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22:45:11 <ynpvisitor25> good morning numbers
22:45:33 <ynpvisitor25> will bee trick us or reward us
22:45:43 <ynpvisitor37> good morning
22:46:34 <ynpvisitor67> morning
22:46:51 <lc> thought that was you
22:47:17 <Kitt> Bill's getting ready for work and I bee hopeful
22:48:06 <lc> it is almost 12 hrs
22:49:17 <Kitt> Yes, but I was still surprised when bee erupted yesterday evening
22:49:51 <Kitt> didn't realize we were moving toward a shorter interval
22:50:58 <lc> a lot of 12.5 to 14 hr intervals
22:51:39 <lc> fluffy about ready
22:52:09 <CC> morning everyone
22:52:13 <lc> morning CC
22:54:38 <Kitt> hello
22:54:47 <Kitt> Bill left for work
22:55:02 <CC> morning lc and Kitt
22:56:28 <ynpvisitor67> hi CC
22:56:58 <CC> morning #67
22:59:05 <CC> looks like OF is in preplay
22:59:09 <Kitt> fluffy in preplay
23:01:43 <Kitt> fluffy
23:02:01 <Kitt> nice
23:02:33 <Kitt> was that 0600?
23:02:54 <lc> thats what I had
23:07:38 <Kitt> Grand?
23:07:59 <CC> it looks like it..I am looking for water
23:08:18 <ynpvisitor29> Bee is rumbling.
23:08:19 <lc> may be Oblong
23:09:06 <Kitt> and there was a person at bee already
23:09:31 <CC> to much steam to see water..over to BH
23:10:05 <lc> I think its Oblong
23:10:11 <CC> nothing right now at BH
23:10:46 <lc> if that was Jim this is Oblong. g
23:11:20 <ynpvisitor67> true
23:11:58 <CC> I don't see a red coat
23:12:09 <CC> that is how I tell Jim
23:12:23 <lc> same here
23:13:01 <Kitt> no they have a camera behind the bench
23:14:12 <lc> jb, that you at BH?
23:14:27 <Jb> Yes
23:14:37 <Kitt> Daisy
23:15:00 <Jb> Daisy 0613 per jim
23:15:13 <Kitt> 0613 ie
23:15:48 <lc> was that Oblong at 0607?
23:17:13 <Jb> Lost phone power just before bhi last eve
23:22:09 <lc> Riverside 0620 ie.
23:22:16 <Jb> Riverside per Jim
23:30:18 <ynpvisitor67> .
23:34:43 <Kitt> nice splash
23:37:37 <Kitt> fast runner
23:38:17 <lc> trying to keep warm.
23:40:23 <ynpvisitor67> .
23:42:52 <Jb> Oblong 0600 ie per Jim
23:43:18 <Kitt> thanks
23:43:49 <Kitt> tell Jim Kitt says hi
23:44:58 <CC> It is so helpful having Jim in the Park
23:49:08 <Kitt> going to grab some breakfast and get ready for work
23:49:23 <Kitt> hope bee erupts before 8 AM
23:55:01 <Dave from B> Good Morning, everyone
00:00:22 <Kitt> indy
00:00:25 <Kitt> ding
00:00:26 <Kitt> ding
00:00:28 <Kitt> ding
00:00:38 <Dave from B> Yeah!
00:01:18 <Kitt> 0659 ie
00:01:37 <Kitt> just got breakfast ready
00:01:49 <Kitt> bee delay
00:01:51 <lc> good timing
00:01:53 <Kitt> yippee
00:02:29 <Kevin L> Oh no. Another boring shift today.
00:02:37 <Kitt> hope for a shorter indicator
00:02:55 <Kitt> fluffy due around 730
00:02:56 <CC> Remember BH Loves ME!!
00:03:49 <Kevin L> Glad it isn't a bus duty day.
00:05:42 <lc> good morning Dave and Kevin.
00:06:19 <Dave from B> Nice to see everyone up early this morning. And Kitt, no time for a nap after this BH:)
00:06:44 <Kitt> I know and I am tired
00:07:48 <Kitt> I will maintain this early morning, late evening schedule and mid July I will hit a wall
00:08:37 <Dave from B> Longer days are definitely harder on us; we don't want to miss anything
00:08:41 <Janet> I see I need to take a break for a bit. :)
00:09:01 <lc> morning Janet
00:09:02 <Kitt> yes it is the bee intermission
00:09:07 <Janet> Good morning
00:09:46 <Dave from B> Morning, Janet
00:10:16 <Janet> Just a few more days and I can see this in person!
00:10:34 <CC> hi Janert and lucky you to be in the park shortly
00:10:38 <Kevin L> May get another tonight!
00:10:46 <Kitt> a few more days and I watch Kevin graduate
00:11:04 <Janet> We bought a hot spot, so hopefully I can connect here from the basin
00:11:07 <lc> a few more weeks for us.
00:11:24 <Kevin L> A few more months for me :(
00:11:46 <CC> I usually go at this time of year as well but not this year
00:11:50 <Kitt> Kevin you could do a quick run
00:11:51 <Kevin L> Great lighting
00:12:05 <Kitt> I love morning bees
00:12:34 <Kitt> and I love bee splashing around
00:12:45 <Kitt> it looks so happy
00:13:02 <Kitt> I bet this will be a tall eruption
00:13:16 <Janet> It should be a pretty one!
00:13:17 <Kevin L> Maybe a rainbow?
00:13:39 <CC> strong Indicator
00:13:53 <Kitt> definitely for those up at Plume
00:16:04 <Kitt> there comes the grand gamg
00:16:07 <Kevin L> Hoping Fluffy holds off today.
00:16:22 <Kitt> me too
00:16:26 <CC> my frame rate is very slow..sorry
00:16:59 <Kitt> hm, maybe just visitors strolling the hill
00:17:10 <Kevin L> Livescope was horrible yesterday. Cleared up by the end of my shift, but I even got disconnected once.
00:17:42 <CC> I did report it but have not heard anything
00:17:44 <lc> just visitors
00:17:56 <Kitt> go big beehive
00:18:01 <Kevin L> Time for Old Faithful. They have to go.
00:18:27 <Kitt> I think the gazer will let them know
00:18:51 <Kitt> please wait fluffy
00:18:53 <Kevin L> BUT will the listen?
00:18:58 <lc> here we go
00:19:02 <Kitt> climb bee, climb
00:19:12 <Kitt> we have lift off
00:19:16 <Kevin L> Bet they come back now.
00:19:19 <Kitt> yippee
00:19:20 <CC> Kevin lots of lines still on the4 livescope
00:19:31 <Janet> :D
00:19:38 <Kitt> oooh, tall
00:19:54 <Kevin L> Great on static.
00:20:03 <Kitt> nice on static also
00:20:09 <CC> and on public stream
00:21:03 <lc> I had 0718
00:22:07 <Kitt> another nice start to my day
00:24:07 <Kitt> have a great day everyone
00:24:08 <lc> very good
00:24:13 <Kitt> that was pretty
00:24:15 <Kevin L> bye Kitt
00:24:19 <Dave from B> Kevin, you will need lots of help staying awake on your shift today
00:24:28 <lc> later Kitt
00:24:29 <Dave from B> Bye, Kitt
00:24:30 <CC> nice for OF to wait
00:24:31 <Kitt> oh, I should watch fluffy
00:24:39 <Kevin L> I do have that new 55 gallon drum of NoDoz.
00:24:40 <Kitt> I bet it will be pretty also
00:24:57 <CC> OF in preplay
00:25:41 <Kevin L> Maybe I can catch an Aurum today.
00:26:01 <Kevin L> It sure knew when I was gone yesterday.
00:26:28 <Dave from B> Even though intervals are longer, is it easier to catch Aurum when it is warm (less steam)?
00:26:46 <Kitt> thought fluffy would go
00:26:55 <Kitt> time to get ready for work
00:26:58 <Kitt> bye
00:27:09 <lc> bye
00:27:17 <Kevin L> Somewhat. You can see it better though.
00:27:22 <Janet> Have a good day!
00:27:29 <Kevin L> bye
00:32:37 <lc> OF 0731ie
01:10:39 <lc> Lion 0809ie
01:11:09 <Dave from B> Wasn't expecting that...Kevin will have something for his shift after all
01:12:51 <lc> little over 12 hrs
01:13:21 <lc> Im glad to see the shorter series.
01:13:47 <lc> well, time between series.
01:14:42 <lc> has to be initial. ?
01:15:32 <Dave from B> The view has been pretty clear this morning. I find it hard to believe we would have missed one
01:16:18 <Dave from B> I would call it an initial
01:16:19 <lc> same here and it looked like initial.
01:47:16 <ynpvisitor67> .
01:51:43 <Dave from B> lc, during bhi did Kitt mention Plume erupting?
02:04:11 <Dave from B> Hi, af
02:09:11 <ynpvisitor91> what was that all about?
02:09:23 <ynpvisitor91> OF 9:08 ie
02:09:53 <Dave from B> 91, ???
02:13:44 <ynpvisitor67> I wasn't watching, so I have no clue.)
02:20:54 <ynpvisitor51> /
02:26:04 <Kevin L> Lion 0924
02:31:12 <Dave from B> ..
02:48:57 <Rich> Morning everyone
02:49:10 <Dave from B> Hi, Rich
02:49:15 <lc> morning Rich
02:49:20 <Rich> Hi Dave
02:49:23 <Rich> Hi lc
02:49:32 <Rich> Hi Kevin
02:49:35 <Rich> Hi Janet
02:50:15 <Rich> Appears i didn't get up early enough for BHI/BH. g
02:50:47 <Janet> Good morning
02:51:05 <lc> Dave. I don't remember a Plume this morning.
02:51:19 <Dave from B> ok. Thanks, lc
02:51:53 <lc> yw, sorry it took so long I was outside.
02:57:29 <Kevin L> Well it look like it is time to go to work.
02:58:09 <Dave from B> Bet you're going fishin:)
02:58:37 <Kevin L> Would you bet a Grand?
03:01:34 <Dave from B> ..
03:21:39 <Kevin L> Didn't get a bite.
03:23:30 <Dave from B> Time to change your bait
03:28:12 <Kevin L> Lion 1027
03:34:13 <Kevin L> Plume 1033
03:35:11 <Kevin L> Of 1033
03:37:13 <Will B> Good morning all!
03:37:21 <Kevin L> hi
03:37:30 <Dave from B> Morning, Will
03:37:35 <lc> morning Will
03:38:21 <Will B> Just doing a quick check in before I continue working on the data project.
03:39:03 <Dave from B> Have you finshed 1972?
03:39:13 <lc> anyone know who "jb" is?
03:39:15 <Will B> ALMOST :)
03:39:20 <Kevin L> Grand 1038 ie
03:39:20 <Will B> Grand
03:39:48 <lc> I know a "jb" but I don't think he is in the park now.
03:41:48 <Will B> Not personally but I got him to wave at BH on the cam yesterday
03:42:32 <lc> I saw that
03:42:49 <lc> he was at Bh this morning
03:43:17 <Rich> Hi Will B
03:43:43 <Will B> Hi rich
03:45:48 <lc> must have been Oblong at 0607 this morning.
03:47:39 <ynpvisitor67> yes Oblong was 0600 ie per Jim, chat from jb
03:48:19 <lc> ty, I didn't see that.
03:48:57 <ynpvisitor67> no problem, it was 642 in the chat log
03:49:27 <Kevin L> 2nd
03:50:41 <lc> strong wind down there.
03:52:57 <lc> time for a break. bbl.
03:53:20 <Dave from B> Seems like there have more 2 bursts lately
03:53:59 <Kevin L> I think so.
03:58:16 <Kevin L> Getting giant can opener for 55 gallon drum of NoDoz.
03:59:04 <Kevin L> Think I will try some Daisy fishing.
04:00:00 <Karen> I see the word "giant" in Kevin L's post, while scanning, and I get very briefly excited. (sigh)
04:01:54 <Dave from B> Splendid post Karen:)
04:02:49 <Kevin L> Well it isn't NoDoz you have there Dave.
04:03:32 <ynpvisitor5> Steamboats still ply the Mississippi...
04:03:38 <Rich> g
04:03:49 <Dave from B> It's from being here 9 months and still waiting for Giantess to erupt
04:04:02 <Dave from B> 5, now you get the idea:)
04:04:22 <Karen> You are all a bunch of teases! Splendid, Steamboat and Giantess!
04:04:27 <ynpvisitor5> :)
04:04:33 <Rich> g
04:05:10 <Karen> Maybe I'll go shower and then go see if Main vent wants to do some splashes like it did on Sunday afternoon.
04:05:23 <Kevin L> :p
04:05:38 <Karen> (^^^)
04:05:57 <Karen> oh, it didn't work, on some chats that makes a shark about to take a bite out of the line above
04:08:45 <Karen> It doesn't look like Grand was put in geysertimes, but I feel like I should let people who saw it put it in
04:10:16 <Dave from B> Thanks, Kevin
04:10:48 <Kevin L> Thought I did that.
04:15:04 <Kevin L> Daisy 1114
04:17:14 <Karen> found the charger, but can't find the radio!
04:22:40 <Will(dataTrans)> .
04:24:30 <Karen> Lion!
04:24:31 <Dave from B> Lion 1123 ie
04:25:30 <Karen> can whomever is cam operator scan just a smidge to the right?
04:25:50 <Karen> just in case there is steam or anything from North Goggle
04:25:56 <Kevin L> You have to put a quarter in.
04:26:08 <Karen> Thanks!
04:29:02 <Karen> might be a whiff of steam there, but not much
04:31:27 <ynpvisitor67> question on the data entry for Will: When you get to the current information, will "observer/entered by" be included, or will this just be the times.
04:31:56 <Karen> Plume!
04:32:03 <Kevin L> 1131
04:33:05 <Dave from B> 67, I believe yesterday I remember Lynn advising him to put OFVEC...
04:34:03 <Will(dataTrans)> If there is an observer it will be put in the comments section but the observer will be listed as OFVCL-EV
04:34:07 <ynpvisitor67> I think that was for Electronic times. Will go re-read that.
04:35:26 <ynpvisitor67> Oh I thought EV was to state it came from the Online Logbook version.
04:35:39 <Karen> I asked Hank Heasler yesterday at guide training, and he said that he and Cheryl will download the dataloggers in the fall
04:35:58 <ynpvisitor67> I meant observers from this era, the chat room and GTimes entries from smart phones.
04:36:09 <Will(dataTrans)> OFVCL-EV= Old Faithful Visitor Center Log Electronic Version
04:36:27 <ynpvisitor67> Right.
04:36:41 <Will(dataTrans)> the electronic verson is obtaind from the Gosa site
04:36:57 <ynpvisitor67> So what about when you get caught up to this week?
04:37:21 <Will(dataTrans)> A long time im just finishing 1972 today
04:37:27 <ynpvisitor67> I started thinking about this re: the "who is allowed to write in the logbook" discussion.
04:37:29 <Dave from B> Will Will ever catch up?
04:38:11 <Will(dataTrans)> eventually, my goal is to enter 1-2 months of data a day at a minimum
04:39:17 <ynpvisitor67> Oh then here's the next question. Do any times from GT or WC get entered inTO the physical logbook by staff?
04:39:46 <ynpvisitor67> That would answer my question about the future record being complete/stable.
04:40:51 <Will(dataTrans)> I dont think so but I really have no Idea.
04:43:21 <ynpvisitor67> Jake might know the answer, he stopped in the VEC. He said he saw up on their monitor.
04:48:09 <Dave from B> Should a wc entry be changed to something different if it is confirmed by the logbook?
04:51:04 <ynpvisitor67> If they have a real time observer, I would think so. I don't know if they note "wc" in theirs, but sometimes it's the only info they have so I hope they are jotting those in.
04:51:42 <Karen> I'm not even on the list of people who can write in the logbook, and this is my 17th summer in the park. But I haven't tried to get my name in it much.
04:52:36 <Karen> after the mess this weekend with a certain person writing in it unauthorized, sometimes I wonder about the value of the paper logbook
04:56:29 <Dave from B> I've never seen the logbook. What is listed for each entry? Time and observer only?
04:56:33 <ynpvisitor51> ..
04:57:09 <Karen> actually, just the time, with vr next to it if it is a visitor report (not someone they know)
04:58:07 <Dave from B> It would be interesting to know if wc entries are in the logbook
04:58:43 <Karen> I hardly ever go in the VC, it is crowded, and the new one has a bad echo, and only the same number of restrooms as the old
04:59:38 <ynpvisitor67> I just looked at 2011, there are some wc entries, some with question marks (?)
05:03:03 <Dave from B> Thanks, 67 and Karen. Nice to know a little bit more about how things operate
05:03:16 <Kevin L> of 1202
05:04:06 <Karen> There is a line for each major geyser, and other geysers get written below. Old Faithful gets a page of its own, and they time it
05:07:14 <ynpvisitor67> it's unclear whether it's "wc" that they saw themselves in the VEC, or if they got the times from "us
05:07:30 <ynpvisitor67> it's unclear whether it's "wc" that they saw themselves in the VEC, or if they got the times from "us" via GT
05:07:53 <ynpvisitor4> m
05:07:58 <ynpvisitor67> wow- a dual!
05:08:28 <kcmule> ok giantess can go now
05:08:46 <Karen> lol
05:09:04 <Kevin L> I would be happy with Aurum.
05:13:25 <kcmule> .
05:14:42 <Dave from B> kc, haven't "seen" you for awhile. Taking a little vacation?
05:15:57 <Kevin L> See what you did Dave? Didn't shower again today?
05:17:08 <ynpvisitor51> I think he is in the UGB now
05:18:47 <Karen> and with abbreviations of names, I'm not sure I've met any of you in person
05:18:56 <Dave from B> Great. Nice to have someone on the scene.
05:19:38 <Kevin L> Lion 1218
05:20:43 <Dave from B> I can't help it, Kevin. Fresh Halibut has a strong odor.
05:25:17 <kcmule> nice lion restart
05:26:10 <Dave from B> Thank you, kc. I looked away for a moment but thought I saw a restart
05:33:26 <Dave from B> ..
05:39:02 <ynpvisitor17> .
05:39:25 <Kevin L> Hi BB
05:39:35 <BB> hi Kevin and all
05:39:42 <Dave from B> Hi, BB
05:41:12 <BB> I just read the log. I compared part of the OF logs from 2010 to my observations and GOSA data.
05:41:23 <BB> That was pre-GT
05:41:43 <BB> I think that at least some of the wc times came from the chatlog and/or listserve
05:42:37 <BB> Graham used to post a daily summary with chatroom observations, and especially some of the wrong Aurum wc calls that were in the OF log were the same that were called in the chat room
05:42:59 <BB> ... yes, I know, I need a hobby :)
05:43:49 <Dave from B> You do, BB!!
05:44:08 <ynpvisitor67> Well we are on the edge of a new era....
05:45:48 <Dave from B> Yes, we are. And it's good to think about problems that may arise
05:50:04 <BB> After that discussion I am really surprised that they gave me OF log three times during our visit two years ago. I must look extremely trustworthy.
05:50:41 <BB> Of course I didn't want to enter times... but I could have because they left me to look at it unsupervised
05:51:47 <BB> So I guess lots of people could enter silly times if they really wanted to.
05:51:54 <kcmule> .
05:52:55 <Kevin L> Aurum!
05:53:06 <Karen> nice
05:53:15 <Kevin L> 1051 ie
05:53:31 <kcmule> aurum 1250ns
05:53:32 <Kevin L> %&$*&% OF steam!
05:54:11 <Kevin L> Got me excited. we will go with kc's time
05:54:15 <BB> Dave, I think I have a few OF logbook scans that were sent to the mailing list last year or the year before. Do you want me to email one to you so you can see what the logbook looks like?
05:54:53 <Dave from B> That would be great. I'll pm my address to you.
06:00:32 <ynpvisitor67> /
06:00:54 <BB> Found the scans. I can use the address on your FB profile. Or do you want me to use another?
06:02:53 <Kevin L> Oops. Have a geyser in front yard. brb
06:03:56 <Karen> gee, if I said something like that, it might actually be a real geyser. As it is, I'm more having an issue with lack of water than with it coming up where it hadn't before
06:04:27 <Karen> NPS maint here at Faithful didn't tell me they'd need me out of the trailer site in order to dig up the water line until after I was all moved in on Monday
06:08:30 <Kevin L> Sprinkler pipe broke.
06:09:00 <Karen> not fun
06:15:21 <Will(DataTrans)> computer died on me but im back
06:15:31 <BB> had to reboot, external hard drive messed up my system
06:15:40 <Will(DataTrans)> Lion minor
06:15:47 <Will(DataTrans)> ?
06:15:59 <Kevin L> Lion 1314
06:16:11 <Dave from B> Just back on. Did it do a restart again?
06:16:12 <Will(DataTrans)> weak lion
06:16:13 <kcmule> lion 1314
06:16:34 <Will(DataTrans)> sort of : on the restart
06:17:56 <Kevin L> Needs jumper cables
06:32:11 <kcmule> castle 1322
06:32:44 <kcmule> .
06:38:22 <ynpvisitor44> does some one have the cam?
06:38:40 <Kevin L> I think so.
06:42:21 <Kevin L> Super long interval
06:43:04 <Kevin L> OF 1341
06:43:08 <Kevin L> Finally.
06:43:45 <ynpvisitor44> how long was the interval
06:44:05 <Kevin L> 100 minutes +/-
06:44:47 <Karen> 99 minutes, not too bad. but I think they are using 88 to predict right now, so just barely out of window, if time on geyser times of 1202 for last is correct?
06:45:01 <ynpvisitor44> grand goes out of its window. ok Old faithful. something is wrong with it
06:45:31 <Karen> formula is a bit on the short side, last summer they were using 93 +/- 10 after a long
06:45:34 <Ryan> Hello
06:45:48 <Kevin L> I just wanted to hit Daisy and Castle.
06:45:52 <Kevin L> hi
06:46:44 <Dave from B> Hi, Ryan
06:46:52 <Karen> hey Ryan
06:46:55 <Ryan> Hello
06:47:14 <Ryan> Kevin and Karen, and Dave
06:47:34 <Karen> actually I think I'm headed out into the basin, I'm not really get much done with chores, so I may as well go play. although I still didn't find my dang radio
06:47:37 <Kevin L> I will leave it here until bus duty time (1400). If there is a cam operator that can take it until I get back great.
06:47:56 <Ryan> :)
06:48:10 <Ryan> Karen... If was in YNP, Id have no chores! :D
06:49:13 <Kevin L> Not too much going now but Lion
06:49:36 <Ryan> Castles a major?
06:53:05 <Dave from B> Thank you to kc, Jb and to anyone else who chats here while in the basin.
06:53:34 <Ryan> I second that
06:56:54 <kcmule> .
06:57:25 <kcmule> .
06:59:08 <Ryan> Oh, Dave from B... Just though that I'd mention that my BH prediction last night was only off by 8 minutes. :)
06:59:43 <Kevin L> Better tan mine.
06:59:56 <kcmule> castle start was 1322
07:00:00 <Ryan> Kevin, yours was an hour... Not bad
07:00:17 <Ryan> Given the geyser
07:02:02 <Kevin L> Bus duty. :( brb
07:02:18 <Dave from B> Ok, Ryan instead of a window let's pick an exact time for tonight's BH. Closest wins. Everyone else is welcome to join in. If you would rather pm me to "hide" your prediction until everyone votes I will do that. I'll pm Kevin with my guess.
07:06:23 <Ryan> Hmm, i cant private chat... Im going 1919
07:07:41 <kcmule> plume 1403
07:10:46 <kcmule> pls put my times into gt. no bandwidth
07:17:51 <kcmule> lion 1412ns seemed like a short duration tho
07:18:02 <Dave from B> I entered Plume from kc. Ryan, I tried to PM you. My guess is 2030
07:18:44 <Dave from B> Minor from Lion, kc?
07:19:02 <Ryan> My pm isnt working
07:19:07 <Ryan> ok, im writing them down
07:19:35 <kcmule> not minor. maybe just me
07:19:38 <Dave from B> I'm sure Kevin will give us a guess when he returns
07:28:11 <Will(DataTrans)> I am now done with 1972 except for a few entries that I need to confirm wilth Lynn.
07:28:27 <Will(DataTrans)> Log project that is
07:29:04 <Dave from B> Sounds like a good place to stop, Will. Only 40 more years to go:)
07:29:21 <Will(DataTrans)> uggggg
07:29:26 <Will(DataTrans)> :_
07:29:30 <Will(DataTrans)> :(
07:29:47 <Dave from B> I can't tell you enough how much I appreciate the time and effort you are putting into your project!!
07:30:29 <Dave from B> It will be great to have 40 years of data when you are finished to analyze and have at our grasp
07:30:32 <Will(DataTrans)> At least the 1973 log ONLY has 4728 entries
07:30:44 <Ryan> gtg guys... will keep an eye on the static :(
07:31:05 <Dave from B> Bye, Ryan. Wow! That's a lot Will.
07:31:29 <Will(DataTrans)> well with the batch upload its not that bad
07:32:02 <Dave from B> Right. I forgot you didn't have to do 1 entry at a time
07:32:28 <Will(DataTrans)> That would kill me
07:34:13 <Karen> grotto 1420 ie. a friend i saw biking said he'd seen grotto fountain.
07:34:41 <Dave from B> Thanks, Karen
07:38:49 <Kevin L> kc if you have a Daisy time, we need it.
07:40:22 <Karen> nope didnt see it
07:41:17 <Karen> I'm just staring at High Gold and Angle splash
07:41:54 <kcmule> heard someone ask on 4/5 but didn't hear reply
07:41:59 <Dave from B> Karen, how is the river level at F&M?
07:49:17 <Dave from B> Had enough for today, Will?
07:51:49 <Dave from B> ..
07:56:26 <kcmule> plume 1453 vc
07:57:30 <kcmule> sorry scratch 'vc'
07:58:56 <Dave from B> ..
08:02:38 <Dave from B> .. guys only room this afternoon?
08:05:16 <Kevin L> OF 1504
08:12:45 <Kevin L> Lion 1511ie
08:13:25 <kcmule> lion 1509
08:13:37 <Kevin L> ty
08:14:51 <kcmule> depression 1512ie
08:15:09 <Dave from B> I guess we know where kc is
08:15:42 <Kevin L> Would have never seen that.
08:15:52 <kcmule> ~~~
08:18:43 <Graham> hello
08:18:52 <Dave from B> Hi, Graham
08:19:00 <Kevin L> hi
08:19:03 <Graham> mmm are we going to get NG this evening?
08:20:45 <Dave from B> ..
08:21:04 <Dave from B> kc and Karen are currently in the basin
08:24:32 <kcmule> u can tell w all the timeouts
08:24:34 <kcmule> going to check arty
08:25:34 <Graham> good luck. not waiting on NG?
08:29:08 <kcmule> ill be back when I can get a better crack at aurum
08:37:40 <Dave from B> Time to head out. Goodnight, everyone. Good luck with BH
08:38:20 <Kevin L> bye
08:46:22 <kcmule> .
08:48:37 <Graham> Plume 1546ie
08:49:10 <Graham> and done :(
08:54:29 <kcmule> .
08:54:33 <kcmule> arty full but not overflowing yet
08:57:31 <Graham> NG steam?
08:57:35 <Karen> I didn't have the patience today to deal with tourons, so I didn't stay out in the basin long
08:57:45 <kcmule> ng 1455 radio
08:57:45 <kcmule> ng 1555
08:57:46 <kcmule> per 4/5
08:57:51 <Graham> already?
08:58:13 <Graham> so I guess I was right about the steam :)
08:59:06 <Graham> minor i guess
08:59:37 <Graham> not even going to NG Karen?
08:59:45 <Kevin L> A minor minor or a major minor?
09:00:30 <Kevin L> Daisy 1559 ie
09:00:47 <Graham> just snuck in before shift change :)
09:03:31 <kcmule> no tourons here or bears hopefully
09:03:58 <Graham> and probably no erupting geysers either kc :)
09:04:00 <Kevin L> How about thunderstorms?
09:04:29 <Graham> i guess its time to go to work
09:06:52 <Will B> LC 1605ie
09:08:54 <kcmule> not as such.. maybe atomizer will keep me company
09:08:56 <kcmule> .
09:10:52 <Kevin L> Hey Will here is a link to the Leroy set I told you about yesterday:
09:10:54 <Kevin L>
09:11:05 <Will B> Lion
09:11:11 <Will B> 1609
09:11:20 <Will B> now turblent pause
09:11:34 <Will B> but still going
09:12:55 <Will B> Kevin, Im glad I dont have to use one of thoes
09:13:22 <Kevin L> Little different than CAD?
09:14:31 <Kevin L> I had to do rebar sheets using those for the dimmenisions and bend angles for bridges.
09:14:48 <Will B> Oh yeah freshman year in High school we spent the whole first quarter doing hand drawings with all the t-squares and such. and I did not like it
09:15:52 <Will B> some one is pointing ar stuff on the BW NG getting close again?
09:15:53 <Kevin L> The thing that was cool about those though is they were all a work of art. If you had been around a while, you could tell who did it just by looking at the style of the sheet.
09:16:29 <Will B> yep making hand drawings is definiately an art
09:16:59 <Graham> can still tell who did thiungs now, just look at properties
09:17:34 <Will B> thoes dont always appear on paper though
09:18:38 <Kevin L> I love looking at the ones from the 1930's. They were going to throw a bunch away so I rescued them and gave them to the museum.
09:19:06 <Will B> nice
09:19:11 <Graham> i can often tell who did Powerpoint slides at work - there are the colorama folks, the "lets put the last slide first" folks, the "lets tell you what the briefing is not about" folks, the i don't care if all the fonts are different ones, the random collection of slides folks
09:19:48 <Kevin L> There were some really amazing people to do what they did back then.
09:20:24 <Graham> and oh, and the annimation folks
09:21:09 <Graham> and the ones that spend all the time on putting in pretty pictures and ignore that the information content is wrong
09:21:50 <Graham> ok, not at work any more.....relax ... ahhhh
09:25:24 <Kevin L> Nasty looking clouds
09:25:57 <Graham> i was thinking they were lovely ....
09:27:02 <Kevin L> Hope kc has a rainsuit.
09:27:42 <Kevin L> Lovey on the cam, nasty if you are at Artemesia
09:40:22 <Graham> Plume 1638ie
09:40:25 <Graham> OF 1638
10:07:30 <Graham> NG 1705 minor
10:08:34 <Graham> guess everyone slept through that one
10:08:58 <ynpvisitor6> i didnt
10:14:31 <Graham> Lion 1713
10:14:38 <Graham> minor
10:14:55 <ynpvisitor6> k mule, something must not like you
10:15:34 <Graham> iartemisia probably doesn't like him now
10:33:22 <Graham> Plum,e 1731
10:38:02 <Ryan> Wow... nasty lookin!
10:38:14 <Graham> nope, its beautiful
10:38:33 <Ryan> Well... yeah, you know what I meant
10:39:18 <Ryan> Hows the Bee been?
10:39:37 <Graham> already erupted
10:40:08 <Ryan> Yeah, this morning
10:40:42 <Graham> what more do you want?
10:41:10 <Ryan> I meant recently!
10:41:11 <Ryan> :)
10:41:44 <Graham> have not seen much. two NG eruptions tho
10:42:03 <Ryan> Nice... looks like we might get a tornado too
10:42:26 <Graham> thats not nice
10:42:49 <Ryan> Ok... a funnell cloud... cool looking, not too dangerous
10:44:31 <Graham> Lion may be done, 30min since the minor
10:47:22 <kcmule> uncertain 1744ie
10:47:46 <kcmule> uncertaain 1744ie
10:47:46 <Ryan> Wow, your feeds must be WAY ahead of mine
10:48:38 <Graham> yep, his is
10:48:52 <Ryan> Is that uncertain? I thought you could see it?
10:49:11 <Graham> its finished
10:49:22 <Ryan> ok
10:49:50 <Graham> still no thumps kc?
10:51:40 <Ryan> is KC in the park?
10:51:57 <Graham> yep, at artemisia - or at least he was
10:52:09 <Ryan> Explains why his feed is faster...
10:52:30 <Graham> only a second faster tha nmine tho
10:53:01 <kcmule> it was tardy sorry.. learning curve
10:53:01 <Ryan> Yeah, you get yours before us
10:53:11 <kcmule> it was tardy sorry..learning curve
10:53:16 <Graham> ah, was a false visual?
10:53:29 <Graham> no Sawmill going? I thought it was going earlier
10:55:59 <kcmule> atomizer was 1617 didn't stay for closed interval but might go back. sawmill is still ie so is w triplet
10:56:35 <Graham> k. that was atomizer major?
11:00:42 <kcmule> sorry no it was a minor
11:00:59 <Graham> k
11:02:29 <Graham> OF 1800
11:06:28 <kcmule> tardy 1804 .. got it now
11:09:12 <Graham> Turban?
11:09:26 <Ryan> Grand 1808
11:09:29 <Graham> Grand 1808
11:13:05 <af> and a great way to began my relaxation
11:13:17 <af> hi Grand geyser
11:15:17 <af> there's some spikes
11:16:32 <Ryan> 2b?
11:16:51 <Graham> no pause yet
11:16:54 <af> kc, stop shaking the tree
11:17:41 <Graham> 2nd
11:17:44 <af> boom
11:17:47 <af> wow
11:17:59 <Ryan> Ohh, two in a row for me!
11:18:14 <Ryan> 3b! Come on 3b!
11:18:17 <af> 3 days of Grand eruptions for me :)
11:18:25 <Ryan> I meant 2 2bs
11:18:31 <Ryan> Caught one last night
11:18:37 <af> oh
11:18:59 <af> 2nd bursts have been very powerful lastely
11:19:09 <Ryan> they usually are
11:19:32 <af> they are the most powerful but they seem to be very much so these past time
11:19:37 <ynpvisitor78> Yay! 3!
11:19:45 <Ryan> 3b!
11:19:52 <af> boom
11:20:14 <Graham> i must have missed it
11:20:29 <Graham> looked like long second to me
11:20:33 <af> come one 4th
11:20:35 <Ryan> I think we jumped the gun there
11:21:13 <af> minecraft time
11:22:10 <Graham> hope kc enjoyed iut and tells us how many bursts
11:27:07 <Graham> Plume 1825
11:38:06 <Graham> stepping away, anjoy ng .. bbs
11:44:59 <Ryan> Steam at NG
11:45:08 <Ryan> must one of its ten minute boils
11:45:45 <ynpvisitor20> last NG minor wa at 1831
11:45:52 <Ryan> Steam at Goggles too
11:46:03 <Ryan> Ten minutes ago :)
12:09:42 <ynpvisitor71> Its raining
12:10:06 <Kitt> I want it to rain here
12:10:16 <Kitt> we mowed and have been busy watering
12:11:08 <Kitt> I would actually like a downpoor to get rid of the cotton that is in our neighbors cottonless cottonwood tree
12:11:19 <Graham> it won't rain unless you forget to stop watering
12:11:24 <af> from what I've seen wyoming likes localized thunderstorms
12:11:43 <af> I might be wrong though
12:11:48 <Kitt> I hadn't watered because of the thick layer of cotton
12:12:03 <Kitt> you should have seen the storm the lawn mower caused
12:14:38 <Graham> ah, therefore no rain will fall
12:15:55 <Kitt> we appear to be on the high seas
12:16:12 <Kitt> must have a pretty good wind blowing
12:16:34 <Graham> this is not a good wind direction either
12:16:51 <Kitt> moving the water, be back soon
12:20:29 <Graham> NG 1919 minor
12:24:11 <Graham> Plume 1922
12:37:26 <Graham> OF 1935
12:45:47 <Kitt> wow, I returned from watering and the chat room is almost empty
12:46:08 <Graham> nothing left to erupt
12:46:19 <Graham> except Churn
12:46:28 <Kitt> and bee
12:46:38 <Graham> its already erupted
12:47:29 <Graham> uncertain boiling?
12:51:55 <Kitt> I didn't see an evening bee posted
12:52:57 <Kitt> Is that penta?
12:53:02 <Graham> nope. maybe tomorrow?
12:53:38 <Graham> think its just spasmo blow over
12:53:47 <Kevin L> Bee should go a bit after I leave to take the brat to ballet.
12:54:22 <Graham> it will be after dark, its due a long interval
12:54:40 <Kitt> actually it is light reflecting on the boardwalk
12:54:44 <Kevin L> kc will report it for us.
12:55:11 <Graham> well as long as someone stays out
12:55:20 <kcmule> its nice out again, relatively speaking
12:55:21 <Kevin L> Hey, he is supposed to have that new 1 billion candle power light. Hmmmmm.......
12:55:45 <Graham> ooh thats true, we can all watch'
12:55:59 <Kevin L> That could be interesting.
12:56:01 <Graham> I think BB got a capture when i had my light on it
12:56:25 <Kevin L> Now I am excited.
12:56:28 <kcmule> its nice out again relatively speaking
12:56:44 <Graham> you going to stay out all night for bee?
12:57:56 <Kitt> ooh, someone is lucky 100
12:58:19 <Graham> or not so lucky
13:07:53 <kcmule> grand was 2b btw
13:08:07 <Graham> thanks, thats what I thought
13:08:28 <Graham> T2Q ?
13:09:10 <kcmule> ng up
13:09:48 <Graham> is it boiling?
13:10:10 <kcmule> 'threw up a bucket' :)
13:10:37 <Graham> cool
13:11:14 <kcmule> down again
13:20:03 <Graham> Plume 2018
13:20:59 <Kitt> fluffy is jealous
13:21:17 <Graham> gonna move away now Plume is done
13:22:35 <Graham> Sawmill 21020ie
13:22:42 <Graham> 2020ie
13:23:13 <Jake> I fixed the "Retrieve Data" thing on GT
13:23:26 <Jake> in case anyone was worried...I did get an email about it
13:26:05 <Graham> thanks Jake, I will be able to sleep well tonight
13:28:28 <Graham> BHI 1826ie
13:28:35 <Graham> ding
13:28:36 <Graham> ding
13:28:37 <Graham> ding
13:28:38 <Graham> .
13:28:38 <Graham> .
13:28:38 <Graham> .
13:28:39 <Graham> .
13:28:39 <Graham> .
13:28:39 <Graham> .
13:28:39 <Graham> .
13:28:40 <Graham> .
13:28:43 <kcmule> bhi 1827ie radio
13:29:33 <Graham> 2026ie
13:30:40 <Kitt> thanks Kevin
13:30:51 <kcmule> sorry hate little kybrds
13:31:17 <Kevin L> keyboard is OK. It just has a loose nut behind it.
13:31:18 <Graham> NG 2029
13:31:32 <Graham> big minor
13:33:59 <Graham> so it looks like it will be before dark Kitt
13:34:25 <Graham> of course we could have fluffy interference
13:34:55 <Graham> wave
13:34:58 <Graham> ~~~
13:37:28 <Graham> ppl must be getting bored with 2-a-day BH eruptions, not many ppl here
13:37:47 <Kitt> never!
13:38:00 <kcmule> I would not let these folks go
13:38:01 <Graham> so where is everyone?
13:38:12 <Kitt> It's just dark your direction
13:38:21 <Graham> you have some victims?
13:38:33 <Kitt> called LC and he couldn't believe we could still see it
13:38:51 <Graham> another hour of cam light
13:39:17 <Graham> did you see the NG kc?
13:40:58 <Graham> are they enjoying BHI?
13:45:16 <Kitt> go bee
13:45:25 <Kitt> big
13:45:26 <Graham> 2043
13:48:23 <cb> Nice!
13:48:26 <cb> hello
13:48:30 <Graham> hi cb
13:48:35 <Graham> and fluffy held off
13:48:42 <Kevin L> hi cb
13:48:52 <Kitt> good fluffy
13:49:31 <kcmule> nice bh missed being on this side
13:49:52 <Graham> actually fluffy window isn't open yet
13:50:31 <Kitt> yeah beehive
13:50:32 <cb> did i miss the kc wave?
13:50:32 <Graham> did the visitors enjoy it?
13:50:39 <Kitt> thanks again for the call Kevin
13:50:45 <Kevin L> yw
13:52:21 <kcmule> missed ng heading to bh think it will have 1 more for me?
13:52:46 <Graham> good luck...gonne be pushing on dark
13:53:31 <Graham> i would quit on that winning note if you have seen one NG minor today
13:53:45 <Kitt> go fluffy
13:53:56 <Graham> Fluffy 2052 - it didnt wait long
13:53:58 <Kitt> up,up, and away
13:54:50 <Kitt> nice
13:55:07 <Kitt> and on that note, I'm off to move the water again
13:55:16 <Kitt> have a nice evening everyone
13:55:23 <Kevin L> bye
13:55:33 <Kitt> bee will erupt after I'm at work tomorrow
13:55:38 <Graham> goodnight, enjoy the rainstorm tonight after you finish watering
13:56:13 <Graham> I am done too, goodnight
13:56:44 <Jake> gnight
13:57:24 <kcmule> cya
13:57:54 <kcmule> how often does doublet pol thump
13:58:04 <kcmule> pool
13:58:19 <Kevin L> About every half hour.
13:58:40 <Kevin L> It will fill then start thumping.
13:58:59 <kcmule> awesome ty
13:59:57 <Kevin L> Best near the end of the bench nearest Aurum. Listen and you can hear them.
14:02:11 <kcmule> I think I caught the tail end, pool is down now
14:02:59 <Kevin L> Doesn't take long. Really nice up there this time of day as long as the bear doesn't show up
14:03:07 <Kevin L> That your light?
14:03:33 <kcmule> lol yeah
14:03:46 <Kevin L> It was bright
14:04:04 <Will B> What are you using?
14:04:14 <kcmule> no wind reall
14:04:32 <kcmule> y nice here
14:04:51 <kcmule> the bulb is a cree xm-l t6
14:05:23 <Will B> flashlight im guessing and not a headlamp or bike light
14:06:50 <Will B> yep flashlight. thank you google
14:06:58 <kcmule> correct. small too
14:16:09 <kcmule> ng 2112ie minor
14:25:07 <kcmule> thump thump
15:01:57 <kcmule> ng 2159 minor
16:15:41 <kcmule> nite