Showing logs for date: 2012-10-26
18:35:59 <ynpvisitor10> hi
22:46:08 <ynpvisitor19> hg
00:27:31 <ynpvisitor14> OF 727ie
00:30:30 <CC> OF 7:26 and a Long
00:43:38 <CC> Daisy 7:42
00:56:58 <Dave from B> Lion 756ie
00:57:19 <Dave from B> Good morning CC and 98
00:57:28 <CC> thanks Dave...Lion 7:54 IE
01:04:42 <CC> morning Kent
01:04:57 <CC> pretty morning in thebasin
01:05:13 <Kent> Morning CC. It looks COLD!
01:05:24 <CC> agreed
01:06:19 <CC> I think the Lion may have been an initial
01:24:48 <vw> Good morning all!
01:25:29 <vw> Back a little earlier than I thought.
01:28:26 <ynpvisitor98> morning
01:29:05 <ynpvisitor64> Good Morning VW
01:31:13 <vw> I will have the cam until about 1000
01:34:18 <ynpvisitor98> let's hope for good visibility
01:35:34 <vw> So far so good, but it has had a tendency to get bad in the mornings.
01:38:11 <vw> The UGB static cam looks like it was the victim of OF spray overnight.
01:43:31 <ynpvisitor98> ..
01:48:28 <ynpvisitor98> .
01:51:08 <vw> More than steam at Castle?
01:51:44 <Dave from B> Good morning vw, kc!
01:51:53 <vw> Hi Dave.
01:56:51 <Dave from B> Did you see we set a record for lowest maximum temperature for Oct 25?
01:57:24 <vw> I didn't. It has been chilly! 50 on Sunday though.
01:58:13 <Dave from B> Now, we will appreciate those 50 degree todays
01:58:17 <vw> OF 0858 ie
01:58:25 <Dave from B> todays = days
01:58:47 <vw> almost missed OF. Sorry all.
02:03:55 <kc (working)> mornin
02:04:05 <vw> Hi kc!
02:04:17 <Dave from B> How's BH looking?
02:04:56 <vw> Just checked it and it was quiet. Will look again after OF steam thins.
02:05:29 <vw> Riverside 0905 ie ?
02:05:52 <Dave from B> Thanks, vw. Haven't been watching much this morning.
02:06:11 <vw> Lion 0905
02:12:09 <vw> Oblong 0911 ?
02:12:19 <vw> Can't tell.
02:18:31 <vw> That Oblong time would be ie, but I am not logging it. Too unsure.
02:25:20 <Dave from B> Morning, AG
02:25:34 <AG> Morning Dave, all.
02:25:45 <vw> Hi AG
02:29:21 <AG> You guys think that the lion's this morning could be a rediculously long series? or just that it had a really short quiet period.
02:30:35 <Dave from B> I have seen intervals between series around the 10 hour mark. CC thought this mornings looked like an initial
02:30:39 <vw> Not sure AG. CC thought the first Lion this morning looked like an initial
02:30:48 <AG> ok, just speculating.
02:31:02 <vw> We haven't seen any long Lion series lately too.
02:31:33 <AG> Hopefully soon, I would like to Catch an NG one of these days....
02:32:42 <vw> Haven't seen one of those in a while either.
02:33:17 <AG> There was one a couple weeks ago.
02:33:23 <AG> missed it by 20 minutes.
02:34:02 <ynpvisitor17> If Plume settles down and Grand is back to 'normal' interval, maybe Lion will follow suite and become more 'regular'
02:35:41 <Dave from B> So, changes of last few days re Grand and Plume have me thinking.....
02:36:07 <AG> and?
02:36:13 <vw> Its time to go back and personally observe?
02:36:30 <AG> if that's the case, sign me up.
02:36:32 <Dave from B> Delayed response to Earthquakes, weather change or affected by niether of these events?
02:37:02 <Dave from B> I'm afraid I'm a fair weather gazer. Too cold for this old man.
02:38:22 <vw> Both of those kinds of activity can affect geysers. I don't know if we can identify any particular cause though?
02:38:40 <Dave from B> I know there has been discussion a long time ago about barmetric pressure regarding geysers. It just seems "suspicious" changes occurred with biggest weather change in awhile.
02:41:50 <vw> I can't disagree with your theory Dave. I wonder if anybody has done a study on geyser changes relative to changes in weather (I am guessing yes, somewhere there is something....)
02:42:19 <ynpvisitor17> One would think that with Low Pressure there would be more activitty, not less.
02:42:21 <vw> brb. need more coffee.
02:42:27 <AG> Lets not forget the EQ swarm that just happened though.
02:42:31 <Dave from B> Sounds like a question for the list serve...maybe I'll send my first ever e-mail to the list serve
02:43:18 <Dave from B> Agree, AG. EQ has to be a considerationm also
02:44:07 <ynpvisitor17> Good place to send your question Dave
02:44:46 <Dave from B> Thanks, 17.
02:44:56 <AG> I can't help but wonder what it would have been like if the 1959 EQ had happened during the day.
02:45:11 <vw> I don't disagree that the swarm could cause change, but we see swarms all of the time. Another one of those things though that have to be factored in.
02:45:15 <ynpvisitor17> Discussions are always good.
02:45:30 <Dave from B> That would have been an weird time to be in the basin. There were changes from that quake everywhere
02:45:57 <AG> It would have been Geyser overload, you wouldn't know where to turn.
02:46:00 <ynpvisitor17> Holistic Geyser Gazing!
02:47:55 <AG> Alright, off to class, I'll probably poke my head back in later this Afternoon. bye all.
02:48:10 <vw> Bye AG
02:48:13 <Dave from B> Bye, AG
02:49:02 <Dave from B> Speaking of 1959, my parents fished in the Madsion where the mountain came tumbling down 2 weeks prior to the big earthquake.
02:49:27 <ynpvisitor17> Whew!!!
02:50:33 <Dave from B> I heard earlier this week that someone wants to build a dam in that location
02:51:35 <vw> A fool's plan
02:51:37 <ynpvisitor98> That's a good Q for the list, you'll hear more about Splendid/barometric pressure
02:51:57 <ynpvisitor98> (late to the discussion, multitasking)
02:52:28 <ynpvisitor17> Seems to be to me, the soil, isn't very well suited for a dam.
02:53:44 <Dave from B> I like the Madison EQ area just the way it is...hope dam proponents lose
02:54:13 <Dave from B> 98, hasn't Daisy also been discussed re barometric pressure?
02:54:23 <ynpvisitor17> Doesn't it have some 'Monument' status?
02:54:53 <Dave from B> 17, It is a Federal site of some sort.
02:55:12 <vw> .
02:55:25 <Dave from B> I wish I remembered where I heard the rumor about the dam...May have been the GYC
03:00:44 <vw> Day shift cam operator has the cam, so I am headed out.
03:00:48 <vw> Have a great day all.
03:26:07 <ynpvisitor48> of 1026
03:38:39 <Dave from B> ..
03:41:55 <Dave from B> Daisy? 1041ie
04:01:15 <AG> Grand at 1101 ie.
04:05:45 <Dave from B> 6:17 interval on Grand...shortest in 3 days
04:22:14 <Dave from B> Morning, Kevin
04:22:23 <Dave from B> Good timing.
04:22:26 <Dave from B> ding
04:22:27 <Dave from B> .
04:22:28 <Dave from B> .
04:22:28 <Dave from B> .
04:22:28 <Dave from B> .
04:22:29 <Dave from B> .
04:22:33 <kc (working)> ty
04:22:39 <Dave from B> BHI 1122ie
04:22:43 <Kevin L> Wow
04:22:53 <ynpvisitor98> ooh thanks, I was working and not watching
04:22:54 <Kevin L> Want me to send alert?
04:22:59 <ynpvisitor82> Hooray!
04:23:01 <Dave from B> Almost a 22 hr interval
04:23:07 <Dave from B> Yes, please Kevin
04:23:12 <ynpvisitor89> Thanks Dave. I was hoping for Plume but will take Beehive :^) Kent
04:23:53 <ynpvisitor82> It looks cold and miserable there.
04:24:19 <Dave from B> 21F at OF
04:24:38 <ynpvisitor82> that is not bad then.
04:25:18 <ynpvisitor89> I would still want more than just a poncho
04:25:21 <Karen> morning all. thanks for the alert
04:25:29 <Kevin L> yw
04:25:44 <ynpvisitor82> Yeah ecspecially near beehive.
04:25:59 <Dave from B> Kevin, you win the award for timeliest entrance this week
04:26:17 <Kevin L> Pure luck, trust me.
04:27:39 <Will B (class)> .
04:28:05 <Dave from B> Morning Karen and Will
04:28:17 <Will B (class)> BH1127
04:28:35 <ge (working)> ty for the txt
04:29:28 <Kevin L> Did you get a Belly Bomber ge?
04:29:59 <ge (working)> will be in Henderson Nov 11 & 12. Will try one
04:30:54 <Kevin L> I thought you had already gone. Sounds good right now.
04:31:15 <ge (working)> Gee, Bellybuster for lunch, buffet for dinner. Should add a few pounds
04:31:51 <Kevin L> Eat the Belly Bomber and you probably won't want supper!
04:32:04 <Dave from B> Sure sounds better than the Panko Breaded Shrimp Burger a vendor is trying to sell me
04:32:26 <Kevin L> No kidding there Dave.
04:32:49 <ge (working)> Kevin--any suggestions for dinner in the area?
04:35:21 <Kevin L> I like Lucilles at the District (Green Valley Station). ElDorado also has some good dinner (and breakfast specials). We just did a Prime rib dinner there for $8 that includes salad, baked potato, & veggie.
04:35:43 <ge (working)> thanks
04:36:33 <Kitt> Thanks Kevin
04:36:50 <Kevin L> Did you get it?
04:37:46 <Kitt> Did I miss it
04:38:01 <Kitt> Aargh!
04:38:12 <Kitt> That is the way my day has been going
04:38:30 <ynpvisitor82> I am sorry to hear that Kitt I hope it gets better for you.
04:38:34 <Kevin L> Bummer. Short indy
04:38:51 <Kitt> I was afraid it would be a short indy
04:39:08 <Kitt> well back to work before I head to Casper
04:39:21 <Kitt> I wish this weekend was already over
04:39:25 <Kitt> chat later
04:39:39 <Kitt> Hope everyone's day is going better than mine
04:39:42 <Kitt> bye
04:43:45 <ge (working)> back to work--will be lurking
04:58:48 <Kent> OF may have been a short. I am going to stick times in GT but will delete is anyone has better values
05:02:08 <Kent> VC predicting a short
05:05:08 <ynpvisitor62> I saw the time for BHI but not for BH, did it erupt?
05:06:58 <Dave from B> 1127 for BH
05:07:46 <Dave from B> If anyone is running captures, I would like to know if BHI started much earlier than 1122
05:08:03 <Dave from B> I called it, but wasn't paying close attention
05:25:00 <Will B> its finally the weekend!!!! for me at least!
05:25:31 <Kevin L> What is a weekend?
05:26:01 <Will B> Its this new thing that we have two days off of school
05:34:07 <Kevin L> Oh that is when they play football and crash expensive cars?
05:37:11 <Dave from B> Packers need to win this week. I picked Jacksoncille in my Losers Club this week.
05:42:33 <Will B> whats that
05:45:08 <Dave from B> Every week, you have to pick a team to lose. If your team wins you are eliminated
05:45:20 <Dave from B> You can only use a team once each year
05:45:27 <Will B> no i ment what animal was that
05:45:43 <Dave from B> :)
05:45:59 <Dave from B> Sorry, Will just reurned from the warehouse
05:46:05 <Will B> np
05:46:15 <Dave from B> What did it look like?
05:46:26 <Will B> fox or cyote
05:57:01 <ynpvisitor89> OF 1256
06:04:13 <ynpvisitor98> the questionable Riverside should probably be deleted
06:04:59 <Dave from B> After looking at the note, probably a good idea
06:05:24 <Dave from B> Wll, Pat S is calling animal sighting a coyote
06:05:51 <Will B> thanks Pat
06:22:29 <Will B> we may be missing daisy right now
06:37:20 <Will B> wow daisy is taking its sweet time
07:10:20 <af> hello
07:10:50 <ynpvisitor97> hi
07:17:32 <af> grand back down with more short intervals
07:18:04 <Will B> sort of
07:18:19 <af> :P
07:20:33 <Will B> Grotto 1420ie
07:25:14 <ynpvisitor97> Sponge?
07:25:25 <af> pump
07:25:28 <Will B> pump surge
07:25:40 <Will B> sponge is to the left of OF
07:25:50 <ynpvisitor97> ty
07:27:31 <af> above plume is plate above plate is sponge
07:28:41 <ynpvisitor97> k
07:30:34 <ynpvisitor97> What is the one on the corner of the upper BW to the left Aurum
07:31:28 <Will B> here is a map 97
07:31:41 <ynpvisitor97> ty
07:31:46 <Will B> OF1431
07:32:35 <ynpvisitor97> I was thinking of Sponge.
07:35:24 <Will B> OF is a Long
07:45:16 <Janet> Hi! :waving:
07:45:30 <af> hi
07:45:40 <af> looking at castle
07:45:52 <af> I dont know whothe cam op is
07:45:52 <Janet> Love seeing the snow!
07:45:56 <Will B> and cam op is not on the page
07:46:07 <af> enjoy, I have to go
07:54:21 <Graham> hello
07:54:39 <Janet> Hi, Graham :)
07:54:43 <Will B> Hi G
07:55:02 <Graham> mm more snow, i like that .. but don't tell maureen
07:55:41 <ynpvisitor97> You hoping she can't read?
07:55:41 <Will B> I like it as long as it doesnt prevent me getting into the park
07:55:44 <Janet> I like the snow, too - wish we had gotten more out of this storm
07:56:50 <Graham> Maureen has already told me off for asking for snow before the park is closed
07:57:17 <Janet> It does make it harder to wait for a geyser.
07:57:27 <ynpvisitor97> :)
07:57:51 <Graham> its still easy, just need more layers
07:58:20 <Janet> true.
08:01:19 <Graham> 4-8" of rain coming , wish it was all snow
08:19:46 <ynpvisitor89> Plume 1519
08:20:30 <Will B> we have dancers
08:24:05 <Will B> In the log for 2011 there is a Giantess time per seismograph are thoes typically listed as an E time?
08:25:10 <Janet> Not sure - it is a type of electronic time, I suppose
08:31:58 <ynpvisitor97> What is the date on the Giantess?
08:32:33 <Will B> I have to find it again one sec
08:32:53 <ynpvisitor97> Was going to look it up in the log.
08:34:24 <Will B> its already in GT listed as an E by Graham its on 1/3/2011
08:35:00 <ynpvisitor97> ty
08:35:23 <ynpvisitor97> thought there might have been some conversation about it.
08:40:33 <ynpvisitor97> loisb's capture of 1/2/2011 ? Giantess
08:46:22 <Will B> Aurum?
08:46:43 <ynpvisitor97> Looks like it
08:46:58 <Will B> ill mark it as a ?
08:47:12 <Will B> Aurum 1546ie?
08:48:14 <ynpvisitor97> yep
08:48:23 <Will B> OF1548
08:48:28 <ynpvisitor97> cap'd 154630 ie
08:48:52 <Will B> Maureen loved seeing the snow melt of Grt Ftn today i see
08:49:07 <Will B> so i guess the snow is good for something
08:58:23 <Kevin L> I missed Aurum?
08:58:44 <Janet> Hi Kevin
08:58:59 <Will B> I think you did but i looked up at the end of it so its a ?
08:59:08 <lc> afternoon everyone
08:59:12 <Janet> Hi lc
08:59:21 <Kevin L> Oh well, I did get bh.
08:59:33 <lc> Kevin, what happened to your boy Reid?
08:59:56 <Kevin L> hi lc. What do you mean?
09:00:40 <lc> sqw on tv he was in 6 car pile up.
09:00:46 <lc> saw
09:01:00 <lc> in in hospital
09:01:04 <Kevin L> Fatal I hope!
09:01:08 <ynpvisitor97> Rich posted Aurum to FB Yellowstone CamChat
09:01:08 <Kevin L> Darn!
09:01:51 <lc> no word on his condition.
09:02:14 <Kevin L> At least I hope he caused it. Hopefully he will get the crappy care I have since the Reid/Obamam failed Democrat Healthcare plan.
09:03:44 <Kevin L> Gee. I was right there about that time!
09:11:26 <Graham> back .. ummm you expecting Giantess from all the chater?
09:11:46 <af> its hot at least
09:11:49 <Graham> 97 - loisb's post is just steam, not enough steam for the Giantess start the next day
09:11:59 <af> its a geyser what do you expect
09:13:09 <Kevin L> Maybe it will wait until January.
09:13:24 <Graham> the seismo is pretty obvious for Giantess once you see a few of them on it
09:13:47 <Graham> yes Kevin, it was due last Jan but no luck. not much time left to have one this year
09:13:47 <af> is this going on NOW
09:14:05 <Graham> no af, we are talking about Jan 2011
09:14:14 <af> ok
09:14:31 <Graham> Will must have gotten to the logs for Jan 3 2011
09:15:01 <af> was getting me excited
09:15:10 <Will B> yep i did
09:16:09 <Graham> another couple of weeks and you will catch up to my visit :)
09:16:55 <af> I have the most curious assingment this week relating to geysers
09:17:00 <lc> Riverside?
09:17:38 <ynpvisitor33> I found my logbook from 2000 in a camping box the other day. :)
09:17:39 <Graham> whats that af?
09:18:15 <af> I have to live without something for an entire week computor, phones etc
09:25:11 <Graham> what does that have to do with geysers?
09:25:29 <af> I am choosing to not be hrer
09:25:52 <af> I will keep myself away from every geyser related thing
09:26:01 <Graham> ok, good for you
09:26:11 <Graham> prove its not an adiction
09:26:23 <af> :)
09:27:21 <af> only thing that will make me come on is giantess, maybe I should sign up for rained out then
09:28:55 <Graham> nope, don't come on here even if Giantess goes
09:29:28 <Graham> you won't know about it since you will be staying away and no email
09:29:39 <Graham> and no FB
09:29:51 <af> it will be a rare gyser report rained out
09:30:04 <af> maybe I shold unsubscribe from the listserve too
09:30:58 <Graham> yep
09:31:08 <Graham> and logoff FB
09:31:15 <Graham> and ignore emails
09:31:29 <Graham> its only a week, how hard can that be?
09:34:05 <af> no, I need my email for school
09:34:24 <af> FB should be easy I rarely even use it for anything BUT geysers
09:35:38 <Graham> just have to unsubscribe from the geyser pages that send emails
09:39:11 <af> signed up for rare geysers unsubscribing now
09:49:12 <Graham> Daisy 1648ie
09:59:27 <ynpvisitor97> Snowing in the UGB
10:04:21 <Will B> is it just me or is GT down?
10:04:45 <ynpvisitor97> reloaded for me
10:04:46 <Graham> its you
10:04:56 <Will B> ugg
10:06:36 <Graham> i hear the Navy has set sail from Norfolk to be away from the storm
10:08:10 <ynpvisitor97> Usual precaution
10:08:50 <Graham> yep, probably fun to watch
10:09:34 <Graham> another earthquake swarm on the west boundary of the park
10:09:40 <Maureen> the high today in lower basin was 25! Cold day, yet great one.
10:10:11 <Graham> hi Maureen
10:10:24 <Graham> i see you got both Ftn and Gt Ftn
10:10:31 <Maureen> So fun to watch all the snow melt during the GF eruption!
10:10:39 <Graham> i am sure the snow melt was fun to watch
10:10:48 <Maureen> NO TWIG!! That is a first for me this season
10:11:05 <Graham> yeah, well i told you i didn't want to se Twig reports :)
10:11:20 <Maureen> Fountain was so blue though, amazing. And the streamers in the cold were so fun!
10:11:35 <Maureen> oh, yeah, i forget what you says goes!
10:11:38 <Will B> ok im back did a reboot
10:11:44 <Graham> glad you caught it, hope you can track it this weekend
10:11:50 <Maureen> you are the geyser genie
10:12:22 <Maureen> I think Fountain will be lost, especially if it is doing 3 intervals a day, or???
10:12:37 <Maureen> no Twig...what the heck? I was mystified.
10:13:04 <Maureen> I stuck around for 10 minutes or so, thinking I want to get the Twig time, then I remembered...oh, it might not erupt now.
10:13:15 <Graham> anyone else in this weekend?
10:13:33 <Maureen> Bill Warnock came by at the start of the 4th series at GF
10:13:35 <Will B> Im in for closing weekend
10:13:37 <Graham> maybe back to the every other Ftn?
10:13:43 <Maureen> Steve Eide comes Sunday
10:13:52 <Graham> k
10:14:02 <Graham> weather isn't very encouraging right now
10:14:05 <Maureen> or so he says at this point, he rarely gets here when he wants to, work always delays his arrival
10:14:33 <Maureen> And the Friz', Ralph and Donna, arrive tonight, not sure how much gazing they will do in this cold
10:14:39 <Will B> Maureen how have the main park roads been from West to OF?
10:14:52 <Maureen> I was just so happy Firehole Lake Drive was still open.
10:14:55 <Graham> yeah it will be tough for them to sit out and deal with the slippery boardwalks
10:15:06 <Graham> maybe they will sit at Gt Ftn
10:15:32 <Maureen> That could be. I sure wish the weather looked better for next week.
10:15:43 <Will B> yaktracks are wonderfull for traction on the ice btw
10:15:57 <Maureen> Will, the roads are snow packed and icy. I would say have snow tires on your vehicle.
10:16:10 <Graham> bad thru Monday then might get better
10:16:16 <Maureen> I have not been to upper basin though, just lower.
10:17:02 <Graham> wich we were getting snow instead of rain here :)
10:17:08 <Maureen> i also got to see Labial today, very fun!
10:17:20 <Graham> although 6" of rain = too much snow
10:17:27 <Maureen> that storm could pack a punch for sure.
10:17:42 <Graham> oh nice, i didnt see it this year but not surprising
10:17:44 <Maureen> I do not want rain now, it would create an ice rink
10:18:12 <Graham> i just want it out of the way by mid week so my trip to NY is good
10:18:21 <Maureen> Labial was my bonus geyser for the day.
10:18:41 <Maureen> well, NYC may be recuperating, depends on how things play out.
10:18:45 <Graham> and Gt Ftn :)
10:19:08 <Will B> Ok thanks Maureen. I think i may try and borrow some chains just incase from a friend but if it is that bad that i cant get my Xterra through, i dont think i should be going
10:19:08 <Maureen> Well, I had a feeling GF wanted me to see it erupt for the first time after Wild Phase.
10:19:33 <Graham> and not long after Ftn
10:19:36 <Maureen> it is the quality of the tires that matter
10:19:41 <Maureen> or chains...
10:19:48 <Graham> good job you didn't wait longer for Twig
10:19:54 <Will B> I have good tires
10:20:05 <Maureen> I know, I could have missed GF
10:20:34 <Maureen> Good Will, there are some crazy folk out there, people feel they can just stop in the road.
10:20:48 <Will B> tourons
10:21:03 <Maureen> Today there was even a bicyclist, riding right down the road. He could have killed someone that did not see him and had to swerve. JERK
10:21:16 <Graham> maybe no more 5 a day Grands :(
10:21:28 <Maureen> I cannot believe the let him in the gate!! HAZARD.
10:21:47 <Maureen> you think Graham? Maybe no more 4 a day Grands!
10:21:54 <Graham> OF 1731
10:22:06 <Will B> 1721 G
10:22:12 <Graham> should still get them, back to 7h today
10:22:19 <Graham> oh yeah, thanks Will
10:22:27 <Graham> my eyes are bad :(
10:22:38 <Maureen> 7 will only bring 3 in 24 hours...guess it would depend on times...
10:22:46 <Graham> well Maureen, thye have to let cyclists in, they are environmentally friendly
10:23:03 <Graham> yeah, there will be days with 4
10:23:15 <Maureen> I have no idea where this guy was going. No lodging in park, no way he could make it out in a day.
10:23:37 <Graham> where did you pass him?
10:23:54 <Maureen> Illegally camping I imagine. I just hope he does not kill someone on Craig Pass, too many corners.
10:24:25 <Maureen> I saw him early by Madison, and later at Fountain, I was so mad at him I did not talk to him at Fountain, he came out though.
10:24:27 <Graham> maybe just going to check on GF and go back out
10:24:31 <Maureen> Not with his bike.
10:25:00 <Maureen> NO...he was bicycling across the US, he had all kinds of signs and stuff, American Flag, a real yahoo.
10:25:20 <Graham> ah, ok
10:26:00 <Graham> then he is going over Craig
10:26:25 <Maureen> NUT.
10:26:29 <Kevin L> Bear chow.
10:26:56 <Maureen> It made me mad as he could really endanger a hapless driver, not expecting a guy going 5 mph in the road.
10:27:05 <Graham> some of those guys are so fit its unreal
10:27:12 <Maureen> no lights, so flashy clothes
10:27:35 <Maureen> well he must be fit, he just should not be allowed to drive IN THE ROAD
10:27:46 <Maureen> I will stop my rant now.
10:28:00 <Maureen> why is the cam so close up like that?
10:28:11 <Graham> hehe
10:28:18 <Graham> watcing Turban?
10:29:10 <Graham> i am guessing that Maureen doesn't approve of the bike to work days we have here with bikers in rush hour traffic
10:29:23 <Kevin L> I had a friend that was an avid bicyclist. I was complaning about the bike lanes on a high speed road and that a truck could clip one of them with its mirrors. He told me I was nuts. Guess what happened to him on that very strech of road two weeks later?
10:29:49 <Maureen> not if they are IN the traffic, though city biking is a lot different than snow and ice ridiing.
10:30:28 <Graham> about the same here in the dark in a construction zone ....
10:30:29 <Maureen> Even in the park, once I had my kid, I stopped going in for that reason, I could no longer take the chance of getting taken out by an RV mirror
10:30:51 <Kevin L> But they don't belong everywhere. NOT safe
10:31:15 <Maureen> I agree. Bummer about your friend though.
10:31:58 <Kevin L> The really sad thing is there was a bicycle path going the same way 1/4 mile away.
10:33:27 <Graham> so whats the weekend plan Maureen?
10:33:32 <Maureen> that is just stupid.
10:33:53 <Maureen> Seeing Fountain today made we want winter access. It was amazing.
10:34:55 <Maureen> I thought of you Graham, you must have some 25 degree days in January when you come.
10:36:07 <Maureen> my only firm plan for tomorrow is to try to catch GF again. See if it has any regular interval yet. So early in.
10:36:34 <Maureen> It did not have a 5th series today, less than an hour total eruption, so tonight could be less than 12
10:37:06 <Maureen> I would love to see Fountain again, yet that could be too early
10:37:58 <Maureen> thank you cam operator...
10:40:14 <Graham> 25 is good in Jan withlayers, 32 gets hot and slippery
10:40:20 <Graham> have some single digit highs too
10:40:52 <Maureen> i was at old snow lodge once when the high was -20. BRRR
10:40:59 <Graham> so far I have missed the cold snaps tho
10:41:14 <Graham> its been down to -15 when i have been there
10:41:30 <Graham> but no -35s
10:41:34 <lc> have a good night everyone
10:41:43 <Maureen> that night it was -42
10:41:49 <Graham> brrr
10:41:59 <Graham> bye lc
10:42:05 <ynpvisitor97> nite lc
10:42:20 <Demetri> hello everyone and goodnight lc
10:42:29 <Demetri> anyone here published anything in the Sput and or Transaction?
10:42:29 <Graham> maybe demetri will come and watch for Ftn this weekend
10:42:40 <Maureen> ha ha
10:42:44 <Graham> Sput yes, Transactions no
10:43:00 <Demetri> i wish it were that easy for me to drive there :(
10:43:08 <Graham> hum, wonder if my last artickle got there, never had an email back
10:43:35 <Maureen> what did you write about Graham?
10:43:35 <Demetri> I ask because per request, I've written an article about the patterns I saw this summer at North Goggles
10:43:42 <Demetri> but I don't know if it's in the right format
10:43:45 <Demetri> it needs revisions
10:43:54 <Graham> how long is it?
10:43:59 <Demetri> and I don't know who to go to in order to get it published
10:44:01 <Graham> Mine was about 5 Grands
10:44:21 <Demetri> 6 pages, double spaced
10:44:28 <Maureen> that will be fun to read graham.
10:44:45 <Maureen> There is a page in the SPUT that lists how to send in things.
10:44:51 <Graham> might be too long for Sput. Try sending it to Tara, probably for Transactions
10:45:10 <Demetri> okay
10:45:14 <Demetri> I'll shoot her an email
10:45:19 <Graham> yeah you can email it to Tom and Gennean too and ask them if it should go in Sput or Transactions
10:45:26 <Will B> but isn't the next transactions in 2yrs
10:45:37 <Graham> yes Will, it will be a while
10:46:04 <Maureen> Lynn's article about White Dome was pretty long.
10:46:04 <Demetri> it'll also likely be a while before NG is active again unfortunately
10:46:13 <ynpvisitor97>
10:46:14 <Maureen> Maybe you can edit it some.
10:46:30 <Graham> I usually send something to the SPut each winter. Last year i sent the report about seeing Giantess and F&M in one day
10:46:56 <Will B> jelous^
10:47:20 <Maureen> and a good day that was...yet not this past winter, right? F & M was dormant.
10:47:25 <Graham> yeah, NG had unprecedented activity. I expect there will be a couple of articles this next Transactions. Usually hsomeone does a historical report and then covers the main activity
10:47:49 <Graham> yeah Maureen, it was 13 Sept 2011, the last Giantess. I got F&M that night too
10:47:52 <ynpvisitor97>
10:48:09 <ynpvisitor97> Info on pg 2
10:48:19 <Maureen> I thought you meant you saw it in winter.
10:48:40 <Maureen> Giantess could pull me away from Lower Basin!!
10:50:29 <Maureen> no one posted the last OF time...
10:50:56 <Maureen> wonder if those folks know it will be dark for the next one.
10:51:08 <Maureen> maybe Grand soon?
10:52:09 <Graham> hard to see down there
10:52:21 <Graham> glad you wrote something up Demetri
10:53:56 <ynpvisitor33> are you expecting The Big Storm, Graham?
10:54:20 <Graham> yep, 6" of rain
10:54:35 <Graham> got to find my water wings
10:54:47 <Maureen> glad it will be warm enough to be rain.
10:55:05 <Maureen> they say fallen leaves may clog things up to cause extra flooding
10:55:09 <Graham> yeah, too early for snow here
10:55:21 <Graham> and we don't want that much, can't clear it here
10:58:15 <Maureen> glad we could see better last evening for F & M
11:00:57 <Maureen> Have a good weekend all. Hope for no more snow here, as it snows, snows, snows...STOP!
11:01:19 <Demetri> if anyone would be willing to skim over it and give some tips for revisions
11:01:50 <Demetri> publishing something in the transactions is intimidating...
11:03:10 <Demetri> Tara's email is the fanandmortar one?
11:12:00 <Graham> that should get her
11:16:41 <Graham> goodnight
11:17:17 <kcmule> nite
11:40:28 <Kevin L> Looks like Lion may be ie
11:40:38 <ynpvisitor33> Lion
11:40:38 <ynpvisitor97> Lion
11:49:49 <af> night
11:51:29 <kcmule> bye