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22:43:56 <ynpvisitor26> OF was about 532ie
22:44:59 <ynpvisitor26> Indicator now
22:45:01 <ynpvisitor24> BHI 5:42 IE
22:57:53 <ynpvisitor26> nice wakeup!
23:22:21 <ynpvisitor26> aurum looks steamier than the other holes, but I wasn't watching for a few minutes
00:07:22 <ynpvisitor13> OF 706
00:09:51 <ynpvisitor13> long
01:14:57 <ynpvisitor81> Daisy 0814 ie
01:15:06 <ynpvisitor30> daisy 0814
01:31:12 <Ryan>
01:32:56 <ynpvisitor44> of 0932
01:34:13 <ynpvisitor44> Make that 0832 MDT
01:47:39 <ynpvisitor32> Grand
02:17:33 <vw> Grand was mentioned abov?
02:17:48 <vw> grr. Anybody notice time on Grand?
02:18:30 <ynpvisitor13> it wasn't Grand I don't think
02:18:52 <vw> That would be cool if it wasn't. Still a chance for itthen!
02:18:52 <ynpvisitor13> Grand went off at 00:49
02:19:14 <vw> okay.... I can't type today. Please excuse my typos.
02:19:28 <ynpvisitor13> spelling doesn't count in chat
02:19:55 <vw> Old habits... Hate them.
02:20:02 <ynpvisitor13> g
02:20:09 <ynpvisitor13> back to work - lucking around
02:20:32 <vw> bye! thanks for info on Grand.
02:20:41 <ynpvisitor13> np
02:34:07 <vw> Plume 0924
02:34:10 <ynpvisitor9> plume 0934
02:34:13 <vw> oops 0934
02:34:38 <vw> Heat really has been bad: gotten to my fingers I guess.
02:49:54 <kcmule> mornin
02:50:08 <vw> Good morning kc!
02:50:11 <ynpvisitor44> hi
02:50:33 <kcmule> just listened to the recording; vec: castle 2000+/-1, grand 1615+/-2, daisy 1045+/-30, riverside 1300+/-30, gr fountain 1430+/-2
02:51:02 <vw> That time on Grand would suggest it did erupt sometime around 8'ish then.
02:51:13 <vw> hmmm.
02:51:37 <kcmule> was streaming on it? ill check the cap
02:51:40 <vw> Graham had entered some Turban times, but he probably had to leave to go checkout and pack car.
02:51:56 <vw> I think stream was on, but I don't know if it was 'manned'
02:51:59 <ynpvisitor44> it was of preset.
02:52:14 <vw> I wasn't on until shortly after 0900
03:01:20 <vw> OF 1001
03:10:37 <kcmule> cant tell anything on grand except it hadnt erupted before the 0832 OF, so ~0847 would make sense
03:10:58 <kcmule>
03:11:49 <vw> Assuming the VEC based their prediction on a call from the basin, it is going to be a quiet couple of hours. here.
03:26:53 <ynpvisitor9> plume 1026
03:57:38 <vw> zzzzzzzzzzz
03:57:56 <vw> I probably missed Daisy. Drats.
04:18:05 <vw> Plume 1118
04:18:24 <Yeti> Such a happy little geyser!
04:18:51 <vw> Yeap, and always enjoys surprising kids and older folks alike.
04:19:56 <Yeti> :) Yep. So, maybe today's the lucky day for F&M...
04:20:39 <vw> Should be a few people down there keeping an eye on it today. We can certainly hope for some event cycles.
04:21:01 <Yeti> Yeah, it could throw people a bone at least...
04:21:08 <vw> It would make me kind of sad if it did erupt today: Graham leaving the park, so would have just missed it.
04:21:53 <Yeti> Yeah, that would be a shame.
04:24:25 <af> good morning
04:25:07 <Yeti> Morning!
04:29:14 <ynpvisitor81> aurum!!
04:29:23 <af> aurum 1128
04:29:24 <kcmule> cool
04:29:33 <Yeti> Is that the one back right?
04:29:45 <Yeti> (I'm gonna go with "yes"...)
04:29:46 <vw> Looking at it now
04:30:09 <vw> Appears to be coming from the Giantess platform from the cam perspective.
04:30:30 <Yeti> Would that it were she! ;)
04:30:40 <ynpvisitor81> anddddddd done
04:30:42 <Yeti> But Aurum's pretty nice, too...
04:30:56 <ynpvisitor81> thanks, cam op
04:31:22 <Yeti> And now, the OF show...coming up in 5...4...3...2...
04:31:43 <Yeti> (long pause...)
04:34:34 <af> i wonder if burst count affects grands interval
04:34:34 <Yeti> Hi Rich.
04:34:41 <af> hi
04:34:54 <Rich> Morning Everyone
04:35:00 <Rich> Hi Yeti????
04:35:04 <Rich> Hi af
04:36:29 <kcmule>
04:36:47 <af> thanksbkc
04:36:52 <vw> OF 1136
04:37:06 <Yeti> Your feed is faster than mine!
04:37:09 <af> nice one
04:37:43 <vw> Yeti, the operator feed is real time. If you have a delay of more than about 6 seconds, try reloading.
04:38:14 <Yeti> Well, it probably takes a long time to get way up here where we Yetis live...
04:38:20 <Yeti> ;)
04:38:40 <Rich> Morning vid by Tera Cross
04:38:55 <Yeti> Thanks, Rich and Tara.
04:39:14 <Rich> sorry
04:39:36 <Rich> Tara, fingers aren't following commands well today.
04:44:53 <Will B> Good morning! just doing a quick check in to see when the bug will go today
04:45:33 <Will B> looks like it will probably be after dinner time
04:46:11 <Rich> lol
04:47:01 <Will B> well off to do chores bbl
04:47:37 <vw> Same here. Have a great day all!
04:48:06 <kcmule> cya
04:48:48 <Rich> bye
05:00:48 <Yeti> Now would be a good time for some four-leggeds to stroll by...
05:01:18 <Yeti> Or other large furry creatures. I see to have a soft spt for them...
05:02:21 <Rich> I'm checking North Entrance for 4 legged.
05:02:39 <Rich> Now if we had a cam on theLamar Valley? g
05:03:10 <Rich> Maybe they will move the 'mobile' cam up there for us. g
05:08:45 <Yeti> Yeah, that would be nice!
05:10:27 <Yeti> OK, I'd better hit the hay. Or snow. Or whatever... Good day to all!
05:11:02 <kcmule> bye Yeti
05:17:40 <ynpvisitor81> Plume at 1hr interval or we missed it
05:18:35 <ynpvisitor81> Plume 1218
05:18:37 <kcmule> 12:18
05:18:43 <ynpvisitor81> haha
05:19:24 <kcmule> got lucky w of steam
05:35:57 <kcmule> oblong? 12:35ie
05:36:21 <Rich> Oblong?
05:36:27 <Rich> g
05:37:02 <kcmule> right time
05:56:14 <af> wipers
05:57:22 <Rich> More wipers
06:00:49 <af> Last year at about this time i wa sin the park
06:03:04 <CC> KC sent a pm
06:03:23 <kcmule> k
06:03:29 <Kevin L> hi cc
06:03:35 <CC> hi
06:04:01 <CC> just waiting to see if the lens needs more wiping
06:11:11 <af> OF 1311
06:13:00 <ynpvisitor81> grotto downbasin? time for riverside, too
06:14:41 <CC> cam is yours KC
06:15:02 <kcmule> ok ty CC
06:17:11 <ynpvisitor81> RS 1317 ns
06:17:49 <af> interval coincides
06:19:32 <Rich> Plume
06:19:39 <kcmule> Plume 13:19
06:22:53 <af> steam from splendid
06:25:45 <kcmule> Uncertain 13:25ns
06:25:45 <ynpvisitor10> is that uncertain
06:25:59 <af> ding
06:26:02 <Kevin L> I appreciate the aurum video kc
06:26:12 <kcmule> yw
06:26:16 <Kevin L> I am not sure
06:26:39 <af> yesy,yes it is
06:26:40 <Kevin L> Look Uncertain to me.
06:27:20 <af> i can make so many jokes with that geyser's name
06:30:49 <af> spasmodic is having fun
06:32:39 <kcmule>
06:33:39 <af> thank you, kc and bbl
06:34:19 <kcmule> np
06:34:59 <ynpvisitor10> hi
06:35:27 <Rich> Hi 10
06:36:02 <ynpvisitor10> hi to you rich
06:38:55 <ynpvisitor10> bye i am going on bin weevils
07:07:07 <Rich> Nice pan speed.
07:08:47 <ynpvisitor1000> bye will
07:09:16 <kcmule> Sawmill 14:08ie
07:18:29 <kcmule> Plume 14:18
07:38:12 <kcmule> OF 14::37
07:40:00 <ynpvisitor9> hi
07:55:15 <kcmule> Grand 14:54
07:59:45 <ynpvisitor33> penta steam phase
08:05:39 <kcmule> maybe 2b, hard to tell. hope so
08:13:48 <kcmule> looks like we may have had an aurum
08:13:51 <kcmule>
08:15:11 <ynpvisitor80> just curious, what is the photo of?
08:15:25 <kcmule> top of image was covered, so included my system clock
08:15:37 <kcmule> i believe it is aurum geyser erupting a few mins ago
08:16:06 <ynpvisitor80> ah, ok
08:16:53 <kcmule> would be shortest interval in a while
08:17:29 <ynpvisitor38> plume?
08:17:47 <ynpvisitor80> that is correct
08:17:52 <ynpvisitor38> I'm not used to the locations of the geysers on this camera
08:18:17 <kcmule> did u get a time on plume Kalassak? im no longer on the cam
08:18:40 <Kalassak> 1517
08:20:24 <kcmule> ty
08:23:06 <kcmule> shortest aurum interval reported since january, just eyeballing gt
08:41:41 <ynpvisitor80> Daisy 15:39 ie
09:16:07 <Todd> OF 16:15
09:16:28 <Todd> nice timing af
09:16:44 <af> eh?
09:17:15 <Todd> just coming in os OF is going
09:17:20 <Todd> :)
09:18:57 <Todd> Plume 16:18
09:19:04 <af> plume 1618
09:19:12 <Todd> :)
09:19:25 <Todd> we agree
09:20:30 <af> i didnt use a colon though
09:20:42 <Todd> shame on you
09:21:08 <af> just checking bbl
09:21:35 <Todd> bye
09:28:47 <Todd> Just where does everyone go after OF finishes? :)
09:32:15 <Todd> Turban?
09:42:57 <Kalassak> when I was there on the 1st I just went around the whole basin, idk about other people
09:43:16 <Kalassak> :P
09:44:09 <Todd> Just a rhetorical question, I always find it funny how so many people can be there one minute and then gone the next. Most barely stay long enough for the eruption to completely finish
09:44:28 <Kalassak> yeah
09:44:52 <Todd> I think there is a chance that we could get a BH before dark
09:46:27 <Todd> Not sure where Lion is at in it's series
09:48:27 <Will B> /// in Denver :)
09:48:59 <Todd> That has to be the best news ever . Good for you guys out there
09:49:30 <Todd> When you're done with it can you send it it to Iowa?
09:49:35 <Will B> hopefully we can get enough rain this week to lift the fire bans
09:50:20 <Todd> Did I see a Lion burp?
09:53:38 <Todd> That pot is boiling
10:14:45 <Todd> Plume 17:13
10:17:23 <kc (away)> cyall tomorrow
10:17:34 <Todd> see ya
10:17:35 <Will B> bye
10:19:09 <Todd> Are those gazer hats on those people?
10:24:01 <Todd> Sawmill is a great little geyser
10:32:47 <Kalassak> yeah Sawmill is nice
10:34:29 <Kalassak> weather changed pretty quickly
10:35:02 <Todd> wind has switched
10:36:06 <Todd> Clouds would make for a good background for BH or Lion
10:36:36 <Todd> OF 17:35
10:36:48 <Yeti> Good timing!
10:36:57 <Todd> Yes it is
10:37:33 <Todd> Cam is swaying pretty good
10:45:27 <Will B> .
10:59:37 <af> .
11:01:12 <Yeti> Anyone know what sort of intervals Beehive has had lately?
11:01:30 <Todd(Away)> 14- 15 hours I believe
11:01:38 <Yeti> Thanks, Todd.
11:01:56 <Todd(Away)> I think we have a chance at an eruption before dark
11:02:17 <Will B> LC 1801ie
11:02:27 <af> string of good 12 hours a few eruptions ago but current intervals lately would suggets something at 2000-2200
11:03:04 <Todd(Away)> Thanks for backing me up:)
11:03:04 <Yeti> Well, I'll go take a shower. That should cause Indicator to start...
11:03:41 <Todd(Away)> Leave your volume up and we'll ding for you
11:04:06 <Yeti> Thanks!
11:04:28 <Todd(Away)> yw
11:04:55 <Todd> Guess I'm not away any more :)
11:05:09 <af> todd, have you seen beavis and butthead at all?
11:05:27 <Todd> A few times years ago.
11:05:36 <Yeti> It sounds like a pest-control product -- "Todd-Away" ;)
11:05:37 <Todd> But I think I would like them
11:05:50 <Todd> That is a good one
11:06:12 <af> if you know the character todd
11:06:23 <Todd> Re-Todd and Toad are a few other nicknames
11:06:44 <Todd> Don't know the show well enough
11:07:21 <Todd> Don't have cable out here in farm country and too cheap to pay for Direct TV
11:07:37 <af> ok don't watch it much any more but your name reminds me every time which is... you might say unfortuneate
11:07:43 <Todd> So have only caught little bits of the show
11:08:04 <Todd> Understandable
11:08:48 <Todd> But as Cartman always says--"You will respect my Authorita"
11:13:19 <af> diasy 1813
11:15:22 <af> I think?
11:15:41 <Will B> your right
11:16:10 <af> or am i doing an af?
11:16:26 <Todd> It is.
11:16:41 <Todd> Last went at 15:39
11:16:56 <af> no bhi
11:17:16 <af> yes i am doing an af
11:18:17 <Todd> too soon for BHI, but not impossible
11:18:43 <Will B> just courious who has the cam
11:19:55 <Todd> Must be a secret :)
11:25:55 <Yeti> Hmm, so the shower trick didn't work...
11:26:23 <af> my chatpage is not really working correctly
11:26:25 <Todd> Needed to take a longer shower
11:27:00 <Todd> Are you sure you didn't forget to shampoo
11:27:09 <Todd> twice
11:28:12 <Todd> There appears to be a few gazers setup at BH
11:35:07 <af> no water in bhi
11:36:01 <Todd> A watched pot never boils
11:36:29 <Will B> LC1835ie
11:40:04 <af> true
11:40:06 <Will B> lue 1839ie static
11:40:13 <Will B> Plume*
11:40:22 <af> yay a new geyser called kue
11:41:35 <af> one of the dwarfsis on
11:42:28 <Kalassak> what?
11:42:32 <af> techaing kyself html and have said banana and yay on the webpage i created
11:43:12 <Todd> I am not sure that I have ever seen this little guy not spouting
11:43:28 <Will B> what af is talking about is the small spouter behind depression that we are looking at right now
11:43:51 <Will B> i am pretty sure is has the nickname "dwarf"
11:44:44 <Will B> Todd it turns off every now and then
11:45:01 <Todd> Did not know that
11:46:00 <af> the group of spouters nect to depression is colectively known as the dwarves
11:46:48 <Will B> i thought it was just one dwarf
11:46:51 <Todd> Am reading T Scott Bryans' description right now
11:46:58 <Todd> He says nine
11:47:14 <Kalassak> heh
11:47:16 <Will B> now im going to have to go read it
11:47:30 <Todd> page 40
11:48:02 <Ryan> Hello everyone!
11:48:06 <Will B> thanks
11:48:15 <Todd> Hey
11:48:19 <Will B> hi Ryan
11:48:34 <af> well hi ryan
11:48:47 <Ryan> Hi Todd, Will B, and af
11:49:53 <Ryan>
11:49:56 <Todd> Ryan are you here to trigger a Lion series or BH
11:50:08 <Ryan> my photos from Assateague Island
11:50:16 <Ryan> I hope so! I havent been here in two weeks!
11:50:34 <Todd> I saw yuor link earlier today. Cool place
11:50:48 <af> btw nice photos but also where is this osland of uours?
11:51:11 <Todd> We are doing a great job on the typos
11:51:14 <Ryan> thanks, not sure how they ended up on MY FB profile AND the Yellowstone page
11:52:02 <Ryan> af, Assateague is about 500yds south of Ocean City, MD. Thats where it STARTS, it runs parallel to the main land for thrity-five-some miles along MD and Va
11:52:30 <Yeti> Is that the one with the wild horses, or is that Chincoteague (or another one)?
11:52:34 <Kalassak> nice pics
11:52:34 <Ryan> Chincoteague and NASA's Wallopps Flight Facility is at the south end of the Island
11:52:43 <Ryan> Thanks Kalassak
11:52:47 <Todd> Barrier islands are some great places to check out
11:53:11 <Ryan> Yes, this time we had some intense heat and MASSIVE storms
11:53:37 <Todd> Not sure they would be a good place during bad weather :)
11:54:47 <Ryan> WELL, you can watch the storms (in this case a derecho with a huge and fast moving shelf cloud) roll in. Once the wind picks up though... we were in an RV, not bad, the tents across the road didnt fare so good
11:55:00 <Ryan> The one storm had 65+mph sustained winds
11:55:17 <Yeti> Yeah, that was a whopper of a storm.
11:55:31 <Ryan> Did ut hit you Yeti?
11:55:58 <Todd> Bet you were glad you were not tent camping
11:56:05 <Ryan> We had three... one missed us, which was the one i have pics of, one hit us right after, and then the derecho hit us around 1am a couple days later
11:56:13 <Yeti> Yeah, lost power for a little over a day.
11:56:17 <Ryan> then it got hot (99) and humid
11:56:36 <Ryan> Where you at Yeti? Here in southwest PA we lost it for a day or so
11:56:55 <af> plh 1856 ie
11:57:12 <Yeti> Right now I'm in Yeti-land -- but at the time of the derecho, was in the lower Midwest.
11:57:20 <Ryan> which ones the pathetic little hole? Surely not Anemone
11:57:50 <Ryan> Ok, Yeti, so you did get hit, hard... it rolled in around 1am, the RV was rocking us all to sleep :P
11:58:00 <Ryan> it was total tent crnage outside
11:58:59 <af> maybe not plh i am being silly. but there was an erupting little hole to the right of the bw
11:59:25 <Todd> Anenome is a fun little geyser
12:00:00 <af> not thst
12:00:14 <Todd> Love the draining noise
12:01:29 <Will B> Bulger's Hole does that also but it has been dormant all this year
12:02:48 <Will B> ding?
12:03:09 <Ryan> i dont think so
12:03:22 <af> nope
12:03:41 <Will B> must have been steam drift from BH
12:04:58 <Todd> weather has turned a bit dreary
12:05:37 <Todd> shorts and t-shirts are disappearing fast
12:05:37 <Kalassak> I like weather like that, wish it was like that where I am
12:05:47 <Todd> same here
12:06:20 <Todd> We are in dire need of rain and cooler temps
12:06:34 <af> ess peoplebon the bw
12:06:57 <Todd> Supper time
12:06:59 <Ryan> iePlumw
12:07:11 <Ryan> Plume 1907ie
12:07:23 <Will B> Kalassak i know your new and i just realized i have never formally welcomed you to the page yet
12:07:34 <Will B> nope ryan too soon
12:07:48 <Will B> i think it was a sponge maj
12:08:04 <Will B> oh wait that may have been it
12:08:27 <Will B> i thought it was due around the 1930 mark
12:08:42 <Ryan> Yes, welcome Kalassak
12:08:55 <Ryan> I havent been here for a couple weeks and wasnt sure if you were that new or not
12:09:18 <Kalassak> I just went to Yellowstone for the second time earlier this week
12:09:37 <Will B> wait now im all turned arround checked GT and it is due around the 19:30-40 mark. sorry i was screwed up
12:09:40 <Kalassak> and found this page during it, on
12:10:10 <Ryan> Sure looked like it, maybe not
12:10:13 <Will B> How did you enjoy the park Kalassak
12:10:14 <Ryan> did seem early
12:10:28 <Kalassak> I wish I could live up there :P
12:10:34 <Will B> Ryan i think it was a sponge major
12:11:01 <Ryan> ok
12:11:34 <Will B> Just courious how do you pronounce your name Kalassak, i have an idea of how to say it but i think its wrong
12:12:23 <Kalassak> it's basically pronounced the way you see it
12:15:43 <Will B> Kalassak how long have you been on the geyser scene?
12:16:07 <Yeti> Is that Indicator?
12:16:24 <Ryan> nope
12:16:33 <Todd> Don't think so
12:16:34 <Will B> no needs to be further right thats BH steaming
12:16:40 <Yeti> Oh. Got it.
12:17:11 <Will B> Oh and Yeti your also new. Welcome.
12:17:17 <Will B> OF 1916
12:17:17 <Kalassak> well, not very long, only got pretty interested here last week
12:17:28 <Ryan> Yes hi Yeti
12:17:54 <Todd> Here comes the dash
12:18:00 <Todd> run away
12:18:08 <Ryan> HAHAHA
12:18:08 <Yeti> I've been around before ( a while back) under the name "Gazer-by-Proxy".
12:18:14 <Will B> Wiper please cam op
12:18:21 <Ryan> I remember you Yeti!
12:18:26 <Todd> Sudden wind shift
12:19:47 <Todd> I can hear John Cleese saying that in the Holy Grail
12:20:25 <Yeti> What's erupting just back and to the right of OF, or is it an illusion created by teh OF steam?
12:20:47 <Ryan> steam from the Plate Geyser area, always there
12:21:06 <Yeti> OK. You can see I'm out of practice!
12:21:14 <Ryan> haha
12:22:12 <Will B> Kalassak if you want to learn more and have any questions while on the page feel free to ask
12:22:26 <Kalassak> ok
12:23:12 <Ryan> Yeah, were always open
12:23:45 <Todd> So do I dare ask--- do we still have a cam operator?
12:25:07 <Will B> i dont know. i know none of the ones that participate in chat are on the cam
12:26:54 <Ryan> Graham, vw, and Kevin are ops
12:27:04 <Ryan> Obviously none of them are here
12:27:08 <Ryan> right now at least
12:27:33 <Will B> Graham is in the park and i know kc is gone and i have no idea on kevin and vw
12:28:03 <Ryan> vw was here this morning, so was Kevin i think
12:28:44 <Todd> yes there were here earlier, I could try texting vw
12:29:31 <Will B> if you want
12:29:56 <Ryan> There comes the storm front
12:31:08 <Yeti> Is that Lion or Little Cub I see?
12:31:17 <Yeti> Or just steam?
12:31:28 <Todd> steam
12:31:33 <Kalassak> would help if the camera was zoomed in
12:31:47 <Todd> evening air is about to make everything look larger
12:32:51 <af> when lion or lc is going we know
12:34:26 <Todd> sent a text, we'll see if vw is available
12:35:39 <Todd> Hi Michael
12:36:25 <Todd> You don't happen to know how to run a webcam do you?
12:36:51 <Michael> No. Not part of my work experience.
12:36:56 <Todd> :)
12:38:06 <Michael> I do enjoy being a backseat driver here every once in a while.
12:38:15 <Todd> Same here
12:38:33 <Todd> Depression?
12:38:55 <Will B> i think but it could be the Dwarfs
12:39:19 <Todd> Does seem to far up the hill doesn't it
12:39:47 <Will B> looks like depression to me but its hard to tell from this vantage point
12:42:51 <Todd> Wind direction is not the best
12:43:07 <af> goodnight al
12:43:29 <Todd> vw is getting on
12:44:02 <Will B> oops hit and held the enter button
12:47:38 <Todd> vw is starting up computer
12:48:07 <Will B> jepordy music playing in background
12:48:09 <ynpvisitor32> play by play!
12:49:26 <Todd> She reports trouble "getting in". Rebooting computer now
12:49:39 <Todd> We might be out of luck
12:49:52 <Will B> tick tock tick tock
12:49:57 <Will B> :)
12:50:13 <Todd> I'm giving it all I've got Captain!
12:50:35 <ynpvisitor36> hey Willl- is F&M included in the texting
12:50:54 <Michael> So many things lining up to erupt near dark -- Lion, Beehive, Grand.
12:51:06 <Michael> F&M could erupt near dark, too. I'm just not sure which day...
12:51:16 <Todd> That's right!
12:51:19 <Will B> not sure on that with it reactivating and such
12:52:23 <ynpvisitor32> .
12:52:55 <ynpvisitor36> meaning, not rare?
12:54:23 <Will B> sort of. I may make it its own group in the future
12:55:54 <Todd> Holy cow--It lives
12:55:57 <vw> Good evening all!
12:56:07 <Todd> Hip Hip Horay
12:56:10 <Will B> thanks vw for grabing the cam
12:56:18 <vw> just got home from having dinner with Graham. Sounds like he had a wonderful time in the park.
12:56:19 <ynpvisitor36> What is on the "rare" list?
12:56:32 <Todd> Way cool
12:56:38 <vw> Yeah, what is due? Haven't had a chance to check
12:56:51 <Will B> everything :)
12:56:53 <Todd> Bh coming up
12:57:10 <vw> k. steam from OF could be problematic
12:57:11 <Todd> Hoping for a Lion series to start
12:57:32 <Todd> Wind has been shifting for sure
12:58:30 <Todd> At least we think we can get a BH before dark
12:58:57 <Will B> 36 the things like giantess giant splendid
12:59:59 <vw> Agree Will. Earlier this year I would have included NG. Now, it would not be considered rare.
13:01:45 <vw> OF is going to interfere with seen a lot of things. Certainly Lion and BH.
13:01:48 <Michael> I still consider North Goggles majors to be rare. Plenty of gazers have never seen one in person.
13:02:01 <ynpvisitor36> I guess I am trying to weigh what I want coming to my phone. Is it primarily "seen on webcam"?
13:02:05 <vw> Yes, a major would be rare
13:03:26 <Michael> That's a good distinction, 36. Fan and Mortar don't look like much on camera, unless you use a lot of imagination.
13:03:29 <Will B> thats fine and if you dont like the system you can cancel it yourself or contact me
13:03:32 <Michael> Morning even more so.
13:04:24 <vw> yeah, from the cam perspective, you are limited to what you can see. Down basin calls are kind of iffy. I suppose an absolute exception to that would be Giant.
13:04:55 <vw> Anything else, or anything from other basins would have to be reported by someone else.
13:05:02 <Michael> Right. as far as I know, you can't see water from Giant. But the steam cloud is awesome like no other.
13:05:29 <Will B> i may make an off cam rare group but most of thoes make it to the listserve and thats were people get it
13:06:10 <vw> Need to ask yourself what is the purpose for the reporting mechanism.
13:06:16 <ynpvisitor36> True, but some of that news doesn't come in til late at night.
13:07:24 <ynpvisitor36> Steamboat news would be worth knowing as it happens, IMO
13:07:50 <ynpvisitor36> But then we get into the average gazer needing to be in contact with the cam room
13:08:19 <vw> which isn't easy!
13:09:27 <Will B> off to go for a short /// run bbl
13:09:29 <ynpvisitor36> I think I've got it, thanks. Think about F&M, I think that's big news now, even if it is not much on the cam
13:09:57 <Todd> Will is the sacrificial lamb
13:10:20 <Will B> :)
13:12:14 <Todd> Looks like the last couple BH's have been close to 16 hour intervals :(
13:13:53 <Michael> For webcam-watchers, I think the rare geyers of note are: Giantess, North Goggles major, Giant, Splendid. (Lioness or Big Cub too).
13:14:22 <Michael> F&M are too hard to call from webcam steam alone.
13:16:00 <Michael> And if Splendid ever gets active like 1997 again, it will drop from the list.
13:18:03 <vw> YNP recently released that they are now on FB, Twitter, etc. Those social media may actually make the use of the text notification a moot point.
13:18:26 <vw> I do not know how those social media tools are going to be used by the Park however.
13:18:31 <ynpvisitor36> OK- so only seen by cam (operators and viewers), not necessarily info from GT that comes in that is out of view.
13:18:39 <ynpvisitor36> Do I have it right?
13:19:22 <Michael> I believe we're all still thinking out loud about how to set things up.
13:19:48 <Demetri> my my this chat page is getting popular in the daytime
13:20:14 <Todd> Hot weather drives up the attendance:)
13:20:22 <ynpvisitor97> are we waiting for something?
13:20:35 <Michael> To be honest, I'd rather not use NPS channels. As we saw with RT's data loggers, they can leave good projects to wither on the vine.
13:20:39 <vw> BH, Lion, Grand.
13:20:45 <Ryan> nice steam at NG
13:21:02 <Ryan> getting hot and in going to bed, nightr
13:21:16 <vw> Good night Ryan.
13:21:26 <Michael> Night, Ryan.
13:21:43 <Todd> See ya
13:21:46 <Graham> enjoyed dinner and nice BH this morning
13:22:03 <vw> Hi Graham! Long time no see. :)
13:22:28 <Todd> Think we can pull a double BH Graham?
13:22:30 <Graham> fortunately I missed the early Lions
13:23:22 <Demetri> oh something interesting last night
13:23:26 <vw> I don't suppose you remember what time Grand was this morning? Missing the time in
13:23:56 <Demetri> Turban had a 16 1/2 minute interval without Grand at the 6 1/2 hour interval mark
13:24:18 <Demetri> In fact, the runoff for Grand never really even recovered in that interval
13:24:33 <Todd> wind switched again :)
13:24:59 <Graham> yeah vw, we should meet for dinner sometime
13:25:24 <Graham> should be another bh before dark
13:25:34 <Graham> I will wave :)
13:25:34 <vw> That sounds wonderful Graham! What a great idea.
13:26:17 <Graham> the gT time is gOod for ie
13:26:56 <Graham> for Grand. I didn't write it down, was driving
13:26:57 <vw> k. Thanks for confirming that G.
13:27:16 <Graham> or checking out
13:28:02 <Graham> can't see gH very well now or Grand
13:28:15 <Demetri> what's the shortest interval we have for Grtand so far this season?
13:28:42 <vw> Checking now Demetri.
13:28:59 <Demetri> is it the 6h08m one?
13:29:06 <Michael> just under 6h is the shorest I can recall.
13:29:33 <vw> In that range. No exact time from this morning so 6h7m interval at least a few minutes short.
13:29:54 <Demetri> yeah, any other year i'd be crazy to get out to Grand by the 6h mark, but off I go
13:29:56 <Graham> 5h55m ?
13:30:15 <Demetri> thanks Graham
13:31:22 <vw> Castle 2031 ie
13:31:28 <Graham> good luck
13:31:52 <Michael> I didn't realize Castle was part of the evening entertainment!
13:32:17 <vw> last minute addition to the menu.
13:32:20 <Todd> What a view
13:32:26 <Michael> Looks to me like it's been going for a while.
13:32:58 <Graham> nice rumbles this morning before ppl got out
13:33:14 <vw> steam at BH on static
13:33:57 <vw> Daisy 2033 ie
13:34:22 <vw> Sorry. Directionally challenged this evening.
13:34:40 <Todd> Looks like we need two or three cameras
13:34:54 <Todd> Keeping you busy
13:35:03 <Will B> i wish the park thought that way also
13:36:06 <vw> I can hear Joel Grey singing "money makes the world go around..." from Caberet.
13:36:10 <Graham> about time bhi started to liven things up
13:36:41 <vw> Grand could be in the mix too G.
13:37:12 <Michael> bhi will start once enough people sit down to wait for Grand.
13:37:14 <vw> BHI 2037 ie
13:37:15 <vw> ding
13:37:16 <vw> ding
13:37:17 <vw> ding
13:37:24 <Michael> Or now.
13:37:27 <Will B> ding
13:37:28 <Will B> .
13:37:28 <Will B> .
13:37:29 <Will B> .
13:37:29 <Will B> .
13:37:29 <Will B> .
13:37:29 <Will B> .
13:37:30 <Will B> .
13:37:30 <vw> Holy moly.
13:37:30 <Will B> .
13:37:42 <vw> Will, send out Rainout message for me plz?
13:37:44 <Todd> :)
13:37:49 <Will B> ok will do
13:38:03 <vw> thx! kinda busy all of a sudden!
13:38:20 <Michael> OF time too.
13:38:41 <Graham> zzzZzz
13:38:43 <Michael> OF 20:38
13:38:48 <vw> OF 2038 ie
13:39:16 <Graham> so glad its Quiet on my ahift
13:39:49 <Todd> The last OF cleared the BW and got the lense
13:39:53 <Will B> graham are you still in the park?
13:39:59 <vw> yeah, thats right G.. It IS your shift!!!
13:40:06 <Graham> nope
13:40:15 <Will B> SLACKER!!!!
13:40:28 <Graham> did the Beartooth highway
13:40:48 <Graham> and then dinner with vw
13:41:16 <Graham> now sleep before flight to DEN
13:41:43 <Will B> How long are you in denver for guessing its a layover
13:43:33 <ynpvisitor47> ty vw
13:43:43 <vw> yw
13:44:35 <Graham> yeah 3h layover
13:44:44 <vw> Need to watch static for Grand
13:45:59 <Graham> goodnight
13:46:11 <Todd> night, have a safe trip
13:46:18 <vw> Good night G. Best to your mom.
13:52:19 <vw> lots of splashing.
13:52:40 <Todd> Getting close
13:53:10 <Todd> There has been one group of gazers there for hours now.
13:53:37 <vw> committed and most likley commitable after all this time in the sun.
13:54:26 <ynpvisitor32> what is that steam on ugb cam?
13:54:59 <vw> just another ol' geyser erupting.
13:55:23 <Michael> In the distance, that's Grotto.
13:55:27 <Todd> Grotto maybe?
13:55:34 <Todd> sorry
13:55:42 <ynpvisitor32> thanks
13:55:53 <vw> BH 2055
13:56:15 <Todd> Bring on the steam cloud
13:57:17 <vw> Twin steam plumes from area of Grotto/Oblong/Grand.
13:57:29 <vw> Will look ofter BH
13:57:57 <Michael> I see that. Oblong and Grotto is my best guess. Grotto and Grotto Fountain is another.
13:58:31 <vw> Nice BH with that sky background.
13:59:37 <Todd> Just repeat this scene in three weeks for me
14:00:10 <ynpvisitor32> :)
14:00:20 <Todd> Arrive in YNP on the 28th
14:00:24 <vw> but you will be on the wet side of the view Todd!
14:00:29 <Kevin L> Hopefully several times.
14:00:44 <Todd> 10-4 on that
14:01:07 <ynpvisitor80> An ethereal eruption. Very nice
14:01:07 <Kevin L> Poor Graham never got his F&M.
14:01:34 <Todd> Hey there Kevin
14:01:53 <vw> Nope. Pretty much only a single event the whole time he was there.
14:02:18 <Kevin L> Hi Todd.
14:02:19 <Todd> The ever elusive F & M
14:02:25 <vw> Not sure what we saw earlier. Single cloud from Grotto area now.
14:02:26 <Kevin L> And no Morning either.
14:02:32 <Todd> Still on my list
14:02:53 <vw> Graham got to see Morning I think.
14:02:59 <ynpvisitor32> Everyone's list!
14:03:07 <Michael> Grotto and Grotto Ftn is my current best guess for that steam earlier.
14:03:17 <vw> Castle over, but beautiful evening sky!
14:03:21 <Todd> The best time of the day in the basin--early morning and late evening
14:03:26 <vw> I would agree Michael.
14:04:18 <vw> Is there anything else except Grand?
14:04:36 <Todd> Lion?
14:04:38 <Michael> Lion could be any time.
14:04:51 <Todd> I'm not an expert on it's cycles
14:05:00 <vw> Ahhhh. We seem to be in overload on geysers this evening!
14:05:08 <Todd> On anything for that matter
14:05:17 <vw> I guess it makes up for my last couple of shifts. :D
14:05:36 <Todd> It seems to go like this
14:05:58 <Todd> Ran my legs off last time we were in the basin
14:06:11 <Todd> Couldn't keep up one evening
14:06:35 <Todd> Needed a bike
14:06:35 <vw> Not bad exercise if you are used to the altitude. Kind of a scary thing to do if you are not.
14:07:08 <Todd> 900' feet to 7000' is kind of tough
14:07:41 <vw> oh yeah! hard to suck all the oxygen out of the air that your body needs with that change.
14:07:52 <Todd> But we walk a lot before we head out, that helps
14:08:06 <Michael> Lion series are not very predictable. But it seems to be having 8-20 hours between series lately, and we're at 17 hours now.
14:08:31 <Todd> that's quite a window
14:08:51 <vw> Plume 2108 ie
14:09:05 <Todd> light won't last much longer
14:09:31 <Todd> My fav :)
14:09:35 <Michael> Mostly 12-20 hours, but yes it is a big window.
14:09:40 <Todd> thanks
14:10:57 <vw> Not bad. 6 eruptions in about 40 minutes.
14:11:22 <vw> Doesn't include Grotto action.
14:11:47 <Todd> Lucky for us you got on just in time
14:12:07 <vw> Good service at the restaurant or I would have been later!
14:18:39 <vw> Not sure light will hold out for Grand
14:21:36 <vw> Well all... I need to get a few things done before bed time. Leaving cam on wide so you can see from Grand to OF.
14:22:43 <vw> I will check back in a bit, but it will probably be dark by then.
14:37:07 <ynpvisitor32> ..
14:40:01 <ynpvisitor32> someone run out and check on turban, wouldya?
14:40:37 <Todd> :)
14:41:12 <ynpvisitor32> or aurum
14:44:09 <Michael> Lion 21:44ns
14:44:30 <Todd> There you go
14:45:01 <ynpvisitor32> great!!
14:45:11 <Will B> Lion is an ini
14:52:52 <Todd> Well folks, it's 11:00 in Iowa and I am heading out. Good night all and thanks go to VW for running the cam for us.
14:53:20 <Kevin L> bye
14:53:49 <Michael> Good night Todd.
14:55:34 <ynpvisitor32> me too, I hope those on scene enjoy Grand
15:11:29 <Michael> Old Faithful 22:11
15:12:37 <Michael> Nothing more to see on camera. Good night.