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23:08:34 <ynpvisitor99> OF 0606 near the end
23:15:53 <ynpvisitor99> Lion 0615
23:31:33 <ynpvisitor69> hi
23:31:47 <ynpvisitor99> good morning
23:31:57 <ynpvisitor69> name?
23:32:10 <ynpvisitor99> ?
23:32:17 <ynpvisitor69> your name?
23:33:19 <ynpvisitor99> may not be the chat page you are looking for.
00:02:51 <steve> Morning, so, Plume is on a summer vacation?
00:03:23 <lc> morning, seem to be
00:03:59 <lc> almost 5 days now
00:04:31 <steve> Its such an active geyser, but it also seems to turn off so easy
00:04:39 <lc> morning Kitt
00:04:43 <Kitt> Plume was sad that so many of us were leaving
00:04:51 <Kitt> morning
00:05:04 <Kitt> I get to go back towork today
00:05:06 <steve> morning
00:05:37 <lc> how long was it on vacation the last time this happened?
00:05:58 <steve> Little Cup IE WC 0705
00:06:30 <steve> several months I think
00:07:28 <Kitt> yes, but I don't remember the boiling at depths sound
00:08:22 <lc> does that go on all the time?
00:08:28 <steve> I didn;t hear about that. interesing
00:09:29 <Kitt> yes, you can hear it way down inside (like someone pulled the plug then decided to leave a little water there)
00:09:52 <ynpvisitor20> helo
00:10:48 <Kitt> have a great day, I'm off to get ready for work
00:10:54 <Kitt> bye
00:10:59 <steve> lc, I think most of the time Plume is quiet. Sometimes it sounds like its boiling, but thats usually another feature up the hill
00:11:11 <lc> have a good day Kitt.
00:11:15 <steve> b
00:12:05 <lc> interesting Steve.
00:13:48 <steve> daisy
00:14:04 <steve> 0713 ie wc
00:18:04 <ynpvisitor17> .
00:23:55 <steve> Oops,,, Lion 0723 ie wc
00:33:39 <lc> OF 0733
00:36:38 <Dave from B> Good morning, lc, steve and slew of numbers
00:36:54 <lc> good orning Dave
00:37:35 <ynpvisitor71> morning
00:51:39 <BB> Good morning, Steve and lc
00:51:45 <BB> and numbers
00:52:11 <lc> good morning BB
00:52:27 <lc> how are you?
00:52:33 <steve> morning. With Plume quiet, not much to watch until the next (maybe) Lion
00:52:44 <BB> first day of school here, so I am fine, Nicholas not so much, haha
00:53:12 <BB> Steve, Henning found a picture on a German message board, and we think you might be one of the two floppy hats
00:53:15 <BB>
00:53:31 <BB> with maybe Ralph F.?
00:54:08 <BB> I think it was taken on July 7
00:55:17 <BB> lc, have you decided if you will go back to YNP this month or not? You have another reservation, right?
00:56:22 <lc> yes. we are making plans now.
00:56:38 <steve> I do think that me on the left, the suspenders give me away
00:56:50 <steve> Oops, on the right I mean
00:56:54 <BB> That's what we thought, Steve.
00:57:02 <BB> The other left :D
00:57:14 <steve> g
00:57:42 <lc> I think we will get to the park aug 31 and probably stay 9 nights.
00:58:13 <BB> Here is another one where you are almost lost in the crowd, Steve.
00:58:15 <BB>
00:58:49 <BB> That's so nice, lc, wish we could come.
00:58:58 <steve> castle must have monored overnight
00:59:14 <steve> minored
01:01:18 <lc> wish you could to BB.
01:01:47 <lc> our first trip for labor day.
01:02:18 <BB> maybe you can shake Plume back to life
01:02:34 <lc> G
01:02:36 <BB> I am really glad it didn't quit while we were there, I really like Plume
01:03:32 <steve> Plume is one of my favorites
01:03:39 <lc> just fdon't know how much we like it until it goes to sleep.
01:04:07 <steve> I hope it does't stay away for long. Maybe Giantess will erupt and wake it up again
01:20:00 <Dave from B> Morning, Kevin and BB
01:20:12 <Dave from B> Rather Good evening, BB
01:20:14 <Kevin L> Hi.
01:20:52 <BB> hi Dave.
01:21:49 <BB> Around what time would you start saying good evening? It is just after 4 pm here.
01:22:15 <Dave from B> I would say 5. Depends on how tired you are:)
01:22:20 <Kevin L> Guten abend BB
01:23:43 <BB> Guten Abend, Kevin. Though technically we would still say Guten Tag. It is not evening here before 6
01:24:33 <Kevin L> True. But it is closer than morning. :)
01:24:44 <BB> lc, I finally sent you an email
01:25:06 <BB> Henning took over 4,000 pictures so it will take him some time to look through all of them
01:25:13 <BB> look, a geyser
01:25:37 <Kevin L> Allright.
01:26:07 <lc> got it BB, thanks.
01:26:19 <lc> Lion 0826
01:26:46 <BB> we were so fascinated by the eruption that nobody even called it
01:26:54 <Kevin L> Well at least this isn't a two and out Lion series. Probably quit about time for my shift.
01:28:29 <lc> guess that should be 0825 for Lion
01:29:01 <BB> Unfortunately I hear a load of laundry calling my name. Wish I could just ignore it.
01:29:05 <BB> bye guys
01:29:38 <Kevin L> I would say have a good one, but that does not sound fun. Bye.
01:29:49 <lc> later BB, say hi to H and N.
01:32:12 <Dave from B> Try doing laundry after having been gone for 9 days. No need to feel sorry for me...had a great time in Glacier
01:33:10 <lc> tough job Dave but somebody has to do it. G
01:33:11 <Kevin L> I know how you do laundry Dave. "Hey dear, I need a clean shirt!"
01:33:30 <Dave from B> :)
01:34:16 <lc> hey Dave, we hope to get to UGB mid afternoon Aug 31.
01:38:04 <Dave from B> Same day that I am arriving. Hope to sneak the kids out of school a couple of hours earlier so I can be there before 7
01:38:21 <LynnS> As of Saturday morning when I left the park, it was definitely Plume boiling. The sound was not coming from a different feature.
01:39:04 <lc> morning Lynn, thanks.
01:39:04 <Kevin L> We were wondering if we were just missing it on the cam. I kept looking but I didn't see anything.
01:39:28 <Kevin L> Thanks for the info. Great to have feet on the boardwalk to help us out.
01:39:52 <LynnS> HK commented that he didin
01:40:26 <LynnS> Sorry, hit send before finishing. HK commented that he didn't remember it doing that when it had previously been dormant.
01:41:04 <Kevin L> I think it may be a good time to keep a close eye on Giantess.
01:41:28 <lc> I think Kitt said the same thing.
01:42:44 <Kevin L> Seems everything on the hill is acting wierd - except Aurum. It is not erupting like normal.
01:46:26 <Dave from B> Or maybe, Cascade will wake up
01:47:32 <Kevin L> As long as BH does not go to sleep.
01:49:43 <Dave from B> I always get nervous when things change like they have on GH.
01:54:44 <Michael> Good morning. I was wondering if the listserv has been dormant for a few days, along with Plume.
01:55:15 <LynnS> I heard from Tara that the listserve was "broken."
01:55:30 <Michael> OK. Thanks for th info.
01:55:32 <Dave from B> Haven't seen anything for a few days, wither
01:55:35 <LynnS> Carleton was in the park and had called to try to get it fixed, but apparently has been unsuccessful.
01:55:41 <Kevin L> Looks like Grand ie at 0855
01:55:50 <Michael> Just started.
01:56:29 <Michael> But I didn't catch whether the start was also 855.
01:58:20 <Kevin L> I just posted it as ie right now. Probably will get better info from the field.
01:58:38 <Michael> Works for me.
02:01:14 <ynpvisitor26> Lynn, check my Labial entry from yesterday. If the splashes don't match post eruptive I can delete it.
02:04:54 <Dave from B> Any reports from BH overnight?
02:11:19 <ynpvisitor26> .
02:12:18 <Dave from B> OF 912ns
02:36:48 <Dave from B> ..
02:44:49 <ynpvisitor17> Daisy ie 0944
02:51:04 <ynpvisitor69> ..
02:52:49 <ynpvisitor69> .
02:59:13 <Dave from B> Plume or OFI splash?
03:00:51 <Kevin L> Looks like more action from Plate than Plume.
03:00:57 <Dave from B> Probably just wishful thinking but if anyone is running captures I think it's worth taking a look
03:01:28 <Dave from B> It was probably "just" OF
03:03:34 <Kevin L> Not sure if Daisy has gone or not.
03:04:25 <Kevin L> Almost 3h, but lots of steam there.
03:09:42 <Dave from B> Hi, Rich
03:12:08 <Rich> Hi Dave
03:14:50 <Rich> Hi LynnS
03:15:01 <Rich> Hi Kevin
03:15:07 <Rich> Hi lx
03:15:08 <Kevin L> Hi
03:35:52 <ynpvisitor29> hello
03:42:22 <Rich> anyone having problem with BSOD?
03:42:59 <Kevin L> Not yet.
03:47:43 <Kevin L> Even Livescope is working today.
03:49:49 <Kevin L> OF 1049
04:05:25 <Dave from B> I see 335 post for BH
04:08:16 <Kevin L> Guess I better stock up on NoDoz
04:15:35 <Rich> I was just thinking about taking an 'early 'nap'.
04:16:11 <Kevin L> Probably won't miss much.
04:17:51 <Rich> Is it just a steamy morning or is Giantess gurlgling again?
04:18:15 <Kevin L> Steamy
04:18:25 <Rich> shucks. g
04:18:42 <Kevin L> But it is full
04:27:45 <Dave from B> ..
04:29:05 <Dave from B> I see Kyle has some work to do to get into the Cup.
04:37:03 <Dave from B> ..
04:37:30 <Kevin L> He does know how to find the walls.
04:38:13 <Dave from B> How many races left
04:38:47 <Kevin L> Not too many.He can't have another bad one.
04:39:21 <Kevin L> Kurt was doing good also. Both had strange problems.
04:39:56 <Dave from B> Too bad 2nd places finishes don't count for more. He's had a couple of those
04:40:33 <Kevin L> I wish they would go back to the old points system and throw away the chase.
04:41:16 <Rich> Silver medals - I seem to remember cost around $7,000 in taxes for the recipient.
05:12:04 <Rich> Something to divert your attention. g
05:13:23 <Dave from B> Nice photo, Rich.
05:15:36 <Dave from B> Anything to try to stay awake
05:15:57 <Rich> It doesn't auto refresh but the image is updatged.
05:16:23 <Dave from B> OF is due...probablly miss Daisy again
05:16:58 <Rich> Some wild life would be nice right about now.
05:17:05 <Kevin L> Hope not.
05:17:25 <Kevin L> Been bouncing between cams.
05:18:03 <Rich> ah
05:18:21 <Rich> Still smoke from Mt. Washburn
05:19:41 <Kevin L> Of 1219
05:20:08 <Kevin L> Real nice on VEC.
05:24:39 <Dave from B> Looks like we dodged OF
05:24:48 <Kevin L> Daisy 1224
05:30:07 <Dave from B> Kevin, looks like you can go back to your nap now
05:30:29 <Kevin L> zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
05:31:12 <Dave from B> No kidding. Lion is sleeping already, Plume is hibernating and BH is not due for awhile.
05:34:02 <Kevin L> Thought I saw something there but it was 2 legs
05:41:41 <Dave from B> wb, kc
05:46:29 <Dave from B> ..
05:47:23 <kcmule> ty
05:50:38 <Rich> A few folks at BH
05:52:35 <Dave from B> You would think they would be at F&M
05:53:34 <Dave from B> Could be a full work day before BH goes
05:53:55 <Kevin L> zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
05:54:25 <Dave from B> Taking a nap at BH much better than taking it at work:)
05:54:53 <Kevin L> Right
06:23:40 <Rich> I'm going to 'volunteer' to 'fall' on the sword to get BHI going.
06:23:55 <Rich> tomorrow is another day.
06:24:06 <Rich> Nap time. g
06:24:09 <Kevin L> bye
06:24:35 <Dave from B> Thanks for your sacrifice, Rich
06:24:48 <Rich> Anything for the cause.
06:24:50 <Rich> bye
06:25:13 <Dave from B> I owe you one:)
06:40:44 <Kevin L> I should get hazzardous duty pay today. I about about bored to death.
06:42:03 <Kevin L> Did you watch the Mars landing last night Dave?
06:42:10 <Dave from B> Time and half (1.5 * 0 still equals zero):)
06:42:51 <Dave from B> I didn't. I read the article in the paper.
06:43:42 <Kevin L> True Dave. The landing was cool. I watched the live NASA stream. It was lots of fun.
06:44:16 <Dave from B> When I get home tonight, I'll try to find it on the internet. Would love to watch it
06:45:23 <Kevin L> I watched it from entery down to where it sent back the 2nd photo. Totally awesome.
06:52:05 <Kevin L> of zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 1351
07:16:03 <Kevin L> Mars lander link:
07:16:05 <Kevin L>
07:21:15 <Kevin L> Lots of color on the Giantess runoff channel.
07:21:47 <Dave from B> Thanks, Kevin. I'll take a look tonight. Looking at my desk wondering why I went on vacation:(
07:22:48 <Kevin L> I bet your job is like mine was. You leave and then when you get back you have to do twice as much work.
07:22:50 <Dave from B> There is a lot of color. Wouldn't it be great if it went over Labor Day
07:23:08 <Kevin L> It probably will.
07:23:11 <Dave from B> It takes me 2 weeks to catch up
07:24:01 <Kevin L> I didn't get out of work. It just postponed it. In fact with the cell phones it followed me.
07:26:13 <Dave from B> I loved being in Glacier. No cell phone or e-mail for 3 days. That was pure relaxation. Hard to get away from technology most of the time
07:30:01 <Kevin L> I usually dump the stuff at Yellowstone, but my last few years I was the only experienced supervisor so I felt that I needed to give them a hand.
07:32:44 <Dave from B> I'm sure your staff apprecaited that. Now you don't have to worry about that!
07:34:39 <Kevin L> Wanna bet. I still get a call about every two week asking if I want to do lunch. Translation: "I have a problem I don't know how to handle.". I will do it for the guys that worked for me no problem but the idiots up in Cartoon City can pay me consultant fees.
07:35:32 <Dave from B> Wow! Maybe, the state should wise up and hire you back with a big raise:)
07:37:38 <Kevin L> The one supervisor I had here in Vegas told me "I really don't know what you do, but everything is working right, so I am not going to mess with you."
07:38:45 <Dave from B> So, who messed with you...Cartoon City?
07:40:41 <Dave from B> Daisy and Grand...finally some geysers coming up
07:41:14 <Kevin L> The mid level people there were anchors. If they would have just stepped out of our way, things would have worked fine. They had no clue how to do things down here and could not figure out that we were doing 10 times the work they did with half the staff.
07:42:04 <Kevin L> Pushing 2h30m on Daisy and 6h on Grand. Don't expect Grand, but it has thrown me some surprises.
07:42:41 <Kevin L> Keeping an eye on BHI via static. Getting a bit busier now.
07:43:50 <Dave from B> It's hard to keep goverment or a business running efficiently. I feel we wre more efficient 5-10 years ago. Hard to keep up with growth. With growth comes more pressure on your computers, building,trucks, etc
07:45:34 <Kevin L> I survived by being efficient and taught my people the same thing. It is easier to prevent a fire than to put one out. We always looked to solved problems before anyone knew they happened.
07:47:44 <Kevin L> Sawmill 1447 ie
07:48:59 <Kevin L> Love the clouds on vec
07:49:48 <Dave from B> My character fault is not getting anyone enough authority. Everyone always wants to take shortcuts instead of doing things the right way.
07:49:58 <Dave from B> Rain in the area?
07:50:07 <Dave from B> getting = giving
07:51:31 <Kevin L> Looks like there may be. We are even getting some my direction.
07:52:22 <Kevin L> It is hard to give authority. Nobody is going to care as much about you business as you do.
07:53:27 <Dave from B> That's why I'm not sure how much more I want the business to grow. Or, maybe it is time to sell to someone who has the energy to do it. I want to slow down a little...and all I do is work more and more and see my family less and less.
07:54:09 <Dave from B> Oh, and I'm not getting any younger, either.
07:55:23 <Kevin L> II know what you mean. Sometimes it doesn't pay to expand. Especially when there are some government types who think they did your business and you owee it all to them.
08:00:03 <Kevin L> Looks like wind is picking up. May delay Daisy a while.
08:00:26 <Kevin L> Or not. Daisy 1500
08:14:11 <Dave from B> ..
08:23:57 <Dave from B> OF 1523ie
08:23:58 <Kevin L> OF 1522 ie
08:24:20 <Dave from B> Thanks, Kevin. Wasn't sure if I was watching the begginning or the end
08:24:23 <Kevin L> That one snuck up on me.
08:25:28 <Kevin L> Heat is getting to me.
08:29:42 <Dave from B> BHI will start in about 20 minutes. Leaving in 30
08:30:00 <Kevin L> That is about right.
08:30:58 <Kevin L> Grand 1530 ie
08:32:02 <Dave from B> At least Grand has been a consistent performer.
08:32:29 <Kevin L> Right. During OF every time.
08:37:57 <Kevin L> 2nd
08:50:13 <ynpvisitor6> aurum 15:49
08:50:52 <Kevin L> You are right. Could not get the cam to move. :(
08:52:35 <Kevin L> There it goes. I think my cable is messing up again. Or should I say it is working like normal for Cox?
08:58:22 <Dave from B> Time to go. I'll have my computer on tonight. I may "drop" by and harass you and Graham. Have a good night, Kevin
08:58:47 <Kevin L> ABout the time BHI goes, right?
09:00:52 <Dave from B> I'm hurrying home. Hope I'm not the acrifcice
09:05:43 <Graham> can't be time for BH, I am home
09:05:56 <Kevin L> zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
09:06:18 <Kevin L> Got an Aurum, but could not get the cam to go there.
09:06:42 <Todd> Hello all
09:06:45 <Kevin L> 12h31m on bh.
09:06:51 <Kevin L> Hi Todd.
09:06:53 <Todd> Just back from Wyoming
09:06:56 <Graham> see you got Grand out of the way tho
09:07:07 <Graham> anywhere good in WY?
09:07:16 <Kevin L> Missed the race again.
09:07:28 <Graham> nice splash
09:07:32 <Kevin L> Oh, I like that!
09:07:42 <Todd> Daughter married now and is walking around in the basin as we speak. She just missed Grand
09:07:43 <Kevin L> Can we say Herb Warren?
09:08:01 <Todd> Yes we were in the park first and them Lander for wedding
09:08:21 <Graham> and you got lost on the way back to the park and ended up at home?
09:08:34 <Todd> Lori and I went out ahead of wedding
09:08:39 <Kevin L> Sounds corny to me.
09:08:41 <Todd> :)
09:08:47 <Todd> :)
09:08:50 <Graham> what excitement did you see?
09:09:11 <Kevin L> Maybe it was Todd that killed Plume.
09:09:16 <Todd> A couple of Fountains, one G. Fountain. two BH's
09:09:26 <Todd> Riverside twice
09:09:34 <Todd> Daisy a couple times
09:09:45 <Todd> Plume many times till we turned it off
09:10:02 <Todd> So Plume is dead?
09:10:25 <Kevin L> No report for 5 days now.
09:10:32 <Todd> wow
09:10:45 <Todd> It was normal while we were there
09:10:56 <Kevin L> Report of deep gurgling noise.
09:11:39 <Todd> Hate to hear that, must have sprung a leak
09:13:33 <Graham> so no F&M?
09:13:52 <Todd> No it went after we left the park
09:14:47 <Todd> We went down quite a few times.
09:15:25 <Todd> Gazers were always there
09:15:42 <Todd> At least one, anyways
09:16:10 <Graham> i figured that if you saw a couple of Daisy and Riversides
09:16:12 <Todd> One of them pulled a 7 hour midnight shift
09:16:17 <Graham> so you got Morning going and killed Plume
09:16:21 <Graham> not too bad a trade
09:17:09 <Todd> Did Morning go?
09:17:46 <Todd> It did not while we were there, but we left the basins Wednesday around 10:00 A.M
09:18:43 <Graham> Saturday morning
09:19:46 <Todd> Ah
09:22:20 <Graham> F&M today 1508, good
09:28:45 <Kevin L> Heading to the shop for a bit.
09:36:22 <Graham> ding ding
09:36:26 <Todd> BHI 16:34
09:36:27 <Graham> BHI 1636ie
09:36:32 <Graham> hell
09:36:37 <Graham> ding
09:36:39 <Graham> ding
09:37:27 <lc> get lucky every once-in-a-while.
09:37:39 <ynpvisitor26> Indications are an eruption is coming.
09:37:59 <Todd> Daughter is standing there
09:39:58 <Kevin L> I knew that would work.
09:40:24 <kcmule> ty
09:40:45 <ynpvisitor51> ty for the text. hard decision: Olympic basketball or BH?
09:41:14 <lc> is Kitt here?
09:41:15 <Kevin L> That is why they invented the DVR.
09:41:32 <Kevin L> Is she on rainedout?
09:41:36 <ynpvisitor51> Streaming now
09:42:02 <lc> don't know
09:42:31 <lc> I will call
09:42:31 <Kevin L> I sent her txt.
09:42:35 <Graham> i sent the message out
09:43:57 <Kitt> Thanks for the call LC
09:44:44 <lc> yw
09:45:29 <Dave from B> Thanks for the alert
09:45:31 <Kitt> I just spent a whole day puting a giant jigpuzzle of a floormat together
09:46:34 <Kitt> It is breezy here as well as in Yellowstone
09:47:07 <ynpvisitor26> Time for milk and a nap on floormat.
09:48:04 <Kevin L> Can't you hold that camera still Graham?
09:48:24 <Kitt> Graham is soooo excited about the pending Bee
09:49:28 <Kitt> Just looked at the still cam
09:49:37 <Kitt> Are we due for Old Faithful?
09:49:48 <Kitt> They have a huge crowd there
09:49:52 <Kevin L> In about a minute.
09:49:57 <ynpvisitor51> 1 min from now
09:50:30 <Kitt> I hope bee goes first
09:52:49 <Kitt> There she blows
09:53:01 <Graham> OF 1652
09:53:18 <Kevin L> Hope Fluffy is a short.
09:53:28 <lc> really is blowing.
09:53:31 <Kitt> Hm, wind sure knocked the top off of Old Faithful
09:53:35 <ynpvisitor26> Duals are OK if the wind blows that way.
09:53:48 <Graham> windy
09:54:09 <Kitt> Actually I hope bee waits so some people can get closer
09:54:51 <ynpvisitor26> People who can run that fast are in london.
09:55:21 <Kitt> Hopefully visitor center is aware and able to tell folk about bee
09:55:49 <Graham> i am hoping fr a 30m indicator Kitt :)
09:56:03 <Graham> raining
09:56:12 <Kevin L> I suspect those are raindrops.
09:56:18 <Kitt> Uh oh, the rain has arrived
09:56:31 <Kitt> Go bee, go
09:56:38 <Graham> BH 1656
09:57:07 <Kitt> Climb, climb, climb!
09:58:22 <ge (working)> boy, I had alag of about 1 min from the call to video
09:59:03 <Kitt> Nice, considering the weather
09:59:25 <Kitt> a lot of people watching bee from on top of the benches at old faithful
10:00:44 <Kitt> well that was a lot of fun
10:00:57 <Kitt> Thanks again for the indy call LC
10:01:07 <lc> you welcome
10:01:39 <lc> I gtg also, have a good night everyone
10:01:50 <Graham> bye lc
10:01:58 <Kevin L> bye
10:02:10 <Kitt> until tomorrow
10:02:12 <Dave from B> I also have to go. Have a good evening, everyone
10:22:22 <Graham> Sawmill off
10:43:45 <Graham> Daisy 1743
11:19:35 <Graham> OF 1819
11:27:17 <Graham> stepping away, bbs
11:42:02 <Graham> looks smoky
11:42:50 <Kevin L> Not as bad as fire cam.
11:46:14 <Graham> yeah, that one4 looks aweful
11:49:27 <Kevin L> I see the listserv is back.
11:52:52 <Graham> good
11:54:20 <Graham> Dep 1854ie
12:00:10 <Will B> good evening
12:00:54 <Will B> wow still no plume thats surprising to me?
12:04:10 <Graham> maybe dormant for the rest of the year
12:04:15 <Graham> or till tomorrow :)
12:04:55 <Will B> has plume had these dormant periods in the past?
12:06:04 <Graham> yes. short ones are nit that unbusual. long ones are less common. I was trying to remember when the last was, within the last 15 years :)
12:06:59 <Will B> with plume off is that an indicator for anything else?
12:07:24 <Graham> long periods with nothing but OF to look forward to?
12:07:36 <Graham> like now
12:07:38 <Graham> zzzzz
12:08:04 <Will B> that seems to be the theme the last couple of days
12:09:16 <Will B> but i think that may also be that i have been busy lately
12:10:03 <Graham> from Ralphs comments on the GOSA site:
12:10:05 <Graham> By 2003 Plume began to have periods of dormancy lasting for many weeks in some cases. 2004 and 2005 saw numerous instances of activity separated by dormancies, with the beginning and end of the active periods often occurring near the time of Giantess eruptions.
12:10:56 <Will B> anything promising from Giantess?
12:12:17 <Graham> its got water in it
12:12:59 <Will B> but no boils recently i take it
12:13:56 <Will B> Turban 1913?
12:14:24 <Graham> Sawmill i off
12:14:44 <Graham> could be Turban, bit early for Grand tho
12:15:10 <Will B> um yeah i looked at that after i posted
12:15:32 <Will B> w. tripplet now?
12:17:44 <Will B> On another note I now have a firm date for going back to Bozeman. im headed back Aug. 21 and i will probably be in the park on the 23rd
12:23:26 <Will B> stepping away for a moment
12:39:49 <Will B> ok im back
12:39:59 <Graham> glad to hear that WIll, just over 2 weeks!
12:40:13 <Todd> Hey Graham, Lori and I did get to see the 3 burst Grand last Monday morning at 06:30
12:40:21 <Graham> I have added Barbaras times to GT
12:40:25 <Will B> i know its comming up fast
12:40:31 <Graham> nothing today though, shes out of the park
12:40:52 <Graham> great Todd, have not seen a 3 burst for a long time
12:40:56 <Todd> So that was the most exciting thing, geyser-wise
12:41:07 <Graham> does seem to behaving epiksodes of multi-bursts tho
12:41:09 <Todd> There was only 8 of down there that early
12:41:31 <Graham> Castle 1941ie
12:41:32 <Todd> Jim S. of course and I believe a Hienrich?
12:42:20 <Graham> yeah Heinrick is seeing all the Grands at the moment
12:42:34 <Graham> doesn't get long to sleep with the intervals so short
12:42:55 <Todd> He was taking a lot of ribbing from the Warnock brothers
12:43:23 <Graham> yeah they like Heinrick :)
12:44:15 <Todd> I don't know him before this trip, and still don't :)
12:44:28 <Todd> didn't
12:45:17 <Graham> yeah he's not easy to make friends with but he has been coming for years
12:45:32 <Kevin L> Heinrich is a tough person to get to know. Once you do, he is a great person.
12:45:46 <ynpvisitor28> were you in the UGB Tuesday Todd?
12:46:32 <Todd> Yes, in the morning
12:46:37 <ynpvisitor41> I really appreciate his blog! Lots of great info in it!
12:46:52 <Todd> Cool look
12:47:19 <Graham> OF 1946
12:47:47 <Graham> his blog is good, nice to get the current reports
12:48:03 <Graham> pretty light
12:48:07 <Kevin L> He does have a unique way of putting things.
12:48:23 <Graham> :)
12:48:43 <Will B> I thought I would share this trip report from my latest expidition
12:49:15 <Todd> He was in the cabin next to us, 218 and we were in 219. I told my niece that we were in 218, so when she arrived she just walked in while he was laying on the bed
12:49:29 <Kevin L> Hey cb!
12:49:53 <cb> Hello all!
12:49:56 <Kevin L> That should have been fun!
12:49:59 <Todd> That didn't go over so well
12:50:19 <Todd> His door was open.
12:50:38 <Todd> The Warnocks thought that was great
12:53:22 <Todd> That is a good look
12:53:56 <Graham> so you w ere the one banging the door
12:54:13 <Graham> hi cb
12:54:28 <Todd> Nope, she didn't need to bang, it was wide open
12:55:02 <Graham> no, i mean your cabin door to wake him up
12:55:29 <Todd> We tried to be quiet:)
12:56:01 <cb> Hey Graham
12:56:30 <Will B> hi cb!
12:56:41 <cb> and Will! hello!
12:57:47 <Graham> cool trip report Will, lots of rock in your way!
12:59:07 <Will B> you could say that but the driving was almost the best part! I had no idea that I got my tire that high off the ground going through the creek for the second time
12:59:31 <Graham> that was a bit of a sujrprise watching it
13:01:27 <Will B> On the third video (not in it) I went up the left side of the road and oh boy was that bumpy and thank god i had skid plates
13:12:53 <ynpvisitor28> ..
13:14:26 <Graham> i take it back, I have not entered all Barbaras times :)
13:14:43 <Graham> i sent the 3rd Aug out twice
13:21:01 <Graham> Daisy 2020
13:21:29 <Todd> Just got through the trip report Will, that was quite a hike
13:21:38 <cb> Nice
13:22:07 <Graham> of course :)
13:24:46 <cb> was watching on #3 page. I have been having alot of trouble with this site lately
13:25:23 <Graham> it has been hard to get in a couple of times but video seems ok most of the time
13:25:24 <cb> can't get the public stream to come up on this page. tried all the usual trick and it doesn't work
13:25:58 <cb> still BSOD for me. have tried closing out and coming back, refresh, changing the view...etc!
13:26:20 <cb> I guess i need to send the Capt'n a msg
13:29:05 <Todd> Heading out, back to work tomorrow. :( Reality is setting in. Have been off since July 27th
13:29:20 <Graham> I am going to quit now,
13:29:25 <Graham> don't do it Todd!
13:29:33 <Kevin L> Your corn misses you.
13:29:43 <Todd> What quit or go back to work?
13:29:56 <Graham> go back to work
13:30:15 <Todd> Wow, that would be something
13:30:24 <Todd> :)
13:30:41 <Graham> was tough for me to get back to it
13:30:47 <Graham> so i need another vacation
13:31:03 <Todd> I probably won't be very productive
13:31:34 <Graham> me neither
13:31:49 <Todd> Night all, take care.
13:31:50 <Graham> after 2 weeks in the park I can't spell productivity
13:32:01 <Todd> :)
13:32:48 <Graham> quitting time, all this talk of work has made me sleepy
13:32:49 <Graham> :)
13:32:51 <Graham> goodnight
13:32:57 <Kevin L> bye
13:33:13 <Graham> cam is yours if you want it Kevin or cb
13:37:10 <Will B> i think we may have just had a strong boil on Giamtess
13:37:25 <Will B> Giantess*
13:39:23 <Will B> Im guessing you grabed the cam Kevin since it went straight to Aururm
13:39:54 <Kevin L> I did. Giantess sounded like it was worth a 2nd look.
13:40:35 <Will B> Im hoping it waits the 17 days until im in the park
13:42:18 <Will B> splashy splashy in lion
14:00:42 <Kevin L> I think we can call it 2100
14:01:16 <Will B> ok thats fine with me i was on another page
14:02:15 <Kevin L> Took its time.
14:02:35 <Will B> pretty though
14:02:50 <Kevin L> Great lighting.
14:06:06 <cb> very nice
14:06:22 <cb> Finally got the public stream to come up
14:06:33 <Kevin L> Hope you have ls up.
14:07:03 <Will B> when you hit the computer enough times it always starts working
14:07:32 <cb> hahahaha!
14:07:55 <Kevin L> It sure has had a bad attitude this week.
14:08:07 <cb> I walked away for a minute (or two) and took a shower! Went paddling today and has a bit to much sun
14:09:03 <cb> Nice sky also
14:09:48 <Kevin L> Of 2109
14:13:48 <Will B> riverside?
14:14:39 <cb> Hungery just hit me! See ya all tomorrow!
14:14:49 <Kevin L> Hard to tell this time of day.
14:14:50 <Will B> bye
14:15:01 <Kevin L> bye
14:33:00 <Will B> well i think thats all folks for the night
14:33:32 <Kevin L> bye
14:34:16 <Will B> hmm bright light