Showing logs for date: 2012-06-18
22:39:46 <CC> Daisy 5:38 IE
22:44:57 <CC> Preplay at OF
22:48:21 <ynpvisitor100> morning
22:48:30 <CC> morning
22:56:14 <CC> NG about 5 minutes ago..minor
22:56:15 <ynpvisitor100> .
22:58:02 <CC> OF 5:57
23:55:13 <ynpvisitor001> Plume 0654
00:01:53 <Dave from B> Good Morning, everyone
00:30:47 <Dave from B> OF 730 ie
00:31:07 <Dave from B> Static had it ie at 729
00:55:52 <Ryan> Morning Dave
00:55:55 <Ryan> Morning Numbers
00:56:04 <Ryan> Beautiful day!
00:56:08 <Dave from B> Morning Ryan
00:56:16 <Dave from B> Not much steam today
00:57:11 <Ryan> so i see
01:00:31 <Dave from B> Thinking BH has gone. Hoping we see NG this morning
01:01:02 <Ryan> that would be nice
01:08:55 <Ryan> going afk, ding for BH
01:09:06 <Ryan> or NG
01:09:41 <Dave from B> Will do
01:34:20 <Dave from B> Daisy 834 ie
01:34:40 <Ryan> :)
01:59:18 <af> hello
02:00:37 <af> of 900
02:01:47 <af> howdt
02:02:02 <af> ok
02:02:05 <Dave from B> Hi, af. Sorry to hear about Andy Schleck
02:02:20 <af> that was a short!
02:02:34 <af> oh yeah
02:03:07 <af> i am going for a run just checking in
02:03:20 <af> can you put that in?
02:03:28 <ynpvisitor65> I was wondering if that was a short OF. Haven't seen too many.
02:03:39 <Dave from B> np ,af
02:04:06 <ynpvisitor95> I had just over 2 min
02:05:51 <ynpvisitor65> I keep forgetting, what counts as short vs. long?
02:06:45 <Dave from B> Not sure, either. Thinking it is 3 minutes
02:07:27 <ynpvisitor65> OK, thanks.
02:11:28 <Will B(@ Work)> Good morning!
02:11:56 <ynpvisitor65> Good morning.
02:12:29 <Will B(@ Work)> 65 the long short line is about 3.5 min but that is not set in stone
02:13:44 <ynpvisitor65> Thanks.
02:17:02 <Dave from B> ..
02:17:19 <Dave from B> Morning, Will B
02:17:34 <Will B(@ Work)> Hi Dave
02:18:19 <Dave from B> Thanks for the text yesterday. Couldn't quite make it home in time
02:18:35 <Will B(@ Work)> np
02:23:52 <Will B(@ Work)> hi lc
02:23:53 <lc> we need to get from the VC what they use for long/short OF
02:24:18 <lc> morning Will, Dave
02:24:29 <Dave from B> Hi, lc
02:24:51 <ynpvisitor65> Hi lc.
02:25:08 <lc> morning 65
02:26:03 <kc (working)> short is under 2 mins. they used to add 60 mins but that may have changed
02:26:14 <kc (working)> *used to add 62 mins
02:26:24 <lc> Kevin said a week or so ago that he thought 3.5 min, Kitt said she thought 2.5.
02:26:53 <ynpvisitor65> 62 minutes looks right. Next prediction is 1002.
02:26:56 <lc> I always thought 2.5
02:27:10 <ynpvisitor65> Old Tardy.
02:27:20 <ynpvisitor68> I think I read somewhere +/-3
02:28:01 <kc (working)> there are 2 'mediums', 2-3 mins and 3-4 mins
02:28:32 <kc (working)> over 4 mins is long, add 90 mins
02:28:35 <lc> Graham sait very few eruptions stoped between 2.5 and 3.5.
02:28:48 <kc (working)> i dont have the current 'medium' numbers
02:29:02 <Will B(@ Work)> Grand 0928
02:29:09 <lc> Grand 0928
02:31:41 <lc> if I don't forget I will try to find out next week.
02:32:32 <Will B(@ Work)> is anybody else having problems with the GOSA site?
02:32:56 <ynpvisitor68> ha ha yeah, triede that too
02:32:58 <ynpvisitor65> Any particular page?
02:33:19 <Will B(@ Work)> anything but the home page
02:34:16 <ynpvisitor65> Yup. Onlt the home page will load for me.
02:38:17 <af> that was a nice run
02:38:40 <Dave from B> How far, af?
02:38:46 <af> 3.5 miles
02:39:18 <af> 2nd
02:40:03 <Dave from B> ok, I guess I looked away at the wrong time again
02:40:06 <af> that was nice
02:40:14 <lc> less than a min
02:40:27 <af> lets get a third
02:40:32 <af> the pause looked too long
02:42:10 <ynpvisitor65> Can't stay here all day, unfortunately. See you later.
02:42:23 <af> bye 65
02:42:25 <lc> later 65
02:49:04 <af> I got myself a big floppy hat for the sun
02:56:14 <af> yep it was a short
02:58:50 <ynpvisitor68> wikipedia, which generally knows what is found on other websites, says OF is +/- 2.5 for long/short
02:59:34 <af> well preplay has started
03:00:21 <lc> don't remember where I got it but that is what I thougt. thanks 68
03:00:42 <af> TSB does't have it
03:00:47 <af> Hi Kevin
03:00:52 <Kevin L> hi
03:02:37 <Dave from B> Hi, Kevin
03:02:51 <Kevin L> of 1002
03:03:05 <Kevin L> Hi
03:03:24 <Dave from B> Had our first snake in our yard in our 13 year s at our current house. Subject of snakes keeps coming up:)
03:03:55 <af> those things can be very quiet and snaky
03:03:56 <Kevin L> Did you find your back door?
03:05:42 <Dave from B> Just a harmless garter snake. We didn't even relocate him...just let him be. My son had fun watching him for a awhile
03:06:17 <lc> got a bird house on one of the deck post, few weeks ago I opened it to see if birds building in it, there was a snake in it.
03:06:44 <af> I told you there very snaky
03:07:40 <Kevin L> Don't like snakes at all. They seem to get into lots of places you don't think they can.
03:07:41 <lc> how they can climb a 6x6 post, I don't know.
03:08:25 <lc> it was a chicken snake, harmless.
03:08:46 <Kevin L> Unless you are a chicken.
03:09:06 <af> in which case kevin wouldn't like them
03:10:32 <Kevin L> Looks like a boring day coming up. I would guess at least 4 hours before we have a shot at BH. Hopefully we get a Lion start.
03:10:50 <ynpvisitor68> haven't heard "chicken snake" - is that what I would call a black or rat snake (all black as adult) or a corn snake (more rust colored with a pattern)?
03:13:51 <lc> has a pottern, black/dark gray.
03:14:53 <lc> that is probably a local name or down south name. g
03:15:21 <Kevin L> Chicken snake and rat snake are the same thing.
03:16:04 <lc> they are not a bad thing, eat a lot of mice/rats.
03:16:18 <ynpvisitor68> ok, yeah our "black snakes" have a pattern in gray and black as juveniles and it fades, only seen faintly later on or on their belly
03:16:52 <lc> sounds like the same thing.
03:17:46 <ynpvisitor68> I saw a timber rattler for the first time, on the Appilachian Trail about a month ago
03:17:50 <lc> we also have a black racer, they are pretty much solid black.
03:18:38 <Kevin L> I HATE rattlesnakes. They sneak down here every once in a while.
03:19:02 <lc> we have a few rattlers, don't like them at all.
03:19:10 <lc> and copperheads
03:19:43 <ynpvisitor68> Check out the black snake climbing a tree on the wikipedia site
03:20:14 <Kevin L> Dittos on the copperheads. And the cottonmouths. Those are very aggresive. Glad we don't have either of them here, but I did battle with a few in Texas.
03:20:58 <ynpvisitor68> I haven't seen a copperhead in probably 10-12 years. No cottonmouths here.
03:21:03 <af> I have seen a rattler, garte rsnake and king snake thats all
03:21:07 <af> plume 1021
03:21:15 <Kevin L> Plume 1020 ie
03:21:18 <af> california is pretty tame
03:30:16 <lc> time for a break
03:53:33 <Dave from B> ..
03:54:03 <Rich> Morning Everyone
03:54:31 <Dave from B> Hi, Rich
03:55:22 <Rich> HHi Dave
04:05:20 <Will B(@ Work)> .
04:06:36 <Rich> Are we at 'chatroom' indicator for BH? 14 members. g
04:07:01 <Dave from B> People are waiting for something
04:07:47 <Dave from B> What's fire code for this room?
04:08:03 <Rich> As in 'ANYTHING'?? g
04:08:32 <Will B(@ Work)> fire code?
04:09:04 <Kevin L> 32
04:09:08 <Dave from B> Capacity?
04:09:29 <Dave from B> Thanks, Kevin. I figured there was one.
04:09:32 <ge (working)> Today's Fire Code=F&M
04:09:32 <Rich> g
04:10:54 <Kevin L> Do sleepers count?
04:11:27 <ynpvisitor74> I thought it was like a clown car- unlimited :)
04:13:08 <Rich> Has the location of the Mobile cam been identified?
04:14:08 <Rich> Well, duh! on my part. The location is in the top line. g
04:14:47 <Rich> Biscuit Basin
04:17:28 <af> report from my dad about lassen: there is a true geyser that has recently devoped in a valley a little wase from teh road
04:18:06 <Rich> good news
04:18:37 <Rich> I should make a day trip up there. Road is open over the top.
04:18:46 <Kevin L> Don't let Harry Reid find out about it.
04:23:53 <Kevin L> Bet we get a Daisy/OF dual again.
04:24:32 <af> I shall not its in a national park though
04:26:09 <af> I am going there in 2 weeks I belive I think I will be able to give a more therough report
04:28:06 <af> my dad said 10-15 feet every 10 minutes
04:28:52 <af> bbl
04:31:10 <Dave from B> .. Bye, af
04:31:43 <Rich> bye af
04:32:36 <Rich> Hi Ryan
04:42:12 <Kevin L> This interval is a long.
04:43:43 <af> i hate how robust the cache on this tablet is
04:44:16 <af> i clear everythong once thrn i am still af when the chatpage comes back
04:45:09 <Rich> not necessarily the tablets fault. Seems to have happened to several other visitors, over time.
04:46:00 <Kevin L> I think this is the longest OF interval I have had on the cam.
04:46:15 <ynpvisitor35> how long
04:46:30 <Kevin L> 1h45m and counting.
04:47:30 <Dave from B> Anyone leaving the bw?
04:47:39 <Kevin L> I am wondering if Daisy went early and I missed it. Been watching it for about 50m now. Well over 3 hours.
04:48:11 <Kevin L> OF 1147
04:48:47 <ynpvisitor35> geysers arent liking you today then
04:51:58 <Kevin L> I knew it.
04:52:00 <ynpvisitor35> daisy 1151 ie
04:52:05 <Kevin L> Daisy 1151ie
04:52:13 <Rich> right on que
04:53:00 <Kevin L> If either one would have gone as normal, we would have caught them both.
04:53:45 <ynpvisitor35> see beehive, i must
05:02:47 <Rich> Yoda?
05:05:29 <Will B(@ Work)> .
05:17:24 <Rich> bb shortly, I hope. Watch for BH now. g
05:32:21 <Will B(@ Work)> Ding?
05:32:37 <Kevin L> ding
05:32:38 <Kevin L> ding
05:32:39 <Will B(@ Work)> .
05:32:39 <Will B(@ Work)> .
05:32:39 <Will B(@ Work)> .
05:32:40 <Will B(@ Work)> .
05:32:40 <Will B(@ Work)> .
05:32:40 <Will B(@ Work)> .
05:32:40 <Will B(@ Work)> .
05:32:41 <Will B(@ Work)> .
05:32:41 <Kevin L> ding
05:32:41 <Will B(@ Work)> .
05:32:42 <Kevin L> ding
05:32:48 <ynpvisitor3> ty
05:32:55 <ge (working)> thanks
05:32:56 <Will B(@ Work)> BHI 1232ie
05:32:58 <Ryan> BHI ie
05:34:30 <Dave from B> I'm awake
05:34:39 <af> just got back from.. ohai :)
05:34:43 <Michael> Hi everyone.
05:34:44 <BB> and I had the sound turned off!
05:34:49 <Kevin L> Good timing BB
05:34:49 <Rich> Hi Michael
05:34:51 <Rich> Hi BB
05:34:58 <BB> Just wondered about 18 messages on the chat tab
05:34:59 <af> hi
05:35:00 <BB> hi guys
05:35:05 <Ryan> Were you all hear under different names!?
05:35:23 <Dave from B> Hi, BB Michael. wb, af
05:35:25 <BB> I came in a few minutes ago and was reading the log
05:35:40 <af> I was lurking as 35
05:35:45 <Rich> Somebody grab the tree.
05:35:59 <Kevin L> Wind SSW 11G23
05:36:10 <Rich> I believe
05:36:17 <Ryan> Assuming Verizon has 3G or 4G coverager there, Im giving you guys near constant updates in the park :)
05:36:30 <af> someone should txt kitt so she can holl over there
05:36:46 <Ryan> She might be there
05:36:49 <Will B(@ Work)> lion is splashing
05:36:56 <Ryan> if shes in the basin, she knows
05:36:57 <af> tehy do ryan my dad called my mom in midway on the way to imperial
05:37:14 <Ryan> ?
05:37:27 <Ryan> Oh, about Verzion, ok
05:37:43 <af> verizon has 3g in midway on the trail to imperial so I think they would in UGB
05:38:01 <Ryan> ok
05:39:05 <Will B(@ Work)> .
05:39:34 <af> how I spend my afternoons
05:39:58 <af> a ranger led tour
05:40:19 <af> on a buetiful summer afternoon lol
05:40:20 <Will B(@ Work)> af are you in the park?
05:40:41 <Dave from B> af, is only reminicing
05:40:48 <Rich> I haven't been able to locate any information on the Lassen Geyser.
05:40:49 <Ryan> g
05:41:04 <Ryan> Rich, Terminal "Geyser"?
05:41:16 <Will B(@ Work)> thats what i thought just double checking
05:41:45 <Michael> BB, are you capturing the still cam? There was steam at North Goggles about 5 minutes ago. Probably just Indicator steam, but worth another look.
05:41:46 <af> no its not
05:42:01 <Kevin L> Lots of customers for this bh.
05:42:04 <Will B(@ Work)> BH 1241
05:42:04 <af> bee 1241
05:42:06 <Ryan> BH 1242
05:42:23 <af> climb bee!
05:42:30 <Rich> Previous conversation here, mentioned that a 'true' geyser has started up in Lassen NP.
05:42:50 <Ryan> recently?
05:42:52 <BB> Michael, yes, but downstairs. Will go and check after BH
05:43:27 <af> my dad observed it yesterday and told that to me I have no details and right now the nps probably doesn't know
05:43:51 <Ryan> Fairly tall gievn the wind factor
05:43:57 <af> I will be gooing there in 2 weeks and will give you a more formal report if you want one
05:44:12 <Rich> ty, I was just trying to plan a day trip and wanted to be sure it would still be 'there' b
05:44:35 <Ryan> g
05:45:00 <Michael> Please do. Current thermal activity at Lassen would also be an excellent subject for a GOSA Transactions article, if you are so inclined.
05:45:00 <af> its only conjecture as to if it is one however no closed intervals have were taken and it was 'intermintant'
05:45:10 <Ryan> that was a nice break from chores
05:45:33 <Ryan> :)
05:45:35 <Ryan> later
05:45:37 <af> agreed
05:45:39 <Will B(@ Work)> run!
05:45:43 <af> bye ryan
05:46:11 <Rich> bye ryan
05:46:23 <Michael> Bye Ryan.
05:46:33 <af> michael I won't have that time to somethign of that nature a report on this 'geyser' I will do though
05:46:50 <Will B(@ Work)> .
05:46:58 <af> and an update on drake sbad area which i will see too
05:47:05 <Michael> Anything is better than what I know now...
05:48:11 <af> k, will get back to some otehr stuff BBL thanks for the dings
05:48:23 <Rich> later af
05:48:32 <Michael> Bye af.
05:49:09 <Rich> What is it, Fleet Day at BH?
05:50:34 <Michael> Just a lovely almost-summer afternoon
05:52:17 <Rich> It's not supposed to hit triple digits today, unlike yesterday.
05:53:00 <BB> Michael, I found the frame you were referring to... Indicator steam is my guess
05:53:05 <BB> too far left for NG
05:53:46 <Michael> Thanks. Would have been an unexpected time for NG, too.
05:55:05 <Dave from B> ..
05:57:26 <Michael> Little Cub 12:56ie. Might be the best excitement for a a little while now.
05:59:14 <Dave from B> Slight rocking motion may put all of us asleep
06:00:11 <Rich> OF should be coming into its window.
06:01:51 <Michael> That's worth sticking around for. Then I'll get back to work.
06:03:22 <Rich> VEC pred 13:17
06:07:16 <Michael> Old Faithful 13:07
06:07:17 <Kevin L> OF 1306
06:07:21 <Ryan(away)> fluffy!
06:07:23 <Dave from B> OF 1307 ie
06:08:04 <Rich> Nice
06:16:27 <Rich> bb tomorrow, have a good day everyone.
06:16:40 <Michael> Bye Rich. I'm heading out too.
06:41:58 <HermBumpus> Plume 1314
06:42:06 <HermBumpus> 1341
07:02:00 <Will B(@ Work)> transfer of both the 1973 and 1974 OFVCL-EV are now complete!
07:08:23 <Dave from B> Great job, Will! I didn't even know what a geyser was in 1973
07:22:00 <af> and will and I didnt exist then
07:22:19 <Will B(@ Work)> same with me
07:22:40 <Kevin L> I was out of High School.
07:24:53 <af> time for a big pretzal
07:25:22 <Dave from B> I was 10 and sheltered in a town of 5000 in Eastern Montana
07:33:41 <Kevin L> Plume 1433
07:34:36 <Dave from B> Kevin, what happened to Kyle yesterday? More engine problems?
07:35:09 <af> wonder where he is today
07:36:15 <Kevin L> 3rd week in a row he had engine failures. That make 3 engine failures this year for the entire Joe Gibbs team. Other two ended up worse. Joey ended up wadded into a ball and Hamilton was in a BBQ.
07:36:22 <Dave from B> af, did you hear Andy Schleck is out of the Tour de France?
07:36:56 <Dave from B> Kyle's going to have a hard time catching up at this rate
07:37:05 <af> yes he broke some bone. his pelvis or something really nasty
07:38:04 <Kevin L> I worked with a guy that raced bikes and even rode with Lance Armstrong a few times. He had some really ugly injuries from race crashes.
07:38:23 <af> yep his oelvis
07:38:57 <Kevin L> At least a race car you have a steel cage around you.
07:40:32 <Dave from B> You're right, Kevin. Steel cage helps most of the time
07:41:24 <af> but they're gtown men
07:41:35 <af> and tgey crasg eezspensive cars
07:41:53 <Kevin L> I did a wipeout on a bike when I was 8 and it really messed up my knee. Still can see the evidence today.
07:42:17 <af> that was a while ago
07:42:28 <af> ive have broken three bones
07:42:30 <Kevin L> Hey af, there were a few guy driveng cars at about 200mph that were your age Friday.
07:42:48 <af> :0
07:42:55 <af> i dont even drive yet
07:43:16 <af> but i geyser gaze so i dont care
07:43:23 <Kevin L> OF 1442
07:43:48 <af> bbl
07:43:52 <Kevin L> They had one kid that ran the race and was starting drivers education the next week.
07:44:03 <Dave from B> :)
07:44:24 <Dave from B> Sounds like my friend in hgih school, who drove to drivers training
07:44:44 <Kevin L> Kyle Busch was driving legends cars when he was 12. He let my son sit in his car several times.
07:57:52 <ynpvisitor28> when us garnd due?
07:58:13 <ynpvisitor28> yes garnd
07:58:46 <Dave from B> 1600-1800
08:01:15 <ynpvisitor28> thx
08:01:53 <Dave from B> yw, 28
08:12:06 <kc (working)> castle maybe
08:12:36 <Kevin L> Good eye kc
08:13:15 <kc (working)> thx, saw a couple whisps go by the cam
08:32:07 <Kevin L> Lion ie 1531
08:32:15 <Kevin L> This should be the initial
08:39:29 <Graham> hello
08:39:37 <Kevin L> Hi
08:39:39 <Graham> oh good, you got Lion going for me :)
08:40:32 <Kevin L> Just caught the tail end of the initial. Not sure if I missed Daisy or not. Been 3 1/2 hours but we did have a 3h20m earlier.
08:41:21 <Graham> at 3h50 now for Daisy, methinks we missed it
08:41:42 <Dave from B> Good evening, Graham
08:42:11 <Kevin L> Probably right. In a Grand window right now.
08:54:49 <af> time for grand
08:56:08 <af> you ahve a week- a week and a half graham. can you wait
08:56:32 <Graham> yeah countdown in single digits at work
08:56:41 <Dave from B> Graham, hope you are blessed with good weather this time
08:56:59 <Graham> yeah, no 90F heatwave :)
08:57:37 <af> its still yellowstoen though
08:57:50 <af> I really can't type well today
08:58:05 <Dave from B> Sun can get pretty intense; not a lot trees for protection...especially on GH
08:58:33 <Dave from B> Time for me to head out. Talk to everyone, tomorrow.
08:58:53 <kc (working)> bye Dave
08:59:03 <af> thats why you find geyser gazers by looking of rpeople with big floppy hats, radios and staring at the same thing for hour
08:59:09 <af> bye dave
08:59:21 <Kevin L> bye
08:59:32 <Graham> only 67F here now, may need heating
09:00:11 <kc (working)> i swim in SPF 50 before i go out
09:01:08 <af> I decided to uby a hat like dean's becuase i always seem to burn the back of neck. every place i vacation too
09:07:42 <Graham> bad Grand
09:07:45 <Graham> 1606ie
09:07:58 <Graham> not supposed to eruot when OF is due
09:08:32 <af> I lik etehse frequent intervals don't say anything bad
09:09:42 <Kevin L> Can't you hold that camera still?
09:09:55 <Graham> must be an earthquake
09:12:08 <Kevin L> OF 1611
09:12:23 <af> retreat
09:12:29 <af> nice isullation
09:12:37 <af> osullation
09:13:12 <af> it slike the ~
09:15:13 <af> of is a potato at times
09:15:51 <af> here si the pause
09:16:16 <Graham> or post eruption
09:16:31 <af> post eruption sports report
09:17:13 <af> bbl
09:17:21 <Graham> Plume 1617
09:39:58 <Graham> Lion 1639
09:45:56 <Will B> Split cone 1645ie
09:46:19 <Graham> looks like you have been busy with the upoads Will, thanks
09:46:49 <Will B> np 1974 only had 1 month so that didnt take long
09:48:24 <Graham> ah, well where is 1975 then?
09:55:29 <Will B> i have only cleaned about a third of the months and then i need to start entering them
09:57:04 <Graham> k
09:59:26 <Will B> full zoom looks like it would be extra fun today
09:59:51 <af> where is this split cone?
10:00:22 <Will B> when looking at grand its at the bottom of the frame
10:03:28 <Will B> Aururm 1703
10:03:52 <Graham> Aurum 1702
10:04:03 <Will B> ok 1702
10:04:06 <af> is there some lag or something
10:04:14 <Will B> maybe
10:04:23 <af> I never sdaw that wierd
10:04:26 <Graham> was 1702 on static too
10:04:49 <Will B> my 1703should have been a ns also
10:05:24 <Graham> wonder why Kevin isn't all excited about it?
10:05:45 <Will B> Graham do you have the cam?
10:05:48 <kc (working)> 7h16m single i guess?
10:06:13 <Graham> more likely single but could be double
10:06:28 <kc (working)> hope so
10:06:41 <Graham> going into summer mode
10:06:49 <kc (working)> me too
10:06:58 <Graham> hey kc ... did your email get hacked? I got an odd email from you this weekend
10:07:23 <kc (working)> trojan, i think i got it fixed, sorry
10:07:47 <Graham> k, i deleted it right away anyway, didnt look right
10:08:28 <Graham> Plume 1708
10:09:23 <Will B> dang just realized i left my power cord to my laptop at work so i will only have about an hour before it dies
10:10:11 <af> nice
10:10:28 <af> tip: set it to power save
10:10:36 <Will B> it is
10:11:22 <Will B> af split cone is at the bottom right of the screen right now
10:11:35 <Will B> spasmodic 1711ie
10:11:45 <Graham> quick, let me move it
10:11:59 <af> oh that thing
10:12:16 <Graham> that thing is a geyser af
10:13:22 <Will B> steam along ground in Grand area dont know what it is
10:13:39 <Will B> wee sailing
10:14:11 <Graham> probably W Triplet
10:15:57 <Graham> is that smoke thats making it all fuzzy?
10:16:57 <Will B> probably just the wind moving the cam therefore not allowing the auto foucu to work
10:17:11 <Will B> *focus
10:17:39 <Graham> would think its raining but ppl don't look drippy
10:18:16 <Will B> does look a bit hazy now that i look at it
10:18:52 <Graham> maybe its jjuist east coast humid air?
10:21:03 <af> yes we ar every close to teh east coasdt
10:21:46 <Graham> AZ monmsoon heading way North?
10:22:22 <Will B> we really need that in CO right now
10:24:19 <Will B> T-44min of battery
10:24:44 <Graham> that means Giantess will erupt in 45min?
10:25:02 <Graham> yeah that fire is pretty bad....lots of smoke for you will?
10:25:07 <Will B> i do have a desktop but its slow
10:25:24 <Graham> we are slow too, so we will get along just fine
10:25:27 <af> use that IU use a slow one at shcool that works fine
10:26:27 <Will B> no not in the Denver metro area but up north yes. But there is now a fire ban where I was going to go camp for a 14er hike
10:26:55 <kc (working)> its statewide Will, stinks
10:27:16 <Will B> :( dont like hickenlooper right now
10:28:07 <Graham> hope theres no smoke in YNP
10:28:25 <Will B> check the fire lookout cam
10:30:03 <Graham> still bekow average fire season and only a 3/5 preparedness level
10:30:52 <Graham> only just over 1M acres burned, last year was over 4 by niow
10:32:39 <Graham> Lion 1732
10:34:04 <Will B> wow is that strong wind
10:34:18 <Will B> LC 1734
10:35:44 <Will B> OF1735
10:35:45 <Graham> OF 1735
10:37:08 <Will B> the top 25% of every geyser is being chopped off by the wind
10:37:34 <ynpvisitor18> 18 mph, gust to 28
10:37:51 <Will B> T-29min now
10:39:01 <Graham> Giantess is going to be awespome :)
10:39:21 <Will B> well then ill run up to the desktop
10:39:40 <Will B> which i may go do now
10:40:03 <Graham> now you gave it away, supposed to be silent on that
10:44:30 <ynpvisitor18> what is all the haze we are seeing on streaming?
10:44:50 <ynpvisitor18> don
10:45:02 <ynpvisitor18> don't seem so bad on static.
10:58:22 <af> whats so interesting about downbasin at the moment
10:59:20 <Graham> geysers
10:59:48 <af> what geysers are more interesting downbasin
11:00:01 <Graham> F&M, Giant, Daisy
11:00:28 <af> we can't see the first, giant is dormant and daosy ,igh tgo here. oh daisy
11:00:48 <af> what the heck was I saying?
11:01:06 <Graham> flunked English?
11:02:07 <af> no I didn't
11:03:09 <Graham> Daisy 1802
11:03:20 <af> plume 1803
11:03:32 <Graham> or maybe Plume
11:03:38 <Graham> see, got Daisy on my mind
11:03:56 <Graham> yeah its over kc!
11:04:08 <af> for just 13 hours
11:04:30 <kcmule> wish it was over
11:05:10 <af> and i still have yet to start it
11:05:14 <Graham> well at least you stopped working
11:05:27 <Graham> Sawmill is off
11:05:37 <af> sawmill id potato
11:05:49 <af> sprinler 1805 ie
11:05:49 <kcmule> oh yeah stopped that long ago
11:06:18 <Graham> what needs to be over
11:06:49 <af> did you here about the 'new geyser' in lassen according to my dad?
11:08:01 <Graham> nipe..gonna go there instead of YNP next year?
11:08:50 <af> yes I am would you be interested in my trip?
11:09:01 <af> diasy 1808
11:09:01 <Graham> Daisy 1808
11:09:26 <af> right on que, you should think about giantess
11:11:19 <Graham> big waves
11:11:48 <af> would you be interested to fill in for me in yellowstone graham I mean who wants to go there
11:12:14 <Graham> yep, only have 2 trips planned for next year
11:13:11 <af> no I am going to lassen in two week sof r day trip plan on seein gif this geyser thing is a true geyser
11:13:18 <Graham> uhoh
11:13:20 <af> BLOSD
11:13:38 <af> will what did you do
11:13:50 <Graham> did Wills laptop power off?
11:14:41 <Will B> i dont know let me see if its still on
11:15:40 <Will(dying lapt> its still going
11:16:07 <Graham> so it didnt cause BSOD
11:16:09 <Will(dying lapt> down to 7% though
11:16:27 <af> his essence did
11:17:41 <af> we must get the precious
11:17:46 <Will B> i love how my laptop has half the battery percentage but the same remaining time left
11:18:29 <Will B> it died...
11:19:13 <Graham> now you can go do something else
11:19:18 <af> why did you kill it?
11:19:33 <af> it was just an innocent little laptop
11:20:39 <Will B> hey i got it to reboot
11:20:55 <Graham> not for long
11:20:58 <Will(dying lapt> it just went to sleep
11:21:38 <af> my past posts just now have been very stupid
11:22:58 <Will B> ok now it wont turn on
11:24:49 <Will B> Lion roar 1823
11:24:57 <af> what kind of desktop are you using
11:25:31 <Will B> the one im on is a dell Optiplex 755
11:25:33 <af> lc 1825
11:25:39 <Will B> LC1824
11:26:02 <Demetri> you guys are too on top of Aurum eruptions
11:26:17 <Demetri> and man is it blowing a storm out there
11:26:26 <af> bbl video games time
11:26:37 <Will B> My laptop is a dell Precision M4600
11:26:58 <Graham> sorry, we will look away next time Aurum erupts :)
11:28:02 <Demetri> oh, and that daisy that you said was "right on time"
11:28:28 <Demetri> check, daisy did some WEIRD stuff today
11:28:31 <Graham> thanks. is it smoky in the park?
11:28:44 <Graham> i see it had long intervals
11:28:52 <Demetri> it was a bit when I looked at the far hills
11:28:55 <Graham> presume we missed one eruption
11:29:19 <kcmule> 2h 7m ?
11:29:25 <Graham> oh wait, just obver 2hinterval?
11:29:49 <Kevin L> Had a 3h20m interval.
11:29:56 <Demetri> apparently
11:31:00 <Graham> sure it wasn't 1501ie MDT?
11:31:22 <Demetri> no, because it was right before Grand
11:31:30 <Graham> k
11:32:04 <Demetri> unless all of us there at Grand saw splendid and just assumed it was Daisy without thinking
11:32:43 <Graham> haha i doubt it
11:33:55 <Demetri> there was another event cycle today
11:33:57 <Demetri> no pauses
11:34:00 <Demetri> poor water levels
11:34:03 <Will B> oops held down enter button
11:34:05 <Demetri> meh
11:35:25 <Graham> hope we get some more eruptions this summer
11:36:17 <Demetri> I still can't get that 1601 Daisy...but I'm spent, time to nap
11:36:24 <Demetri> hopefully the wind calms down soon
11:39:13 <Graham> Lion is sluggish
11:41:00 <Will B> is anybody going to be in the park in the fall when i will be there?
11:42:18 <Will B> weeee
11:42:37 <Graham> when will u be there?
11:43:45 <Will B> i dont know school starts the last week in august so I will be there some of the days on the weekends until the park closes
11:44:15 <Graham> lots of ppl there Labor Day
11:44:29 <Will B> really?
11:44:57 <Graham> lots of fall gazers the week before and after
11:45:12 <Graham> a bit quieter the week after that
11:46:31 <Graham> i will be there Labor Day for 2 weeks
11:47:00 <Will B> well people dont seem to walk that far down the basin so im not that worried but i do need to catch the fountains this fall, i have never seen them
11:48:04 <Graham> ok, lots of FTN watchers the first 2 weeks in Sept
11:48:20 <Graham> oops
11:48:21 <Will B> ahhhhhhhhhhhh
11:48:33 <Kevin L> Trying to take time off Graham?
11:48:33 <Will B> Graham!!!!!!
11:48:53 <Graham> got the wires mixed up
11:48:54 <Kevin L> Livescope is dead too.
11:49:07 <Will B> Jeprody tune playing...
11:49:27 <Kevin L> LS says camera switched off or faulty.
11:49:41 <Will B> uh oh
11:49:59 <Graham> could be nap time
11:50:13 <Graham> maybe power outage?
11:52:12 <kcmule> set the time zone, date and time
11:52:16 <Kevin L> It's Alive!!!!!
11:53:52 <Will B> dinner call bbl
11:56:50 <Graham> Plume 1856
11:59:13 <af> pizza tonight
11:59:54 <Graham> late for dinner
12:01:30 <af> geysers don't wait for din din
12:02:04 <Graham> thats why my pack weighs so much with all the food
12:02:21 <af> thats what I plan to do there
12:03:35 <af> and i will make sure to bring extra batteries of rfrs
12:03:42 <af> lots of batteries
12:03:53 <af> maybe some batteires ans the rechargables
12:03:54 <Graham> get a rechargable one
12:04:01 <Graham> much cheaper
12:04:34 <af> what are the best times to have the frs t=on then they only last for 8 hours or so
12:04:51 <af> oh wait I have lots oh rechrable batteries
12:06:41 <af> but the food they have there in the stor eis just awful
12:06:57 <af> anenome 1906
12:07:30 <Graham> not very good food options
12:07:49 <af> unless you go to the funny store in west
12:08:26 <Graham> the funy store?
12:08:40 <af> the food roundup?
12:08:55 <Graham> dunno
12:09:24 <Graham> OF 1909
12:09:25 <af> of 1909
12:09:34 <af> my see key isn't working
12:09:50 <af> like abdefg
12:10:03 <Graham> i rarely eat in West, just einos when something big erupts
12:11:06 <af> well I migt stok up on te tings I need tere so I won't ae to bye te rummy food
12:11:11 <Graham> exciting, a short
12:11:18 <af> 2 in a day
12:11:48 <kcmule> to go w short daisy i guess
12:11:55 <Graham> of course you have to cook your own steak at einos
12:12:29 <Graham> better get the cam back for the next Splendid :)
12:12:36 <af> te letter in te middle of te
12:12:46 <af> fail
12:12:54 <kcmule> eq yesterday is looking a little more significant
12:13:01 <af> 2 keys aren't working urious
12:13:27 <Graham> you should borrow Wills laptop
12:13:40 <Graham> stepping away, bbs
12:14:00 <af> only on te atpage
12:14:54 <ynpvisitor12> ch
12:15:25 <ynpvisitor12> you can use mine as you see fit
12:15:25 <af> h and c aren't working for me ad to opy tose from signifiant from you k and graam's sould
12:15:39 <af> :)
12:16:45 <af> its my browser
12:17:12 <af'> hhhccc
12:26:57 <af> goodnight all
12:28:54 <Graham> zzzzz
12:45:11 <Will B> ..
12:49:07 <Graham> Plume 1948
12:52:09 <Will B> is that sprinkler down by the river
12:52:21 <Will B> next to the tree
12:53:20 <Graham> i think so but perspective is hard to judge
12:55:35 <Will B> Guessing that is Bank below Daisy?
12:56:12 <Graham> yeah
13:05:13 <Will B> well im calling it a night
13:05:34 <Graham> now its time for Giantess :)
13:05:38 <Graham> goodnight will
13:22:45 <Graham> OF 2022ns
13:30:24 <Graham> Daisy 2030ns
13:31:44 <kcmule> nice
13:34:41 <Graham> Sawmill 2034ns
13:35:22 <Graham> i am done for the day if anyone wants the cam
13:35:37 <Graham> not much left, Plume coming up next
13:37:12 <kcmule> maybe move it around a bit later. too bad lion is done
13:37:33 <Graham> k
13:37:38 <Graham> yeah didnt last long
13:48:31 <Graham> Plume 2048
13:49:07 <Graham> how you enjoying your heat kc?
13:49:15 <Graham> giving Kevin a run for his money
13:49:47 <Kevin L> Supposed to top 110 tomorrow.
13:49:59 <kcmule> sun went down only 88 in here
13:50:13 <Graham> our forecast is 102 on Wed with a bit more humidity than you have
13:50:33 <Graham> I am checking out now, have fun
13:50:52 <kcmule> nite
13:50:57 <Ryan> night G
13:51:03 <Ryan> night everyonr
13:51:18 <Ryan> red light by depression?
13:51:21 <Ryan> Lens flafre?
13:51:35 <Kevin L> That is ugly
13:51:50 <Graham> bye
13:52:08 <kcmule> stop light for geysers
13:52:15 <Ryan> haha
13:52:19 <Ryan> night
14:55:22 <ynpvisitor12> OF very ie 21:54
15:04:09 <af> how long does it stay light kc?
15:05:06 <kcmule> depends what u consider light
15:05:28 <kcmule> livescope can still spot eruptions til about 2230 on clear night like this
15:05:29 <af> alight rnoufmgh ro see something other than black
15:05:50 <af> light enough to see something other than black eh
15:05:59 <kcmule> turn off all lights in room and turn up brightness and u can push it
15:06:18 <af> aurum 2205 ie
15:06:31 <af> add a?
15:07:29 <kcmule> got me, playing a game. nite
15:08:11 <af> nite
15:09:05 <af> i am goig late night and will push it