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23:42:31 <BB at work> Lion was 626 ie
23:42:52 <BB at work> I would really like to know if it is still going
23:43:08 <BB at work> I don't think this was an initial, too short, not very high
23:51:12 <CC> I have the cam until vw gets on
23:56:02 <ynpvisitor41> morning CC
23:56:09 <CC> hi
23:56:38 <vw> Good morning!
23:56:44 <CC> hi vw
23:56:45 <vw> I can take the cam now CC. Thank you!
23:56:50 <CC> k
23:56:53 <ynpvisitor41> I appreciate the cam ops
23:57:10 <CC> thank you..much appreciated
23:57:17 <vw> I have the cam.
23:57:23 <CC> bye
23:57:28 <vw> Thank 41! Nice to be appreciated!
23:57:31 <vw> Bye CC!
23:58:34 <vw> So Lion is back in the pride? Cool!
23:59:13 <vw> But does that mean that NG is over though?
23:59:15 <ynpvisitor41> it has been interesting
00:03:34 <ynpvisitor41> .
00:04:17 <vw> Plume 0703
00:12:42 <vw> .
00:15:47 <ynpvisitor41> .
00:22:21 <vw> steam in NG area. Just a small tendril
00:37:39 <vw> OF 0737
00:38:26 <ynpvisitor7> .
00:38:43 <vw> Lion 0738
00:38:51 <vw> minor
00:40:24 <vw> and another puff in Lion area
00:40:31 <ynpvisitor41> Ii wonder what Lion did overnight
00:40:48 <ynpvisitor38> The geyser that keeps on giving!
00:41:21 <vw> Lion 0739. Major ?
00:41:28 <vw> yeap.
00:43:04 <vw> I just amended my 0738 entry and added a comment.
00:44:40 <vw> Now we are free to look around, but visibility is going to go down. :(
00:46:55 <vw> FYI, we expecting extremely high winds in the lower Yellowstone River drainage starting today. I don't know if the UGB will be affected.
00:47:33 <vw> If it is, wind gusts of up to 70 MPH are predicted which would definitely affect the camera.
00:56:46 <ynpvisitor95> Dramamine for everyone.
00:57:55 <Dave from B> Good Morning, vw and assorted numbers
00:58:19 <vw> Good morning Dave!
00:59:50 <Dave from B> I wonder if Lion stopped last night?
01:00:40 <vw> Nope, we have had two eruptions so far this morning.
01:00:46 <vw> some minor puffs too.
01:01:17 <vw> I wish visibility were better so we could check NG.
01:03:53 <Dave from B> Going to be a weird week in Blgs. 59 tomorrow. Minus 5 for a low on Sunday.
01:11:04 <vw> I think that steam is from Plate, but can't be certain.
01:11:38 <vw> Nope, Plume. 0810 ie
01:16:23 <vw> Giantess bears watching. Some minor seismo bumps this morning. Hard to 'read' steam though as conditions are creating a lot of it everywhere.
01:20:30 <vw> need coffee. brb.
01:29:34 <vw> Big flakes now. Might lose the benches by the end of the day?
01:31:09 <Janet-working> Love big flakes - glad someone's getting them. :)
01:32:40 <vw> Hi Janet!
01:33:02 <Janet-working> Good morning!
01:33:04 <vw> Yeah, we haven't had too many this winter in Billings. That could change though!
01:33:45 <vw> Wow, didn't realize the visitor list had grown so big. God morning all
01:33:51 <vw> Splashing at BH.
01:34:00 <vw> *Good* morning that is...
01:44:16 <vw> Lion 0843
01:47:23 <Kevin L> Be lurking for a bit while doing chores.
01:47:32 <vw> Hi Kevin!
01:49:17 <Janet-working> Good morning, Kevin!
01:49:19 <vw> I think we are going to have one of those days when we won't be able to see much at times.
01:49:33 <Dave from B> Hi, Kevin. Hope you find eggs this am
01:50:22 <vw> Time to check snow levels. :)
01:57:14 <vw> .
02:08:21 <Janet-working> .
02:20:41 <Dave from B> vw, was that Pump you were zoomed in on?
02:20:58 <Dave from B> Or Plate?
02:21:12 <vw> No, thought maybe Plume was going. Might have been Plate, but didn't get there in time.
02:21:37 <Dave from B> It seemed like it was behind Plume
02:21:58 <vw> Pump is further up the hill and over closer to Giantess complex
02:22:12 <vw> Yeah, I thought so too Dave, but visibility is :P
02:23:23 <vw> Anytime I zoom I just get white fuzz.
02:24:44 <steve> OK, to jump in the pool, Lion had a long series yesterday, and recovery time would usually be a day or two, so I'm guessing the morinings eruptions are not a new series but a continuation of yesterdays
02:25:06 <steve> Jist like fall two years ago
02:26:57 <vw> steve, would your best guess be that now that Lion is 'back' we will see the end of NG?
02:29:59 <steve> I have no idea In my life I have seen three NG minors and one major I hope for NG, but this is new to me
02:31:24 <steve> I have wondered why the long seires abruptly started a couple of years back and I wonder if Lion is doing it again. Sometimes change is good (unless it is a change to dormancy)
02:32:19 <vw> I guess the recent NG activity is new to us all. As for Lion we have all come to anticipate those long series'.
02:34:09 <Dave from B> ....
02:34:55 <steve> NG happens so rarely, Its effect on Lion may change from time to time.. Ahhh,,, to be there, cold and all
02:34:55 <vw> More heavy steam and I think some splashing at BH.
02:45:32 <ynpvisitor76> .
02:55:45 <Dave from B> VEC Predictions have been entered as notes from Carolyn on GT
02:56:06 <vw> Thank you Dave.
02:56:13 <Kevin L> Loading Livescope....
02:57:06 <Dave from B> Hey Kevin...are you sure you know how to drive in this kind of weather?
02:58:40 <vw> Lion 0958, minor
02:58:49 <Dave from B> ...
02:59:04 <vw> .
02:59:14 <Dave from B> It looks like Lion is finally getting tired
03:00:39 <vw> I am not sure we will be able to take advantage of the VEC predictions.
03:00:54 <Kevin L> Ready when you are vw
03:01:02 <vw> Go for it Kevin!
03:01:14 <Kevin L> Got it
03:01:16 <vw> I will be back later. Have fun all!
03:08:32 <Dave from B> ..
03:10:08 <Kevin L> Lion 1009
03:10:17 <Dave from B> Kevin, how is your daughter doing with the Idaho weather?
03:12:38 <Kevin L> She is surviving. She doesn't like it much though.
03:16:48 <Dave from B> Doesn't like the weather or the school?
03:18:25 <Kevin L> Likes the school but doesn't like the cold. About a mile walk one way to the food store and she doesn't have a car. She did twist her ankle slipping on the ice, but she does that on the cracks in the sidewalk.
03:19:59 <Dave from B> ...
03:20:19 <Dave from B> I take it she lives off campus. No city buses?
03:22:18 <Kevin L> No, she is on campus. Not sure if there are city busses or not. Most of the time they can get a friend with a car to help, but you can't just go at the spur of the moment. Her 3 roommates are all from Hawaii.
03:31:30 <Kevin L> OF 1032
03:32:11 <Kevin L> make that 1030
03:32:42 <Dave from B> Well, at least she has a place to stay in Hawaii!
03:33:21 <Kevin L> It was kind of funny that all 4 would be from a warm area.
03:36:45 <Kevin L> I see OFCarolyn has posted notes with Daisy 1130, Grand 1415, and Riverside overflow ie @ 0930.
03:39:53 <Dave from B> I saw that. Hope she does that on a regular basis
03:41:31 <Kevin L> It is nice. My son sent me a picture of him walking on a lake last week. He also had a picture of the car speedodmeter showing minus 38C (and a top speed of 220).
03:43:01 <Dave from B> Brrr. I would be moving south if I had to put up with that kind of cold.
03:43:41 <Kevin L> He is in Lethbridge now which is warmer than Calgary.
03:47:06 <Dave from B> I was assuming he was in college. What does your son do for a living?
03:47:49 <Kevin L> Right now he is a missionary.
03:48:31 <ynpvisitor27> Hmm... vw xalled a Lion minor at 0958 but did not post it to GT When she is back could you ask her about it?
03:49:44 <Dave from B> ...
03:49:48 <Kevin L> That is when were were changing cam operators so she may have left before she posted it. I will ask her
03:50:58 <Dave from B> How much time does he have left on his 2 years?
03:51:12 <steve> ty
03:52:31 <Kevin L> He hit 7 months yesterday. He really likes it up there, but says he misses the warm. I am sure he will enjoy the Summers.
03:53:53 <Dave from B> I've always wanted to go to Calgary, Banff and Jasper. Looks beautiful
03:55:22 <Kevin L> He sent me a picture of a railroad bridge in Lethbridge that is awesome. It is over a mile long and about 300 feet tall. He says it really makes some strange noises when a train goes across it.
03:56:38 <Kevin L> I had a friend who used to do the rodeo in Calgary. He was national bareback champion a couple of times.
04:00:17 <Dave from B> Do you go to the NRA Finals in Vegas in Dec?
04:01:56 <Kevin L> I haven't but my daughter likes to go. Her uncle usually has tickets to a few events and takes her and her cousin to a few of them.
04:10:19 <Kevin L> Clearing up a bit.
04:16:56 <Kevin L> Lion 1116 ie
04:59:07 <Kevin L> OF 1158
05:02:02 <Dave from B> Doesn't look pleasant with the wind.
05:02:24 <Kevin L> I agree.
05:03:22 <Dave from B> Temp is in the 20's but I bet it doesn't feel that warm
05:04:04 <Kevin L> Wind not horrible, but picking up.
05:20:56 <Kevin L> Lion 1220
05:28:59 <Dave from B> Time to go play in the cold again. Be back in 45. Text me if you see BH or Giantess
05:29:38 <Kevin L> Will do. Have fun.
06:11:35 <Dave from B> Back. How's BH looking?
06:12:02 <Kevin L> Colder than you are.
06:12:14 <Dave from B> :)
06:12:54 <Dave from B> Really getting windy in Blgs
06:12:56 <Kevin L> Here is a closeup. I am hoping it either goes quick or holds off since I have bus duty at 1400.
06:21:27 <Kevin L> BTW Dave, I did get 3 eggs yesterday and one more today so far.
06:28:37 <Dave from B> That's great. Are chickens they only thing you raise? Besides children?
06:29:20 <Kevin L> OF 1328
06:30:03 <Kevin L> That is it.
06:30:42 <Kevin L> Little Lion action.
06:31:00 <Kevin L> There it goes Lion 1330
06:31:53 <Dave from B> How do the eggs taste compared to normal store eggs?
06:33:06 <Dave from B> If Lion didn't stop last night....over 30 hours for this series
06:33:13 <Kevin L> Much better. Egg shells are also harder. These are brown eggs and the yolks are a lot more yellow.
06:43:37 <Will B> Little Cub 1342ie
06:57:04 <Kevin L> Be going to preset in a few for bus duty.
07:01:48 <Kevin L> Txt me if you see BHI Dave.
07:08:16 <Af> Yes bh HASN'T GONE OFF YET!
07:08:23 <Af> oops caps lock
07:12:12 <Dave from B> I'm back. Thanks, Af
07:13:24 <Dave from B> Af, did you see it appears Lion is at 32 hours plus for its current series?
07:13:53 <Af> Constant series since yesterday?
07:14:17 <Dave from B> That seems to be the consensus
07:14:59 <Af> I wonder if this particulaly long series will result in a much longer series interval like the one jus trecently
07:16:45 <Kevin L> DING
07:16:47 <Kevin L> .
07:16:48 <Kevin L> .
07:16:48 <Kevin L> .
07:16:49 <Kevin L> .
07:16:51 <Kevin L> .
07:16:57 <Kevin L> bhi 1416 ie
07:17:00 <Af> BH indicater!!!!!!!
07:17:01 <Dave from B> Thanks, Kevin
07:17:18 <Kevin L> Great timing!
07:17:41 <Af> halllelulahh!
07:18:53 <Af> Nooooo streaming!!!
07:19:00 <Dave from B> Good timing for you, Kevin
07:19:34 <Af> this would be one of teh worst possible times to have my streaming quit out.
07:19:48 <Kevin L> I think I got it near start.
07:19:57 <Dave from B> This is going to be a sideways eruption
07:20:03 <Af> Hi lc just in time!
07:20:14 <Dave from B> Afternoon, lc
07:20:27 <lc> hey af, everyone
07:20:42 <Kevin L> hi
07:20:42 <lc> pretty good timing
07:20:57 <kc (working)> ty
07:21:19 <Af> Remind sme of my second BH went to GH and t oBH tried to fish peice of garbage out
07:22:02 <Af> had my back to BH indicater then my dad was yelling at me to turn around and there it was.
07:22:07 <Af> BH indicater
07:22:48 <Af> 1422
07:24:28 <lc> short and wide.
07:24:29 <Af> that's what I love!
07:24:33 <Kevin L> 100' high, 1/2 mile long.
07:27:02 <Af> nice eruption
07:29:23 <Kevin L> Bet somebody got wet.
07:30:24 <Af> that's right Kevin.
07:31:42 <Kevin L> Not sure if we could see Grand if it does erupt.
07:32:15 <Af> can't see anything downbasin
07:33:17 <Af> castle 1432 ie?
07:33:21 <Kevin L> Well we can dee Castle ie at 1432
07:47:19 <lc> Lion roar
07:48:00 <Af> lets move the streaming on lion and of they're due
07:52:20 <lc> wonder when this Lion series started.
07:53:08 <Dave from B> Welcome back, 47
07:53:17 <Kevin L> Not sure what happened here but lost controls. Had to finally restart computer.
07:53:30 <lc> or if its still going from yesterday.
07:55:17 <Dave from B> Thought you might have had computer problems.
07:55:45 <Dave from B> Random question...Has anyone ever been to the Everglades?
07:56:08 <Kevin L> Lion has been going since daylight.
07:56:22 <Kevin L> Never been there.
07:56:36 <Kevin L> Wouldn't mind going to Daytona this week.
07:56:40 <lc> never been there Dave.
07:56:48 <vw> Good afternoon!
07:56:53 <vw> Plume 1456 ie
07:57:39 <vw> Ready whenever you are K.
07:58:15 <Kevin L> Go ahead.
07:58:19 <Af> of 1452Hello vw
07:58:32 <Af> no of just hello ww
07:58:34 <vw> And Kevin, I am not sure losing control was you. I got discom'd a few times today too.
07:58:40 <vw> Hi Af!
07:58:46 <vw> I have the cam.
07:59:25 <vw> As I was saying to Kevin, I got disconnected a few times today. If that happens the camera will default to the OF preset. I will try to reestablish asap, but no promises.
07:59:30 <Af> aurum 1459
07:59:31 <Kevin L> OK. This one locked on Castle (which I think is a major) and then would not let me do anything. Had to shut the computer off.
08:00:23 <Kevin L> Puff in the NG area.
08:00:29 <Dave from B> Hi, vw.
08:00:45 <vw> Hi Dave!
08:00:50 <Af> that wa stoo short for aurum. Or is it?
08:00:56 <Kevin L> I will keep LS up just in case.
08:01:23 <vw> Seems our wind arrived early? Warning is for later tonight/Wednesday morning. Windy in Billings now.
08:01:30 <vw> Thanks K.
08:04:08 <Af> I saw something in the aurum area ti only lasted seconds and matched the height of aurum but I'm not sure
08:04:33 <Af> of 1504
08:05:54 <vw> Af, if you post that time, could you do it ns? I think it might have started just before the minute change. I can't be sure cuz still setting up. :P
08:06:40 <vw> Lion 1506
08:06:44 <Kevin L> Lion 1506
08:07:01 <vw> All kinds of excitement.
08:07:07 <Kevin L> I didn't leave much for you vw.
08:07:26 <Af> I saw it start vw and its started then stopped just as fast as it started
08:07:40 <vw> Yeah, Af, I wonder about that Aurum too. We have seen steam plume from Pump drift over that area and looking like Aurum. Hard to see.
08:08:14 <Kevin L> Hard to see the benches at OF right now.
08:08:16 <vw> Remember though that there is about a 6-8 second (or longer?) lag between start and when the public sees it.
08:08:18 <Af> I saw a water spout though that matched aurm's height and area but I can't honestly explain it
08:08:38 <vw> I hope that someone can review captures and check on that Aurum.
08:09:16 <vw> You might want to add a comment to your Aurum posting that it should be reviewed and confirmed.
08:10:21 <vw> For most people a few seconds off on OF or any geyser is not important. For others, exact time is an obsession.
08:11:01 <Af> i added a comment I guess revewing it will be another pesons problem
08:11:19 <vw> Thanks. Hopefully someone will confirm it.
08:11:32 <vw> Conditions today are horrible for seeing much. :P
08:11:35 <Af> should I put questionable?
08:11:43 <lc> strange Lion eruption.
08:12:05 <vw> It totally depends on how confident you are in the accuracy of the call.
08:12:26 <Af> I know I saw something that looked like aurum?
08:12:35 <Af> ignore the ? mark
08:12:43 <vw> This morning, steve commented that he though Lion series was a continuation of yesterday's. If so, a VERY long series.
08:13:34 <vw> *thought*
08:14:04 <lc> I'm wondering about that.
08:14:40 <vw> Maybe it is just making up for its hiatus?
08:14:48 <lc> hope they have a data logger on it.
08:15:35 <vw> I don't know if there is or not lc. let me check the GOSA site.
08:15:35 <Dave from B> ..
08:16:55 <vw> There does appear to be electronic data for Lion on the GOSA site.
08:17:15 <vw> Somewhat dated, but should get new info when Ralph can get into the basin?
08:18:24 <Af> now with these weird lion activities going on they should upgrade.
08:19:05 <vw> Only somebody who is authorized can download. That is like... one person!
08:19:22 <Af> And where ar ethe data loggers and how do they log the geysers activity? Just curious ebcause I always wanted to know how.
08:19:34 <lc> I know Ralph has one on it in the summer.
08:19:43 <vw> Ralph was unable to get into the Park late last summer, so there is a lot of data waiting to be downloaded.
08:21:00 <vw> Bob Smith and the U of Utah geology department are installing some newer devices with a different technology for monitoring some geysers, but I don't believe any are in the UGB>
08:21:27 <lc> didn't know that
08:21:56 <vw> There was an article a couple of weeks ago in the Billings Gazette. Totally forgot about it until just now!
08:23:11 <vw> checking for a link...
08:25:08 <Dave from B> Didn't see that article. Time for me to head out. Talk to everyone tomorrow!
08:25:11 <vw> too many common terms. Not having much luck.
08:25:17 <vw> Have a good one Dave!
08:25:29 <lc> later Dave
08:25:37 <Kevin L> Bye Dave.
08:27:07 <lc> bbl
08:27:12 <Af> Bye lc
08:29:31 <Af> clouding up, dang it.
08:30:27 <Af> BBl
08:34:27 <vw> Check the 'Tiny Bubbles' article. Uses voice recognition software.
08:35:10 <vw> brb
08:42:44 <vw> In reviewing that article, it looks like the research has already been done, and it was several years ago.
08:47:11 <vw> White on white with hints of gray continue. I am going to leave the cam in its current position and monitor. Reading a book in the meantime. :P
09:00:28 <vw> Plume 1559
09:00:56 <vw> Barely discernable.
09:01:07 <Kevin L> Tough to see.
09:01:18 <vw> :) yeah!
09:01:40 <vw> Actually better from further away.
09:31:39 <kc (working)> .
09:36:29 <vw> OF 1635
09:42:46 <Graham> hello, looks like a wonderful day
09:43:01 <vw> Hey Graham.
09:43:09 <vw> Yeah, hasn't been the best viewing day.
09:43:16 <Kevin L> And I have some fine fertile farmland in Tonopah to sell you.
09:43:34 <vw> Just checking conditions
09:44:01 <Graham> maybe the benches will hide again?
09:44:10 <vw> Actually less additional accumulation than I thought we would see.
09:44:12 <Kevin L> I would.
09:44:50 <Graham> fyi - before I forget, I may be late in tomorrow...stuff going on at work
09:45:40 <vw> K, you on tomorrow? If it gets too late and you need to go, text me. I could take it later in the afternoon.
09:46:23 <vw> Winds picking up. High wind warnings.
09:46:36 <Graham> yeah starting 1600
09:46:40 <Kevin L> I have to start late myself so CC is going to pinch hit for me. I should be able to cover, but will txt you if needed.
09:46:53 <Graham> thanks .... we have a proposal to get in next week so I may get tasked
09:46:56 <vw> sounds good.
09:47:18 <Graham> everything is piling up at once at work .... walked into someones office and they said "how busy are you"
09:47:50 <Graham> should have run ... but i did say I have lots on my plate .. but they didnt listen
09:47:50 <Kevin L> I may have to run up north for a day sometime in the next couple of weeks, so I may need some coverage. Not sure what day yet.
09:49:44 <vw> K, as for tomorrow, I am thinking it may very well be a lost cause.
09:50:22 <vw> Gusts of up to 90 mph in the high peaks.
09:50:31 <vw> That is some serious wind.
09:50:45 <Kevin L> Wow!
09:51:22 <Graham> thats my kind of weather :)
09:51:23 <vw> Scroll down on that report and YNP warnings are there.
09:51:40 <vw> G, I think that might be a little rough even for you! :D
09:51:52 <Kevin L> Gee, you can almost see Lion.
09:52:41 <vw> 2-3 feet of snow expected around the southern part of the park.
09:53:01 <Graham> yeah that was what it was like for my week in the park :)
09:53:29 <vw> The only week so far that there was continuous bad weather G!
09:53:31 <Graham> there was a 100mph gust and over 1.5' the last couple of days
09:53:56 <Graham> just my luck .. did get sun at the start and end of my trip in Mammoth
09:56:58 <Graham> no NG reports?
09:57:23 <Kevin L> I saw one puff
09:58:32 <vw> Conditions during my shifts too bad to see much over there.
09:58:41 <vw> Long Lion series though.
09:59:07 <Graham> maybe it went through the night too
09:59:34 <vw> steve was on earlier and suggested the same thing.
10:01:26 <Graham> hum, 2h since the last Lion report?
10:01:50 <vw> Yes, but we could have missed one in the murk.
10:03:59 <Af> Hello
10:04:07 <vw> Hey AF!
10:04:39 <vw> Somebody reviewed that Aurum time and said basically it was inconclusive, but could have been Aurum. Pretty clear huh? :D
10:06:25 <Graham> maybe I should express an opinion since I didnt see the eruption?
10:06:46 <Af> go ahead graham
10:06:53 <vw> would it be less than an educated guess?
10:06:56 <Graham> yeah Tax Refund coming :)
10:07:43 <vw> Save it for YNP trip in September? maybe big enough to add another trip? :)
10:07:54 <Kevin L> I am scared this year. They paid off 30 years of vacation.
10:08:12 <vw> oooh. That could be a big ouch.
10:08:14 <Graham> possible NG 1531 per Pat .....
10:08:24 <vw> Plume 1708
10:08:42 <Af> my internets having issues
10:09:23 <Graham> 30 years of vacation ... wow ..... 30* annual salary .... hope they withheld taxes :)
10:09:51 <Graham> can join the 1%ers with that
10:09:59 <Af> i'd know all about
10:10:06 <Af> this
10:12:23 <Graham> hum, refund could pay for the cabin in Sept ... not the air and car as well
10:12:53 <vw> Well, that is still a help.
10:13:12 <Graham> yep...have to get creative to cover the car .. maybe get a free airfare
10:13:31 <Graham> can i get a deduction for travel to run the cam?
10:13:38 <Af> depending on where you go in the park take a bike.
10:13:52 <Graham> expensive to fly one out there
10:14:04 <Graham> yeah
10:14:08 <Af> NG
10:14:13 <Af> 1713
10:14:30 <Graham> good catch v
10:14:48 <Af> who me?
10:14:55 <Graham> vw
10:14:59 <vw> I wasn't sure if NG or one of the springs.
10:15:06 <Af> oh
10:15:08 <vw> Just saw steam.
10:15:19 <Af> oks
10:15:36 <vw> Couldn't get there any faster. :(
10:16:04 <Graham> that was strong enough to be more than a splash
10:16:23 <vw> I think so too. Not sustained though.
10:16:39 <Af> to you guys its costs to get there and thats what you think about me I think about getting to go in the firsy place :(
10:16:50 <vw> Maybe with Lion off now we will see NG.
10:17:14 <Graham> its not easy for a lot of us
10:17:22 <vw> Your time will come Af.
10:17:22 <Graham> for me its vacation time from work too
10:17:50 <Graham> 19 days a year doesn't go far
10:18:17 <vw> Especially when you have to factor in travel time, and OTHER diversions.
10:18:51 <Af> I know I'm going in 2013 becuase that was my only christmas present but not in 2012
10:18:55 <Graham> yeah those too .... they cost more than YNP but can avoid taking much leave
10:20:16 <Graham> how long will you be there Af?
10:20:40 <Af> I don't know
10:20:57 <Graham> but you were there last year?
10:20:58 <Af> probably a week at the most but more like 5 days
10:21:12 <Af> yes I wa sthere Graham
10:22:23 <Kevin L> They only let me turn in a percentage of sick leave and even with that and donating 6 weeks I still gave them ove $29,000 in leave when I retired.
10:22:42 <Af> The happiest and the most at home I've felt has been in yellowstone.
10:25:40 <Graham> wow i never have that much leave on the books
10:28:29 <Kevin L> They only let me keep 6 weeks vacation, but didn't limit sick leave.
10:31:40 <vw> That's a new one. UGB static cam message: FORBIDDEN You don't have permission to access....
10:32:08 <vw> Steam again at NG.
10:32:11 <Kevin L> Should have shown more wildlife vw! ;)
10:32:19 <vw> :D
10:33:10 <Graham> was afk
10:33:27 <Graham> was it NG 1731?
10:33:49 <vw> I think just steam. I don't have a clear enough picture to be sure.
10:33:54 <vw> same again just now.
10:34:10 <Graham> that wasn't strong enoughg ofr eruption steam
10:34:28 <vw> Nope, and very similar to what I saw before.
10:35:53 <vw> Anybody else watch the UGB static cam separate from the chat page? Are you able to get it?
10:36:19 <vw> I am still getting that forbidden message.
10:36:23 <Kevin L> Mine declines to show it.
10:36:39 <vw> well, darn. I rely on that static page.
10:37:26 <lc (bbl)> I get it ok
10:37:32 <vw> I don't like to use the chat one cuz it doesn't refresh for me.
10:37:54 <vw> lc, what browser? I was using Chrome.
10:38:02 <lc (bbl)> FF
10:38:35 <vw> Thank you. I will try it.
10:38:41 <lc (bbl)> I get it in IE also
10:38:56 <vw> Never had that happen before. Maybe Google forgot to send a check?
10:39:57 <Kevin L> Mine show Forbidden in FF.
10:39:57 <Graham> btw Af, this link has a view of the building in Fans vents before an eruption and going into lock just before the start.
10:40:13 <vw> I am getting same message in FF. Going to IE....
10:40:40 <lc (bbl)> I get it in chrome also
10:40:57 <Graham> take some motion sickness pills first too
10:41:09 <vw> Creature. Missed it.
10:41:15 <Af> ywait what?I was AFK
10:42:24 <Graham> read what i said about the link Af
10:43:25 <Af> I actually watche dthat before G
10:43:56 <vw> Weirdness prevails. I can't get the UGB static cam in Chrome, FF or IE. Different 'reasons' on each, but nada.
10:44:51 <Af> thanks Graham anyway
10:46:10 <Graham> k. you can see how the vents are splashy and then build steady a minute before the eruption
10:46:32 <Graham> and then F&M usually erupt when the build up steadily
10:46:39 <Graham> except last Sept
10:47:44 <Graham> most F&M clips start with the lock in place
10:49:24 <Af> Splendid Geyser anyone?
10:49:36 <Af> By teh way guy in the vid is really cooky
10:52:30 <Af> I ahte to watch the videos G about F&M becuase they remind me of how much I want to see my first eruption.
10:53:33 <Graham> yeah i know what you mean, but you are curious so thought it showed the activity well
10:53:43 <Graham> maybe they will be active again in 2013
10:53:55 <Graham> still hard to catch because of their love of the dark
10:54:02 <Af> in the splendid eruptions orry if I offeneded you.
10:54:36 <Af> Only the more reason to do an all nighter
10:54:47 <lc (bbl)> that guy is David S. he is really a nice person.
10:55:17 <Af> I;m sorry if I offended him.
10:55:35 <Af> I;m=I'm
10:56:11 <Graham> all-nighters get tough too, especially if it drags on. phone tree and split shifts work for a couple of nights
10:56:38 <Graham> i have only ever been out one whole night waiting for Giant, not F&M - usually can share F&M watch
10:56:40 <Af> I'm determined but not too determined
10:56:44 <lc (bbl)> I saw Splendid 5-6 times in 97, don't know it that was one of the ones I saw.
10:57:29 <Af> I will see it eventually becuase there will be many eruptions in the future that I will see.
10:57:40 <Af> maybe not many
10:57:49 <Graham> yep......should come back to life again by then
10:57:59 <Graham> maybe tough to catch this summer tho
10:58:00 <Af> buy at least one in my entire life of gazing
10:58:16 <Af> not going this summer won't be an issue
10:58:24 <Graham> for YOU
11:01:25 <lc (bbl)> good night everyone.
11:01:40 <Af> night lc
11:01:40 <Kevin L> night
11:01:50 <vw> Night lc
11:02:10 <Michael> Night, lc
11:02:43 <Michael> Too late. Was scrolling through David S.'s video library on YouTube.
11:05:29 <Af> calling ti a night now.
11:05:48 <Michael> Night, Af.
11:05:48 <Kevin L> bye
11:05:49 <vw> Plume 1805
11:05:52 <Graham> bue Af
11:05:58 <vw> Bye Af
11:10:26 <vw> OF 1809
11:11:59 <vw> That person sat on the bench for a long time and then only stayed for the initial burst?
11:12:50 <Michael> In their defense, I'd be in a hurry to get back inside too.
11:13:51 <Graham> lightweights
11:14:13 <Michael> That descibes most of my winter clothing, yes.
11:14:22 <vw> :D
11:14:50 <Graham> no expedition thermals and insulated ski pants and polartek pants?
11:16:46 <Graham> canon bonus points for vw :)
11:17:24 <Graham> even the coyote is heading in quickly for dinner
11:17:52 <vw> No fries to be found on the bw these days.
11:18:28 <Michael> There was a coyote on the boardwalk yesterday about this time too.
11:18:42 <Michael> Maybe the VEC can post predictions?
11:19:06 <vw> Its the 4 O'clock coyote who lost his watch?
11:19:39 <vw> About as much excitement as I can take for the day. Watching in winter conditions is HARD on the eyes!
11:19:51 <vw> I am going to sign off. the cam is up for grabs.
11:19:56 <vw> Good night all.
11:20:01 <Graham> bye
11:20:12 <Michael> Good night vw. I'm heading in too.
11:20:31 <Graham> we'll keep the light on for you
11:20:43 <Graham> NG 1820
11:21:23 <vw> well... except for that.
11:21:27 <vw> Now I really am going.
11:21:31 <Graham> wb :)
11:21:45 <Graham> Giantess anyone?
11:22:38 <Kevin L> I'll take it.
11:23:03 <Graham> got to give vw a few more seconds ...
11:24:37 <Kevin L> Did you see all that bent metal Saturday Graham?
11:25:00 <Graham> no, i try and take out my anger in other ways
11:25:14 <Graham> was it good?
11:25:54 <Kevin L> It did get pretty ugly, but there were some awesome moments.
11:26:16 <Graham> scrap yards did ok?
11:27:05 <Kevin L> The first race went long and the first 6 runners ran out of gas just before the line. It was 4 and 5 wide at the stripe and then they all crashed just after the start finish line.
11:28:08 <Kevin L> Second race my guy got spun out twice and came back at the end to take the win by 13/1000 of a second!
11:29:16 <Graham> wow thats great
11:29:31 <Graham> i huess they could skip the early hours and just run the last lap with no gas?
11:30:39 <Kevin L> I think there were only about 3 cars that weren't bent to finish the second race. Not something you normally see on a superspeedway.
11:35:54 <kc (working)> nite
11:36:06 <Kevin L> night