Showing logs for date: 2012-06-19
22:23:53 <CC> OF 5:16 Long
22:24:29 <CC> I now have a blue screen on Livescope
22:32:11 <CC> Castle 5:31 IE
22:51:28 <CC> morning Dave
22:52:03 <CC> looks like it is just us this morning
22:52:22 <CC> vw is on shortly
23:08:04 <ynpvisitor47> is that Grand or Oblong?
23:08:39 <ynpvisitor28> I think it is Grand I am counting the minutes
23:09:17 <ynpvisitor28> so far 8 minutes
23:13:39 <CC> I am calling it Grand..if I am wrong I am sure someone will correct me Grand 6:01
23:28:15 <Dave from B> Morning, CC. Was down in the freezer for awhile.
23:38:03 <ynpvisitor47> Riverside 0636ie
23:39:59 <CC> OF is in preplay
23:40:12 <CC> I have to leave now but vw shoold be on shortly
23:40:26 <CC> please post the OF time....thanks
23:40:45 <ynpvisitor47> will do
23:48:07 <Dave from B> Morning Kevin and lc
23:48:16 <Kevin L> hi
23:48:34 <lc> good orning Dave, Kevin
23:48:57 <lc> OF 0648
23:53:03 <lc> long
23:56:29 <Kevin L> Morning lc
23:57:25 <lc> saw your high yesterday was 112
23:58:15 <Kevin L> It was ugly
23:59:00 <lc> don't want to go outside
00:00:03 <Kevin L> I have to help with some training today. Luckily most of it will be inside.
00:00:37 <lc> 112 again today?
00:01:11 <lc> Daisy 0700ie
00:07:01 <Kevin L> It could reach that high again. I have been out adding a bit of water to my veggie garden.
00:08:28 <Kevin L> I will be out in the old Union Pacific passenger cars this morning. Last time we did the the AC broke down and they had to cram us into a single car. Hope that is not the case today.
00:15:16 <lc> bbl
00:23:21 <ynpvisitor84> ..
00:41:04 <Dave from B> ..
00:50:27 <ynpvisitor84> .
01:11:37 <af> good morning i have just wole up and as it appears ypu are asleep
01:13:38 <Dave from B> I am awake
01:13:50 <Dave from B> up since 330 am
01:14:59 <Kevin L> Old Filthy 0814
01:23:12 <Dave from B> Having problems, af?
01:26:23 <Kevin L> Heading out. Be back this afternoon.
01:26:48 <Dave from B> Enjoy your day in the train, Kevin
01:27:27 <ynpvisitor84> .
01:28:00 <ynpvisitor36> Lion 0827ie
01:28:23 <af> where ia kevin going
01:30:35 <af> no i am on my tablet which suls at comnecting and running stream on same page when asleep
01:31:58 <ynpvisitor18> Lion is an initial? Not showing on or as one.
01:32:21 <af> yes it should be
01:37:45 <ynpvisitor18> Wasn't sure if I missed one or not.
01:41:29 <Dave from B> Not exactly sure on Kevin, af. Doing some training involving trains I believe.
01:50:40 <Dave from B> Plume 850 ie
02:22:59 <ynpvisitor5> something going behind the tree line in the UB cam
02:27:47 <Ryan> Morning everyone :)
02:32:03 <Ryan> LC 0933ie
02:33:26 <Dave from B> Morning, Ryan
02:35:17 <vw> Operator cam is acting up again. At times nearly impossible to see anything. Will use public stream, but really slows down reaction time.
02:36:31 <vw> Daisy 0936 ie
02:36:57 <Dave from B> Good morning, vw
02:37:18 <vw> Hi Dave.
02:41:41 <lc (bbl)> Lion 0941
02:43:27 <vw> Thank you lc. I was wondering if Lion was going to be single eruption wonder today.
02:45:06 <Dave from B> Only 3 eruptions in the last series
02:45:39 <vw> OF 0945
02:47:27 <ynpvisitor36> Plume 0947
02:49:59 <vw> Thank you 36. I missed it behind OF
02:50:25 <Will B(@ Work)> stream down?
02:50:37 <vw> public stream working for me.
02:50:47 <af> no stream is up
02:50:53 <lc (bbl)> ok here
02:51:00 <vw> Operator view is messing up but I haven't hear that anybody is having trouble with public stream.
02:51:00 <Will B(@ Work)> live3 or 4?
02:51:12 <af> live 3
02:51:17 <lc (bbl)> 3
02:51:21 <af> 4 never works
02:51:23 <vw> I am just using the one embedded in chat
02:51:40 <Will B(@ Work)> thats black for me
02:51:49 <Will B(@ Work)> the embedded one
02:52:06 <af> ok heee
02:52:14 <af> here
02:52:23 <lc (bbl)> 4 is ok here also
02:52:35 <vw> Could be a browser issue too. Both Chrome and FF have had recent updates that have messed with some programs.
02:52:45 <af> 4 seens to be hut or miss
02:52:48 <Will B(@ Work)> all im getting on all the streams is the BlackSOD
02:53:21 <vw> Try Yellowstone Up Close and Personal?
02:53:39 <lc (bbl)> I have .ive 3 on FF and live 4 on IE
02:53:53 <af>
02:54:44 <af> lc i concur ff aleays had live 3 never 4 same with chrome
02:54:44 <vw>
02:56:48 <af> ill t
02:57:26 <af> we can look at the page source see qhich one the capt used
03:02:16 <Will B(@ Work)> oh well ill try later
03:06:29 <af> try updating flash and adobe air too
03:06:51 <af> or redownloading it seems to woek too
03:08:17 <Will B(@ Work)> yeah refreshed and it now works
03:10:05 <af> thats weird
03:12:09 <Dave from B> Live 4 by itself is working fine for me. I don't use chat streaming. Easier to fit on my monitor that way
03:12:43 <af> bbl
03:17:55 <ynpvisitor84> ..
03:31:36 <vw> Lion 1031
03:31:42 <ynpvisitor41> lion 1031
03:40:21 <Ryan> steam from NG
03:41:26 <Dave from B> Would not be surprised to see NG major's been about a week
03:43:54 <vw> Plume 1043
03:47:54 <vw> West Triplet 1047 ie
03:50:41 <vw> Looks like there may be some action from Rift too, but can't tell from this angle. Could just be steam drift.
03:54:31 <Will B(@ Work)> LC 1054ie
03:57:48 <Ryan> gtg, bbl
03:57:58 <Ryan(away)> enjoy your NG major
03:58:22 <Ryan(away)> ding?
03:58:38 <Will B(@ Work)> i thought i saw it also
03:58:42 <Ryan(away)> no ding sorry
03:59:04 <vw> Some heavy steam. A good sign.
04:06:54 <af> i need better connection
04:20:09 <Rich> G'Day everyone
04:22:07 <vw> Lion 1121
04:22:18 <vw> see if a major or minor...
04:22:27 <Dave from B> Hi, Rich
04:22:35 <Rich> Hi Dave
04:22:42 <vw> Looks like a major
04:24:01 <af> hello
04:25:05 <af> i am going this weekend to lassen so a very eraly report indeed
04:26:17 <Rich> hi af
04:31:28 <vw> OF 1131
04:39:08 <ynpvisitor10> Plume 1138
04:41:16 <vw> Something has come up and I have to step away for 15-20 minutes. I am going to aim the cam so it can catch a BH eruption should one occur.
04:41:49 <vw> I will try to hurry
04:42:21 <Dave from B> Thanks, vw
04:52:27 <Will B(@ Work)> ..
04:54:58 <Loisb> Greetings
04:55:09 <Dave from B> Hi, LoisB
04:55:22 <Will B(@ Work)> hi LoisB
04:55:23 <Rich> Hi Loisb
04:55:42 <Loisb> looks like a full house of working folks
04:56:23 <Dave from B> We'll all like to pretend we're working
04:56:37 <Loisb> vbg
04:56:48 <Rich> g
04:58:12 <Dave from B> Everyone ready for a NG major today?
04:59:05 <Loisb> no but ready for a Beehive and hoping that the UB cam stops its reverse images so I can really see it today
05:00:24 <Will B(@ Work)> Just looked at GT cb just entered a BH at 0337ie source frs call
05:00:27 <Dave from B> FYI, cb just posted an overnight BH. It was 337 ie
05:00:46 <Dave from B> 3 seconds faster than me, Will.
05:00:57 <Loisb> she was awake early
05:01:05 <Will B(@ Work)> :) me and Graham always seem to tie
05:01:51 <Loisb> better ties than no posts at all
05:02:23 <Dave from B> So, it looks like BH is at least 4 hours away.
05:02:43 <Loisb> just in time for my nap
05:02:47 <Will B(@ Work)> its a really light day here at work i may do some data transfer stuff here soon
05:08:19 <vw> Just catching up. So... no BH for a while. Time to watch Daisy then.
05:08:56 <Loisb> did the bison from earlier this morning leave?
05:09:12 <vw> Looks like they are gone now.
05:09:47 <vw> They often go into the trees across path from Castle. Good eats over there and some protection.
05:09:53 <Loisb> I did a couple of captures while I still had access to the streaming view - looked like at least two tiny babies
05:10:05 <Will B(@ Work)> Sawmill 1209ie
05:10:20 <Will B(@ Work)> maybe?
05:10:31 <vw> It also looked like one cow was ready to birth, so we may have three in the herd.
05:10:50 <vw> I would say yes on that Sawmill Will.
05:11:04 <Will B(@ Work)> look too far left to me
05:11:04 <Loisb> be nice if we get to see them again tomorrow
05:11:42 <Will B(@ Work)> sawmill is normally more in the gap between the trees i thought
05:12:08 <vw> Sawmill is right along the trunk of the tree. Tardy is away and towards the cam.
05:12:20 <vw> I will zoom again, but can't leave it long because of bounce.
05:12:53 <vw> :P
05:13:12 <vw> could lose my PB&J with that...
05:13:36 <Will B(@ Work)> oh im crazy then
05:13:43 <Will B(@ Work)> Truban?
05:13:49 <vw> no comment Will...
05:14:43 <vw> could be Turban. I thought we might have had some Rift action earlier because WT was erupting. WT off right now.
05:14:58 <Will B(@ Work)> or its oblong
05:15:14 <vw> Not enough steam for an active Oblong eruption.
05:15:40 <vw> Even with wind I would expect to see much more steam from Oblong.
05:16:03 <vw> Daisy 1215
05:17:11 <Will B(@ Work)> were in a lion window hopefully we didnt miss it
05:17:22 <vw> yeah, watching for it.
05:17:33 <Loisb> I am on UB Cam - no sign so far
05:17:35 <vw> Can't speak to when I was afk though
05:19:28 <Will B(@ Work)> just courious is it posible to relay a radio call from the LGB or is there too big of a gap in the chain?
05:19:53 <vw> Will, remind me to check the Grand area in about 10 minutes if I forget? We can watch to see if steam repeats. Would support a Turban cycle.
05:20:14 <Will B(@ Work)> ok i will try
05:20:19 <vw> rarely does it work.
05:20:55 <Will B(@ Work)> but the fact that it is possible surprises me
05:21:00 <vw> Some very high grade radios, ones that usually require a license to operate, will reach.
05:21:26 <vw> Yeah, every once in a while you will hear a faint call from the lower basins. Always a surprise. But rare.
05:22:40 <Will B(@ Work)> better chance of it working in the morning and evening less chance of having solar interferance
05:22:52 <vw> No bison Lois
05:23:11 <Loisb> they are waiting till I can see them in the morning - g
05:23:32 <vw> Will often return in the evening too.
05:23:43 <Will B(@ Work)> I am maybe looking to get new radios in the future any recomendations?
05:23:48 <Loisb> ah but by then I am asleep
05:26:39 <vw> Will, I have had the best luck with any Motorola. Older ones are the best, but that is more cuz' I can't figure out all the buttons on the new ones.
05:27:03 <Will B(@ Work)> haha
05:27:53 <vw> My old, yellow ones were easy. Single rotation took me from 4.0 to 4.5. New ones are a multi step function that drives me crazy.
05:28:00 <Will B(@ Work)> i was maybe looking for one with at least an earpice because i always end up missing the beginning of the call and then they dont repete it
05:28:40 <vw> All Motorola's have an earpiece plug in. Newer ones come with an earpiece that has a mic incorporated.
05:29:11 <Will B(@ Work)> ok
05:29:29 <vw> I have to have an earpiece. Also cuts down on the noise pollution in the basin, and definitely cuts down on the stares when people hear calls coming from your pocket.
05:29:59 <Will B(@ Work)> thoes are the best reactions
05:30:05 <vw> :D
05:31:49 <Will B(@ Work)> for the GMRS radios do they require a license?
05:32:32 <vw> not sure. Maybe that is the acronym for the radios I was thinking about earlier? I am sure others would know.
05:32:57 <vw> I know Lynn used one at one time that had a long reach.
05:33:09 <Will B(@ Work)> well there is FRS and GMRS
05:33:21 <vw> then I would guess GMRS!
05:33:28 <Will B(@ Work)> oh turban time?
05:33:58 <vw> Sawmill is still/back on.
05:34:08 <Will B(@ Work)> some steam way down basin over the trees
05:34:36 <vw> Lion 1233 ie, static cam
05:35:16 <vw> Plume 1234 ie, static cam
05:39:03 <vw> Steam now from the Grand area.
05:39:30 <vw> Looked like a little more than drift from Spasmodic.
05:43:36 <vw> Depression 1243 ie ? Heavy steam, but haven't seen water.
05:44:11 <vw> Time to watch for Riverside, and OF soon. Will leave in wide so we can see Grand area.
05:46:36 <vw> Riverside 1246 ie
05:51:28 <ynpvisitor97> hi
05:51:37 <Loisb> Hi
05:51:45 <ynpvisitor97> im from turkey
05:51:48 <ynpvisitor97> 38 m
05:51:48 <Dave from B> Hi, 97
05:52:15 <ynpvisitor97> anyway
05:52:17 <ynpvisitor97> bye
05:52:46 <lc> probably in wrong chat room. g
05:55:46 <Loisb> OF 1254
05:58:28 <Loisb> long
05:59:13 <Dave from B> Now what?
05:59:44 <Dave from B> Grand only thing due
06:00:14 <Loisb> You all could hope for another F&M
06:00:47 <vw> .
06:01:22 <vw> Grand 1301 ie
06:01:33 <vw> changing that to 1300 ie, static cam
06:01:56 <Loisb> g
06:02:02 <af> hi nice time to come on
06:02:32 <af> 0
06:03:47 <af> dreamskeever!!
06:08:56 <lc> maybe a second
06:08:59 <af> pause
06:09:12 <vw> Sweet
06:09:15 <af> 2nd
06:09:25 <af> very nice
06:09:32 <Dave from B> Yeah
06:10:00 <Will B(@ Work)> short 2nd
06:10:04 <af> lets get a third
06:11:04 <af> not today
06:11:07 <vw> We must have missed several minutes, or else it was a very short duration Grand.
06:11:49 <ynpvisitor21> Someone mentioned a long radio Lynn used. That was probably the park service radio.
06:12:09 <ynpvisitor21> She used an NPS radio for a few years to relay the half hour Great Fountain prediction to the VEC.
06:12:25 <vw> That is probably true 21.
06:13:30 <ynpvisitor21> If she wanted to use the FRS radio to relay, she drove up to Flood or Till.
06:14:46 <Will B(@ Work)> we got some runners
06:15:08 <af-lurking> wonder what for F&M?
06:15:25 <Will B(@ Work)> heading to the bridge though
06:15:47 <af-lurking> which bridge?
06:15:56 <Will B(@ Work)> OF bridge
06:16:02 <af-lurking> oh
06:16:22 <af-lurking> casacde
06:17:44 <af-lurking> speaking of which
06:19:35 <Dave from B> Thanks, af. Brings back memories. Saw it one time in person
06:22:24 <ynpvisitor84> .
06:26:58 <vw> .
06:27:39 <Will B(@ Work)> Lion 1327
06:27:44 <Will B(@ Work)> ie
06:27:53 <vw> Thanks will. No ie on that.
06:27:59 <Will B(@ Work)> oh ok
06:28:06 <af-lurking> that was definatkly the start
06:28:13 <af-lurking> becuase it was getting going
06:28:19 <Dave from B> come on NG
06:28:20 <vw> operators get real time so easier for us to know.
06:28:36 <Loisb> lion 1328
06:28:56 <af-lurking> looked like it was going to mnior
06:29:19 <Will B(@ Work)> LC1329
06:32:38 <vw> Plume 1332
06:32:40 <Will B(@ Work)> Plume 1332
06:33:01 <vw> Sorry, cam still giving me fits
06:34:25 <Will B(@ Work)> 5B
06:36:53 <Will B(@ Work)> nothing due for a while
06:37:17 <Will B(@ Work)> ooo that looked nice from BH
06:37:43 <af-lurking> dave a better quality video
06:37:52 <af-lurking> I am on a geyser video spree
06:46:58 <ynpvisitor73> Who was the intrepid soul who observed BH at 3 am?
06:48:01 <Will B(@ Work)> not me
06:48:43 <vw> and why did CB have her radio on overnight?
06:50:57 <lc> Lot of people keep radios on all night.
06:51:30 <vw> I always had to use nights to recharge both my and my radio's batteries.
06:52:05 <ynpvisitor98> Mine are always on all night.
06:52:24 <Kevin L> REady when you are vw.
06:52:28 <vw> I am guessing that the call about the BH time may have been sent some time later. I think cb and bill camp down at Madison and wouldn't get a signal there.
06:52:36 <vw> Go for it Kevin.
06:52:39 <Dave from B> That's talk about gazer protocol. Let's say I'm out in the basin in the dark. What geysers should I call at that time of night?
06:52:46 <vw> We didn't leave you much, but have a nice Lion series going.
06:52:48 <Dave from B> Hi, Kevin
06:53:06 <Dave from B> That's = Let's
06:53:23 <vw> Majors such as BH, Giant, Giantess and F&M. Others can be reported later.
06:53:55 <ynpvisitor24> I think the only geysers which get called at night are F & M, Giant, Giantess, BHI so people can get to it. Splendid would also be in that category.
06:54:11 <ynpvisitor24> I mean BHI for BH.
06:54:32 <Dave from B> Thanks, 24 and vw. I won't wake anyone up with the 0153 Plume
06:54:36 <vw> Yes, Splendid would fall into category too. Not NG because couldn't get there in time.
06:54:44 <vw> :D Funny Dave.
06:54:47 <Kevin L> Northern lights rate a call.
06:55:11 <vw> Kevin is going to take the cam, so I am headed out. Have a good one all.
06:55:26 <ynpvisitor24> The rangers call for the 0700 report and any interested parties pick up other geyses then.
06:55:26 <Kevin L> I have it vw
06:55:30 <Dave from B> Bye, vw
06:55:31 <Kevin L> Thanks.
06:55:54 <lc> I pretty much agree with everyone except don't know about Splendid.
06:56:13 <ynpvisitor73> You have the conn Mr. Sulu.
06:56:14 <ynpvisitor24> Not much chance of that lc! Honestly
07:07:43 <Will B(@ Work)> LC 1407
07:21:12 <Dave from B> Time to wake up: OF, Lion, Plume and Daisy coming soon
07:21:29 <Will B(@ Work)> zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
07:27:51 <Dave from B> Big crowd on the bw
07:30:18 <Dave from B> Plume 1430 ie
07:30:42 <Dave from B> Wind picking up again
07:30:58 <Kevin L> Looks like Lion is trying again too.
07:31:10 <Kevin L> Of is being lazy.
07:32:36 <Kevin L> OF 1432
07:37:37 <Kevin L> Daisy is either real close or we just missed it.
07:42:05 <Dave from B> Graham must be on his way home?
07:42:52 <Kevin L> Be about the right time
07:48:39 <Kevin L> Daisy 1448
07:56:50 <af> hows the bug looking
07:57:10 <Kevin L> :p
08:19:11 <Graham> hello
08:19:20 <Kevin L> hi
08:21:43 <Graham> Yes Dave, i was headed home with my crapberry on. didnt know it automatically reconnects to the page
08:24:24 <Kevin L> Plume 1524
08:28:44 <Dave from B> Hi, Graham
08:32:17 <Graham> so is it time for me to go for a walk and wake up BH?
08:32:43 <Kevin L> Give it two hours.
08:33:08 <Graham> not sure i want that long a walk
08:33:33 <Kevin L> I don't even want to go outside right now.
08:35:01 <Graham> its only 94 here
08:35:26 <Kevin L> My chicken eggs come out of the coop hard boiled.
08:35:51 <Graham> saves on the gas bill
08:36:31 <Kevin L> We just throw things on the grill right now. Don't even have to turn it on.
08:36:57 <Dave from B> Isn't the sidewalk hot enough to boil eggs?
08:37:39 <Kevin L> It will.
08:38:43 <Kevin L> Trivia question: Why do chicken coops have 2 doors?
08:39:20 <Graham> i dont know why do ...
08:39:24 <ynpvisitor22> Too many drunk tourists barf on the sidewalk. Don't use it.
08:39:25 <Will B(@ Work)> Just got off of work and heading home so BH can go now
08:40:07 <Kevin L> Because if they had 4 doors they would be chicken sedans.
08:40:27 <Graham> ooohhhh :(
08:40:42 <af> what me?
08:40:44 <Graham> going out, maybe the jokes will be better when i get back
08:40:50 <ynpvisitor84> --> Rim Shot <--
08:41:17 <ynpvisitor22> The yolks on you if you miss BH.
08:41:21 <Kevin L> Not one you tell live.
08:41:27 <Dave from B> I thougth they needed the pick door in case of rattlesnakes
08:42:08 <Dave from B> pick = back.. ruined that one
08:42:34 <Kevin L> I knew what you meant.
08:43:44 <Dave from B> How long before I can countdown my trip to OF. Is 74 days too early?
08:46:02 <af> abmn of trip is an of trip but only two days thats unfortunqte
08:46:53 <Dave from B> I'm hoping to go later in the fall also.
08:49:15 <Dave from B> Hoping for a clear full moon BH eruption over Labor Day weekend
08:51:46 <af> cool i have... a long time
08:52:53 <Dave from B> af, have you been out at night in the basin before?
08:53:18 <af> i have necer afayed af of before so no
08:53:39 <af> i have never atayed at of beforw so no
08:54:25 <Dave from B> Where did you stay when you visited last?
08:54:29 <af> of 1554
08:54:33 <Kevin L> OF 1553
08:54:57 <af> best western weston inn in west
08:55:34 <Dave from B> Staying at OF is nice. Even in summer it gets a lot quieter after about 6 pm
08:56:16 <Kevin L> Unless you have people calling BH at 3am on your FRS
08:59:14 <af> true
08:59:17 <af> atoll
08:59:27 <af> still need aome frs radios
09:00:37 <Dave from B> Always hope to catch that nightime BH at a reasonable time so you can get a little sleep
09:01:03 <Dave from B> Well, time for me to go. Have a good night everyone.
09:01:25 <Kevin L> BUT the 3am BH is awesome. The sounds are fantastic.
09:01:28 <Dave from B> Kevin, please text this evening for BHI and NG. Thanks
09:01:40 <Kevin L> Will do Dave. Bye.
09:01:54 <Dave from B> My 2 nighttime BH have been around midnight. I have been lucky
09:02:46 <af> bye dave
09:12:40 <Lori> hi all
09:13:19 <af> hello lori
09:13:32 <af> you are still ynpvisitor9 here
09:14:03 <Lori> hmmm.
09:14:20 <Lori> try again?
09:14:27 <af> does thsi sometimes
09:14:28 <Lori> nope 9 it is, lol
09:14:38 <af-i> .
09:15:03 <Kevin L> I think the room selects someone to pick on every day.
09:15:59 <Lori> well, I've been creeping, so I can just continue.
09:20:23 <ynpvisitor5> ynpvisitor9, I think you mean lurking not creeping
09:20:55 <af> creep lurk, away whatever
09:21:07 <Lori> yeah, creeping is what the daughter says I do on Facebook :)
09:22:09 <af> poeple use "stalk" a lot which is a strong and misused word
09:22:41 <Lori> that suggests bad intent to me- stalking prey
09:23:02 <af> plume 1622
09:23:08 <Kevin L> Plume 1622ie
09:24:34 <af> lurk-to lie in wait as if ready to pounce
09:25:24 <Lori> not up to pouncing tonight- more like lounging than lurking , G
09:26:07 <af> beehives going to go whenver it wants to tonight
09:26:24 <af> latest was a 15 hour interval.
09:26:38 <Lori> I will lounge for that!
09:27:26 <Lori> working on a list for friends that are making their first trip to the park. BH is on the must see and geysers to wit for list.
09:27:44 <Lori> wait for
09:28:47 <af> you can't really wait for it easily
09:29:01 <ynpvisitor5> have you taught them how to spot gazers and how to chat them up?
09:29:12 <ynpvisitor22> Is that Bill who has been waiting at BH all afternoon?
09:29:24 <ynpvisitor5> on the bench?
09:29:37 <ynpvisitor5> think maybe so
09:29:44 <af> easily they walk over to lori and fire off questions
09:29:47 <ynpvisitor22> Yes. Turned from the sun.
09:29:59 <ynpvisitor5> or is that Jim?
09:29:59 <Lori> Todd's note explains to get predictions, talk to gazers. They are a wealth of information if you ask questions that are half way integgigent
09:30:13 <Lori> intelligent- leaves me out, lol
09:30:36 <ynpvisitor5> and watch out for the gruff ones. G
09:30:44 <af> what can you tell me about the relashonsjip between grand and turban is a much better qiestion then when is it going to erupt
09:31:01 <af> I can't spell today
09:32:25 <Graham> all those dings and nothing is erupting. almost made me drop my groceries
09:33:07 <Kevin L> Yawn.
09:33:24 <Kevin L> And I have to run this thing until dusk!
09:36:38 <Graham> long shift today?
09:42:45 <Kevin L> About normal. I was gone until about 1400.
09:43:16 <Graham> let me know if you want a break, i can watch for a while
09:43:22 <Graham> wil be around
09:44:06 <Kevin L> I appreciate that. I may do it.
09:44:15 <Will B> LC 1644ie
09:44:50 <Lori> so I should tell them not to mention my name while they are there.......
09:46:01 <Lori> because I don't want a gruff one looking for me a few weeks later...
09:47:56 <Graham> what else will be on their list?
09:48:20 <af> grand of course
09:48:34 <Lori> Grand, Riverside, Daisy, Castle, Fountain, Great Fountain.
09:48:55 <Lori> I'm not sure how well they are going to follow our advice though.
09:49:07 <lc> when will they be there?
09:49:50 <Lori> End of June, not sure exactly when they arrive. Roosevelt & Old Faithful for lodging.
09:49:51 <Graham> how long are they at OF?
09:50:26 <lc> gtg, food time.
09:50:39 <Kevin L> Lotof action at Daisy.
09:50:56 <af> oh my gosh spledid
09:51:10 <Graham> i see no water
09:51:13 <af> is un the daisy group
09:51:26 <af> I ma being an idiot
09:51:37 <Lori> not sure- I think 3 nights? We talked last year about this time to help them get started. They've got their own ideas of what it is going to be like, which I don't think is very realistic.
09:52:22 <Graham> with just 3 days, getting in the predictables and touring the basins will take most of the time
09:52:50 <Graham> BH and FTN would be bonuses but hard to allocate that much time
09:53:05 <af> tag along with Marueen for fountain
09:53:11 <Lori> yeah, they probably won't wait for anything :(
09:53:37 <Graham> dont want BH to do a 20h interval
09:54:09 <af> I got lucky and had a walk up indicator the first time so who knows
09:54:38 <Lori> we need a nice schedule for everything July 29-31. And if you can include F&M in there, I would really appreciate it :D
09:55:05 <Kevin L> Why not a Giantess?
09:55:16 <Will B> How come Lori is showing up as "Lori" in the log but on the chat page as "ynpvisitor9" on my computer
09:55:26 <Graham> dont wait for F&M on a first trip
09:55:45 <af> thats what I have time for
09:55:45 <Graham> it does that WIll
09:55:59 <Will B> crazy chat page
09:56:05 <Lori> Sure, I would love Giantess since you offered. That is my trip- I don't want them spoiled!
09:56:08 <Kevin L> She didn't pay her chat bill.
09:56:52 <af> I haven't been paying my gravity bill
09:57:34 <Lori> I must say, even though I am sporadic, I did miss it when it was down.
09:57:50 <Lori> can I say the check is in the mail?
09:58:11 <Graham> Kevin - may waht to look ...
09:58:21 <Graham> 1657ie?
09:58:33 <Graham> BHI>?
09:58:38 <Graham> or did
09:58:39 <kc (working)> ding
09:58:39 <Graham> i'
09:58:39 <Graham> do
09:58:40 <Graham> an
09:58:42 <Graham> af?
09:58:46 <af> ding
09:58:48 <af> ding
09:58:49 <af> sing
09:58:52 <af> ding
09:58:52 <Graham> nope
09:58:53 <Graham> it
09:58:54 <af> ding
09:58:54 <Graham> is
09:58:55 <Graham> real
09:58:59 <af> bhi 1658 ie
09:59:06 <Graham> 1657ie
09:59:10 <Lori> nice, thanks!
09:59:45 <af> wake up everybody!!
09:59:46 <Will B> yeah indy
10:01:39 <Kevin L> Lots of customer for it today.
10:01:52 <Will B> stupid laptop shut off now i cant get the video to load. gggrrrr
10:02:15 <Will B> all better now
10:02:53 <af> will you need to be our sacrifice
10:03:39 <af> Graham you did not do an af
10:03:55 <Will B> i already was and it didnt work
10:03:58 <Graham> i miss the days when BHI would erupt and you wouldn't know if BH would erupt ... sigh
10:04:32 <Kevin L> Look for Kitt in her Batman suit taking a shower.
10:04:52 <Graham> is she there now?
10:04:54 <Will B> now watch this one be a false indy because you said that
10:05:01 <af> she is in a batman suit?
10:06:05 <Graham> BH was easy to watch then, if it didnt erupt you could go and eat, watch Grand, and come back 4 hours later for the next BHIU
10:06:39 <Graham> kitt wears a poncho for her BH showers
10:06:56 <af> free showers for everyone!
10:07:06 <Will B> :)
10:07:09 <ynpvisitor24> And she goes under the water deliberately when most people avoid it.
10:08:51 <af> only kitt
10:09:20 <ynpvisitor5> I love geyser showers too on a warm day
10:09:23 <Graham> lots of kids too
10:09:36 <ynpvisitor24> No. When it is warm lots of people do it especially kids.
10:09:37 <af> maybe the water has some geyseritis in it
10:09:40 <Graham> and ppl who dont realize how cold the water is
10:09:45 <af> bee 1709
10:09:57 <Will B> i wonder if my cell phone cover is still there by BH from when i droped it and it blew off the bw just far enough i couldnt reach it
10:09:57 <af> and runners
10:10:11 <Will B> yeah runners
10:10:44 <Will B> wheres kit?
10:11:04 <af> somewher eunde rthe rainbow (literly)
10:11:31 <Will B> wow the people had to run out of the cam frame today
10:12:31 <Graham> no wind shift today tho
10:12:45 <Graham> those are fun
10:12:58 <Kevin L> Wind shifts are fun.
10:13:26 <Will B> is that them now
10:13:55 <Graham> thems kids i think
10:14:18 <Graham> and Kitt is counted in the kidds too :)
10:14:44 <Graham> didnt see cb and Bill in the shower
10:14:48 <af> only she can have so much fun getting soaking wet with geyser water
10:14:59 <Graham> thats not true af
10:15:42 <af> oh
10:16:02 <Graham> you have to get soaked by F&M or its not a real eruption
10:16:20 <Graham> Giant depends on the wind direction but it can be a real soaker from the railing!
10:16:50 <af> and exceslior beats all of them becuase you have to travel back 112 years
10:16:50 <Graham> i like getting splashed by FTN
10:17:09 <Kevin L> My daughters love geyser showers.
10:17:18 <af> BBL
10:17:23 <Graham> never been under a gt ftn superburst tho, mught be interesting but you can tsee it
10:17:52 <Kevin L> Had one coat my truck once. Stuff never came off.
10:18:17 <Graham> got to love the convertibles for them :)
10:18:30 <Kevin L> Grotto?
10:18:41 <Graham> or obbie?
10:19:39 <Graham> how many geysers can soak you? hum interesting thought
10:20:03 <Kevin L> Aurum can. And it is HOT.
10:20:45 <Graham> not many really
10:20:51 <ynpvisitor92> Echinus got me a few times too.
10:20:52 <ynpvisitor43> daisy, f and m giantess? giant, bee, gft, ft, steamboat, twin, aurum, plume
10:21:12 <Graham> Sawmill
10:21:14 <Graham> Penta
10:21:22 <Graham> Lion
10:21:50 <Graham> not sure Daisy has gotten me
10:21:52 <Graham> Ftn
10:22:00 <Graham> Pink Cone
10:22:04 <Graham> White Dome
10:22:09 <Kevin L> Daisy got me.
10:22:48 <Kevin L> Speaking of Daisy 1722
10:22:49 <Graham> speaking of
10:23:11 <Graham> Splendid and probably Morning could too
10:23:33 <Kevin L> Now if we could do that with Aurum.
10:23:34 <Graham> NG thi year :)
10:23:56 <Graham> Tardy can soak you too
10:24:11 <Graham> oh, what about Castle?
10:24:46 <Kevin L> OF has nailed me a time or two.
10:24:51 <ynpvisitor5> on rare occasions, Grand
10:25:09 <Graham> oh yeah Grand can do it big time
10:25:12 <Graham> and fluffy
10:25:36 <Kevin L> Pretty impressive Daisy.
10:25:55 <Graham> nice of flugffy to wait too
10:26:14 <Kevin L> Giantess also.
10:26:34 <Graham> yep, 43 had that one
10:33:05 <Kevin L> Plume 1732
10:34:17 <Kevin L> of 1733
10:34:31 <Will B> big of
10:38:58 <Kevin L> Abrupt start.
10:46:14 <Graham> our dew point is 74 Kevin, our feels like tempo is the same as yours
10:47:38 <Kevin L> Gee, my dewpoint is 22.
10:48:51 <Graham> our temp is 20 below yours but the feels like is the same
11:04:38 <Graham> yeah
11:04:42 <kcmule> nice
11:04:51 <Will B> aurum1804
11:05:06 <Kevin L> It was waiting for me.
11:05:09 <Will B> kc name didnt change fyi
11:05:12 <Graham> stream is lagging nice so i can watch the start again
11:05:27 <Graham> there it is
11:06:16 <Kevin L> What now?
11:06:31 <Will B> zzzzzzzzzzzz
11:06:35 <Graham> the sput on the hill on the right?
11:07:16 <Kevin L> That woul work.
11:10:24 <Lori> anything I should add to my friends list of must see or must do for the park?
11:11:35 <Lori> we have a few hikes, but I doubt they will have the time. And they are VERY Bear scared.
11:11:48 <Lori> sending our Bear Spray
11:12:51 <Will B> Spasmodic 1812ie
11:15:28 <Will B> Sawmill 1815
11:16:53 <af> i have just discovered geothermql in skyrim. just perpetual spouters but geothermal.nometheless
11:19:57 <Will B> Lori, I have done the hike to imperial geyser and that was fun
11:20:45 <af> takes few hours though and while it is cool there is more to see elsewhere
11:21:06 <ynpvisitor39> I'd just recommend all the basics, anything with signs and a boardwalk,...From Mammoth to Mud Volcano to Thumb, Biscuit, Midway, Canyon, etc.
11:21:38 <Will B> But spend 1-2 days in the upper geyser basin for sure
11:22:32 <Will B> most of the time you cant see everything sometimes you just have to luck out
11:22:56 <Graham> agree 39, add the ranger museum, lunch at Lake Hotel, evening relaxing in the Inn
11:24:05 <af> what about wildlife i have never really been keen on seeing that stuff
11:24:15 <Graham> night-time OF eruption
11:24:36 <Graham> a ranger talk or two
11:24:43 <Graham> and they will be exhausted
11:25:00 <ynpvisitor39> when they are at Roosevelt, they can eat early then go out to look for bears in the evening.
11:25:14 <Graham> early morning walk over geyser hill
11:25:26 <ynpvisitor39> it's hard to show someone "the" thing if they haven't seen it all, you don't know what really turns them on.
11:25:33 <Graham> yep and early morning drive out to Lamar
11:25:35 <Kevin L> Stop and wait for Doublet thumps.
11:25:53 <Graham> yeah Kevin, thats worth telling them about
11:26:05 <Graham> and they cam wait there and see Aurum splashing
11:26:08 <Graham> and splashing
11:26:08 <ynpvisitor39> Once I found out some friends I was with just loved waterfalls, so that changed our tour. Stopped at Kepler, went to Wraith and Mystic, etc. That made the trip for them
11:26:10 <Graham> and splashing
11:26:39 <Graham> ok, Black Sand Pool is a nice walk, see Punchbowl too
11:26:41 <ynpvisitor39> send em to Black Sand pool, that's worthwhile!
11:26:59 <Graham> a geyser!Q
11:27:17 <Graham> Plume 1826
11:27:32 <Kevin L> Lone Star is also good. Look for the wild berries, both straw berries and raspberries along the way.
11:27:49 <Kevin L> Plume 1827
11:31:48 <Graham> Solitary and Observation point for an OF eruption are easy hikes - a little steep i guess for some
11:32:24 <Kevin L> Don't even try Monument Geyser Basin!
11:32:28 <Graham> they do tours of the inn too if they like history right? maybe some in Mammoth too?
11:32:49 <Graham> the flat bit along the river is ok :)
11:33:01 <Kevin L> Then it kills you.
11:33:08 <Kevin L> Great views though.
11:33:11 <Graham> then you turn around
11:38:20 <Lori> Todd has Canyon viewpoints listed,, Lamar while at Roosevelt. They have cookout scheduled I believe. Mammoth, Norris, Lake for picnics, Fishing Bridge, the geyser basins with a list of wait if close must see's. possible day hikes: Lone Star, Bunsen, Mt Washburn, Observation Point as a must do. I put Fairy Falls with the Grand Prismatic overview. Trout Lake.
11:39:19 <Graham> W Triplet 1839ie
11:39:50 <Graham> dont forget West Thumb
11:40:01 <Lori> They are doing things on the way out- leave Friday I believe. I think 2 nights at Roosevelt and 3 at OF. We recommended relaxing in the Inn.
11:40:28 <Graham> thats more than enough .... got to fit in some wildlife and geyser time
11:41:33 <Lori> yeah, they won't see nearly all of it, but we wanted a list for them to have ideas to start from. Now that we are addicted to the geysers, it is harder to recommend other things, G
11:42:45 <Lori> I added Ice Cream from the 2nd floor deck of the Inn for a break.
11:43:36 <Lori> although I have never done it myself, lol
11:44:06 <Graham> got to avoid the weird people having ice cream at the basin store
11:44:34 <Lori> the ones with the floppy hats?
11:44:45 <Graham> :)
11:44:57 <Kevin L> And FRS radios.
11:45:05 <Graham> i would add a night-time OF or early morning GH wall if they are night or morning ppl
11:45:28 <Graham> the sounds are so different
11:45:35 <Lori> gotta keep your ears open when they are around
11:46:16 <Lori> They are in the OFL cabin, so we may be able to talk them into that. It is a different world then.
11:47:25 <Lori> We were the only ones in the dark, waiting for BHI to stop one night. Rainy, so not a cool as if it had been a starry night, but cool anyway.
11:50:01 <Graham> making me think of Sept 14 when i walked by in the dark and heard glug glug glug from BHI
11:51:16 <Graham> 0116 start
11:51:30 <Will B> Split Cone is toying with me right now. I keep trying to call it but it never fully starts
11:51:56 <Lori> we were hoping for the real thing, but alas, if I remember correctly it went sometime in the night all alone after we were tucked in our bed,
11:51:59 <Graham> that was a good end to a long days gazing
11:52:46 <Graham> that must have been the 2010 false indicator year?
11:53:12 <Lori> I can hope we will have great viewing on our trip this year. yes, it was 2010.
11:53:56 <Lori> I was set to start sitting on F&M the next morning. It went overnight as well :(
11:54:06 <Kevin L> I was there and had gathered a crowd for the first false indicator in 2010.
11:54:25 <Lori> so it was your fault Kevin?
11:54:33 <Kevin L> Blame my kid.
11:54:51 <Lori> na, always blame the parents, right?
11:54:59 <Graham> the 7h BH intervals before that were nice tho Kevin
11:55:30 <Lori> I seem to remember someone saying it was getting boring....
11:56:14 <Graham> :)
11:56:14 <Kevin L> Those false ones made it interesting again.
11:56:30 <Graham> Jake loved them
11:57:27 <Lori> did make you appreciate the real thing
11:59:12 <Will B> Time for dinner bbl
12:01:40 <Kevin L> of1901
12:02:13 <Lori> pretty way to end the night for me :)
12:17:21 <Graham> stepping away, see ya
12:17:38 <Kevin L> bye
12:27:48 <Will B> beautiful evening in the basin tonight
12:37:12 <Will B> Turban? 1936
12:55:46 <kcmule> castle
12:56:22 <kcmule> 19:55ie
12:56:36 <Will B> how did you see that
12:56:37 <kcmule> nm, Kitt has it 1954
12:56:42 <Kevin L> Yea. Something.
13:00:44 <lc> sure hope we get some summer time pretty soon.
13:01:08 <Kevin L> 1709 tomorrow.
13:01:12 <lc> about next tuesday
13:01:25 <kcmule> thats hot
13:02:58 <kcmule> Daisy 20:02
13:03:33 <Kevin L> I was going to zoom but this looks cool
13:03:52 <ynpvisitor16> Yup, just thinking that
13:04:05 <Michael> Agreed. Like the two-for-one show.
13:04:17 <kcmule> getting basin times faster than i can post to gt, which is nice
13:04:23 <Kevin L> Now if Grand joins in
13:08:58 <Will B> ..
13:11:53 <lc> calling it a day, good night everyone.
13:12:07 <Michael> Night, lc.
13:12:08 <Kevin L> bye
13:12:09 <Will B> bye lc
13:12:21 <kcmule> nite
13:18:50 <Michael> Grand 20:18
13:18:54 <Will B> Grand
13:19:19 <Michael> Impressive start!
13:19:19 <Kevin L> I love this view.
13:19:50 <Kevin L> Give it a few and I will zoom in on Grand.
13:20:13 <Michael> OK. Be careful about the OF window.
13:20:30 <Kevin L> I was just looking at that.
13:21:42 <Kevin L> kc, do you have a capture on that Aurum?
13:22:41 <Kevin L> OF should be good on vec cam
13:22:49 <ynpvisitor25> If he doesn't, I do
13:23:32 <Michael> Thanks for mentioning the VEC cam. It's going to be washed-out white on the upper basin cam.
13:23:42 <Kevin L> That one sould be good since the cam was right on it.
13:24:11 <DaveM> yes, it looks very good
13:24:17 <Kevin L> I hope this 4 burst Grand ends before OF.
13:24:25 <Michael> :)
13:25:08 <Kevin L> Nice spikes
13:25:30 <ynpvisitor39> Hi Dave M
13:26:28 <kcmule>
13:26:39 <Kevin L> ty
13:26:58 <kcmule> yw
13:30:34 <Michael> OF
13:31:10 <Kevin L> VEC is Awesome
13:31:33 <Kevin L> Livescope was very sluggish.
13:32:13 <Kevin L> Looked like a good Giantess boil.
13:32:28 <kcmule>
13:32:41 <Michael> The VEC camera has really nice sunset pink on the steam cloud.
13:32:54 <Michael> had. looks like it's in shadow now.
13:33:57 <ynpvisitor99> wonderful geyser
13:34:19 <Kevin L> That pot HAS to boil over sometime.
13:41:10 <Michael> I'll request a steam-phase eruption, starting in full daylight in halfway-decent weather.
13:44:20 <Will B> depression?
13:44:42 <Michael> Just the Dwarf, I think.
13:45:10 <Kevin L> Dwarf is making lots of steam today.
13:47:33 <Kevin L> I have to leave in about 10 minutes in case anyone wants to take the cam.
13:56:01 <Kevin L> Goodnight.
13:56:26 <Michael> Godnight, Kevin.
14:35:02 <Will B> oblong?
14:41:04 <ynpvisitor39> lion on static, or heavy steam.
14:41:05 <ynpvisitor39> ?
14:41:33 <ynpvisitor39> pretty good puff, changed on the next frame.
14:57:39 <af> how's eveything?
14:59:28 <ynpvisitor39> .
15:00:25 <af> whats the capture of?
15:01:05 <af> of 2200
15:03:03 <af> kevin, kc?
15:05:28 <af> goodnight though