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23:32:42 <ynpvisitor77> too early graham
23:42:43 <Graham> waiting for the lights to turn on
23:56:08 <Graham> i see some light now
23:56:40 <Graham> chilly -17 at OF
23:56:51 <ynpvisitor77> on the upper geyser cam
23:58:54 <Graham> below zero at 1945 yesterday so its been cold for a long time, could have some nice frosting this morning
00:06:45 <Graham> first light on streaming
00:07:19 <cb> Morning Graham
00:07:51 <Graham> hi cb
00:08:19 <Graham> looks like they had some more snow overnight
00:08:32 <Graham> some white on this side of OF cone
00:09:01 <cb> Benches are slowly starting to dissapear
00:09:44 <Graham> yep, they are shrinking
00:10:18 <cb> Good!!!!
00:10:52 <cb> So sorry about Thursday, I had the day off and complete forgot it was Thursday, cam day! My bad!
00:11:07 <Graham> lil foggy out there
00:11:54 <Graham> i think the cam found a minder
00:11:59 <cb> Didn't figure it out till i got on the computer thursday night. Thank goodness it was a short evening
00:12:28 <Graham> gonna be lots of schedule problems this month
00:12:38 <cb> Dec is like that
00:12:57 <cb> you have a busy month?
00:14:05 <vw> Good morning cb, Graham.
00:14:13 <cb> Morning vw!
00:14:53 <Graham> hi there vw
00:15:07 <vw> G, I need to get J to work this morning. Should be home before 0900 MST to take the cam.
00:15:29 <Graham> k, thanks that would be great
00:15:48 <vw> k. Was worried you might have to take off before then.
00:16:18 <vw> I will get set up now so I am ready when I walk in the door.
00:16:19 <Graham> no, its gloomy here and i am still not feeling that great so just going to do the local store run which doesn't take long
00:16:28 <Graham> need to be back here by 11 :)
00:16:58 <vw> That shouldn't be a problem.
00:17:07 <Graham> i will try and fix the BSOD, it keeps flickering to black
00:17:19 <vw> NOOOooooo!
00:17:50 <vw> I prefer the full blue screen to that flickering one. Really messes with me when it moves/flickers all the time. :P
00:17:54 <Graham> I see its -17 at OF, you cold and snowy vw?
00:18:33 <vw> +6 in Billings. Just about an inch of snow is all. Worried the roads might be icy though.
00:18:49 <Graham> k, drive safe then
00:19:57 <vw> Yeah, doubling the time allowance to get J to work: normally 15 minute drive, but allowing 30m
00:22:10 <vw> Have to go sweep the walkways. Back later.
00:25:14 <Graham> OF 0724
00:25:24 <Graham> nice even tho its all pale
00:26:44 <cb> Still put up a nice white plume
00:27:09 <Graham> yep, wish i had grabbed an early frame for FB
00:27:50 <cb> :)
00:28:20 <Graham> hard to capture pics and control the cam with BSOD
00:28:56 <cb> I hear you
00:29:04 <Graham> gone down to -20 now
00:29:31 <cb> Cold morning or our west friends!
00:30:43 <Graham> yeah, I am sure Maureen is loving it :)
00:31:39 <cb> I think at this point a little snow is a good!
00:31:49 <cb> There, a picture on the livescope
00:31:58 <cb> you fixed it!
00:32:04 <Graham> yeah
00:32:25 <Graham> hope its still workinmg when vw takes over
00:33:15 <cb> It's in the 30's here this morning! I hope the cooler temp's hold for some snow in the mountains!
00:33:47 <Graham> ah, should get some i bet. did they get a lot with the storms earlier or was it too warm?
00:33:55 <cb> last two storms were really warm and not much in the way of snow. Tons of rain though
00:34:02 <Graham> k
00:34:32 <Graham> trees don't look very frosty
00:34:53 <cb> my thoughts also
00:35:10 <cb> Looks like a nice accumulation of snow though!
00:35:59 <cb> Sorry to hear your not feelling to well Graham. You got the flu bug?
00:37:06 <Graham> no, just a sore throat and regular cold I think
00:37:14 <Graham> throat is a lot better today tho
00:37:59 <Graham> snow must have blown off the trees
00:38:03 <cb> Throat coat tea! It really helps with the sore throat.
00:38:19 <cb> sorry to hear that
00:38:23 <Graham> all went blue
00:38:29 <cb> damn
00:38:41 <cb> oops. darn
00:38:52 <Graham> we know what you meant :)
00:50:40 <Graham> BSOD has gone .. but for how long?
00:53:15 <cb> hopefully, foreve!r
00:53:23 <cb> forever!
00:53:45 <cb> but i think that is wishful thinking on my part
00:54:31 <Graham> maybe if we all make it our Christmas wish?
00:54:46 <Graham> forget world piece, we want no more BSOD
00:54:47 <cb> couldn't hurt!
00:54:55 <Graham> or peace :)
00:54:57 <cb> :)
00:57:51 <Graham> grrr
00:59:32 <cb> I wonder if, when the cam gets moved, BSOD will improve?
01:00:10 <Graham> sometimes moving seems to help but I am not sure theres a direct relationship
01:12:49 <Graham> sunshine
01:13:10 <cb> a ray!
01:15:12 <Graham> its back....
01:47:38 <ynpvisitor77> it could be beutiful of
01:48:45 <Graham> nice light wind direction
01:49:48 <vw> Hi again!
01:50:24 <Graham> wb. how were the roads?
01:51:10 <vw> Not bad. Light snow pack in some places, but clear for the most part.
01:51:21 <Graham> good
01:51:26 <vw> City and county have already been out sanding, so that is good.
01:51:47 <Graham> looks like you got back at a good time too
01:51:48 <vw> Looks like we are waiting for OF?
01:52:01 <Graham> yep, gonna be a good one
01:52:24 <Graham> -21 at 0815
01:52:35 <vw> Brisk.
01:52:56 <Graham> just need the wind to keep blowing a bit down basin
01:52:57 <vw> Looks like not much ground wind, so that is good.
01:53:19 <vw> Surprised the wind hasn't picked up with the sun being up.
01:53:44 <vw> Need to do one thing and then I can take the cam. Maybe after OF?
01:53:53 <Graham> k
01:56:22 <vw> Was going to watch a movie, but DVD player isn't recognizing it. Odd.
01:59:47 <ynpvisitor97> -21 is colder than -12
02:00:11 <vw> uuhhhh. yes it is.
02:00:47 <Graham> nobody else predicted it colder tho, so I win :)
02:00:54 <ynpvisitor97> is that Grand steam ?
02:01:22 <Graham> i think its just Sawmill and SPasmo
02:01:31 <ynpvisitor97> ty
02:02:44 <vw> Did you have a contest going for temp this morning G?
02:03:15 <Graham> i asked and posted my -12 prediction which was coder than the forecasts
02:03:32 <Graham> wasn't a lot of participation tho
02:03:42 <ynpvisitor97> forecasts are always wrong if the skies clear this time of year.
02:04:15 <vw> Problem with NOAA predictions for the park, is only Lake is predicted and monitored by NOAA. Way different conditions at Lake than at OF.
02:05:19 <Graham> OF is taking its time
02:05:32 <ynpvisitor97> there won't be any more snow if it stays this cold though.
02:06:09 <ynpvisitor97> maybe OF is frozen
02:07:32 <ynpvisitor97> wonder how high that plume will go once it actually erupts?
02:07:53 <vw> It should be a good one.
02:08:05 <ynpvisitor97> grand?
02:08:23 <vw> don't think so.
02:08:39 <ynpvisitor97> K, cloud just went vertical instad of horizontal over there...
02:08:49 <ynpvisitor97> still, it would be massive today.
02:09:11 <vw> Yeap, but not big enough. Yet.
02:09:43 <ynpvisitor97> nice to see tree shadows...
02:10:26 <ynpvisitor77> aurum
02:10:31 <vw> Aurum ? 0909 ie
02:10:45 <ynpvisitor97> nice aurum plume
02:10:46 <Graham> nioce
02:13:24 <vw> Hi kc!
02:14:00 <vw> That Aurum gives us a sense of how high Grand, or any eruption, might be!
02:14:49 <vw> OF 0913
02:14:55 <vw> maybe...
02:15:04 <ynpvisitor97> nice the camera functions in the cold!
02:15:08 <kcmule> good morning
02:15:08 <vw> not.
02:15:30 <Graham> that was a very short?
02:15:36 <vw> Yes, kc, it is a good morning! My 'not' was about OF!
02:15:53 <vw> VERY short G.
02:16:12 <Graham> i posted the Aurum on FB, great big cloud on UGB cam
02:16:27 <vw> Thank you G.
02:17:01 <Graham> 1h52m and counting on OF
02:17:28 <Graham> guyess i could have gone to the store and come back
02:18:15 <ynpvisitor97> we will not be able to see Grand anyway...
02:18:49 <Graham> oh yes you will!
02:19:00 <ynpvisitor97> streamers galore today I imagine...
02:19:09 <vw> OF 0918
02:19:40 <ynpvisitor77> stunning
02:20:51 <kcmule> is that the OF shadow all the way down basin ?
02:21:04 <Graham> I think so
02:21:05 <vw> Just wondering the same thing kc.
02:21:12 <kcmule> cool
02:21:57 <Graham> not a very long OF either ...
02:22:13 <ynpvisitor97> nice though
02:22:22 <vw> just over three minutes now, and I think water is over.
02:22:25 <Graham> oh yeah, a lovely one
02:22:58 <ynpvisitor97> brrrrrr
02:25:02 <kcmule>
02:25:16 <Graham> and now i can go to the store, bbl
02:25:35 <vw> Bye G. See you later.
02:25:39 <vw> Thank you kc.
02:25:58 <kcmule> np
02:29:31 <vw> Person on bw
02:29:33 <vw> VEC cam
02:29:49 <vw> Lucky soul.
02:30:27 <Will B> good morning, just checking in before i go skiing
02:30:39 <vw> Hi Will!
02:30:49 <vw> Are you headed to Bridger?
02:30:56 <Will B> yep
02:31:08 <vw> Sweet!
02:31:15 <vw> Be sure to take ALL your layers!
02:31:26 <Will B> 20" yesterday
02:31:49 <ynpvisitor97> growing plume down basin...
02:31:59 <vw> What are the ground temp/wind conditions up there Will?
02:32:34 <Will B> Also we had our first night time fire alarm at 12:45 last night. :(
02:32:41 <vw> Hi Kevin!
02:32:46 <Kevin L> hi
02:32:52 <vw> Ouch Will.
02:33:52 <Will B>
02:34:46 <kcmule>
02:35:04 <vw> A face mask might be in order. Certainly a scarf if no neoprene between your cheeks and the wind chill.
02:35:53 <ynpvisitor11> you have,nt posted the aurum yet
02:36:06 <vw> Graham said he did.
02:36:22 <ynpvisitor97> he posted photo, maybe not the GT time...
02:36:26 <Will B> well im off to hit the slopes
02:37:05 <vw> Have fun Will!
02:38:19 <vw> posted Aurum.
02:41:14 <vw> Lion ? 0940 ie
02:41:29 <kcmule> nice
02:41:42 <vw> don't think it can be anything other than Lion.
02:44:57 <vw> Hi Kristine!
02:45:13 <Kristine> Hi vw.
02:45:19 <vw> Saw someone out on the bw earlier and thought it might have been you.
02:45:58 <vw> I am ever hopeful that you are in the basin, and enjoying some outside time!
02:46:00 <Kristine> Not me this morning.
02:46:45 <Kristine> I was out yestarday evening for a quick walk.
02:47:08 <vw> Way different conditions than now? Blue sky is amazing this am.
02:48:05 <Kristine> Yep, we had -14 when I got up; amazed both vehicles started.
02:49:01 <vw> even our vehicles take cold days in stride. :)
02:50:16 <vw> There is a lot of steam coming off the Giantess platform this morning. Drifting over so it is visible on the VEC cam.
02:50:43 <Kristine> Yep. I know my truck starts in colder, but she's getting old :-)
02:51:21 <vw> So are we Kristine. And just like us, you just have to give it an extra push sometimes!
02:51:28 <vw> Riverside 0950 ie ?
02:55:07 <vw> Now that might be Grand. No way to tell though.
02:55:14 <Kristine> Gotta go, have a long drive ahead.
02:55:27 <vw> Be safe! Have a great day!
02:55:57 <Kristine> Will do, later.
02:57:23 <vw> Anybody else have thoughts about that tall plume downbasin?
02:57:59 <ynpvisitor88> looks big & getting bigger
02:58:03 <ynpvisitor88> could be Grand
02:58:23 <ynpvisitor88> I guess if we time it we'll have an idea
02:58:31 <kcmule> wonder if u could see your hand in front of your face if u were standing in there
02:58:38 <vw> 88, your first is a for sure, 2nd I can buy into!
02:59:07 <vw> I got a start of 0955 ie
03:00:06 <vw> I wonder too kc. The sounds would be amazing! Muted water splashing, roar...
03:01:15 <ynpvisitor88> Appears to have deceased
03:01:17 <kcmule> would be pleasant to hear while the condensation freezes you to the bw
03:01:26 <ynpvisitor88> I meant decreased!
03:01:37 <ynpvisitor88> silly fingers
03:01:38 <vw> Funny kc!!! :D
03:03:36 <vw> And something else behind the hill.
03:04:07 <ynpvisitor88> Yes,shows up well on static too
03:04:10 <vw> We need a 'something else' category in GT. Or at least and 'Unk'
03:04:28 <ynpvisitor76> G'Day Everyone
03:04:35 <vw> Hi Rich.
03:04:46 <ynpvisitor76> Hi vw
03:04:57 <ynpvisitor88> Come & play "Guess the steam cloud" with us!
03:06:28 <ynpvisitor100> artamesia
03:08:52 <ynpvisitor76> Grotto
03:08:55 <ynpvisitor76> lol
03:09:42 <ynpvisitor88> I think Artemisia is a good guess on the one to the right
03:09:46 <Graham> F&M
03:09:52 <vw> One thing to consider is there seems to be virtually no wind and the steam plumes are going straight up. A very unusual condition for us.
03:10:14 <Graham> actually i think its Riverside
03:10:16 <ynpvisitor76> Riverside
03:10:18 <vw> I am wondering F&M too Graham. It has been lingering a good long time.
03:10:24 <vw> Already called Riverside.
03:10:37 <vw> 20 minutes ago.
03:10:38 <ynpvisitor76> Dead tree in the foreground, lines up with Riverside
03:11:15 <ynpvisitor76> Also the clump of trees mid ground locates Riveride
03:11:17 <Graham> thats what i was thinking 76
03:11:30 <ynpvisitor76>
03:11:51 <ynpvisitor70> Hello Everyone
03:12:01 <vw> Good morning 70.
03:12:48 <ynpvisitor88> Got to go - have fun!
03:12:53 <ynpvisitor70> What is beehive up too?
03:13:01 <ynpvisitor70> toodles
03:13:06 <vw> Not much 70.
03:13:13 <ynpvisitor76> Column is a little to far left for F&M.
03:13:15 <vw> About the only thing that isn't spouting tons of steam.
03:13:29 <ynpvisitor70> awesome
03:14:03 <Graham> the only think on the right of the small trees in the foreground is Riverside
03:14:07 <vw> Rich, wouldn't that be right of F&M location?
03:14:28 <Graham> not sure what you all saw at 0950 ":)
03:15:01 <vw> At 0950 we had a low bank of fog with a very tall vertical column of white steam.
03:15:43 <ynpvisitor70> Could it have been giant?
03:15:43 <Graham> ok, probably something erupting :)
03:15:50 <vw> :D
03:16:10 <ynpvisitor76> vw I think F&M is closer to the right end of the foreground trees.
03:16:14 <vw> Too far to our right for Giant. Sorry 70.
03:16:35 <vw> OF 1015
03:16:35 <ynpvisitor70> I figured it wouldn't hurt to suggest.
03:16:47 <ynpvisitor76> nice OF
03:17:18 <vw> We are ever hopeful 70!
03:17:50 <ynpvisitor20> Surely Giant would have laste much longer?
03:17:52 <Graham> guess that confirms the short
03:18:08 <Graham> is that Castle steam drifting over?
03:18:27 <vw> Could be. Will check after OF.
03:18:34 <Graham> k
03:19:09 <ynpvisitor76> AG - side vent on OF
03:19:35 <ynpvisitor70> Looks like it would be a good day to be on the basin
03:20:02 <vw> Very cold there 70. Hovering around the -20 mark.
03:20:23 <ynpvisitor70> ehhh maybe if one wore several layers...
03:20:40 <ynpvisitor76> Of Sun?
03:20:44 <ynpvisitor76> g
03:20:51 <Graham> could be heading above zero soon, was -9 at 0915
03:21:10 <vw> No on Castle.
03:21:36 <Graham> k, thanks. haha may have been Castle steam, just not eruptive steam
03:21:59 <vw> The steam is definitely the show for the day. Amazing.
03:22:03 <ynpvisitor76> Steam at Daisy. g
03:22:09 <vw> Think we saw Grand earlier, but no way to be sure.
03:22:50 <vw> Steam everywhere Rich! But based on the steam clouds we have been seeing, I don't think there is an eruption down there right now.
03:23:37 <ynpvisitor76> No, but nice straight steam column. g
03:24:17 <ynpvisitor76> One of the 'just sit back and enjoy' mornings.
03:24:53 <vw> Absolutely.
03:25:08 <ynpvisitor76> Graham, the benches are getting much shorter. g
03:25:14 <vw> Watch and enjoy the march of the tree shadows too.
03:25:38 <ynpvisitor76> It is great on a time lapse
03:33:48 <ynpvisitor57> It
03:34:31 <ynpvisitor57> It's a cold and steamy day, but is that steam on the main hill from GHG 3 or from somethng else?
03:35:37 <ynpvisitor57> hard to say
03:36:16 <vw> Yeah, most of the time this morning it has been very hard to say where some of the steam is originating from.
03:36:30 <vw> Hi steve.
03:36:38 <steve> Helllo
03:36:40 <ynpvisitor76> Hi steve
03:37:00 <steve> H 76
03:44:50 <ynpvisitor14> lion 1044
03:47:40 <vw> Sorry, was afk.
03:54:46 <steve> BH is still in show camo
03:54:56 <steve> snow that is
03:55:26 <ynpvisitor76> It's not coming out until it warms up. g
03:56:06 <vw> I have been very surprised at how little steam we are seeing from BH this morning. I would have though an eruption would have left tracks in the snow though.
03:58:21 <GoRedskins> gonna be lurking :)
03:58:26 <Kevin L> It should erupt between 1130 - 1330.
03:59:48 <vw> got family all ready for services this morning Kevin?
04:04:00 <vw> Anybody see water in that Castle steam?
04:04:54 <steve> Have there been web cam problems lately? I can't get the steaming cam on the chat sites
04:05:33 <ynpvisitor97> refresh your page maybe
04:05:33 <vw> There have been some minor problems, but I haven't heard of any this morning steve.
04:05:46 <ynpvisitor97> i see it fine
04:06:09 <vw> Lots of people do have trouble getting stream on chat page though. You might try a different site on a separate window.
04:07:12 <vw> .
04:09:30 <steve> Aw well. Refresh hasn't work, so I'm using two pages, one to see and one to talk
04:09:56 <steve> its a rough life....
04:10:33 <vw> That is usually what I do too steve!
04:11:15 <GoRedskins> TOUCHDOWN
04:12:45 <steve> g
04:12:55 <ynpvisitor97> already?
04:13:04 <steve> bbl
04:13:25 <GoRedskins> yep, and by the right team too :)
04:19:21 <GoRedskins> grrr
04:20:16 <Kevin L> Sounds like the wrong team scored.
04:20:33 <GoRedskins> yup
04:21:06 <GoRedskins> could be an interesting game tonight Kevin
04:21:15 <GoRedskins> a little cold and snowy
04:28:06 <GoRedskins> nice steam
04:28:32 <vw> Impressive steam plume from Grotto area.
04:29:04 <Kevin L> Should be a good game. Hoping we get a cushion on the division lead.
04:30:28 <Kevin L> Steam is impressive on these cold mornings.
04:31:58 <GoRedskins> TOUCHDOWN
04:32:16 <vw> The right team, G?
04:32:22 <Kevin L> Time for BH.
04:32:30 <vw> Bye K.
04:33:31 <ynpvisitor14> wow no wind at all
04:33:58 <ynpvisitor14> id love to be there
04:34:03 <vw> Very little. Earlier, mesowest was showing 'gusts' of 1. :D
04:34:05 <GoRedskins> doesn't look like much steam rom BH tho
04:34:16 <ynpvisitor70> Perfect time for Beehive. Now to convince the geyser that it is time.
04:34:27 <vw> Nope, BH has been pretty much off all morning when I have been able to see it.
04:34:42 <GoRedskins> no big steam ppufs
04:34:59 <vw> thin whisps of steam is all.
04:35:25 <vw> Today, that is the equivalent of no steam.
04:36:51 <ynpvisitor76> Are we guessing again?
04:36:55 <ynpvisitor76> Grotto
04:37:08 <vw> Grotto has been going for a while.
04:37:25 <ynpvisitor76> I've been afk. I'm slowly catching up. g
04:38:06 <ynpvisitor14> something around daisy
04:38:48 <vw> Daisy ? 1137 ie
04:39:13 <vw> Operator cam is not cooperating today, so response time is horrible.
04:39:58 <Jake> if not Daisy, then Splendid
04:40:13 <vw> Hey Jake!
04:40:20 <vw> Splendid would be big news!
04:40:47 <Jake> Daisy cloud is trumping Grotto cloud at the moment
04:41:12 <vw> Certainly in height if not in girth.
04:42:26 <vw> OF 1141
04:44:16 <vw> OF shadow has shifted from Grand area to Giantess area.
04:44:45 <ynpvisitor14> lion
04:44:50 <ynpvisitor97> daisy on a cold day...
04:44:51 <ynpvisitor14> poss
04:44:53 <vw> Lion 1144 ie
04:45:30 <vw> Waiting for better view to confirm that Lion.
04:45:43 <vw> That is a yes on Lion.
04:46:28 <ynpvisitor97> too bad Lion is shrowded in OF steam
04:46:36 <ynpvisitor97> shrouded
04:47:28 <ynpvisitor14> been a very eventful morning
04:48:05 <vw> It seems to have been, but we haven't been sure enough of a lot of what we have thought were eruptions to log them.
04:48:34 <vw> Time for me to grab some lunch. back in a bit.
04:48:46 <ynpvisitor14> but still ,very nice
04:53:18 <ynpvisitor97> GO there no defense in your game?
04:54:23 <GoRedskins> nooooo
05:03:56 <GoRedskins> grrrr
05:06:43 <af> hello
05:06:53 <vw> Hi af!
05:06:56 <af> wow nice clear day
05:07:16 <af> or was it really bad?
05:07:55 <vw> It has been clear all day, but we have had substantial ground fog.
05:08:10 <vw> Clear skies though make for very cold temps.
05:08:37 <af> either way with snow or ground fog its pretty bad
05:09:04 <vw> not so much. It really has been a beautiful day in the basin.
05:11:45 <ynpvisitor97> see the nice day af?
05:12:16 <af> ?
05:13:44 <ynpvisitor97> GO REDSKINS...your team needs DEFENSE...
05:13:51 <ynpvisitor97> and not to fumble!
05:14:23 <af> 97 what nice day in the basin or here>
05:14:36 <ynpvisitor14> there,s rocket
05:14:47 <ynpvisitor97> in the basin, it is beautiful today...
05:14:49 <af> wow very cool
05:15:11 <af> I would think that is rocket
05:26:16 <vw> .
05:44:25 <vw> Lion 1243
05:45:40 <ynpvisitor97> very nice
06:11:01 <vw> OF 1310 ie
06:21:17 <GoRedskins> bee woke up?
06:21:31 <af> no
06:22:19 <vw> Had a bit more steam there for a few seconds than we have seen all day.
06:22:21 <ynpvisitor97> Redskins find some D yet?
06:22:52 <GoRedskins> down by 1
06:23:13 <GoRedskins> just got a sack
06:23:58 <ynpvisitor97> good
06:26:00 <vw> brb
06:37:27 <AG> Lion
06:37:50 <vw> Lion 1336
06:38:14 <vw> AG, when you see an eruption, could you include a time? It would be very helpful!
06:38:37 <ynpvisitor97> nice Lion series today...
06:38:42 <AG> yeah, sorry. will do.
06:39:33 <vw> No problem! It is just I know I don't always catch the start time. Very helpful if everyone would do that!
06:39:33 <GoRedskins> guess i need to refresh, theres Lion
06:40:03 <vw> Yeah G, my lag to stream is pretty bad at times today.
06:40:37 <AG> that ended quick.
06:41:23 <vw> could signal the end of the series.
06:41:36 <AG> Yeah, didn't seem to be much water in that one.
06:42:48 <vw> anyway... on times. Plz don't be offended if an operator gets an earlier time than you do either, plz. As that last exchange with G shows, the lag to public stream can sometimes be pretty long. But when we miss a start, some time is better than no time!
06:43:57 <AG> I'll always take the more experienced Gazer's word over mine anyways, I have become a little lax on times lately and I apologize. I will be sure to pay better attention.
06:50:41 <vw> Oblong ? 1350 ie
06:51:08 <AG> Looks like it, but it could be turban drift as well.
06:51:24 <vw> Yeah, wind has picked up.
06:51:39 <vw> It looks like we have a storm headed into the basin too.
06:52:28 <vw> A lot of steam for Turban.
06:52:57 <ynpvisitor97> not turban
06:53:14 <vw> Yeah, I am sticking with Oblong.
06:53:20 <AG> same.
06:53:22 <AG> g
06:54:35 <ynpvisitor97> turban is happening though.
06:54:40 <ynpvisitor97> just not now
06:54:55 <af> bbl lunch time
06:55:00 <AG> bye af.
06:55:52 <vw> Yeah, thought I saw Turban a bit ago, maybe 1340? RL distractions though, so didn't really note it.
06:56:53 <AG> shouldn't we be close to a Daisy here?
06:57:05 <vw> Soon.
06:57:33 <AG> Storms Coming in Quick.
06:57:47 <ynpvisitor82> Raining on the SW side of the Space needle
06:58:32 <AG> was sprinkling when I got home this morning. No wind though, so hopefully that's where the rain will stay.
06:58:39 <AG> LC 1358 ie
06:59:12 <ynpvisitor97> turban 1358?
06:59:38 <AG> Daisy heating up, lots of Comet steam as well.
06:59:41 <ynpvisitor97> oh, LC...
07:00:34 <ynpvisitor97> Go Redskins must be bummed right now...
07:00:37 <AG> looks like Rift or West Triplet Maybe?
07:01:27 <AG> nope, just spasmo starting.
07:01:48 <vw> Small amount of steam from WT, but not very much.
07:02:16 <AG> That's a lot of steam by Daisy.
07:05:10 <vw> Castle 1404 ie
07:05:38 <vw> We may not be able to see Daisy.
07:06:48 <GoRedskins> TOUCHDOWN and 2 point conversion
07:07:00 <GoRedskins> tied
07:07:38 <vw> and seconds left. going into OT, G?
07:08:23 <GoRedskins> hopefully
07:08:38 <ynpvisitor41> hi
07:08:45 <GoRedskins> RGIII is out tho
07:08:52 <vw> Good afternoon 41.
07:08:57 <ynpvisitor41> c2c plz
07:09:08 <GoRedskins> into OT
07:09:15 <ynpvisitor41> good aftrernon
07:09:18 <ynpvisitor97> GO REDSKINS!!!
07:09:39 <GoRedskins> yep
07:09:48 <AG> not that kind of chatroom 41.
07:09:49 <ynpvisitor97> wow...
07:09:57 <ynpvisitor41> oh ok
07:09:57 <ynpvisitor97> quite the steam cloud
07:09:58 <ynpvisitor82> 41 - We are waching the webcams in Yellowstone National Park
07:10:01 <ynpvisitor41> sorry bye
07:10:20 <ynpvisitor97> hey, they said SORRY
07:10:23 <ynpvisitor97> funny
07:10:42 <vw> Very pleasant. Quite a change.
07:10:58 <ynpvisitor97> I was hoping for a miracle for GO REDSKINS!!
07:11:38 <ynpvisitor97> wow, hope Grand waits until Castle is mellower
07:12:43 <GoRedskins> are we missing a Lion around 1040?
07:13:21 <vw> Possible G. Is there one mentioned in chat? Could have been in a fog bank then too.
07:13:38 <ynpvisitor82> Log has 1015
07:14:54 <GoRedskins> no, 1044
07:15:03 <ynpvisitor82> Sorry that was OF
07:15:11 <ynpvisitor82> eyes are tired
07:15:25 <vw> yeah, just read that.
07:15:27 <ynpvisitor31> That was my lion call at 1044
07:16:11 <vw> You want to go ahead and post that then?
07:16:17 <ynpvisitor97> GO REDSKINS focus on the game!!!
07:16:20 <GoRedskins> does 31 have a name?
07:16:26 <GoRedskins> i added it
07:16:32 <vw> Thanks G.
07:16:37 <vw> Lots of numbers today.
07:16:45 <GoRedskins> commercials
07:17:00 <ynpvisitor97> who has possession?
07:17:45 <GoRedskins> skins just stopped ravens
07:18:06 <ynpvisitor97> now if they score they win, right?
07:18:19 <GoRedskins> wow big runback
07:18:23 <GoRedskins> in fg range
07:18:29 <GoRedskins> yes
07:19:06 <GoRedskins> 57 yd punt, 64yd return
07:19:40 <GoRedskins> now a defensive penalty
07:20:08 <GoRedskins> on 17yd line
07:20:29 <vw> Several FB miracles today: Vike's won, as did Dallas.
07:20:34 <GoRedskins> gonna kick
07:20:49 <GoRedskins> go Vikings
07:21:06 <GoRedskins> never liike Dallas winning
07:21:45 <vw> They probably had an emotional game going. Tough day for Dallas.
07:21:45 <GoRedskins> nope, running again
07:22:16 <GoRedskins> 34yd attempt
07:22:29 <GoRedskins> REDSKINS IWN
07:22:32 <ynpvisitor82>
07:22:40 <GoRedskins> or WIN
07:22:41 <vw> and 'win' too!
07:22:53 <ynpvisitor97> YIPPEE for GO REDSKINS!!!
07:22:56 <vw> Congratz Skins, and G!!!
07:23:01 <GoRedskins> amazing comeback, hope RGIII recovers
07:23:29 <ynpvisitor97> glad it all worked out!!!
07:23:46 <GoRedskins> finally have a winning record :)
07:25:48 <Graham> did i miss anything?
07:26:20 <vw> nope. Has been boringly quiet since your game started.
07:26:49 <ynpvisitor97> they were waiting for Graham to return.
07:27:34 <vw> I think we might have missed Daisy when Castle steam was so heavy.
07:28:42 <Graham> time for bh in the sun?
07:29:03 <vw> I just checked it a few minutes ago. Steam increasing, but not yet steady.
07:29:14 <vw> We are getting Turban cycles.
07:29:45 <vw> Maybe both are holding off for kc.
07:30:10 <Graham> bills lost tho
07:30:27 <vw> Bummer. I missed that score.
07:30:31 <ynpvisitor97> everyone cannot win, right?
07:35:03 <vw> Lion trying.
07:35:51 <vw> Daisy 1435
07:36:52 <vw> Lion 1436
07:37:56 <vw> Another short one from Lion.
07:38:44 <Graham> still no bubblers
07:38:58 <vw> No, but did get a nice burst of steam there.
07:39:00 <Graham> thought about switching to GoSaints but it just doesn't feel right
07:42:35 <vw> OF 1441
07:42:47 <ynpvisitor97> nice
07:45:28 <vw> .
07:47:20 <vw> Hey Will! How were the slopes?
07:47:42 <Will B> not as good as yesterday the wind really packed down the new snow
07:48:05 <vw> Sorry to hear that. But you have the whole season ahead of you.
07:48:30 <Will B> true but it was still fun and that is what counts
07:48:42 <vw> :)
07:48:46 <vw> Good to get out too.
07:49:54 <vw> Time for a coyote to make an appearance: sun is out, Livescope is working well so we could track it.
07:52:39 <Will B> so nice of you to save the bug for me also
07:53:05 <vw> Grand too.
07:53:20 <Graham> and SPlit Cone
07:53:28 <vw> :D
07:55:45 <ynpvisitor82> Has Plume gone 'quiet' again?
07:56:07 <vw> Have not seen Plume today.
07:56:30 <vw> We had several hours this morning though when there was very little we could see, so it could have erupted and we missed it.
07:58:41 <ynpvisitor19> Bee indi
07:58:45 <kcmule> ready whenever vw
07:58:56 <vw> Go for it kc!
07:59:02 <vw> No Indi yet.
07:59:07 <vw> Sorry 19
07:59:28 <ynpvisitor19> Ok looked like it
07:59:28 <vw> I think BH and Grand were waiting for you kc.
07:59:34 <ynpvisitor82> Shadow of BH steam on the snow/ground.
08:35:31 <af> hello
08:35:56 <kcmule> yo
08:36:25 <af> ok, please to not use that with me that is so painful!
08:39:01 <ynpvisitor97> turban time
08:57:15 <Will B> Riverside 1557ie
09:06:24 <kcmule> plume 16:06ie
09:07:06 <vw> Very cool kc!
09:07:26 <ynpvisitor86> Nice to see it, its been a while for me at least
09:07:26 <af> ooh
09:09:56 <kcmule> OF 16:09
09:18:09 <kcmule> dep? 16:17ie
09:20:54 <Will B> Daisy?
09:21:12 <captbunzo> hello people.
09:21:13 <kcmule> would be early
09:21:18 <Will B> too early
09:21:19 <kcmule> hi captb
09:21:28 <Will B> Hi Capt!
09:21:33 <af> hello capt
09:21:37 <captbunzo> just popping in to invite you lot to my new YNP google+ community.
09:21:51 <captbunzo>
09:22:23 <captbunzo> how's everyone? plenty of visitors on today, eh?
09:23:01 <kcmule> grand and bh possible before dark
09:23:06 <af> google+ is kinda meh for me even if it is better than facebook. Facebook just has way more users
09:23:22 <af> albeit unlikely
09:24:32 <captbunzo> yeah, af, you're generally right.
09:24:44 <captbunzo> I just can't bring myself to visit facebook much these days. too much noise.
09:24:57 <captbunzo> and am also pleased to see more people I know on G+
09:25:29 <vw> I agree Paul. I have pretty much dropped out of FB. Are you liking G+?
09:26:21 <af> I almost never use facebook nowadays but there are so many people on it I almost have to be connected
09:26:26 <captbunzo> I love it.
09:26:42 <captbunzo> I've not got a lot of time for social networking sort of stuff these days.
09:27:24 <captbunzo> G+ seems to have a better balance of interesting stuff, verses just noise.
09:27:41 <vw> I am just not interested in how cows my sister-in-law has earned in her farm game, or the often bizarre random thoughts of people!
09:27:57 <captbunzo> lol. exactly ;)
09:28:10 <vw> What about privacy issues on google? Latest news is that google is getting slammed about sharing data.
09:28:25 <af> facebook was once like that, now its just a moshpit of idiotic posts of food from instagram and advertistments from the pages you like
09:29:26 <captbunzo> nah, Google only shares data with itself.
09:29:43 <captbunzo> the privacy complaints about google are just odd.
09:30:17 <captbunzo> I like the new google privacy policy as it means google shares better stuff with me.
09:30:34 <ynpvisitor97> grand area....
09:30:36 <af> that might be grand
09:30:37 <kcmule> Grand 16:30
09:30:37 <captbunzo> but I've drunk the google koolaide, so you know :)
09:30:42 <vw> who/what is the commodity on G+? On FB, it is users, even though they THINK they are the consumers.
09:30:46 <ynpvisitor97> lift off
09:30:52 <vw> Hurray!!!!
09:31:02 <ynpvisitor97> very nice, thank you cam operator
09:31:11 <vw> That was about Grand, not the purple koolaid.
09:31:24 <ynpvisitor97> crazy nice cloud
09:31:39 <kcmule> maybe see a little water
09:31:52 <ynpvisitor97> spasmodic might cover spikes...
09:31:55 <vw> yeah, good luck with that kc! :D
09:32:15 <ynpvisitor97> i think we may see some...
09:32:30 <kcmule> little here and there
09:32:34 <Graham> loks Oblongish
09:32:53 <captbunzo> on G+, the consumers are more regular users.
09:33:11 <ynpvisitor97> ???
09:33:25 <ynpvisitor97> think it is grand
09:33:27 <captbunzo> so rather then being a site where people come to it to do G+ stuff, google is more incorporating it into more of what google does.
09:33:40 <captbunzo> i.e. search, maps, etc.
09:33:51 <af> thats a big cloud
09:34:02 <captbunzo> it's more founded on a concept of sharing with who you want, rather then facebook.
09:34:22 <ynpvisitor3> We'll be there is July
09:34:30 <ynpvisitor3> ... in ...
09:34:45 <captbunzo> lovely pile of steam on the cam. :)
09:35:02 <ynpvisitor97> Graham?
09:35:13 <ynpvisitor97> still look Oblongish?
09:35:14 <vw> I will check G+ out. Thanks!
09:35:20 <Graham> yes
09:35:24 <vw> kc is operating cam now.
09:35:31 <ynpvisitor97> stop it.
09:35:32 <Graham> not seeing much vertical
09:35:48 <Will B> Isee a spike at Grand
09:35:54 <lc> pretty sure I saw spikes a bit ago
09:35:57 <ynpvisitor97> i have seen one too
09:36:11 <ynpvisitor97> See Graham, just for you...
09:36:13 <Graham> theres one
09:36:41 <AG> Good grief what a steam fest.
09:37:15 <kcmule> better than i thought it would be
09:37:18 <Graham> you must have been asleep this morning AG
09:37:18 <ynpvisitor97> the high was probably 15 at OF
09:37:47 <AG> On sunday's I'm at church from 830 to 12.
09:38:30 <lc> I think the high was 13
09:38:46 <ynpvisitor97> so steam it is!
09:38:47 <Graham> ok, well it was very steamy this morning
09:38:47 <kcmule> 2b
09:38:57 <AG> WAHOO!
09:39:08 <ynpvisitor97> NICE!!
09:39:09 <af> fun fun
09:39:15 <Graham> that looks Grandish
09:39:17 <AG> That was tall!
09:39:25 <ynpvisitor97> pan out for a sec
09:39:49 <kcmule> sorry, delay
09:39:57 <ynpvisitor97> now worries, all good
09:40:00 <captbunzo> :)
09:40:08 <captbunzo> just to say I did :)
09:40:54 <ynpvisitor97> fun, fun. next up BH?
09:41:57 <ynpvisitor97> c'est moi, Maureen, I have been lurking about today...trying NOT to watch too much.
09:42:00 <af> rich?
09:42:17 <ynpvisitor97> Had to focus on the Redskins winning for Graham when they were in peril.
09:42:27 <AG> g
09:42:30 <ynpvisitor97> who are you, captbunzo?
09:42:33 <Graham> thank you 97
09:42:46 <Graham> need you here for the next 3 weekends too
09:42:47 <ynpvisitor82> 82 is rich
09:42:52 <captbunzo> I live in England.
09:43:00 <ynpvisitor97> Christmas football? ICK.
09:43:04 <Graham> unfortunately the Giants are winning
09:43:06 <captbunzo> think this page is cool, but could use some updating.
09:43:10 <ynpvisitor97> BOO
09:43:18 <af> how so?
09:43:18 <ynpvisitor82> Happy belated Birtthday capbunzo
09:43:25 <Graham> and a lightweight smartphone page :)
09:43:26 <captbunzo> alas, I'm the one who needs to do any updating, so I should complain less. :)
09:43:29 <ynpvisitor97> are you a gazer, cbunzo?
09:43:32 <captbunzo> thanks, 82
09:43:48 <captbunzo> and yep, graham, sorry for not looking into that like I said I would! :)
09:43:54 <ynpvisitor97> no actual name just a place of residence?
09:43:57 <captbunzo> I'll promise again to look into it.
09:44:10 <captbunzo> maybe that'll be a Christmas break task.
09:44:18 <captbunzo> 97. my name is Paul.
09:44:34 <AG> Oh paul! nice to meet you. This page is awesome!
09:44:39 <ynpvisitor97> do you come to Yellowstone or gaze from afar?
09:44:54 <Graham> we thought you were hibernating 97
09:44:58 <ynpvisitor97> sunset happening already...
09:45:00 <af> am I the only one who knows 97 is Marureen? or am I wrong?
09:45:04 <captbunzo> I've vacationed to YNP about 8-9 times.
09:45:10 <ynpvisitor97> I was doing chores...
09:45:25 <captbunzo> mostly as a kid, but then 3 times as an adult with my family.
09:45:29 <ynpvisitor97> Nice sunset.
09:45:35 <captbunzo> hoping to plan a nice 10 day trip next summer.
09:45:39 <ynpvisitor97> COLD, COLD, COLD
09:45:48 <ynpvisitor97> Graham knew I was 97 all day...
09:46:09 <ynpvisitor97> please not -20 again...
09:46:09 <Graham> no i didn't, was wondering...
09:46:17 <ynpvisitor97> funny
09:46:22 <Graham> i can't keep up with figuring out which number is who
09:46:36 <Graham> hard enough to keep track of geysers
09:46:38 <ynpvisitor97> that is fine, just know I was rooting for GO REDSKINS.
09:46:39 <AG> lol
09:46:56 <AG> At least you can see yours clearly most of the time G.
09:46:59 <Will B> BHI must be going from all the dings im hearing while on another page
09:47:09 <ynpvisitor97> Chatting Will...
09:47:12 <Graham> thats right, but that doesn't narrow it down, doesn't everyone root flr the Redskins?
09:47:13 <af> no just lots of chatter
09:48:06 <ynpvisitor97> that is funny Graham...
09:48:15 <af> .
09:48:19 <Graham> what did it get down to in West 97?
09:48:24 <ynpvisitor97> I knew you were GO REDSKINS...
09:48:27 <ynpvisitor97> -14
09:48:37 <ynpvisitor97> though at Udo's it was only -8
09:49:02 <ynpvisitor97> The subdivision is warmer, lots of heat sources about.
09:49:08 <ynpvisitor100> How bout them Cowboys!
09:49:09 <AG> BHI must go in the next few minutes or we're not getting a Daylight Bee
09:49:40 <ynpvisitor97> at least it was an awesome blue sky day
09:49:55 <Will B> *
09:49:56 <ynpvisitor97> not shades of gray upon gray upon gray
09:50:11 <AG> That was unfortunately what it was like here today.
09:50:15 <ynpvisitor97> Big Sky caught some good snow Will.
09:50:18 <af> with a little gray on the side
09:50:19 <Graham> yep, i am sure there were good sparcles in Ftn today
09:50:36 <ynpvisitor97> SO GOOD, the streamers were super awesome
09:50:47 <Will B> No clue on Big Sky but Bridger got 20" yesterday
09:50:53 <af> 6 days to winter season at least
09:50:55 <ynpvisitor97> I had to watch FTN videos today to get through it.
09:50:59 <ynpvisitor97> not being there.
09:51:11 <AG> 97 have you seen my sunset start one?
09:51:25 <ynpvisitor97> FTN? No, is it on FB?
09:51:33 <AG> no youtube. but it's public.
09:51:43 <AG> half a moment...
09:51:47 <ynpvisitor97> what is it titled?
09:52:05 <AG>
09:52:10 <Will B> VEC cam looks cool
09:52:18 <AG> There you go, I also have a few other's from this summer on there.
09:52:48 <Will B> *yes he should
09:52:53 <AG> So. much. Italic....
09:53:21 <ynpvisitor97> Thought you said earlier, Will, that Bridger was not powder today...
09:53:43 <Will B> yesterday it was
09:54:22 <AG> good grief yes, it's midnight there isn't it?
09:54:38 <af> goodnight capt
09:54:52 <AG> Dear BHI, please erupt.
09:54:57 <captbunzo> indeed, 6 minutes to midnight.
09:55:14 <captbunzo> maybe I can get a BHI first :)
09:55:21 <Graham> i think we are all going to miss it
09:55:29 <Graham> unless Kristine goes out
09:55:58 <AG> I remember how frustrated I was when I waited until 0040 on sept 3 for it, left, and it apparently erupted an hour later.
09:56:18 <Will B> that happens
09:56:18 <captbunzo> ok, night then. I'll leave so it'll go for you lot. :)
09:56:47 <ynpvisitor97> thanks AG, that was fun.
09:57:03 <ynpvisitor97> A rocky ride, yet great light. Fun to hear Tara, Lynn and Greg...good times...
09:57:24 <AG> Yeah, I need to invest in a camcorder and tripod before next summer.
09:57:31 <ynpvisitor97> you are cute, asking Greg to keep up on Anenome for you.
09:57:51 <kcmule> try an ultrapod
09:57:56 <AG> Miss that guy.
09:58:17 <AG> thanks kc I will look into that.
09:58:22 <ynpvisitor97> Closing weekend it was wonderful to see Leslie and Greg.
09:58:54 <ynpvisitor97> Greg is one of my true Fountain buddies.
09:58:55 <Will B> BH bubbler turn on?
09:59:05 <AG> I saw it too Will.
09:59:15 <ynpvisitor97> hope???
09:59:39 <Will B> I want the big bubbler to turn on
09:59:59 <AG> I wouldn't mind a no Indy.
10:00:18 <Graham> i think BH is just getting its crankyness out of the way before Jan
10:00:19 <kcmule> cant forget daisy
10:00:29 <Will B> Just courious are there any pictures in the archives of BH's vent?
10:00:53 <AG> don't think so Will, I looked through most of the digital ones a couple days ago.
10:01:34 <AG> some pretty cool shots of Seismic though, and of Steamboat starting.
10:01:47 <af> i remember reading it looked like a keyhole
10:01:52 <af> I think
10:02:05 <AG> I thought TBS mentions it.
10:02:14 <Will B> Beehives vent looks like an hourglass
10:02:28 <af> oh that
10:02:30 <ynpvisitor97> TSB?
10:02:53 <AG> ^ yeah. whoops...
10:02:59 <Kristine> T. Scott Bryan
10:03:10 <AG> I had it right in front of me too.
10:03:22 <Will B> fail
10:03:23 <af> Inventory of teh thermal features of teh firehole river geyser basins and other selected areas of yellowstone is where I remember it
10:04:20 <ynpvisitor82> I did a google search and David Monteith has some BH vents photos
10:05:14 <ynpvisitor82>
10:05:49 <Will B> Looking into the vent?
10:06:01 <AG> Something going downbasin.
10:06:10 <ynpvisitor82> Havent looked at them all yet
10:06:53 <ynpvisitor97> darkness comes...
10:07:46 <AG> Oblong?
10:08:03 <AG> no, probably turban.
10:08:23 <Kristine> Well, I think it's dinnertime. I hear the Subway across the street calling name :)
10:08:52 <kcmule> nite K
10:08:57 <AG> night Kristine.
10:09:13 <ynpvisitor97> that is funny Kristine...
10:09:27 <Kristine> Why is that, 97?
10:09:45 <ynpvisitor97> aren't you at OF?
10:09:56 <ynpvisitor97> i thought you were joking...
10:10:08 <Kristine> Gardiner. Gotta check in for work tomorrow.
10:10:22 <Graham> yeah paperwork K
10:10:29 <Kristine> So, there really is a Subway across the street :)
10:10:31 <ynpvisitor97> oh, have a good night.
10:10:34 <Kristine> Yep, all that fun stuff.
10:10:35 <ynpvisitor97> ENJOY
10:10:52 <ynpvisitor97> Subway in West is closed now.
10:11:03 <Kristine> Will do. Everyone have a good evening!
10:11:09 <ynpvisitor97> Nite.
10:11:14 <AG> Thought I just saw a major splash from Bee.
10:11:20 <Kristine> That sucks. I won't eat at the Arby's anymore (bad customer service).
10:11:52 <ynpvisitor97> McDonalds closed too
10:11:52 <Kristine> Night.
10:11:57 <ynpvisitor97> First time ever.
10:13:13 <AG> I think the bug will evade us this time.
10:13:15 <ynpvisitor97> West Yellowstone is truly a ghost town this time of year, until the park opens next weekend.
10:13:37 <ynpvisitor97> I think so too AG. Thanks again for the fun FTN...
10:14:00 <Graham> so all you have open is Starbucks?
10:14:09 <AG> no prob, there's also a nice sunset Grand in there, complete with My Dad's, Bruce J's, and Rocco's reactions.
10:14:23 <ynpvisitor97> He he, I will have to go look
10:14:31 <ynpvisitor97> No starbucks here...
10:14:49 <ynpvisitor82> Interesting photo of BH, BHI and close to cone
10:14:53 <ynpvisitor97> Wild West Pizza is the go to place, bar and restaurant in one.
10:15:00 <ynpvisitor82>
10:15:20 <AG> WOW 82, that's a great shot.
10:15:44 <ynpvisitor97> thanks 82
10:16:25 <AG> I think, Indy. is. on.
10:16:46 <ynpvisitor97> kc?
10:17:05 <kcmule> nope
10:17:11 <AG> nope, just steam, my bad.
10:17:21 <ynpvisitor97> night all.
10:17:41 <Graham> it would be tormenting us if it started now
10:18:15 <lc> have a good night eveeryone.
10:18:17 <AG> Well, look on the brightside, we'd probably get a late morning Bee if it went within the next hour.
10:18:23 <AG> Night lc.
10:19:12 <af> goosnight all
10:19:18 <AG> nite af.
10:21:38 <vw> I have to head out too. Have a great night all.
10:21:44 <AG> bye vw.
10:23:29 <AG> Well, that's that. Last one out, hit the lights, be back on tomorrow.
10:24:06 <Graham> goodnight all, see you tomorrow
10:27:39 <kcmule> nite