Showing logs for date: 2012-07-01
23:30:14 <CC> Lion 6:28 IE
23:57:25 <CC> OF 6:56
00:33:11 <ynpvisitor95> Lion 7:31 IE
00:33:55 <ynpvisitor65> Nice Giantess boil on static also.
00:34:54 <ynpvisitor65> Plume 0734 ie
00:36:24 <ynpvisitor65> Daisy 0736 ie
01:34:46 <ynpvisitor24> of 0834
01:34:46 <ynpvisitor85> of 8:34
02:11:26 <ynpvisitor81> ng major 0911
02:12:39 <ynpvisitor65> That was nice.
02:26:19 <kc (away)>
02:39:53 <kc (away)> adjusted time to 09:09
02:59:33 <ynpvisitor65> of 0959 ie
03:08:40 <vw> Daisy 1008 ie
03:15:27 <vw> Plume 1015
03:16:07 <Kevin L> Morning vw
03:16:33 <vw> Good morning
03:52:08 <vw> I have to step away for a few minutes. Will leave cam in wide screen view. Very quiet.
04:28:03 <Kevin L> Well, BH can go now.
04:29:28 <ynpvisitor11> Quite a crowd at Plume
04:39:38 <vw> OF outside its window now.
04:40:43 <vw> Of 1140
04:56:17 <ynpvisitor43> plume 1155
05:39:42 <vw> Daisy 1239
05:51:28 <vw> Plume 1251 ie, static cam
05:51:42 <vw> make that 1250 ie, static cam
05:53:04 <vw> cb got a start time on Daisy of 1238, from the ground. :)
05:59:02 <vw>
05:59:15 <vw> Cyle ride planned through YNP next year.
05:59:55 <vw> ride actually throughut greater Yellowstone area.
05:59:59 <vw> OF 1259
06:20:45 <vw> BHI 1320 ie
06:20:46 <vw> ding
06:20:48 <vw> ding
06:20:48 <vw> ding
06:21:01 <vw> should get a better start time from the basin
06:21:26 <kcmule> no txt needed for me but KL may need one
06:21:48 <vw> cool kc. Thx.
06:24:28 <ynpvisitor98> Aurum
06:24:40 <Dave from B> Thanks vw!
06:25:04 <vw> yw!
06:25:12 <ynpvisitor98> 1322 aurum
06:26:31 <Dave from B> Not sure if vw has mentioned but driest June ever in Billings and also the driest Jan-June period in history
06:27:13 <vw> I hadn't read that report Dave. I am not surprised. It really is bad here in eastern MT these days.
06:27:43 <Dave from B> 97 already today
06:27:44 <vw> Time to stock up on masks to filter ash later in the summer. :'(
06:28:41 <Dave from B> It won't be long and it will start smelling like a campfire for the rest of the summer
06:29:59 <Dave from B> Glad to see we had a NG major today...anyone have video?
06:30:15 <vw> kc posted a link earlier. Should be in the log.
06:31:47 <Dave from B> Thanks...was just checking when you dinged. I'll check later. Going to catch bh and get back to yard work
06:32:28 <vw> got a bunch of that done yesterday. Rest will wait another day or two until it is 'only' in the 80's
06:33:42 <vw> BH 1333
06:34:10 <Dave from B> 2 people got a short shower
06:35:44 <Dave from B> lots of people getting wet. Good on a hot day like today
06:35:55 <vw> Start time on BHI was 1311. Dave M posted it. Not sure if Dave in the basin or if that is a report he got.
06:36:07 <Dave from B> Time for me to go. Talk to everyone tomorrow
06:36:19 <vw> Have a great one Dave!
06:39:28 <vw> Plume 1339 ie
06:39:46 <DaveM> Concerning times for Beehive. I happened to be on the phone with Tara, who is in the basin now, and got the times from her.
06:39:50 <vw> Hi Dave.
06:39:55 <DaveM> hi
06:40:13 <vw> So great to get real time reports. Hope she is enjoying herself?
06:41:42 <kcmule>
06:41:49 <DaveM> She's a little bummed today. Spent most the night at Fountain hoping for Morning so she was just heading to North Goggles when it had its major. She got there just at the end. Of course, getting to see F&M and Morning on the same trip means she has had a great trip overall.
06:42:15 <vw> Most certainly!
06:43:02 <vw> Has she seen a NG? Some nice less common sightings in the basins this year.
06:43:19 <vw> And of course lots of friends to meet up with again.
06:43:22 <DaveM> Only minors this year.
06:45:28 <vw> Likely to be pretty quiet here now for a while.
06:45:52 <kcmule> i can start @ 1400 if u want vw
06:46:14 <vw> That would be great kc.
06:51:32 <vw> not too smart being that close
06:59:43 <vw> Well, kc is going to take the cam, so I will get moving before I fall asleep.
06:59:47 <vw> Have a great day all.
07:00:01 <kcmule> thx vw ttyl
07:30:45 <kcmule> Plume 14:30
07:34:49 <kcmule> OF 14:34
08:07:48 <kcmule> Daisy 15:07ns
08:08:47 <kcmule> ie
08:21:18 <kcmule> Plume 15:21
08:25:29 <Kevin L> Thanks for the txt kc. Could do anything with it, but I do appreciate it.
08:25:53 <Kevin L> Couldn't
08:26:18 <kcmule> cant get em all
08:28:09 <Kevin L> At least I can get the replay. See there was also an Aurum about the same time.
08:34:29 <Kevin L> Must be hot today. Lot of people taking advantage of the free shower.
09:05:09 <kcmule> OF 16:04
09:12:40 <kcmule> Plume 16:12
09:30:04 <kcmule> Sawmill 16:29
09:50:41 <kcmule> Grand 16:50ie
10:01:33 <kcmule> Plume 17:00ie static
10:44:51 <kcmule> 100m on OF
10:45:47 <kcmule> Plume 17:45
10:46:22 <kcmule> OF 17:45
11:00:44 <kcmule> .
11:34:07 <kcmule> Plume 18:33
11:46:59 <ynpvisitor9> Hoping for an Aurum?
11:48:10 <kcmule> would be nice
11:49:32 <ynpvisitor9> Do you know what is erupting in the far back?
11:49:50 <kcmule> pump
11:50:06 <ynpvisitor9> Ah, thank you
11:50:21 <kcmule> np
12:01:15 <Will B> Hi Kc and Kevin
12:01:39 <kcmule> evenin
12:04:35 <Kevin L> Hi
12:07:20 <Will B> I see we have a few new posters in GT
12:08:37 <Will B> OF1908
12:08:39 <kcmule> OF 19:08
12:09:14 <Will B> I also see Plume is running at 45min intervals today, thats a bit odd
12:16:30 <Will B> Split Cone 1916ie
12:27:08 <kcmule> Plume 19:26
12:49:28 <kcmule> Sawmill 19:49ie
12:58:16 <kcmule> Daisy 19:57
13:12:34 <Will B> Depression 2012ie?
13:13:00 <kcmule> i havent seen water yet have u?
13:13:24 <Will B> i thought i saw one bubble but im not too sure about it
13:14:45 <Will B> Plume window is opening soon
13:16:14 <kcmule> we have a good streak going
13:16:51 <Will B> aururm looked hot
13:18:49 <Will B> oooo big BH splash but its way too early for that window
13:19:42 <Will B> Plume 2019
13:20:03 <kcmule> wind has settled nicely
13:21:35 <Will B> I counted 5B on that
13:21:53 <Will B> W. Triplet?
13:22:06 <kcmule> bulger maybe
13:23:35 <Will B> .
13:23:52 <kcmule> hi Graham
13:24:02 <Will B> Hi Graham, how was your first day
13:24:02 <Graham> hello
13:25:56 <Graham> crackberry at OF is no good
13:26:16 <Graham> nice FTN and BH
13:26:22 <Will B> what provider?
13:26:47 <Graham> went back to FTn but didn't see anything
13:26:49 <Graham> Sprint
13:26:53 <Graham> missed NG
13:27:15 <Graham> several ppl at FTN now
13:27:23 <Will B> well i missed every big one today so dont feel bad about that
13:29:04 <Graham> touring tomorrow, then down basin (ue in case something erupts in daylight
13:29:18 <Graham> had cam ops convention with cb
13:29:45 <Kevin L> You guys are keeping us busy.
13:29:50 <Will B> Graham there is a new poster in GT and the person uses the name "atomic7732". They posted the same 1339 plume as you did and posted it as a park time, Did you meet the person?
13:30:28 <Will B> I wish i could help with that Kevin
13:30:42 <Graham> don't know who
13:31:37 <Graham> well get ready for Labor day too Kevin
13:36:52 <Graham> lots of gazers here
13:37:14 <Will B> I bet thats nice.
13:40:22 <kcmule> OF 20:39
13:40:23 <Graham> yeah, lots i had not met before
13:41:07 <ynpvisitor9> That is a nice OF
13:41:19 <af> tomato
13:41:26 <ynpvisitor9> Evening light really good
13:41:35 <Will B> yum
13:41:59 <af> twas very nice
13:42:50 <ynpvisitor9> Lion growling? Or just cool evening air?
13:43:08 <Will B> a bit of both
13:44:07 <kcmule> we have a shot at an evening castle tonite
13:44:17 <ynpvisitor87> if it stays clear the moon is near full tonight
13:44:19 <ynpvisitor9> :)
13:44:29 <af> i have a report but i have a headache, altitude and i are not good frienda
13:44:39 <Will B> well im off to go for a short run bbl
13:44:59 <af> BBT
13:47:03 <ynpvisitor9> nice clarity
13:48:13 <ynpvisitor9> This could get interesting
13:51:33 <ynpvisitor9> Weather front moving in?
13:52:30 <kcmule> need sun to set to get a good look
14:05:02 <ynpvisitor9> Thank you Cam operators. Goodnight
14:05:28 <kcmule> nite 9
14:16:00 <kcmule> Plume 21:15
14:20:14 <kcmule> Castle 21:19
14:20:30 <kcmule> or not ..
14:22:32 <Will B> minor? or an af
14:23:29 <kcmule> pretty sure i saw water, capture prog didnt get it
14:23:58 <Will B> neither did i. need me to start one for you?
14:24:23 <kcmule> no its working now thx
14:24:29 <Will B> and i was on another screen so i wasnt watching
14:25:50 <Will B> is the streaming cam going to stay slightly visible tonight or only the staatics with the moon situation
14:27:07 <kcmule> idk, whenever i look at night they're both pitch black
14:27:44 <ynpvisitor87> static cam somehow resets and you can see after midnight
14:27:49 <Will B> same with me but i guess on full moons you can make out some things on one of the cams
14:36:53 <kcmule> Aurum 21:36ie
14:37:55 <ynpvisitor87> .
14:38:03 <Kevin L> Some of it anyway.
15:05:19 <Will B> well im done for the night, bye
15:06:02 <kcmule> nite
15:09:37 <kcmule> OF 22:09
15:17:14 <kcmule> nite
15:17:37 <Kevin L> See you tomorrow.