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22:01:11 <CC> morning lc
22:02:28 <lc> morning CC
22:02:47 <lc> I think Oblong is ie 0458
22:03:30 <lc> not sure
22:03:41 <CC> just sent you a PM
22:04:48 <CC> I do see steam on the static cam but not sure
22:05:34 <CC> right now waiting on OF
22:13:17 <Kent> I'm waiting for Plumerino
22:14:13 <CC> hi Kent
22:14:25 <Kent> Hey CC
22:14:53 <Kent> Toe any better?
22:15:05 <CC> coming along slowly
22:15:33 <Kent> Good to hear
22:16:10 <CC> Plume is Ie NOW
22:18:10 <Kent> I thought I saw burst back in that Fluffy garbage.
22:18:18 <CC> OF in preplay
22:18:44 <Kent> Fluffy garbage :)
22:18:54 <CC> yep
22:19:20 <CC> we have so many lines on the livescope that it is difficult to see anything
22:19:48 <CC> public stream is not affected
22:20:06 <Kent> Lines of static?
22:20:33 <CC> don't know what the lines are but some kind of interference
22:20:51 <CC> been happening for weeks
22:21:13 <Kent> Do you and V have any plans for the fall?
22:21:24 <CC> not yet
22:22:28 <CC> when are you going back
22:23:04 <Kent> I'm supposed to be there now, but an axe got in the way
22:23:22 <CC> oh my
22:23:58 <Kent> I am hoping for the 28th for 4 nights at Madison.
22:24:24 <Kent> Lots of gazers on the property now.
22:24:49 <CC> I know...wanted to surprise everyone but if was not to be
22:26:00 <lc> lot more will be there before July 4.
22:26:30 <Kent> You included lc?
22:26:55 <lc> yes, we plan to get there June 26.
22:27:55 <Kent> I'll come looking. I am there the 28th thru the 1st.
22:28:15 <lc> you know KItt?
22:28:22 <Kent> Yes
22:28:23 <CC> you guys are making me really sad
22:28:32 <lc> sorry CC
22:29:46 <lc> I'm sure we know lots of the same people
22:30:24 <Kent> A few at least. I am more a thermal tourist than a gazer.
22:30:50 <lc> cb, Jim, Barbara, Mary Beth
22:31:19 <Kent> I know that list if Mary is MA.
22:31:43 <Kent> I see it's Mary Beth.
22:31:45 <lc> no, but I do know MA
22:31:50 <ynpvisitor24> lc means MaryBeth. MA is different
22:32:09 <lc> MA will be down the 4th.
22:33:07 <CC> OF 7:32
22:33:09 <Kent> I am told TSB is due and that LS should be returning.
22:33:48 <lc> Lynn told me she would be back sometime in July.
22:34:17 <lc> we have known Lynn a LONG time.
22:34:45 <CC> she is one of the best!
22:34:58 <Kent> Her full time summer presence is missed
22:35:53 <CC> Make OF 5:32 and it is a long
22:36:16 <lc> we met her probably late 80's
22:36:16 <CC> my first post was incorrect..I was on
22:36:23 <CC> EDT
22:39:46 <CC> bbl
23:48:53 <Ryan(away)> Riversode 0650ie
23:49:15 <Ryan(away)> scratch that,
23:49:22 <Ryan(away)> Fan and Mortar 0651ie
23:51:56 <CC> OF preplay
23:52:18 <Ryan(away)> CC, do u see the steam from behind the treeline?
23:52:26 <CC> yes
23:52:33 <CC> but not sure if it is F&M
23:52:36 <Ryan(away)> any guesses?
23:53:16 <CC> waiting on OF
23:53:32 <CC> will move cam after if erupts
23:53:44 <Ryan(away)> ok
23:53:49 <ynpvisitor1> its been going for 8 min whatever it is
23:53:56 <Ryan(away)> ok
23:54:00 <Ryan(away)> NG 0655
23:57:06 <CC> Person sitting at BH left ...only coat or bad pack left
23:58:03 <CC> OF 6:57
23:59:59 <Dave from B> Morning, everyone
00:00:08 <Ryan(away)> Morning Dave
00:00:11 <lc> morning Dave
00:00:13 <CC> hi Dabe
00:00:19 <CC> Dave
00:00:21 <Dave from B> How's BH looking this morning?
00:01:29 <lc> been in and out, have not seen much out of it.
00:02:17 <Ryan(away)> well got to go, XC time later
00:02:45 <lc> XC time. ?
00:02:59 <Ryan(away)> cross country
00:03:08 <Dave from B> bye, Ryan. Have a nice run
00:03:55 <Dave from B> Different type of XC for me starting later today...Driving all the way to Seattle
00:06:22 <lc> that looked pretty good
00:06:22 <CC> BH splashsing
00:06:48 <CC> different folks sitting now at BH
00:12:10 <Dave from B> Too long for Turban?
00:12:59 <lc> could be Oblong, not sure.
00:14:35 <Dave from B> Ok, I'm too lazy to get out the bible....Does Turban erupt all the time or just in the hours leading up to Grand?
00:17:43 <lc> it can go for a while after Grand then I think it takes a break before it starts cycling again.
00:18:09 <lc> not sure how long a break.
00:20:06 <Dave from B> Thanks, lc. That's what I thought but wasn't sure. It seems Turban should be off now if Grand erupted a few hours ago.
00:21:20 <lc> what is that to the right?
00:21:41 <lc> is that a cloud?
00:21:49 <ynpvisitor1> its been going for some time whatever it si
00:22:08 <Dave from B> It really does look like a steam cloud but I think it's "Just" a cloud
00:22:13 <lc> just now noticed it
00:22:30 <ynpvisitor31> or Solitary having a major eruption ;)
00:22:43 <lc> must be a cloud
00:22:55 <ynpvisitor1> nonmoving cloud
00:24:13 <lc> Dave, TSB says Turban will erupt about an hour after Grand then return to its normal cycles.
00:25:09 <Dave from B> Thanks. lc
00:25:17 <lc> yw
00:29:08 <CC> I keep loosing my internet this morning...they most be doing work in the area
01:04:35 <Dave from B> ..
01:28:27 <CC> OF in Preplay
01:35:17 <CC> OF 8:343
01:37:09 <CC> Correctioin on OF 8:34
01:37:31 <Dave from B> Morning, Kevin
01:37:34 <CC> having a terrible time typing thisw morning
01:37:36 <Kevin L> hi
01:37:50 <CC> hi to both of you
01:38:00 <Kevin L> hi cc
01:38:06 <CC> OF is a long
01:39:49 <CC> hi Kevin
01:40:02 <CC> crowd seems to have left BH
01:47:25 <ynpvisitor24> Not much which would call them away except a hot period at F & M is there?
01:47:45 <ynpvisitor24> Sorry meant event cycle...
01:49:36 <Dave from B> Wonder if BH threw in a short interval last night.
02:43:43 <Ryan(away)> Id be watching for NG, saw one This morning
02:44:59 <Dave from B> Thanks, Ryan
02:45:11 <Ryan(away)> 0655
02:45:27 <Dave from B> Hope we can catch it today
02:45:48 <Ryan(away)> I believe it was a minor, very short lived, but definately there
02:45:53 <CC> Ryan Dave M posted Riverside this morning at 6:43 IE
02:46:01 <Ryan(away)> Darn :(
02:46:09 <Ryan(away)> Oh well, theres always next time
02:49:42 <CC> Kevin wind is blowing toward the lens may need to wipe
02:50:23 <Kevin L> Will keep an eye on it.
02:50:36 <Kevin L> BH crowd back.
02:50:46 <CC> ranger talk
02:54:12 <CC> OF preplay
02:55:06 <CC> Kevin I will stay on until OF erupts just in case we need to wipe
02:56:17 <Dave from B> Morning, Will
02:56:29 <Will B> Morning Dave
02:56:34 <Kevin L> I may be just a tad late. I had to glue up a leak in the drip system and I need to make sure it holds.
02:56:55 <CC> no problem...let me know when you are ready
03:01:13 <CC> OF 10:00
03:02:42 <CC> yep..needed the wipers
03:06:49 <Kevin L> OK, I am back. I hate backyard geysers
03:07:08 <CC> cam is yours
03:07:21 <Kevin L> Got it
03:07:22 <CC> call me if you need me
03:07:46 <Kevin L> Will do.
03:09:00 <Ryan> ok, off to work on rockets, later
03:10:24 <Dave from B> Have fun Ryan
03:24:28 <Will B> oblong 1024ie?
03:25:14 <Kevin L> I was thinking Grotto, but not sure.
03:26:10 <Will B> maybe, put it this way its another reason for another cam
03:31:09 <Dave from B> ..
03:31:56 <Dave from B> I'm with you, Will. But, we all know that will not happen
03:35:34 <lc> thought I saw one burst from Plume at 1026, Maureen just logged it 1025.
03:36:51 <Will B> we can always hope Dave
03:43:56 <lc> thought we had Wurum sor a few sec.
03:44:07 <lc> that woouls be Aurum
03:44:52 <Kevin L> It did look good. Caught a great one yesterday
03:51:58 <lc> check BH
03:52:17 <lc> I think Indicator
03:52:42 <Kevin L> Bingo!
03:52:46 <Kevin L> Ding
03:52:49 <Kevin L> ding
03:52:52 <Will B> Ding
03:52:54 <Kevin L> 1052 ie
03:52:54 <Will B> .
03:52:55 <Will B> .
03:52:55 <Will B> .
03:52:55 <Will B> .
03:52:56 <Will B> .
03:52:56 <lc> 1051ie
03:52:58 <Kevin L> ding
03:53:08 <kc (working)> ty
03:53:28 <ynpvisitor24> Thanks for the dings. Spot iyy
03:53:28 <lc> think I saw it 1051 Kevin
03:53:41 <ynpvisitor24> That would be Kitt
03:53:49 <lc> BUT it was ie at 1052 also. g
03:54:02 <Will B> where is Kit?
03:54:03 <ynpvisitor24> On the right next to Jim I think
03:54:32 <ynpvisitor24> Do you think so LC?
03:55:00 <lc> can't tell
03:55:08 <Kevin L> I keep forgeting she is out there.
03:55:59 <Dave from B> Thanks, everyone
03:57:11 <Will B> i love the tow people that just walked by without even lookig
03:57:16 <Will B> two*
03:57:32 <ynpvisitor24> They have to get to Morning Glory and back for lunch
03:57:48 <Kevin L> In time for OF
03:59:08 <lc> if I walk bya group like that I'm going to ask what is going on.
03:59:44 <ynpvisitor24> Yes but then you and I would be curious and not just ticking boxes
04:00:25 <lc> that is true
04:00:48 <Will B> stop people
04:01:24 <Will B> we have a waver
04:01:38 <lc> some may get a shower out of this.
04:01:57 <Will B> :)
04:02:07 <Dave from B> But,'s just a littel 5 foot geyser. Why are all those silly people standing there?:)
04:02:14 <ynpvisitor18> Loisb got BHI at 1047
04:02:45 <Rich> Morning Everyone
04:02:54 <Dave from B> Hi, Rich
04:02:56 <lc> morning RIch
04:03:00 <Rich> Hi Davee
04:03:04 <Rich> Hi lc
04:03:14 <Rich> sorry Dave, stuck fingers today
04:03:21 <Dave from B> np
04:03:47 <Will B> BH1103
04:03:49 <Rich> Beter than 'sticky'
04:04:25 <Will B> nice height today because of the lac of wind
04:04:25 <lc> lot of the people walking by did stop.
04:04:45 <Rich> Probably didn't want to get wet. g
04:04:58 <ynpvisitor24> That's an excellent BH. Good straight one
04:05:33 <Will B> yeah too bad i didnt start my capture
04:05:43 <Will B> kc will have it though
04:05:45 <lc> and going away from the BW
04:06:03 <Will B> :(
04:06:07 <lc> nice on static
04:06:29 <ynpvisitor24> Lots of people
04:07:20 <lc> way up there.
04:08:31 <ynpvisitor24> Have a good day all
04:09:12 <Dave from B> bYE, 24
04:10:35 <lc> it is time for Grand
04:10:52 <ynpvisitor79> people on Fire Lookout- , fist time I looked it looked like they were photoshopped in :)
04:11:39 <lc> I saw a couple yesterday.
04:12:31 <ynpvisitor79> looks like quite a few now. bright sunny day!
04:12:33 <Kevin L> Unless we missed a Grand, this is a long interval. Almost 8h30m now.
04:13:00 <ynpvisitor79> I could use a grand- just missed BH, due to a visitor :(
04:14:23 <Will B> Split Cone 1114ie
04:14:45 <Will B> Turban 1114?
04:15:26 <Dave from B> Grotto also?
04:15:51 <Will B> its been there a while so i would say so
04:30:08 <Will B> Plume 1129ie
04:33:02 <Will B> OF1132
04:33:03 <Kevin L> OF 1132
04:33:37 <Will B> Kevin can we pan the camera a touch left so i can watch for a turban
04:34:01 <Kevin L> It will go there right after OF.
04:34:29 <Will B> ok didnt know if you could fit both in the frame
04:35:13 <Kevin L> Not when we are looking for water in OF.
04:36:45 <Kevin L> I knew that was going to happen.
04:37:19 <Will B> Grand1137ns or ie
04:37:40 <Will B> sawmill 1137ie
04:39:03 <Will B> im going with ie
04:39:35 <Kevin L> It was 1136ie
04:43:53 <Kevin L> Mainly steam today
04:44:06 <ynpvisitor79> what is the temp out there?
04:44:38 <Dave from B> Seems cooler today
04:44:43 <Kevin L> 47
04:45:37 <ynpvisitor79> ah, chilly
04:46:35 <Will B> _1C?
04:47:56 <ynpvisitor79> the cabin I want just opened up for Friday, and again a week after I want it. Come on!
05:03:32 <Kevin L> Daisy 1203
05:10:04 <Kevin L> Aurum 1209
05:14:46 <Dave from B> 2 Aurums for you today, Kevin?
05:15:24 <Kevin L> Just one. So far.
05:15:47 <Dave from B> That's the rioght attitude...the day is young
05:45:01 <Will B> would anyone mind helping me cleanup the BH entrys to make Maureen's the primary
05:47:24 <Will B> Thank you to who ever made the second flag
05:52:39 <Kevin L> Lion 1252
05:53:27 <Will B> ini?
05:53:50 <Kevin L> yes
05:56:53 <Kevin L> Oops. OF ie 1256
05:57:10 <Ryan(away)> back from rockets, off to work... later
05:57:37 <Dave from B> Hello and goodbye Ryan
05:57:42 <Ryan(away)> g
06:25:27 <lc> question: why does it matter that Maureen's BH entry is the primary?
06:25:48 <Kevin L> It had the correct time.
06:25:54 <LS> Maureen just called me to tell me she saw Morning ie.
06:26:07 <kc (working)> cool
06:26:11 <LS> I didn't write down her time so will let her enter the time in GT
06:26:23 <lc> t both entrys had 1103
06:26:33 <Dave from B> Wow! That is great news
06:28:16 <Kevin L> One had 1104 the other was ie
06:29:36 <Will B(@ work)> Lc, the other was a guest entry and both the webcam time and Maureen's matched and the guest was the mismatch
06:30:31 <lc> ok, its gone. thats why I couldn't figure it out.
06:31:14 <Will B(@ work)> oh and morning is in the GT list so we dont need to enter it as "other"
06:33:46 <Kevin L> Plume 1333
06:34:30 <Will B(@ work)> wow i had about a min lag ltere
06:34:37 <Will B(@ work)> *there
06:35:30 <Will B(@ work)> my name never changed. stupid chat page
06:43:00 <LS> I put it in as other so Maureen's entry would be primary. Also, I forgot to write down the time. Tara just called to give me the time.
06:43:28 <Will B(@ Work)> good thinking
06:44:29 <Will B(@ Work)> it is new on the list so i was just making it known it was there
06:44:57 <Rich> Loisb just posted today's BHI/BH capture
06:46:05 <lc> wonder if Morning will be one and done or it will likely be active for some time.
06:46:21 <lc> anyone have any idea?
06:47:15 <Will B(@ Work)> no idea i do not know stuff about the LGB besides names
06:47:27 <Will B(@ Work)> i need to learn though
06:47:53 <Dave from B> I posted a quick note to FB about Morning
06:48:20 <lc> I sure would like to see Morning, thats one I have never seen.
06:48:33 <Kevin L> Rare for sure.
06:49:34 <Dave from B> Shaping up to be an intersting summer with F&M and Morning. What are you waiting for Giantess and Giant?
06:50:17 <Kevin L> Don't forget NG
06:50:26 <Will B(@ Work)> I just dont want big boom of everything though
06:52:09 <Dave from B> Geysers pulling gazers in all directions. We won't know where to stand or sit
06:56:59 <Kevin L> I have a board with my name on it by Aurum.
06:57:53 <lc> is that the one with all the splinters?
06:58:20 <Kevin L> It has a few less than it did. :)
06:58:36 <lc> g
06:58:44 <Will B(@ Work)> go with a friend, park a car at OF and midway and sit some where in the F&M artemesia area
06:58:57 <Dave from B> Kevin have you been defacing the bw again?:)
07:00:04 <Kevin L> No, it has been defacing me , Hmmmm perhaps defacing isn't the proper word here....
07:01:38 <Dave from B> Not much shade by Aurum either
07:02:11 <Kevin L> Perhaps we should plant trees?
07:02:17 <Kevin L> Lion 1402
07:02:29 <Will B(@ Work)> Maureen posted the Morning eruption
07:03:35 <Will B(@ Work)> I love Mornings interval in GT right now:38years 352days 15h 40m
07:03:44 <Will B(@ Work)> thats my doing
07:04:12 <Dave from B> When was the last Morning eruption?
07:04:52 <Will B(@ Work)> from my work so far it was Jul 12,1973
07:05:25 <Will B(@ Work)> But there is probably atleast one inbetween thoes
07:05:46 <LS> Last Morning eruptions were late March-early April 1994, believed to be earthquake-induced.
07:06:05 <Will B(@ Work)> Thanks Lynn
07:06:10 <LS> Before that Morning was active for 3 weeks in August 1991, averaging about 3 1/2 hour intervals.
07:06:19 <Will B(@ Work)> Lynn did you get my email?
07:06:38 <LS> Before that it was February 1983, again with note from Rick that it was earthquake-induced.
07:07:02 <Will B(@ Work)> Lynn how much of this stuff comes off the top of your head?
07:07:32 <LS> The Morning stuff is from the top of my head because I was lucky enough to be in the Park May 1991 when Morning had a few eruptions.
07:07:44 <LS> Then I got to see four of the five Fountain-Morning duals in 1991.
07:07:56 <LS> And I got to see all except two of the daylight Morning eruptions in August 1991.
07:08:08 <Will B(@ Work)> Your like a living Geyser history book you have a great memory
07:08:09 <LS> See Transactions III and IV for a series of articles about the activityy.
07:08:31 <LS> Unfortunately, Rick couldn't get permission for me to be in the Park for the 1994 series.
07:08:43 <Will B(@ Work)> I want to get some of the old transactions but im a poor college kid
07:09:01 <Will B(@ Work)> Did sawmill stop and restart?
07:09:06 <LS> Will-Yes I got your email. I'm trying to get birthday presents wrapped for granddaughter, so will work on the response "soon."
07:09:32 <LS> Grandson thinks I should be playing Monopoly with him when he's not at camp or practice!
07:09:48 <Will B(@ Work)> np take your time there are only a few hundred thousand entries left
07:10:12 <Will B(@ Work)> How old is he
07:10:38 <Kevin L> Sounds like my kind of kid. I even have a Monopoly in German!
07:11:56 <Will B(@ Work)> I can see it now ... the Geyser edition of monopoly, but what geyser would be in place of Boardwalk, maybe Steamboat
07:12:48 <Kevin L> That would be fun. I think you are good on Steamboat. Park Place would be the tough one.
07:13:00 <Kevin L> Anenome would be Baltic.
07:13:37 <captbunzo> so btw...
07:13:45 <captbunzo> when people say Morning Geyser
07:13:55 <captbunzo> you're not talking about Morning Glory Pool, right?
07:14:09 <Will B(@ Work)> no LGB Morning
07:14:17 <Kevin L> Right. Morning is in the Lower Geyser Basin.
07:14:17 <captbunzo> LGB Morning?
07:14:25 <Will B(@ Work)> yep
07:14:27 <ynpvisitor100> Lower Geyser Basin
07:14:28 <captbunzo> ah, lower geyser basin
07:14:53 <Will B(@ Work)> thanks 100 for clairifying that
07:15:42 <ynpvisitor100> BB here, lurking. Didn't want to give up that number and was not paying attention anyway most of the time
07:16:03 <Kevin L> Hi BB
07:16:15 <Will B(@ Work)> does anyone know if Jake is out of town or busy because he still hasnt responded to my emails from about 2-3 weeks ago?
07:16:28 <Will B(@ Work)> BB i did that once when i got #1
07:16:32 <captbunzo> alas, I've got to head out now. Time to go catch a train home!
07:23:44 <Dave from B> Hi, BB.
07:24:16 <ynpvisitor100> hi Dave, got the lucky number today :)
07:24:35 <Dave from B> So, Lynn. Are Morning active periods typically we be running to LGB during the next few weeks?
07:25:48 <Dave from B> Love that 100, af and I both had it on the same day last week
07:26:21 <ynpvisitor100> so easy to make us happy... lucky number and a rare geyser
07:27:37 <Kevin L> OF 1427
07:27:47 <Kevin L> Tall geysers today
07:31:53 <Kevin L> Daisy 1431 ie. I knew that would happen.
07:37:14 <Kevin L> Plume 1436
07:48:06 <Will B(@ Work)> LC1447ie
07:54:39 <af> MORNING?! OMGWTFBBQ
07:58:19 <Kevin L> Lion 1458
08:00:36 <Dave from B> ok ,af could you pm me about what the BBQ stands for? I think I know the rest :)
08:00:43 <af> are ny eyes deciving me
08:03:10 <af> maybe my dad will want to see it. he would go to see it for sure
08:03:23 <af> then maybe we can make the time to see it
08:04:04 <af> bbl
08:04:21 <LS> Although it's difficult to get a geyser gazer to make an unqualified statement, I would say Morning's active periods are typically short.
08:04:36 <LS> In May 1991 is was only known to be active for 2-3 days.
08:04:47 <LS> In March-April 1994 it was less than a week.
08:04:54 <LS> In August 1991 it was three weeks.
08:06:54 <LS> I'm not at home with my library, so can't say anything about activity in the late 1970's.
08:07:16 <LS> Tara asked if it was reasonable to go back this afternoon. My response--Why not? Who knows what it will do.
08:07:45 <LS> It could have another period like it did in May and August 1991 (as well as one September in the 1950's) when it erupted every 3 1/2 hours.
08:07:46 <Kevin L> Nice to have feet on the ground up there.
08:08:04 <LS> Or, it could have 24-48 hour intervals. Or, it could quit immediately.
08:08:25 <LS> I know where I'll be spending my time during my next trip, and it won't be at F&M.
08:19:15 <Dave from B> Thanks, ls. Sorry I missed you. If I remember correctly from Lee Whittlesey, Morning Geyser runoff was used at the late Fountain Hotel?
08:21:12 <Dave from B> Time for me to head out. Depending on hotel's internet coverage, I may not be back for awhile. I hope that is not the case. Anyway, everyone have a great evening. I'll talk to you soon:)
08:21:36 <Kevin L> Bye Dave. Have a good trip.
08:25:28 <Dave from B> Thanks
08:27:56 <ynpvisitor79> Leather Pool was used at the Fountain Hotel
08:33:30 <Graham> hello. have i missed anything?
08:35:33 <Graham> Plume 1535ie
08:36:35 <Kevin L> Not Plume
08:36:45 <Kevin L> Morning.
08:37:02 <Graham> no, its Plume
08:37:22 <Kevin L> But you did miss Morning.
08:38:30 <Graham> its afternoon too
08:38:42 <Graham> i was up this morning
08:39:22 <Kevin L> I was up, but not awake.
08:42:07 <Graham> well i hope its active for 3 weeks, not 1 day :)
08:42:15 <Graham> or even longer
08:43:55 <Kevin L> That could have made a good Abott & Costelo routine.
08:44:53 <Kent> Not quite in the same league as Morning, but it looks like Echinus erupted early on the 18th.
08:45:34 <Kevin L> Gee. Everything is waking up. Giantess????
08:45:55 <Kent> I'd rather Giant
08:46:47 <Graham> SPlendid?
08:47:07 <Kent> Cascade?
08:47:16 <Graham> thanks to WIll for uploading some of the older data, good to see what Morning was doing in the 1970s, quite a long period of irregular activity
08:48:01 <Kevin L> I would be happy with 4 hour Aurum intervals.
08:48:25 <Graham> just go in winter Kevin
08:48:57 <Kevin L> And above 50 degree temps.
08:49:18 <Kevin L> Loin 1549
08:51:29 <Graham> our feel like temp is 109 ..want to come here to cool off Kevin?
08:52:38 <Kevin L> I haven't been outside since about 0700 but it was fairly cool then, only 92.
08:53:30 <Kevin L> Our wind chill is 100 right now.
08:57:20 <Graham> nice
08:58:10 <Kevin L> Humidity is 7%
08:59:27 <Graham> 47% here, dew point 74 again
09:00:00 <Kevin L> OF 1559
09:00:35 <Graham> nice one
09:00:53 <Kevin L> Been really tall eruptions today.
09:03:27 <Graham> superbursts to get our attention?
09:03:42 <Graham> time for work i guess
09:03:56 <Kevin L> BH was straight up as was the Lion initial.
09:04:20 <Kevin L> I didn't leave you much
09:05:07 <Graham> Lions, Daisy, Grand, what more could I want?
09:05:36 <Kevin L> Castle minored at 1000 +/-, Daisy has been hiding behind OF. Got a good Aurum about 4 hours ago.
09:06:11 <Graham> 4h since Aurum, must be time
09:10:59 <Kevin L> Grand did a long interval 8h39m
09:11:58 <Ryan> Home for the evening :)
09:12:47 <Kevin L> Get your rocket done?
09:16:16 <Ryan> Some of it,
09:16:27 <Ryan> So... Morning didnt erupting IN THE MORNING? :D
09:17:39 <Kevin L> You doing a freelance model or is it a scale model of something?
09:18:43 <Ryan> Freelance
09:19:06 <Ryan> My Tripoli Level 1 and 2 Certification Rocket (esseantially your "Rockets Drivers Liscense")
09:19:30 <Kevin L> Those are fun. You don't have to count rivets, but you have to make sure it is stable enough to fly.
09:21:10 <Ryan> Ive done the Patriot, AMRAAM, Saturn V and IB
09:21:15 <Kevin L> I did one with Estes engines. A three stage with 3 engine cluster. Was about 3 feet tall. Worked really good. We think it went into orbit. Never came down.
09:21:45 <Ryan> Haha, also have the Mercury-Redstone, Gemini Titan (non flying) and Shuttle (non flying)
09:21:59 <Kevin L> Love the Saturn 1b. I like all those tubes on the side. Saturn V is also an awesome machine.
09:22:22 <Ryan> saturn ib is beautiful, saturn v is scry :)
09:23:26 <Kevin L> I like the Mercury Redstone. Took a lot of guts to ride that puppy.
09:24:06 <Ryan> I dont think the Redstone REALLY scared them, now the Atlas (steel balloon) probably scared them senseless
09:24:25 <Ryan> The germans proved the redstone to be reliable and robust
09:24:57 <Kevin L> You are so right there. I think when they put the first guy on that one they were dealing with a 50% failure rate.
09:25:16 <Ryan> or higher haha
09:25:38 <Kevin L> Gus Grissom came to our school and talked to us during the Gemini years. It was fun.
09:25:59 <Ryan> wow, so like 64-66?
09:26:45 <Ryan> Turban?
09:27:15 <Graham> could be
09:27:22 <Ryan> Split Cone 1629ie :)
09:27:34 <Kevin L> Somewhere in that era. They made the titainium for the rockets in my town (my Dad worked there) so there were a lot of space types there.
09:27:48 <Ryan> nice, where was this?
09:28:53 <Will B> .
09:29:57 <Kevin L> It is Henderson Nevada. It started as a company town during WWII for Basic Magniesum and was called Basic Townsite. The High School was Basic High School and still exists today.
09:30:22 <Ryan> Is PEPCON there?
09:30:29 <Ryan> WAS PEPCON there?
09:30:32 <Kevin L> It was.
09:31:41 <af> graham oh you lucky dawg!
09:31:51 <Kevin L> It is in Cedar City Utah now. My wife's brother and Father were both in that explosion which is impressive. It really messed up my house and I was about 4 miles away.
09:31:55 <af> can wr trade vacarions?
09:32:23 <Graham> it will probably be done whien i get there
09:32:47 <af> maybe, maybe not hopefully thatd the case :)
09:33:05 <Will B> af im going to start making my own diagram for the sawmill complex relationships maybe you can make the flash version for me later
09:33:18 <Ryan> Yes, Ive gotten to see the smoke clouds f
09:33:19 <af> k
09:33:21 <Ryan> Aurum 1635
09:33:31 <Ryan> smoke coulds from the test firings of the SRBs
09:33:35 <Ryan> I have family in SLC
09:33:58 <Graham> overzoom, sorry
09:34:08 <Ryan> no problem
09:34:12 <Kevin L> Right on Graham
09:34:25 <Graham> big crowd there
09:34:36 <af> no streaming..
09:34:56 <lc> that was very good
09:34:59 <Graham> Oblong 1634ie?
09:35:09 <Graham> Aurum time was earlier
09:35:12 <Ryan> id say so
09:35:35 <Kevin L> That makes two in a day.
09:35:50 <Graham> 1633ie for Aurum?
09:35:54 <Kevin L> Surprised me it was so early. Hope that continues.
09:36:27 <af> BBL time for a walk in the heat.
09:36:53 <Graham> Plume 1636
09:37:36 <lc> Aurum intervals will get longer next week.
09:37:37 <Graham> just over 4h, you asked and received
09:43:51 <Graham> Lion 1643
09:44:09 <Kevin L> Longer series than yesterday.
09:44:16 <Ryan> :)
09:44:35 <Kevin L> I like the water coming straight down.
09:48:34 <Graham> Turban 1648ie?
09:49:17 <Will B> i would say so
09:49:53 <Graham> still too early for Grand
09:50:13 <Graham> so will anyone be watching for BH in the park tomorrow or all down at Morning?
09:50:44 <Kevin L> I bet a bunch are at the LGB right now.
09:54:08 <Graham> i want to see the pics and video
09:54:25 <Graham> both of Morning and of Maureen when she saw it first
09:58:19 <Lynn> Maureen doesn't usually carry a camera, so may not have gotten any pictures.
09:58:29 <Lynn> She was still so excited when she called me I could barely understand her.
09:58:33 <Graham> hi lynn
09:58:52 <Graham> yeah i want the video of her :) i am guessing that was a cool sight too - any of us would have been giddy
09:59:01 <Kevin L> Cell phone has a camera.
09:59:18 <Lynn> I got the impression she was the only gazer there because she wasn't expecting Fountain any time soon.
09:59:18 <Graham> maybe she got someone to send some
09:59:42 <Graham> so glad she saw it having spent so much time there, she deserves it
09:59:43 <Lynn> She doesn't carry her cell phone in lower geyser basin since there's no reception.
09:59:56 <Kevin L> :(
09:59:56 <Will B> lynn i got your email, thanks
10:00:05 <Graham> are you there yet Lynn?
10:00:11 <Graham> Daisy 1659
10:00:22 <Lynn> Yes, and now she knows what Fountain's intervals were doing--stalling to allow Morning to erupt!
10:00:28 <Kevin L> Been a great year for geysers already.
10:01:09 <Graham> Will loaded some 1970s data from the logbooks so if you click on Morning you can see some of the intervals back then
10:02:04 <Lynn> Thanks to Will, but since I have the original spreadsheets, I don't generally use GT for intervals.
10:02:06 <Graham> Maureens comment on fountain yesterday was "what is up with Fountain?"
10:02:11 <Graham> now we know
10:02:41 <Graham> Sawmill 1702ie
10:02:48 <Graham> just started?
10:02:54 <Kevin L> I like the last interval of 38 years.
10:02:56 <Lynn> I also sent Rick Hutchinson's 1973 summary about Morning's activity to the listserv.
10:03:24 <Lynn> And posted information from Nomenclature, although I think Nomenclature's 1974 activity should be 1973.
10:03:26 <Graham> well that is misleading Kevin since Will has more work to do :)
10:04:39 <Graham> well thats excitement in the LGB we didn't expect, i hope it has more eruptions
10:05:39 <Will B> dont even remind me Graham
10:06:07 <Lynn> I also hope for more eruptions. I'm arriving June 28 for a 2 week stay.
10:06:13 <Graham> i hit the same thing looking at Giant intervals
10:06:35 <Graham> thats good, see you that weekend
10:06:42 <Kevin L> Still fun though.
10:07:03 <Graham> Mary Beth is packing faster :)
10:07:18 <Lynn> Yep, she's hoping to arrive on the 26th per her email today.
10:10:35 <Kevin L> Large Turban?
10:10:43 <Graham> a few small quakes north of LGB earlier in the week
10:11:09 <Graham> its the right time
10:11:52 <Graham> thanks for the listserve posts Lynn
10:12:01 <Kevin L> Good YNP earthquake site:
10:12:02 <Kevin L>
10:31:22 <Ryan> Well
10:31:32 <Ryan> time to start packing for the beach
10:33:42 <Graham> Plume 1733
10:34:57 <Ryan> OF 1734
10:35:07 <Graham> OF 1734
10:35:48 <Kevin L> vec is good
10:40:05 <Graham> Depression 1739ie
10:47:56 <Graham> Lion 1747
10:49:13 <Graham> now tied yetsrrdays Lion series with 6 eruptions
10:50:22 <af> ok something weird happened to me just now
10:54:28 <Graham> Turban 1753ie?
10:54:36 <Graham> get used to it
10:55:19 <af> but thsi was really wiers
10:55:26 <Will B> i think that one was steam drift from Spasmodic1755ie
10:55:37 <Will B> now i think its turban
10:55:46 <af> My dad go every thursday on a walk this has happened for 2 years now
10:56:23 <af> when we come back we take the garbage out becua ethursday is garbage day
10:57:13 <af> today was odd becuase we went out and did the walk instead of thursday becuase we have plans tommorow
10:57:40 <af> well for 10 years now the garbage day was thursday and so we speculate we won't have to do garbage today
10:57:42 <Graham> mmmm that is weird
10:57:43 <Will B> radiator or bank?
10:58:04 <Graham> bank
10:58:06 <lc> havea good night all.
10:58:15 <Will B> bye
10:58:18 <Graham> bye lc
10:58:19 <af> and then they decide to switch days on us so wednsday is now garabge day meaning we have to do garbage
10:58:20 <kcmule> bye lc
10:58:23 <af> bye
10:58:26 <Graham> welcom fellow non-workers
10:58:28 <Will B> looks too far up the hill to be bank
10:58:36 <af> bank
10:58:46 <af> radiators subterranean
10:58:49 <Graham> your nick didnt change kc - does that mean more mandatory work?
10:59:04 <kcmule> .
10:59:15 <af> one step closer to freedom eh kc.
10:59:23 <kcmule> omp need to lose my cookies
10:59:55 <Will B> no i had a few radiator boils while waiting for daisy and the rangers came by for the first prediction of the day and she was the one tho notice it
11:01:32 <Will B> that was at the end of april and it was throwing up about 3-5ft boils
11:02:03 <af> usually subterranean
11:02:16 <af> to long for bank which lats but seconds
11:03:23 <Graham> dunno then. will hhave to get the crowd to move from Morning to Radiator
11:03:38 <Graham> Turban steam 1803ie?
11:04:18 <af> definatly abigger eruption
11:04:21 <Will B> that is only a 10 im interval if your last one is right
11:04:37 <Graham> think last one was wrong
11:04:51 <Will B> i do too
11:08:12 <Graham> Sawmill is off too
11:08:24 <Graham> stepping away, bbs
11:08:36 <af> something else turned on today
11:20:14 <af'> turban 1820?
11:20:44 <kcmule> penta maybe too
11:20:56 <Will B> oohhh
11:21:10 <af> yes I see water
11:21:20 <af> penta 1821 ie
11:21:22 <Graham> no to penta
11:21:26 <Graham> who knows with Turban
11:21:38 <af> tardy?
11:21:56 <Will B> old tardy you mean
11:22:01 <Graham> could have been Tyrban, time is ok
11:22:05 <Graham> Old Tardy
11:22:41 <af> witj sawmill pff could bee a deep drain?
11:22:49 <kcmule> thats whyi like the word maybe
11:23:02 <Graham> or could be a small drain
11:23:25 <Graham> would be rather early for Penta too
11:23:42 <Will B> spasmo paused a but a go and ow restarted but the length of the sawmill would not support a drain
11:23:52 <af> I am not familiar with sawmill
11:25:36 <Will B> the complex is complex (ha ha i know bad joke) but if you read abould all the geysers in the sawmill group in the bible it will help you understand
11:25:47 <Will B> .
11:26:07 <Ryan> Sponge 1827
11:26:11 <Ryan> 6-8inches
11:26:11 <Will B> maj
11:26:12 <af> sponge 1826 ie
11:26:32 <Will B> Sponge maj 1826ie
11:26:53 <Will B> Ryan your clock seems to be a bit fast
11:26:54 <Graham> and of course Sawmill is a geyser so it can do whatever it wants whenever it wants
11:28:30 <af> fantail should say hi again
11:29:06 <Graham> oohh check Saphire pool too
11:29:54 <af> butterfly too
11:30:01 <af> well we can se ethat
11:30:40 <af> Goodnight everyone I have stuff to do.
11:30:48 <Will B> bye
11:30:51 <Ryan> night af
11:30:59 <Kevin L> Baby Daisy
11:31:27 <Graham> would like Cascade, nice for the cam
11:31:57 <Graham> dont go...
11:32:15 <Graham> its time for Plume
11:32:41 <af> and noe to clear my tablet. why not graham?
11:33:07 <Graham> was watching ppl leave Plume
11:33:15 <Graham> and more now
11:33:22 <Kevin L> Maybe another Aurum? Longest day of the year today.
11:33:47 <Graham> good chance, do you want the cam after me?
11:34:25 <Kevin L> I'll let kc handle it.
11:35:37 <Graham> i see kc finally got rid of that working thing
11:36:17 <Graham> Plume 1835
11:36:23 <Graham> nice crowd
11:38:44 <Ryan> Daisy
11:38:46 <Ryan> ?
11:39:06 <Graham> too early
11:39:33 <Ryan> Grand
11:39:38 <Graham> Grand 1839
11:39:38 <kcmule> nice
11:39:47 <kcmule> vn
11:42:51 <Will B> ooh walked away and then come back to grand :)
11:43:00 <Graham> nice spikes
11:43:11 <Graham> af was the sacrifice
11:43:37 <Graham> Lion 1843
11:45:36 <Graham> gazers are missing a nice Grand
11:57:53 <kcmule>
12:00:43 <Will B> dinner bbl
12:01:30 <Graham> thanks for the video, nice one
12:03:23 <af> leave to my brother to spoil the things I had to do (video games)
12:03:51 <Graham> theres a video replay for you
12:04:05 <kcmule> yes i need to collect more grand bursts
12:05:13 <kcmule> 200 bh 8 grand captures
12:05:27 <af> lol
12:05:43 <Graham> o mornings
12:08:43 <Graham> OF 1908
12:09:56 <af> How can I watc the same geyser over and over again and never get bored
12:10:07 <af> especially of
12:12:18 <Graham> Try watching Tardy
12:12:50 <Graham> or Pearl
12:13:10 <af> peral is the zenith of patience
12:13:29 <Graham> or little cub
12:13:33 <Graham> or sponge
12:13:49 <af> weird question, would a trip to norris be good to make to see a steamboat major? next year
12:13:54 <Graham> w tRIPLET 1913IE
12:14:08 <af> nice caps lock I use the shift key
12:15:23 <Graham> or wait to see the end of a Grotto marathon
12:15:28 <Graham> you will get bored
12:15:42 <af> but its a geyser
12:15:55 <af> so a trip to norris yes or no
12:15:59 <Graham> and you are a human .. i rest my case
12:16:38 <kcmule> gotta go see it
12:16:43 <af> and wildlife is meh to me BTW I see 5 dear on a hillside almost everyday when I walk home from school. Is this weird
12:17:13 <Graham> sure, got to go see it
12:17:20 <Graham> sit on Constant bench for an hour
12:17:21 <af> I have seen it twice already, a blow past the place trip both times
12:17:31 <Graham> and at Vixen especially if its wet or making any noise
12:17:36 <af> though
12:17:56 <Graham> maybe Veteran will reactivate, i sit there for hours when its having Majors
12:18:46 <af> whats special about it that makes it worth seeing?
12:19:39 <kcmule>
12:19:52 <Graham> for the majors it gushes water continuously out the main vent for a few minutes and gurgles and splashes out of the side vent'
12:20:05 <Graham> has cucles that usually build if its having Majors
12:20:59 <Kevin L> I liked the old Tilt.
12:21:30 <af> I liked fantail when I saw it wonderufl geyser hopefully itll come back
12:22:18 <af> comets making a good ruckus
12:23:58 <af> kc this video at 239 what is taht geyser?
12:24:36 <kcmule> i know but lets see who guesses first
12:26:45 <af> loos lgb? fountain area?
12:29:00 <Graham> i thought you wear asking about Aurum, but wrong time
12:29:05 <Graham> i know
12:29:16 <af> gotta go,...
12:29:19 <Graham> its Jets thief
12:32:53 <Graham> nice sounds from puff-n-stuff too
12:34:44 <Graham> Sawmill 1934
12:35:19 <kcmule> im not even sure what the official name is but maureen calls it super frying pan
12:35:31 <Graham> yep thats it
12:35:48 <Graham> usually kills Jet unless Ftn is erupting
12:35:59 <Graham> but recently Jet has been able to keep erupting
12:36:21 <Graham> hole keeps getting bigger tho
12:37:56 <kcmule> fountain seems to have largest bursts when im watching it
12:38:01 <Graham> Daisy 1937
12:38:04 <Ryan> Daisy 1937
12:40:38 <Graham> Plume 1940ie
12:40:47 <Kevin L> Hey Ryan, I was just in my model cabinet. I was looking at an Estes Big Bertha I have and got calculating that it is 35 years old and still flies!
12:41:36 <Ryan> Wow, that was the first rocket I ever built, five years ago lol
12:42:36 <Kevin L> That was the 2nd Big Bertha I had. First one was in 1967 and was destroyed by my little brother.
12:43:03 <Kevin L> Big Bertha is a fun rocket. Still like to fly it.
12:43:43 <Ryan> I first flew it on an A8-3... it went about 15ft, hovered and POP out comes the chute lol!
12:44:21 <Ryan> very slow tkeoffs
12:44:32 <Kevin L> Yea. That one takes a big engine. The only thing I like to use the A8-3 in is the WAC Corporal.
12:45:45 <Ryan> Wow, I havent used anything smaller than an F in years... Flying an E now in a small camera rocket haha
12:46:21 <Ryan> I have to remind myself that when Im making a small rocket its not high power and thus doesnt need to be built to high power standards lol
12:49:04 <Kevin L> That monster we built used 3 B14-0 in the bottom stage, 3 C6-0 in the 2nd stage and 3 C6-7 in the top. The thing had 3 bt20s in a bt60 tube and the top was about as big as the Bertha. !st went about 25', 2nd went about 800', 3rd went into orbit. Had a 24" chute. Never saw it again.
12:49:16 <Kevin L> It was cool though.
12:50:02 <Ryan> WOW a B14, they havent made B14s in decades, i believe they (even burnout casings) are almost collectors items now
12:50:17 <Ryan> Haha, 24", thats why you never saw it
12:50:37 <Kevin L> Probably landed in Utah somewhere.
12:50:46 <Ryan> hehe
12:51:13 <Ryan> somewhere up by Corrine ;)
12:51:34 <Kevin L> It was our first original design. Took about a month's allowance for the one launch.
12:52:03 <Ryan> So it was freelance?
12:52:54 <Kevin L> Yes it was. We left the 3 bt20s exposed about halfway up the rocket so it had the look of the Saturn 1b.
12:54:09 <Ryan> nice, did u, dont take this the wrong way, have knowledge of rocket design then? Like stabilty, thrust vs weight, actual plans for this rocket?
12:55:17 <Kevin L> Are you kidding? We glued it together and hoped someone didn't die. This is even before there were calculators although we did know how to use a slide rule.
12:56:14 <Ryan> Thats what I thought, my first few were like that... I got nervous then cause I didnt want to hurt someone (r me), now I get nervous cause they are expensive, and big, and dangerous lol
12:57:02 <Kevin L> I guess back then we weren't that scared since we really didn't understand what we were doing.
12:57:39 <Ryan> I have gotten scared thinking about some, Im not kidding either
12:58:18 <Ryan>
12:58:34 <Ryan>
12:58:38 <Ryan> Take the second one
12:58:53 <Ryan> that things taking a J528 up to 3300ft!
12:59:12 <Kevin L> We used to make some good bombs back then too. Stuff you would go to jail for now. We would take them to school and keep them in our locker and then set them off behind the school when it let our. Science teachers even came out to watch!
12:59:30 <Ryan> HAHA, that would be WONDERFUL
13:01:08 <Kevin L> Black powder in a fire extinguisher canister is awesome, but I would not suggest doing that again.
13:01:31 <Ryan> HAHA, oh my, I know my limits there
13:01:41 <Ryan> Ever see coffee creamer and black power?
13:02:03 <Kevin L> Oh yes. Really fun.
13:02:46 <Ryan> I do those, but i mixx titanium chunk, aluminum flake, and KN based flash powders with the cremora, nice big white ball with sparkles :D
13:03:18 <Kevin L> That is the problem when you get older. You undersstand what can happen and it isn't fun anymore.
13:03:49 <Kevin L> Nice rocket. The first link would not load though.
13:04:59 <Graham> 10 days to go ....
13:05:04 <Ryan> but if you understand and mitigate the risk... :D
13:05:44 <Kevin L> It's that fear of death thing along with the I have kids to support thing.
13:06:14 <Graham> goodnight
13:06:20 <Ryan> Yes, I can understand that... for me its the, im 17 and have (hopefully) 70 left to go
13:06:25 <Kevin L> bye
13:06:26 <Ryan> Night G
13:06:29 <Graham> gona go and dream about watching Morning erupt
13:06:36 <Ryan> :)
13:06:42 <Kevin L> You will get there Ryan.
13:06:44 <Graham> all the times i have been there and wished the water would come up more in Morning...
13:07:02 <Kevin L> Happy dreams
13:08:17 <Ryan> oh, and Kevin, made the first batch of my new propellant today...
13:08:28 <Ryan> waiting for it to cure so I can start testing it tomorrow
13:14:39 <Kevin L> I'll be interested to know how it works.
13:24:01 <kcmule> sawmill off
13:30:22 <Ryan> Unfortunately Kevin, burn rate can never be determined mathematically, only through testing, then a mathematical model can be determined to calculate how fast a propellant burns under pressure...
13:30:40 <Ryan> all I can say is that it will definately burn, but not explode :)
13:31:25 <Ryan> Then again, APCP can not explode by any physical pr chemical means
13:33:51 <Kevin L> It can if it is mixed with a broken 16" 400PSI natural gas line.
13:35:17 <Ryan> Actually no, the APCP itself wont explode, if it was "forecfully broken apart" the APCP would self-extinquish itself... which is why most rockets that explode dont present a fire whazard, 90% of the time they go out... now the broken pipleine, yes, THAT will explode
13:37:03 <Kevin L> And it is really ugly.
13:37:16 <Ryan> haha
13:38:21 <kcmule> OF 20:37
13:38:33 <Ryan> pretty
13:38:59 <Kevin L> check out vec
13:39:38 <Ryan> nice and pink!
13:57:36 <kcmule> ng 20:57ie minor
13:58:45 <Ryan> :)
13:59:07 <Kevin L> Now for Aurum
14:01:23 <kcmule> must have missed plume in last of
14:02:05 <Ryan> Aurum better go soon, Im logging off and wont be back for a couple of weeks (at least not regularly)
14:02:21 <Ryan> Little Squirt 2104ie
14:04:49 <Ryan> gtgm good night all, ill drop in every now and again for the next two weeks... Assateague bound!
14:05:15 <kcmule> nite Ryan
14:45:17 <kcmule> Plume 21:44ie
14:57:44 <af> is everyone gone but you?
14:58:13 <af> of 2157
14:58:17 <kcmule> OF 21:57
14:59:09 <ynpvisitor8> lurking. Just got home and am reading about MORNING. yes!
14:59:27 <af> i know i was like OMGWTFBBQ
14:59:51 <af> aurum 2159
15:00:21 <kcmule> should make a big cloud tonite
15:00:31 <af> that was pump
15:03:21 <af> daisy?
15:03:44 <af> did an af again.. wait i am!
15:04:14 <af> goodnight kc
15:04:34 <kcmule> nite af
15:17:36 <ynpvisitor23> its time to go to bed when there are only two colors on the webcam bkack and blue
15:18:25 <kcmule> good idea, g'nite
15:18:38 <ynpvisitor23> nite
15:18:44 <kcmule> Daisy 22:18
15:18:50 <kcmule> for the road