Showing logs for date: 2012-03-08
23:41:51 <vw> Good morning all!
23:43:42 <vw> I see Dave M, BB and Pat S kept vigil on OF for us last night so we have good marks for when OF might decide to erupt. Very good.
23:45:41 <Kevin L> Morning
23:49:26 <ynpvisitor32> .
23:49:40 <vw> Morning Kevin!
00:01:01 <Kevin L> Heading out for bus duty.
00:01:26 <vw> K. Hug the kids!
00:02:22 <lc> good morning everyone
00:02:23 <vw> Good morning lc!
00:04:02 <vw> .
00:08:44 <vw> Very cool colors with the rising sun reflecting in the fog.
00:10:11 <Janet> Good morning, all!
00:10:48 <lc> good morning
00:11:09 <vw> Good morning Janet!
00:14:30 <ynpvisitor32> .
00:16:57 <vw> Anemone 0716 ie
00:20:30 <lc> Grand?
00:20:59 <vw> Probably lc.
00:21:48 <lc> may be Oblong
00:22:48 <vw> had a prediction on Grand for 0547 this morning, so well within the normal variable for a Grand now.
00:24:22 <vw> Too foggy to see the base or if there is water, and cam needs to stay on OF right now.
00:27:48 <vw> Thinking Grand. Looks like a second burst now.
00:29:31 <CC> that was me that took the cam for a minute only
00:29:31 <vw> OF 0728
00:29:35 <lc> Im thinking Grand also, been going at least 9 min
00:29:39 <CC> and good morning to all
00:29:44 <vw> Ok. Surprised me!
00:29:50 <vw> Hi CC!
00:29:59 <CC> hi
00:30:02 <ynpvisitor32> ..
00:30:09 <lc> morning CC
00:30:16 <CC> the cam is still yours..I took it to see down basin
00:30:29 <CC> hi lc
00:30:34 <vw> I can't get it yet.
00:30:41 <CC> I am off
00:30:47 <CC> try again
00:30:55 <vw> Nope
00:31:04 <CC> try again
00:31:12 <vw> there we go.
00:31:31 <CC> maybe took a minute because I am at the clubhouse
00:31:38 <Janet> Nothing better than morning eruptions!
00:31:51 <CC> OF was absolutely beautiful
00:31:58 <lc> when its tis cold.
00:32:01 <vw> They are beautiful, aren't they!
00:32:04 <lc> this
00:33:36 <Kevin L> Back
00:34:28 <Kevin L> VEC cam was awesome.
00:39:30 <ynpvisitor32> .
00:55:54 <ynpvisitor32> ..
01:21:42 <vw> .
01:34:01 <vw> Plume 0833
01:54:31 <vw> OF 0853
02:03:45 <vw> coyote. 2
02:05:45 <vw> got my wildlife shots for the day.
02:05:57 <Janet> :)
02:07:29 <vw> brb
02:16:25 <vw> Riverside 0914 ie, Static cam
02:17:06 <vw> hmmm. Pat has Riverside at 0901 ?
02:18:22 <Janet> Was that a new steam cloud? Or just a continuation of Riverside?
02:20:34 <vw> I don't know! I didn't see anything at 0901, but I wasn't really watching for it either.
02:21:07 <vw> Riverside is one of those ones that I only incidentally most of the time. :(
02:21:11 <Janet> I'm only half paying attention to the screen - working on various projects, so I'm afraid I'm of little help on that one.
02:23:57 <vw> I can relate Janet. Even when I am on the cam there are other things to do.
02:44:19 <vw> .
03:02:31 <vw> Daisy 1002 ns
03:02:34 <af> minumum day today yay!
03:03:14 <vw> Hi af!
03:03:17 <af> hi
03:03:21 <Kevin L> About time you got something going vw.
03:03:34 <vw> yeah, no kidding Kevin!
03:03:41 <af> nice clear day today
03:03:49 <vw> [we need a snoozing icon....]
03:04:22 <af (*flop* zzzz> that suffice?
03:04:24 <vw> It has been beautiful all day af. Hopefully it holds!
03:05:15 <af> well since it is a miiumum day I get out way early then I'm going home and have the whole afternoon hopefully with a bee
03:06:16 <af> nice shadow on of making that balck steam!
03:10:45 <vw> Kevin has the cam so that I can take a break. Any complaints to management however should be about me. :)
03:11:51 <af> ?
03:15:31 <af>
03:15:43 <af> I do this when I ma really bored
03:21:36 <af> of 1021
03:22:43 <ynpvisitor46> Lovely Old Faithful
03:23:10 <af> its start looked really spectacular got that right 46
03:23:21 <af> hi kristine
03:23:29 <Kristine> Hi af
03:25:59 <Kristine> Tough one to call
03:26:21 <Kevin L> Guessing a long
03:26:34 <af> I didn't say anything too steamy to be sure.
03:27:19 <Kristine> Yeah. I'm pretty sure I saw water after about the 2 1/2 minute mark
03:27:23 <Kevin L> VEC called it long
03:28:03 <af> dleted my entry Kev so yours could be the primary
03:28:22 <Kristine> Yeah, I think so too
03:32:38 <af> hold it off till at least 1340 I am going
03:32:51 <af> it=bh
03:33:14 <Kevin L> We will try. Nice steam on it.
03:43:36 <vw> I have the cam. Thank you Kevin!
03:44:03 <Kevin L> yw
03:48:24 <Dave from B> ..
03:48:41 <Dave from B> Good Morning, everyone!
03:48:54 <vw> Hi Dave!
03:51:19 <Kristine> Hi Dave!
03:53:14 <Dave from B> With poor visibility past week, it's hard to get a good feel for what BH has been doing
03:53:39 <vw> BH??? Is it still active? ;)
03:55:51 <Dave from B> Can't wait until we get more closed intervals with longer days.
03:59:52 <Kristine> Me too :)
04:05:33 <Kevin L> Been out fishing Dave?
04:07:03 <Dave from B> Sure been busy since November. Usually slows down after New Year's.
04:08:07 <Dave from B> People are finding our that we also sell to the public. Now is 5% of our business.
04:08:21 <Dave from B> Thursday and Friday afternoons are crazy.
04:08:57 <Kevin L> I would guess that fish would be popular about this time of year.
04:08:59 <Kristine> What's the steam cloud downbasin? Grand-ish area? I can kinda see if on the basin cam.
04:09:12 <Dave from B> Kevin, with banked Vegas track, I suppose people who like Daytona like to race in Vegas?
04:10:15 <Dave from B> We sell mostly crab, lobster and shrimp during holidays. Now, it is fish fish fish.
04:10:34 <Kevin L> Pretty much so. It sure was much better the way it was.
04:10:50 <Dave from B> Salmon, Halibut, Tuna, Grouper, Tilapia
04:11:23 <vw> Sorry Kristine, just saw your question. Going now.
04:11:23 <Dave from B> Have you ever been to the NASCAR race in Vegas?
04:11:55 <vw> Maybe Oblong? Missed it if it was. Pretty sure we had Grand.
04:12:06 <Kevin L> Only the Nationwide andd the trucks.
04:12:59 <Kristine> Maybe. I could just see part of it on the upper basin cam
04:14:06 <vw> Yeah, I saw it when I noticed your question.
04:15:15 <Kristine> It's gone now
04:20:58 <Dave from B> ...
04:23:28 <Kristine> ...
04:23:50 <Kristine> I didn't realized I'd quit :)
04:41:29 <vw> Depression 1141 ie
04:49:32 <vw> OF 1148
04:49:52 <vw> Today's eruptions are so tall I can't get them on the screen. Cool
05:13:47 <vw> .
05:22:06 <vw> Plume 1221 ie
05:35:17 <Dave from B> ...
05:37:33 <vw> BHI 1237 ie
05:37:34 <vw> ding
05:37:35 <vw> ding
05:37:36 <vw> ding
05:37:46 <Dave from B> Thanks, vw
05:38:34 <vw> Dave, could you send out text? I have half a dozen windows open on my computer and too many distractions!
05:38:52 <vw> Surprised I even saw it. :P
05:39:04 <Dave from B> I sent a text to Kevin.
05:39:23 <Dave from B> Only other number I have is yours.
05:39:40 <vw> k. let me do it then.
05:39:41 <Kevin L> ty Dave
05:40:05 <Dave from B> If I had other numbers, I would be more than happy to do that in the future.
05:40:44 <vw> remind me another day and maybe I could share?
05:41:27 <Dave from B> np
05:41:59 <vw> folks who I send emails to are sol today I am afraid. If I open up one more window, my computer is going to crash.
05:42:35 <Kitt> Thanks for the text Kevin
05:42:49 <Kitt> What a nice addition to my lunch
05:42:56 <vw> Hi Kitt!
05:43:13 <Kevin L> yw
05:43:28 <Kitt> Hello
05:43:55 <Kitt> Looks like you texted me also vw, thanks
05:44:07 <vw> We have you well covered Kitt.
05:44:23 <Kitt> Much appreciated
05:46:54 <Dave from B> ...
05:48:16 <vw> Sorry
05:48:45 <vw> I get a little overzealous with that mouse wheel sometimes.
05:53:08 <Kitt> Going to be a tall one
05:53:26 <Kevin L> Got your poncho?
05:53:26 <Kitt> lucky visitors get a close up
05:53:42 <vw> BH 1253
05:53:53 <Kitt> no, thought I'd watch it without one
05:55:20 <Kitt> rumble, rumble
05:57:52 <lc> just walked in from fishing, good timein.
05:58:03 <vw> Perfect lc!
05:58:04 <Kitt> thanks for the call, wonderful eruption
05:58:17 <Kitt> Hey, LC I thought you might be fishing
05:58:27 <lc> missed half of ir
05:58:44 <lc> hey Kitt, what you doing here?
05:59:05 <Kitt> I'm on my lunch break
05:59:19 <Kitt> But it is back to work now. Have a good afternoon
05:59:24 <lc> good timing for you too
05:59:30 <Kitt> Bye
05:59:31 <vw> You too Kitt! Bye.
05:59:48 <lc> later Kitt
06:12:14 <Dave from B> Missed BH. Was it a good one?
06:13:09 <vw> It was nice. Tall, but a little fuzzy. Maybe kc will be able to post a capture.
06:17:31 <vw> OF 1317
06:36:03 <vw> Plume 1335
06:47:00 <af> aww missed bh!
06:47:05 <af> oh well>
06:53:08 <Dave from B> There is always tomorrow, af
06:53:45 <kc (working)> give me a few mins
06:59:14 <kc (working)>
06:59:30 <vw> Thank you kc!
07:01:29 <Dave from B> Thanks, kc
07:02:04 <kc (working)> yw
07:05:08 <af> thanks
07:07:51 <af> playin around with my new andorid tablet.
07:21:39 <vw> Grand 1420 ie ?
07:21:49 <af> yeap
07:21:50 <vw> waiting to see water. Thought I did.
07:23:49 <af> toom uch steam for anything but Grand
07:24:00 <vw> 2nd burst confirms as Grand
07:25:02 <vw> Oblong can have that much steam too af.
07:25:14 <af> ohhh yeahhhh
07:25:21 <vw> Especially when the weather is this cool.
07:26:00 <vw> That is why on the cam we watch for water. Only Grand shows water from the camera perspective
07:27:53 <af> missed a bee got a grand, I'd say its ok for missing bh
07:29:08 <vw> af, watching the video of BH is as good as the live show.
07:29:45 <af> I don't know to me its just not the same for some reason
07:30:12 <vw> If you want, I can ooh and aah here while you are watching it?
07:34:43 <af (tablet)> hello computor self
07:39:06 <vw> OF 1438
07:39:40 <af> another tab pass through of.
07:42:45 <af> long
07:46:31 <vw> My brain and eyes are about fried. I am going to leave the cam in this position but have to step away.
07:46:36 <vw> cb should be on soon.
07:49:01 <af> vw,
07:49:49 <vw> those would be sweet af!
07:50:02 <vw> Hard to watch the monitor all day long!
07:51:38 <vw> Plume 1451
07:51:50 <vw> Ididn't get very far.
07:52:15 <vw> af, could you post that? already closed that window.
07:52:40 <af> sure thing
07:52:46 <vw> ty
07:53:06 <af> hi cb!
07:53:12 <vw> you can do it from your tablet if you have downloaded that ap
07:53:15 <cb> Ola!
07:53:26 <vw> Hey cb!
07:53:35 <cb> Had to stop and get a coffee!!
07:53:41 <vw> good timing. I have got to get away from the computer. :P
07:53:49 <cb> ok
07:53:56 <vw> Coffee sounds good.
07:53:58 <cb> I got it
07:54:10 <vw> thank you! Have a great evening all!
07:54:14 <cb> it taste yummmy! cb = coffee *****!
07:54:30 <cb> oops that meebo didn't like that
07:54:36 <cb> bye vw
07:54:57 <af> bye vw
07:57:30 <af> how goes it cb?
07:57:57 <cb> just getting home from work af
08:29:52 <af> nice trees
08:41:57 <cb> Daisy 1541
08:41:59 <af> daisy 1541 ie
08:42:32 <Kevin L> Gee, I wanted Aurum.
08:42:50 <af> we got a daisyy
08:43:13 <cb> you forgot who's on the cam this afternoon Kevin! :)
08:43:33 <cb> Aurum is AFTER Dasiy
08:43:36 <cb> Daisy
08:44:01 <Kevin L> OK, if you promise.
08:44:58 <cb> not promising a thing!
08:45:12 <cb> especially when it comes to Aurum and me!
08:45:38 <af> what's with you guys and aurum?
08:45:48 <af> right there!
08:46:00 <af> that's a great veiw of things in teh basin
08:46:46 <Kevin L> Aurum is a fun geyser, but hard to catch.
08:47:00 <cb> and it doesn't like me!
08:47:37 <af> I'll see it one day, but F&M are at the top of my list.
08:49:28 <af> BBL time for some geomertry homework
09:07:40 <cb> Plume 1607
09:08:48 <cb> OF 1608
10:13:32 <ynpvisitor88> ..
10:19:03 <cb> Plume 1718
10:29:14 <cb> OF 1728
10:34:55 <cb> Castle 1734ie
10:35:18 <af> anything interestinh
11:53:39 <cb> depression 1846ie