Showing logs for date: 2012-05-23
21:58:33 <ynpvisitor20> Old Faithful 455 IE
23:32:02 <ynpvisitor92> OF 0630
23:32:09 <ynpvisitor92> ie
23:53:02 <lc> morning Dave
23:53:55 <Dave from B> Good morning, lc.
23:54:42 <Dave from B> Looks like yesterdays winds have finally died down.
23:55:22 <lc> I thought we would see snow this morning.
23:56:14 <Dave from B> Me, too.
23:58:16 <Dave from B> 50-70% chance of precip now thru Sunday. Predicted highs 39-45 degrees
23:59:20 <lc> not good for a long wait on the hill.
00:23:06 <Dave from B> Morning, Kevin
00:23:28 <Kevin L> hi
00:30:44 <Dave from B> Not again...Beachwood 45789 by the Marvelettes
00:31:10 <Kevin L> Another one af would hate.
00:31:21 <Dave from B> I was tempted to put my chat name today: boy named sue
00:37:05 <lc> don't know this one
00:38:13 <Dave from B> Morning, cb
00:38:39 <lc> good morning cb
00:38:56 <cb> Good Morning Dave, Kevin lc, Mr Marv! and all the visitors!
00:39:07 <ynpvisitor4> hi
00:39:49 <cb> I love that song! Great old oldie!
00:39:52 <ynpvisitor4> bhi?
00:40:38 <Dave from B> Don't think so...but a lot of steam this morning
00:40:45 <ynpvisitor4> eh ding?
00:42:34 <Kevin L> Hi cb
00:44:52 <ynpvisitor4> ok
00:45:23 <Kevin L> Oh, today should be National Day of Mourning. Man who invented the remote control died.
00:46:02 <Dave from B> I saw that Kevin...important invention
00:52:37 <af> hi
00:56:19 <Dave from B> Morning, af
01:00:34 <Dave from B> OF 759
01:02:36 <Kevin L> Did you see what he got paid for inventing it?
01:02:54 <Dave from B> No, I didn't
01:03:24 <Kevin L> Worked for Zenith. Got a $1000 bonus.
01:03:38 <Dave from B> What year?
01:03:59 <Kevin L> It was in the late '50s.
01:16:17 <ynpvisitor20> ,
01:17:17 <lc> Riverside 0815ie
01:21:28 <ynpvisitor23> morning
01:21:40 <Dave from B> Hi, 23
01:21:55 <lc> morning 23
01:47:09 <ynpvisitor20> Interesting to read Lynn's Atomizer reports, then check FB and read bear reports from Biscuit Basin, that's a little close
01:59:08 <lc> Depressiom 0856ie ?
01:59:15 <lc> yes
02:00:23 <lc> big burst
02:00:44 <lc> very strong eruption
02:03:09 <af> had to leave really quickly this morning
02:03:32 <af> came out router on tablet on mom coem out and yells at me
02:03:42 <Dave from B> Grotto?
02:03:54 <af> 2 things before I lurk 1 it sbeen 7 years since the last steamboat major
02:04:23 <af> and I got another day for next years YNP trip so an a full week in the basin
02:24:13 <af> plume 922
02:29:13 <Dave from B> Dave M reported a NG minor at 557 on GT
02:34:28 <af> OF 933
02:47:00 <Dave from B> Another hour and we could be in a BH window if there wasn't a long interval last night
02:47:20 <Kevin L> Just in time for my shift!
02:47:35 <Kevin L> Did you see pm Dave?
03:20:47 <Kevin L> Plume ie 1019
03:30:43 <Kevin L> Daisy 1029ie
03:35:31 <Dave from B> Kevin, Another great Ray Stevens song. Thanks for the pm
03:35:49 <Kevin L> np
03:36:06 <Kevin L> Weather is looking better
03:48:13 <Kevin L> Aurum 1046 ie
03:51:28 <Dave from B> I missed it. Glad you caught it
03:52:39 <Kevin L> Livescope is like looking through a screen door today so I almost missed it.
03:52:39 <Dave from B> Do your thing have visitors
03:53:16 <Kevin L> Lots of customers for the morning walk.
03:53:31 <Kevin L> Lion splashing
03:54:25 <Kevin L> Oh oh. Everything froze including Livescope.
03:55:59 <Kevin L> Whew. Livescope disconnected. Working now.
03:57:39 <ynpvisitor62> Never seen so many people. Except at OF
03:58:03 <Dave from B> Ranger tour or tour bus
03:58:13 <Kevin L> I was thinking that.
03:58:41 <Kevin L> I have to suspect bus tour with more than one bus.
03:58:51 <Dave from B> I would think ranger tour would have stopped at BH
03:59:07 <Kevin L> Good point.
04:00:13 <ynpvisitor62> If BHI had started, poor boardwalk would have collapsed.
04:01:18 <Kevin L> of 1059
04:07:03 <Kevin L> Gonna be one of those days.
04:12:20 <Dave from B> Plume 1111ie?
04:12:25 <Kevin L> Plume 1111 ie
04:13:33 <Kevin L> We have done fairly well considering the weather.
04:14:00 <Dave from B> Experienced driver:)
04:16:18 <Dave from B> BH splash
04:16:57 <Kevin L> Looks sustained too.
04:19:20 <Kevin L> Cold out there 34 with 97% humidity
04:19:24 <Dave from B> Little Cub 1118 ie
04:20:22 <Dave from B> Lion hopefully will start this afternoon
04:21:04 <Kevin L> Had some good splashes from it already.
04:21:19 <ynpvisitor23> brr
04:33:13 <Dave from B> Going to the freezer to grab my lunch before chorus of dings start
04:33:52 <Rich> 'WE' hoping for BH??? lol
04:34:05 <Rich> Morning Everyone
04:34:19 <Rich> Hi Dave
04:34:22 <Rich> Hi Kevin
04:34:24 <Rich> Hi lc
04:34:27 <Rich> Hi kc
04:34:35 <Kevin L> hi
04:34:47 <ynpvisitor62> Hi
04:35:23 <Rich> Hi 62
04:37:24 <Dave from B> Hi, Rich
04:37:47 <Rich> Looks like a cold day at OF
04:38:05 <Kevin L> TV dinner Dave?
04:38:55 <Dave from B> Teriyaki Rice Bowl
04:41:12 <Dave from B> Flying white bugs are back
04:41:20 <Rich> That sound good, do you do 'take out'? g
04:42:30 <Dave from B> I have a UPS account, Rich:)
04:42:51 <Rich> lol
04:46:07 <Kevin L> I'd have you send me some halibut, but it would be cooked by the time it got to me.
04:46:33 <ynpvisitor23> .
04:49:19 <Kevin L> Hope BH erupts when we can see it.
04:49:56 <Dave from B> We do UPS to Rexburg; not sure about Yellowstone
04:51:25 <Dave from B> I can see the headline now from the Madison campground: Campers fresh halibut dinner attracts bear
04:51:58 <Rich> lol
04:52:32 <Rich> And they all walked away- - - - - -
04:52:45 <Dave from B> :)
04:53:14 <Kevin L> Bet those bears would know how to fix a halibut.
04:53:23 <Dave from B> but bear had a real treat
04:53:56 <ynpvisitor62> Heck, I would show up for the halibut.
04:57:28 <Rich> Where did Yellowstone go - g
04:57:57 <Dave from B> Any "lucky" gazers in the basin today?
04:58:38 <Kevin L> No. If they are in the basin today they are NOT lucky.
04:59:21 <kc (working)> wow i almost picked this week to go to the park
04:59:51 <Kevin L> Cool here today. 91 degrees with 3% humidity, but lots of pollution from the Cartoon City area.
04:59:52 <Dave from B> kc, you picked the right week to go. It's good to be lucky
04:59:56 <ynpvisitor62> There may be a French warship in that fog. Set a course for the Galapagos.
05:00:22 <Kevin L> Listening for foghorn.
05:00:58 <Rich> Wow, really big white 'bugs'
05:01:29 <Kevin L> They are illegal here.
05:01:32 <Dave from B> Radar doesn't look good for the next few hours
05:01:57 <Dave from B> I wonder where those tour buses are now?
05:02:14 <Rich> The wind is really blowing, blizzard condition.
05:02:41 <ynpvisitor56> foghorns are illegal? or did you mean the S word?
05:03:21 <Dave from B> Think he meant French warships
05:03:55 <Kevin L> The white bugs.
05:04:41 <Kevin L> Causes cancer.
05:04:57 <ynpvisitor56> haha, great
05:05:04 <ynpvisitor62> I just saw Jack Nicholson walk by carrying an axe.
05:05:18 <Rich> g
05:05:42 <Kevin L> If tin whistles are made of tin, what do they make foghorns out of?
05:06:14 <Rich> Horntoads?
05:06:45 <ynpvisitor56> good point. makes ya wonder about shoe-horns too
05:08:36 <Dave from B> Guessing BH is going to go without us today
05:11:39 <Kevin L> How about an ooga horn?
05:12:01 <Rich> Melting rain.
05:13:29 <BB> hi guys, what did you do to the view?
05:13:32 <Dave from B> Welcome to the winter wonderland, BB
05:14:05 <BB> and we had about 85 today which is very hot for this time of the year
05:14:11 <BB> makes this view rather surreal
05:14:28 <Kevin L> 85 is hot for anytime there isn't it?
05:15:06 <BB> maybe not in July or August
05:15:11 <BB> depends on the year
05:15:49 <Rich> Hi BB
05:15:59 <Kevin L> I landed in Frankfurt in last August and froze my butt off.
05:16:09 <Kevin L> last=late
05:16:58 <Kevin L> Losing static cam view
05:17:03 <BB> what temperatures do you need to not freeze your butt off, Kevin? I am not sure we can accomodate you over here :)
05:18:17 <Rich> g
05:18:21 <Kevin L> Anything 60 or above is good. When I left, it was 117 here. Landed there and I think it was in the high 40's with rain.
05:19:08 <BB> high 40's is not normal for late August
05:19:16 <Kevin L> Think we will go into protect mode. Don't know if I can get a wipe or not.
05:19:22 <Dave from B> Desert has spoiled you, Kevin. Most months 60 is a heat wave in Montana
05:20:51 <Rich> VEC cam not to bad
05:22:09 <Rich> Everyone put your hands on your monitors and we can warm up the cam lens.
05:23:48 <Kevin L> Big of crowd for such crappy weather
05:26:15 <Dave from B> I wonder if the Gift shop is sold out of ponchos yet?
05:36:34 <Dave from B> 96 minutes and counting for OF. I wonder how many people out there are cold?
05:37:15 <Rich> OF?
05:37:22 <Kevin L> I think OF is ie, but not sure.
05:38:04 <Kevin L> Not even going to try the streaming cam.
05:38:42 <Kevin L> Yes it was. Crowd escaping.
05:38:44 <Rich> OF 12:37 ie VEC
05:39:40 <Rich> I think OF was ie 12:36, saw a column oof white.
05:43:13 <Dave from B> That crowd cleared out in a hurry
05:51:18 <ynpvisitor23> Do you know why sometimes I get a seperate popup window for static cam, and other times it stays on the NPS page with the image within it?
05:51:30 <ynpvisitor23> (Does that Q make sense?)
05:53:09 <Kevin L> Yes it does. I think they do the popup since you get a bigger picture because it doesn't have navigation bars.
05:53:37 <Kevin L> They were updating the page a bit ago, so things may have been temporary.
05:53:42 <ynpvisitor23> I just came back and got the non-popup style this time.
05:54:37 <ynpvisitor23> With this view, it doesn't matter too much right now! Crazy.
05:55:19 <Kevin L> true
06:01:59 <Kevin L> :***: :p
06:02:41 <Ryan> Holy snow!
06:04:37 <Rich> Hi Ryan
06:04:54 <Ryan> Hi Rich
06:05:10 <Rich> Appears today is a 'real live' snow people day.
06:05:25 <Dave from B> Hi, Ryan. Radar still not looking good for the next few hours
06:05:45 <Ryan> You aint kiddin, good thing i have to work soon... wont be missing aything
06:08:18 <Dave from B> CC to the rescue?
06:08:50 <Kevin L> I think so, but it won't last long.
06:08:54 <Ryan> heavy snow
06:09:23 <Dave from B> This storm could close some roads if it keeps up
06:12:07 <Ryan> Well, the streams basically useless, adios
06:12:21 <Dave from B> Bye, Ryan
06:18:39 <Rich> Have a good day everyone, I'm going to find food. g
06:19:04 <Kevin L> bye
06:19:20 <Rich> bye
06:19:37 <BB> bye Rich
06:21:23 <Dave from B> ..
06:22:14 <Kevin L> I notice no geysers reported from the field today.
06:23:16 <Dave from B> you would have thought someone would have reported BH by now
06:27:51 <ynpvisitor77> They say YNP has three seasons - July, August and winter...
06:28:29 <Dave from B> ..
06:29:04 <Dave from B> Very true,77. Beginning to look a lot like Memorial Day 2011
06:37:56 <af> woe what happened to the fans kevin?
06:40:57 <Dave from B> they are frozen
07:00:07 <Kevin L> Oh oh
07:00:17 <Kevin L> bsod on livescope
07:00:39 <Dave from B> Streaming is still up
07:01:26 <Kevin L> presets still work
07:02:17 <Kevin L> Picture back now.
07:04:54 <Kevin L> Looks like oF went.
07:27:40 <ynpvisitor37> I just saw on FB that they can't see the VEC from the ranger station/clinic. Thought I'd come take a look!
07:27:46 <ynpvisitor37> It's true!
07:28:13 <Kevin L> Can't see much today at all
07:28:32 <ynpvisitor37> I see that, wow!
07:40:22 <Kevin L> bsod on livescope again.
07:45:34 <Dave from B> Can we make any guesses based on snowcover around BH?
07:46:20 <CC> hi everyone
07:46:27 <Kevin L> Hi
07:46:27 <CC> Kevin I got you text
07:46:28 <Dave from B> Hi, CC
07:46:44 <Kevin L> It is like flying blindfolded.
07:47:05 <Kevin L> First time we have seen the hill in two hours.
07:48:43 <Kevin L> Good steam off BH but who knows? Cold & humid today.
07:49:18 <CC> Kevin calling you
07:49:57 <Kevin L> Let me go grab phone.
07:50:06 <CC> k
07:50:40 <Kevin L> Got it. Has missed call from you. Want to tray again?
07:53:57 <Dave from B> ..
07:56:18 <Dave from B> ..
08:00:59 <Kevin L> static cam is back
08:19:43 <Dave from B> ..
08:20:08 <Kevin L> Picture back on LS.
08:21:02 <Dave from B> With lines still?
08:26:45 <Kevin L> Still has lines.
08:27:00 <Kevin L> What is that blue stuff on the top of the screen.
08:28:15 <Dave from B> Your imigination playing tricks on you:)
08:28:26 <Kevin L> Great eclipse picture link:
08:28:28 <Kevin L>
08:33:54 <Kevin L> Of 1532
08:37:40 <Dave from B> wb, lc
08:37:44 <lc> thanks Kevin, that is a neat picture.
08:38:08 <Kevin L> yw
08:38:21 <Dave from B> Ditto, Kevin. Just looked at it. That is cool
08:39:04 <Kevin L> I am guessing Grotto.
08:39:14 <Graham> white stuff?
08:39:33 <Dave from B> Fell from the sky all day
08:39:42 <Graham> nice
08:39:53 <Kevin L> :p
08:40:09 <Graham> not much in the log, was it that bad?
08:41:07 <Dave from B> Couldn't even see OF...Had to watch people leave to know it was done
08:41:43 <Graham> nice. no bee either?
08:41:47 <lc> guess Beehive has not gone.
08:42:10 <Graham> we have a snowman there?
08:42:52 <Kevin L> It probably went. We just couldn't see it.
08:43:30 <Dave from B> It had some nice splashes late this morning before storm
08:43:42 <Kevin L> We had two OF eruptions we had to time by people leaving.
08:44:04 <Graham> just in time for the holiday
08:44:20 <Kevin L> I am hoping on BH, but I am 90% sure it went during the storm.
08:44:47 <Graham> the bench sitter is suspicious tho
08:45:05 <Kevin L> Probably froze there and died.
08:45:39 <Graham> fluffy isn't helping
08:46:53 <Kevin L> At least Livescope has a picture now. Had to fly with bsod on ls for about 45 minutes.
08:47:21 <Graham> thats always fun :)
08:47:22 <Dave from B> Time to go home. Kevin, please text me if you see BH. I may be on this evening.
08:47:40 <Kevin L> Will do Dave.
08:47:44 <lc> later Dave
08:48:27 <Kevin L> But you did notice I got an Aurum!
08:49:25 <Graham> maybe its due again?
08:51:05 <Kevin L> Could be.
08:51:57 <Kevin L> Check this way so Old Filthy will decide to send the cloud this direction.
08:52:07 <Kevin L> Great timing
08:52:11 <Graham> Aurum
08:52:12 <Kevin L> Aurum 1551 ie
08:52:46 <Kevin L> Better to be lucky than good sometimes.
08:52:52 <lc> that was unreal.
08:52:57 <Graham> how about Grand now?
08:53:32 <Kevin L> Heck with Grand, how about Gioantess since we are there already.
08:55:14 <Graham> true, would be nice to see the big boil while zoomed in
09:01:22 <Graham> time for work i guess
09:01:36 <Graham> how is work going today kc?
09:01:44 <Graham> you missed it didn't you?
09:02:15 <kc (working)> id rather be in the basin freezing my nuts off
09:02:23 <Kevin L> What a temperture change went from minus 328F to plus 197F between 1500 and 1515 according to westher station at Olf Faithful.
09:02:43 <Graham> :)
09:02:53 <Kevin L> Has to be bad kc.
09:03:19 <af> what did you do with spring?
09:03:22 <Graham> sawmill just quit?
09:05:51 <af> I need to blame someone for this weather
09:06:18 <Graham> you got snow?
09:06:59 <Kent> My Word!
09:07:24 <Kent> Is this recent?
09:07:44 <af> yes
09:07:48 <Kevin L> Happened last week. ;)
09:07:50 <af> tiday
09:07:56 <Graham> winters coming
09:08:34 <Graham> Lion 1607
09:08:47 <Graham> or not
09:08:50 <Graham> did an af :)
09:10:28 <Kent> NOAA says -328 at Old Faithful is "suspect"
09:11:55 <Kevin L> "You think?
09:12:13 <Kent> :)
09:15:41 <kc (working)> knew it got cold there didnt know it approached absolute zero
09:18:37 <Kent> I remember a few years ago thinking -50° was bad. Little did I know....
09:22:11 <Kevin L> And that 197 is a bit warmer than I am right now.
09:24:25 <Kevin L> I like the graph on the NOAA site.
09:25:01 <Kevin L> Be lurking out in the shop.
09:28:10 <Graham> loks like Jim has had a long wait
09:31:55 <Graham> more white stuff
09:34:08 <Kent> I hope he has a down parka and a good seat pad.
09:39:45 <Kevin L> It's b a c k !
09:40:01 <Graham> WHY YES, YOU ARE BACK
09:40:30 <Kevin L> Hey, you can still see OF!
09:40:50 <ynpvisitor53> you must be taking good drugs.
09:41:40 <Will B> hmmm. beautiful day in the neighborhood?
09:42:08 <Will B> no wonder why there are so few times in GT today
09:50:06 <Dave from B> ..
09:55:48 <Dave from B> ..
09:59:15 <Graham> fluffy 1657
09:59:28 <Dave from B> Page is trying to tell me something
10:01:41 <Dave from B> going to restart
10:02:24 <Graham> bye
10:05:02 <Kitt> hello
10:05:30 <lc> hey Kitt
10:05:37 <Graham> hi you have snow too?
10:05:45 <Kitt> well we had a lovely day at preschool and laughed as the rain fell
10:06:24 <Kitt> no, we have had waves of rain followed by clearing skies then rain again
10:06:56 <Dave from B> No rain in Blgs...yet
10:07:38 <Graham> isn't rain wonderful?
10:08:00 <Graham> we have flooding here, over 5" in some places in the last couple of days
10:08:08 <lc> wish we could get some rain.
10:08:27 <Kitt> we needed the rain
10:08:46 <Dave from B> We need rain but just not on Saturday...grad party outdoors
10:10:05 <Kitt> So many people were thinking of camping this weekend and they are changing their plans
10:10:55 <Dave from B> Brings back memories of being at OF last Memorial Day
10:11:26 <Kitt> I'm thinking a trip to Thermopolis hot springs will be a great way to spend at least one day
10:11:43 <Dave from B> Kitt, page wants to keep you a number
10:12:08 <Kevin L> As long as the rain stays away from Monte Carlo, Indianapolis, and Charlotte this weekend.
10:12:13 <Kitt> I noticed that
10:13:27 <Dave from B> I forgot, Kevin's favorite weekend of racing.
10:13:44 <Graham> blue sky
10:13:58 <Kitt> steam cloud on hill
10:14:25 <Kitt> Hm don't know what I saw
10:14:42 <Kitt> I switched off chat long enough to be me and not a number
10:14:53 <Graham> i wonder if Jim is still there
10:15:44 <Kitt> usually gone by this time
10:16:28 <Graham> think that last snow drove him away, there was a red sitter at BH
10:21:26 <Kitt> sky is getting bluer over the hill
10:21:40 <Kitt> that means tonight will be very crisp in Yellowstone
10:22:48 <Graham> lets go!
10:23:54 <lc> Kitt, queston on PM.
10:25:27 <Dave from B> ..
10:27:11 <af> I just said thingy ma jig
10:27:41 <af> why I think of these things I have no clue
10:31:54 <Dave from B> af, our mystery chatter returned this morning with another oldie music reference
10:34:19 <Kevin L> Did you see I got a second Aurum just after I signed off Dave?
10:35:15 <Kitt> nice splash at bee
10:36:12 <af> does everyone know what 7 year anniersary it is today?
10:36:38 <Dave from B> I noticed that. You had 2 today
10:37:01 <af> well one actually I was just saying I got another day
10:37:07 <Dave from B> Geyser related, af?
10:37:12 <af> yes
10:37:21 <af> of course
10:37:28 <lc> last steamboat?
10:37:44 <Dave from B> Last Steamboat eruption?
10:37:48 <af> yes
10:38:21 <Kitt> rain dropis on top of bee
10:38:42 <lc> was not sure of the date but thought it was 2005.
10:38:55 <Dave from B> Was that the only Steamboat eruption since 5/2/00
10:39:13 <af> there were two in 2003
10:39:25 <Dave from B> Thanks, af
10:39:41 <Kitt> I think it was May 25th, 2005
10:39:49 <Graham> 2005 is the 7th anniversary of my second Giant :)
10:40:00 <af> oh wait
10:40:08 <Graham> this year is 7th anniversary
10:40:37 <Graham> not wuite the same as 7th anniversary of missing Steamboat again
10:40:48 <Kitt> How many Giants have you seen Graham?
10:40:50 <Graham> quite
10:40:58 <Graham> only 8
10:41:03 <Dave from B> My youngest was born on 5/2/00. Wife wouldn't let me name him Steamboat:)
10:41:08 <Graham> but it was 8 years between the first 2
10:41:16 <af> :)
10:41:40 <Graham> didnt you see more than 8 in one year Kitt?
10:41:51 <Graham> didnt you see more than 8 in one year Kitt?
10:42:03 <Kitt> I think 8 in a year is my max
10:42:16 <af> lion 1741
10:42:33 <Kitt> that included a lot of night eruptions
10:42:48 <Graham> no Lion
10:42:49 <af> what it splashed?
10:43:02 <Graham> i still have not seen it at night ... even with alll my night hours
10:43:03 <Dave from B> Wow, thanks great Kitt. I have seen 2
10:43:05 <af> I did an af. oh wait,,,
10:43:23 <Graham> how many total Kitt?
10:43:33 <Graham> :)
10:43:33 <af> rarest I have seen is artemisia
10:43:44 <Kitt> we had the one year that it was erupting approximately once a week
10:44:18 <Kitt> I haven't totalled the number of Giant eruptions I have seen
10:44:23 <Dave from B> ..
10:44:27 <Graham> 2006 was my best year with 3 in one 2 week trip
10:44:29 <af> roars
10:44:39 <Kitt> It includes many that I ran down to watch after the start
10:44:43 <af> its getting ready
10:44:57 <Graham> i have not had any of them :)
10:45:14 <af> I am heading out BBL
10:46:03 <Graham> Feb 2008 was the last for me, so over 4 years .. ug
10:46:29 <Kitt> I do remember a winter trip one
10:46:49 <Kitt> Each day I would go down and wait for the recovery hot period
10:46:58 <Graham> never forget it ... below zero waiting for Marathon recovery
10:47:13 <Kitt> I saw a very nice Giant with gray sky
10:47:52 <Kitt> but I walked up and heard Artememisia thump within 25 minutes of my arrival and that impressed me
10:47:53 <Graham> one of my favorites was the 6th hot period of the day at 0520
10:48:12 <Graham> it was may, so light
10:48:50 <Graham> maybe this year...its due :)
10:49:12 <lc> going to watch tv
10:49:17 <Kitt> would be nice
10:49:24 <Kitt> very close to Grand
10:49:29 <Kitt> bye lc
10:49:37 <lc> I will leave the computer on, just in case something happenes.
10:49:46 <Graham> i have seen pics of the rainbows from Grand
10:50:08 <Kitt> I think bee pulled a long interval last night
10:52:20 <Kitt> watching static
10:52:51 <Dave from B> ..
10:58:54 <Dave from B> bbl
11:00:06 <Kitt> bye
11:00:45 <Kitt> Dave
11:08:42 <Graham> ding
11:08:43 <Graham> ding
11:08:43 <Graham> BHI 1806ie
11:08:44 <Graham> ding
11:08:45 <Graham> its
11:08:46 <Graham> time
11:08:48 <Graham> .
11:08:49 <Graham> .
11:08:49 <Graham> .
11:09:03 <kcmule> cool
11:10:01 <Graham> where is everyone?
11:10:10 <Graham> maybe txting?
11:10:41 <Graham> sleeping?
11:10:44 <Graham> not typing?
11:11:24 <Jake> here
11:11:33 <Graham> look at thenice little geyser
11:11:39 <Graham> will they stay or walk on?
11:11:49 <Jake> walk on
11:12:13 <Jake> too cold to watch a piddly little thing
11:12:20 <lc> ok, i will watch this.
11:12:34 <Graham> yeah hardly worth watching that little sput when OF is due
11:12:51 <Graham> go sit on the Plume bench and see if you get wet
11:12:59 <Kitt> indy
11:13:02 <Kitt> ding
11:13:11 <Graham> i just read the sign it says the big one can erupt
11:13:28 <Jake> new word Kitt? indy-ing?
11:13:50 <Graham> Plume 1611ie
11:13:54 <Graham> 1811ie
11:14:13 <Kevin L> hi
11:14:25 <Graham> kitt must be snoozing
11:14:39 <Kitt> no I'm here
11:14:44 <Kitt> was ordering pizza
11:15:01 <Graham> mm bee and pizza
11:15:18 <Graham> we could have a fluffy spoiler too
11:15:18 <Jake> so, 32hr interval...a double, or a triple?
11:15:45 <Graham> double, would have had one this am
11:16:21 <Jake> ahh, I suppose that's true
11:16:37 <Dave from B> Thanks, Kevin
11:16:42 <Kevin L> yw
11:17:14 <Kevin L> I guess this answers our question about it erupting during the storm.
11:17:47 <Jake> maybe it erupted twice during the storm
11:18:35 <Jake> somebody out there figured out to stay
11:19:35 <af> ohai
11:19:40 <Jake> in the OF window, too
11:19:40 <af> ;:)
11:19:41 <Dave from B> Still n Lion
11:19:51 <Dave from B> Still no Lion?
11:20:07 <Kevin L> not yet
11:20:44 <Jake> Grand? lot of steam on static
11:20:48 <Dave from B> Anyone text vw?
11:20:55 <Kevin L> Well Fluffy did get us an Aurum this afternoon
11:21:02 <Kevin L> yes
11:21:23 <Kitt> Grand
11:22:06 <af> tienes razon
11:22:12 <Kevin L> Use them all up at once.
11:22:14 <Jake> had Grand 1818ie
11:22:19 <af> can we go back to bee?
11:22:23 <Kitt> nice spikes
11:22:26 <af> please
11:22:51 <af> thank you
11:22:57 <Kitt> no bee on static yet
11:23:27 <af> bee 1822
11:23:28 <Kitt> go big
11:23:32 <Kitt> yippee!
11:23:36 <Kitt> bee
11:23:45 <Kitt> 1822
11:23:59 <af> :)
11:24:17 <Graham> cant move the cam right now
11:24:32 <af> for once I am thanking Old Faithful
11:25:06 <Kitt> visitors are impressed
11:25:21 <Dave from B> Could have a early morning eruption tomorrow
11:25:31 <af> bee or Grand I wouldn't bee able to decide
11:25:43 <Jake> nice clouds
11:25:46 <lc> I really think Grand and Beehive are connected.
11:26:06 <af> bee and Grand are erupting and you think about the clouds?
11:26:17 <Dave from B> :)
11:26:32 <Kitt> very nice bee and Grand's spikes were lovely
11:26:38 <Dave from B> At least we can see clouds now
11:26:42 <Kitt> and fluffy is getting ready
11:26:54 <af> have soem chores BRB
11:27:00 <Jake> the clouds have a very aesthetic appearance along with the BH column
11:27:02 <lc> Riverside?
11:27:11 <af> :)
11:27:38 <af> geysers have prorities
11:28:06 <af> OF 1826
11:28:09 <Kitt> fluffy
11:28:15 <Jake> I don't see steam for Riverside, lc
11:28:22 <Kitt> there
11:28:33 <Kitt> 3 big geysers all in a matter of minutes
11:29:10 <lc> I don't either Jake
11:29:35 <Dave from B> Let's go for 4
11:29:51 <Graham> could be grotto steam blown over
11:30:34 <Jake> timing isn't right for RS yet...another couple hours
11:30:45 <Jake> if this morning's time is correct
11:31:26 <Jake> OF was 1828, I think, not 1826
11:31:32 <Jake> two minutes matter!
11:31:54 <af> I see
11:32:06 <Graham> no, 26
11:32:23 <Graham> chat log time is 2min fast
11:32:41 <Kitt> thanks Graham
11:32:51 <Graham> yw
11:32:54 <Kitt> I thought it was different yesterday
11:33:17 <Jake> I sit, corrected
11:33:23 <Graham> doesn't look like we missed Daisy during that eruptionfest
11:33:36 <Graham> looks like it will be a while too
11:33:45 <Kitt> pizza is here, enjoy your day
11:33:46 <Kitt> bye
11:34:00 <Dave from B> Bye, kitt
11:34:05 <Graham> where is our pizza?
11:34:07 <lc> enjoy you pizza
11:34:14 <Kevin L> bye
11:34:19 <af> bye
11:34:42 <af> I use my computor time synce it with webtime. Thanks kc
11:35:34 <lc> I'm gone now. have a good night everyone.
11:35:42 <af> bye
11:35:46 <Dave from B> Bye, lc
11:35:55 <Kevin L> bye
11:42:11 <Dave from B> Kevin, have you ever heard of Andy Griffith's song, What it was, was football?
11:42:48 <Kevin L> All that fighting over a quarter?
11:43:24 <Graham> Bulgers hole report by Barbara
11:43:41 <Graham> stepping away, bbs
11:44:11 <Dave from B> I laugh everytime I hear it
11:44:28 <Kevin L> Haven't heard it for a long time.
11:45:08 <Dave from B> I have a 45 of it around here somewhere
11:45:36 <Dave from B> First report of Bulger's Hole since Feb 24
11:46:03 <Kevin L> If you like that one, you will love this one:
11:46:07 <Kevin L>
11:50:18 <Ryan> nice to see the weather is improving
11:56:38 <Dave from B> Kevin, that was funny. I haven't heard that one before
11:56:53 <Dave from B> Hi, Ryan
11:56:56 <Kevin L> One of my favorties.
11:58:09 <Kevin L> I remember the first time I drove a VW, I couldn't find reverse either.
12:01:32 <Dave from B> Nothing beats good clean comedy. Our family loves watching reruns of "whose line is it anyway"
12:05:38 <Kevin L> I always have enjoyed the old TV shows. Andy Griffith was great. If you haven't seen the pilot, it was on Danny Thomas where Andy stopped him for a traffic violation in Mayberry.
12:08:09 <Dave from B> I don't remember the pilot, but that show was funny. I loved Barney Fife and Gomer Pyle
12:08:58 <Graham> Plume 1907
12:09:43 <Kevin L> The first pairing of Griffith and knotts was a movie call "No Time for Sargeants". A really funny movie.
12:10:03 <Dave from B> wb, Graham
12:10:14 <Graham> wow look at all the Jet times
12:10:36 <Graham> Lynn has been busy
12:12:09 <Dave from B> No snow storm is going to slow Lynn down
12:13:29 <Graham> 10 MT before Ftn
12:14:45 <Graham> and Old COne erupted too, been a while
12:18:08 <Graham> so mucvh for seeing Daisy
12:19:01 <Dave from B> I don't see anything in the logs about lc seeing Old Cone today
12:19:24 <Graham> its the Other geyser
12:19:26 <Dave from B> My not lc
12:34:16 <Jake> stilllllll no Lion??
12:34:35 <Graham> we had BH
12:34:48 <Graham> and Jet
12:34:50 <Jake> I was around for that
12:34:51 <Graham> and Jet
12:34:53 <Graham> and Jet
12:34:55 <Graham> and Jet
12:35:20 <Graham> busyGT day
12:35:46 <Jake> ls had a busy day
12:36:08 <Graham> yeah looks like all of it in one spot
12:38:08 <Graham> with the NG this morning, Lion must have quit early this MA or midnight?
12:40:09 <Jake> probably
12:40:45 <Jake> I've been meaning to look at Lion/NG relationship with GT data to try to get a feel for the series' events
12:41:24 <Graham> usually start several hours after Lion - as short as 5 maybe but often around 9
12:41:50 <Graham> then continues with minor possibilities several hours after the series ends
12:41:59 <Graham> Majors are in the series
12:48:05 <Jake> can NG minor after a Major?
12:48:26 <Graham> yes but its been a while
12:50:02 <Graham> well i guess the correct answer is "no reports"
12:50:23 <Graham> no minors seen after the majors
12:50:42 <Graham> easy to check using the Retrieve function
12:51:53 <Graham> only 7 Majors reported
12:55:14 <Jake> Majors remain elusive
12:55:35 <Graham> at least for most of us :)
12:55:45 <Graham> some ppl just walk up on them
12:56:08 <Jake> it was an educated walk up, but I now realize how very lucky it was
12:57:23 <Graham> OF 1955
12:59:43 <Dave from B> Jake, I have a question about GT
13:00:15 <Jake> I can conjure up an answer
13:00:16 <Dave from B> Say I wanted to find the 10 shortest intervals for Grand in 2012. Is there a quick way to do that?
13:00:43 <Jake> no
13:01:11 <Jake> quickest available way is to goto Data Analysis
13:01:20 <Dave from B> That's what I thought. Just wanted to make sure. Thanks, Jake
13:01:26 <Jake> and look at the last 200 reports
13:01:49 <Jake> you can hover the mouse over the lowest points and it will give you an interval and the date/time of the eruption
13:02:06 <Dave from B> Didn't know that. Thanks
13:02:19 <Jake> requires visual inspection, though
13:02:32 <Jake> and a lot of the shortest intervals are really close to each other
13:02:34 <ynpvisitor46> HI
13:02:50 <Jake> also, with that many points on the chart, it's hard to highlight the correct one...
13:03:01 <Jake> but at least there's a list of entries/intervals on the side you can scan
13:04:16 <Jake> it's not a super-friendly way to find it, though, so I'd like to make something better
13:06:33 <Dave from B> Jake, thanks again for creating the site. I can't wait until Will has added the almost 40 years of data to the site
13:07:23 <Jake> poor guy, I really should beat him to it since it would take me A LOT less time to get all that data in
13:07:36 <Jake> but I think it will be a great resource
13:07:52 <Graham> i am not competing for who enters most times this year :)
13:08:01 <Dave from B> It'll be nice to have all that data in one place
13:08:03 <Jake> not that that info isn't already available on the GOSA site, but to have it be a little more accessible
13:08:46 <Dave from B> Ww'll all be competing for #2 spot this year
13:08:53 <Dave from B> We'll
13:09:28 <Graham> Aurum 2007ie
13:10:10 <Jake> nice catch
13:10:27 <Graham> not as good as Kevins eaelier
13:12:06 <Jake> Daisy?
13:12:19 <Dave from B> 4 of 9 Grand intervals under 6:30 have been in last 8 days. Noteworthy or just a function of more daylight (hence more eruptions seen)?
13:12:30 <Graham> another af eruption i thinlk
13:12:36 <Dave from B> In 2012
13:13:20 <Jake> steam cloud was way up there
13:13:49 <Graham> ok, just not when you posted
13:14:36 <Graham> i think the eruption is going to be very big steam
13:15:15 <Graham> all that steam is from Sawmill
13:16:38 <Graham> Riverside 2015ie
13:19:16 <Graham> odd layered lighting
13:29:06 <Jake> Depression 2027ie
13:29:11 <Graham> Dep 2027ie
13:30:09 <Dave from B> Time to go. Talk to everyone tomorrow
13:30:18 <Graham> bye
13:30:23 <kcmule> nite
13:31:29 <Graham> i am ready to quit. anyone want the last light?
13:36:16 <Graham> no takers?
13:37:10 <Graham> Lil squirt
13:39:38 <Graham> goodnight all
13:39:50 <Jake> nite
13:40:30 <kcmule> sorry ill jump on
13:40:34 <Graham> good luck with Lion :)
13:40:45 <kcmule> nice light anyway
14:23:47 <kcmule> OF 21:22
14:24:21 <Kevin L> Nice lighting
14:25:21 <kcmule> at least OF took advantage of it
14:25:54 <Kevin L> Not too bad of a day considering.
14:45:16 <kcmule> wonder what tomorrow will bring. nite