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21:49:18 <ynpvisitor57> hmm
22:55:26 <ynpvisitor31> OF 0554
22:57:16 <ynpvisitor31> think that was a short
23:18:45 <ynpvisitor23> .
23:31:58 <ynpvisitor47> it was at 0552 and I think it was a long
23:52:57 <Dave from B> Good morning all you odd numbers out there...and you too 66:)
23:53:36 <ynpvisitor23> 23 says good morning
23:53:43 <lc> morning Dave
23:54:50 <Dave from B> I see Grand's consistency continues. Do you think it makes sense to have a smaller window than + or - minus 2 hours?
23:55:26 <ynpvisitor66> 66 is very odd indeed
23:55:51 <lc> it does throw in a long sometime
23:56:22 <lc> I think they are using 5.5 to 9.5 hrs
23:56:56 <Dave from B> I can't remember. Is a window supposed to catch 95% of eruptions? Or is it some other percentage?
23:57:21 <lc> don't know
00:11:45 <Dave from B> Depression 711 ie
00:13:19 <lc> strong eruption
00:28:31 <ynpvisitor92> OF 0728
00:38:00 <ynpvisitor1> steamy morning!
00:40:45 <Dave from B> Yes, it is. Humidity at 93%. Temp 39
00:53:07 <Dave from B> ..
00:53:35 <ynpvisitor92> Lion 0752 ie, static cam
01:07:11 <Dave from B> Oblong?
01:07:35 <Dave from B> Seems like it is coming from Grand Group
01:42:04 <Dave from B> Hi, Kevin
01:42:55 <Kevin L> morning.
01:43:15 <Kevin L> At least I think it is.
01:43:24 <ynpvisitor23> .
01:43:41 <Dave from B> Hot enough to be the afternoon already, Kevin?
01:45:48 <Dave from B> Your shift should be a little more exciting today.
01:46:07 <Kevin L> I think so. It is supposed to be in the 110's the next few days.
01:46:25 <Kevin L> It has to be more exciting than yesterday.
01:49:33 <Dave from B> Lion active, BH due, Grand in 2 hours....then Ginatess and Plume
01:50:02 <Kevin L> Followed by an Aurum major.
01:52:16 <ynpvisitor92> OF 0852
02:08:49 <ynpvisitor92> Lion 0908
02:09:39 <Kevin L> I wonder if this is an initial or more of the series last night.
02:10:18 <ynpvisitor92> There was a Lion at 0752. Not sure if it was an initial as I didn't time it.
02:10:27 <Kevin L> Looking at GT is isn't the initial, but it is a nice strong eruption.
02:10:31 <ynpvisitor70> almost 6 min
02:18:02 <ynpvisitor23> ..
02:41:53 <Dave from B> 752 Lion started slowly like an initial. I think it was.
03:04:21 <Kevin L> Daisy 1004
03:07:11 <lc> Lion 1006
03:07:23 <Kevin L> Looks like Lion on static 1006 ie
03:08:18 <lc> that was first frame with it
03:09:01 <Kevin L> Shift is starting out very active.
03:11:43 <Kevin L> Looks like we may have a Grotto and something in the Grand area. Turban? West Triplet?
03:13:54 <Dave from B> I would guess Turban. Grand is due in less than 60- minutes...unless I just jinxed it:)
03:14:56 <Kevin L> I figured I would do some Grand fishing after OF with an eye on static for bhi. lc can usually spot water in the Indicator from the static!
03:15:37 <Dave from B> I could use a set of eyes like that
03:15:39 <lc> I do have the static up.
03:15:57 <lc> just got one eye Dave.
03:16:11 <Kevin L> I am lucky to pick it out on the streaming. lc can get it off static.
03:16:47 <Dave from B> Sorry, I forgot, lc.
03:18:38 <Kevin L> Have to keep an eye on NG today also.
03:20:42 <lc> may have Indy now
03:21:06 <lc> 1020ns
03:21:07 <lc> d
03:21:08 <lc> d
03:21:08 <lc> d
03:21:08 <lc> d
03:21:22 <Kevin L> See what I mean. lc is good!
03:21:48 <lc> G. thanks Kevin.
03:23:14 <Kevin L> ty. Nice to have you around.
03:23:42 <Kevin L> Hey Ryan.
03:23:58 <lc> Kevin, you going to the park laborday?
03:24:20 <Ryan> Hi Kevin, lc, Dave, 58
03:24:23 <Kevin L> I will be there (I hope) just after Labor Day.
03:24:27 <Dave from B> Hi, Ryan
03:24:36 <Ryan> Having stream troubles...
03:24:36 <lc> hey Ryan
03:24:39 <Dave from B> Kevin, save some for the rest of your shift
03:25:02 <Kevin L> OF 1024
03:25:15 <Ryan> Now I have BSOD :(
03:25:31 <Ryan> Nevermind Im good :)
03:25:35 <Kevin L> Mine took a bit to get started.
03:25:43 <lc> we plan to be there 8/31 - 9/9
03:25:53 <Ryan> Im taking a break, I have been packing my life away.
03:26:16 <Dave from B> Getting ready for college, Ryan?
03:26:20 <Ryan> Goiing to SLC for three weeks, we going from there to Mesa Verde, Black Canyon, lots of hiking... :)
03:26:24 <Ryan> Gonna be fun!
03:26:25 <Kevin L> Did you watch the Mars landing Ryan?
03:26:48 <Kevin L> Going to ride the Durango train?
03:27:09 <Ryan> Yes on the landing, no on the train.
03:27:17 <Ryan> I loved their reactions to touchdown :)
03:27:29 <Kevin L> It was a lot of fun.
03:27:38 <Ryan> College is next year Dave
03:28:10 <Ryan> Ill be packing my life away then too... YNP and the Grand Tetons in June, Assateague in July, college in August :O
03:28:24 <Kevin L> If you go through Durango or Silverton, check the trains out. They are coal fired steamers on narrow gauge track. The ride in totally awesome!
03:28:47 <Ryan> Will do :)
03:29:37 <Kevin L> Also if check the areas for Starvin' Arvins. They have the BEST biscuits & gravy in the world!
03:29:50 <Kevin L> I know they have one in Delta.
03:29:55 <Ryan> Ok hahaha...
03:30:14 <Dave from B> That all sounds fun, Ryan
03:30:31 <Kevin L> Pufferbellies at eh Amtrak station in Grand Junction is the same.
03:30:37 <Rich> G'Day Everyone
03:30:41 <Ryan> espescially the first part!
03:30:43 <Kevin L> hi
03:30:45 <Ryan> Hi rich
03:30:45 <Dave from B> Hi, Rich
03:30:52 <Rich> hi Kevin
03:30:55 <Rich> Hi Ryan
03:30:58 <Rich> Hi Dave
03:31:06 <lc> hey RIch
03:31:13 <Rich> Hi lc
03:31:57 <Rich> Alert arrived 102231
03:32:01 <ynpvisitor47> .
03:33:54 <Rich> Hi Janet
03:34:12 <Janet-working> Looked up from being buried in writing and I see it's time for a break! :)
03:34:15 <Janet-working> Hi Rich
03:34:18 <Janet-working> and all!
03:34:37 <lc> hi Janet
03:34:38 <Ryan> Hi Janet
03:35:04 <Dave from B> Hi, Janet
03:35:09 <Janet-working> So when did the indicator start??
03:35:21 <Ryan> 1020
03:35:21 <Rich> BHI 1020
03:35:22 <Kevin L> 1020ns
03:35:42 <Janet-working> Wow - I was buried. Thought I looked up more often than that.
03:35:56 <Rich> g
03:37:39 <ynpvisitor82> Don't worry. Bee happy.
03:37:52 <Rich> Bzzzzzzz bzzzzzz
03:37:54 <Janet-working> :) always
03:38:12 <Dave from B> Thanks a lot 82. That's gonna be stuck in my head all day:)
03:38:21 <Ryan> haha
03:41:36 <Ryan> 'beehive 1041
03:41:42 <Ryan> Beehive 1041
03:42:11 <Janet-working> quickly reaching high with no apparent strong wind
03:42:49 <Ryan> I dont think there is a wind
03:43:14 <Dave from B> a small change from last nights BH
03:43:16 <Janet-working> Those types make for some pretty photos - very fountain-like
03:43:55 <Ryan> :)
03:45:07 <Ryan> nothing does quite capture a geyser though
03:45:27 <Janet-working> Yep - they're best seen in person!
03:46:06 <Ryan> always
03:46:56 <Janet-working> sweet. ok, drilling back down into the writing - bbl
03:46:58 <lc> better rush back to Grand
03:47:01 <ynpvisitor82> Two Gazers walked into a bar. The bartender asked "Why do you guys smell like sulfur?"
03:47:16 <Dave from B> Bye, Janet
03:48:03 <lc> and what did the gazers say?
03:48:13 <Kevin L> Time to do some Grand fishing.
03:48:22 <Kevin L> And I have a bite!
03:48:24 <Rich> Looks good to me. g
03:48:29 <Ryan> Grand 1048ns
03:48:31 <Kevin L> Grand 1048
03:49:05 <lc> I told them to rush back to Grand. G
03:49:52 <Rich> I saw a couple of folks running after BH.
03:49:55 <ynpvisitor57> LOL
03:49:58 <Kevin L> Gee, should I look at Giantess after this?
03:50:03 <Rich> g
03:50:09 <Rich> Can't hurt
03:50:42 <lc> I hate it when they do this.
03:50:48 <Ryan> not commenting on that
03:55:31 <Dave from B> If I have one wish for Labor Day. Please no BH to Grand half mile dash
03:56:25 <lc> probably be a Grand to BH dash. g
03:56:57 <Ryan> 2b!
03:56:59 <lc> 2nd
03:57:27 <Dave from B> More likely a F&M to BH marathon
03:57:33 <Ryan> :)
03:57:37 <Kevin L> Lots of multi bursts
03:57:53 <Ryan> 3b?
03:58:14 <lc> more than when I was there.
03:58:58 <lc> I saw 6 2b and 16 1b.
03:59:30 <Ryan> More than me, I saw 0
03:59:50 <lc> 8 of the first 9 1b.
04:00:40 <Kevin L> Worth a try.
04:00:42 <Dave from B> Kevin, how are you going to top your first hour behind the wheel?
04:01:11 <Dave from B> Your driving told me the answer
04:01:15 <Kevin L> Opening that large bottle of NoDoz right now
04:01:28 <Ryan> Always
04:01:32 <Dave from B> Hold that nap until Lion
04:02:07 <Kevin L> Good point. Maybe get that NG major?
04:02:47 <ynpvisitor57> .
04:02:49 <ynpvisitor82> Or, Plume will end it's nap.
04:02:57 <Kevin L> Got my large Aerobee 300 kit yeaterday Ryan.
04:10:39 <Rich> Lion steaming
04:11:42 <Kevin L> HK has Castle at 1101. Must be a minor.
04:13:04 <lc> taking a break, bbl.
04:13:28 <Dave from B> Have a nice walk, lc
04:24:20 <Kevin L> Wonder if Lion is finished. Just getting a bit of steaming but no production.
04:29:00 <Dave from B> We need to catch Aurum
04:32:09 <kcmule> there was a short ng minor a few mins ago, i did not catch the time
04:32:52 <Dave from B> Thanks, kc
04:32:54 <Kevin L> I missed that one.
04:33:12 <Kevin L> Been looking at Lion & Aurum though.
04:34:56 <Dave from B> Last 9 Grand intervals are between 6:10 and 6:42
04:36:05 <Kevin L> That is the shortest I can ever remember.
04:36:48 <Kevin L> Getting lots of Lion roars (or maybe purrs).
04:39:52 <Dave from B> Only 9 of last 75 Grands intervals have been more than 7:14. I promise that is my last number crunch of the day
04:40:36 <Kevin L> Sounds like you are ready to go to the park Dave.
04:42:26 <Dave from B> You betcha. And I'll be carrying lots of info. First time, I will park on geysers with more reliable info.
04:42:58 <Dave from B> Before, we would go to Grand just before halfway part of window. That's too late with current activity
04:43:25 <Kevin L> This is nice. It used to take a few days to get up to date on the geysers. Now you can hit the ground running.
04:44:34 <Dave from B> I agree. Like you, wishing I was at OF more than a couple of days
04:45:43 <Kevin L> Of 1145
04:50:50 <Dave from B> Guess I've been sleeping. Just noticed F&M went yesterday
04:51:23 <Kevin L> Nice afternoon eruption too.
04:57:55 <Dave from B> About 30 min since laast NG minor
05:14:05 <Dave from B> ..
05:19:00 <Kevin L> Time to toss the line into the Daisy pool.
05:31:47 <Dave from B> Lokks like you need to try different bait:)
05:32:18 <Kevin L> Daisy 1232
05:32:29 <Dave from B> Guess not
05:34:18 <ynpvisitor89> Is that Uncertain?
05:34:52 <Kevin L> Yes it is.
05:35:13 <Janet-working> Cool! I've not caught it on the webcam before. :)
05:44:32 <Kevin L> Lost my network for a while. Hope I didn't miss too much of Uncertain.
05:45:28 <Janet-working> I think I watched it for about 30 seconds, but it may have been going for a bit longer
05:46:38 <Kevin L> They are building a big flood channel just down from us and I think they are moving the cable out of the way. It dies every so often.
05:47:10 <Kevin L> Noticing a lot of color on Giantess runoff channel.
05:48:17 <Janet-working> Well, it sounds like a flood channel is more important than full connectivity.
05:48:40 <Janet-working> Would love to see a big increase in Giantess' runoff channel. :)
05:48:41 <Kevin L> Could have used it the other day.
05:50:35 <Kevin L> Aurum 1250
05:51:41 <Dave from B> That was a nice eruption
05:51:48 <Kevin L> Sometimes it is better to be lucky than good! :)
05:52:17 <Kent> Logging on and not seeing Plume times is starting to depress me :(
05:53:41 <Dave from B> I agree Kent. Hope it wakes soon
05:54:33 <Kent> We may need a Giantess?
05:54:42 <Kevin L> It does break up the monotony. But I do have to admit that this has been the best shift I have had in a LONG time.
05:55:48 <Kent> It looks like you have been busy. I just missed Aurum.
05:56:32 <Dave from B> I get the weird feeling you're in for more excitement Kevin
05:56:44 <Kevin L> About the only geysers I haven't seen today are Plume & Giantess - but the shift isn't over yet! :)
05:57:05 <Kent> I'll take either or both!
06:04:34 <Kevin L> Oh oh. BSOD on livescope.
06:05:59 <Janet-working> Not good - mine has frozen a couple of times today, but refreshing has worked.
06:06:20 <Janet-working> Right now it's halting and jerking
06:09:11 <Kevin L> My public has stopped a few time but does restart.
06:09:39 <Kevin L> I do have a picture on Livescope now.
06:15:56 <Kevin L> bsod again.
06:25:00 <Kevin L> OF taking its time
06:27:29 <Kevin L> of 1327
06:30:06 <Kevin L> Looks like a short to me.
06:30:06 <Janet-working> Did I miss it? Wasn't looking, but did it ever reach any height?
06:30:34 <Kevin L> Got some nice height, but was very short.
06:30:54 <Janet-working> ok, so by the time I looked, I missed the height - yeah, a short. :)
06:31:20 <lc> thought that was a short
06:31:34 <Kevin L> It barely made 2m
06:39:07 <lc> lost streaming
06:39:40 <Rich> I'm taking a break for a while, food. May be the stream will be streaming again later.
06:40:15 <Kevin L> If you look at the lower left corner there is either an arrow or double bars. If it has the arrow, click on it and it will usually start again.
06:40:45 <lc> I got it on chrome
06:41:30 <Kevin L> Should be the same. It is on the bottom bar of the video screen next to the time elapsed
06:41:49 <Rich> I switch between here and loisb's page
06:42:29 <lc> I did try that Kwvin and it didn't work.
06:42:57 <lc> just opened a window in chrome and got it. ????
06:43:04 <Kevin L> Bummer. Worth a try anyway.
07:12:30 <Dave from B> ..
07:23:21 <Kevin L> OF 1423
07:25:02 <Janet-working> Less than an hour interval
07:25:55 <Kevin L> There is a bogus OF entry on GT at 1418. I flagged it, could someone else do that so it goes away?
07:26:14 <Kevin L> Think this one will be a long.
07:28:36 <Janet-working> Second flagged it
07:28:50 <Kevin L> ty
07:30:43 <Kevin L> I would like to see it so that when a non known source enters something, it has to be reviewed before it posts. That way we could have trusted sources and sources for review.
07:33:13 <lc> I didn't see the post, was it a visitor post?
07:33:29 <Kevin L> Yes. Guest only.
07:34:22 <lc> don't understand why anyone would post something and not put name.
07:35:05 <Janet-working> To try and corrupt the data - to prove a point - to be a jerk.
07:35:07 <Dave from B> I agree, Kevin and lc. 2 tiered system might be better
07:36:24 <lc> think I agree with Janet.
07:37:28 <Janet-working> OK - here's what I was working on for a good chunk of the day:
07:38:04 <Janet-working> Not so much the post, but the 'here's what I pieced together' part
07:38:47 <Kevin L> Nice story.
07:40:14 <Janet-working> Here's the link to the pdf I'd love to hear your thoughts on:
07:40:45 <Kevin L> Looking forward to the sequel where it starts back up again! :)
07:41:14 <Janet-working> Me, too!
07:42:07 <Rich> Nice work, Janet.
07:42:50 <Dave from B> Thanks for the link, Janet. Only a rookie here...I'm hoping it means Giantess is coming soon
07:43:00 <Janet-working> Thanks - I get a question in my mind and it sorta sucks me in looking for an answer.
07:43:09 <Dave from B> And, not in the middle of the night
07:43:13 <Janet-working> The pdf shows what I found and I'm not seeing that connection
07:43:23 <Janet-working> But am I missing something?
07:44:38 <lc> thanks Janet.
07:44:42 <Janet-working> I think we're all rookies - there's always more to learn and things change - so it's more a matter of sharing what we know.
07:45:08 <Janet-working> or what we see or have ideas about.
07:45:17 <Rich> Sometimes the 'mind' makes a connection from fact and sometimes from memory (hopeful). g
07:45:42 <Dave from B> My first question would be...Does Giantess erupt every time Plume is sleeping?
07:45:49 <Janet-working> no
07:46:12 <Rich> I've had a Giantess/Plume connection floating in my head for sometime now. No proof.
07:46:39 <lc> Depression is having very weak eruptions, normal eruptions and very strong eruptions.
07:46:39 <Janet-working> That's why I dug up the info I could
07:46:42 <Kevin L> How often does Giantess erupt when Plume is sleeping?
07:47:34 <Dave from B> By your data Giantess erupts during active and inactive Plume periods
07:47:50 <Janet-working> yes, I think so.
07:48:14 <Janet-working> The date of the Plume interval pause is the end of it.
07:48:41 <Janet-working> Adding the starts and ends might help to 'see' that easier
07:48:48 <Kevin L> Time for Daisy fishing.
07:51:51 <Dave from B> Janet, thanks for your research. It is fun to try to find patterns. Change in geysers is both scary and exciting.
07:53:26 <Janet-working> yw - (from the FWIW column)
07:56:27 <Janet-working> Daisy 1456 ie
07:57:18 <lc> time for a break.
07:57:34 <Kevin L> Gonna have to leave for a few will go to OF preset.
07:59:19 <Janet-working> Back to other work for me - bbl
08:01:27 <Dave from B> Bye, Janet, lc and Kevin
08:02:44 <vw> Good afternoon/evening all.
08:03:03 <Dave from B> Hi, vw!
08:03:09 <Rich> hi vw
08:03:39 <vw> So did Kevin leave anything to erupt this evening?
08:04:43 <Dave from B> Everything erupted between 1000 and 1100
08:04:56 <Dave from B> Grand due in 2 hours
08:04:56 <vw> Oh, the wind and bounce are going to be a problem.
08:05:09 <vw> I saw that Dave! Weird how it goes.
08:10:37 <ynpvisitor24> .
08:43:08 <Dave from B> ..
09:01:01 <Dave from B> Time to go home. Have a good night, everyone!
09:02:20 <vw> G'night Dave.
09:11:10 <vw> OF 1610
09:13:51 <Will B> Good afternoon everyone
09:14:17 <vw> Hi Will.
09:14:58 <Graham> ready foi need a geyser fix vw
09:16:24 <vw> Hi G. I think we all need a geyser fix.
09:16:50 <vw> Kevin had a nice hour this morning, but otherwise, very quiet here.
09:16:57 <Will B> expecially me i have had terrible luck with BH for about the last week
09:17:06 <Kevin L> Sorry, I think I used them all up!
09:19:22 <Kevin L> I even got an Aurum. No luck with Anenome though.
09:22:23 <Graham> i need something to give me stamina for a requirements review tomorrow, 204 powerpoint sliders....zzzzzzz
09:22:48 <Will B> zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
09:23:23 <Kevin L> I always used a small flat Battleship game for those. Everybody though I was working on a calculator.
09:23:42 <vw> Sleep is good for stamina. You can get some here, now.
09:24:11 <Graham> and its just the dry-run
09:24:19 <Graham> fortunately i will be in YNP for the real one :)
09:25:31 <Graham> was the NG a minor this morning kc - if so can you update it. Thanks
09:25:41 <Kevin L> bye
09:40:12 <Dave from B> Good evening, everyone
09:40:27 <Will B> Hi dave
09:40:36 <Kevin L> You are back.
09:41:25 <Dave from B> Hard to get rid of me
09:41:42 <Dave from B> I'm here to catch the 1712 Grand
09:51:00 <vw> you will have to wake me up for it Dave.
09:51:28 <Dave from B> You can blame Kevin for your boredom
09:52:04 <Kevin L> Did I mention how many geysers I had today?
09:52:40 <Dave from B> You only left the rare Giantess and Plume for vw
09:53:12 <Dave from B> Kevin, you deserved that hour after yesterday's yawnfest
09:53:13 <Kevin L> I really wouldn't mind if she did a Giant also.
10:07:18 <Dave from B> I'm curious about the Plume bubbling at depth. Is this happening all day or just periodically?
10:08:32 <lc (bbl)> have a good night everyone. I can't stand all this excitement.
10:08:52 <vw> Same to you lc.
10:08:57 <vw> G'night!
10:09:03 <lc (bbl)> see you tomorrow.
10:09:36 <vw> oooh... aaaah. Steam.
10:09:42 <ynpvisitor24> I wondered that too Dave, I wonder if it is cyclic.
10:10:20 <Dave from B> West Triplet?
10:12:07 <vw> Not WT. Not sure what though
10:12:49 <Will B> Did it rain today the BW looks wet?
10:13:45 <vw> Not that I have noticed Will, but it has looked kind of hazy.
10:14:14 <vw> Dave, I think what we saw might have been either Rift or steam from Turban, Impossible to say from our vantage.
10:19:51 <vw> Castle 1719 ie
10:23:21 <vw> Daisy 1723
10:23:23 <vw> ie
10:23:32 <Kevin L> Now you are doing it vw.
10:23:49 <vw> Wish they would spread themselves out.
10:24:03 <vw> thinking Grand soon, and of course OF
10:29:21 <vw> OF 1728 ns
10:29:40 <vw> Last one had a long interval, this one was short.
10:31:27 <vw> Appears to have been a short.
10:33:43 <Dave from B> Short 56 minute interval already today
10:34:17 <Kevin L> Had an OF with about a 2m duration.
10:35:10 <vw> Thats about all this one was too. Can't be sure as I missed start because it was several minutes before the window, so I wasn't really watching it yet.
10:36:43 <Kevin L> Maybe it is connected to Plume. ;)
10:38:31 <Kevin L> I think this one just may be a major.
10:39:13 <vw> Behaving that way.
10:43:04 <Dave from B> Have to head out. bbl. Hope I didn't break Grand with my prediction
10:43:29 <vw> sorry we couldn't bump it for you Dave.
10:43:47 <Kevin L> bye
10:44:38 <Will B> bye
11:15:48 <vw> Grand 1815
11:25:12 <vw> Yeah...
11:25:30 <vw> Lets hope OF doesn't decide to go early again.
11:25:43 <Kevin L> Very tall! The streak of multi bursts continues!
11:26:01 <Graham> nice
11:27:06 <vw> Time for me to feed the dogs and get some dinner going. Also time to watch OF. :P
11:27:53 <vw> I will check back later, but it might be kind of quiet.
11:27:55 <Kevin L> I can keep an eye on it for you vw.
11:37:14 <Kevin L> of 1837
11:39:32 <Kevin L> Looks like some action on Lion.
11:43:11 <Graham> ok, now I have caught up with all Barbaras posts
11:43:34 <Kevin L> Like reading a book?
11:44:54 <Graham> yeah history book working back in time
11:46:01 <Will B> Graham did you know you can just copy and paste her trip reports (the times section) into the multi entry page and it will take them all at once.
11:46:56 <Will B> LC 1846ie
11:49:28 <Graham> oops
11:52:38 <Will B> Graham when do you arive inthe park next I keep forgetting
11:52:49 <Graham> the 1st
11:53:24 <Will B> wow thats easy to remember
11:54:05 <Graham> yep
11:54:14 <Graham> 3.2 quake in West last night
11:54:52 <Graham> just 18 workdays
11:54:58 <Graham> or should i say "days at work"
11:56:35 <Kevin L> What is that Graham?
11:57:13 <Graham> where you get paid to sleep through 204 slide presentations
11:57:22 <Graham> zzzzzzzzzz
11:57:53 <Kevin L> Hey, I used to do that.
11:58:44 <Kevin L> We did plans & specs reviews where you went through the entire set of highway plans. Sometimes it would take 4 full days.
11:59:02 <Will B> That sounds a whole lot like college, oh wait im paying for that boredom
11:59:08 <Graham> of course i was never invited to the meting, maybe i can just sleep in my office
11:59:28 <Graham> yeah the financial equation works better for me :)
12:00:05 <Kevin L> That is one thing I really do not miss.
12:00:31 <Will B> does anyone know what hotel rooms in west go for for labor day weekend
12:00:31 <Graham> can't wait for the real review, on Sept 5th
12:00:53 <Graham> I will be thinking of them while waiting for F&M
12:01:27 <Will B> That is my goal this fall. See F&M
12:01:34 <Graham> boss knows better than to tell me to cancel vacation
12:02:34 <Will B> oooo big splashy
12:02:36 <Graham> thats mine too ... preferably in daylight this year
12:03:09 <Graham> or night-time is ok if Giantess erupts in daylight the same dwy
12:03:20 <Graham> :)
12:03:43 <Graham> bbs
12:03:59 <Will B> ok
12:05:18 <Kevin L> I think my goal is just to make it to the park!
12:06:28 <Will B> I also need to look for a floppy hat for myself also or i will just stick to the bike helmet
12:07:48 <Kevin L> And SPF 92 sunblock.
12:08:31 <Will B> umm ill pass on that. It takes a lot of work to get me to burn
12:09:57 <Kevin L> Something that also may work for you, about two weeks before you go to the park start taking B Complex Vitamins. Mosquitos so not like the smell of it in your sweat and leave you alone. I tried that and my kids didn't. They got eaten alive and I only had 2 bites the whole week.!
12:10:34 <Will B> interesting never knew that
12:11:18 <Will B> lion looks close
12:11:28 <Kevin L> I read it somewhere and just laughed, but I decided why not try? It may not work for everybody, but it did for me.
12:12:29 <Kevin L> Only costs about 3 bucks and gives you a little energy kick to boot.
12:23:19 <Kevin L> Getting close to Daisy time.
12:25:55 <Graham> of course by Labor day the bugs have pretty much gone
12:26:40 <Kevin L> Most of them have to be back at school.
12:27:46 <Will B> LC 1927ie
12:28:47 <Will B> Kevin that better not be directed at me
12:30:50 <Will B> that was wierd
12:30:58 <Kevin L> I was thinking about a couple that are a bit closer to me.
12:36:12 <Dave from B> Will, when do head back to school?
12:37:37 <Kevin L> Week after Labor Day for my Rexburg kid, las week of August for High school kid.
12:38:17 <Kevin L> Do some Daisy fishing since Lion is sleeping tonight....
12:38:38 <Kevin L> Oh gosh, I didn't even mean to do that!
12:39:53 <Dave from B> Well, at least "Don't worry be happy" is gone from my head now
12:44:29 <Will B> Dave i head back on the 21st
12:45:52 <Kevin L> Really smoky downbasin.
12:52:11 <Kevin L> That air is getting thick out there!
12:52:57 <Will B> .
12:53:55 <ynpvisitor48> .
12:55:05 <Kevin L> Is that Sprinkler making an apperance?
12:55:46 <Graham> zzzzzz
12:56:00 <Will B> I think so
12:56:41 <Kevin L> Getting steady steam at Daisy.
12:57:04 <Kevin L> Close to OF time.
12:58:16 <Graham> zzzzzz
12:59:58 <Kevin L> DAisy 1959
13:02:38 <Kevin L> I loved the lighting.
13:03:59 <Kevin L> Dinner time. Cam is up for grabs.
13:05:31 <Graham> sleep time...see ya
13:05:55 <Graham> OF 2005ns
13:14:07 <Dave from B> Have a good night, everyone. Talk to you tomorrow
13:43:47 <Kevin L> Anenome 2043
13:44:00 <Kevin L> Looked like a major.
13:45:12 <Kevin L> Steam at NG.
14:12:44 <kcmule> lion 21:12 ini
14:28:03 <kcmule> nite
16:15:14 <af-nightwatch> are statics even up? I don't beleive they are
16:16:31 <af-nightwatch> they are but theres nothing on them