap. we started seeing them about an hour ago in large numbers.
07:46:28 <CC> I had been sewing and just came back down to the kitchen
07:46:40 <CC> laptop on table there
07:47:18 <vw> Last OF, we had a nice group of bison cross in front of the bw. Nice for the 'crowd' to see.
07:54:43 <vw> Looks like splashing at Lion. Nothing more.
07:55:21 <CC> nice shot with the bison
08:01:21 <kcmule> hi CC, avail if needed but i have people over if u want to have cam longer
08:01:39 <vw> I have the cam kc. Can stay on!
08:01:44 <vw> Enjoy your company!
08:01:57 <kcmule> : )
08:02:19 <vw> VERY quiet. Not much left to erupt anyway.
08:02:47 <CC> I will stay on until OF erupts and then close down
08:03:29 <vw> Could you take the cam so I can stretch my legs?
08:03:47 <CC> sure
08:04:00 <vw> Thank you!
08:04:08 <vw> I will be back in a few minutes then.
08:04:10 <CC> let me know when you will be back
08:08:00 <vw> I am back.
08:08:28 <CC> that was quick
08:08:41 <CC> it is yours
08:08:54 <vw> bathroom, dog treats, coffee. Doesn't take long!
08:09:01 <vw> I have the cam.
08:09:04 <vw> Thank you!
08:09:11 <CC> welcome
08:09:48 <CC> looks like it might snow
08:10:07 <vw> I have seen occassional spits, but nothing else yet.
08:18:52 <CC> OF is taking its time
08:19:15 <vw> yeap. over its 10 now
08:19:27 <CC> finally
08:19:32 <vw> OF 1519
08:21:07 <vw> But easy to explain why dinner is late to V after all the OFs you have seen. :)
08:21:39 <CC> I am home it youn need me to wipe the cam
08:21:40 <vw> Riverside 1521 ie
08:22:14 <CC> looks as though this eruption will be okay
08:22:27 <CC> call if you need me..bye
08:22:30 <vw> Yeap.
08:22:34 <vw> Will do.
08:22:37 <vw> Have a great evening!
08:31:42 <kcmule> ty vw
08:31:54 <vw> np kc!@
08:32:00 <vw> company gone?
08:32:22 <kcmule> yah games over foods eaten
08:32:33 <vw> beers been drunk
08:32:36 <vw> :D
08:32:49 <kcmule> its a holiday dont ya know
08:32:55 <vw> you will have a very quiet night most likely.
08:33:15 <vw> You can sit back and enjoy the lull.
08:33:16 <kcmule> maybe ill wake lion up
08:33:36 <vw> wish you would! It has been sputtering all day, but nothing more than a few splashes.
08:34:04 <vw> Dave M and Pat S have called a couple of NG's that I only noted as steam, but there is still the occasional action there.
08:34:11 <vw> Bison scattered about.
08:34:26 <vw> Other than that maybe you can hope for a very short BH interval?
08:34:48 <kcmule> i dont ask just hope for something out of the ordinary : )
08:34:53 <vw> :D
08:35:03 <vw> beer lull... will do it every time.
08:35:29 <vw> you should be actively begging BH to erupt!
08:35:39 <vw> Coyote!
08:35:43 <vw> good catch!
08:36:07 <vw> Cool shot!!!
08:36:29 <kcmule> whered he go no one knows
08:36:45 <vw> he'll be back.
08:37:05 <kcmule> hope so
08:39:56 <vw> that bison is MOVING!
08:40:08 <vw> Wait MOM!!!
08:43:31 <kcmule> oblong maybe
08:43:36 <kcmule> 1542ie
08:43:50 <vw> I would agree.
08:49:49 <kcmule> Plume 15:49
08:49:54 <vw> I lied. Not so quiet maybe?
08:52:03 <kcmule> enough to keep me conscious hopefully
08:52:50 <vw> well, with all the eyes wanting to watch Lion/NG, even leaving it on OF preset is good. should you decide to lose consciousness that is.
08:54:28 <kcmule> ill try to log out on my way to the ground
08:54:41 <vw> :D
08:55:09 <vw> If the cam stays on a sky shot for too long, I will take it.
09:10:15 <kcmule> Daisy 1609
09:11:10 <kcmule> hi cb
09:11:23 <cb> Hey kc!! very nice!!!!!
09:15:37 <cb> I keep looking at the pic that Dave posted to the list serve..VERY interesting!!
09:15:48 <ynpvisitor77> ..
09:27:02 <ynpvisitor77> <>
09:38:52 <ynpvisitor29> lc 1638ie
09:41:36 <kcmule> OF :
09:41:50 <kcmule> 16:40
09:57:24 <kcmule> NG 16:56
09:57:58 <cb> THAT was a nice one!!!
10:04:42 <ynpvisitor38> I just read my emails. Interesting shot from the LGB.
10:05:26 <cb> Incrediable shot!!
10:06:01 <cb> have to thank Karen and Dave for passing that one along!!
10:06:19 <kcmule> Plume 17:05
10:07:02 <ynpvisitor38> how many days til we can get there to see -
10:07:19 <ynpvisitor38> April 20?
10:07:28 <cb> 4/20
10:11:14 <ynpvisitor38> beautiful day
10:15:39 <cb> It is! that was a nice blurb outta BH!
10:18:23 <cb> Little cub 1717ie
10:18:25 <ynpvisitor29> LC 1718 ns
10:21:06 <ynpvisitor40> looking steamy at NG, too
10:49:41 <ynpvisitor77> .
10:57:14 <ynpvisitor40> Little Cub
10:58:13 <ynpvisitor40> That was some serious steam fro NG, but it's on the edge of the camera, so I couldn't tell if it was an eruption
10:59:57 <Graham> hello
11:00:43 <Graham> I would say that was a NG ?
11:00:44 <kcmule> evenin
11:00:50 <Graham> 1758
11:01:01 <Graham> looks like a fun day
11:08:00 <ynpvisitor40> Looked like a real steam spike from NG
11:09:37 <Af> Quick question Is there a way to formally join GOSA or is it rather unformal
11:12:34 <kcmule> idk
11:12:43 <ynpvisitor40> You pay for the newsletter, otherwise their are the ususal cliques. Mostly if there are any you attend the get togethers at the park. You can hear the others by the radios, backpacks, hats and sitting around for hoursl.
11:12:43 <kcmule> web site might have some info
11:12:59 <kcmule> Plume 18:12
11:13:04 <Graham> all you do is pay $20 for the Sput subscription
11:13:11 <Graham> there is no "membership"
11:13:14 <Af> Ok I did that
11:14:46 <Graham> the only "members of GOSA" are the directors
11:17:00 <Graham> another big Lion puff
11:17:51 <ynpvisitor29> thought it was gonna go
11:17:56 <kcmule> OF 18:17
11:35:30 <ynpvisitor88> Darkness creeps!
11:36:30 <kcmule> just one more daisy!!
11:41:13 <Graham> goodnight
11:41:29 <kcmule> nite