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18:02:39 <af-nightwatch> still nothing. does davem stay up when the moon?
18:05:08 <af-nightwatch> well I am talking to myself right now
19:05:19 <af-nightwatch> good time to call it a night why am I up anyway?
23:26:33 <ynpvisitor81> OF 0625 ie
23:29:53 <lc> pretty sure that was a long
23:30:28 <Janet> think so
23:30:44 <lc> morning Janet
23:30:54 <Janet> Good morning. :)
23:32:13 <Dave from B> Good morning, lc and Janet and 46
23:32:29 <lc> morning Dave
23:32:32 <Janet> Good morning Dave
23:37:02 <Dave from B> Cooler mornings make it seem like every little hole is erupting
23:37:49 <Janet> I love watching the steamy mornings.
23:38:42 <Dave from B> They are beautiful, especially if you are in the basin
23:41:34 <Janet> Yes, but I'm so very grateful to have them join me at least this way as I work on my coffee. :)
23:46:05 <cb> Good morning Janet Dave lc and #48
23:46:07 <lc> morning cb
23:46:12 <cb> oops 46
23:46:20 <Janet> morning cb
23:46:32 <lc> how you this morning?
23:46:53 <cb> I don't know yet... :/
23:47:02 <Janet> doing well as usual (I'm a morning person)
23:47:05 <cb> cofffee is brewing!
23:47:15 <cb> how bout you?
23:47:18 <lc> ready for my 2nd cup already
23:47:30 <lc> very good
23:48:23 <lc> we plan to make 2nd trip labor day.
23:48:51 <cb> REALLY? That's wonderful!!
23:49:06 <cb> for how long?
23:49:24 <Janet> fun!
23:49:39 <lc> 9 days
23:50:24 <cb> Bill and I are still rolling around the idea of Oct.
23:51:19 <lc> short days, cold nights then.
23:51:25 <cb> coffee's done brb
23:52:23 <Janet> We hope to get back in Sept or Oct - it depends on Mike's work schedule.
23:52:36 <Janet> I'm sure I'll get up again, but its always so much nicer when he's along.
23:53:26 <lc> we have never gone this late.
23:54:14 <cb> ahhhhhhhhh! :)
23:54:15 <Janet> September is wonderful.
23:54:36 <Janet> I've been lucky with weather when there in October
23:54:49 <cb> Alot of GGers have plans for the park in that same time period
23:55:24 <cb> This will be our 3rd Oct trip! Its nice, different than in the bustle of summer!
23:55:25 <Janet> Not sure I want to go back again ever in July - I don't do well in that heat.
23:56:01 <lc> we will probably get to meet "new gazers".
23:56:03 <Janet> We're also thinking about doing a winter trip or two this year
23:56:34 <cb> I think Pat will be there then
23:56:49 <cb> Still no plumes?
23:56:56 <lc> no
23:57:38 <cb> :(
23:57:38 <lc> Dep. looks hot
23:57:56 <cb> yes it does. Thought i'd ck it out
23:58:49 <Dave from B> Morning, cb
23:59:45 <lc> Lion 0659
00:03:18 <lc> nice eruption, wonder if initial.
00:04:37 <Dave from B> Could be...hard to tell when eruption ends
00:05:06 <cb> Morning Dave!
00:05:37 <cb> I was wonderiing the same
00:06:05 <lc> initial at 2112 last night, could be same series.
00:07:29 <cb> steamy agaiin this morning!
00:11:48 <Kitt> morning all
00:11:52 <Dave from B> Morning, Kitt
00:12:06 <Kitt> looks smokey also
00:12:33 <Janet> Good morning, Kitt. :)
00:14:39 <Kitt> is that rift eruptig?
00:15:02 <cb> ello Kitt
00:15:06 <cb> Hello
00:15:10 <cb> sticky keys
00:15:12 <Kitt> hello
00:17:35 <lc> morning KItt
00:17:38 <cb> Back to work Kitt?
00:18:23 <Kitt> yes, I put the mat back together and yesterday I moved all of the furniture back into the class
00:19:08 <lc> BH at 0230 this morning
00:19:26 <cb> yes. i just log those into GT's
00:19:36 <Kitt> were you awake?
00:20:22 <Dave from B> So, does HK ever sleep?
00:20:48 <cb> Like us, when we get home!
00:20:48 <Dave from B> Or is he just relaying times from other gazers?
00:20:48 <Kitt> yes, raight after Grand
00:21:00 <Kitt> right
00:22:30 <Kitt> Ranger is headed out to download
00:22:58 <Kitt> maybe I will get to see bee after work today
00:23:17 <Kitt> although it is quite the same as being there
00:23:58 <cb> post park syndrome hitting you Kitt?
00:24:27 <Kitt> no, I'm still sorting stuff for next trip in
00:24:44 <Kitt> Labor Day weekend
00:25:20 <Kitt> Hopefully all of the chip seal stuff has been cleared off the road between the East Entrance and over Sylvan
00:26:05 <Kitt> it was 25 mph coming down and you needed to pay close attention because it was slippery
00:26:17 <Kitt> I felt bad for the motorcyclists
00:26:52 <cb> Grand 726
00:26:53 <Kitt> Gramd
00:26:55 <lc> Grand
00:27:14 <lc> 0726
00:27:14 <Kitt> pretty steamcloud
00:28:57 <Kitt> It knew people were wanting breakfast
00:29:26 <Kitt> Have a nice day, time to get ready for work
00:29:38 <cb> Bye Kitt
00:29:45 <lc> haave a good day Kitt
00:29:55 <Janet> have a good one!
00:32:44 <lc> morning Kevin
00:33:06 <Kevin L> Hi
00:33:13 <Janet> morning Kevin :)
00:33:28 <cb> Hi Kevin
00:33:49 <Kevin L> Looks steeamy out there.
00:34:39 <Kevin L> Also looks smoky out there.
00:35:21 <cb> yes it does. I here there are fires all around
00:38:02 <ynpvisitor45> ..
00:38:09 <Dave from B> Hi, Kevin
00:38:21 <Kevin L> Hi Dave
00:38:30 <ynpvisitor45> Fire at Heart Lake is the closest to OF
00:39:37 <Dave from B> Anyone out there have a good link for a map of fires in the area?
00:40:16 <cb> hum...I used to have the incident site..i will look
00:41:03 <cb> Riverside 740ie
00:41:38 <Dave from B> Thanks, cb
00:45:03 <Dave from B> Anyone else have BSOD?
00:45:20 <lc> ok here
00:45:23 <Dave from B> Nevermind, it is back
00:45:24 <cb> Not here...yet!
00:50:50 <cb> am i seeing things or was that Aurum?
00:57:41 <cb> OF 757
01:01:04 <Ryan> This HAS to be a first... geyser gazing... from 32,000ft!
01:04:01 <ynpvisitor45> hope he didn't jump out
01:07:29 <cb> Cam is on preset! Time to get ready for work!
01:07:35 <cb> Have a great day all
01:07:43 <Kevin L> Bye cb
01:08:15 <cb> bye kev
01:09:31 <Kevin L> Nice flow on Giantess.
01:10:32 <Janet-working> Here's the fire page for YNP
01:10:37 <Janet-working>
01:10:53 <Dave from B> Hi, Ryan. I almost did that in April. How's the view from up there?
01:10:53 <Janet-working> The dewdrop fire is the largest right now - and has likely altered my sister's pack trip
01:11:05 <Dave from B> Thanks, Janet
01:11:23 <Janet-working> inciweb (.com?) has the big fires on it
01:11:39 <Janet-working> .org -
01:13:44 <Janet-working> Al Nash also does a lot of tweets about the fire weather/fire info
01:14:43 <Janet-working> And NOAA has a site to tell where the smoke you see is coming from:
01:28:11 <Dave from B> ..
01:28:31 <Janet-working> ..
01:59:52 <ynpvisitor45> ...sorry
01:59:55 <ynpvisitor45> .
01:59:59 <ynpvisitor45> .
02:12:24 <Kevin L> Castle 0912 ie
02:27:41 <ynpvisitor45> I read some logs the other day about a bogus OF time, and the discussion.
02:28:27 <ynpvisitor45> Late a few nights ago someone entered a bogus Fountain time. Interval was good, but they couldn't have possibly posted from that location.
02:28:33 <Kevin L> We had a few bogus entries yesterday also
02:28:51 <ynpvisitor45> It didn't last long, I think they deleted. But Fountain is a strange one for a "test"
02:29:25 <Kevin L> Had one on OF yesterday. First time I had seen that.
02:30:06 <ynpvisitor45> I think you/we have enough knowledge here to validate, but it could be a problem without having to register on GNet
02:31:02 <ynpvisitor45> I understand trying a test, but adding bogus info is not good
02:31:10 <ynpvisitor45> Thought I'd tell you about that Ftn entry too.
02:31:53 <Kevin L> I would like to see a trusted list (registered users) and a list to review.
02:32:24 <Kevin L> Daisy 0932 ie
02:34:15 <Dave from B> I wonder if Jake has any ideas on the subject?
02:35:24 <Kevin L> I have seen Lion steaming, but nothing from it. I notice a suspect entry on it at 0811.
02:36:51 <ynpvisitor45> At least you must register with Jake's site. Anyone can post from a phone on Glennon's app
02:36:54 <Dave from B> This seems like a problem that needs to be dealt with soon
02:37:43 <Kevin L> As the site becomes more well known, the data seems to become worse.
02:38:58 <Kevin L> OF 0938
02:39:31 <Dave from B> Would Glennon mind tightening his site a little so people would have to register?
02:40:39 <Kevin L> I don't trust anything without a name and some with names I don't trust at all.
02:41:59 <Janet-working> Many citizen science places have teams to review the data regularly and to send suspect entries or entries that seem out of the norm.
02:42:08 <Janet-working> Might work for GT
02:42:14 <ynpvisitor45> I would trend towards full names too, for looking at the data in a decade
02:42:20 <Janet-working> But hard to do with a volunteer base
02:42:59 <ynpvisitor45> I know who Siegmund is right now, but will I remember in 10 years? For example
02:43:20 <Kevin L> True.
02:48:12 <ynpvisitor45> This is all new, but with the logger situation this could be the standard for all future data
02:48:27 <Dave from B> I agree, 45. Even if that info was held by GT and not put out on the internet. that way researchers would know who lc or cb or af or Dave from B was
02:53:55 <ynpvisitor45> I was just going to notify you about that Ftn entry, then log out and reboot since I had so many timeouts.
02:54:04 <ynpvisitor45> Seems to be working now, go figure.
02:54:30 <ynpvisitor45> whoa, my msgs came in the wrong order. I guess it's not working as well as I thought
03:07:59 <Dave from B> ..
03:08:44 <Kevin L> NG minor 1008
03:08:46 <Dave from B> Kevin, looks like it is going to be a LONG day today. Hope you don't run out of NoDoz
03:08:59 <Dave from B> Well, maybe not
03:09:22 <Kevin L> Controls are being a problem.
03:11:21 <Kevin L> I hit it too high and it insisted on the zoom before it would take anything else. I hate it when I get excited and miss.
03:13:06 <ynpvisitor45> :)
03:25:04 <Dave from B> Kevin, how does Kyle like Watkins Glen?
03:25:54 <Kevin L> He has won it once. But with the luck he is having I don't know. He cannot afford any more problems.
03:29:58 <ynpvisitor45> .
03:32:12 <lc> got to mow. bbl.
03:35:48 <Dave from B> Kevin, when I was on vacation my sprinkler system shut off because of a GFI switch. My lawn didn't get water for 8 days.
03:36:17 <Kevin L> Mine would be fried by then.
03:36:44 <Dave from B> I have lots of dry spots...not sure if they will come out of it this year with 95+ temps
03:38:01 <Kevin L> About this time of year it is just survival for lawns. You don't try to make them green.
03:43:16 <af-lurking> good morning
03:43:31 <af-lurking> heads up I will be passive most of this time
03:48:28 <Dave from B> Hi, af
03:58:26 <af-lurking> OF 1058
03:58:28 <Kevin L> of 1058
04:26:46 <Dave from B> More connection issues, Kevin?
04:27:35 <Kevin L> Yes. My ISP. I think they are doing some line rerouting so they can build a flood channel just down the road.
04:28:43 <Kevin L> Livescope even had to be restarted.
04:42:43 <Dave from B> Kevin, how did you get into the pen business?
04:44:22 <Kevin L> Somebody gave me a wood pen about 15 years ago. I thought it was cool. Saw the stuff to make them in a magazine about 5 years ago.
04:45:10 <Kevin L> Finally bought it about a year ago and been doing it ever since.
04:45:41 <Dave from B> Won't be long and you will be doing Xmas orders again
04:46:32 <Kevin L> Hunting season sells a lot of bullet pens
04:51:21 <ynpvisitor18> .
04:57:12 <Kevin L> Daisy 1157
05:22:04 <Dave from B> ..
05:23:09 <Kevin L> NG 1223
05:23:30 <Kevin L> 2nd one today!
05:24:53 <vw> Going to have to ask Jake to move NG off the 'Uncommon' list
05:25:28 <Kevin L> And put Plume on it!
05:25:52 <Dave from B> July 1st is last major for NG?
05:26:30 <vw> Not sure Dave. Is that what is on
05:27:41 <Dave from B> Last one listed as maj. There are a fewnot listed as min. And a belated hello, vw:)
05:27:57 <vw> Hi Dave.
05:30:34 <vw> OF 1230
05:33:54 <glennon> ...reading the chat log about recent bogus data.
05:34:27 <vw> Hi glennon!
05:34:33 <glennon> hellooo
05:34:38 <glennon> hi vw
05:34:54 <vw> I missed that conversation. Are there lots of bad data recorded?
05:34:55 <Dave from B> Hi, Glennon
05:35:24 <vw> We have to whisper when glennon is here. He really is supposed to be working on that thesis... :D
05:35:33 <glennon> that's for sure!
05:35:53 <Dave from B> Hope he has his sound off
05:36:17 <vw> LOL
05:36:29 <vw> Sooooooo close glennon.
05:37:16 <glennon> right. i have a chapter to finish today.
05:37:34 <vw> Finishing is a good thing.
05:38:58 <vw> Getting back to entries: Totally bogus data or just bad data (wrong time, wrong geyser id'd)?
05:40:11 <glennon> some bad OF over the last few days and a bad Fountain (entered in real time)
05:40:54 <vw> Not really much we can do other than monitor. Can't get rid of stupid people.
05:40:55 <Dave from B> Kevin noticed the 811 Lion was from a guest. There was a bad Fountain that was removed. A lot more bogus data entry from people trying out their phones or being funny. I would talk to Kevin. He is more up on the facts
05:41:08 <glennon> that is, the fountain was reported as erupting at the same time it was reported (not possible given the lack of internet at fountain(
05:42:17 <Dave from B> Does cell service ever make it to the LGB?
05:42:49 <vw> I never experienced there, but I can't be sure it doesn't.
05:43:22 <glennon> i have done some experimenting, and have never found it to get cell service on any of the main four us carriers
05:43:23 <vw> With Fountain though, we will often get reports from gazers, so it can be checked later.
05:44:14 <glennon> there are a number of solutions to the problem and i know all of us care to get the best data possible,
05:45:51 <glennon> of course, my site and app is somewhat designed for anonymous visitor reports.
05:46:16 <glennon> but, that does not mean those reports necessarily need to be made visible and contaminate the main data stream
05:46:18 <vw> And for quick entry, especially for those in the basin.
05:47:20 <vw> Could you change it so any guest entries are with a *, notifying everybody that they are unverified reports?
05:47:56 <vw> and of course keep them out of the computations for predictions?
05:49:07 <glennon> hmm. it's certainly possible. i'll have to think about if that's the best way to do it.
05:49:59 <glennon> you see, i also have quite a bit of additional metadata for those guest reports that are not publicly accessible (ip address for the website and phone id data for the app)
05:50:39 <glennon> i could do some background automated reputation evaluation
05:50:45 <vw> aaahhh. can you exclude entries from reporters who are consistently entering bad data?
05:51:02 <vw> block them as it were?
05:51:49 <glennon> yes, it would be possible to block consistent, bad reporters.
05:52:35 <glennon> mostly, i
05:53:35 <glennon> 've noticed that the bad reports come from people testing. at least, that's my impression. they do it once or twice in short succession and then don't erase their test reprots
05:54:23 <vw> that is what I have noticed on the few occasions I have seen bad reports: we will get one or two in rapid succession, then nothing.
05:54:36 <vw> ALWAYS from 'guests'
05:55:20 <vw> But if someone wanted to get around that last qualifier, they could just enter bogus initials too.
05:55:56 <glennon> realistically, i think fixes to this problem will have to come in the off season. that's when I'll have time to do the heavy lifting.
05:56:18 <vw> Yes. Get that thesis DONE!!! you deserve a real life glennon.
05:57:19 <vw> That bad entries are being noted by people who are monitoring shows that the problem isn't too bad for now. It can wait to be addressed.
05:57:38 <Dave from B> Glennon, thanks again for bringing gazing into the 21st century. It sure helps a LOT.
05:57:54 <glennon> if erroneous data become overwhelming, i'll just shut off data input on the app and site -- and only allow trusted friends to enter data.
05:58:15 <glennon> jake and i will continue to coordinate too.
05:58:32 <vw> that would be a sad solution, and hopefully won't come to that.
05:59:11 <glennon> well, it would only be a short term thing. right now, all of you webcam watchers are the main contributors to the geyser data set
06:00:09 <vw> yes, and a few very faithful and reliable inputters from the park. Maureen in particular.
06:00:28 <glennon> ... so you get two votes where the casual user gets one
06:01:02 <glennon> that's for sure! jake and i still need to find a way to recognize the best data contributors somehow.
06:01:23 <vw> That actually is a good method. Might even bump the reliability factor to clearly delineate entries.
06:01:27 <glennon> we were worried at the beginning that doing so might encourage erroneous entries
06:02:24 <glennon> anyway, the data is all treated the same now, but we'll make the change as we move forward with the sites
06:03:25 <vw> whatever you guys do, you know the information is invaluable. Sure makes operating the cam much easier then when we had to come up with our own predictions.
06:03:58 <glennon> ... so looking back at the chat log from earlier today.... yes, i'm willing to tighten up the data collection on my site and on the app (using any number of methods). I suspect I will have time to work on it starting in October.
06:04:10 <vw> I would guess our report rate on geysers has gone up tremendously.
06:04:33 <vw> We look forward to when you have the added alphabet at the end of your name glennon.
06:05:40 <glennon> from the combined records, i see about 52,000 eruption reports have come in since april of last year
06:06:20 <vw> wow. That is a high number!
06:06:22 <glennon> (some of those would be historic data entered by .... let me see here....
06:06:52 <vw> oh yes... Graham and will and, and, and.
06:06:58 <glennon> WillBoekel
06:07:14 <glennon> yes, and Graham, and others.
06:07:45 <vw> I guess Will has figured out a way to easily log big blocks of data. Much easier than one eruption at a time.
06:07:51 <glennon> looks like the raw observation data sets is 6.8MB
06:09:26 <vw> brb
06:20:54 <glennon> I just made an Excel copy of the latest version of the database.... it is available to download at:
06:21:31 <glennon>
06:22:16 <glennon> wait.. that didn't work...
06:22:56 <glennon>
06:23:09 <glennon> that's it.
06:23:44 <vw> Is that something you might want to send out on the listserve?
06:24:14 <vw> I will take a look at it when I am off the cam. Poor computer is stressed out these days.
06:25:21 <glennon> usually, i leave it up to jake to make announcements on the listserv
06:27:41 <glennon> ...and the data is pretty raw. times in gmt and whatnot
06:28:13 <vw> oh no... more adding. :P
06:40:20 <ynpvisitor16> hi
06:41:00 <vw> Hello.
06:45:08 <vw> Heading out. Have a great day all.
07:02:17 <Kevin L> of 1402
07:03:12 <Kevin L> This one does not look like a fluffy
07:04:12 <af-unpacking> looks almost like daisy now
07:07:12 <Kevin L> Speaking of Daisy, its fishing time.
07:07:13 <af-unpacking> lion was trying
07:10:28 <Dave from B> Any from the field reports on what Plume is doing...still gurgling?
07:11:21 <Kevin L> Haven't seen anything today, but I have been multi tasking most of the day.
07:12:05 <af-unpacking> dont ask me i have been in kauai all week
07:13:17 <Dave from B> Only time I'm not multi tasking is when I'm sleeping
07:14:41 <af-unpacking> BTW wiggins was fantastic in the tour and the olympics he was defunatly the best rider
07:15:39 <af-unpacking> saemill is on
07:15:40 <Dave from B> Tour wasn't all that exciting this year. Wiggins was dominating
07:17:05 <af-unpacking> well i wont argue about it i still enjoyed tho
07:23:57 <Dave from B> Kevin, have you seen any Turbans?
07:24:56 <Kevin L> No, but looking, it is Grand time. ty Dave. Heat is getting to me.
07:28:23 <af-unpacking> daisy 1426 ie
07:28:42 <af-unpacking> churn!!
07:28:45 <af-unpacking> .
07:28:46 <af-unpacking> .
07:29:19 <af-unpacking> nope cqnt comfirm sorry for noise
07:29:38 <Dave from B> Looks like Sawmill to me
07:30:44 <af-unpacking> i am sorry i thought i saw it
07:32:47 <ynpvisitor18> I missed the discussion when Glennon was here, rats.
07:32:55 <Dave from B> Not sure I would be waiting for BH yet. Could be another 4 hours
07:33:24 <Kevin L> Worth a look at 12 hours though. Some steam around Turban area.
07:34:16 <ynpvisitor18> There have been a few bogus Constant entries too. Maybe he will read this and add to his "check em out" list
07:34:20 <Dave from B> Nice thing about BH is still only have to be15 minutes away if you have your radio.
07:37:09 <Dave from B> Sorry, Kevin ...I didn't mean you looking at BH...I meant people on site sitting there already
07:37:44 <Kevin L> Right. I would be at Aurum.
07:38:17 <Dave from B> Exactly, lots of things to look at while you wait on the hill
07:38:55 <Dave from B> If 811 Lion is bogus, then we are over 7.5 since last Lion. May see it yet today
07:39:17 <af-lurking> no plume :(
07:40:21 <Dave from B> Yes, very sad. Hope it returns from vacation soon
07:48:39 <Kevin L> Yiou were saying Dave????
07:49:09 <Kevin L> 1448 ie
07:50:36 <Dave from B> Ok. Bh showed me who's boss again
07:50:48 <Dave from B> I love seeing a shorter interval
07:51:22 <Kevin L> Beehive say :p Dave.
07:51:32 <Dave from B> :)
07:51:52 <Dave from B> And 3 of last 4 Grands have been over 7 hours.
07:52:29 <Dave from B> Hi, Will. wb, lc
07:52:30 <lc> now, this is good timing.
07:53:03 <Kevin L> BUT Grand is also due.
07:54:15 <lc> it is always due when BH erupts. G
07:57:23 <ynpvisitor18> ..
08:00:05 <Kitt> Thanks for the text
08:00:10 <Kitt> I needed a break
08:00:18 <Kevin L> yw
08:00:20 <lc> hey Kitt, you made it.
08:00:49 <Kitt> Yes I will return to work afte my Beehive break
08:01:32 <Kitt> Just in time
08:02:04 <ynpvisitor18> ..
08:02:52 <Kitt> Sure could use a bee shower
08:02:55 <Kitt> it is 98 here
08:03:09 <Kevin L> That cold?
08:03:25 <Kitt> looks like a few unsuspecting souls are getting bathed
08:03:34 <Kevin L> You don't even want to know what it is here.
08:03:41 <lc> 90 here
08:04:00 <Kevin L> Low was higher than 90.
08:04:04 <Kitt> Considering Yellowstone was only to low 80's, it is hot to me
08:04:10 <Dave from B> guessing 112 for you, Kevin
08:04:29 <Kitt> I'm guessing 118
08:04:37 <Kevin L> That is about where it is hoovering.
08:05:06 <Kevin L> There was one area on the way home it was 118
08:05:06 <Kitt> You need a bee in your back yard
08:05:27 <Kitt> See how pretty the water shaft rises above the horizon
08:06:33 <Dave from B> I wonder if a lanscaper would build a geyser in my backyard?
08:06:48 <lc> back to Grand
08:06:50 <Kitt> Oops what was the start time?
08:07:21 <lc> 1501
08:07:32 <ynpvisitor3> 1501
08:07:43 <Kitt> thanks
08:07:51 <Kitt> Hope Grand goes soon
08:08:04 <Kitt> I get to move the hose and head back to work
08:08:04 <Kitt> bye
08:08:22 <Dave from B> Bye, Kitt
08:08:23 <Kevin L> bye
08:08:23 <lc> later Kitt
08:13:29 <Kevin L> Possible Turban.
08:14:57 <lc> Dave, you qyestion the 0811 Lion?
08:15:10 <lc> question
08:18:55 <Dave from B> Kevin had mentioned it was entered by a guest on Gnet. No one else has reported it
08:19:09 <Dave from B> Weren't you on at that time?
08:19:47 <ynpvisitor3> Maybe someone will look at their captures
08:19:48 <lc> web entered it.
08:20:17 <lc> I think I was away from the computer at that time.
08:20:26 <Dave from B> Who is web?
08:20:37 <Kevin L> Anything I see with just a Guest as a name I treat as suspect. It was about the right timing though. I didn't know if anyone had seen it.
08:20:58 <Dave from B> Where is BB when we need her:)
08:21:10 <ynpvisitor3> web means from your computer from G.Net
08:21:34 <Dave from B> That's what I thought, 3
08:21:36 <lc> oh, I didn't know that.
08:21:41 <af-lurking> i belive guest is the app
08:22:02 <Dave from B> Maybe kc can help us out if we ask nicely:)
08:22:13 <Kevin L> I was up at the time but I was out destroying a chisel with a rock hard blank.
08:22:23 <lc> Dave I thout you was here at that time.
08:22:27 <ynpvisitor3> you can backspace out the "web" and enter your own name though
08:22:59 <lc> and Janet was here
08:23:23 <lc> I was logged in but Nellie had the computer.
08:23:40 <af-lurking> you guys didnt save beehive
08:23:55 <Dave from B> I was here but I frequently miss things when I'm stuck on the phone or away from my desk
08:23:57 <Kevin L> Which makes it more suspect. If Janet was around, I think she would have seen it.
08:24:01 <ynpvisitor3> Why not use a name if you are helping to share info? That's odd to me
08:24:32 <lc> it would have been about the right time.
08:25:11 <Kevin L> Oops.
08:25:26 <lc> maybe kc or BB can check it.
08:25:33 <Kevin L> OF 1524 ie
08:25:33 <af-lurking> nice
08:26:25 <Kevin L> I hate it when they are a consistant late and then throw in an early.
08:27:30 <Graham> home early and you still didn'
08:27:32 <Graham> t hold BH for me
08:27:39 <Kevin L> Up to 8 hours on Grand now.
08:27:49 <Kevin L> :p
08:28:43 <Graham> so you will get that before my shift too?
08:29:08 <Kevin L> Wondering if we missed it but Heinrich has the BH 1501 but no Grand.
08:29:15 <Dave from B> Saving Plume for you, Graham
08:29:27 <Kevin L> AND Aurum!
08:37:56 <Kevin L> That was odd.
08:45:30 <Graham> yeah sure to be a snoozer
08:46:28 <Kevin L> Grand
08:46:31 <Kevin L> 1546
08:46:35 <Graham> yep, plume and Aurum for me
08:46:37 <Dave from B> Grand 1546
08:47:17 <Kevin L> Nice way to finish my shift.
08:48:17 <Graham> yeah yeah rub it in
08:57:25 <Graham> did you enjoy your Aurum too Kevin?
08:57:34 <Graham> just Plume left for me ... sigh
08:58:01 <Dave from B> Hope you get a Lion initial tonight
08:58:20 <Graham> was 1532ie
08:58:22 <Kevin L> There you go Graham. Aimed for your shift!
08:58:28 <Dave from B> Big crowd at Aurum
08:58:36 <Graham> Giantess instead, I would take that
08:58:48 <Graham> its empoty tho, Aurum that is
08:59:04 <Kevin L> Probably won't get either.
08:59:09 <Graham> could get a Lion, you never know
08:59:24 <Kevin L> I would expect a Lion before dark.
08:59:27 <Graham> maybe get a Daisy
08:59:29 <Graham> and OF
08:59:43 <Kevin L> Possibly an Anenome.
08:59:54 <ynpvisitor15> or a Pump
09:00:19 <ynpvisitor3> Model Major
09:00:19 <Kevin L> Did have a couple of NG today.
09:01:05 <Graham> yeah but no more today
09:01:24 <Kevin L> Splash on Lion.
09:02:52 <Graham> W Triplet
09:02:58 <Dave from B> Time to go home. I may be back later. tata, everyone
09:03:07 <Graham> bye
09:05:14 <Graham> 84F at OF, heatwave!
09:05:25 <Graham> thanks Kevin
09:05:35 <Graham> not even letting me see Daisy
09:06:36 <Graham> no CC either
09:08:18 <lc> got blue screen here.
09:08:36 <Graham> yep
09:08:49 <Graham> Kevin made everything erupt before my shift and then unplugged the cam
09:09:06 <Graham> maybe back...
09:09:13 <lc> ok, time for a break.
09:09:21 <Graham> typical of a power blip
09:09:31 <lc> its back
09:09:58 <Graham> glad i found the power extension
09:10:01 <ynpvisitor96> can you give me the rainedout link again anyone?
09:10:03 <lc> still need a break.
09:10:29 <Graham>
09:10:50 <ynpvisitor96> thanks. I will save it in a safe place this time.
09:50:40 <Graham> OF 1650
09:55:28 <Graham> Daisy 1655
09:55:32 <Graham> very cooperative
10:03:21 <af> has grand gone yet?
10:03:31 <af> lc 1701 ie
10:03:36 <Graham> yep
10:03:57 <Graham> 1546
10:04:41 <af'> a "long" interval?
10:04:58 <af'> and lion?
10:05:11 <Graham> not since this morning
10:05:23 <Graham> LC is erupting tho
10:05:35 <af'> saw that
10:06:16 <af'> ia am home now too have some pictures coming tho
10:06:19 <Graham> thats about it for tonight
10:10:59 <af> have stuff to do
10:21:26 <Kevin L> I see you are also messing up Livescope.
10:22:28 <Graham> yeah but i have not pulled the plug
10:23:43 <Graham> nothing much to watch for other than OF
10:26:08 <Kevin L> I did use them all up. Not sure how I missed hte Aurum.
10:28:46 <Graham> theres a geyser
10:38:52 <Graham> zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
10:45:36 <kc (working)> streaming cam was downbasin at 0811 so cant confirm or deny lion report. need someone who captures the static to check
11:03:35 <af> :(
11:04:04 <Graham> zzzzzzz
11:04:18 <Graham> but it is almost time for OF excitement!
11:05:57 <af> blueberries are out of season!
11:07:18 <lc> thanks for checking kc.
11:07:39 <lc> time was right but who knows.
11:08:35 <lc> gtg. have a good night everyone.
11:08:45 <af> bye
11:08:47 <kc (working)> nite lc
11:11:56 <ynpvisitor34> email from DaveM, Lion was a definite at 0811
11:12:19 <Graham> k, thanks 34
11:12:26 <ynpvisitor34> but a lot of people had to do some checking, if only they had used their name when posting
11:13:09 <af-lurking> speaking of which.. I may ask jake to change my gt username if he can.
11:13:13 <af-lurking> OF 1813
11:14:03 <af-lurking> some of you lurkers have expressed geyser posts labled "Alpinefroggy" as hardly reliable
11:17:01 <ynpvisitor73> has Plume really not been seen in 7 days??!???!?
11:17:12 <Graham> it is dormant
11:17:40 <Graham> you want it changed to af-lurking?
11:18:03 <Graham> but Plume is gurgling at depth which is unusual for dormancies
11:19:54 <Graham> Sawmill is off
11:20:20 <af-lurking> my real name
11:21:08 <ynpvisitor73> hmmm...interesting about Plume
11:21:14 <ynpvisitor73> thanks!
11:21:22 <af-lurking> ?
11:23:17 <Graham> whats the question af?
11:23:37 <Graham> glad you are off work kc, redy for the big game tomorrow?
11:24:08 <af-lurking> oh 73 said thanks and I am curious as to what
11:24:40 <Graham> that was the Plume thread going on between our thread
11:25:06 <kcmule> you can win the game, ill be happy w no injuries
11:25:28 <af-lurking> splishy splashy lion
11:26:04 <Graham> i dont usually watch them preseason
11:26:06 <kcmule> will be fun to see rgiii for the first time
11:26:20 <Graham> yeah see if he can do anything
11:26:31 <kcmule> watch the first half, at least u get to see starters
11:27:17 <af-photos> football?
11:28:00 <kcmule> its that time of year
11:28:08 <Graham> yep. Redskins against the Beefaloes
11:28:38 <kcmule> ill take that as a compliment. we got way bigger this year
11:32:41 <af-photos> I am not a big fan of most sports here in the us. Cycling is the only one I follow.
11:34:45 <Graham> bbs
11:36:40 <af-photos> Hello
11:36:43 <Will B> Good evening!
11:37:51 <Will B> going to watch some geysers before i go watch some olympics a bit later
11:38:05 <af> watch both
11:38:50 <af> some of my photos came out nice but they need a little touching up. Too bad I don't have photoshop
11:38:51 <Will B> I am letting the DVR build up some record time on the primetime so i dont have to watch comertials
11:39:41 <af> just in time for giantess
11:39:55 <af> gonna go clear my cookies I am not lurking
11:40:35 <Will B> and I already know that the US will win the womens beach volleyball gold metal game
11:42:51 <af-photo> BHI post
11:42:58 <af-photo> Lion 2842 initial
11:43:07 <af-photo> 1842
11:43:08 <Will B> ?
11:43:36 <Will B> 1843 i would say
11:44:10 <af-photo> comp said 1842
11:44:28 <af-photo> check out the 1823 ? bhi post fake obviously
11:45:39 <Will B> yep
11:45:55 <af-photo> smartphone test perhaps
11:46:04 <af-photo> LC 1846
11:46:10 <af-photo> dual!
12:15:06 <Will B> Sprinkler ie
12:15:15 <Will B> 1915ie
12:15:57 <Graham> zzzzz
12:17:01 <Will B> nodoze?
12:17:34 <Graham> hard to stay awake. good news was i didn't snore in todays meeting
12:17:53 <Will B> how did that go
12:18:08 <Will B> Daisy 1918
12:18:26 <Will B> 2hr 53min intv
12:18:36 <Will B> *23
12:23:21 <Will B> ...
12:23:35 <Will B> Any boils today?
12:25:30 <Graham> i have not seen any, have not watched forthem tho
12:26:10 <Will B> Im surprised that plume is still off though
12:27:35 <af-photo> watch you get another september giantess
12:27:37 <Graham> its a shame, always nice to catch them on the way in or out of the cabins
12:29:24 <af-photo> when I can go through my 2500+ photos I'll post them on facebook and let you all see them
12:29:48 <Graham> so you are home now?
12:29:56 <af-photo> yes
12:30:05 <Graham> did you have fun?
12:30:21 <af-photo> Oh yes, yes
12:30:30 <Graham> highlights?
12:31:11 <af-photo> a valley whose first step off the edge is a farely jarring 2000 feet
12:31:38 <Graham> nice
12:32:22 <af-photo> snorkling and being in a reef that looked like a aquariam
12:32:45 <af-photo> and getting hammered by big waves and riding during a boogy board I must now
12:33:13 <Graham> sounds like fun
12:33:29 <Graham> now back home just in time for school :)
12:41:39 <Will B> I had to leave to go watch the semis of the 5000m and wow 13:15 in a semi my best off a track is a 17:18
12:42:32 <Graham> have fun
12:42:56 <Will B> have fun with what?
12:44:50 <Will B> OF1944
12:44:57 <Graham> OF 1944
12:45:14 <Graham> oh, yeah, you are back. thought you were leaving for a mminute
12:48:07 <Graham> Dep 1947ie?
12:48:28 <Will B> Lion
12:48:28 <Graham> Lion 1948
12:56:45 <Graham> Oblong?
13:00:37 <ynpvisitor42> .
13:00:49 <af> sorry i left so quick mom was yellingdinner time now i am going for today
13:01:13 <Graham> k, see ya
13:03:47 <Graham> Sawmill
13:16:33 <Will B> .
13:18:21 <Graham> goodnight all
13:19:14 <kcmule> nite
13:50:11 <Will B> .
14:21:00 <kcmule> OF 21:20ie
14:21:05 <kcmule> nite
14:21:50 <ynpvisitor42> thanks for staying
15:08:27 <ynpvisitor20> hi all