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23:34:14 <CC> morning everyone
23:41:16 <ynpvisitor74> morning
23:50:14 <CC> OF 6:49
01:25:58 <CC> OF 8:25
01:52:34 <ynpvisitor74> ..
01:53:27 <vw> Good morning all.
01:55:57 <vw> Looks like we are primarily on BH watch?
01:56:29 <vw> Quite a few on the bw staring at that little hole in the ground for first peek at Indicator.
01:56:50 <vw> I will be back in a few minutes.
01:58:09 <ynpvisitor44> primarily BH watch - an hour till OF - no sign of lion
02:01:41 <vw> I have the cam
02:04:38 <vw> Oblong 0904 ie?
02:05:17 <vw> A time will most likely be posted from the basin.
02:10:00 <Karen> yes, there was an Oblong called recently, but I didn't note the time, because I was busy
02:10:21 <vw> Thank you for confirmation Karen.
02:10:43 <Karen> spitting in Beehive indicator called
02:10:44 <vw> I am sure Graham got the time and posted.
02:11:12 <Karen> water in indicator called
02:11:33 <vw> This is the best kind of help here!
02:11:44 <Karen> welcome
02:12:05 <vw> There it is.
02:12:06 <vw> ding
02:12:07 <vw> ding
02:12:08 <vw> ding
02:12:24 <vw> Karen, did you get a time on water in INdicator? sending alert now.
02:13:24 <vw> I am going to use 0910 ns based on your entry here.
02:13:49 <vw> alert sent.
02:15:06 <vw> Does anybody know if Kitt is in the basin, or should I text her?
02:15:26 <Karen> Kitt is there, she's the one who called Indicator at 911
02:15:55 <Karen> sorry, I didn't get that time to you earlier, getting ready to head to town
02:16:07 <vw> Thats okay! Thank you!
02:16:28 <vw> Shopping trips from inside the park take some planning and time!
02:19:19 <ynpvisitor74> .
02:19:41 <Rich> Made it
02:19:45 <Rich> G'Day Everyone
02:20:13 <vw> Good morning Rich
02:20:44 <Rich> Hi vw
02:22:31 <vw> setting up cam now for eruption. Have blue screen so takes some time.
02:25:59 <vw> Likely that Daisy will erupt while we are waiting/watching BH.
02:28:09 <vw> BH 0927
02:30:40 <Rich> Interesting spiking.
02:30:44 <ynpvisitor74> ..
02:32:10 <Rich> And again no reports of Plume?
02:32:42 <vw> Guess not. Don't know if that means there haven't been any or if they just haven't been seen.
02:33:40 <ynpvisitor74> .
02:37:57 <ynpvisitor49> .
02:38:21 <Rich> Loisb reports that neither she nor Graham have seen a Plume this morning.
02:41:15 <vw> I can't tell from Graham's postings where he was from after his Depression posting to BH.
02:41:34 <vw> He didn't post a time on BHI or BH, so he may even be napping!
02:42:15 <vw> Looks like even his Depression time was from the FRS rather than him observing it.
02:42:52 <Rich> Probably sleeping, recovering ffrom F&M. g
02:43:26 <vw> I certainly hope so. Just means we don't have eyes on the ground that are posting times from the basin from around last Daisy til now.
02:43:52 <vw> Hopefully we will get reports from some other gazers.
02:44:34 <vw> Pretty sure we missed the Daisy that predicted for 0941. :(
02:47:54 <vw> OF 0947 ie, static cam.
02:48:02 <vw> Picked wrong time to get some more coffee
02:51:58 <af> good morning
02:52:16 <vw> Hi af
03:06:13 <vw> Hi kc.
03:06:22 <af> hello
03:07:34 <kcmule> morn
03:21:59 <ynpvisitor49> .
03:41:10 <af> plume?
03:41:25 <af> doing something?
03:42:04 <vw> Not that I have seen, but with blue screen on my op cam, I am not watching as diligently as usual.
03:42:59 <af> ooke dliek it might hav ebeen trying to do something but if I saw it it was for a second or two behind of
03:46:52 <kcmule> went back 10m, didnt see much
03:47:07 <af> ok
04:18:07 <vw> OF 1117
04:41:27 <vw> 5h 10m since Grand. Should be in the window soon.
04:52:29 <ynpvisitor63> looks like Grand
04:52:39 <ynpvisitor63> 1152 nd
04:52:43 <ynpvisitor63> ns
04:52:48 <ynpvisitor63> wc
04:53:26 <steve> Bad typer, as usual
04:53:54 <Rich> Hi steve, msg recv'd in any 'form' g
04:54:04 <steve> t
04:55:29 <vw> were is the water ?!?!
04:55:40 <vw> There it is!
04:55:58 <kcmule> back soon
04:56:05 <vw> Bye kc
04:56:43 <vw> Under 5.5h on this Grand.
04:57:00 <Rich> bye kc
05:02:29 <steve> It would be nice to know whats gotten into Grand, and how long it will keep this up Hopefully until closing week
05:16:29 <vw> I need to take a break and get myself some lunch. Leaving cam on wide for now. bbl
05:17:21 <steve> enjoy, thanks for the service
05:51:45 <Rich> OF 1251 wc
05:52:30 <ynpvisitor22> where
05:53:05 <steve> Where what?
05:53:24 <Rich> Old Faithful should be visible on all the cams now.
05:53:38 <steve> it is for me
05:53:52 <ynpvisitor22> you where abit early
05:54:07 <Rich> I have a cap for it.
05:54:26 <steve> ahhh...
05:56:05 <Rich> Actually it was probably before 1251 due to the server I'm am going thru is usually delayed.
07:10:16 <Will(DataTrans)> zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
07:14:03 <Will(DataTrans)> lion
07:14:33 <Will(DataTrans)> 1414ie ini i think
07:15:06 <Will(DataTrans)> LC 1414ie
07:15:25 <vw> Lost chat page and couldn't get back in. :P
07:15:34 <vw> I had Lion 1413 ns, initial.
07:16:41 <vw> OF 1416 ns
07:16:44 <Will(DataTrans)> fluffy
07:17:05 <vw> OF has been going on the early end of its window today.
07:18:07 <Rich> b, got bumped out of chatroom, finally made it back.
07:18:27 <ynpvisitor38> so did i
07:18:51 <Rich> Most of the time I can get right back in, but not this time
07:22:36 <vw> Oblong 1422 ie ?
07:23:02 <Rich> Works for me. g
07:23:43 <vw> I thought I had seen an Oblong earlier, 0904 ie, Nobody in the basin logged that one as I had hoped.
07:29:13 <Rich> We get 'spoiled' with gazers in the Park.
07:36:37 <Will(DataTrans)> is plume still broken?
07:37:05 <Rich> Seems to be,
07:53:33 <kcmule> .
07:56:11 <kcmule> daisy 14:55
07:58:22 <Will(DataTrans)> hmmm just got done with entering all my non individualy entered OFVCL-EV for 7/1975 and I only have about 3500 more to go through for that year! :)
07:59:13 <Will(DataTrans)> chat page not liking you Kc?
07:59:51 <kcmule> it dont like my cookies
08:00:09 <Will(DataTrans)> you must have made a bad batch
08:00:23 <Rich> Only burnt one side.
08:00:47 <Will(DataTrans)> as long as you dont burn the LS side we are good
08:01:49 <Rich> g
08:08:15 <Will(DataTrans)> getting close to lion time
08:09:57 <Will(DataTrans)> I see transactions 12 is out but on the GOSA site it does not have the dropdown for the sput discount. Is there not a sput discount on this one?
08:36:34 <kcmule> lion 15:36ns
08:55:21 <Rich> OF 1555 wc
08:59:14 <Rich> Looked to be a long
09:13:22 <ynpvisitor60> ..
09:29:03 <ynpvisitor60> .
09:40:30 <Will B> kc do you have a capture of the 9/3/12 BH?
09:42:00 <kcmule> lion 16:41
09:42:04 <kcmule> ya i think i do
09:42:35 <Rich> Nice llion
09:46:58 <kcmule>
09:47:05 <Will B> thank you
09:47:16 <kcmule> yw
10:08:21 <kcmule> Grand 17:07
10:08:21 <Rich> Grand
10:09:37 <Rich> 5.25 hr interval
10:11:37 <kcmule> plenty of time for another 5 grand day
10:16:55 <kcmule> 2b
10:23:18 <kcmule> OF 17:22
10:27:27 <kcmule> daisy 17:27ie
10:53:24 <af> hello
10:53:56 <kcmule> hi
11:25:43 <af> something over in giant/oblong are creating lots of steam
11:26:59 <Dave from B> hi af
11:29:27 <Rich> What animal is by the boardwalk, ?
11:29:56 <Rich> Corvus
11:30:14 <Rich> Wondered if the touron was feeding it?
11:30:17 <Dave from B> hi rich
11:30:24 <Rich> hi Dave
11:30:33 <Rich> ty
11:31:00 <Dave from B> ty?
11:31:24 <Rich> for cam op, looking at animal for me.
11:31:39 <Dave from B> ok. thanks
11:35:40 <Dave from B> time for dinner. be back tpmorrow. nite everyone
11:35:48 <af> BYE DAVE
11:57:52 <kcmule> OF 18:57
12:02:11 <kcmule> norris times up on gt
12:27:32 <ynpvisitor38> .
12:48:56 <kcmule> daisy 19:48
12:58:35 <ynpvisitor38> evacuations in Jackson due to a fire.
13:20:45 <kcmule> OF 20:20
13:31:14 <kcmule> nite