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22:26:59 <ynpvisitor97> 0524 ie fluffy
22:29:42 <ynpvisitor97> of is a long
23:29:58 <ynpvisitor97> Indy
23:30:06 <ynpvisitor97> ding
23:30:07 <ynpvisitor48> BHI 06:29ie
23:30:07 <ynpvisitor97> ding
23:30:10 <ynpvisitor97> ding
23:30:32 <ynpvisitor61> well now i'm glad i stayed up late to do homework!
23:30:41 <Kitt> good morning indy and everyone
23:30:52 <ynpvisitor48> Morning Kitt
23:31:27 <Kitt> morning
23:31:54 <Demetri> must've been a short lion series last night
23:32:04 <Demetri> looks ready to go again already
23:32:45 <ynpvisitor37> DING
23:33:10 <ynpvisitor48> DONG
23:39:11 <Kitt> morning Dave
23:39:23 <Kitt> I hope indy doesn't take too long
23:39:37 <Dave from B> Have to go to school early today, Kitt?
23:39:55 <Dave from B> Good Morning, Kitt and Demetri
23:39:56 <Kitt> last fluffy was 0524ns
23:40:13 <Kitt> School is at 8
23:40:25 <Demetri> this morning is definitely good thanks to BHI, thank you dave
23:40:28 <Kitt> Kevin had a job interview at 6 AM
23:40:55 <Dave from B> Thta's an early interview
23:41:10 <Demetri> Hi Jim!
23:41:18 <Kitt> Here comes Jim
23:41:19 <ynpvisitor48> LOL
23:41:35 <Kitt> yeah Jim
23:43:37 <Kitt> Bee
23:43:59 <BB> wow, just in time
23:44:01 <Kitt> 0643
23:44:03 <Dave from B> Hi, BB
23:44:14 <BB> hi Dave and all
23:44:17 <Kitt> Yippee
23:45:26 <Kitt> must be tall
23:45:36 <Kitt> Jim had to lean way back
23:46:08 <Kitt> nice view on static cam also
23:46:19 <BB> now how sweet is that: my husband just called from the office because he happened to see BH and didn't want me to miss it
23:46:45 <Kitt> that's very nice of him
23:47:09 <BB> yes, and he is not as crazy about it as I am
23:48:37 <Demetri> welp, goodnight all
23:48:50 <Kitt> we that was nice
23:48:59 <BB> very nice
23:49:02 <Kitt> now we can pay attention to fluffy
23:49:04 <Dave from B> Bye, Demetri
23:49:22 <Kitt> we are in it's windo
23:49:27 <BB> I have to go and feed the cat. She is very annoyed that I ran straight to the computer when I got home
23:49:28 <Kitt> window
23:49:34 <Kevin L> Anything good going on this morning?
23:49:38 <Dave from B> Morning, Kevin
23:49:44 <Kevin L> Hi
23:49:56 <Kitt> please tell me you just watched bee
23:50:29 <Kevin L> Bee?
23:50:46 <Kitt> Beehive
23:50:57 <Kitt> I even sent you a text
23:51:29 <Kevin L> Haven't turned on the phone yet.
23:51:42 <Kitt> Nooooo
23:51:44 <Kevin L> It was ns when I turned on the computer.
23:52:00 <Kitt> OK
23:52:18 <Dave from B> Well at least you got to see most of it
23:52:21 <Kevin L> Nice surprise. It did wake me up.
23:52:27 <Kitt> I was up early
23:52:51 <Kitt> son had a job interview at 6 AM
23:52:53 <BB> that's a relief, Kevin. I wasn't sure if you were kidding or still half asleep
23:52:58 <Kevin L> Maybe get two today.
23:53:08 <Kitt> would be nice
23:53:13 <Kevin L> I am still half asleep.
23:53:31 <BB> maybe both then :)
23:53:32 <Dave from B> Last 2 intervals have been a little shorter
23:53:50 <BB> Now I am really off to feed the cat, will be back around noon
23:54:09 <Kitt> I've been on since 526 and all I have seen is an Old Faithful until indy and bee
23:54:12 <Kevin L> Take care BB.
23:54:12 <Dave from B> Bye, BB
23:54:25 <Kitt> bye bb
23:55:32 <Kitt> well time for breakfast and work
23:55:36 <Kitt> enjoy the day
00:13:44 <Kevin L> Did you see Strokkur is back online Dave?
00:14:19 <Dave from B> I read the logs from yesterday. That is good news.
00:14:53 <Dave from B> How have the chickens been doing?
00:15:38 <Kevin L> Not bad. Getting about 3 eggs a day average.
00:17:48 <Dave from B> I'm guessing Lion is done already. Another short series
00:18:14 <Kevin L> Looks like some 4 legs
00:18:44 <Kevin L> Elk? I think Lion is getting back to "normal".
00:18:51 <Dave from B> First sighting of elk this year?
00:19:07 <Kevin L> First I have seen.
00:19:24 <Dave from B> I was hoping to see NG this year. Looking more and more like that's not going to happen
00:20:56 <Kevin L> I think you are right.
00:21:21 <Kevin L> At least having some elk around today will give me something to look at.
00:22:56 <Dave from B> We had to start with the main feature today. Tough act to follow.
00:23:46 <Kevin L> Yep. Another NoDoz day.
00:26:24 <Dave from B> Maybe a Griz Elk battle or more Giantess boils
00:27:41 <Kevin L> That would help.
01:00:52 <ynpvisitor67> ..
01:02:58 <ynpvisitor67> .
01:39:54 <Dave from B> OF 839 ie
01:48:09 <Dave from B> Looks like Turban 846 ie
01:53:20 <af> hi
01:53:33 <Dave from B> Hi ,af
01:54:02 <af> i eer you like your old name better
01:54:13 <Dave from B> BH went at 642. Maybe a late evening eruption
01:54:41 <Dave from B> Don't want to confuse anyone about the more experienced Dave S who you spoke about yesterday.
01:55:12 <ynpvisitor67> There are 2 other's with that name that I can think of.
01:55:42 <Dave from B> So, until I move to another city, I guess I'll stick with my old name
01:55:44 <ynpvisitor67> Last initial I mean, not name.
01:56:24 <Dave from B> When I went to school at the Univ of MT, there were 5 of us with the same name. That was fun, especially when it came to mail
01:56:26 <ynpvisitor67> you could do all 3 intials, that would be a coincidence if the other two had middle names similar to yours!
02:17:54 <Dave from B> Good Morning, Janet!
02:17:59 <Janet-working?> Good morning - I see I already missed Bee
02:18:28 <Dave from B> So early, we may get another one today...if we are lucky
02:18:59 <Janet-working?> This evening I should be around
02:20:55 <Dave from B> Grand should be in its window. Seems like we have been seeing some Turbans
02:31:53 <Dave from B> I see Pat had Aurum at 927 ie
02:33:51 <ynpvisitor67> .
02:54:53 <Janet-working?> BBL - errands.
03:01:10 <Dave from B> Kevin, You driving yet?
03:13:30 <Kevin L> of 1012
03:26:01 <Kevin L> zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
03:27:11 <Dave from B> Thought we would see Grand by now
03:27:43 <Kevin L> I would be happy with the elk.
03:27:51 <Dave from B> Must have went before bh this morning
03:28:09 <Dave from B> Did the elk move away already?
03:28:34 <Kevin L> I have n't seen anything moving down there.
03:29:27 <Dave from B> I saw some activity around 845-915. Thought it was Turban but only a guess. Not a lot of steam
03:30:31 <Kevin L> Thisnk steam will be light today. Already 53 degrees and humidity is 37%
03:50:36 <Dave from B> No Daisy or Plume recorded for today in GT
03:51:05 <Kevin L> I am tempted to head out to West for a pizza.
03:52:23 <Rich> Hi Kevin
03:52:29 <Rich> Morning Everyone
03:52:33 <Kevin L> hi
03:52:39 <Dave from B> Hi, Rich
03:52:47 <Rich> Hi
03:53:03 <Rich> Dave
03:53:07 <Dave from B> So, Kevin...what is your favorite West pizza?
03:53:09 <Kevin L> VERY slow day.
03:53:20 <Rich> g
03:53:43 <Dave from B> I see Castle minored at 950 per Jim
03:54:24 <Kevin L> I don't know. I always saty in the park and my wife takes the girls shopping and brings one back.
03:54:59 <Kevin L> The worst day at the basin is always better than the best day at West.
03:55:19 <Dave from B> Once we get to OF, we rarely leave the area unless we are going for a hike somewhere
03:56:28 <Rich> I '
03:56:47 <Kevin L> Same here. I don't even go to the Lower Basin or Great Fountain much anymore.
03:57:06 <Rich> I 'know' one pizza place I won't go back to - the one just outside the park first block of town on the right.
03:58:06 <Kevin L> The ones she brings back are usually good, but after a few days of Vienna Sausages and granola bars about anything would taste good.
03:58:45 <Dave from B> I would like to go back to the river Group and the mudpots in the LGB.
03:58:48 <Rich> lol
03:59:46 <Dave from B> I would really like to go to Shoshone with a group of gazers, but that is a long way for 1 day
03:59:51 <Kevin L> I haven't been to Pocket Basin for a long time either. I wouldn't mind doing that again. I guess the changed the road so it is a lot longer hike though.
04:00:48 <Dave from B> I haven't been on the Fountain Flats Road for years
04:01:44 <Dave from B> With only being at OF for 2-3 days, it is hard to leave the area. If I could go for a wwek or so if would be easier to do.
04:02:01 <Kevin L> I used to always go out there with John Muller. There was nothing like those hikes.
04:02:08 <Kevin L> Daisy 1100
04:02:38 <Rich> I guess I will have to get a 'snowmobile' in order to see some of the back country basins.
04:03:01 <Kevin L> It was amazing what John would see that I would just walk right past.
04:05:43 <Rich> Has anyone published pics, locations and descriptions of 'minor' thermal features. The ones we walk by but don't know if they are anything or not.
04:06:26 <ynpvisitor18> !
04:06:42 <Kevin L> Only one I know of is Scott's book.
04:06:48 <Dave from B>
04:07:19 <Dave from B> af sent me this link awhile back. I don't believe there are maps here, however.
04:07:38 <Dave from B> There are photos of most on this site
04:10:52 <Kevin L> Think the elk went to West.
04:14:36 <ynpvisitor67> Rocco and others have detailed maps in many Transactions articles too. Not really photos though if that's what you were after. RCN database would be the best bet.
04:15:24 <Dave from B> Who and where can I find the best map for the Upper Geyser Basin with the most detail?
04:15:42 <Dave from B> Who produced
04:16:16 <ynpvisitor67> The USGS map is pretty good, if gosa still sells them
04:16:22 <Rich> Thanks guys, got to reading the page.
04:16:56 <Rich> Gosa has a dvd with maps.
04:17:06 <Rich> was around $10 I think
04:17:17 <Kevin L> I know the USGS maps are downloadable on the internet. Not real good to hike with, but you can see what they have.
04:17:46 <Dave from B> Thanks, 67 and Rich. I've been meaning to add to my GOSA Transactions clooection. I look for those items
04:17:59 <Rich>
04:18:05 <ynpvisitor67> Gosa has Hague too, I love the old stuff.
04:18:30 <Rich> Sawmill?
04:18:54 <ynpvisitor67> Going afk, but will leave this open.... I vote for Giantess dings to bring me back. :)
04:19:06 <Kevin L> It would appear so.
04:19:15 <Dave from B> I actually have Hague Atlas in my book collection. I love to look at it
04:19:59 <Dave from B> Especially the geyser basin maps
04:20:05 <Rich> Map cd
04:20:12 <ynpvisitor67> Me too Dave, it's incredible. (Really going AFK this time!)
04:20:30 <Rich> g
04:21:01 <Rich> VEC pred for of 11:40
04:22:01 <Dave from B> Bye, 67
04:23:47 <Kevin L> Looks like Turban
04:33:17 <Kevin L> Of 1132
04:34:02 <Rich> nice
04:34:21 <Rich> Just enough wind to clear the view
04:34:37 <Rich> Hi kkc
04:42:58 <Kevin L> Plume 1141 ie
04:44:28 <kc (working)> hi Rich
05:22:02 <BB> hi again
05:22:43 <Kevin L> Hi BB
05:22:49 <Dave from B> Welcome back, BB. You haven't missed much
05:24:13 <Dave from B> I wonder if we will see Lion today?
05:25:30 <Rich> Hi BB
05:26:25 <BB> finished reading the log... not much to read today
05:26:49 <BB> are you looking for hiking maps, Dave, or maps of thermal features?
05:27:07 <Dave from B> Maps of thermal features
05:27:17 <BB> I thought so... can't help you with that
05:27:53 <BB> we have good hiking maps. I remember when Steve posted a backcountry trip report to the listserve I got them out to follow his progress
05:27:57 <BB> that was really fun
05:27:59 <Dave from B> I'm hoping the disk from GOSA website quenches my map thirst
05:28:40 <Dave from B> BB, have you seen the new Atlas of Yellowostone?
05:28:52 <ynpvisitor67> forgot to mention Roccos "Inventory..." too
05:28:59 <BB> no, I don't think so
05:29:32 <Dave from B> Was just published. It is great. Not a lot on geysers, but it is perfect for anyone who is a Yellowstone fanatic
05:29:58 <Dave from B> 67, I beleive Rocco's inventory is on GOSA disk?
05:30:31 <Rich> The one I saw part of Pink mostly, looked good
05:30:36 <ynpvisitor67> I don't know... I am old, I have hard copy
05:31:14 <Dave from B> brb
05:34:18 <BB> I just looked at the Atlas, my screen is pretty small so I couldn't see much but it looks very interesting
05:45:48 <Dave from B> Website doesn't do it justice.
05:46:40 <Kevin L> Hey BB, I found a pack of the cardboard cookies the kids didn't devour at Christmas. Not quite as freash, but still wonderful.
05:47:31 <Rich> lol
05:47:44 <ynpvisitor 55> I saw Rocco and BruceJ discussing the atlas on FB. Apparently there are some errors in the thermal department.
05:47:55 <Rich> I found some M&M Easter variety, from who knows when yesterday.
05:47:58 <ynpvisitor 55> It was unclear to me whether it was placement of name, or placement of features.
05:48:07 <Rich> They 'sure' don't melt in you hand. g
05:48:36 <ynpvisitor 55> But in a way that could be the same, I guess
05:49:13 <Dave from B> Kevin, you and I need to get familiar with FB...sounds like we are missing a lot.
05:49:50 <Kevin L> I think my kids are on it somewhere.
05:50:04 <Rich> Just be sure after you sign up you go in and make your public/private selections
05:50:15 <Dave from B> I need to find the time to figure out how to really use it.
05:50:41 <Dave from B> Rich, those are the things I need to learn
05:51:09 <ynpvisitor 55> Befriend a bunch of geyser people, then look at the pages or groups they "like" or belong to.
05:53:15 <ynpvisitor 55> Yellowstone Association and others. YTG does a daily report any time they do a tour, sometimes twice when they get all the reports from the drivers
05:54:40 <Kevin L> Well if Grand won't play for us, I guess we will have to stick with Old Faithful.
05:54:53 <BB> Kevin, how can you eat those things when it is hot outside???
05:55:20 <BB> Dave, you should just jump in and become FB friends with all of us.
05:55:23 <Kevin L> It is always hot here!
05:55:45 <BB> Then I can add you to the Cam Chat Group, and you don't have to post anything, just read and enjoy
05:56:05 <BB> Kevin, there is a difference between hot and hot
05:56:24 <Kevin L> We are under 100 right now.
05:56:40 <Dave from B> cb and I tried to become friends and neither of us could find each other. Maybe some weekend when I am on at home, I can find you.
05:57:22 <BB> I think I can find you. I am good at snooping around at FB, haha
05:57:36 <BB> you can't confuse me with your name changes :)
05:57:55 <Dave from B> :).
05:58:37 <Dave from B> Only 6 people in Billings with my same name
05:59:24 <ynpvisitor 55> But all 6 probably don't watch geysers, I bet.
05:59:24 <Dave from B> Please feel free to find me. Send me a pm if you need more info. Once someone finds me, it should be easy from there
05:59:59 <ynpvisitor66> Hopefully none Bank at the same bank
06:00:26 <Dave from B> That's why we are all just a number, 66:)
06:01:16 <ynpvisitor66> g
06:01:27 <BB> I think I found you. Sent you a pm for confirmation
06:01:59 <ynpvisitor 55> good luck with it. Some only use FB for Park stuff, so you can keep it to that, or expand to family and friends if you want to.
06:02:04 <Dave from B> Can't hide from you BB!!
06:02:23 <ynpvisitor 55> bbl
06:04:05 <BB> Sent you a friend request. Once you approve me I can connect you with cb
06:05:12 <Kevin L> OF 1304
06:06:19 <Dave from B> BB, you have been approved!
06:06:29 <BB> Thanks Dave
06:06:49 <BB> I am one step ahead of you... added you to the cam chat group already
06:06:50 <Kevin L> Nice gentle breeze has come up.
06:07:06 <Dave from B> I promise to get photos on my site so you know who you are talking to
06:07:18 <BB> now I just have to remember how I can suggest friends for you
06:07:29 <Kevin L> Lion 1306
06:07:35 <Rich> Have a good day, everyone. Time to go find food.
06:07:37 <Rich> Lion
06:07:50 <Dave from B> Bye, Rich. Yeah Lion
06:07:56 <BB> bye Rich. Nice to see you around again
06:08:14 <Rich> ty
06:08:57 <Rich> nowI have to wait for Lion to finish. Such trials. g
06:12:00 <Dave from B> Thanks, BB.
06:12:34 <BB> np Dave
06:19:36 <Kevin L> Castle ie 1318
06:29:59 <Kevin L> Daisy 1329
06:53:54 <ynpvisitor67> ..
07:05:08 <Dave from B> BB, did you see MA's post about 5/8 Grand?
07:05:59 <BB> no
07:06:02 <BB> where, on FB?
07:06:09 <BB> listserve?
07:06:25 <Dave from B> on your FB Camchat page. Grand was at 927
07:07:29 <BB> thanks, no, I hadn't seen that yet
07:08:07 <BB> that explains why I didn't see it
07:08:41 <BB> on Tuesdays and Thursdays I don't have captures between 9 and about 940 am
07:08:58 <BB> because that's when I drive home
07:09:20 <BB> never realized yesterday I was missing about 40 minutes
07:09:23 <BB> sorry about that
07:11:04 <Dave from B> no need to apologize. It clears up our confusion about yesterday
07:19:31 <Kevin L> Lion 1418 ie
07:21:18 <Kevin L> Plume 1420 ie
07:23:28 <Dave from B> ..
07:33:58 <cb> hello all
07:34:10 <Kevin L> hi cb
07:34:21 <Dave from B> Hi, cb. I just aprroved your FB request
07:34:35 <cb> Just a quick drive by while i grab some lunch
07:34:46 <cb> I just saw that!! :)
07:35:10 <Dave from B> Thanks to BB for finding me
07:35:21 <cb> I'm glad we finally figured out which Dave S is which. Yes thank you BB
07:35:56 <cb> next friend Yellowstone Tour Guides!! They have great posts!
07:37:48 <cb> their people watching posts are great fun to read..(not so much fun to be in most of the time) and the pic's are great!
07:42:44 <Dave from B> Kevin, there was an article in Blgs paper about Harvick-Busch fued today
07:43:26 <Kevin L> What was funny is they were hooked up for a while at the race.
07:46:07 <Kevin L> OF taking its sweet time.
07:49:22 <Kevin L> 1h45m so far.
07:51:09 <Dave from B> Longest in past few days.
07:51:36 <Kevin L> zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
07:51:51 <Kevin L> OF 1451
07:52:36 <Will B> Big OF its out of frame on static
07:53:39 <Dave from B> I tried to look at last 30 days of OF info on GT. It was giving me a syntax error.
07:54:34 <Will B> me too
07:55:08 <Kevin L> Why did you break it Dave?
07:55:24 <Will B> I have been entering a lot of OF data from the 1972 log book currently i wonder if that has anything to with it
07:55:43 <Dave from B> Hey! It was broken before I used it:)
07:56:04 <Dave from B> See, Kevin. Will broke it.
07:56:26 <Dave from B> How is your project going, Will?
07:57:06 <Will B> good but im getting tired of 3 straight months of only OF data
07:57:30 <Will B> 1456 tardy ie?
07:57:57 <ynpvisitor67> I had an error the other day - but it was when Jake was changing the page, adding Ftn and removing F&M from the list on the side.
07:58:08 <Will B> or sawmill?
08:00:38 <Kevin L> Wondering if Grand has gone dormant or if it just doesn't like me.
08:06:58 <Dave from B> Breaking Grand is a much bigger deal than breaking GT, Kevin
08:07:30 <Dave from B> Jake can fiz GT...not sure who can fix Grand
08:07:39 <Dave from B> fiz = fix
08:08:04 <Kevin L> Well Grand does sometimes fizz.
08:10:04 <Dave from B> ..
08:10:30 <Dave from B> I'll call the VEC hotline. brb
08:12:00 <Dave from B> Grand 1600, Castle 430, Daisy 1600, Riverside 2015
08:12:44 <Kevin L> I suppose I am aimed properly then.
08:13:20 <Dave from B> I wonder if Kristine is watching at Grand?
08:13:21 <Will B> Next we should try and get the VEC to put the overnite E times in GT every morning. That would be awesome
08:13:52 <Dave from B> I know Carolyn was doing that during the winter.
08:16:48 <Dave from B> I imagine VEC isn't at full staff for the summer at this point
08:17:13 <Will B> spasmodic 1516ie
08:24:26 <Dave from B> Good Evening, Graham
08:24:51 <Kevin L> Must be on the train again
08:25:44 <Ryan> Beautiful day in YNP
08:29:17 <Ryan> Anything expected?
08:29:30 <Kevin L> Lion
08:29:48 <Ryan> Nice, going to Grand then if it hasnt erupted?
08:29:57 <Kevin L> Grand window
08:34:16 <Dave from B> Ryan, Can you give us Turban times when you get there?
08:34:58 <Ryan> Yes... won be for a year still, but yes, and ill send a heads up if anything goes :)
08:35:32 <Dave from B> the way you were talking, I thought you were there. My apologies
08:35:34 <Kevin L> Lion keeps teasing
08:35:57 <Ryan> No probelm... wish i was lol
08:36:01 <Dave from B> 2 eruption series...come on Lion you can do better than that
08:36:26 <Dave from B> I was hoping we would hear from Kristine.
08:40:32 <Kevin L> Lion 1539
08:40:38 <Ryan> Yay
08:40:54 <Dave from B> That's more like it
08:41:35 <Kevin L> Possible BH before dark Ryan.
08:41:52 <Ryan> Sounds good, I havent seenBH in months
08:43:11 <Ryan> When is it predicted for?
08:43:53 <Ryan> rather... what has its intervals been?
08:44:14 <Dave from B> Last 2 have been 13:25 and 14:47
08:44:34 <Dave from B> 16-17 hours the days before
08:44:54 <Kevin L> 0642 this morning.
08:45:47 <Dave from B> Shouldn't erupt before 1930
08:46:11 <Kevin L> I think we will do some Daisy/Grand fishing.
08:46:14 <Ryan> Grand 1545
08:46:17 <Kevin L> Grand 1545
08:47:26 <Kevin L> Daisy also due.
08:47:53 <Kevin L> You could have a good night Ryan.
08:48:54 <Ryan> Haha
08:49:01 <Ryan> They're all welcoming me back!
08:49:12 <Ryan> A 2b would be nice.
08:55:17 <Ryan> Daisy isnt erupting is it?
08:55:38 <Kevin L> not sure
08:55:55 <Will B> it is
08:55:57 <Ryan> Daisy 1555ie
08:56:08 <Ryan> I saw the wisps of steam go by Grand :P
08:56:58 <Will B> looks like Grand was a 1B
08:57:00 <Kevin L> Livescope is being a pain today.
08:57:05 <Ryan> :/
08:57:27 <Ryan> On to... ?
08:57:52 <Graham> hello
08:57:58 <Ryan> Plume an OF
08:58:01 <Ryan> Hey Graham
08:58:02 <Kevin L> Aurum
08:58:02 <Graham> looks like someone is making everything erupt before my shift?
08:58:13 <Ryan> :) Guilty as charged.
08:58:18 <Kevin L> We may have left a BH for you.
08:58:38 <Dave from B> Time to go. Taxi duty tonight. Have a great night everyone!.
08:58:49 <Kevin L> Bye Dave.
08:58:51 <Ryan> See ya Dave
08:59:01 <Will B> Bye Dave
08:59:15 <Kevin L> Aurum is due also Graham. Get your TV set fixed Graham?
08:59:18 <Dave from B> Good luck tonight, Graham (With Caps and BH)
08:59:35 <Will B> LC 1558ie
08:59:42 <Graham> thanks Dave
08:59:49 <Graham> I think the CAPS need a lot of luck :(
09:01:56 <Graham> a second bee would be nice tonight
09:04:45 <Kevin L> I think I hear a prime rib calling my name.
09:05:09 <Graham> mmmmmmm i can smell it too
09:05:49 <Kevin L> bbl
09:08:06 <Will B> Plume
09:08:09 <Will B> 1607
09:09:46 <Will B> 5B Plume
09:11:00 <Graham> OF 1609
09:11:57 <af> hi
09:12:33 <Will B> hi af
09:18:15 <af> kinda doubting that minor castle to the major? or is that normal?
09:24:17 <Graham> I believe the castle. Jim knows what it is and was in the park. Kevin knows what a Major is
09:25:02 <Graham> the intervals are sometimes short, I have noticed some times really short like that recently
09:25:18 <af> ok that's what I was asking.
09:25:46 <af> I wasn't going agasinst either persons intergrity, if it seemed so it was by accident
09:27:33 <Graham> there was a 3h14 on the 2nd.
09:28:59 <Will B> that was a big BH splash
09:29:44 <Ryan> Window shouldnt open for at least an hour if that
09:30:42 <Graham> unless it does another 7h interval :)
09:30:56 <Graham> well almost 10 now, so possible
09:31:01 <Ryan> shhh dont scareit!
09:31:28 <Graham> but i agree, unlikely for an hour or more
09:32:01 <Ryan> Is it still staying semi regular?
09:33:36 <Graham> ~11 - 21 h intervals
09:33:52 <Ryan> The majority ?
09:33:54 <Graham> so yeah, pretty regular
09:34:48 <Graham> all over the place
09:35:53 <Will B> LC1634ns
09:36:01 <Ryan> Any missed? If not: It may not have entered "summer" mode yet
09:36:08 <Graham> seems to do a cluster around 12 and sometimes around 17 but can be anywhere in that range
09:36:30 <Ryan> Tri modal :P
09:37:32 <Graham> i suspect its not doing 24+ they all line up with a night-time mised eruption
09:37:35 <Will B> Lion Rorar 1636
09:37:52 <Ryan> well thats good
09:38:08 <Graham> not sure it really has a "summer mode" - it has periods of increased and decreased regularity
09:38:29 <Graham> its been regular most of the recent years with the one period of false indicators and an 80h interval
09:38:55 <Ryan> Near predicatable for a while
09:39:10 <Ryan> Those false indicators were in.. '09? or '10
09:39:19 <Graham> yep. it does seem to be less regular right now though
09:39:30 <Graham> but still frequent
09:40:14 <Ryan> When I went in '09 it was basically predictable... At least, I knew when the next one would be without asking someone else...
09:40:23 <Ryan> +/- 2.5hrs i think it was
09:42:11 <Will B> Lion roar 1641
09:43:58 <Ryan> Lion 1643
09:44:01 <Will B> Lion 1643
09:44:24 <Ryan> Thought it was going for a sec
09:46:28 <Will B> now only if we can get some NGs
09:47:50 <Graham> most NG are further into the series
09:48:17 <Will B> this was the 4th lion right?
09:48:27 <Ryan> Yes
09:48:49 <Ryan> So north goggles has been... frequent... ish?
09:49:46 <Graham> yep, erupts in most long Lion series and can continue afterwards
09:49:52 <Graham> we have had over 100 this year
09:49:57 <Ryan> Nice
09:50:05 <Will B> is this a new spasmodic from the 1516 one
09:50:29 <Graham> dunno, i don;'t track Spasmo
09:50:33 <Ryan> I know what Im doing next summer :) Me and the bench at Lion will be great friends lol
09:50:45 <Ryan> What is NG's activity like right now?
09:51:08 <Graham> i wish it keeps it up but I doubt it will be going next year
09:51:49 <Will B> to me I try and track all that I can because you can always ignore the data later but if you dont write it down you cant go back and get the data
09:51:50 <Graham> usually has series
09:52:05 <Graham> all the majors seen recently have been during long lion series after a few minors
09:52:20 <Ryan> Well how long is a long series?
09:52:39 <Graham> the forst activity lasted 2 days, 40 seen in daylight
09:53:04 <Graham> but recently its 1-8
09:53:11 <Graham> at least in daylight
09:53:19 <Ryan> Ok
09:54:00 <Graham> recent Lion series have been shorter so it will be interesting t osee if NG quits
09:54:18 <Ryan> Yes it will
09:55:23 <Graham> i still dont have the April sput, does everyone else?
09:55:45 <Graham> i know it reached OR and WA
09:58:46 <Will B> I was just looking at the Yellowstone Tour Gides FB page and found this :(
09:58:47 <Will B>!/photo.php?fbid=406501969390313&set=a.261444367229408.68727.176160852424427&type=1&theater
09:59:37 <Graham> oh yeah ... their stupid people notes each day are good
09:59:50 <Graham> Plume 1658ie
10:01:50 <Graham> its steamy...
10:02:31 <Will B> what is that vent behind depression?
10:02:48 <Graham> a Dwarf, North Dwarf i think
10:02:54 <Will B> thanks
10:03:15 <Graham> wish it wasn't there, puts up too much steam we confuse with Dep
10:03:34 <Ryan> I think Dep is trying
10:09:41 <Kevin L> I have my April Sput.
10:10:14 <Graham> ok, still in the west tho ...
10:10:34 <Kevin L> BTW Graham, there were some elk this morning about where you have the camera pointed now.
10:10:35 <Graham> Ryan - do you get the Sput?
10:10:42 <Ryan> No
10:10:58 <Ryan> Can I just get it from GOSA?
10:11:14 <Graham> yeah, its part of the $20 membership
10:11:55 <Graham> it comes out bimonthly
10:13:13 <Ryan> Do I just get the Sput, or is there a page to become a member?
10:13:49 <Graham> thats it, all you get is the SPut but its worth it if you like geysers
10:14:10 <Ryan> Ok, so if i order the Sput... Im a member>
10:14:12 <Ryan> ?
10:14:13 <Graham> has some interesting articles, geyser summary, and occasionally some good pics :)
10:15:04 <Graham> well technically since its a non-profit you are not a member, only the directors and officers are
10:15:09 <Kevin L> Yes Ryan. Sput is worth the price of membership.
10:16:01 <Ryan> Ok
10:16:02 <Graham> it has my winter weather report in it this time
10:17:02 <Graham> Sawmill 1715?
10:17:33 <Graham> yep
10:18:03 <Kevin L> Ugh. Computer just started load 19 updates for Windows.
10:18:19 <Graham> yeah gonna keep you all nice and sdafe
10:19:01 <Graham> so Kevin - did the bear chase the elk away during your shift?
10:19:40 <Ryan> Just got it :)
10:20:39 <Graham> yeah ... you are one of the 200 or so that get it Ryan
10:21:25 <Ryan> Should I get the April one if I just ordered now?
10:22:09 <Graham> maybe yours will arrive before mine?
10:38:23 <Graham> its time...
10:38:38 <Ryan> time?
10:38:45 <Kevin L> Didn't get the elk during my shift. Carol had them.
10:39:13 <Kevin L> I think the red got rocked last time.
10:39:37 <ROCKTHERED> my cures on msg didn't work
10:39:46 <ROCKTHERED> maybe thats why
10:40:06 <ROCKTHERED> CURSE not cures
10:41:35 <ROCKTHERED> Lion 1740
10:41:37 <Will B> Lion 1740
10:43:00 <ROCKTHERED> game is still tied, theres hope :)
10:44:58 <Kevin L> Now if you can talk them into cutting 7 seconds off the game time.
10:45:30 <ROCKTHERED> i know, that would have helped .....and then therte was the other game that went 5s longer too
10:45:42 <ROCKTHERED> :)
10:45:46 <ROCKTHERED> :) :)
10:46:08 <Kevin L> Guessing it is not the Rangers.
10:46:16 <ROCKTHERED> too much to hope they have a 2 goal lead with 7sec left?
10:46:36 <Kevin L> That would have helped last night.
10:47:36 <ROCKTHERED> power play goal by #8, about time he got on a scoring run
10:47:47 <Kevin L> We had a high school football game where we scored 3 minutes into the game and were 2 points ahead when the gun sounded for the 4th quarter and we still lost.
10:48:33 <Ryan> NG steam?
10:48:49 <ROCKTHERED> 2 points ahead when the end of 4th Q gun sounded?
10:48:52 <Ryan> Something is steaming in NG vicinity
10:49:06 <ROCKTHERED> i see nothing
10:49:41 <ROCKTHERED> Plume 1748
10:49:41 <Will B> Plume1748
10:50:13 <Will B> same second on the log nice Graham
10:50:26 <Kevin L> And 3 tourists in need of new Pampers.
10:51:29 <ROCKTHERED> OF 1750
10:52:05 <Ryan> Plume is a jolt if your not expecting it
10:52:40 <ROCKTHERED> better when Cascade is active too, makes you spin around and around
10:52:41 <Will B> Im off to go eat dinner bbl! Bye
10:52:55 <ROCKTHERED> enjoy
10:52:56 <Kevin L> bye
10:53:13 <ROCKTHERED> there haven't been any OF shorts for a long time
11:19:16 <ROCKTHERED> ahead 1 goal at the end of 1 period .. but all i care about now is the last 7 seconds!
11:23:36 <Ryan> That was a big burst from Sawmill
11:23:57 <ROCKTHERED> Daisy 1823
11:24:03 <Ryan> Daisy 1823
11:36:42 <ROCKTHERED> ding
11:36:49 <ROCKTHERED> BHI 1835ns
11:36:57 <ROCKTHERED> hello
11:37:01 <ROCKTHERED> wake up
11:37:09 <ROCKTHERED> its time
11:37:17 <ynpvisitor63> I'm awake and waiting on Plume :)
11:37:56 <Kevin L> dong
11:37:59 <ROCKTHERED> hi Kent
11:38:21 <ROCKTHERED> hey Kevinwhere did Ryan go?
11:38:29 <ROCKTHERED> and kc can't be working now!
11:38:37 <Kent> Hi RtR
11:38:56 <Kevin L> Good day for you Ryan.
11:39:16 <ROCKTHERED> if Ryan is here
11:39:26 <ROCKTHERED> you in the park Kent?
11:39:36 <Kent> Not til Sunday
11:39:54 <Ryan> 0 here
11:40:06 <ROCKTHERED> took you a while
11:40:14 <Ryan> Vacc405ng 0y4 r660 -*
11:40:22 <Kent> I really like two daylight Beehives!
11:40:23 <Ryan> Vaccuming my room.
11:40:32 <Ryan> Very good night for me!
11:41:06 <ROCKTHERED> no good deed goes unpunished
11:41:21 <Ryan> :)
11:41:29 <Ryan> Gotta do dishes, taking laptop with me though!
11:41:48 <ROCKTHERED> dont get it wet
11:41:56 <ROCKTHERED> hi Kitt
11:41:58 <Kitt> Thanks for the text Kevin
11:42:12 <Kitt> was on phone with mom
11:42:21 <Kitt> Beehive intermission
11:42:41 <Kevin L> Priorities
11:42:51 <ROCKTHERED> Lion 1841
11:42:53 <Ryan> haha
11:42:56 <Kitt> Lion
11:43:01 <ROCKTHERED> Plume 1842
11:43:05 <Ryan> Dual!
11:43:10 <Ryan> Triple dual!
11:43:11 <Kitt> Plume
11:43:16 <ROCKTHERED> trio with BHI
11:43:17 <Kitt> triple
11:43:20 <Kevin L> The hill has sprung leaks.
11:43:35 <Kitt> The hills are alive
11:43:40 <Kent> It really is amazing
11:43:58 <Ryan> BH, come on down!
11:44:03 <Ryan> ... or up rather :)
11:44:27 <Ryan> anyone capturing?
11:44:48 <Kevin L> kc usually has capture on.
11:45:03 <Kent> Thanks for catching Plume Graham
11:45:26 <Ryan> good, this is a good one!
11:45:30 <ROCKTHERED> yw
11:46:12 <Ryan> 12hr unterval almost exact...
11:46:15 <ROCKTHERED> no noise from kc
11:46:35 <Kevin L> Sent him a txt.
11:48:22 <Ryan> 13mins in...
11:49:13 <Kitt> Oh look, lucky person number one to view bee
11:49:46 <ROCKTHERED> will they leave before it erupts?
11:50:11 <Ryan> not if they read the sign
11:50:34 <Kitt> no this person came and sat down
11:50:49 <Kitt> go big bee
11:50:57 <Ryan> BH 1850
11:51:02 <Kitt> Yippee!
11:51:38 <Ryan> Not a bad night, seen as how this is my first extended chat room visit since March!
11:52:06 <Kent> We need sound.
11:52:20 <Ryan> We need to feel it lol
11:52:35 <Kitt> Rumble, rumble, rumble!!!
11:52:44 <Kent> Thanks Kitt
11:52:55 <Kitt> Oh, that person gets rainbows
11:52:57 <Ryan> So... tell me, speaking of feeling it... is waiting for an overnight Oblong eruption worth it? I have BH, OF, Grand and F$M on my overnight wait list
11:53:44 <Kitt> If the thumps have been good it is easier to hear and feel them at night due to lack of traffic
11:53:48 <ROCKTHERED> oblong is always worth waiting for
11:54:18 <Kitt> Go for the shower
11:54:22 <ROCKTHERED> but the others are probably higher on the list (if F&M are active and someone calls you
11:54:22 <Ryan> Just imagining the whole, no one around you, perfect silence and then... thump, thump. thump, Oblong goes :)
11:54:45 <ROCKTHERED> someone in kitts BH watching spot
11:54:47 <ROCKTHERED> in the rain
11:55:10 <Ryan> Well, BH and Grand are on my list for sure, at least for night gazing... hoping for a full moon
11:55:18 <ROCKTHERED> :) :) :) :)
11:55:34 <ROCKTHERED> 2 goal lead, i don't think i can handle that!
11:55:41 <Kent> :)
11:55:46 <Ryan> :)
11:55:51 <Kitt> sweet, a couple from Lion, one a dep. and 1 near plume
11:56:21 <Ryan> ...lets go NG!
11:57:31 <Kitt> that was wonderful
11:57:52 <Ryan> A beautiful sight
11:58:14 <Kevin L> Two in a day.
11:58:14 <Kitt> sawmill says hello
11:58:42 <Kitt> Nice spikes
11:58:48 <ROCKTHERED> its been waving for almost 2 hours now
11:59:14 <ROCKTHERED> stepping away, bbs
12:00:14 <Ryan> kk
12:02:56 <Kitt> may your day continue to be excellent
12:03:03 <Kitt> back to my chores
12:03:12 <Kitt> thanks again for the text Kevin
12:07:07 <Will B> dang missed BH
12:09:22 <ROCKTHERED> wb WIll
12:09:32 <Will B> thanks
12:12:46 <ROCKTHERED> 2 goals ahead after 2 - uncharted territory
12:25:21 <ROCKTHERED> OF 1924
12:34:05 <Ryan> Good night all...
12:34:17 <ROCKTHERED> bye Ryan
12:34:18 <Will B> Bye
12:34:41 <Kevin L> bye
12:35:02 <Will B> Plume
12:35:08 <Will B> 1934
12:35:08 <ROCKTHERED> 1934
12:35:32 <Will B> again same second
12:37:45 <Will B> is that Plate putting up all that steam in the piddle of GH between sponge and plume? there are too many dots on the map page in the "bible" for me to tell.
12:37:54 <Will B> piddle=middle
12:38:28 <ROCKTHERED> i think its mainly from the spring thats hard to see
12:47:48 <ROCKTHERED> Lion 1946
12:47:57 <Will B> .
12:50:36 <ROCKTHERED> NG steam?
12:52:51 <ROCKTHERED> W Triplet 1951ie
12:55:38 <ROCKTHERED> really nice spikes at Sawmill
12:59:08 <ROCKTHERED> here we go again ..... 4 min
13:02:02 <ROCKTHERED> 3
13:03:09 <ROCKTHERED> 2
13:05:14 <ROCKTHERED> 1
13:07:28 <ROCKTHERED> grrrr no not again
13:07:52 <ROCKTHERED> they score with 51s left
13:08:05 <ROCKTHERED> i cant take it any more!
13:08:46 <ROCKTHERED> ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
13:09:30 <ROCKTHERED> CAPS WIN!!!!!!
13:09:52 <ROCKTHERED> on to Game 7.
13:10:06 <ROCKTHERED> just didn't seem right when they had a 2 goal lead, had to give 1 away
13:13:31 <Graham> did I miss anything?
13:25:35 <Graham> Plume 2024
13:30:19 <Graham> Aurum 2028ie
13:34:26 <Graham> Sawmill is off
13:43:14 <Graham> Lion 2041
13:56:11 <Graham> Daisy 2055
13:58:07 <Graham> Dep 2056ie
13:59:38 <Graham> nice one
14:03:02 <Graham> well i am done, OF is sluggish this time
14:03:07 <Graham> goodnight