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23:15:40 <ynpvisitor73> OF was approx 0600
23:55:09 <Kevin L> Heading to the good side of the cam. Talk to you next week!
23:56:08 <ynpvisitor58> awesome, when do you arrive?
23:56:39 <ynpvisitor58> .
00:01:06 <Kevin L> This evening.
00:01:34 <ynpvisitor58> wow, great!
00:01:46 <ynpvisitor58> have a great time
01:39:07 <vw> Maybe Grand. Times from the basin are being logged so we should know soon.
01:39:57 <ynpvisitor3> Good to have somebody driving
01:40:56 <vw> regular operator having computer problems. I will be here as much as possible today, but have things that need doing, so cam will be unattended at times.
01:43:36 <vw> Actually surprised Grand hasn't gone. Based on 5.5h intervals, it should have erupted somewhere around 8.
01:44:07 <ynpvisitor3> When we had no view I was hoping Graham was there
01:44:28 <vw> He is. Has posted several Turbans.
01:45:12 <vw> OF 0844
01:48:08 <vw> Lion 0847
01:49:27 <vw> Initial on that Lion
02:13:17 <vw> Graham not at Grand, so we may have missed it.
02:13:39 <vw> I have to get a few things done so will leave the cam in wide view
02:14:01 <ynpvisitor3> I was wondering why no Turbans
02:14:31 <vw> There were Turbans. Just a while since the last one logged. No idea what is going on there.
02:14:37 <vw> bbl
02:37:19 <ynpvisitor3> Looks like Grand had erupted by the time you started driving. It would be nice if the default setting was Aurum to Daisy.
02:49:01 <af> good morning
02:55:41 <kcmule> plume 09:55ie
02:56:09 <af> must be start just turned away
03:00:23 <vw> Call from CC. She will be on the cam in just a few minutes and will be on until later.
03:00:31 <af> lion 1000
03:00:59 <vw> after Lion, I will put the cam on OF where it will stay until CC gets on.
03:04:15 <vw> Preset for now. Have to get going. Back later.
03:08:07 <CC> I have the cam
03:20:11 <ynpvisitor7> OF 10:19 "ne" -- mostly missed it...
03:20:36 <ynpvisitor7> wc
03:32:50 <Kent> Lots of enteries on GT. Good to have Graham in the basin & reporting.
03:33:03 <ynpvisitor7> Yup!
06:20:11 <ynpvisitor42> Daisy 1319 ie . Caught it right at the end of its eruption
06:39:18 <Rich> G'day Everyone
06:43:24 <Dave from B> Hi, Rich
06:44:27 <Dave from B> New low intervsal for 2012 Grand just set 5:17
06:46:38 <Rich> Hi Dave
06:46:46 <Rich> wow
06:46:58 <Rich> Is it trying for 6 a day? g
06:48:24 <Dave from B> 18 eruptions in a row under 6:16. 16 of those under 6:00
06:50:58 <Rich> that is something exciting.
06:52:38 <Dave from B> 3 of 4 Grands I saw were Grand starts
06:53:31 <Rich> I've seen a 1b and 1 Grand start. No multiples, yet.
06:55:10 <Rich> Was there an overnight BH?
06:55:16 <Dave from B> You are in the park?
06:55:21 <Rich> no
06:55:33 <Rich> sitting in McD's in Paradise CA. g
06:55:35 <Dave from B> Don't see one on GT. I'm home already
06:55:54 <Rich> Welcome home, and sorry too.
06:57:03 <Dave from B> About F&M?
06:57:35 <Rich> Last trip it went about 45 mintues after we left. g
06:57:59 <Rich> About being home and not longer in the park. g
06:58:45 <Dave from B> Yeah, going to try to legnthen trips frm now on. 41 hours not enough time
06:59:06 <Rich> I watch stream until it got to dark to see last night without a BH.
06:59:25 <Rich> 41 days would be so much nicer.
07:00:18 <Dave from B> That would be a little expensive
07:01:37 <Rich> Only takes one Lotto winner.
07:03:16 <Dave from B> I've been trying. Not picking the right numbers
07:03:34 <Dave from B> Someone'
07:03:43 <Dave from B> s waving at us
07:04:06 <Dave from B> Are we on autopilot?
07:04:11 <Rich> I think I got a capture of the hand. g
07:04:18 <Rich> I think we must be.
07:04:57 <Rich> Only cam op at home is vw that I know of.
07:09:17 <Dave from B> Kevin is due at OF late tonight
07:10:41 <Rich> With smart phones, I'm surprised they don't have an app for controller.
07:15:21 <Dave from B> I'm sure the technology is there
07:19:50 <Rich> Problem is probably just connectivity.
07:20:48 <Rich> I finally remembered to check GT, and BH went at 0210.
07:21:05 <Dave from B> My phone worked great in the basin. not so good in the Inn and near Lower Ham
07:22:04 <Rich> Is that steam at BHI?
07:22:09 <Dave from B> 3 long intervals in a row for BH
07:22:45 <Dave from B> can't tell
07:22:55 <Rich> Have to use People indicator for BHI this time.
07:28:05 <Dave from B> Seems that way
07:31:51 <Rich> A couple of people watching for water in BHI.
07:37:30 <Dave from B> brb
07:37:43 <Rich> k
07:40:07 <Rich> OF 1439 ie wc
07:43:19 <Rich> Hi visitors
07:57:10 <vw> Good afternoon
07:57:21 <Rich> Hi vw
07:59:44 <Rich> Lion's been pretty quiet.
08:02:18 <vw> Saw we had a 'series' of two.
08:02:39 <vw> Watchers at BH keeping an eye on Indicator. nothing really due for a while.
08:03:35 <Rich> They've been watching BHI for water for at least 1/2 hour.
08:39:49 <vw> BHI 1539
08:39:54 <vw> ding
08:39:54 <vw> ding
08:39:57 <vw> ding
08:40:06 <vw> Call from Will B on that.
08:40:41 <kcmule> cool
08:41:03 <vw> yeah, just as I swung over my phone rang!
08:41:55 <Rich> Posted to FB Yellowstone CamChat
08:42:57 <steve> Wow, luckting timing today.
08:43:14 <vw> Hey steve!
08:43:31 <steve> Hello, long time me no here
08:43:48 <vw> working too hard. >;(
08:43:56 <Rich> Alert recv'd 1542
08:44:18 <steve> With a trip to the park a week and a half ago
08:46:44 <vw> .
08:47:41 <steve> Somebody's gotta quit rocking the boat
08:48:07 <Dave from B> ..
08:48:13 <vw> Yeah, wind is picking up again.
08:48:39 <vw> Dave, you and your family made it home safe? Good evening at Roosevelt?
08:49:39 <Dave from B> We were home by 1300. Spent a lot of time away from home the past month and everyone was ready. Had a lot of fun at OF.
08:50:00 <vw> Good. I am glad to hear they had fun.
08:50:09 <Dave from B> No bison in Hayden Valley. Saw a herd in Yancey's Hole
08:50:47 <vw> Interesting none in Hayden. Rut must be over.
08:51:02 <vw> Makes travel easier when you don't come across too many.
08:51:15 <Rich> Even the Corvus are gathering to watch BH.
08:51:19 <vw> Wolves or bear?
08:51:45 <Dave from B> We were held up on the Lion to Sawmill bw by 2 bison after the BH on Saturday.
08:52:06 <Dave from B> No wolves or bear. 1 coyote in OF, lots of osprey there also
08:52:17 <vw> That is kind of fun, unless of course you are rushing to get to some other eruption!
08:54:45 <Dave from B> We were going to lunch but delay forced us to go to Grand instead....that's why we were hungry on Sat!
08:54:50 <vw> BH 1554
08:55:05 <vw> :D
08:55:15 <steve> It's a Great White
08:56:41 <Rich> g
08:57:13 <steve> ? Land Whale ?
08:57:22 <Dave from B> ravens everywhere
08:57:57 <Dave from B> nice to see a shorter interval from BH
08:58:07 <Rich> OF 1557ie
08:58:10 <vw> OF 1557 ie
08:58:42 <vw> OF kind of on the early side. Window just opened.
08:59:02 <steve> Hmmm... Shorter BH intervals... and way shorted Grand intervals... does this prove the plumbing connection?
08:59:19 <Dave from B> it has to :)
08:59:25 <kcmule> dont forget plume
08:59:27 <ynpvisitor16> nice double- thanks for the FB notice Rich
08:59:34 <vw> Might be a stretch to have plumbing from GH to Grand, but I bet there will be lots of talk about it!
08:59:53 <Dave from B> time to go shopping. Talk to everyone tomorrow
09:00:02 <vw> Have good day Dave!
09:00:15 <steve> I am just stunned that after I leave the park Grand starts regular under 6 hour intervals.
09:00:24 <Rich> yw
09:00:43 <vw> We are all stunned steve. Even those of us who haven't just been to the park. :D
09:01:38 <steve> I wonder if the burst count has changed at all with the intervals. I heard there were some short durations in there
09:02:33 <Rich> Adding fuel to the fire, Lion has been running 2 series
09:03:44 <steve> That's one of the things I like about the park, it changes
09:04:49 <vw> Trying to watch Daisy area, but wind bursts are tossing camera around.
09:08:50 <steve> Lookiing at the data on Geysertimes it appears with the shorter intervals there have also been many more Grand starts, about have of the time when that data is recorded
09:10:12 <steve> Almost in Castle's window also.
09:10:35 <vw> I am curious if the the frequency of multiple burst eruptions on Grand has changed along with the frequency.
09:11:11 <vw> It seems to me to be slightly higher, but it could just be that because we are seeing more eruptions we are seeing more multiples.
09:12:18 <steve> I'm sure MB and others have the data. But from what I found on Geysertimes the burst count does not appear to have dropped
09:13:21 <vw> I have a feeling the data will be closely scrutinized over the winter.
09:13:29 <vw> .
09:13:34 <kcmule> that last grand interval is the shortest in gt since 18 Sep 1971 @ 1319 5h 3m
09:13:47 <kcmule> today was 5h 17m
09:13:57 <steve> Amazing
09:15:33 <kcmule> 18 Sep 1971 was 5h 3m, there is a 5h 0m also in that july
09:15:43 <ynpvisitor78> Split Cone 1615ie
09:16:24 <kcmule> yeesh and 4hr:xx intervals that year too
09:16:50 <steve> That may increase the OF interval by a few seconds at least
09:16:50 <kcmule> not 1971, 1972 - august
09:17:29 <steve> So, in 7 or 72 how long did the intervals stay short?
09:18:49 <kcmule> harder to tell, many days just have 1-2 eruptions recorded. but as far as i can tell, no 'streaks' like we're working on now
09:19:15 <steve> ty
09:19:21 <vw> Scott mentions shorter intervals in 2003 lasted a couple of weeks before Grand reverted to longer intervals.
09:20:27 <steve> I remember 2003, Grand after dawn, Grand after lunch, and Grand before supper. Sich
09:20:31 <steve> Sigh
09:21:00 <vw> Now you would get mid-day snacks too steve.
09:21:18 <steve> It lasted less than a month then I think
09:22:46 <kcmule> the regularity is amazing too, the last 18 grands are within 1hr of one another
09:22:59 <kcmule> 5h17 - 6h16
09:24:41 <Rich> OT - did you know that the back of the penny has been changed?
09:24:49 <steve> I wonder if the Vis Cen has changed the interval for predictions they are using. They used to have the window opening at 5 hr 45 min
09:26:53 <kcmule> vec: castle 19:10+/-1, grand 20:05+/-90, daisy 17:25+/-30, river 17:45+/-30, GF 01:30+/-2
09:27:50 <vw> so no. Otherswise that Grand prediction would be around 1905
09:29:52 <steve> So they are using a shorter average, 6 hr 30 min plus/minus 90
09:30:39 <vw> Yes, but with the regularity of Grand's shorter intervals, a visitor is more likely to miss it with that prediction.
09:31:06 <kcmule> last + 5hrs, window for 3hrs
09:31:18 <steve> It appears to be wise to be early
09:31:50 <vw> 'Window" longer than period when Grand isn't likely to erupt.
09:33:17 <steve> But, who knows when it will change again? I think sometimes the VC has a difficult job, no matter what they do, someone will be upset
09:33:37 <vw> Yeap.
09:34:18 <steve> Well, I'm off to work for a bit, gotta get ahead so I can get back to the park before the end of the month.
09:34:31 <steve> Bye
09:34:33 <vw> Take care steve. C'ya!
09:34:40 <kcmule> adios
10:15:37 <af> good afternoon
10:39:41 <vw> OF 1739
10:41:29 <kcmule> oo a short
10:41:32 <ynpvisitor78> a short?
10:41:52 <ynpvisitor78> Grand jealousy...
10:56:48 <vw> Castle 1756 ns
11:04:38 <vw> Water lasted only a few minutes. appears to be a minor?
11:05:53 <ynpvisitor78> yep
11:11:09 <ynpvisitor25> i
11:22:22 <vw> time to feed the dogs. bbl
11:25:50 <af> good evening everyone
11:25:59 <Rich> Hi af
11:37:58 <ynpvisitor78> time for Grand
11:38:20 <Rich> Again?
11:38:27 <af> agrred of due tho
11:38:46 <Rich> OF went dormant.
11:39:53 <ynpvisitor78> Grand will be 1846
11:40:04 <ynpvisitor78> ;)
11:40:16 <Rich> k
11:41:28 <af> well see
11:44:18 <Rich> Plume?
11:44:46 <af> dont think so
11:44:56 <Rich> I tried
11:47:17 <af> of 1847
11:47:18 <Rich> OF 1847 wc
11:47:19 <vw> OF 1846
11:50:42 <vw> Long
12:18:32 <vw> I am heading out. Hope everybody has a great evening!
12:18:52 <af> goodnight vw
12:29:31 <kcmule> Grand 19:29ns
12:29:35 <kcmule> right at top of minute
12:38:41 <kcmule> 2b
12:49:01 <kcmule> plume 19:48ie
13:20:46 <kcmule> OF 20:20
13:44:52 <kcmule> nite