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18:03:00 <Will B> link to the 1701 Grand video I took yesterday
23:28:13 <CC> morning
23:28:45 <CC> Will..nice video of Grand
23:31:03 <CC> BHI 6:30Ie
23:31:12 <CC> DING
23:31:16 <CC> DING
23:31:20 <CC> DING
23:37:37 <ynpvisitor39> thanks- steamy morning
23:38:07 <CC> bh 6:37
23:39:57 <CC> a few folks are out there to see the eruption
00:15:35 <ynpvisitor44> lion
00:15:39 <ynpvisitor87> Lion 7:15
00:19:13 <ynpvisitor87> OF 7:19
00:26:31 <ynpvisitor87> Castle 7:25 IE
00:49:05 <CC> We have had blue screen on the livescope for most of the morning so I am leaving it here so you can see anyt ing that erupts in the well as down basin..Castle has erupted .
01:17:11 <ynpvisitor13> Coyote 0816
01:34:45 <ynpvisitor58> Riverside 0834 ie?
01:35:09 <ynpvisitor58> vw here. Text with ? to Will regarding Riverside or F&M. A little early for F&M though.
01:35:25 <ynpvisitor58> Lion was 0834 ie
01:35:41 <ynpvisitor58> near end of eruption on Lion.
01:39:02 <ynpvisitor58> Will is in Boz. Will text Dave or Graham.
01:44:51 <vw - standby> That can't be Riverside downbasin. Graham had Riverside at 0639 ie. Could be F&M. Sweet!
01:45:01 <vw - standby> OF 0843 ie. Did not catch start.
01:45:18 <vw - standby> awaiting text from Graham or Dave.
01:52:13 <vw - standby> It WAS F&M, 0832 ie. wow.
01:52:25 <vw - standby> Grotto 0848 ie
01:52:35 <vw - standby> that last from Dave
01:56:20 <vw - standby> Graham said nobody was there for start of F&M. Probably nobody figured it would go this early.
01:59:57 <af> fan and mortar for dave?
02:00:20 <ynpvisitor68> The answer is depression
02:00:50 <af> he gone 68 in lower?
02:01:33 <af> hi dave
02:01:40 <WIll B> Really!!!!
02:01:55 <af> damn! wha luck
02:02:40 <Will B> grrrrrrrrr why F&M why dont you like me?
02:02:41 <af> where are you dave?
02:02:48 <Will B> Daisy
02:02:52 <af> it lukes no one
02:03:04 <af> 0902
02:03:27 <Dave from OF> Walking to grand
02:03:35 <Kevin L> It is just doing that so gazers will have to sit on the rocks for the next 7 days.
02:03:44 <af> btw rich has a pic for you will check logs
02:03:57 <Will B> ok thanks
02:04:15 <af> yesterday around 1900
02:06:09 <Dave from OF> see splashes in churn does that mean anything?
02:06:45 <af> is it actually ejecting water
02:07:05 <Dave from OF> no
02:07:17 <af> then i dont know not an eription
02:08:42 <vw - standby> Watch for Tardy or Spasmodic water to drop. Then you will know Churn could erupt. Water level in Churn usually full and bubbling.
02:09:33 <Dave from OF> spasmo is low
02:10:19 <Dave from OF> tardy is way down cant see watet
02:10:53 <af> wow that sounds like a perfect situation
02:11:39 <Dave from OF> sawmill also empty
02:12:17 <af> i dont anything about saemill gtoup
02:13:34 <af> lotta grand steam whats going on down there?
02:14:32 <vw - standby> Could be a good time to watch for Churn, but I would do from the Grand benches!
02:14:33 <Will B> 17:01 Grand from yesterday
02:15:22 <Dave from OF> ..
02:16:34 <Dave from OF> at grand now
02:17:48 <af> the video locks up my tab
02:21:40 <af> turban?
02:22:53 <af> oblong?
02:23:09 <af> 0921
02:27:26 <Dave from OF> waves
02:28:46 <Kevin L> Grand 0928
02:29:03 <Kevin L> webcam lag time
02:37:31 <vw> check out Mammoth Hot Springs Cam. People so excited to catch pictures of elk laying around they forgot how to park.
02:38:03 <Will B> lol
02:56:58 <Will B> wow 5 Grands yesterday
03:03:17 <af> plume 1003
03:07:20 <vw> I have the cam now. Still have blue screen, so any times I get will be at the same time they show on public stream.
03:16:36 <vw> OF 1016 ns
03:24:53 <vw> Time for breakfast at Lower Ham. Not much to see now for a while.
03:25:55 <af> are you in?
03:27:20 <vw> nope
03:45:02 <Kevin L> I see they have a ranger at the Mammoth elk picnic.
03:52:56 <Will B> hi waver
03:55:00 <vw> Anybody know who we are looking at?
03:55:16 <af> no
03:55:34 <Kevin L> no clue
03:56:03 <vw> With that group of elk at Mammoth, good thing ranger there. Yearlings in there could make for some unhappy cows.
03:56:43 <Will B> is it G?
03:56:58 <vw> Nope. Not Graham.
03:58:24 <Will B> youtube doesnt like the length of my Artemisia video :(
03:59:01 <af> 15 minutes is there max unless you do something
04:27:33 <vw> Sawmill 1127 ns
04:31:01 <vw> Logged Sawmill as ie.
04:33:53 <vw> Time for OF, and of course... Daisy
04:40:31 <vw> Daisy 1140 ie
04:40:50 <vw> Should get a posting of a good time from the basin.
04:43:07 <vw> OF 1142
04:50:06 <vw> I bet gazers headed down to check on Fountain and Great Fountain. Pretty quiet in the UGB.
04:53:00 <Dave from OF> daisy 1139
04:53:17 <Dave from OF> grt ftn 1005
04:53:44 <ynpvisitor31> ññ
04:54:12 <Dave from OF> waiting for riverside
04:55:38 <vw> darn... keep mssing Dave
04:57:06 <Dave from OF> ......
04:57:10 <vw> Dave, did you see Grt Ftn or hear a call?
04:57:22 <Dave from OF> hi vw
04:57:31 <vw> Hi Dave. :)
04:57:48 <Dave from OF> heard call. most are at ftn
04:58:02 <vw> yeah, I kind of figured they would be down there.
04:59:05 <Dave from OF> going to leave Of after rivrrside. met lots of people. l
04:59:49 <vw> I am so glad you got meet lots of the gazer community. Very nice people.
05:00:07 <vw> Getting to see the 5.5h Grands is pretty cool too!
05:00:12 <Dave from OF> enjoyed talking to lc and nellie
05:00:36 <vw> :)
05:01:10 <Dave from OF> everyone still amazed with grand
05:01:43 <vw> That we are getting multiple bursts on short interval Grands is amazing.
05:03:38 <Dave from OF> ..
05:04:03 <vw> Has your family enjoyed their time at OF Dave? Hope your daughter got to take lots of notes!
05:04:07 <Dave from OF> wonder how long it will continue
05:04:37 <vw> When it comes to geysers... who knows!
05:04:44 <Dave from OF> my daughter is really hooked now :)
05:05:14 <vw> VERY nice! good job dad!
05:06:26 <Dave from OF> seems to be a shortage of young gazers
05:07:18 <vw> There used to be quite a few, but they all grew up.
05:08:08 <Dave from OF> they need to start having kids
05:08:11 <vw> Not too many younger families out there now, but hopefully that will change as some of those kids finish up college and start families.
05:12:17 <vw> guest posted Aurum on, 1157. VERY short interval for summer: 3h 12m
05:13:44 <Dave from OF> did not here on radio. i would be suspicious
05:14:10 <vw> Yeah, I am a little suspicious of that time.
05:14:11 <Dave from OF> but we are at riverside
05:14:34 <vw> Someone could see bubbling and think it is an eruption if they aren't familiar with it.
05:14:53 <Rich> G'Day Everyone
05:15:03 <vw> Hi Rich.
05:15:03 <Dave from OF> left lc at depression at 1120. he may know
05:15:22 <Dave from OF> hi rich
05:15:43 <Rich> hi vw
05:15:48 <Rich> Hi Dave
05:17:10 <Rich> Note for Will: wave capture yesterday
05:19:48 <Will(DataTrans)> got it thanks
05:20:27 <Rich> I have more if you want them, can email.
05:20:42 <Dave from OF> hi will
05:21:06 <Will(DataTrans)> Hi Dave
05:21:23 <Will(DataTrans)> and im good Rich, thanks though
05:21:30 <Rich> np, yw
05:31:32 <vw> Plume 1231
05:31:47 <Dave from OF> still no splashing from top vent
05:39:09 <Dave from OF> 2 osprey doing flybys
05:44:06 <Dave from OF> ..
05:45:37 <vw> brb
05:50:06 <Dave from OF> riverside 1245
05:50:11 <Dave from OF> bbl
05:54:52 <vw> LS is trying to misbehave again. Not sure how long I will have a good picture.
05:59:42 <Rich> Lone Star?
06:01:05 <vw> LiveScope. Op cam
06:03:07 <Rich> ah
06:13:06 <vw> OF 1312
06:30:01 <vw> going to be afk for a bit.
06:30:56 <Rich> Must be time for 'something' to erupt. g
06:33:06 <Dave from OF> time to leave Of. talk to eveeyone tuesday
06:33:11 <Dave from OF> ..
06:36:59 <Rich> Safe journey dave
06:47:52 <vw> Dang. Missed Dave's exit from OF.
07:12:15 <Rich> Daisy
07:12:46 <Rich> 1411ie wc
07:13:15 <vw> Thanks Rich. I have blue screen so missed it.
07:13:41 <Rich> I think it went before that, but was reading email.
07:13:46 <vw> wasn't paying attention and didn't open public stream. :P
07:13:55 <vw> ie is a good catch-all.
07:14:01 <Rich> lol
07:44:22 <vw> OF 1444
07:46:55 <kc (away)> aurum i think
07:47:02 <kc (away)> 1446ie
07:48:00 <vw> Hey kc.
07:48:21 <kcmule> hi vw. ill check cap in a mn
07:50:10 <vw> No problem. I kind of thought you might be gone today, so seeing you here is a nice occurrence!
07:51:36 <af> slow day?
07:51:57 <kcmule> ill be out 2 wks from today
07:52:25 <vw> k. By then everybody should be home from the park and we will have had some shorter shifts!
07:56:14 <af> split cone is erupting
07:58:48 <af> turban 1455 ns per graham
08:14:18 <kcmule> Grand 15:14
08:16:34 <vw - lurking> I think we are beyond the point where short intervals on Grand are an anomaly.
08:17:38 <vw - lurking> It will be interesting to see if the geyser 'experts' have anything to say about this latest development.
08:18:03 <kcmule> is this precedented?
08:19:50 <vw - lurking> T.Scott notes that in 2003 intervals were less than 7 hours for several weeks.
08:20:31 <vw - lurking> .
08:21:22 <vw - lurking> 5 1/2 is extraordinarily short.
08:25:30 <Rich> Hi from Mickey D's
08:25:50 <vw - lurking> Seeing another on cam today might be a stretch. I am thinking it is dark by 2100?
08:26:28 <Rich> Might on a static cam.
08:55:15 <Graham> hello did I miss anything
08:55:16 <kcmule> hi Graham
08:55:31 <kcmule> could ask u the same thing
08:56:09 <Graham> FM stsurprised us this am
08:58:55 <Rich> Grand at 1514
08:59:28 <kcmule> got my aurum confirmed, hadnt checked capture yet
08:59:29 <Rich> still intervalling around 5.5 hr.
09:03:59 <Graham> saw 5 grands in 24h
09:09:55 <kcmule> OF 16;09
09:14:11 <Graham> headed back out
09:14:33 <kcmule> bona fortuna
09:47:10 <kcmule> Daisy 16:46
09:52:09 <Rich> Looks like people indicator at BH
09:54:55 <kcmule> tad optimistic but who knows
09:54:56 <Michael> I'm not a bona fide expert, but as far as I know Grand hasn't done anything like this since I made its acquaintance 27 years ago.
09:56:21 <Michael> I wonder if it's had any episodes of sub-6 hour intervals before in recorded history...
09:56:48 <Rich> I think 27 years qualifies you as an expert. g
09:58:21 <kcmule> all i can do is cruise jake's db
09:59:05 <kcmule> i see plenty of 5h:xx here and there but never one ofter another after another
09:59:12 <Rich> GOSA stats are still available, just not recent ones.
09:59:48 <Michael> Will B added a lot of logbook data that predates the Sput, right?
10:00:34 <kcmule> i see 70-75
10:01:20 <kcmule> new data seems to start ~march 09
10:06:40 <Will B> I dont know when the sput started but i believe my data transfer started from the year 1970 and im currently at mid 1975
10:07:28 <Will B> double checked my data transfer started in 1970
10:14:32 <kcmule> Lion 17:13 static ini
10:15:57 <Rich> 8.5 hr linterval on Lion
10:22:45 <Michael> Sput started mid-to-late 1980s, about the same time GOSA incorporated.
10:27:01 <Michael> If news of Grand having regular 6-hour intervals came across the Sput or listserv from 1988 onward, I would probably remember falling off my chair from surprise.
10:33:46 <Will B> well i will keep plugging the data into GT as often as I can so keep watching for new data in GT
10:39:49 <kcmule> OF 17:39
10:57:00 <Michael> I certainly appreciate your effort. And LS for transcribing logbook data onto the GOSA site.
11:28:47 <af> lion 1828
11:28:49 <kcmule> Lion 18:28
11:54:08 <Rich> 12:16 min on BH interval
11:56:58 <kcmule> plume 18:56ie
12:04:09 <af> hi
12:04:15 <Rich> hi af
12:04:31 <Michael> Hello.
12:04:50 <af> I ahve been here for a little while rich
12:05:04 <Rich> Is that Sponge steaming up from Plume?
12:05:25 <Michael> whereas I just showed up.
12:05:26 <Rich> I know, but just decided I should be friendly. g
12:05:37 <Rich> Hi again Michael
12:05:43 <af> can you rephrase that rich
12:06:10 <Michael> That does look like a bit of steam from Sponge. Most be boiling in there.
12:06:21 <Rich> Not without making it worse. g
12:06:59 <af> I beilive its plate
12:07:06 <Rich> Just had an choclate dipped icecream cone.
12:07:07 <af> sponge loosk quiet to me
12:11:53 <kcmule> OF 19:11
12:26:39 <kcmule> daisy 19:26
12:29:07 <kcmule> aurum 19:28ie static
12:29:33 <ynpvisitor24> saved it for kevin
12:29:41 <Rich> g
12:30:41 <kcmule> lion 19:30ns
12:30:58 <af> kc you liek to use things in waves
12:31:39 <kcmule> like motion on the ocean
12:31:54 <Rich> Up and down?
12:31:57 <ynpvisitor19> great lighting on Lion
12:35:31 <af> goodnight, enjoy bee
12:35:46 <Rich> bye af
13:14:29 <Rich> Ok, who stole the water from BHI?
13:15:10 <ynpvisitor1> a garden gnome, it always does
13:15:49 <Rich> g
13:16:10 <ynpvisitor1> any in basin reports?
13:16:27 <Rich> I will make the sacrifice, I'll leaave the computer and get a drink.
13:19:04 <Rich> b
13:19:27 <Rich> Must not have been a big enough sacrifice. g
13:19:51 <kcmule> more like a small donation
13:20:25 <kcmule> good cause tho
13:22:44 <Rich> Put another quarter in the Sun machine, it be getting dark.
13:27:38 <Rich> More light on the UGB cam
13:28:49 <kcmule> Lion 20:28
13:40:19 <kcmule> OF 20:39
13:43:34 <kcmule> guess its time for grand ?
13:47:49 <kcmule> Grand 20:47
13:49:22 <Will B> good eyes
13:50:15 <kcmule> losing battle w focus, w both cam and my eyes
13:50:21 <Will B> quick question for you kc what would be the time slot for the 2 FTNs tomorrow?
13:51:42 <kcmule> 10-13 hr single intervals
13:52:23 <Will B> ok thanks thats about what i was using i just wanted to check my calculations
13:52:25 <kcmule> if two 10's, then 10:30am the window opens
13:53:39 <kcmule> good luck Will, hope Morning surprises you
13:53:59 <Will B> :)
13:54:03 <Will B> nite
13:54:11 <kcmule> nite
16:41:18 <ynpvisitor93> oi