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22:02:21 <Dave from B> Upper 40's and lower humidity this morning. Should have a view when we get some light
22:47:54 <ynpvisitor15> isthat plume?
22:48:22 <ynpvisitor15> or wishful thinking
22:49:14 <ynpvisitor22> I didn't see it
22:50:09 <ynpvisitor15> my static was behind, more like 4-5 minutes ago
22:50:14 <ynpvisitor22> Lion 0550
22:52:10 <ynpvisitor15> I probably saw some angled preplay
22:53:29 <Dave from B> OF 553 ie
22:53:41 <Dave from B> Good morning, lc and 15
22:53:58 <lc> morning Dave
22:54:07 <ynpvisitor15> I have a static of 550 for OF
22:54:26 <Dave from B> Thanks, 15. I figured it was near the end
22:54:34 <lc> it was right after Lion
22:55:20 <ynpvisitor15> interrupted the Lion viewing
22:55:41 <lc> I think it was a long
23:12:18 <Dave from B> Someone looking for water...that's a good sign for us
23:13:08 <lc> I did see a small splash a few min ago.
23:15:09 <ynpvisitor15> HK had a Grand that was under 6 hrs last night.
23:15:34 <ynpvisitor15> I would have missed that one
23:17:11 <lc> need to be there 5h45m
23:17:56 <lc> or 1st Turban after 5h3m
23:18:05 <lc> 5h30m
23:19:15 <Dave from B> Makes for a long wait if it throws in an 8+ interval
23:19:49 <lc> for sure, and it WILL happen.
23:20:23 <Dave from B> Yeah, I've sat thru a few of those
23:20:32 <lc> there it is
23:20:33 <Dave from B> Ding a ling
23:20:41 <ynpvisitor15> That' would be when I get there at 5.5 hour mark.
23:20:47 <lc> 0626 ns
23:20:52 <Dave from B> BHI 620ie
23:20:57 <ynpvisitor15> great
23:21:34 <lc> can't type in the dark
23:22:00 <lc> should be 0620ns
23:22:09 <Dave from B> Do you know who is sending out the alert this is the cam operator?
23:23:07 <lc> don't know
23:24:04 <lc> is Kitt here?
23:25:17 <lc> didn't answer phone
23:26:39 <Kitt> Thanks lc
23:26:45 <lc> morning Kitt
23:26:56 <Dave from B> Morning, Kitt
23:27:02 <Kitt> morning
23:27:06 <lc> yw
23:27:28 <lc> didn't know if it was too early.
23:27:36 <Kitt> I woke up earlier, but it was still dark
23:27:43 <lc> Ma said call
23:28:08 <Kitt> well thank you ma
23:28:23 <Kitt> yeah, Jim made it
23:28:26 <lc> Jim?
23:28:43 <ynpvisitor45> He's just arrive at BH I think
23:29:07 <Kitt> yes
23:31:26 <Kitt> just a few waiting up on Plume's side
23:32:03 <Dave from B> I texted Kevin, he must has his phone off
23:35:24 <cb> Good Morning!
23:35:41 <lc> morning cb
23:36:05 <Dave from B> Hi, cb
23:36:51 <Kitt> Yippee
23:36:57 <Kitt> Go Bee
23:36:59 <lc> BH 0636
23:37:33 <Kitt> mm, nice and tall
23:37:37 <Dave from B> Small "crowd" this morning
23:38:05 <Dave from B> on bw
23:38:22 <ynpvisitor45> good start to the day
23:39:44 <lc> could be a 2 BH day
23:40:07 <Kitt> I like that idea
23:40:16 <Kitt> I vote yes
23:42:16 <Kitt> well 6 lucky folk got to see bee up close
23:42:40 <Dave from B> Do you think Lion is continuing its series from last night or is this a new one?
23:43:01 <Dave from B> Same question we had yesterday morning
23:43:51 <Kitt> thanks again
23:44:04 <Kitt> now to get ready for work
23:44:06 <lc> yw Kitt, have a good day
23:44:23 <Kitt> I hope it is cooler today
23:44:34 <lc> I don't think the 0550 Lion was Initial.
23:46:14 <Dave from B> You're right, lc. Maybe, we'll get another one soon
23:48:13 <lc> Lion 0648
23:48:39 <lc> come on
00:44:06 <Dave from B> ..
00:50:36 <Dave from B> Lion 750 ie
00:54:20 <Dave from B> LC 754 ie
01:01:36 <ynpvisitor15> ..
01:02:48 <Dave from B> Daisy 802ie
01:24:35 <Dave from B> Grotto?
01:25:06 <Dave from B> and Riverside?
01:25:29 <Dave from B> I see Riverside on GT
01:50:07 <Kevin L> of ie 0848
01:51:04 <Kevin L> Lion 0850
01:52:45 <Dave from B> Morning, Kevin
01:52:53 <Kevin L> hi
01:57:02 <Dave from B> Have your chickens stopped laying eggs in your extreme heat?
01:57:43 <Kevin L> Yes. They seem to be union chickens. They refuse to work in weather that is too hot or too cold.
01:58:37 <Dave from B> :)
02:20:05 <ynpvisitor15> .
02:31:18 <ynpvisitor53> Depression 929ie?
02:31:56 <ynpvisitor53> Camera is pointed there now, so maybe I just missed it.
02:37:59 <Dave from B> ..
02:58:48 <Dave from B> NG 958 ie
03:00:32 <Dave from B> Minor
03:09:13 <ynpvisitor15> ..
03:14:02 <Dave from B> OF 1012 way ie
03:14:44 <Dave from B> My observed time actually way into the eruption was 1013 ie
03:29:38 <Dave from B> Daisy 1029 ie
03:45:07 <Dave from B> Grand 1044 ie
03:45:31 <Dave from B> Again...probably 2-3 minutes in
03:58:18 <Dave from B> Thanks to Maureen for lots of GT updates
04:18:21 <ynpvisitor13> hmmm. Lucky number 13. Maybe I should keep it?
04:18:35 <vw> Good morning/afternoon.
04:18:42 <Dave from B> Hey, vw
04:19:30 <vw> Hey Dave! Ready for another scorcher?
04:20:23 <vw> Not much comfort knowing the rest of the country is in the same boat. :'(
04:20:30 <Dave from B> Not really. Hate to pray for fall because we might get an early winter instead
04:20:58 <Dave from B> All I can say is go to the mountains if you can. Glacier was perfect temp last week
04:20:59 <vw> If its anything like last winter, it won't amount to much.
04:22:53 <vw> yeah, I love the temps at 6-7K this time of year!
04:28:10 <vw> I can't raise Kevin on pm. You here K?
04:29:22 <Dave from B> Haven't seen Kevin for awhile
04:30:09 <Kevin L> zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
04:30:34 <Kevin L> Been out in the shop breaking things. Didn't mean for it to be that way, just how it turned out.
04:31:27 <Kevin L> Heading out in a few for bus duty and then to help out the guy that took my place at NDOT.
04:32:34 <vw> I have the cam.
04:32:50 <vw> Looks like it might be another rather boring day. Ho hum.
04:33:24 <Kevin L> Right. No BH until tonight - when I have to be gone. :(
04:33:35 <vw> bummer K.
04:33:49 <vw> But you got a Grand this morning. That is nice.
04:34:13 <Dave from B> Kevin...haviing "lunch" again to help out I see
04:34:51 <Kevin L> You guessed it. Hard to turn down a Belly Bomber Burger anyway.
04:36:42 <Dave from B> I was telling you about my lawn problems yesterday. Now I have dry spots and mushrooms (from too much water)
04:37:03 <Kevin L> You can't win!
04:37:42 <vw> Sounds to me like you need a good coating of top soil to level out the ground Dave.
04:38:04 <Kevin L> Or some of that new fangled plastic grass.
04:38:12 <vw> Those dry spots may have nothing to do with water too. Could be something is spot killing the grass.
04:38:52 <Dave from B> What I need is for my GFI switch not to malfunction and turn off my power to my sprinkler for 8 days while I was on vacation
04:39:07 <vw> ahhh. Yeah, that will do it. :P
04:39:12 <Dave from B> Hard to catch up when that happens
04:40:23 <vw> just think how long those roots are after searching for water for a week though.
04:40:53 <Kevin L> Heading out. Bye
04:41:16 <vw> Bye K. Have a good one.
04:41:18 <Dave from B> Bye, Kevin
04:44:03 <vw> NG 1143
04:44:10 <vw> minor
04:44:59 <Dave from B> 4th one today including 2 Maureen has entered
04:45:08 <Dave from B> Sure would love a major
04:45:18 <vw> very short interval on that last one.
04:49:32 <vw> OF 1149
04:53:50 <Dave from B> vw, I have a question regarding sending out the alerts
04:54:32 <Dave from B> I am approved and promised Will I would only send out if no one else does. What do I enter to send a beehive text via my phone?
04:54:35 <vw> k. not sure I will have the answer, but go for it!
04:55:08 <vw> I am not sure Dave. I do it from my computer.
04:55:27 <vw> Does Rainout app on phone have the same options/checkmarks?
04:55:35 <Dave from B> np, I'll ask Will when I "see" him next
04:56:27 <vw> My experience with texting is I enter the data in the text section, NOT the heading section. Not sure that helps in this case though.
04:57:48 <Dave from B> I may wait until next week. Hoping to upgrade to a "smart" phone on Saturday
04:59:06 <vw> Oh, yeah. I am not sure you can send as an administrator on a non-smart phone.
04:59:27 <vw> Have to be able to download the app.
05:00:12 <Dave from B> Well, that solves that. See, I knew you had the answer:)
05:00:29 <vw> Waddya know... :D
05:00:50 <Dave from B> I'll have 3 weeks to learn my new phone before I get to OF
05:01:21 <vw> Might want to check the Rainout website too to see if they have both and iPhone and Android app.
05:01:53 <Dave from B> Ooh..good idea..Have no idea what I'm going to purchase
05:01:58 <vw> Won't take you that long. A couple of days and you will get the hang of it. Just make sure you get the phone on or near the weekend to give yourself some explore time.
05:02:41 <vw> Not knowing how to answer your phone on a business day is not a good thing.
05:05:36 <Dave from B> If I can't figure things out, I have my 18 year old to teach me. But, first she'll giver me the eye roll like how "stupid" are you.
05:05:57 <vw> Oh hon... get used to that ! :D
05:07:29 <vw> I do recommend that you have the sales person help you set up your email before you leave the store. Sometimes a little tricky.
05:07:48 <Dave from B> We live in a generation where are kids know more about technology than we do
05:08:25 <vw> If you don't already have a gmail account, get one set up now just in case you get an Android platform phone.
05:08:26 <Dave from B> I have a friend who I have bought phones from for 8-10 years. He even transfers all my contacts for me and photos
05:08:53 <vw> good! That helps.
05:10:56 <vw> If you use your cell phone a lot for work, consider getting one that has an extended battery pack. You will be amazed at how quickly you run out of battery bars, especially at first.
05:12:01 <Dave from B> That's a good idea. I imagine they use a lot more power than a traditional cell phone
05:12:49 <vw> they do if you have the email program apps open to receive and your web on quick access, which most people do.
05:13:47 <vw> And even in town, in MT cell signal varies, so the phones spend a lot of time searching for signal.
05:14:38 <Dave from B> I found that out on our last trip. No coverage in Glacier and very spotty in surrounding areas. Battery wore down quickly searching
05:14:51 <vw> Yeap.
05:15:27 <Dave from B> Is there a geyser awake anywhere? C'mon NG
05:15:52 <vw> NG 1215
05:15:59 <vw> Wow, that was good Dave!
05:16:00 <vw> minor
05:16:40 <Dave from B> So good I missed it:(
05:17:03 <vw> Someone want to guess what is happening? 30 minute intervals???
05:17:36 <Dave from B> 5 minors today...maybe we will get that major today
05:21:57 <Dave from B> Sawmill 1221 ie
05:26:52 <Dave from B> Hi, kc
05:27:51 <kc (working)> howdy
05:28:09 <vw> Hi kc!
05:29:42 <kc (working)> your ears mighta got blasted if u went to that neil show vw
05:30:20 <vw> for me, more likley that I would have been able to understand the words kc.
05:30:25 <vw> Did you enjoy?
05:31:02 <kc (working)> not as much variation the 2nd night, but crazy horse was tight. sound was loud but very clear
05:31:45 <vw> Not sure that many sound techs 'get' the acoustics at Red rocks, unless they have been there.
05:32:13 <vw> Pretty different from any other venue.
05:33:23 <kc (working)> no complaints, i like it loud if its clear. van halen a couple months ago was awful, just plain loud. wasted $
05:34:36 <vw> totally agree. just loud is a pain.
05:35:55 <vw> You can get just plain loud from any street where young adults drive by...
05:36:05 <kc (working)> check out new neil song 'walk like a giant'. cool, poignant lyrics about lamented post-csny hippy dreams
05:36:28 <vw> oh! I will. :)
05:38:15 <vw> even a partial on youtube from Red Rocks
05:39:11 <kc (working)> yep, was gonna post the link but didnt want to spam. its just missing the extra long distortion laden ending
05:40:48 <vw> I will have to listen/watch when I am off the cam
05:41:10 <vw> Maybe about time for another NG if it keeps up the 30 minute intervals.
05:42:40 <Dave from B> This time I'm going to be paying attention
05:44:04 <vw> We have seen 28 and 32 minute intervals so far today, so anytime. Maybe.
05:44:54 <Dave from B> I promise not to wear a white shirt while in the basin...especially over by NG
05:45:18 <vw> :) As long as you don't smoke, it should be okay.
05:46:02 <vw> Just stand to the side so we don't get confused Dave.
05:46:22 <Dave from B> Will do
05:48:56 <vw> grrr. camera really bouncy.
05:51:15 <vw> One lone sitter.
05:52:39 <Dave from B> Well, I'm afraid I need to do some work downstairs. bbl
05:53:22 <vw> Bye Dave.
05:53:57 <vw> Dasiy 1253
06:02:22 <vw> Aurum 1301, ie, static cam
06:05:06 <vw> About all we have to watch for this afternoon is between OF and Depression. I can feel that nap coming on now.
06:19:11 <vw> OF 1318
06:43:05 <Rich> G'day Everyone
06:43:23 <Dave from B> Hi,
06:43:23 <vw> Hi Rich
06:43:26 <Dave from B> Rich
06:43:56 <Rich> Hi Dave
06:43:58 <Rich> Hi vw
06:44:56 <Rich> Late start today, went to the pool this morning, Temp going to be in low 100's for then next week.
06:48:36 <Dave from B> Hot temps seem to be everywhere
06:48:54 <Kevin L> 114 here.
06:49:49 <Rich> yikes
06:49:52 <Rich> sorry
06:50:27 <Dave from B> Hi, Will B
06:50:39 <Will B> H i
06:50:48 <vw> Hi Will
06:52:30 <Rich> Hi Will
06:52:35 <Will B> hi
07:09:00 <Dave from B> Somebody nudge vw and see if she is awake:)
07:09:42 <Rich> g
07:11:30 <vw> Nothing to stay awake for Dave.
07:13:26 <Dave from B> Maybe Rich can liven things up a little. I've been awake since 330 so I'm not going to be much help
07:15:49 <Rich> I've been awake since about 4:30. I'm counting visitors to stay awake. g
07:17:34 <Dave from B> visitors? Do you work at a pool?
07:19:26 <Rich> no, meant watching the cam.
07:19:41 <Dave from B> :)
07:20:31 <Rich> they keep moving, I have to start over, and over, and over
07:20:40 <Rich> wait that is putting me to sleep. g
07:20:56 <Dave from B> Just hit pause
07:23:20 <Rich> If I did that I
07:23:35 <Rich> I'd forget why they stopped moving and blame the cam.
07:23:54 <Rich> Such problems I have. g
07:27:53 <Dave from B> So, Rich was that your baby picture that you changed to your FB photo?
07:28:46 <Rich> Today is my 'middle' sister's birthday, I've been posting old photos for the occasion.
07:29:18 <Rich> She lives in Atlanta area
07:30:13 <Rich> 'She' is the sister that isn't a geyser gazer. Have been able to 'infect' her.
07:31:03 <Dave from B> Keep working at it, Rich. My family is slowly starting to come around, especially my 13 year old
07:32:46 <Rich> 13 explains it all.
07:37:36 <Dave from B> Rich, how often do you make it to OF?
07:37:56 <Rich> In recent years just a couple of times.
07:38:37 <Rich> Was frequenter when family vacationing. Dad tried to 'hit' all the good stuff.
07:39:16 <Rich> Dinosaur NP when it was still just a dig on the side of the hill. Great Basin NP when it was Lehman Caves.
07:39:44 <Rich> If there was something of geological interest, we found them.
07:41:37 <Dave from B> Was your dad a science teacher?
07:42:29 <Rich> West Gate in Nevada, big slip fault. Iccthysaurus dig at Berlin Nv.
07:42:54 <Rich> He always wanted to go to Rolla School of mines to become a mining engineer.
07:43:19 <Rich> Life interfered and we ended up in a small town north of KC.
07:45:00 <Dave from B> I'll be flying over that part of the country when we take our oldest to school in 12 days:(
07:47:04 <Rich> If you fly into Denver, just remember it is always a bumpy flight in and out.
07:50:37 <Dave from B> Flying Delta so we are avoiding Broncoville
07:51:26 <Rich> Atlanta?
07:52:18 <Rich> I've always found it interesting that you have to fly into Atlanta and change planes to go to Cinncinatti
07:52:42 <Dave from B> Headed to WAsh U in St. Louis via SLC or Minneapolis...don't remember
07:54:00 <Rich> SLC is pretty nice to fly in and out of. Salt Lake and the Mountains.
07:55:56 <vw> OF 1455
07:56:20 <Rich> Nice lighting
07:59:57 <Rich> On that 'high' light, I'm off for a nap. Have a good afternoon/evening.
08:00:19 <Dave from B> Bye, Rich. Have a great day
08:00:33 <vw> Bye Rich
08:01:07 <Rich> bye
08:04:23 <Dave from B> Hi, cb
08:04:39 <vw> Hi cb!
08:04:58 <cb> Hey Dave, all. just getting set up. byb
08:05:01 <cb> brb
08:06:13 <cb> OK... Hi vw!
08:06:30 <cb> am ready to take over!
08:06:45 <vw> Should be a good evening for you cb. Saved everything.
08:06:56 <cb> everything?? :)
08:07:37 <Dave from B> First time I can remember nothing else called between 2 OF eruptions
08:07:43 <cb> Hopefully it will all be spaced out nicely
08:07:48 <vw> We had some excitement with NG doing 30 minute intervals at the start of my shift, but other than that very quiet.
08:08:09 <vw> Kevin had a good morning, but repeaters all saved for later today.
08:08:11 <cb> I saw that on GT's. had to look really close at the intervals
08:08:22 <cb> good deal!
08:08:55 <vw> I am hoping we will get reports from the basin on NG.
08:09:03 <cb> Sure wish our ol friend Plume would show itself again
08:10:08 <cb> were there people out on the bvv?
08:10:09 <vw> Yeap. Really miss it.
08:10:29 <vw> Fair numbers. Had good size clusters around NG for a while.
08:10:31 <cb> vv = w...that's a weird typo
08:10:44 <vw> I am going to head out. Have a great evening all!
08:11:06 <cb> tata
08:11:12 <Dave from B> Bye, vw
08:13:59 <cb> Daisy 1513ie
08:22:55 <Dave from B> Time for me to go to the airport to pickup some freight. See ya later Kevin, cb and Will B
08:23:18 <cb> bye Dave!
08:54:04 <Kevin L> Hey there cb. Was out making more pens.
08:54:48 <cb> Hi Kevin! More orders! that fantastic!
08:56:05 <Kevin L> A fellow my son knows from Canada was here so I was showing his family how you make them.
08:56:37 <cb> Cool...Don't let out your secrets though!
08:57:34 <Kevin L> He hadn't even realized that I had made the pens my son has. He really liked seeing how they were made.
08:59:38 <cb> Sawmill 1559ie
09:02:35 <cb> they are nice! I won't let mine outta my sight anymore!
09:09:35 <Kevin L> Clip a chain to that bolt huh?
09:10:28 <Kitt> Hello
09:10:31 <cb> I am carrying one of Bill's work pens with me when someone needs one THAT"S the one they get
09:11:20 <Kitt> who is running to YNP this weekend to get a F & M
09:11:32 <cb> Hey Kitt
09:11:37 <Kitt> Hi
09:11:55 <Kevin L> My daughter came up with an interesting idea. I have a very clear red blank. She says I should drill it and paint the inside of the hole with glitter fingernail polish. I may try that.
09:12:04 <Kitt> I'm going to Billings to take Kevin shopping for college
09:12:12 <Graham> me me me i want to run to OF this weekend for F&M
09:12:18 <Kevin L> I think I am going to be a bit later.
09:12:45 <Kevin L> Cha - CHING there Kitt.
09:12:47 <Kitt> I think your chances would be excellent Graham
09:13:02 <cb> Sounds interesting Kevin!
09:13:13 <Kitt> actually Kevin has most of his welding supplies
09:13:35 <Kitt> we'lre just getting some dorm furnishings
09:13:58 <Kevin L> I will let you know how it turns out cb.
09:14:02 <Graham> so the question is, does Kitts trip to BIL cost more than mine to OF?
09:14:13 <Kitt> I found out a bit late that it is fair week in Billings
09:14:26 <Kitt> I bet your trip will cost more
09:14:33 <Kitt> when will you get there?
09:14:54 <cb> I think Kitt's, Graham get a FF discount! :)
09:15:02 <Graham> Sat 1st
09:15:14 <Graham> hehe yeah my flight is free
09:15:28 <Graham> but theres cab fare and car rental ...
09:15:33 <cb> I thought so!! :)
09:15:39 <Kevin L> Looks like I will get there the day after Labor day and leave Friday morning to get the kid set up for school.
09:15:49 <cb> ah oh...livescope is freakin out
09:15:51 <Kitt> So you will miss the next 4 F & M's?
09:15:53 <Graham> oh, and $25 to check my bag each way
09:16:12 <Graham> at least, intervals are coming down to 3 days now I am sure
09:16:24 <Kevin L> And another $25 for a cusion on your seat....
09:16:48 <Kitt> Kevin it sounds like I will miss you
09:17:12 <Graham> Delta is not too bad, get a free bag of peanuts too
09:17:16 <Kitt> I head home Labor Day and wouldn't make it back until possibly the next Friday
09:17:30 <Graham> k, see you there
09:17:39 <Kevin L> Just barely missing each other.
09:18:08 <Kitt> I was scheduled for a training, but found I didn't need it
09:18:16 <Graham> so we need F&M late on Saturday, then again when Kevin arrives
09:18:17 <cb> whew...livescope was creepy there for a minute
09:18:31 <Kitt> You'll get to see LC and Nellie
09:20:13 <Kitt> well enjoy Old Faithful
09:20:13 <Graham> they coming in Sept - thats unusual
09:20:19 <Kitt> back to chores
09:21:19 <Kitt> Yes, they will be there for about 9 days departing Sep. 9
09:21:32 <Kitt> this is their first fall trip
09:21:42 <Kitt> bye, chores call
09:21:42 <cb> OF 1621
09:22:00 <Graham> good, we are winning them over to the good time of year
09:23:28 <cb> I would love if someone in the park would make a audio recording of Plume and post it!!!
09:23:49 <cb> plumes depth sounds i should say!
09:24:13 <cb> Here goes the livescope again...shecchhhhh
09:24:14 <Graham> yeah i am curious too
09:24:45 <cb> freaks out, then its good, then freaks out again!
09:25:38 <Kevin L> Kind of like having a teenager.
09:26:17 <cb> or a mid life cycle!! :)
09:26:57 <Kevin L> Maybe the end of life cycle?
09:28:08 <cb> Thinkin more like the menopause thing...freak ok....freak out...ok....sounds familar!
09:28:59 <Kevin L> Same here but from a different perspective.
09:29:10 <cb> hahahahahahaha
09:29:53 <Kevin L> Yes dear, and DUCK!
09:30:13 <cb> I understand!!! :)
09:34:54 <Graham> what are you doing again cb?
09:35:52 <cb> livescope problems!
09:38:28 <cb> How many work days G?
09:38:37 <af-lurking> my brother is goung to desolation :(
09:39:03 <cb> Cool! how come you are not?
09:39:49 <af-lurking> going with friends and i am being the little brother and selfish
09:41:54 <af-lurking> the selfish part is mainly from being in kauai too
09:42:40 <Graham> its 16 days at work
09:43:03 <Kevin L> Work?
09:43:12 <Graham> just days at work
09:43:20 <Graham> not necessarily working
09:43:35 <Kevin L> Good point.
09:44:17 <Graham> just have to redo the 200 slide pre4sentation before i leave
09:45:26 <cb> of yellowstone? :)
09:45:50 <Kevin L> BH should be in about an hour.
09:46:31 <cb> Lion has been steamy
09:46:36 <Graham> no such luck ... requirements...
09:46:50 <Graham> at least i will miss the all-day review meeting because its on the 5th :)
09:47:13 <cb> that would be a great work slide presentation. Lot more fun to look at then requirements!!
09:47:28 <Kevin L> Those are SOOOOOO painful.
09:47:58 <Graham> maybe i should slide a picture of Giant in the middle of the meeting?
09:48:21 <Kevin L> That would get my attention.
09:48:22 <Graham> yeah, there will be no breathable air in the room either with 66 people
09:48:23 <af-lurking> before i go did bee?
09:48:49 <af-lurking> of course it would for a gazer
09:50:06 <Graham> bee this morning but not again
09:50:18 <af-lurking> k
10:07:07 <Graham> another hot day, 83F
10:07:41 <cb> That's cool...nice! 103 here!
10:07:44 <Kevin L> Hot? I would LOVE that for my low!
10:09:16 <cb> I am going to take my grandsons to the pool this evening. I will be leaving at 6:45 pst if anyone want the cam tonight
10:09:50 <Kevin L> We have cooled down to 110 right now.
10:10:08 <Kevin L> Low was 94.
10:11:36 <cb> yikes way to hot
10:11:36 <Graham> we only feel like 97 here
10:12:17 <cb> I forgot about the cam and promised them a trip to the pool today. They are holding me to it
10:12:55 <Graham> sounds good in the heat
10:14:24 <Dave From B> Good evening everyone
10:14:46 <cb> Castle 1714ie
10:14:47 <Kevin L> hi
10:14:58 <cb> I'll let BB post that one! phatttttttt
10:15:17 <cb> not our BB but the other BB
10:15:24 <Graham> still not there
10:15:34 <Graham> hi Dave
10:15:43 <cb> Hi Dave!
10:17:01 <Graham> HK had Castle 1703
10:17:27 <cb> good to here
10:18:34 <Graham> anyone know how long he is there?
10:22:40 <cb> I don't
10:27:35 <af-photo> good evening time for some geyser gazing
10:33:36 <Kevin L> Time for BH
10:34:34 <Graham> zzzzz
10:34:45 <cb> ya think?
10:35:45 <cb> nope not yet!
10:35:46 <Graham> definately zzzzz
10:36:06 <af-photo> who here is running windows 7? I have something cool I "discovered"
10:36:27 <Dave From B> Hey, Kevin should I say it will another 4 hours before BH so it can prove me wrong
10:36:36 <Graham> not me
10:37:07 <cb> Grand 1737
10:37:09 <af-photo> grand 1737
10:37:18 <Graham> better wake up
10:37:46 <af-photo> it nknew everyone was sleeping
10:38:25 <Graham> Kevin suckered it into erupting thinking BH was going
10:42:35 <Dave From B> Kevin, are you going to watch your Packers tonight?
10:48:28 <af-photo> not today
10:48:49 <Graham> nope
10:49:31 <Graham> teo Aurums today Kevin, how did you contain your excitement?
10:49:38 <Graham> two
10:50:09 <Graham> oh, i see he left ... that was the "time for BH" comment
10:51:57 <af-photo> I think you were right about the football
10:52:01 <af-photo> dave
10:52:49 <af-photo> of 1752
10:52:50 <cb> of 1752
10:54:15 <Dave From B> I'm not sure he saw either Aurum. He was doing some consulting work today
10:54:28 <cb> :)
10:54:56 <Graham> that figures, missed them both
10:57:07 <cb> ya think i missed it?
10:57:19 <cb> it being Daisy
10:58:20 <Graham> yep
10:58:23 <cb> I think so
10:59:08 <cb> 2015 pred. i missed it
11:00:14 <Dave From B> you haven't missed bh
11:00:30 <cb> that to be sure!
11:01:31 <af-photo> Photos going up
11:03:17 <Dave From B> Graham, do you have a friendly wager with kc tonight?
11:04:04 <Graham> no, neitehr of us want to win preseason
11:04:21 <Graham> alathough since i am not at the game they could win
11:04:32 <Dave From B> Do you meet in the regular season?
11:05:00 <Graham> no, none of the preseason games are against teams you meet I think
11:05:06 <Graham> only in the superbowl :)
11:05:54 <Dave From B> It's been awhile since your team has been there
11:06:41 <Dave From B> cb, have you ever stayed at the Housekeeping Camp in Yosemite?
11:09:45 <af-photo> my advice stay out of the valley
11:11:27 <Dave From B> It is busy but it is beautiful in the valley
11:12:44 <ynpvisitor24> ..
11:14:42 <cb> Just saw your question Dave! I was doing the dishes!
11:15:44 <cb> I have not! I have riden my bike through it and it looks nice. think it would be a zoo in the summer months though. I would prefer camp curry tents
11:16:15 <cb> cooler under Glacer point!!
11:16:23 <Dave From B> I have stayed in the tent cabins..they are fun.
11:16:45 <Dave From B> I heard they closed some of the tent cabins.
11:17:17 <Graham> i think the rocks closed them
11:17:34 <cb> yes! BIG rock slide off the point
11:17:53 <Dave From B> Hope noone was injured
11:17:54 <cb> Didn't close them all, just the ones directly in the path of the rock slide
11:19:19 <cb> some young kids from camp came very close. they were having breakfast at the time of the slide
11:21:34 <cb> Gary tried Half Dome yesterday.
11:21:58 <cb> No thanks, this time of the year its a freeway up the cables!
11:22:06 <Dave From B> That's on my bucket list. How did he do?
11:22:30 <Dave From B> I would imagine fall would be quieter for Half Dome
11:22:30 <cb> FB post says he looked up and turned around!
11:22:36 <af-photo> can wee move the cam a little left
11:22:42 <Graham> i wonder how crowded it is given the permit system now
11:23:27 <cb> the mist trail is nice, and there are lots of other hikes that i would rather do.
11:23:32 <Graham> looked up at the chains?
11:23:50 <cb> yep! Do LOOK!!
11:24:09 <Graham> i did it once, great hike but not easy if you have any fear of heights at the end
11:24:35 <af-photo> very cool photos but my age prevents me from sharing sorry
11:25:29 <Dave From B> Mist trail is fun, although my knees didn't like all the stairs
11:26:03 <ynpvisitor24> ..
11:26:10 <af> I went down John Muri I belive
11:26:17 <cb> Ya, the first time i went up the trail i think i crawled up the stairs
11:27:05 <cb> Are you planning a trip Dave?
11:27:48 <Dave From B> Every couple of years we get together with my wifes family and go somewhere.
11:28:04 <Dave From B> We have been to Yellowstone, Europe and Glacier
11:28:31 <af> How about kauai
11:29:00 <cb> IMO. Yosemite is the EARLY spring (great waterfalls) or Fall (colors)...Don't go in the summer!!!!!
11:29:17 <Dave From B> That's an idea. It was cold the only time I went to Hawaii
11:29:55 <af> Cold in Hawaii? even raining its warm. which island tho and which part
11:30:00 <Dave From B> I would love to go when water is at its peak but soccer interferes until the 4th of July for the next 5 years
11:31:44 <Dave From B> Maui and Oahu in Feb.
11:32:01 <af> oh can be wold
11:32:17 <cb> maybe when you are an empty nester
11:32:36 <af> stupid photos
11:33:24 <Dave From B> When I am an empty nester, I'm hoping to be at OF a lot more...if I can afford rooms after the new contract
11:35:11 <ynpvisitor24> ..
11:35:31 <af> whats nice about kauai is that when you want beach and lots of sun you go to the south shore, when you want nature go up to waimea canyon etc.
11:35:39 <Dave From B> Do yuo think we'll see Lion tonight?
11:36:06 <cb> I wonder if they will restrict the amount of time any one person can stay in the cabins. Kinda like the campgrounds
11:36:44 <af> BTW last of was not put in
11:37:03 <Dave From B> Are campgrounds 14 day limit?
11:37:50 <cb> I believe they still are from Memorial day to labor day
11:38:25 <Dave From B> But, you can move to another, right?
11:39:06 <cb> nope. ya have to go outside the park. I think the total time in park is 30 days
11:39:53 <Dave From B> Didn't know that
11:40:41 <cb> we get by that by going early and stay into the busy time.
11:40:45 <cb> 30 day limit
11:41:44 <Dave From B> Do you stay at Madison?
11:42:23 <cb> yes we do! my fav
11:42:53 <Dave From B> oops...have to go pickup some Tuna and Swordfish. I'll be back in 55
11:43:06 <cb> tata
11:47:09 <af-lurking> ding
11:47:09 <cb> BHI 1847ie
11:47:10 <af-lurking> ding
11:47:12 <af-lurking> ding
11:47:14 <af-lurking> ding
11:48:29 <af-lurking> too bad dave had to be the sacrifice
11:49:08 <Kitt> I had a feeling
11:49:31 <af> unlurk
11:53:00 <af> hi kitt
11:53:40 <ynpvisitor24> ..
11:53:45 <af> stupid streaming
11:57:09 <Kitt> Scott said 1843 was start of Inidicator
11:57:28 <cb> much thanks to you both!
11:57:33 <Kitt> that was Scott and several others that were waving at us
11:58:02 <af> my streaming locked up and then it said I needed flash player and then I had to go to windowsintowonderland and then it worked
11:58:39 <Kitt> I want a huge Beehive with a blast off start
11:58:44 <Kitt> Please!
11:59:56 <Kitt> a hust descends over the crowd as they wait
12:00:03 <Kitt> Up, up, and away
12:00:05 <af> bee 1900
12:00:12 <Kitt> Yippee!
12:00:18 <Kitt> nice start
12:00:23 <af> :)
12:00:27 <Kitt> go big bee
12:01:16 <Kitt> oh the power, rumble, rumble, rumble
12:02:38 <Kitt> sweet
12:02:54 <Kitt> even some people playing in the waters
12:03:18 <af> free showers! free showers for everyone!
12:05:03 <Kitt> well that was fun
12:05:11 <Kitt> thanks for the show bee
12:05:30 <Kitt> if only you could wake up your friend Plume
12:06:01 <cb> i agree
12:06:33 <af> actually he went to kauai with me and is still on hawaiin time
12:07:56 <Graham> did I miss anything?
12:08:06 <af> yes bee
12:08:52 <Graham> not a good time to not hear dings
12:18:00 <Kitt> Time to fix dinner
12:18:05 <Kitt> have a nice evening
12:18:19 <af> bye
12:18:24 <cb> bye kitt
12:26:50 <cb> OF 1926
12:32:03 <Graham> quitting early tonight, see ya
12:32:13 <af> bye
12:33:24 <cb> I am done for the night. cam is up for grabs
12:33:48 <af> i am going too nite
12:45:23 <Dave From B> ..
12:45:59 <Dave From B> Rats...looks like I was the sacrifice tonight. Oh well, there is always tomorrow.
13:40:27 <kcmule> Lion 20:40 ini
13:41:23 <kcmule> false start penalty on me
13:41:37 <kcmule> make it 20:41
13:42:32 <Dave From B> Thought we might get an intiail tonight.
13:53:36 <kcmule> OF 20:53
14:03:30 <Kevin L> :p Knew I would miss bh.
14:03:56 <Dave From B> Hi, Kevin. I left 5 minutes before BHI
14:04:15 <kcmule> no u are just really early for the next one
14:05:32 <Dave From B> :)
14:06:10 <Kevin L> I am going to miss that one too
14:07:25 <Dave From B> Taking a long weekend?
14:08:13 <Kevin L> No. will be busy in th morning
14:08:45 <Dave From B> Goodnight Kevin and kc. Have to be at the airport at 4 am again. Darn vacations:(
14:08:53 <Kevin L> And what is a weekend?
14:09:01 <Kevin L> bye
14:09:30 <Dave From B> That's right. Every day is a weekend for you. Sure you don't want to go back to work
14:10:13 <kcmule> nite Dave
14:10:38 <Kevin L> I may need to just to rest up.