Showing logs for date: 2012-04-30
00:20:47 <ynpvisitor95> OF 07:19 ie vec
00:49:00 <af> daisy looks like it could be heating up
00:53:03 <Will B> Good morning everyone!
00:53:15 <af> hi
00:53:23 <ynpvisitor95> Morning.
00:56:21 <Will B> Thanks to whoever texted me yesterday about BH I made it with about 30sec to spare.
01:13:26 <Dave from B> Good morning everyone
01:13:53 <Will B> Morning
01:13:59 <ynpvisitor95> It's a grand morning.
01:14:20 <Dave from B> Yes, it is 95
01:18:33 <ynpvisitor45> Daisy 817ie
01:18:51 <ynpvisitor95> I'm half crazy.
01:27:09 <Kevin L> Morning Dave. Have a nice trip?
01:29:15 <Dave from B> Yes, I did. Thanks, Kevin. Running on empty this morning. Got home at 2 am
01:29:32 <Kevin L> Ouch!
01:31:07 <Dave from B> 640 miles one way is a LONG way. Haven't driven that far in a day for a long time.
01:31:56 <Kevin L> I used to ba able to do that when I was young. Not anymore.
01:32:37 <lc> good morning everyone
01:34:23 <Kevin L> hi
01:34:43 <Dave from B> Hi, lc.
01:39:36 <Dave from B> Ok, help me out. What is that doing an imitation of Little Cub?
01:42:48 <Kevin L> Where?
01:43:40 <Dave from B> I'l looking at the bible. brb
01:45:10 <Dave from B> It was behind the plume boardwalk and in front of giantess bw.
01:46:23 <Dave from B> Half asleep this morning. I had to answer a call and didn't get an exact bearing on where we were looking
01:49:47 <Dave from B> Plume 849 ie
01:50:40 <Dave from B> OF 849
01:53:34 <Dave from B> Steamboat photos from list serve were amazing
01:54:00 <lc> agree
02:17:20 <Dave from B> Kevin, are you driving later today?
02:37:59 <Dave from B> ..
02:41:17 <Dave from B> Morning, Kristine
02:43:15 <Kevin L> I will be driving at the top of the hour.
02:44:14 <Dave from B> I would like a closeup of anemone and Little Squirt area to decide my Hallucination Geyser came from that area.
02:44:56 <Kevin L> I think I know the one you are thinking about. It is just to the upper right of Plume?
02:45:21 <Kristine> Morning Dave
02:46:16 <Dave from B> I saw 2 bw...just trying to figure out where I was looking. I only have 1 eye open this morning
02:57:19 <Inez Austin> Well, I shuffle of to Boise for a few days and you all let NG go wild. That photo on the list serv was fun.
02:57:48 <Inez Austin> Looks like it might be just a touch windy and cold there today.
02:58:35 <Inez Austin> ah I saw that steam busrt just now from NG
02:58:45 <Inez Austin> see
02:59:14 <Inez Austin> castle is steamy too
03:00:33 <Inez Austin> geyser times is pretty sparse this morning, I had tabbed over to see if there was a recent NG or Lion
03:00:57 <Inez Austin> nice steam from Plate area too
03:03:28 <Dave from B> Morning, Inez. I was in Boise over the weekend also.
03:03:47 <Inez Austin> Didn't see ya
03:04:01 <Inez Austin> Then again, don't know what you look like LOL
03:04:34 <Dave from B> Unless you were at a soccer field, you didn't see me.
03:04:36 <Inez Austin> I ws doing cemetery walk thrus looking for info.
03:05:17 <Inez Austin> no soccer there....
03:06:10 <Dave from B> Seems like NG is active about every other Lion series.
03:06:32 <Inez Austin> maybe....then again some are so quick it would be easy to miss
03:06:58 <Inez Austin> I am a little surprized we are not seeing the independent eruptions.
03:08:02 <Dave from B> It also appears every NG series end in a major
03:08:55 <Inez Austin> seems it's been a while since Beehive. No, I think perhaps it is more ordinary for the major, but we had that series of 3 minors after Lion stopped a few days ago
03:09:30 <Dave from B> That
03:09:46 <Inez Austin> It's a nice unpredictable but fairly often geyser and will be fun to sit at this summer
03:09:55 <Dave from B> That's right, Inez. I forgot about that one. We kept waiting for Lion to erupt and it never did.
03:13:18 <Inez Austin> well well fluffy is trying
03:13:37 <Inez Austin> OF
03:13:45 <Inez Austin> 1013ie
03:13:46 <Kevin L> OF 1012
03:13:58 <Inez Austin> ah, I wondered how long my lag was
03:14:54 <Kevin L> I'm not so sure about Livescope today. It seems to have a bad attitude.
03:15:39 <Inez Austin> we are having high winds here and sustained at 20, so that affects the telephone wire, so it's jerky for me
03:16:09 <Inez Austin> I noticed the picture wasn't very crisp and thought it was me
03:44:34 <Dave from B> It seems BH intervals are all over the place
03:45:11 <Inez Austin> I had tabbed away. It does doesn't it.
03:45:45 <Inez Austin> It often changes in the spring and late fall, so perhaps it's just setting the stage
03:53:10 <Kevin L> I was hoping for a quick Daisy. Doesn't look like I got it. Been checking for Plume on static, but I am guessing I missed it.
03:53:36 <Inez Austin> one of those days
03:57:50 <af> here for a little
03:58:34 <Kevin L> Hope you brought your NoDoz.
03:58:55 <Dave from B> Hi, af
03:59:15 <af> why is that
03:59:23 <Kevin L> Boring today.
04:00:39 <Dave from B> ..
04:01:06 <Kevin L> Good weekend for the Busch boys.
04:01:20 <Dave from B> Yes it was.
04:01:40 <Dave from B> Where did Kyle move in the Standings?
04:01:58 <Kevin L> I think 11th
04:02:19 <af> star testing tommorow. SDilliest thing in school
04:02:44 <Kevin L> Why do they test stars?
04:03:32 <af> they test you on basic things for the state doesnt affect your grades at all but it is very annoying
04:04:36 <Kevin L> That is Governments job. They are there to annoy you. It gets worse as you get older. Then they annoy you by stealing all your money.
04:06:59 <Rich> Morning Everryone
04:07:15 <Kevin L> Daisy 1106
04:07:38 <Inez Austin> Hi Rich
04:07:43 <Kevin L> Big wind!
04:07:56 <Loisb> Morning all
04:07:58 <Inez Austin> like we have here this morning
04:08:02 <Inez Austin> hi
04:08:09 <Loisb> big wind here too
04:08:20 <Kevin L> WSW 10G21
04:08:23 <Kristine> Just cloudy here
04:08:28 <af> webcams lodgepole is loving it whos job is to give sea sickness to gazers
04:08:29 <Kristine> Morning all
04:08:31 <Rich> Hii Inez
04:08:46 <Rich> Hi Loisb
04:09:02 <Inez Austin> WSW20 here gusts 40+
04:09:08 <af> a lot of people decided to jump on hi all
04:09:14 <Rich> nice Daisy
04:09:25 <af> and I am heading out
04:09:35 <Loisb> I don't know how hard the wind is here but its brisk and cold
04:09:43 <Inez Austin> got a good charge on your battery, Rich?
04:09:50 <Loisb> have a good time af
04:09:57 <Kristine> Later af
04:10:04 <Rich> I'm plugged in today. Seat was empty. lol
04:10:04 <Inez Austin> bye af
04:10:10 <kc (working)> hi Rich and Loisb (et al)
04:10:13 <Rich> bye af
04:10:15 <Inez Austin> good for you!
04:10:16 <Dave from B> Bye, af. Hello all new arrivals
04:10:17 <Rich> Hi kc
04:10:50 <Loisb> I figured Beehive would go again this morning but looks like its waiting
04:10:56 <Inez Austin> well, now the hill has an audience, so perhaps.....
04:11:52 <Loisb> sure was busy yesterday morning
04:12:55 <Kristine> So I hear
04:13:11 <Inez Austin> with this wind the initial BHI might be difficlut to see
04:13:41 <Loisb> BHI was steaming a lot in the early hours today
04:13:49 <Inez Austin> arghhh
04:14:20 <Inez Austin> BHI
04:14:23 <Kevin L> I see it.
04:14:26 <Kevin L> Ding
04:14:28 <Kevin L> ding
04:14:30 <Inez Austin> ding
04:14:30 <Kevin L> dinmg
04:14:32 <Kevin L> ding
04:14:33 <Inez Austin> ding
04:14:33 <Kristine> Beehive Indicator!!!!
04:14:35 <Inez Austin> dong
04:14:38 <Kristine> Whoohoo!!!
04:14:38 <Inez Austin> yeppers
04:14:42 <Dave from B> Yippee!
04:14:44 <Inez Austin> ding
04:15:00 <Kristine> Two lucky folks up there
04:15:02 <Loisb> must have been waiting for me to get home
04:15:04 <Inez Austin> thought I saw it when I said difficlut to see, but old eyes, etc
04:15:16 <Inez Austin> they will walk on past
04:15:20 <Dave from B> They are only lucky if they stop
04:15:31 <Inez Austin> seem to read
04:15:36 <kc (working)> ty
04:15:36 <Inez Austin> 3 folks?
04:15:53 <Inez Austin> haven't flund packs on ground yet
04:15:57 <Inez Austin> flung
04:16:16 <Dave from B> It's just a little geyser
04:16:19 <Inez Austin> so BHI is 1113 ns?
04:16:20 <Kristine> No, don't walk away....
04:16:43 <Kevin L> Cute little geyser. Let's hurry back so we don't miss OF.
04:17:00 <Loisb> g
04:17:00 <Janet> Looks cold out there!
04:17:01 <Kevin L> That got their attention.
04:17:08 <Dave from B> Exactly, Kevin
04:17:33 <Kristine> Looks like they might hang around after all
04:17:42 <Kevin L> BHI 1113 start wc time.
04:17:53 <Inez Austin> did it
04:17:53 <Kevin L> Reading the sign anyway.
04:17:56 <ynpvisitor35> Walking away from BHI is NOT an option..
04:18:06 <Loisb> tourists who can read
04:18:13 <Kristine> Exactly, 35
04:18:39 <Loisb> NWS says its 42 there, rain forecast
04:18:43 <Inez Austin> can't remember if the sign mentions BHI
04:19:02 <Kevin L> I think that big splash got their attention enough that they may stay.
04:19:15 <Inez Austin> well, it would mine
04:19:16 <kc (working)>
04:19:26 <Kristine> It got my attention
04:20:00 <Inez Austin> ohoh, looking elsewhere, perhaps Plume?
04:20:40 <Rich> Who's shaking the tree? g
04:20:42 <Kevin L> Plume ie 1120
04:20:42 <Inez Austin> yes
04:20:59 <Inez Austin> eeee, please let us see both
04:21:05 <Inez Austin> danke
04:21:10 <Kristine> Oh, back to Beehive
04:21:25 <Inez Austin> they left!
04:21:39 <ynpvisitor35> No way.
04:21:47 <kc (working)> our ship is listing
04:21:55 <Kristine> What? They're crazy
04:22:01 <ynpvisitor35> How is that possible?
04:22:02 <Inez Austin> quick hang over the edge
04:22:26 <Inez Austin> must want to get to the boardwalk to watch OF....
04:22:42 <Inez Austin> get a better white blob picture that way
04:22:56 <Kristine> Silly tourists, the best spot to watch OF is from Geyser Hill.
04:22:56 <Loisb> g
04:22:56 <Inez Austin> pity folks don't know it's better from the hill
04:23:11 <Inez Austin> wind changing direction
04:23:45 <Inez Austin> nice Lion too, splash
04:24:01 <Inez Austin> might just get NG attention, it likes splashes
04:24:30 <Kristine> When I'm waiting for Beehive I always tell folks who ask that Geyser Hill is my favorite and, I think, best spot to watch OF
04:25:08 <Inez Austin> I think it's that lemming thing, they see the big BW and all the folks and don't want to feel left out
04:25:29 <Inez Austin> poor souls will be about the bridge now and miss BH
04:25:37 <Kristine> Yeah. I've heard that excuse used to conewalk
04:25:49 <Inez Austin> yep
04:27:31 <Inez Austin> another candidate showing up
04:27:44 <Inez Austin> leaning into the wind
04:27:59 <Dave from B> seems like a long BHI
04:28:08 <Inez Austin> quick hold the BW down at Depression and get it to go
04:28:11 <Loisb> shorter than yesterday
04:28:18 <Inez Austin> looking steamy
04:28:49 <Inez Austin> nice small splashjes
04:28:56 <Inez Austin> can't spell
04:29:18 <Kristine> Oh, this person might stay
04:29:23 <Inez Austin> nope
04:29:41 <Inez Austin> bet they walk on unless the ruption is quick
04:29:47 <Kevin L> bh 1129
04:29:48 <Inez Austin> yahoo
04:29:48 <Kristine> Beehive!
04:30:17 <Kristine> *cheering at the computer*
04:30:22 <Inez Austin> got it
04:30:49 <Inez Austin> another 2 showing up
04:32:46 <Inez Austin> so now we need depression and the lion group and plate and aurum....
04:33:04 <Rich> lol
04:33:20 <Loisb> I really would like Giantess - maybe tomorrow morning?
04:33:45 <Kristine> I'm happy with seeing Beehive. This'll give me the motiviation to finishing packing the kitchen.
04:34:03 <Kristine> I'd love it if Giantess waited until at least Thursday
04:34:20 <Inez Austin> okok, so I really need to go do the 3 s thing, before the hubster comes home for lunch. perhaps that will make the hill active while i am gone
04:34:32 <Inez Austin> I suspect you want to be there???
04:34:36 <Loisb> nope - I won't be able to see it either Thur or Fri - how about Sat?
04:34:50 <Kristine> Saturday works too.
04:34:50 <Inez Austin> just get it scheduled
04:34:55 <Inez Austin> so none of us miss it
04:34:58 <Inez Austin> lol
04:35:03 <Kristine> Inez - I start work in the park on Thursday
04:35:06 <Loisb> shall put it on the calendar
04:35:22 <Rich> Way to go Kristine
04:35:31 <Inez Austin> don't take the larder beetles with ya
04:35:53 <Kristine> LOL. I most certainly will not, Inez. I am checking everything before it gets packed.
04:35:55 <Inez Austin> bbl
04:36:02 <Loisb> bye
04:36:04 <Kristine> This will be summer #11
04:36:07 <Rich> later Inez
04:36:08 <Inez Austin> shower time
04:36:25 <Kristine> Later Inez
04:36:29 <Inez Austin> happy for you Kristine, but showertime
04:37:09 <Janet> Do you know where you'll be working yet, Kristine?
04:37:33 <Kristine> OF Lodge Gift Shop
04:37:42 <Janet> Cool. :)
04:39:12 <Kristine> I'm really excited. Can't wait to start. Retail is an awesome department to work in; we have a great support staff.
04:39:35 <Kevin L> of 1138
04:40:11 <Janet> My husband and I will be up in a couple or three weeks for a few days
04:40:22 <Kristine> Nice gray on gray
04:40:52 <Janet> We'll have to stop in and say hi.
04:41:12 <Kristine> Sweet; we open May 11th. Definately stop by and say hi
04:42:07 <Kristine> Well, the kitchen isn't going to pack itself so I better get to it. Later all
04:42:17 <Janet> Have fun!
04:42:38 <Kristine> I'll try. Got the tunes cranked up so that helps.
04:42:45 <Loisb> bye
04:42:58 <Kristine> Later
04:55:16 <Inez Austin> Depression??
04:55:29 <Inez Austin> or just a steamy dwarf
04:56:03 <Kevin L> Looks hot but not ie.
04:56:03 <Inez Austin> Thanks!
04:56:08 <Loisb> I am on the UB static - I mostly see dirty glass
04:56:09 <Dave from B> Where is Bearclaw?
04:56:31 <Kevin L> At the end of the bears foot.
04:56:31 <Janet> Lower Geyser Basin - Fountain Area
04:56:51 <Dave from B> Thanks, Janet... and for your input too, Kevin:)
04:56:57 <Janet> Between Twig and the boardwalk
04:57:11 <Inez Austin> between the BW and Twig
04:57:11 <Janet> I think
04:57:21 <Inez Austin> sniped
04:57:25 <Dave from B> Thanks, I just saw it entered on GT
04:57:40 <Janet> LOL - my messages are taking a few seconds to show.
04:57:51 <Inez Austin> mine too
04:57:57 <Inez Austin> altho that one was fast
04:58:06 <Inez Austin> so, I didn't miss much
04:58:11 <Dave from B> That would be a fun place to hang a camera. (Fountain)
04:58:30 <Inez Austin> LC
04:58:47 <Inez Austin> NG????
04:59:16 <Inez Austin> I looked back and just caught it. maybe got captures?
05:00:24 <Inez Austin> can we zoom in?
05:01:06 <Inez Austin> the wind stilled and the air is really saturated
05:02:33 <Inez Austin> sure seems stamy at Depression
05:05:16 <Inez Austin> googles up
05:09:13 <Inez Austin> NG is trying
05:10:16 <Janet> Whoops - gotta go - streaming is messing up the phones. Bye!
05:10:27 <Inez Austin> Plate???
05:10:50 <Inez Austin> bye
05:12:28 <Inez Austin> I wish Kevin would come back so we could zoom a little nearer the Lion group
05:12:45 <Inez Austin> PLUME
05:12:50 <Inez Austin> 1212ie
05:22:04 <Inez Austin> bbl
05:22:24 <Rich> Later Inez
05:45:24 <Rich> Any word on grand?
05:53:21 <Inez Austin> wow, that post of mine disappeared into the ether
05:53:45 <Loisb> you must be back
05:53:53 <Inez Austin> I had time to make the pizzas for lunch and the hill was quiet. I had hoped NG would be more active
05:54:07 <Inez Austin> Yes, and I posted but it didin't take.
05:54:31 <Loisb> I had that problem a few minutes ago and now have long delay
05:55:12 <Inez Austin> I am waiting for the timer, so I can get the pizzas out and on plates vefore the hubster get's here.
05:55:22 <Inez Austin> Wondered if that was Plume just then
05:55:50 <Loisb> didn't look like it was behind the boardwalk to me - will enlarge capture in case
05:56:26 <Inez Austin> so hard to tell because of OF steam
05:56:34 <Loisb> yes
05:56:58 <Inez Austin> something near the BW
05:57:04 <Inez Austin> to the right of OF
05:57:11 <Inez Austin> Plume that time for sure
05:57:19 <Inez Austin> so 1257ie
05:57:52 <Loisb> Pump is to the right and behind
05:58:22 <Inez Austin> no lower, to the right of anemones
05:58:30 <Loisb> k
05:58:31 <Dave from B> Inez...are you taling about Anemone lil Squirt area?
05:58:48 <Inez Austin> need to look at book,,back soon
05:59:06 <Loisb> right of Anemone is Vault
05:59:41 <Inez Austin> Little squirt 1257ie too
06:00:17 <Dave from B> If we can get a zoom in when Kevin gets back, that may be what I saw much earlier today
06:00:35 <Inez Austin> wouldn't be surprized
06:00:44 <Inez Austin> I think we missed an LG minor also
06:01:25 <Inez Austin> Vault is much higher on hill
06:01:33 <Inez Austin> wouldn't it be great tho!!
06:01:53 <Inez Austin> Anemone??
06:02:01 <Loisb> I just have my cheat sheet from before they moved the UB cam
06:02:06 <Inez Austin> No Aurum
06:02:08 <Inez Austin> sorry
06:02:17 <Inez Austin> sure looked like Aurum
06:02:38 <Loisb> Aurum steam anyhow I think
06:02:38 <Inez Austin> I had the geyser book but it was buried on what I should be working on
06:02:44 <Inez Austin> ah, bbl timer went
06:02:50 <Loisb> ah
06:04:27 <Loisb> OF 1303
06:07:31 <Loisb> long
06:09:51 <Inez Austin> I see Kevin is back
06:10:27 <Inez Austin> would like to get a better look at NG in a few since LC is back on...
06:10:52 <Loisb> I think I am headed for a nap
06:10:58 <Dave from B> wb, Kevin
06:11:00 <Inez Austin> bye
06:11:02 <Loisb> have a great day
06:11:03 <Loisb> bye
06:11:15 <Dave from B> bye, Lois
06:11:38 <Inez Austin> Kevin someone may want to look at captures for Aurum and an NG minor
06:11:46 <Rich> Bye Loisb
06:11:49 <Rich> I
06:12:02 <Rich> I'm out of here also. have a good day everyone
06:12:04 <Inez Austin> ??
06:12:12 <Inez Austin> Bye, happy gardening
06:17:15 <Inez Austin> thought that might be churn
06:17:51 <Dave from B> FYI, Kevin is having problems with the chat page...that is why you haven't heard from him
06:18:08 <Inez Austin> wondered
06:19:16 <Inez Austin> bbl
06:24:57 <Dave from B> Another Kevin update...He will be away for about a half hour for bus duty at 1400.
06:25:53 <Inez Austin> Sawmill
06:26:01 <Inez Austin> 1325ie
06:26:24 <Inez Austin> I wish he would put it back on the hill before he leaves
06:27:00 <Dave from B> It will have to go on OF preset if OF is due during that time period
06:27:17 <Inez Austin> even that would be great
06:41:51 <Dave from B> wb, af
06:42:16 <Inez Austin> still no hill?
06:43:09 <af> for future reference dave or anyone who says hi I a, lurking if I don't immediatly post
06:43:16 <af> daisy 1342 ie
06:43:36 <af> churn 1342?
06:44:02 <af> that was weird di danyone see that?
06:44:03 <Will B> i would call that a churn also
06:44:15 <Will B> see what
06:44:23 <af> the churn
06:44:32 <Will B> i did
06:45:24 <Inez Austin> it's been steaming heavily today but I haven't seen much water.
06:45:31 <Dave from B> Since Daisy has gone, I'm sure we'll be returning to GH soon
06:45:45 <Inez Austin> not until Kevin gets back
06:45:49 <Will B> who is working the cam?
06:45:54 <af> i saw something exactly like churn
06:45:55 <Inez Austin> Kevin
06:46:19 <Inez Austin> I'm not saying it wasn't I just didn't see it
06:46:35 <Will B> i think churn looked wierd because of the high winds
06:46:58 <Inez Austin> Thanks!
06:47:31 <Inez Austin> should be creeping up on another Plume
06:47:38 <af> is maureen a fountain person?
06:48:03 <Inez Austin> no clue
06:48:37 <Dave from B> Kevin hasn't left yet. He is just having problems with chat page. He will be leaving at 1400 for bus duty
06:48:49 <Inez Austin> I see
06:49:27 <af> churns nice to see
06:50:05 <Dave from B> Plume 1349 ie
06:50:07 <Inez Austin> PLUME
06:50:13 <af> plume 1349
06:50:57 <af> fasteset thing there is. geyser gazer reaction time
06:51:32 <af> I am outta here
06:51:37 <Inez Austin> except when the dog thinks it walkie time and you don't
06:51:42 <Inez Austin> bye af
06:56:22 <Inez Austin> tabbing away but will listen
07:20:45 <Inez Austin> Nice steam to the right of Dome
07:20:54 <Inez Austin> No left....
07:21:03 <Inez Austin> gotta start wearing my ring.
07:23:07 <Inez Austin> probably Butterfly Spring
07:33:49 <Inez Austin> OF
07:33:57 <Inez Austin> 1433ie
07:36:50 <Inez Austin> that is the second time today I have seen a steam spike from the Roof Geyser area
07:37:29 <Inez Austin> end OF
07:40:24 <Inez Austin> really nice steam spike from NG
07:42:58 <Inez Austin> should be a plume soon unless i missed it
07:45:49 <Inez Austin> Plume
07:46:23 <Inez Austin> 1445ie
07:46:52 <Inez Austin> well, the dog needs a walk, so back in an hour or so
08:08:37 <Dave from B> .....
08:22:59 <ynpvisitor13> .
08:38:58 <ynpvisitor13> .
08:39:27 <Dave from B> Not sure anyone's actually here. Time for me to go home and catch up on some sleep. Talk to everyone, tomorrow.
08:42:03 <ynpvisitor13> .
08:51:34 <ynpvisitor13> ..
08:55:27 <Graham> hello
08:55:59 <Inez Austin> I am there, just back
08:56:20 <Inez Austin> Dob and I enjoyed our walk. Looks steamy and just past a Plume
08:57:12 <Inez Austin> hi Graham
08:58:08 <Graham> hello. good to see Maureen has been getting some Fountains
08:58:34 <Inez Austin> af was asking about Maureen earlier but he is not here now
08:58:58 <Inez Austin> the air is so saturated it will be hard to see anything with all that steam
08:59:30 <Graham> see af entered Churn a while after Sawmill was ie ... are we sure about that Churn?
08:59:47 <Inez Austin> I wasn't that is why I didn't enter it.
09:00:03 <Inez Austin> Lots of steam, but no water, but the wind was very strong.
09:00:15 <Inez Austin> We weere able to see Sawmill clearly tho
09:00:47 <Graham> strong blowing to the right?
09:00:56 <Inez Austin> yes
09:02:18 <Inez Austin> there may be some captures to look at, I am fairly sure I saw an Aurum and an NG minor
09:03:09 <Graham> would be a bit late for NG but who knows
09:03:39 <Inez Austin> My thought also but LC had turned off, Lion was very steamy and then a quick one
09:04:24 <Inez Austin> it has done intermediates on it's won in the past, but whjo knows now.
09:04:38 <Graham> OF 1603
09:04:45 <Inez Austin> looks like fluffy
09:04:49 <Inez Austin> sniped
09:10:18 <Graham> Castle 1609ie H2O
09:17:59 <Graham> Plume 1616ie
09:20:13 <Inez Austin> are you putting the in GT or do you want me to?
09:20:44 <Inez Austin> now that looks like an eruption
09:21:00 <Inez Austin> I could see water
09:21:45 <Graham> I am used to entering them
09:21:58 <Inez Austin> then I will tab away
09:22:11 <Inez Austin> and listen for dings
09:22:20 <Graham> k
09:23:48 <Graham> hi af
09:23:58 <Graham> were you sure about Churn that late into Sawmill?
09:30:18 <Graham> Daisy 1629
09:42:16 <kc (working)> i can confirm 1342 churn. sawmill was off as of 1316
09:42:16 <Kevin L> Is this working?
09:42:57 <kc (working)> i call it working..
09:42:59 <Kevin L> I see kc's post so that is a plus.
09:43:12 <Kevin L> I did see churn also.
09:43:48 <Kevin L> Not sure why the page hated me today. Streaming just came back on so I thought I would try.
09:43:55 <Graham> k, tjhanks
09:47:04 <kc (working)> yw. i dont see sawmill ie at all in captures, around that time. looks like tardy most of the time
09:48:03 <Graham> theres a Sawmill 1325ie in GT
09:49:10 <Graham> i see your comment on it, have to ask Inez when shes back
09:50:22 <Graham> no Aurum yet?
09:50:52 <kc (working)> oh, well this would explain it, it was another churn
09:50:54 <Kevin L> I never saw one, and I was looking. A couple of Giantess boils.
09:51:02 <kc (working)> Churn 1325ie
09:51:53 <kc (working)> thought i was looking at the 1342 churn until i put 2 and 2 together
09:54:17 <lc> Sawmill was called sometime today and I thought at the time it was Tardy but I didn't note the time.
09:54:48 <lc> so that don't help.
09:55:33 <kc (working)> np, just checked logs, 1325ie was only call, and that was definitely churn
09:56:04 <kc (working)> then we had a nice churn/daisy dual 1342
09:56:33 <Graham> that makes more sense
10:00:39 <Graham> Sponge
10:06:39 <Graham> Plume 1705
10:10:05 <af> sigh, starting a new book today after finishing To kill a mockingbird on thursday
10:10:22 <ynpvisitor13> ..
10:11:18 <Graham> whats up next af?
10:11:34 <af> Bless me, Ultima
10:11:57 <kc (working)> sawmill looks ie now
10:12:02 <kc (working)> 1310ie
10:12:08 <kc (working)> 1710ie
10:12:17 <Graham> its been going a while, I will enter it
10:12:43 <kc (working)> ok
10:13:01 <Graham> we fixed the churn entries, the old Sawmill should have been Churn
10:13:42 <af> so what I saw as a sawmill?
10:18:15 <Graham> no, there was a Churn entered as Sawmill
10:20:06 <af> churn's pretty easy to discern from sawmill wonder why it happended
10:27:03 <Graham> fixed now anyway
10:27:26 <af> time for reading and annotating
10:34:59 <Graham> OF 1733
10:36:57 <LETSGOCAPS> its time
10:37:46 <LETSGOCAPS> try again
10:37:51 <LETSGOCAPS> grrr
10:37:59 <af (potato)> :)
10:38:33 <af (potato)> try again
10:38:54 <LETSGOCAPS> back again
10:40:04 <af (potato)> The chatpage is a fan of the rangers deal with it Graham
10:40:05 <LETSGOCAPS> and again
10:40:06 <GO_SPONGE> works for me. :)
10:40:42 <LETSGOCAPS> go back to your book af
10:41:17 <LETSGOCAPS> cant believe the game is not on TV tho, they ahow all regular season but not playoffs
10:42:32 <af (potato)> LC 1741 ie
10:51:36 <LETSGOCAPS> Plume 1750
10:51:37 <af> Plume 1751
10:52:47 <af> 1751 atomic computor clock rules over all
10:57:10 <LETSGOCAPS> that would be true if theres no lag in the image and the stataic cam has the right time
10:58:08 <LETSGOCAPS> my atomic synced time and stream with almost no lag says 1750 rules
11:00:11 <lc> good night everyone.
11:00:24 <LETSGOCAPS> night lc
11:00:25 <af> bye, lc
11:00:29 <LETSGOCAPS> not much to watch here
11:05:58 <Kevin L> Your timing was sure off today af. You left 3 minutes before bhi.
11:06:58 <af> the period ends for my class at 1112 every monday, thursday and friday I can't change that
11:08:00 <LETSGOCAPS> and I was working, no cam for me
11:08:13 <af> the other two days tuesday and wendsday are block days
11:09:00 <Kevin L> This is a good example of why you put a ton of money into a retirement account.
11:09:22 <LETSGOCAPS> i need to change to a job where i can watch the cam during the day
11:09:28 <af> so hour and a half periods for four periods on tuesday
11:09:31 <LETSGOCAPS> dont have enough retirement money :(
11:09:43 <af> then 3 on wendsday
11:09:58 <kcmule> work from home its the only way to fly
11:10:09 <af> I will stop there ths schuele at my school is just plain stupid
11:10:12 <LETSGOCAPS> they dont let me do that :(
11:10:14 <Kevin L> True kc
11:10:37 <Kevin L> And it only gets worse when you start working af.
11:10:44 <kcmule> .
11:10:57 <LETSGOCAPS> uhoh - trapped at work
11:11:22 <LETSGOCAPS> i used to have 2 computers on my desk and one with 20" monitor just ran the cam
11:11:35 <LETSGOCAPS> but then I changed jobs
11:11:51 <LETSGOCAPS> now have no internet access
11:12:04 <Kevin L> I have had time I worked 40 hour shifts (yes shifts with only 8 hours between them) and I did two months where I worked an average of 15 hours a day 7 days a week..
11:12:42 <LETSGOCAPS> geeee thats no fun
11:12:56 <Kevin L> But it is now!
11:12:58 <LETSGOCAPS> my productivity declines after 30 or so
11:13:01 <LETSGOCAPS> minutes that is
11:13:53 <Kevin L> And for 30 years my "office" was about 5 feet away from vehicles traveling at 70 mph!
11:14:43 <LETSGOCAPS> thats why you like crash-car racing so much?
11:15:55 <Kevin L> I still get nervous around freeways. One time a guy came through the traffic control and had a choice of taking me out or another guy. He took the other guy.
11:16:17 <LETSGOCAPS> smart move
11:17:30 <af> random fact. between the hours of 2-4 am 4 out of 10 drivers on the road is drunk
11:17:56 <Kevin L> Higher in Vegas.
11:18:03 <af> That was from a CA highway patrol who came in and takled to us about drunk driving
11:18:26 <Kevin L> Have you ever heard of Driver's edge af?
11:18:31 <LETSGOCAPS> the rest of the day they are drunt at work
11:18:37 <LETSGOCAPS> or school
11:19:20 <af> no, kevin google search will help though
11:20:27 <Kevin L> Check it out. Based in Las Vegas it is for young drivers taught by pro drivers. You get to drive a car in a skid, swerve to avoid something and slam on the brakes to feel waht ABS is like. FREE course.
11:21:18 <Kevin L> All of my kids have taken it and it saved my oldest daughter's butt because she knew what to do. Can't reccomend it enough.
11:21:26 <LETSGOCAPS> Sawmill is off
11:21:40 <Kevin L> That goes for anyone with teenage drivers.
11:22:01 <LETSGOCAPS> uhoh the other guys got one back
11:23:26 <af> Vegas right now sounds like a place I wouldn't want to go to. The strip is giant hotels, hookers and casinos
11:24:01 <kcmule> you can jump off a tower if u want to
11:24:10 <LETSGOCAPS> its got volcanos, pirate ships and rollercoasters too
11:24:22 <af> that of which I am not into
11:24:42 <LETSGOCAPS> its got a fountain thats like a gyser
11:24:54 <af> well I need to be 21 to enjoy it at all but still I am never drinking a drop of alcohal in my life
11:25:34 <kcmule> bellagio fountain is worth seeing for those who like water in the air
11:25:38 <LETSGOCAPS> thats ok, Vegas is still a fun place
11:26:20 <af> says the person who spends there day watching water go in the air
11:26:25 <LETSGOCAPS> yeah i had dinner at eiffel tower and sat watched it for hours, eventually it cycled round
11:27:04 <af> time to go play some Halo 3 for a little while BBL
11:27:09 <LETSGOCAPS> 1 goal up at the end of the first ... can they keep the lead?
11:27:21 <af> remember I am a geyser gazer but I am still a teenager!
11:27:48 <LETSGOCAPS> rides at stratospehere look cool too, closed due to wind when i was there
11:29:35 <kcmule> water printer
11:34:02 <Kevin L> You would not want to be under the Stratosphere if had to go on the rides.
11:34:55 <Kevin L> I don't really spend much time on the strip or at the casinos. There are some fun things to do around here without that.
11:35:26 <kcmule> like the pawn stars shop?
11:37:36 <LETSGOCAPS> Plume 1836
11:38:04 <Kristine> Whee
11:38:28 <kcmule> hockey game is where the excitement is tonite
11:38:28 <LETSGOCAPS> hi k ... you packed?
11:38:44 <LETSGOCAPS> will be exciting if they win
11:38:59 <Kristine> Getting closer. I was going to finish the bedroom, but the huge spider on the window kept me out of there :(
11:39:04 <Kristine> So I worked on the kitchen
11:39:23 <LETSGOCAPS> saw trhat :)
11:39:32 <LETSGOCAPS> at least there are no spiders in OF housing
11:40:21 <Kristine> here and there; not like this place.
11:45:04 <kcmule> .
11:46:36 <Kristine> Cloudy there, sunny here...seems weird.
11:48:05 <LETSGOCAPS> you won't know the difference soon
11:48:36 <Kristine> True
12:03:30 <af> what happened? rain?
12:04:23 <LETSGOCAPS> lovely YNP weather
12:07:29 <LETSGOCAPS> OF 1906
12:18:57 <LETSGOCAPS> still 2-1 .......
12:20:47 <kcmule> .
12:28:52 <LETSGOCAPS> Plume 1928
12:48:17 <LETSGOCAPS> Uncertain 1947ns
12:48:24 <kcmule> nice
12:48:37 <Kevin L> Great
12:49:05 <Kevin L> Still 2-1?
12:49:26 <LETSGOCAPS> go away
12:49:59 <Kevin L> I guess not.
13:05:54 <LETSGOCAPS> 5 min to go ...
13:07:19 <LETSGOCAPS> 4
13:08:13 <LETSGOCAPS> hi will ... had a good wekeend?
13:08:25 <LETSGOCAPS> 3
13:08:45 <Will B> yep i did caught my first BH yesterday!
13:08:54 <LETSGOCAPS> first ever?
13:09:04 <Will B> yep in person that is
13:09:15 <LETSGOCAPS> wow, glad you got it
13:09:26 <LETSGOCAPS> thought you might get there too late, where do you live?
13:09:41 <LETSGOCAPS> 2 min to go...hang in there Caps
13:10:12 <Will B> In Denver, but I go to college at Montana State University in Bozeman,MT
13:10:31 <LETSGOCAPS> 50s ..
13:10:43 <LETSGOCAPS> ok, thats a nice drive distnace
13:12:13 <Will B> may go there again tomorrow depending on how my score on my last final was. this is because i can take a mastery test over again to get a higher score if i need it
13:12:36 <LETSGOCAPS> and the crowd goes wild .... CAPS WIN
13:12:44 <LETSGOCAPS> well maybe the msg crowd is not that happy
13:13:16 <LETSGOCAPS> ah ok. what are you studying?
13:13:33 <Will B> Mechanical Engineering
13:14:06 <LETSGOCAPS> ok, serious subject. hope you did well and can get to the park .. and its not raining
13:14:19 <LETSGOCAPS> could be a Lion day tomorrow again
13:14:26 <LETSGOCAPS> you saw a couple of NG minors?
13:14:47 <Will B> yep and a major from the castle area
13:14:57 <Graham> back to the good old 1 game wins
13:15:13 <Graham> k, womdered if you were around for that
13:16:43 <Graham> BH, 2 Grand, and 3 NG - pretty good day
13:16:56 <Graham> Plume 2016
13:17:16 <Will B> one thing that was wierd for the area was that goggles spring and NG's water levels would be very turblent with heavy rocking and goggles spring had some jetting that stayed under ground when the pool was low
13:18:11 <Graham> oh cool. anything other than calm rise and fall indicates something could happen
13:19:08 <Will B> and ear spring was rocking about an inch or two with boiling
13:19:12 <Graham> I am quitting now if someone else wants the last gasps of light
13:19:25 <Graham> nothing due .. except Aurum
13:20:02 <Graham> goodnight
13:20:09 <Will B> ..
13:20:48 <Will B> I would take it but i am currently not one of the people that control it
13:22:09 <kcmule> ill swing it around for a bit
13:23:28 <kcmule> Daisy 20:22ns
13:24:34 <kcmule> almost 4 hr interval?
13:24:54 <kcmule> 3hr 53min per gt
13:24:58 <Will B> or is it a short doubble?
13:27:35 <kcmule> notable either way
13:28:36 <Will B> with the high winds i would put more faith in the long interval because i have heard wind can do that to daisy
13:28:57 <Will B> delay it i mean
13:30:44 <Will B> well im off to go on a short jog around campus so ill bbl
13:32:41 <kcmule> definitely the high end of this graph (2011 data)
13:45:05 <kcmule> OF 20:44
14:09:03 <kcmule> nite
14:09:51 <Will B> nite.