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22:30:02 <ynpvisitor90> Indy
22:30:07 <ynpvisitor90> ding
22:30:09 <ynpvisitor90> ding
22:30:10 <ynpvisitor90> ding
22:31:08 <BB> hi Kitt and visitor
22:31:19 <Kitt> 0530 ie
22:31:32 <BB> you are up early
22:31:45 <Kitt> had a feeling
22:33:55 <BB> hi Dave
22:34:02 <Dave from B> Good Morning, BB and Kitt
22:34:15 <Kitt> morning Dave
22:34:26 <Dave from B> Had to get on first thing this morning
22:35:09 <CC> thanks for posting BHI
22:35:11 <Kitt> was trying to decide if it is too early to call lc
22:35:58 <CC> morning everyone
22:36:17 <BB> hi CC
22:36:28 <CC> how was quilting BB
22:37:04 <BB> quilting is good right now, nice quilting weekend, finished most of the top I wanted to make
22:37:13 <Dave from B> Morning, CC
22:37:37 <Janet> what a good morning!
22:37:40 <CC> I just finished two projects myself
22:37:50 <Kitt> morning Janet, CC, BB
22:38:49 <CC> it is nice to see everyone with a name rather than visitor number
22:39:49 <Dave from B> Morning, Janet
22:40:21 <Kitt> go Beehere comes Jim
22:41:48 <Kitt> funny how early morning viewing tends to be safer from Plume side of bee
22:42:13 <CC> I have so many lines on the livescope that I am glad to see the viewing is clear on the public stream
22:44:01 <BB> mornings and evenings, OF steam usually covers Plume on the UGB cam, midday it covers Aurum
22:44:16 <Dave from B> ..
22:44:49 <Janet> Morning Steam is so pretty!
22:49:52 <CC> BH 5:48
22:49:52 <Kitt> Yippee, Beehive
22:50:08 <Janet> YAY!
22:50:50 <CC> can not see much on the many lines hope you are seeing BH okay
22:51:07 <Kitt> with that pink sky, I bet Jim is getting a beautiful bee
22:51:49 <Dave from B> ..
22:54:11 <Kitt> sweet. good way to start the day
22:54:42 <CC> have to go for a the annual blood workup bye
22:54:58 <Janet> Have a good day!
22:55:28 <Dave from B> That was a great way to start the day. Time to go to work. I'll be back in 30.
22:55:57 <Kitt> fluffy should be in the next 30 min. or so
22:56:06 <Kitt> have a good day
22:56:14 <Kitt> bye
22:59:39 <BB> And I missed it!!!
23:00:01 <BB> Client came early and couldn't stop talking
23:00:17 <BB> at least I started the capture program
23:00:27 <BB> hmph... back to work
23:03:12 <ynpvisitor93> Good start to a Tuesday
23:06:47 <ynpvisitor93> .
23:42:29 <Dave from B> Good Mroning, lc
23:42:50 <lc> good morning Dave
23:59:28 <Dave from B> Grand has to be in there somewhere
00:00:21 <lc> has to be...
00:01:23 <Dave from B> Also, looked like Aurum ie right before the camera moved to Grand
00:03:05 <ynpvisitor93> watch for it around 1300 then, if we are lucky (aurum)
00:18:13 <lc> Riverside 0717ie
00:34:08 <Dave from B> OF 733 ie
00:38:42 <lc> is that Plume?
00:42:15 <af> hi
00:42:28 <lc> morning
00:42:40 <Dave from B> Hi, af.
00:42:56 <Dave from B> Sorry, lc was not watching when you may have seen Plume
00:43:40 <lc> np, hard to see through OF steam, looked like a couple of burst.
00:45:41 <af> based on a closed interval for bee of 14 hours i would say that theres a good chance for it around 1600-1900
00:45:56 <af> sorry dave :)
00:46:19 <vw> Good morning all.
00:46:30 <lc> morning vw
00:46:35 <af> hi
00:47:02 <vw> Just in to let you know the operator cam is mis-behaving. It is possible that we will lose visual on it. Would make if very difficult to operate the cam.
00:47:21 <vw> I will post an update if it goes out entirely, but right now it is not looking good.
00:47:38 <vw> bbl
00:47:58 <af> whatvis that supposed to mean
00:49:17 <Dave from B> The Livescope program that runs the camera is having problems. CC mentioned earlier there were lots of lines running through her screen
00:49:40 <af> is public atream down though?
00:49:52 <Dave from B> No
00:50:07 <af> just moving it
00:50:24 <af> wellnnot down having problems
00:52:13 <af> .
00:55:34 <af> dep?
00:56:37 <lc> yes
01:02:27 <Dave from B> Good Morning ,cb
01:02:43 <lc> morning cb
01:02:49 <cb> Morning Dave!
01:02:56 <cb> how the heck are ya!
01:02:58 <cb> ?
01:03:52 <cb> The control cam is wacky today and hard to look at! But it doesn't seem to be coming across on the public stream
01:04:42 <cb> Hi lc Janet and # 93 and 62!
01:06:01 <Dave from B> cb, I'm doing great. How about you?
01:06:35 <cb> Am far!
01:06:56 <cb> One more cup of java and i be great!
01:08:15 <cb> hubbies not so good though, Bad gallbladder, has a doctor appt today to see what will come of it
01:08:35 <cb> I see i missed Bee today,..Drat!
01:08:58 <Dave from B> It was very early. I was one of the lucky ones
01:09:05 <lc> good luck to Bill, hope he is ok.
01:10:18 <cb> Thank lc! Shall know more by noon. Surgery is a real possiblity, I am thinking extended recovery in YNP......
01:10:28 <cb> :)
01:10:49 <cb> always a motive in the back of my pea bwain....
01:10:49 <Dave from B> Best place to recover:)
01:10:56 <lc> good way to recoup
01:11:09 <Dave from B> Whatever it takes to get there.
01:11:27 <ynpvisitor93> good idea
01:11:36 <Dave from B> I enjoyed 3 list serve posts on gazers.
01:11:38 <ynpvisitor93> *)
01:11:40 <cb> sounds great to me. a little early or extended time....
01:11:51 <Dave from B> We're all a little different
01:12:25 <lc> I agree with you Dave, very good post.
01:12:28 <Dave from B> I caught this mornings BH with my laptop in the bathroom while I was getting ready.
01:12:36 <cb> I really liked them all and applaud them for taking the time and thought that was but into them. Lets all just go out and enjoy!
01:12:44 <lc> and right on I should say.
01:12:49 <cb> hahahaha! tmi dave
01:13:37 <Dave from B> Right, cb. If my family knew I did that, I would have gotten big eye rolls for sure.
01:13:57 <cb> celebrate the differences!
01:14:14 <lc> I would have caught it but Ma had the computer when I got up, missed it by about 3 min.
01:14:50 <cb> quote from Get Smart. "missed it by THAT much" lc
01:14:51 <lc> saw the last puffs
01:15:02 <lc> lol
01:15:21 <cb> need to get MA her own special...ah goes the stream
01:16:07 <cb> doesn't seem to bother the public stream. weird
01:16:14 <lc> got to get some food, bbl.
01:16:20 <cb> tata
01:27:01 <Dave from B> where's Kevin this morning?
01:27:59 <Jb> Daisy 0813
01:28:31 <Dave from B> Morning, Jb. Having a nice day in the basin so far?
01:29:46 <cb> .
01:30:12 <cb> Not sure. vw has the cam today
01:31:31 <Jb> Pretty good so far.
01:39:35 <Jb> Marker still at f&m of course.
01:40:00 <ynpvisitor93> ..
01:43:16 <ynpvisitor93> .
02:02:39 <Dave from B> OF 901
02:02:40 <lc> OF 0901ie
02:02:49 <ynpvisitor93> ..
02:03:05 <Dave from B> ie, Thanks, lc
02:32:27 <Dave from B> Good "Afternoon" Kevin:)
02:33:32 <Dave from B> I have a question for you: How early do you want to receive bhi texts?
02:36:04 <Dave from B> ..
02:37:36 <Will B> Good morning everyone!
02:52:54 <Will B> I just came to some wierd log entries again! need some help to make sure my asumption is correct.
02:53:39 <Will B> "1972-08-19 Chinaman Spring 10:10 emty/soap?"
02:53:40 <Dave from B> What do you have Will?
02:53:50 <Will B> guessing soap =stoped
02:54:27 <Janet-working> Nope, someone likely soaped it. Made it erupt unnaturally.
02:54:29 <Dave from B> I'm guessing they were questioning whether it was soaped or not
02:54:31 <ynpvisitor93> empty might have been an induced eruption with soap.
02:55:44 <Will B> well back in the day they did use it for laundry and then it blew up in a chinaman's face hence the name
02:56:19 <Dave from B> Should it be entered with a ? or not at all?
02:56:41 <Will B> question mark was part of the notes
02:56:59 <Janet-working> I would add it in
02:57:14 <Dave from B> I would enter with a "?". It is part of history even if it was induced.
02:58:05 <Will B> ok and the other one was... one sec have to copy paste
02:58:25 <ynpvisitor93> There are photos in Allen and Day of induced eruptions
02:58:39 <Will B> 1972-08-19 Daisy 07:55 soaped
02:58:46 <Will B> again same thing?
02:58:49 <Dave from B> Thanks, 93. I will take a look tonight.
02:59:15 <ynpvisitor93> geek :)
03:00:04 <Dave from B> We're all a little different:)
03:00:17 <Dave from B> Some of us more than others
03:00:54 <Dave from B> Was Daisy less acive in 1972? Why would you soap an active geyser?
03:01:00 <ynpvisitor93> Hard to tell whether "they" did it, or are reporting vandalism
03:01:31 <Will B> Lynn sent me an email recently I may ask her for conformation
03:01:34 <ynpvisitor93> I think that one is interesting enough to ask on the list-serve.
03:01:41 <Kevin L> Doing some Daisy/Grand fishing while I catch up.
03:01:59 <Dave from B> What is the history of the acceptance of soaping? Didn't I here that Marler soaped geysers?
03:02:20 <Dave from B> here = hear
03:03:14 <Dave from B> Will, I appreciate how careful you are about entering data in to GT.
03:03:25 <Janet-working> My grandmother used to tell me of the soapings she saw - I think her first visit was in the 1920s
03:03:49 <Kevin L> I believe he did. If I remember correctly Grand was dormant for a while before he soaped it.
03:03:55 <Janet-working> And in almost the same breath she told us how bad it was because some geysers didn't recover.
03:04:58 <ynpvisitor30af> hi
03:05:08 <Dave from B> Hi, af
03:06:06 <Will B> Came accross another
03:06:07 <Will B> 1972-08-19 Splendid 07:55 soaped
03:06:18 <ynpvisitor30af> oh
03:06:18 <Will B> all on the same day!
03:06:27 <af> fail
03:06:56 <Dave from B> Could geysers have been soaped by NPS personnel?
03:07:44 <af> One gazer told me some drunk nps employees used OF as a toilet
03:08:27 <Dave from B> :(
03:09:03 <Kevin L> Looks like a possible Turban.
03:09:40 <af> I hate the vandalism of hot springs and geysers
03:09:57 <af> its like what gets solved by throwing a log into Morning glory?
03:10:11 <Dave from B> VEC Predictions: Castle 1640 (60), Grand 1000 (120), Daisy 1045 (30), Riverside1300 (30)
03:10:52 <ynpvisitor51> .
03:11:02 <Kevin L> So Daisy Grand fishing may payoff this morning since you guys already used BH up.
03:11:35 <Will B> Oh and fyi to everyone, Lynn suggested to enter the observer as "OFVCL-EV" for the project to make things clear. it stands for "Old Faithful Visitor Center Logbook--Electronic Version" aka logs off the GOSA site
03:12:02 <Dave from B> lc and I saw something big in Grand area at 700. Couldn't confirm it was grand but there was a lot of steam
03:12:16 <af> looks like I'll get another Grand this morning then
03:12:55 <Dave from B> It must have been something else at 700
03:13:09 <Kevin L> Oblong?
03:13:27 <Dave from B> Kevin, how early do you want to receive BHI texts in the morning?
03:13:56 <Dave from B> It sure looked bigger than anything else in Grand area.
03:14:29 <Kevin L> You can send a txt anytime. I shut my phone off and charge it at night and it is nice to know if it went when I get up.
03:15:01 <Dave from B> That's good to know. I won't worry about sending them early...just didn't want to wake you.
03:18:34 <af> yeah 500 bees are still 400 bees
03:18:44 <af> for kevin
03:20:02 <Dave from B> Yes, that is early
03:24:18 <Dave from B> ..
03:24:50 <af> OF time
03:26:25 <Kevin L> Turban
03:26:53 <af> I didn't understand by what vw was saying when she said a cam operator was misbehaving
03:27:52 <af> plume 1026
03:27:54 <Kevin L> Plume 1026
03:30:00 <lc> af, I don't think she was talking about a person.
03:30:08 <Dave from B> af, the Livescope program had lines in it and it was hard to see.
03:30:26 <af> checking chatlogs
03:30:56 <Kevin L> It has had a bad attitude for a few days.
03:31:03 <af> of 1029
03:31:16 <Dave from B> af, I know how you could have misread that post. I read it that way the first time
03:31:38 <af> it says operator cam not cam operator
03:31:41 <lc> very nice OF
03:31:43 <Dave from B> Kevin, do you have lines in your Livescope view?
03:31:47 <af> nice artistic one
03:32:49 <Kevin L> Yes I do. Controls can be sluggish at times also. You have probably noticed that when I try to zoom to things.
03:33:41 <af> going to try something with an attachment on gt ignore
03:34:13 <Will B> Just got conformation from Lynn all the entries were correct they were induced.
03:35:01 <af> attachments don't work
03:35:13 <af> Saved a wondeful picture of OF on static thought it would be cool
03:35:15 <ynpvisitor93> Interesting news. NPS or vandalism, or is there a way to tell.
03:35:50 <Will B> I will PM you with what she said its a bit long
03:36:44 <ynpvisitor51> Thanks, just curious.
03:36:47 <Janet-working> Is Lynn in the Park now?
03:37:13 <Dave from B> Thanks for the update, Will
03:38:33 <af> I am curious will
03:46:08 <Janet-working> Grand!
03:46:15 <Janet-working> 1046ie
03:46:17 <Kevin L> Grand 1045 ns
03:46:33 <Kevin L> See what I mean about sluggish controls?
03:46:43 <af> :)
03:46:47 <Janet-working> Yep - up - down and all around
03:47:08 <Janet-working> Looks like you ARE fishing - and trying to land that big one
03:47:40 <Kevin L> Good thing it wasn't Aurum. It would have been over.
03:48:21 <lc> Dave, guess that had to be Oblong this morning.
03:48:59 <Will B> Another entry question...
03:49:12 <af> ncie spikes
03:49:24 <Will B> 1972-08-30 West Triplet 06:44 active
03:49:45 <Will B> should i put it in as 0644ie of sonething else
03:50:22 <Janet-working> ie makes sense
03:50:24 <Kevin L> I would guess that is ie.
03:50:45 <Kevin L> Powerful Grand.
03:51:29 <Will B> 1972-08-23 North Goggles 13:45 small erupts.
03:51:39 <Will B> what about this
03:52:08 <Janet-working> I'd put Small Erupts in the comments
03:52:33 <Will B> thats what i was thinking should it also be listed as a minor
03:52:51 <Janet-working?> I'd think yes, a minor
03:53:28 <Janet-working?> lol AF
03:53:45 <af-Grand :)> hi
03:53:46 <Dave from B> lc, I'm with you...had to be Oblong.
03:54:08 <af-Grand :)> short enough for a second burst
03:54:17 <Kevin L> 2nd
03:54:25 <af-Grand :)> weeeeeee
03:54:30 <af-Grand :)> wow!!!!!
03:55:22 <Will B> 3rd? please
03:55:49 <af-Grand :)> that was at least 200 feet
03:56:09 <Will B> :(
03:56:14 <Will B> no 3rd
03:56:27 <Janet-working?> Not bad at all!!!
03:56:37 <af> where's kc?
03:56:41 <Will B> loosk like it was a _2Q
03:56:56 <Dave from B> I would love to watch that one again
03:57:05 <af> indeed
03:57:19 <af> that's why I am wondering where kc is
03:57:45 <Will B> dang my typing is terrible today i keep making mistakes
03:58:35 <af> I make many more mistakes than you
03:59:58 <Kevin L> Daisy looks dead.
04:00:53 <Dave from B> Nobody grades spelling here.
04:01:15 <lc> and thank you for that. g
04:01:27 <Kevin L> We do laugh at it sometimes though.
04:01:51 <lc> now thats ok
04:02:16 <lc> we all need a laugh sometimes.
04:02:59 <af-lurking> have some actual work to do
04:03:44 <Dave from B> Geyser research is work, af
04:03:50 <ynpvisitor93> there is a Daisy in the logs at 803
04:04:27 <ynpvisitor93> correction 813
04:04:43 <Kevin L> ty I will add it
04:04:57 <Dave from B> That was from Jb; he is in the basin
04:04:59 <ynpvisitor93> that should help with the fishing
04:05:18 <lc> going for a walk. bbl
04:05:30 <Dave from B> Bye, lc
04:05:32 <Will B> four legs
04:07:49 <Kevin L> I bet Daisy went durning Grand, but given the condition of livescope and the Great Grand we had, I wasn't going to check.
04:11:16 <Dave from B> ..
04:13:54 <ynpvisitor51> .
04:17:34 <ynpvisitor51> .
04:19:38 <Kevin L> Livescope has gone crazy. Presets work, but fine adjustments are not going to be possible.
04:20:41 <af-lurking> rut rooooo!
04:26:15 <Will B> im off to go pick up my neece bbl
04:27:32 <Kevin L> bsod on livescope
04:29:05 <Dave from B> Public stream is alive
04:29:57 <Kevin L> I can sort of control it using public.
04:31:00 <Kevin L> LS back, well sort of.
04:34:22 <af> can uou try and move around?
04:38:32 <af> I am heading out now BBL
04:38:42 <Dave from B> Bye, af
04:38:59 <Kevin L> bye
04:39:20 <Janet-working?> Bye, AF
04:52:32 <Dave from B> Kevin, when can be done about Livescope issues?
04:53:37 <Kevin L> It has to be handled with the it guys from Mammoth. Needless to say, it is on the list of things to do when everything else is done..
04:54:27 <Kevin L> Right now it is holding, but it looks like a painting on canvas.
04:54:43 <Dave from B> I imagine there to do list is large with more things opening every week.
04:54:59 <Kevin L> My guess also
04:56:40 <Kevin L> OF 1155
04:58:27 <Janet-working?> BBL - Time to run errands
04:58:59 <Dave from B> Bye, Janet
05:13:59 <Kevin L> Plume 1212
05:19:03 <Kevin L> Lion 1217
05:20:46 <Dave from B> Wow; theres a surprise.
05:21:16 <Dave from B> Especially after long series yestereday
05:21:30 <Kevin L> For sure.
05:23:36 <BB> hi guys
05:23:46 <Dave from B> Hi, BB!
05:23:52 <Kevin L> hi BB
05:23:57 <BB> so this is a new Lion series? I was confused for a minute
05:24:27 <Kevin L> I think so - first sighting today.
05:26:08 <BB> I reviewed yesterday's captures in my lunch break... sometimes I forget what was today and what was yesterday :)
05:37:48 <ynpvisitor89> hi
05:37:58 <Dave from B> Hi ,89
05:38:10 <ynpvisitor89> any ladies in this room
05:39:36 <Dave from B> Sorry, 89 ...not that kind of chat room
05:44:24 <Dave from B> zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
05:44:51 <Kevin L> Running out of NoDoz.
05:45:13 <Kevin L> Maybe try some Daisy fishing.
05:47:22 <Dave from B> I haven't seen Ryan here todday...It looks like he was the winner on the geyser sorting question yesterday.
05:48:13 <Kevin L> I thought OF was going to take it. Been slow lately.
05:50:22 <Dave from B> Kevin, only 2 months until NFL Training Camps
05:50:59 <Kevin L> Did you see the USFL is coming back?
05:51:16 <Dave from B> They took 1 year off?
05:51:34 <Dave from B> How many teams this year?
05:51:40 <Kevin L> No, I think they have been gone for about 15 years.
05:52:07 <Kevin L> This is the league that Steve Young started in.
05:52:29 <Dave from B> Ok..isn't there another league out there?
05:52:44 <Kevin L> You are probably thinking of the UFL.
05:52:50 <Dave from B> Besides Indoor
05:53:10 <BB> Are you sure about 15 years, Kevin? I might be completely wrong but I would have said about 25 years
05:53:14 <Kevin L> Have you watched any Arena Football. I love it!
05:53:44 <Dave from B> That's right. Is the UFL still operating?
05:53:55 <Kevin L> I know it has been a while. They had the LA Express and New Jersey Generals.
05:54:07 <Dave from B> I haven't watched Arena Football. What network carries their games?
05:54:18 <Kevin L> I think they are, but just barely. The UFL had a Las Vegas Team.
05:55:04 <Dave from B> What makes USFL think they can make it?
05:55:06 <Kevin L> Right now they are only on NFL network. My wife's uncles owned the Las Vegas Sting, so we went to a bunch of those games. They are so fun.
05:55:59 <Dave from B> I have the NFL Network. I'll have to check it out sometime. When is their season?
05:56:29 <Kevin L> They are not going to compete with the NFL. They will be Spring football and only go for players that may need a boost to make the NFL. Trying to do it as a developmental league for the NFL.
05:56:56 <Dave from B> BB, according to Wikipedia, USFL operated from 1983-87.
05:57:11 <Kevin L> Areana season is about half through. Games are on Friday at 5 my time, so I assume 6 for you.
05:58:03 <Kevin L> Wow. BB you are right. I didn't realize it had been that long!
05:58:17 <Dave from B> Developmental league may work for USFL. No NFL to compete with.
05:58:29 <BB> The first Super Bowl I watched was Jan 1987, Redskins vs Broncos. I remember that USFL was mostly over by then
05:58:55 <Kevin L> That seems to be their idea. They are also looking for cities that don't have a major league baseball team.
06:00:13 <Kevin L> The net on the endzone in Arena is a riot. Anything off that net is live. Also it is fun watching a team kick a field goal from their own end zone.
06:00:40 <Dave from B> And the posts are really close together.
06:01:00 <Dave from B> wb, Will B
06:01:15 <Kevin L> The really cool thing is a challenge is televised with the ref and what he is looking at. Very interesting. Wish they would do that for the NFL.
06:01:38 <Kevin L> Also one man forward motion is allowed.
06:02:08 <Will B> thanks Dave
06:03:05 <Will B> I will be transfering data so I expect to hear a bunch of dings if something goes off
06:05:48 <Kevin L> I will have bus duty for a long time today. I think vw may grab the cam.
06:07:29 <Will(datatrans)> Daisy 1306
06:07:36 <Kevin L> Daisy 1306
06:11:33 <Kevin L> Glad we got that one.
06:11:54 <Kevin L> Herschel Walker is the other notable player from the USFL.
06:21:22 <Dave from B> Sorry, was afk for awhile.
06:21:50 <Dave from B> I do remember Walker and young from the USFL. I would be hardpressed to name anyone else, however.
06:22:48 <Kevin L> GT is down now.
06:23:17 <Dave from B> Let's blame that one on Will:)
06:23:29 <Will(datatrans)> hey!
06:23:57 <Kevin L> Yea. It was working a few minutes ago.
06:24:20 <Kevin L> I KNOW how engineers screw things up.
06:25:06 <Will(datatrans)> but yet we are always the ones that end up fixing everything
06:25:27 <Will(datatrans)> GT is back
06:25:40 <Dave from B> Will, how many years of college have you finished?
06:25:46 <Kevin L> Yep. I have seen engineers "fix" things.
06:25:58 <Dave from B> :)
06:26:19 <BB> Kevin, you have given my husband a project for tonight... he is researching USFL/NFL players right now
06:26:26 <Will(datatrans)> one year but I have 5 years of computer aided drawing experience
06:26:51 <Kevin L> You know what a Leroy is?
06:27:09 <Will(datatrans)> havent learned that
06:28:18 <Dave from B> Will, do you have plans to do an intership or coop anywhere before you graduate?
06:28:31 <Kevin L> Probably won't either. Look it up sometime. That is how we did drafting.
06:29:09 <Will(datatrans)> not yet but I have done 3 internships already ranging from a week, semester and a summer
06:29:16 <Will(datatrans)> OF
06:29:19 <Dave from B> OF 1328ie
06:29:19 <Will(datatrans)> 1328
06:29:20 <Kevin L> 1328
06:30:02 <Dave from B> That's great...Any of those in the amusement park field?
06:30:15 <Kevin L> It is an interesting instrument. Took a while though.
06:30:20 <Will(datatrans)> Nope
06:31:32 <Kevin L> That is the field my son needs to be in, but he is really going to have to bone up on math.
06:33:08 <Will(datatrans)> Tell me about it. Oh the joys of calc classes
06:33:29 <Will(datatrans)> steam in NG area
06:33:39 <Kevin L> Been there, done that, burned the t shirt.
06:35:20 <Will(datatrans)> Lion
06:35:32 <Will(datatrans)> 1334
06:35:44 <af> hi lion!
06:35:50 <Will(datatrans)> is this ini
06:35:56 <Kevin L> If you have ever been in Las Vegas, we designed the piece of freeway from Downtown to Boulder City using only HP 33 calculators and paper.
06:35:58 <af> nope check gt
06:36:01 <Kevin L> No.
06:36:02 <Will(datatrans)> nope 2nd
06:36:07 <Janet> I was just going to ask if this was an initial
06:36:39 <Kevin L> Livescope is looking better.
06:37:16 <Dave from B> Will, as I said before, my 12 year old son (who has the math potential) is interested in that same field. In fact, when he attended a Engineering Info meeting at Purdue with his senior sister, he immediately told me he was going to Purdue becuse Disney does interships with their students
06:37:44 <Will(datatrans)> Nice
06:37:49 <Will(datatrans)> LC
06:37:53 <Will(datatrans)> 1336
06:39:02 <Will(datatrans)> Disney is one of the places that you can definiately think out of the box
06:39:56 <Jb> Riverside 13:15
06:40:09 <Dave from B> Besides a love for Yellowstone, Disney is also way up there for me. Becuase of how they do things the right way; not the cheap way
06:40:14 <Kevin L> My son want to make racing engines and parts.
06:41:59 <Will(datatrans)> is JB in the basin?
06:42:01 <Dave from B> I have a DVD of Opening day at Disneyland in 1955. Ronald Reagan was one of the 3 hosts.
06:42:14 <Dave from B> Jb was in the basin this morning
06:42:37 <Will(datatrans)> so i am guessing that that is a non WC time
06:43:01 <Kevin L> My wife's parents had tickets for that Dave. She had the poor taste of being born that day and ruined it all.
06:43:03 <Dave from B> Yes. Sorry, I didn't notice the riverside time
06:43:21 <Dave from B> Kevin, that is so funny.
06:48:43 <Jb> Riverside by geek watch(atomic). 1315
06:49:17 <Will(datatrans)> Did we miss the last Plume because we are at a 1h35min+ interval?
06:49:28 <Will(datatrans)> Jb are you sill in the basin
06:49:44 <Jb> Si.
06:50:05 <Will(datatrans)> Ok its enterd in to GT for you
06:51:27 <Jb> On jakes page already.
06:52:11 <Will(datatrans)> Yep
06:54:03 <Kevin L> Plume 1353
06:54:05 <Kevin L> ie'
06:55:51 <Jb> Next bh may interfere with din din. May need to eat early.
06:56:49 <Will(datatrans)> Sponge 1355ie?
06:57:13 <Will(datatrans)> and someone need to stop shaking the tree
06:57:25 <Will(datatrans)> *needs
06:57:28 <Kevin L> Either that or hold it still.
06:57:57 <af> next time I go there i might just do that ;0
06:58:04 <af> ;)
06:58:11 <Jb> Not windy at Grotto.
06:58:46 <Will(datatrans)> New law: NO SHAKING THE CAM TREE!
06:59:13 <Will(datatrans)> wind included
06:59:46 <Kevin L> Bus duty. Be back after I load a new 55 gallon drum of NoDoz.
07:00:19 <Will(datatrans)> see you later Kevin
07:00:40 <Dave from B> Bye, Kevin
07:01:33 <af> bye kevin
07:05:37 <af> I am heading out to
07:16:12 <Dave from B> Have to make a delivery. brb
07:21:17 <Dave from B> ..
07:32:21 <Dave from B> Lion 1431 near end
07:43:30 <Ryan> Hello
07:43:39 <Ryan> I dont have a chat page...
07:43:47 <Will(datatrans)> Hi Ryan
07:43:57 <Ryan> Oh, now I do...
07:44:06 <Ryan> I had a blank white page
07:46:20 <Will(datatrans)> 1445 Sponge ie
07:46:36 <Will(datatrans)> Plume
07:46:37 <Ryan> Plume 1445
07:47:19 <Ryan> Wow, nice synch between plume and of
07:47:32 <Will(datatrans)> was just thinking the same thing
07:48:21 <ynpvisitor51> .
07:48:34 <Will(datatrans)> 5 burst on Plume?
07:48:44 <Ryan> I think so
07:49:07 <Dave from B> ..
07:50:51 <Dave from B> Hi, Ryan. Congrats are in order. Never did find out Daisy eruption time for yesterday...but based on next eruption, I feel confident you were correct on your order.
07:52:54 <Ryan> Wow! Thanks
07:53:47 <Dave from B> I'll be leaving soon...We'll have to have a rematch later this week.
07:54:13 <Will(datatrans)> OF 1452
07:54:16 <Will(datatrans)> 53
07:56:49 <Ryan> Weee, my Sput came in!
07:57:54 <Dave from B> That seems late Ryan. I received mine over a week ago
07:58:42 <Dave from B> It's a good issue. I like Lynn's article on Grand. Also a good recap of NG activity
07:59:33 <Ryan> I only signed up a week ago :P this is my first one
08:00:17 <Dave from B> That makes sense. You can buy back issues if new ones don't come fast enough
08:03:12 <Ryan> Hey they thanksed us in watching NG! haha
08:04:17 <Dave from B> Somebody has to do the dirty work:)
08:05:09 <Ryan> :)
08:10:48 <Ryan> NG is boiling
08:11:16 <Ryan> Hi v!
08:11:27 <Dave from B> Hi, vw
08:12:01 <vw> Dave, thanks for catching that Lion entry error. I have updated the times. Start was 1428 I believe, but the minute changed about the same time so entered it as 1429 ns just to be save.
08:12:24 <vw> Hi all! Just covering while Kevin has bus duty.
08:12:36 <Ryan> Ahh... how have you been?
08:12:47 <vw> Sorry for the error on Lion. Probably too late in the day to claim I am still asleep?
08:12:54 <vw> Good Ryan. Nice to see you here.
08:13:21 <Ryan> Nice to "see" you too... I DID get reservation at OF for four nights in late June '13
08:13:46 <Ryan> Gazer train coming from Lion?
08:13:47 <vw> Very nice Ryan. I know you have waited a long time to get back to the park.
08:14:06 <Ryan> I have a lot of night gazing planned too :)
08:14:14 <vw> I will ge back here the next time I make an error. Probably sooner rather than later!
08:14:30 <Ryan> :)
08:14:44 <Dave from B> Hopefully sooner:)
08:14:53 <Ryan> Definately sooner
08:15:05 <Ryan> Auru 1513
08:15:08 <Ryan> Aurum 1513
08:16:31 <Ryan> Gazers at BH
08:18:17 <Dave from B> That will disappoint Kevin. You ruined his day, ryan
08:18:28 <Ryan> Aurum?
08:18:37 <Dave from B> Has to be a ranger group
08:18:49 <Dave from B> Yes, Aurum is one of his favorites
08:18:50 <Ryan> Have we had a BH today?
08:19:03 <Ryan> oh at 549
08:19:04 <Dave from B> Yes 548
08:19:11 <Ryan> so tonight's will be late
08:20:49 <Dave from B> 1915-2045 should be a good window. No guarantees
08:20:55 <Ryan> Lion 1519ie
08:25:44 <Ryan> Thats +/- 45minutes!?
08:30:23 <Ryan> Daisy 1529ie
08:33:46 <Ryan> Turban 1532ie
08:35:15 <Dave from B> Ryans, no official window. just my own doing. So, any complaints can be sent to me
08:35:44 <Ryan> Haha, ok... This will be our competition for the day...
08:35:53 <Ryan> Noting it down... BH 1915-2045
08:35:59 <Dave from B> Time for me to go. My daughter has a track meet. Have a great night, everyone!!
08:36:30 <Dave from B> So, what is your guess, Ryan?
08:36:52 <Ryan> some time tonight :P
08:36:59 <Ryan> Sawmill 1535ie
08:37:18 <Dave from B> That's an awful big window, Ryan:)
08:37:32 <Dave from B> ttyl
08:37:42 <Ryan> Ok 1800 +/- 2hrs
08:38:08 <Ryan> ttyl
08:51:26 <Will(datatrans)> my dad just broke the garage door opener so I off to go fix it. bye
08:51:34 <Will(datatrans)> *im
08:51:40 <Ryan> Adios
08:52:27 <Kevin L> Mech enginner would come in handy for that!
08:52:27 <Graham> hello
08:52:47 <Ryan> Hi Graham, my sput came today
08:53:10 <Graham> everyone has one but me
08:53:23 <Ryan> :(
08:53:23 <Kevin L> I have mine!
08:54:09 <Ryan> Oh and we have a competition... Dave from B says that BH is going between 1915 and 2045... Im throwing my guess in and saying 1800 +/- 2hrs.... and to spice things up... Giantess between now and Memeorial Day
08:55:06 <ynpvisitor55> around 8pm mtn time for me, going AFK now.
08:55:19 <Graham> 2148 for BH
08:55:34 <Ryan> Wow
08:56:07 <Ryan> ...and Giantess?
08:56:18 <Graham> question for Michael if he shows up on the last 500 Lion eruption plot - how much of that curve could be attributed to the seasonal change in daylight (if any)?
08:56:27 <Kevin L> 1901 that is when I have to leave.
08:57:00 <Graham> well I won't be here to see it either unless it goes really soon, and you know I don't think that is going to happen
08:57:16 <Ryan> :(
08:57:29 <Ryan> I liked your Winter Report!
08:59:57 <Graham> thanks Ryan. it was the coldest of my 6 winter trips
09:00:09 <Ryan> I figured that!
09:00:22 <Ryan> Didnt you see NG? or was that last winter?
09:00:34 <Graham> it didnt start till Feb
09:00:51 <Graham> I did see NG in winter a few years ago
09:01:08 <Ryan> I was gonna say, I think yours was the last report
09:01:13 <Ryan> first i meant
09:02:24 <Graham> it had odd eruptions one at a time for a couple of years
09:02:51 <Ryan> Yeah "then it went crazy".
09:12:06 <Graham> Lion 1610ie
09:15:37 <af> Me is have a Grand and hopefully a bee in my future
09:16:45 <Kitt> Hello
09:16:46 <af> hi
09:16:55 <Kitt> Glad I got my bee this morning
09:16:58 <Ryan> Hi Kitt
09:17:04 <Kevin L> Trying to induce BH Kitt?
09:17:12 <Kitt> Kevin has awards night for seniors tonight
09:17:19 <af> hopefully you'll get your second bee an hour
09:17:51 <Kitt> I can hope
09:18:18 <Kitt> Kevin heads for school at 6:40 PM
09:19:22 <Kitt> Our neighbor's cottonless cottonwood has turned our yard into a white, fluffy patch
09:27:26 <Kevin L> of 1626
09:27:30 <Ryan> OF 1626
09:27:35 <Ryan> bbs
09:29:08 <Kevin L> Plume 1628
09:36:06 <Graham> good luck with bee
09:36:09 <Graham> bye
09:36:19 <Kevin L> bye
09:36:29 <af> bye
09:37:20 <Kitt> lc I would have called you, but wasn't sure if you were up
09:39:54 <Kevin L> And you just ignored me Kitt?
09:40:21 <Kitt> I was possitive you wouldn't be up
09:40:59 <Kitt> Remember I texted you that one morning and you said your phone wasn't on yet
09:41:07 <Kevin L> Wasn't far from it. Alarm rings at 5.
09:41:13 <Kitt> and this was even earlier
09:41:36 <Kitt> oh, ok, I'll call next time
09:41:48 <Kitt> I'm not normally up at 5
09:42:02 <Kevin L> Phone was off and on the charger anyway. :)
09:42:03 <Kitt> I just woke up, heard the robins, and had a feeling
09:42:26 <Kitt> after bee I went back to sleep for an hour before getting up for work
09:43:08 <Kitt> I wish I could zip like that all over the basin
09:43:29 <af> inside castle vec prediction
09:49:18 <Will B> Im back
09:50:48 <Kitt> off to do chores, expect bee between 1930 and 2030
09:50:48 <Kevin L> Does it work now?
09:51:41 <Kitt> Bee is playing peek a boo with those people
09:53:29 <Will B> No it doesent we sheered a gear off a rod so we need to order parts
09:56:21 <Ryan(Away)> Im back
09:57:06 <Ryan(Away)> Dep 1655ns
09:58:21 <Kevin L> Done that before Will. Mine sheared the gear off the top of the motor so I just bought a whole new unit.
09:58:39 <Ryan(Away)> Eating dinner, make noise if BHI starts
09:59:06 <Will B> luckily this is just a gear shaft.
10:04:07 <Kevin L> I had a garage door guy tell me to hit the joints of the door with a dry teflon lubricant once a month to keep it from breaking gears. Says don't use WD40 because it will collect dirt and gum it up.
10:06:49 <Will B> hmmm
10:08:06 <Will B> LC1706ns
10:09:23 <Will B> wow nice BH action
10:09:47 <af> heatin gup hopefully
10:09:55 <Kevin L> Showing off for ranger tour.
10:10:11 <Will B> I was wondering what that was
10:10:47 <Will B> Lion looks close
10:11:14 <Kevin L> Think it is.
10:12:39 <Will B> Lion roar
10:12:41 <Michael> Responding to Graham's question an hour ago -- I think the patterns in Lion's observed intervals are mostly genuine.
10:14:30 <Michael> Short daylight would cluster the long intervals a bit since a series might end after dark and the next one start overnight.
10:15:13 <Michael> But unless entire short series were getting missed overnight, the overall picture should be accurate.
10:17:13 <Will B> small BH splash
10:18:05 <Will B> Lion Roar or a minor
10:18:16 <Will B> yep lion
10:18:21 <Will B> maj
10:18:39 <Ryan(Away)> Lion 1717
10:18:47 <Will B> Gazer looking at the watch
10:19:09 <Ryan(Away)> Nice one...
10:19:17 <Ryan(Away)> Steam at BH
10:19:27 <Ryan(Away)> 11:30 now since BH
10:21:21 <Will B> .
10:23:15 <Will B> duration of the Lion was 3min 21sec
10:26:18 <af> ya think bee is heating up?
10:26:56 <Jb> Sounds like it.
10:27:21 <Will B> Hi Jb where are you now?
10:28:18 <Jb> Near bee.
10:28:44 <Will B> wave your on cam
10:29:33 <Will B> what was your time on that last lion?
10:35:49 <Michael> Just realized we probably missed the last Plume. Maybe we'll get a report from the basin.
10:35:50 <Will B> Why am I getting the feeling that we are going to get a no indy BH. It must be all the splashing from it.
10:45:27 <Kevin L> of 1744
10:50:16 <Will B> sponge1749ie
10:50:26 <Will B> BHI
10:50:27 <Kevin L> ding
10:50:28 <Will B> .
10:50:28 <Will B> .
10:50:28 <Will B> .
10:50:29 <Will B> .
10:50:33 <Kevin L> dinhding
10:50:33 <af> ya think bee is heating up?;0
10:50:35 <Kevin L> ding
10:50:43 <af> :)
10:50:48 <Will B> 1749ie BHI
10:50:51 <af> eh sorry aboit that
10:53:54 <Will B> Jb if your here did you get the start time on BHI?
10:53:55 <Kitt> i'm here
10:54:03 <Michael> If the camera op is here, can we do a quick check on Daisy?
10:54:09 <Kevin L> Great Kitt.
10:54:20 <Michael> That way when it goes during Beehive, we'll know...
10:54:31 <Kevin L> I may get killed if I move it from BH
10:54:42 <Kitt> lc are you here
10:55:35 <af> only one lone bh wacther
10:55:53 <lc> hey Kitt, just walked in
10:55:58 <Michael> np, just curious.
10:56:02 <Kitt> yeah
10:56:42 <af> I love the time before any bee in ynp or on the webcam its so exciting
10:56:48 <Kevin L> I will go there when bh is done.
10:57:39 <Michael> sounds good to me. And hopefully Grand will stay in its pool until then too.
10:57:46 <Will B> .
10:58:03 <af> have to go to the bathroom arrrgh
10:58:07 <Kevin L> I see some runners.
10:58:14 <af> likewise
10:58:24 <Will B> .and for once its not me
10:58:30 <Kevin L> That is why they invented Goodnites af.
10:58:38 <af> lol
11:02:13 <af> luvky watchers
11:03:29 <af> won't have to worry about OF
11:05:33 <Kevin L> ng steam
11:07:05 <af> I plea that thee erupt for me
11:07:23 <af> just in time. hi
11:07:26 <cb> ty Kevin!
11:07:29 <Janet> Wow - long beehive
11:07:32 <Janet> indicator
11:07:45 <Kevin L> yw cb
11:08:04 <ynpvisitor55> 1747 ns per FB
11:08:05 <cb> thank goodness!
11:08:19 <Kevin L> long one
11:08:59 <af> its ready and will of those splashes tell us anything
11:09:16 <lc> cb, check my PM.
11:09:18 <Kevin L> bh
11:09:25 <Will B> BH 1808
11:09:29 <Kitt> oh beautiful bee erupt please
11:09:30 <Michael> Since Graham's not here, I guess I'll have to root for a false Indicator...
11:09:40 <Kitt> yeah
11:09:41 <af> bee 1808
11:09:45 <ynpvisitor55> :)
11:09:49 <cb> niiiiice!
11:10:31 <Kevin L> Good on static.
11:11:49 <Kitt> wonderful
11:12:02 <af> I love days with bee
11:12:19 <af> and on top of it a closed interval
11:12:37 <Kitt> now I can iron Kevin's robe
11:13:29 <lc> now I can go watch tv.
11:13:51 <Kevin L> I can go feed chickens and gather eggs.
11:14:01 <Will B> Lion?
11:14:04 <ynpvisitor17> Lion
11:14:08 <af> 1813
11:14:09 <Kevin L> Think so.
11:14:15 <Will B> lion1813ns
11:14:21 <Will B> .
11:14:24 <Kitt> yes
11:14:34 <Kevin L> Nice show.
11:14:39 <lc> i will wait a couple of min
11:14:51 <af> we go from OF, to bee, to lion major geyser to major geyser
11:14:51 <cb> that was short!
11:15:00 <Kitt> minor
11:15:00 <Michael> Lion minor, unless it restarts.
11:15:02 <af> no only if Grand.....
11:15:09 <ynpvisitor17> Plume
11:15:16 <af> 1814
11:15:22 <cb> restart
11:15:24 <ynpvisitor17> 1813ie
11:15:25 <af> indeed
11:15:30 <Will B> Plume 1814 static
11:15:31 <Michael> Lion restarted.
11:15:42 <ynpvisitor51> I saw some Lion in a static cap at 1812, might have been longer than we thought
11:15:46 <Kitt> That's cool
11:15:49 <Kevin L> 2 burst Lion?
11:16:00 <cb> pause
11:16:45 <Kitt> thanks for the call Polly
11:16:55 <Kitt> I'm off to iron and watch graduates
11:17:02 <Kitt> enjoy the evening
11:17:04 <Kitt> bye
11:17:05 <af> Bye
11:17:12 <cb> congrats Kitt!
11:17:14 <Will B> LC 1816
11:17:14 <lc> later KItt
11:17:20 <Michael> Bye Kitt.
11:17:23 <afilurking> lol
11:17:31 <afilurking> and the sput to finish the show
11:17:34 <lc> Im out of here
11:17:47 <lc> have a good night everyone
11:17:49 <cb> night lc! ty for the thoughts!
11:17:52 <ynpvisitor17> Bye
11:17:56 <af-lurking> bye
11:18:22 <steve> its nice to have twice a day beehives
11:19:02 <cb> bbl very nice! ty Kevin
11:19:59 <Will B> sorry steve you missed mostly everything.
11:20:23 <Michael> Grand and Castle are still up for grabs.
11:20:25 <steve> I did catch the end of Beehive at least, and Lion
11:20:50 <Will B> ok well you did beter than i thought
11:20:56 <Will B> off to dinner bbl
11:21:22 <Kevin L> FYI I will only be able to run the cam until 1900. Unless someone else comes on it will have to go to OF preset.
11:22:08 <Michael> OK. We've been warned.
11:22:41 <af-lurking> Grand is ready at least
11:28:10 <ynpvisitor51> ..
11:33:23 <ynpvisitor51> ...
11:39:14 <Will B> What is that steam cloud low on the Daisy hill
11:39:27 <Michael> Bank Geyser.
11:56:26 <Michael> Sawmill quit sort of recently.
11:56:42 <Michael> Never mind. Still going.
11:58:09 <Michael> Second correction. Sawmill is probably done, but Tardy is having brief spiky eruptions.
11:59:25 <Kevin L> Looks like Turban, so unless someone grabs the cam, Grand will be missed tonight.
11:59:29 <Kevin L> Bye all.
11:59:39 <Michael> Thanks, Kevin.
12:06:23 <ynpvisitor6> Plume
12:06:25 <Michael> Plume 19:05
12:12:17 <Michael> Lion 19:11
12:28:10 <Michael> Old Faithful 19:27
12:34:00 <af-lurking> heading out everyone goodnight
12:34:20 <Michael> Good night af.
12:34:24 <Ryan> Once again... Im having chatroom issues
12:36:27 <Michael> at least you're not missing much here at the moment.
12:36:49 <Ryan> How was BH
12:37:49 <Michael> It was nice. Not the best sky contrast, but I'll take it any day.
12:39:04 <Ryan> Bh is BH :)
12:40:07 <Michael> it had a 20-minute indicator. Lots of time for people to get there, but not long enough to make anyone nervous.
12:40:49 <Ryan> Thats good, when was it?
12:41:31 <Michael> Indicator was called 1747 by someone in the park. Beehive at 1808.
12:41:58 <Ryan> WOW
12:42:17 <Ryan> 1 hr 15mins off of Dave's Prediction
12:42:27 <Ryan> 8 MINUTES off of Mine
12:42:39 <Ryan> 3hr 48mins off of Grahams
12:42:50 <Ryan> 1hr 1 min off of Kevins
12:42:56 <Ryan> and 45 mins off of af's
12:43:33 <ynpvisitor55> 2 hours earlier than I expected
12:44:45 <cb> Hello
12:44:45 <Ryan> Hi cb
12:45:02 <Michael> Should be a nice one tomorrow morning, for folks who don't have work or school.
12:45:10 <Michael> Hi cb.
12:45:12 <Ryan> :(
12:45:25 <Ryan> Ill catch glimpses from school were in our last week
12:46:10 <Ryan> Grotto? 1944ie
12:46:19 <Ryan> West Triplet 1945ie
12:46:24 <cb> Think Kevin is busy so i will take us around the block for a bit
12:46:47 <Michael> As far as I know, Grand hasn't gone yet. 9 hours now, which would be on the long side.
12:46:48 <Ryan> Grand 1945
12:46:51 <Michael> There it is.
12:47:00 <Ryan> Wow!
12:47:17 <cb> wow is right...I sould go to the casino!
12:47:30 <Ryan> Nice driving cb!
12:47:54 <ynpvisitor51> !!
12:47:56 <cb> saw it was over 8 hr's and wanted a looksy
12:48:04 <Ryan> :)
12:48:14 <Ryan> This makes up for missing BH
12:48:20 <cb> Mr. Kevin didn't respond to pm sorry Kevin!
12:48:37 <Ryan> oh yeah, ding ding ding wake up everyone!
12:51:49 <Ryan> Wow, big bursts
12:51:54 <Michael> Look for Plume right after Grand. Of course I'll gladly miss Plume for a second burst.
12:52:22 <cb> will do
12:52:35 <Ryan> 6 1/2 minutes in
12:53:27 <cb> expecting kiddies in a bit so this is just a quick looksy for me. Oh to be the busy grandma
12:54:50 <Michael> OF preset isn't so bad during a Lion series.
12:55:28 <Ryan> 9mins
12:55:36 <Ryan> Come on 2b!
12:55:51 <Michael> drum-roll.........
12:55:58 <Ryan> 2b!
12:56:14 <Ryan> Wow, tall!
12:56:18 <ynpvisitor51> plume on static
12:56:24 <cb> holy shit!
12:56:33 <Ryan> Plume 1955ie
12:56:38 <Ryan> Broke the tree line!
12:56:59 <Ryan> 3b?
12:57:09 <Michael> Are we feeling lucky?
12:57:25 <Ryan> We need a drum roll!
12:57:33 <cb> List Serve posts are all very good tonight!
12:58:01 <Ryan> No 3b
12:58:10 <Ryan> Oh well, that definately makes up for BH!
12:58:22 <cb> Special thanks to all who have submitted them for their time and experience
12:59:12 <cb> ...sharing their time...forgot a word! damn
13:01:00 <Ryan> cb, im posting the Grand on FB, and tagging people I am assuming you are C. Beverly?
13:01:18 <cb> that i r!
13:01:30 <Ryan> Ok, its up!
13:06:00 <Ryan> Lion Minor 2004
13:06:15 <Ryan> Lion Major 2004
13:08:32 <Michael> Little Cub 20:07ie
13:10:01 <cb> you going to post those Michael?
13:10:10 <cb> saw you posted the 1911 one
13:10:34 <Michael> Sure. Give me a minute.
13:11:05 <cb> no worries, just don't wanna... hum...step on toes! :)
13:11:38 <Ryan> I put in the Lion
13:12:01 <Ryan> Sorry if i cut someone off :/
13:12:02 <Ryan> :
13:12:07 <Ryan> :
13:12:22 <Ryan> Riverside about now
13:12:58 <Michael> Maybe Daisy too. Missed the last one.
13:13:05 <Ryan> Churn is steaming
13:13:21 <Ryan> and Sawmill is off... for the record
13:13:36 <Michael> Probably boiling from low water. Sawmill was erupting for a while this evening.
13:14:07 <cb> thank M
13:15:24 <Ryan> Daisy is bubbling :)
13:17:30 <Ryan> What is steaaming left of Daisy... behind the trees?
13:17:51 <Ryan> Grotto 2016ie
13:18:11 <Ryan> Unless we want to be daring and call a Giant hot Period!
13:19:42 <Ryan> Wow... everything in the Sawmill group is off
13:19:52 <Michael> The steam left of Daisy is Comet. More or less a perpetual spouter.
13:20:13 <Ryan> Ok, i figured on Comet... just not sure
13:20:17 <Ryan> Daisy 2019
13:20:18 <cb> Daisy 2019
13:20:44 <Ryan> Such a nice evening
13:20:45 <Will B> Daisy 2019
13:22:19 <Ryan> No wind...
13:24:15 <Ryan> well... I think I shall retire for the night... Ill catch you all tomorrow morning/evening :)
13:33:24 <cb> back on preset. tata
13:33:35 <Michael> Bye cb.
13:36:33 <Michael> Hi kcmule. You might enjoy replaying this evening's Grand.
13:38:38 <kcmule> hi Michael. I would but I'm in dubois on blackberry
13:40:07 <Michael> Then I hope you're en route to enjoy tomorrow's Grand in person.
13:42:03 <kcmule> 500 miles is enough for a day. south pass city was cool
13:47:26 <Michael> Plume and OF both due
13:51:38 <Michael> Old Faithful 20:50
13:57:25 <Will B> .
14:52:46 <ynpvisitor82> hello
14:52:57 <ynpvisitor82> is anyone there?