Showing logs for date: 2012-11-04
01:14:57 <ynpvisitor5> OF 07:14
01:23:53 <ynpvisitor16> Geetings from West Yellowstone. Looks to be a very nice closing day
01:37:14 <ynpvisitor55> ..
01:59:06 <ynpvisitor55> .
01:09:22 <Dave from B> Good morning 5, 61 & 84
01:14:40 <ynpvisitor55> hello
01:15:38 <Dave from B> Morning, 55
01:19:20 <ynpvisitor55> no news on F&M yet
01:26:03 <Dave from B> Turban
01:26:06 <Dave from B> ?
01:47:41 <Dave from B> OF 847ie
01:51:10 <Dave from B> OF was a long
02:03:42 <ynpvisitor8> Forget your deodorant today Dave?
02:03:58 <Dave from B> I was just thinking the same thing:)
02:04:09 <Dave from B> Good morning, Kevin
02:04:35 <Kevin L> Should have BH about 1130 or so.
02:05:15 <Dave from B> Bus duty on a Sunday?
02:10:30 <Kevin L> No, Church time. Give it a 4 hour window.
02:14:19 <Dave from B> Based on 16 hour intervals...BH would be around 1315
02:14:33 <Kevin L> It is going to be strange without people there for a while.
02:15:02 <Kevin L> What did I tell you Dave? That also means it will miss my shift tomorrow.
02:17:36 <Dave from B> Doesn't sound like F&M is going to cooperate for last day visitors
02:18:13 <Kevin L> Hopefully they will at least get a good BH
02:26:26 <Dave from B> Who do you think is going to win the Sprint Cup?
02:26:53 <Dave from B> Turban 918 per GT
02:28:46 <Kevin L> Everybody I like keeps having problems. Anybody but Brad Keselowski or Jimmie Johnson.
02:29:30 <Dave from B> Yeah....definitely don't want Brad to win
02:39:35 <af> motnin
02:39:46 <Rich> Morning af
02:39:55 <Rich> G'Day Everyone
02:42:09 <af> noe for.lots of short afternoons for left coasters
02:44:01 <Dave from B> Morning, Rich and af
02:44:18 <Rich> Morning Dave from B
02:44:24 <Dave from B> Grand should be due any minute
02:44:43 <Dave from B> based on triple interval
02:45:41 <af> just checking in i am about to.go for a run so i will miss grand
02:45:46 <vw> Good morning all.
02:46:55 <af> hello
02:47:08 <vw> Back in a few minutes when my shift starts.
02:47:11 <vw> Hi af!
02:47:24 <Kevin L> Driving blind again.
02:47:52 <Dave from B> Morning, vw
02:48:18 <af> BBL
02:55:42 <vw> Was that a cyclist I just saw on the bw by Sawmill?
02:55:47 <Rich> Will B last night at BH
02:59:27 <Dave from B> Wasn't watching, vw
03:00:21 <vw> Only there for a second. Heading towards Grand.
03:00:30 <vw> I have the cam now.
03:01:03 <vw> Daisy 1000 oe
03:01:08 <vw> oops... ie
03:01:58 <vw> Missed most of it. Hopefully a better time from the basin.
03:02:29 <Rich> How long is Will going to be in the park?
03:02:50 <vw> I am sure leaving sometime this afternoon, but not sure exactly when.
03:03:04 <Rich> The YVO cam went down suddenly and YVO is looking for someone to do a visual on it.
03:03:38 <vw> Do you have a contact name or number?
03:05:08 <Rich> I'm in contact by email, but if we can find someone to check on it, I'll get a phone number for contact.
03:05:59 <vw> I have sent a text to Will. I just don't know what good it will do at this point. After today only administrative driving in the park.
03:06:40 <Rich> Yep
03:07:04 <Rich> Peter is hoping someone can get to the cam today.
03:07:45 <vw> Well, hopefully Will will return my text inquiry.
03:11:04 <vw> Oops.
03:11:28 <vw> OF 1011 ie, static cam
03:13:12 <Dave from B> Off to church...bbl
03:13:29 <vw> Bye Dave.
03:13:42 <Rich> later Dave from B
03:13:44 <Kevin L> bye
03:18:30 <vw> Will is at Grand.
03:22:18 <vw> BH seems to be steaming a bit more.
03:22:50 <Kevin L> It knows I am leaving in an hour.
03:23:17 <vw> And it does act like it is about an hour from doing something more K.
03:37:45 <vw> Lion puffing. A series would be nice.
03:38:15 <vw> Daisy start was 0958.
03:44:23 <vw> Castle 1043 ie
03:44:48 <vw> Trying to watch/do too many things at once.
03:44:51 <vw> :P
03:49:21 <vw> Castle start was 1039.
03:50:26 <vw> I think it was a minor. Died down pretty fast.
03:52:05 <vw> Need more coffee. brb.
03:53:37 <vw> Plume 1052 ie, static cam
03:55:39 <vw> Grand 1055 ie
03:55:40 <af> hello again
03:56:05 <af> ok I was wrong
03:56:08 <vw> Maybe. Might be Oblong. Will get posting from the Park.
03:56:17 <vw> Hi af.
03:56:24 <af> yeah it is
03:56:28 <vw> I think that is Oblong.
03:56:38 <af> check gt 1053 ie
03:57:00 <vw> Thank you.
04:00:18 <vw> Interesting hole in the clouds on the cams.
04:00:52 <af> that is interesting
04:01:58 <vw> Someone watching at BH?
04:02:11 <af> I think si
04:05:25 <vw> Gran
04:05:29 <vw> Grand
04:05:30 <Rich> Grand
04:07:17 <vw> 1104 start per Will's GT entry
04:11:37 <vw> This is likely to be the only Grand we see on the cam today. Dark will come very early with change to Standard Time.
04:29:27 <Kevin L> Time for bh
04:29:51 <af> bye kevin
04:30:03 <vw> Bye Kevin. :(
04:43:11 <vw> OF 1142
04:57:56 <vw> Aurum 1157 ie
04:58:00 <Rich> Aurum 1157ie
05:27:11 <Will B> Zzzzzzzzzz
05:27:55 <vw> Hey Will!
05:28:01 <vw> You at BH?
05:28:07 <af> is that sleeping for the buzzing of bee?
05:28:11 <Will B> F and m continues to have week junk cycles
05:28:34 <vw> Doesn't sound so good for before closing. :(
05:28:40 <Will B> Look at bh and youll get your answer af
05:29:07 <vw> Yeah, it was me asking if you were at BH. We have had some people wandering around there.
05:29:14 <af> anyone manung the pile?
05:29:37 <Will B> No its dead in my opinion
05:30:10 <Will B> Vw zoom on bh and you will see me
05:30:15 <vw> Sorry to hear that Will.
05:30:36 <vw> Wave.
05:30:48 <vw> Looks like you are full horizontal?
05:31:10 <Will B> Yep on the bench
05:31:36 <vw> Kind of hard to see water in Indicator if you are gazing at the clouds.
05:31:50 <Will B> Daisy should be due
05:32:05 <vw> Depression due, and we are watching for Daisy too,.
05:32:15 <Will B> Im listening for indy watching lion
05:32:39 <Will B> I hope someone gets a pic of this :)
05:32:41 <vw> Lion puffing for several hours. Would be nice to have something to watch
05:33:14 <Will B> Yep used everything up
05:33:29 <vw> Pretty much.
05:34:05 <ynpvisitor40> what about the sawmill group
05:34:33 <vw> Even that area looks quiet except for Spasmodic.
05:34:34 <Will B> Sawmill was off after grand
05:35:15 <ynpvisitor40> ok
05:35:43 <ynpvisitor40> i,d like a penta
05:37:21 <Will B> Batery is getting low so im getting off
05:37:40 <vw> k
05:38:50 <vw> I am going to grab some lunch. Back in a bit.
05:43:41 <vw> Picture on cam op. Cool.
05:44:01 <vw> op cam. So excited I got dyslexia
05:44:37 <Dave from B> ..
05:45:05 <vw> Welcome back Dave.
05:45:45 <Dave from B> Thanks
05:45:48 <vw> Daisy 1245
05:46:19 <Dave from B> Going to be doing some 1978 data entry for will. I will listen for dings
06:05:11 <vw> OF 1304
06:07:02 <Rich> Welcome visitors
06:08:25 <ynpvisitor55> hi
06:10:32 <vw> Will got Depression 1243, so we have BH, Plume and maybe Lion to watch.
06:11:14 <Rich> Hi AG
06:12:50 <AG> hi, sorry, keep on getting booted.
06:13:17 <AG> Just popping in real quick.
06:13:55 <AG> bbl this afternoon probably.
06:14:10 <Dave from B> Still waiting for BH
06:14:13 <Rich> Poppin' Fresh Boy? g
06:15:35 <Rich> Water checker
06:16:10 <Dave from B> Keep thinking I see small Lion splashes. Anyone else???
06:16:23 <Rich> Me
06:16:39 <vw> Yes, Dave. It has been trying for a while.
06:33:28 <Rich> Nice splash from BH
06:50:25 <vw> Dark sky for a backdrop.
07:11:54 <Rich> Plume 1411 mdt wc
07:11:56 <vw> Plume 1411
07:12:27 <Dave from B> Yeah..plume
07:12:37 <Dave from B> Will?
07:12:57 <vw> wouldn't be MDT, Rich, but we all pretty much know what time zone anyway.
07:13:56 <vw> Sure wish it was still daylight savings. Hate early dark.
07:14:48 <Dave from B> Yeah...Graham's cam time shrunk by an hour
07:15:26 <vw> kc is in the same boat. His shifts are all evening shifts. :(
07:15:55 <vw> cb and the Friday night operator too.
07:15:55 <Dave from B> Only benefits us earlbirds
07:16:19 <Dave from B> earlybirds
07:32:15 <Graham> hello
07:32:39 <Dave from B> Hi, Graham
07:32:45 <ynpvisitor4> hi hows the wait for beehive?
07:32:48 <vw> Hi Graham!
07:32:52 <vw> Home?
07:33:02 <Graham> yep, good trip to NY and back
07:33:24 <vw> Pretty quiet afternoon. Will is out on the BW hoping to get the last open season BH.
07:33:28 <Graham> had fun, went down to BatteryPark, ots of maintenance trucks trying to dry things out there
07:33:49 <Graham> ah ok. np more Morning or F&M?
07:34:09 <vw> Will's last check at F&M, he said it looked dead.
07:34:38 <vw> No Morning reports, and haven't seen Maureen here yet today.
07:34:51 <Graham> looks like Will enjoyed a nice Turban series this morning too
07:35:13 <vw> Hi Maureen!
07:35:20 <Maureen> hey all. I have been getting chores done for my trip tomorrow. The park this morning was great.
07:35:52 <Maureen> We had 3 crazy turbans, huge waves on all, the third time around Turban was huge and Grand finally started.
07:35:58 <Maureen> 9 hour interval.
07:35:59 <Graham> hi Maureen, good closing weekend?
07:36:08 <Maureen> it has been, yes.
07:36:25 <Maureen> I am headed back in for a HOPEFUL final Fountain before dark.
07:36:44 <Maureen> The Gushwas made it, always wonderful to see them. And Will has been great.
07:36:48 <vw> We will hope you see it.
07:37:06 <Maureen> So enthusiastic. I hooked him up with a job if he wants one too.
07:37:12 <Graham> hope it doesn't go too late for you
07:37:17 <Maureen> next year with Xanterra.
07:37:28 <vw> That would be great for Will!
07:37:33 <Maureen> If it does, it was AWESOME yesterday, so I am OK.
07:37:33 <Graham> cool, i heard he had applied too
07:38:02 <Maureen> Got there at 0645, too late for Fountain, yet in plenty of time for Great Fountain, which was super awesome.
07:38:14 <Maureen> Sun rising on the terraces, very, very nice.
07:38:14 <vw> :)
07:38:22 <Graham> good memories to last youthru the winter
07:38:47 <Maureen> He had applied with Delaware North like Demetri, yet since he has an in with my friend, he might be able to get a better job!
07:39:42 <Maureen> Waiting for Grand we got Sawmill first, then Daisy, then Castle minor, then Oblong, so there was plenty to occupy us.
07:39:57 <Maureen> and the crazy waves with no Grand.
07:40:28 <Graham> thats odd ... doesn't usually do that
07:40:29 <Maureen> Turban was as big as I have ever seen it before Grand started today,
07:40:38 <vw> OF 1440
07:40:42 <Graham> maybe thats the new Grand to replace the 5h Grand
07:40:48 <Maureen> I know, it doesn't usually do 9 hours either!
07:40:58 <ynpvisitor1> Hope you get your Fountain Maureen. Thanks for all the reports this season. Have a good trip. From UK gazers
07:41:24 <Maureen> Thanks UK gazers. I hope I get it too.
07:41:46 <Maureen> I saw 3 Old Faithfuls, one up close, too.
07:42:12 <Maureen> Miss Tara though, very weird to have closing weekend without her around.
07:42:25 <Maureen> Did the operas meet your expectations Graham?
07:43:00 <Maureen> I will not be on chat much anymore, well maybe some while I am in Missoula during the day, yet work is from 9-5, same hours as daylight now.
07:43:46 <Maureen> Great Fountain was very sad because it is May 27 before i can see it again!
07:44:01 <vw> We will miss you very much Maureen.
07:44:01 <Maureen> or close to that date, the Saturday of the weekend.
07:44:29 <Maureen> For some reason, the chat will not come up on my work computer...
07:44:37 <Maureen> That is probably for the best!
07:44:43 <vw> :D
07:44:48 <Graham> Turandot was great Maureen, Tempest was not my favorite although it has some great parts but the whole didn't really add up right
07:44:58 <Graham> Symphony was good but they changed the program because of the storm and limited rehersals
07:45:05 <Maureen> Glad one was great!
07:45:25 <Maureen> pressure lead them to cancel the marathon finally
07:45:27 <Graham> at leats you can catch up on work now :)
07:45:46 <Maureen> yeah, that is why I am taking this week OFF!!
07:46:01 <Maureen> I thankfully have everything lined out this week.
07:46:26 <Maureen> Time to go to Fountain. Bill Warnock was headed in, so hopefully he will be around. Steve Eide already headed for home.
07:47:12 <Graham> have fun
07:47:16 <Maureen> Here's to Beehive happening for Graham's arrival back!! And for all of you patiently waiting.
07:47:18 <vw> Enjoy!
07:47:19 <Graham> hope it goes in daylight
07:47:22 <Maureen> Bye.
07:47:30 <vw> Bye.
07:47:38 <Maureen> I will not stay for the dark beyond twilight, so me too!
07:48:36 <Graham> lots of unhappy runers in NY this weekend
07:49:10 <Graham> hotel had lots of people in the orange shirts
07:49:12 <vw> I am sure, but very difficult to justify the diversion of resources when so many are hurting.
07:49:48 <Graham> yeah i know, i think they regret not cancelling it on Wed rather than say its on and have so many people show up
07:50:21 <vw> Yes. I think that was the error.
07:50:27 <Graham> they didn't even let people run thru the finish line yesterday
07:51:18 <Graham> trip into NY was odd, no delays at all, got to the hotel faster than usual
07:51:59 <Graham> lots of power trucks headed to NY and NJ both Fgri and today, from MD, DC, VA, GA, FL, AL
07:53:36 <Graham> Will looks lonely
07:53:45 <Graham> assuming thats Will
07:55:04 <Dave from B> I think that's a good assumption
07:55:28 <Graham> everyone else at FTN?
07:56:10 <Dave from B> Sounds like it
08:00:15 <kcmule> ready vw
08:00:54 <vw> Go for it kc!
08:01:00 <vw> Thank you!
08:02:24 <kcmule> np
08:06:57 <vw> I am heading out for the evening. Too much sitting!
08:07:25 <vw> Have a wonderful evening all!
08:07:34 <kcmule> bye vw
08:09:51 <Graham> so i guess Kevin is happy kc
08:11:31 <kcmule> of course his team can win
08:28:09 <Graham> we can always compete for worst team status :(
08:41:58 <kcmule> daisy 15:41
08:43:41 <ynpvisitor62> Water in Indicator
08:43:54 <vw> Just got a call from Will
08:44:03 <Graham> nice
08:44:19 <kcmule> 1543 on static
08:44:24 <vw> Yes. I am glad it is going to happen in daylight!
08:44:31 <kcmule> ie
08:44:34 <kcmule> or ns
08:44:54 <vw> Will has been posting times all day so I am sure he will get actual start posted.
08:45:19 <Dave from B> Yeah for Will
08:47:02 <AG> thanks for the text.
08:47:46 <AG> Will's getting ready in case he has to escape it looks like.
08:47:51 <AG> hello everyone btw.
08:47:59 <kcmule> yw
08:48:35 <kcmule> riverside maybe
08:54:17 <kcmule> BH 15:53
08:54:33 <ynpvisitor68> bh 15:43
08:54:41 <vw> Beautiful
08:55:50 <kcmule> good timing w/of window too
08:56:21 <AG> some very nice spikes in there.
08:57:06 <Graham> well at least the experience viewed from here doesn't change much with closing day weekend
08:57:51 <AG> LC ie 1557
08:57:51 <vw> Closing makes us appreciate those people we see on the bw now for sure.
08:58:31 <Graham> :)
08:59:36 <vw> Thank you kc, Will.
08:59:37 <vw> Later!
08:59:47 <kcmule> adios
09:02:49 <kcmule> OF 16:02
09:03:10 <AG> bbl
09:16:49 <Will B> That shower was for you Kitt!
09:17:12 <kcmule> aurum 16:16ie
09:17:28 <Will B> Really
09:17:43 <kcmule> yepper
09:18:13 <Will B> I was just there.grr
09:22:40 <kcmule> oblong ?
09:32:12 <kcmule> Lion 16:31 ini
09:32:12 <Rich> Lion 1632
09:43:11 <kcmule> dep 16:42
09:43:20 <kcmule> ie
09:50:47 <af> well good evening
09:51:37 <kcmule> hello
09:53:07 <Rich> Hi af
10:07:20 <Rich> FB Yellowstone National Park has a nice photo of Castle.
10:27:59 <Rich> Aurum?
10:28:30 <kcmule> just had one not long ago
10:28:39 <kcmule> 1616ie
10:28:57 <Rich> Didn't realize we were so far left, was Pump
10:33:16 <kcmule> OF 17:32
10:35:14 <af> kc why are you making it so dark!
10:36:30 <kcmule> trying to get my shift done early
10:36:58 <af> but I want to watch geysers
10:37:47 <Graham> have to get up earlier af
10:38:47 <af> Us left coasters dont get to see anything in the afternoon anyways
10:39:42 <Graham> yep, but in summer its easy to see it till dark..its usually past my bed time then
10:40:31 <af> oh stop being so practical
10:43:07 <af> nite all
10:43:17 <Rich> Last Lion will be at when it finishes uploading.
10:46:12 <kcmule> lion 17:45ns
10:47:02 <Graham> night vision goggles working well kc?
10:48:10 <kcmule> ls still hangin in there, thought i could eke out a 3 hr shift
10:48:51 <Graham> gonna stick around for the midnight eruptions?
10:49:21 <kcmule> i cant see them like dave can
10:49:22 <Maureen> YIPPEE, Fountain 1557
10:49:35 <Maureen> so fun, so fun, so fun, so fun.
10:49:38 <Graham> alright
10:49:43 <Rich> very good Maureen
10:49:45 <Maureen> glad you all got Beehive!!
10:49:51 <Graham> that sets you up well for the off-season
10:49:58 <Maureen> Bill Warnock and I had one last awesome Fountain.
10:50:22 <Maureen> Yes, I feel quite happy about the final weekend. Great Fountain was in overflow when I left it.
10:50:23 <Graham> and in daylight too
10:50:34 <Maureen> Jim from YTG was there, not sure how long he stayed.
10:50:48 <Graham> was it a long Ftn?
10:50:55 <Maureen> I have watched it overflow for 3 hours, so I wanted to get home before dark.
10:51:15 <Maureen> Sadly, no. Only 34 minutes, only 2 Thiefs before
10:51:27 <Graham> yeah thats a long wait for Gt Ftn
10:51:31 <Maureen> First one at 1543
10:51:53 <Maureen> And GF was so nice this morning, I thought that would be best for my last instead of dark.
10:51:56 <Graham> well this is a good case of only 2 MT, don't want to have you waiting till dark
10:52:24 <Maureen> I still am holding out a glimmer of hope that Jim got it before now.
10:52:39 <Maureen> He is driving in at 5 tomorrow, en route to boiling river...
10:52:53 <Maureen> so he will come in West, go out Gardiner...before 8!
10:53:32 <Maureen> I would have I think, until now I would have left, this way I got to go check on GF and be home before dark.
10:53:33 <Graham> getting every last minute
10:53:39 <Graham> when is the morning FTN? :)
10:54:03 <Maureen> really true. I figure 9-10 would be a morning MORNING...Bill W thought about it,
10:54:31 <Maureen> yet he agrees he has had it pretty good this week, and that that was an awesome last Fountain send off.
10:54:54 <Maureen> so blue, so fun.
10:55:02 <Maureen> was Beehive high?
10:55:04 <Graham> so glad you saw it
10:55:12 <Maureen> Greg and Will were there for it, I hope.
10:55:36 <Graham> it was a nice one, Will was still there, not sure who else
10:55:53 <Maureen> Greg went down to an event cycle at F & M yet I do not think it amounted to much.
10:56:05 <Maureen> Leslie said Greg saw it.
10:56:15 <Graham> still waiting for your Ftn post
10:56:23 <Maureen> So, that is that. No more park for me...
10:56:41 <Maureen> I will post, yet I wanted to jump on the chat and let you know first if you were still there, and here you are.
10:57:25 <Maureen> It will be a tough adjustment, November is a tough month for me. No park, winter comes, get out the violins !
10:58:11 <Graham> yeah i bet West gets real quiet now
10:58:43 <Maureen> bye, I will check in from Missoula. Night all, dark at 5:58...yowso. West will be very quiet until skiers show up at Thanksgiving.
10:58:57 <Maureen> There are thousands here. And then the yahoo hunters that come through.
10:59:07 <Maureen> And hard core fishermen, they are always about.
10:59:19 <kcmule> nite
10:59:30 <Graham> have fun in Missoula
10:59:30 <Maureen> Still, these next two weeks are quiet. Nite KC
10:59:37 <Graham> thanks for all the reports this year
10:59:44 <Graham> and that awesome Gt Ftn :)
10:59:47 <Maureen> I will, take care. You are SOOOO WELCOME.
11:00:01 <Maureen> I would still love some photos from that, I will write you.
11:01:13 <Graham> k, have my mom here, have to go
11:01:14 <Graham> see ya
11:05:47 <Rich> RIP PLK
11:21:53 <af> And the 2012 summer season is over