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23:07:56 <ynpvisitor60> slm
00:24:43 <lc> did OF just end?
00:25:30 <lc> looked like it just ended 0722
00:26:15 <Dave from B> Good morning, lc
00:26:26 <Dave from B> and numbers 33 & 82
00:26:31 <lc> good morning Dave
00:27:31 <lc> think I will log OF with a ?
00:30:17 <Dave from B> Going fishin' today, lc?
00:30:42 <lc> probably. g
00:30:57 <lc> suppose to be high 50's today.
00:31:21 <Dave from B> Do you have a boat?
00:31:52 <lc> old one, always go with a friend.
00:32:18 <lc> how was the birthday?
00:32:59 <Dave from B> It was great. Becca was thrilled to get your birthday congrats.
00:34:34 <lc> I watched the first 2 episodes of survivor, I was totally confused, thought Becca was your daughter
00:35:07 <lc> I told Ma I didn't remember Becca having blond hair.
00:35:17 <Dave from B> Funny. That was my college age daughter, Taylor
00:35:42 <Dave from B> I hope you get a chance to meet her. She's turned into a great young lady.
00:37:25 <Dave from B> Becca would have no chance in a survivor type game. She has great life skills to succeed in the world...but she can be pretty ornery and direct at times.
00:37:26 <lc> thought Becca was a little young to be competing with the other kids.
00:38:01 <Dave from B> Yeah, survivor group was made up of 17-22 year olds
00:38:37 <lc> ok, I plan to watch all episodes
00:38:48 <Dave from B> I hope Episode 13 comes out when Taylor is home; she arrives on the 19th
00:38:53 <lc> may take a while
00:39:40 <lc> will she make it to the park with you this summer?
00:40:06 <Dave from B> Just like the regular survivor, it gets more intersting as you get deeper into it.
00:40:44 <Dave from B> Taylor will be working so I don't think she will be going on our gazing trip in late June or early July.
00:41:07 <Dave from B> She will be going with us (I think) when we do a trip for some family around August 1
00:41:44 <Dave from B> 6 nights in Tetons and Yellowstone (2 nites at OF)
00:42:43 <lc> ok, I guess we will make two trips this summer, around first of July and labor day.
00:43:46 <Dave from B> Due to Becca's 4 years of high school soccer, we probably won't be returning to our Labor Day OF tradition for a few years.
00:44:49 <lc> just got a call from Jim (friend I fish with) heis already fishing. guess I better eat breakfast and get to the lake.
00:45:31 <lc> have a good day.
00:45:42 <Dave from B> Same to you, lc
01:08:12 <Dave from B> Morning, Hawkeye, 1 and 3
01:08:35 <ynpvisitor1> morning from #1
01:09:29 <Dave from B> Morning, Kevin...ready to "work" a full shift today?
01:10:30 <Hawkeye> morning
01:13:49 <Kevin L> I am ready, but as luck would have it, I don't have a shift today!
01:14:24 <Dave from B> Another day off...well, I guess you are "retired"
01:20:15 <ynpvisitor44> Is that indicator?
01:20:28 <Dave from B> Was just going to ask the same rthing
01:20:36 <Dave from B> :!:
01:20:40 <Janet> :)
01:20:41 <Janet> :)
01:20:43 <Janet> :)
01:20:45 <Dave from B> :!:
01:20:53 <Dave from B> :!:
01:21:07 <Kevin L> I can send the txt
01:21:20 <Dave from B> BHI 820 ie...Thanks, Kevin
01:21:29 <Dave from B> Morning, Janet
01:21:36 <Janet> Good morning!
01:21:56 <Dave from B> Janet, have you seen "Mouth" Geyser photos from Pat and Will?
01:22:14 <Janet> Not sure - where are they?
01:22:25 <Dave from B> FB
01:22:47 <Janet> Ok, I probably did, but since I'm not 100% sure, I'll take a look again.
01:23:02 <Dave from B> Would be great for your website
01:23:54 <Janet> If they wish to share. :) Still not sure how to add to reach out to the masses and yet still only add to the gazer community.
01:24:02 <Janet> Ideas welcome as always. :)
01:24:57 <Janet> I've taken off the comments on almost all of the pages and am shifting comments to the forums. Just easier to navigate
01:26:25 <Janet> Man, I'd love to have that type of snow here. At least it can snow on the computer screen.
01:28:05 <ynpvisitor36> Fumbled the mouse
01:28:50 <Kevin L> I was wondering why no txt message. I forgot to push the OK button to send.
01:30:07 <Janet> Beehive?
01:30:24 <AG> thanks for the text.
01:30:34 <Dave from B> I think so...hard to tell
01:30:40 <Will B> not yet
01:30:58 <Dave from B> Morning, Will, AG, Maureen
01:31:11 <Janet> Good morning all.
01:31:13 <AG> Text woke me up.
01:31:21 <Maureen> hey all
01:31:43 <Maureen> another gray day...
01:32:00 <AG> what a beautiful Beehive!!! ;p
01:32:21 <Kevin L> I am wondering if we have a Lion.
01:32:28 <Janet> I'll be happy to trade you, Maureen, for our 'interrogation light' sun
01:32:47 <Hawkeye> I missed it! I accidentally hit the button to restart now instead of restart later
01:33:04 <Will B> hasnt gone yet
01:33:04 <AG> BH off.
01:33:28 <Maureen> do you mean you are in an office Janet?
01:33:32 <AG> well, that was fun. Back to bed. probably bbl.
01:33:47 <Janet> No, the sunlight - another blaringly bright day with the sun so low in the sky
01:33:51 <Maureen> too funny AG
01:33:52 <Janet> Really getting old
01:34:05 <Maureen> where are you?
01:34:18 <Janet> Mountains west of Colorado Springs
01:34:41 <Maureen> sorry for your lack of snow.
01:35:03 <Maureen> i would trade my drive yesterday with some dry road conditions!
01:35:23 <Janet> We did get 8" out of the last one. If you need to see sun, it's here on our webcam:
01:35:34 <Janet> That faces south and gets the blinding glare
01:35:49 <Maureen> Glad the area caught some snow.
01:36:39 <Maureen> so is that Lion?
01:36:46 <Janet> Me, too. Always hoping for deep white winters. I'll happilly put up with the driving issues and shoveling and cold rather than deal with drought
01:36:53 <Will B> no
01:37:00 <Kevin L> That does look like Lion out there.
01:37:19 <Maureen> AG left really, I think he was half asleep!
01:37:32 <Will B> but the Bug looks to be in steam phase now
01:37:41 <Dave from B> I was wondering about your drive yesterday, Maureen...especially after I heard Bozeman had a few inches
01:37:55 <Will B> more than a few
01:38:09 <Maureen> drove in the dark and back in the dark, both in extreme conditions.
01:38:22 <Janet> That's always so hard.
01:38:32 <Maureen> Bozeman was a sloppy mess as it always is in the storm.
01:38:47 <Maureen> the ice in the canyon was the worst.
01:39:12 <Maureen> people were going 30 and would not pull over...very frustrating.
01:39:29 <Janet> Glad to hear you got through ok
01:39:33 <Maureen> trucks off the road in YNP, white out conditions there. And dark.
01:39:51 <Maureen> Was very glad to get home.
01:40:26 <Maureen> and on top of it all, Bozeman Ford once again does not have all the parts to fix my car!
01:40:50 <Maureen> So it is there all day yet I have to go back to finish the job because they blew it on the parts.
01:41:15 <Maureen> Will, do you think BH went?
01:41:31 <Will B> yes now i do
01:41:50 <Maureen> that is what I am thinking too, we missed it in the gray? Any static captures?
01:41:52 <Will B> it was so hard to tell with the snw
01:42:02 <Will B> snow
01:42:12 <Janet> There was a big increase in steam at 0830
01:42:13 <Maureen> skiing or packing Will?
01:42:31 <Will B> testing
01:42:39 <Maureen> there does not seem to be indicator steam any more...
01:43:03 <Will B> final at 10
01:43:07 <Maureen> i thought you were done with testing,
01:43:43 <Will B> this test I can take a 0 on and still get an A- so its a no biggie test
01:43:44 <Janet> Have a great day everyone - back to work here. :)
01:43:49 <Maureen> who is on the cam?
01:43:57 <Will B> Kevin?
01:44:06 <Maureen> no static shots? Rich?
01:44:32 <Maureen> thanks for text, maybe tomorrow we will see it!!
01:44:57 <Maureen> meteors tonight everyone if it is clear where you are...
01:45:29 <Will B> and i dont have my good camera yet :(
01:45:57 <Maureen> what does that mean Will?
01:45:58 <Kevin L> Not on cam today.
01:46:33 <Will B> I want to take pictures of the meteors
01:46:47 <Will B> CC is because of the wiper?
01:46:50 <Maureen> oh, that would be fun.
01:49:05 <Maureen> Graham will be happy.
01:49:19 <Maureen> West got about 8 inches from the storm.
01:49:49 <Will B> Bridger got 9" yesterday and 2" overnight
01:50:06 <Maureen> good, they need it.
01:50:19 <Will B> OF 0850ie
02:04:23 <Dave from B> Should we put a time in GT for BH?
02:08:44 <Kevin L> I was wondering that. If so what time?
02:08:48 <Maureen> what time would you put? Phantom time?
02:09:14 <Kevin L> That answers that. CC is running the cam.
02:09:29 <Maureen> before 8:42?
02:09:44 <ynpvisitor67> No BH today?
02:09:58 <Maureen> Before 8:32?
02:10:19 <Maureen> could not be seen...
02:10:21 <Will B> i would put 0830 with a ? and a comment
02:10:41 <Maureen> You will or you would?
02:10:54 <Kevin L> Sounds good to me Will. Go for it.
02:10:58 <Will B> would im headed to go eat
02:11:19 <Maureen> Dave will do it!
02:11:41 <Maureen> not snowing in WEST!!!
02:11:49 <Will B> :(
02:12:08 <Maureen> we have enough for now, thanks...
02:12:18 <Will B> :(
02:13:54 <Maureen> have a good day all, off to the crazy place that is work....
02:14:06 <Kevin L> Enjoy.
02:14:43 <Dave from B> Bye, Maureen. Yes, I will enter BH with comments
02:17:55 <Dave from B> ok...I've tried to enter BH twice and it doesn't seem GT is taking it
02:18:17 <Dave from B> I'll try again
02:19:36 <Dave from B> Done...operator error
02:24:00 <Dave from B> ..
02:24:46 <Kevin L> Breathing too many fish fumes Dave?
02:25:46 <Dave from B> Yeah....stupid...I was hitting "home" instead of "submit". Bad enough to due that once....but twice?:P
02:26:18 <Dave from B> due = do
02:26:19 <Kevin L> Sounds like a loose nut behind the keyboard.
02:26:57 <Dave from B> More than one loose nut:)
02:28:09 <ynpvisitor1> ,
02:28:47 <ynpvisitor67> A few spikes on the YFT seismo.
02:29:50 <Dave from B> ..
02:34:14 <ynpvisitor67>
02:34:29 <ynpvisitor67> Halemaumau crater Hawaii
02:34:57 <Dave from B> That is a great shot, 67
02:35:42 <ynpvisitor67> it updates like the static cams
02:52:34 <Dave from B> ..
02:52:41 <Kevin L> Here is a panorama of the same area:
02:52:43 <Kevin L>
02:52:57 <ynpvisitor67> G'Day Everyone
02:53:48 <ynpvisitor67> A link to a bigger panorama image
02:54:58 <ynpvisitor67> Menu of several cams on Kileaua Volcano
02:55:43 <Dave from B> Thanks and good morning, Rich
02:55:55 <ynpvisitor67> Morning Dave from B
02:56:48 <ynpvisitor67> Roosevelt Arch at the moment with mtns and snow.
03:15:37 <ynpvisitor67> Nice preplay of OF
03:16:47 <ynpvisitor1> .
03:19:31 <ynpvisitor67> OF 1019 wc
03:19:59 <ynpvisitor67> loisb got 1018
03:40:01 <Dave from B> May be a Daisy in there somewhere at 1039
03:56:08 <vw> Good morning all!
04:00:48 <Dave from B> Morning, vw
04:01:38 <Dave from B> brb...going to grab some lunch
04:01:55 <vw> Hi Dave, bye Dave.
04:12:13 <ynpvisitor1> .
04:29:48 <Dave from B> ...
04:30:36 <Dave from B> vw, how are you doin' today?
04:31:05 <vw> Hi again Dave. Welcome back from lunch.
04:31:11 <vw> Doing good. Nice to see the sun!
04:31:24 <vw> How about you? Still hyper-busy?
04:32:14 <Dave from B> Oh, yeah. Walk-in business really pickup in the afternoon....have to eat my lunch a little earlier than normal
04:32:58 <vw> That makes the afternoon very long, although being busy helps the time pass.
04:33:44 <vw> Is it always this busy this time of year for you?
04:33:49 <Dave from B> By 8 pm during December I fight to keep my eyes open
04:34:06 <vw> Yes, but you are at work so early!
04:34:26 <Dave from B> Busiest time of year is from Dec 10-31. We probably do 15% of our business in those 3 weeks.
04:34:53 <vw> Wow! That is impressive.
04:34:55 <Dave from B> I get up between 430 and 500 everyday.
04:35:32 <Dave from B> Well, except for weekends, when I "sleep" in until 630 or 700
04:35:43 <vw> I know you have said you like to arrive at work early because you can get more done before the phones start ringing and everybody else arrives.
04:36:29 <Dave from B> True, but I have also started working out two mornings a week so On Tues and Thurs, I'm not at work as early
04:37:07 <Dave from B> Part of my "slow down and enjoy life" resolution
04:37:08 <vw> Good. Even though it reduces the number of hours at the office, the trade off is well worth it.
04:38:24 <vw> Probably too early for your kids to join you in your exercise? Might have to switch hours during spring/summer so they can do that.
04:39:14 <Dave from B> Funny you should mention that...Becca would probably like to go with me after work.
04:39:32 <Dave from B> But I spend time at my mom's before I get home
04:39:55 <Dave from B> She works out with me on the weekend
04:39:59 <vw> Maybe give it a try during the winter break? During school she also has homwork. :P
04:40:46 <vw> Are you taking care of your mom all by yourself? A lot of work.
04:43:29 <vw> Aurum 1143 ie
04:44:45 <Dave from B> Just visiting my mom since she hasn't starting drive again. My wife and uncle have been taking her shopping.
04:45:15 <vw> Good to share those responsibilities.
04:46:10 <Kevin L> Aurum looked like BH
04:46:39 <vw> It was pretty fuzzy looking at it through OF steam.
04:47:24 <Dave from B> Haven't seen Steve's Xmas lyrics for the holiday season yet...
04:47:44 <Kevin L> I am walking in at the right times today anyway.
04:48:11 <vw> Sometimes he needs a little prodding. I would expect to see some gentle pokes soon if he doesn't send one to the listserve.
04:48:27 <Dave from B> Instead of dreaming of a white about dreaming about blue sky?
04:48:51 <vw> Blue sky in short supply this year Dave!
04:49:15 <Dave from B> That's why it's just a dream:)
04:52:23 <vw> OF 1152
05:02:01 <Dave from B> I should get Becca to write some lyrics, she loves poetry and she has a notebook of songs she has worked on
05:03:23 <vw> She might have fun incorporating her love of poetry and her knowledge of YNP. :)
05:04:05 <Dave from B> I'll show her some of Steve's old stuff and see if I can persuade her to do something
05:16:55 <Rich> Isn't time for the Bison to make a trip thru the basin?
05:17:20 <vw> Or a coyote.
05:27:45 <Rich> I'd settle for 2 leggers. g
05:28:11 <Rich> Even the wiper blade would be something.
05:28:57 <vw> Coyote?
05:36:25 <vw> Time for me to grab some lunch. Back in a bit.
05:36:31 <Dave from B> So, is this 6 days of snow in a row for OF? Can't quite remember.
05:43:07 <Rich> Need more snow. g
05:43:31 <Dave from B> Might as well keep it coming
05:43:51 <Rich> Makes for Spring flowers.
05:44:28 <Hawkeye> I don't think it snowed Saturday...picture of a 2 legged showed almost clear skies
05:44:55 <Dave from B> Thanks, Hawkeye
05:45:24 <Rich> For you we'll have clear skies and sunshine Saturday. I'll ask Santa.
05:46:17 <Dave from B> Thaks,'re the best
05:46:47 <Rich> Anything I can do to 'help' out. g
06:11:52 <Rich> Lion?
06:12:15 <vw> Puffing. Wait to see if it gets started.
06:12:43 <Dave from B> Looks like it
06:12:44 <vw> OF 1312
06:13:16 <vw> Yeap, looks like Lion finally started. Rich, did you get a time?
06:13:59 <Rich> 1312ie
06:14:39 <vw> posted into log with an earlier time, but I don't know how accurate the times are here.
06:15:20 <vw> When people see eruptions, getting and posting times important!
06:15:38 <Rich> yes
06:20:09 <Rich> I don't know if it was an initial, conditons such as they have been.
06:20:34 <Rich> Duration suggests that it might have been.
06:21:08 <vw> Seemed to last a long time; haven't seen another today. "Initial" seems like a probable option.
06:27:33 <Rich> vw, change my comment to reflect Initial possible.
06:27:55 <vw> Great! Thank you Rich!
06:29:01 <Rich> np
06:31:22 <vw> A lot of white on white out there. Hard to see anything with much clarity.
06:32:00 <Rich> Looks like steam at Daisy
06:32:51 <Dave from B> A whole lot of shades of white and gray
06:50:08 <Rich> Turban?
06:50:46 <vw> Grand 1350
06:51:10 <Rich> Well, I just needed to move over a few feet. g
06:51:47 <vw> I am still watching for water, but too much steam for Turban is my take.
06:54:46 <Rich> /
06:55:42 <Rich> I'm going snowblind staring and looking for spikes.
07:06:23 <vw> Castle 1406 ie
07:07:15 <Kevin L> Amazing how much you have seen with the weather.
07:07:28 <vw> Hey Kevin!
07:07:33 <vw> Yes, but Daisy is elusive.
07:07:56 <Kevin L> Isn't it always?
07:08:07 <vw> :)
07:08:33 <vw> Its the first one we lose the view of in this weather too.
07:10:06 <Kevin L> That is why it is so hard.
07:10:11 <Dave from B> Hey, Kevin.....Have you managed to go a full 24 hours without anything breaking at your house?
07:10:40 <Kevin L> Nope.
07:11:10 <Dave from B> Now what?
07:11:55 <Kevin L> Broke my right side mirror backing out of the garage for bus duty a few minutes ago.
07:12:11 <vw> :P
07:12:39 <Kevin L> At least Amazon has one for $10.
07:13:01 <Dave from B> I would laugh, but I have also done that
07:13:21 <Kevin L> Caught it by about 1/2".
07:13:59 <vw> Snow piling up. Graham will be pleased.
07:14:12 <ynpvisitor74> nice shot
07:14:49 <vw> Only way I know how to measure changing snow depth conditions, 74.
07:14:56 <vw> short of being there that is...
07:15:25 <ynpvisitor74> lots of snow on the benches
07:16:50 <vw> Several times I have wished the VEC would 'plant' a snow depth gauge right off the benches/bw for us.
07:17:12 <ynpvisitor74> love that idea
07:17:28 <Dave from B> It's called the OF Geyser sign:)
07:17:40 <Kevin L> It would be really great during off season.
07:17:48 <Dave from B> except plow could bury the sign
07:18:00 <vw> Needs to be away from thermal area Dave. Maybe near the trees to the right of OF?
07:18:20 <ynpvisitor76> If we knew the length of the edge markers in front of the VEC we could calculate the new snow fall, that i until they plowed. g
07:19:30 <Dave from B> Sign I was speing of is on VEC static...but not a good measuring stick
07:19:45 <Dave from B> speing = speaking
07:20:15 <vw> Yeah, any measure needs to be away from buildings, walkways, bw, thermal areas.
07:20:40 <Kevin L> Maybe when Graham is up there he can take a yardstick and a Sharpie and mark the gign!
07:20:54 <ynpvisitor74> later
07:21:01 <Kevin L> Gign? Sign.
07:21:31 <vw> The OF sign is often pretty good. Generally far enough away from walkway to avoid being buried when they are clearing the path. But people do trample around it in order to get pictures.
07:22:30 <vw> Lion 1422 ns
07:26:28 <Dave from B> Lots of steam from Giantess or Aurum
07:27:14 <vw> Thought I saw Aurum a bit ago, but wasn't sure.
07:27:53 <vw> Looks like Castle in steam phase, so will update my entry to a major.
07:43:27 <Dave from B> ..
07:44:25 <vw> Seismograph showing some pretty good shakes. Haven't had time to match them up with anything though.
07:45:25 <Kevin L> There were some quakes in Costa Rica today.
07:45:58 <vw> Looked like maybe some minor ones in Utah and inside the Park too?
07:58:39 <vw> OF taking its time.
07:59:33 <vw> Times like this I wonder if I missed it.
07:59:58 <vw> OF 1459
08:00:02 <vw> Guess not
08:00:03 <Dave from B> Exactly how long was your nap, vw?:)
08:00:13 <vw> :D
08:00:28 <Kevin L> Not long enough!
08:00:35 <vw> wow... we can actually SEE this eruption!
08:01:18 <vw> 107m interval.
08:03:35 <Dave from B> Speaking of things breaking....
08:04:05 <Dave from B> With all the technology advances is there a reason why an engineer can't build a toilet that will actually work?
08:04:34 <ynpvisitor76> they did a long time ago, Out House.
08:04:35 <Dave from B> I swear our house builder went to WalMart to buy our plumbing
08:04:47 <ynpvisitor76> g
08:06:00 <Kevin L> They have that new law that they can only use a certain amount of water per flush. Franky I think it is better to use 2.5 gallons once than 1.5 gallons twice. :)
08:06:12 <vw> Before you do anything Dave, check with kevin. He might have a fix for you.
08:06:23 <Hawkeye> that's why my dad won't change his ancient one out
08:07:13 <vw> Yes, the new low-flows don't do well, unless you can afford the more expensive models that have extra pressure built into them. :P
08:08:24 <Dave from B> Nothing is currently broken but it just seems about every 3-4 months one of them needs adjusting or something
08:08:27 <Kevin L> I have 3 and it one has its own problem.
08:08:36 <vw> Dang. One time we can kind of see area down around Daisy, and it looks quiet.
08:08:39 <Kevin L> Each one.
08:09:58 <Dave from B> Did I tell you about what the Engineering DEpt at Wash U is doing?
08:10:19 <vw> ?
08:10:32 <Dave from B> They have a coal plant that they are working on that releases NOTHING into the atmosphere. It is totally self contained
08:10:49 <vw> That is seriously cool!
08:10:58 <Dave from B> Somehow tjhey are using algae I believe...don't know the specifcs
08:11:02 <vw> Would make even MT dirty coal viable?
08:11:18 <ynpvisitor76> Wonder how they changed the law of Conservation of Matter and Energy?
08:11:53 <vw> Don't have to. Only have to figure out a way to divert waste to an non-emitting state.
08:12:02 <Dave from B> 76, I would suggest you ckeck out their website to get the truth. brb...I'll look for the link.
08:12:12 <ynpvisitor76> k
08:12:40 <ynpvisitor76> Still takes energy to 'collect'.
08:12:45 <Dave from B>
08:12:50 <lc> EPA will never approve it.
08:13:07 <Kevin L> The thing that is really funny is how they tout the Chevy Volt as having no emissions. Duh! It has its emissions when the power is generated which means since there is 48% of our electricity generated by coal, the Chevy Volt is a coal powered car!
08:13:28 <vw> Hi lc!
08:13:29 <ynpvisitor76> I then wonder who is funding the project and who wiill hold the patents.
08:13:32 <Dave from B> Very true, Kevin
08:13:47 <lc> hi vw
08:14:06 <Dave from B> wb, lc
08:14:33 <Kevin L> Catch any fish?
08:14:48 <lc> not many keepers
08:15:20 <lc> not as bad as yesterday. 12 today.
08:15:40 <vw> Hi cb!
08:15:48 <cb> Hello!
08:15:50 <lc> hey cb
08:15:59 <cb> be right with ya all
08:16:03 <Kevin L> Bets Lake Mead. Only thing I got out of that hole is a 12oz Schlitz can.
08:16:09 <Kevin L> Hi cb.
08:16:39 <cb> I got it vw!
08:16:49 <vw> Thank you cb.
08:16:52 <cb> running late as usual
08:17:03 <Dave from B> Afternoon, cb
08:17:16 <Dave from B> Didn't realize it was that "late"
08:17:16 <lc> got to get some food. bbl.
08:17:25 <cb> Hi lc kevin dave hawkeye and all #'s
08:17:37 <ynpvisitor76> Hi cb
08:17:39 <vw> We just had OF, so you shouldn't have to watch for it for a while. Lion has perked up. Otherwise, its been pretty quiet.
08:17:54 <cb> looks chilly!!
08:17:56 <cb> thanks vw
08:17:58 <vw> I am going to head out. Hope everybody has a great evening!
08:18:11 <Dave from B> Same to you, vw!
08:18:20 <cb> tata
08:18:28 <Dave from B> wb, Will
08:18:41 <Kevin L> bye vw
08:21:27 <cb> going to leave this here for a minute while i grab a cuppa coffee and a bit to eat! STARVIN!
08:21:53 <ynpvisitor76> Looks like funding is from Energy and Coal companies. hmmmm
08:23:44 <Dave from B> I can see why coal companies are involved. Pollution is their biggest issue.
08:24:52 <ynpvisitor76> Must be building a fusion reactor into the system to break down the heavy metals in the coal.
08:26:09 <Dave from B> Had a chance to take a tour when dropping off my daughter at college in August but didn't do it.
08:30:14 <Dave from B> ..
08:30:32 <Dave from B> Is Lion done already?
08:30:54 <Will B> saw a lot of roars so yes i think its done
08:32:09 <ynpvisitor76> Shouldn't be after 'just' two eruptions. g
08:32:36 <Will B> it is possible to have a series of one 76
08:32:59 <Will B> lately we have been having short series
08:33:06 <ynpvisitor76> That I know, but ever hopeful for 7 and 8 series once again.
08:33:07 <Dave from B> We have seen a few single and double series in the past month
08:43:12 <cb> thinkin Lion must be done! :(
08:43:38 <Will B> time for Giantess then
08:43:44 <Dave from B> Sorry, cb...not a lot of excitement left for you
08:43:56 <Will B> almost gone
08:43:58 <cb> wow!! the benches are almost covered
08:44:21 <ynpvisitor76> We can hope for Bison and coyote chaser.
08:44:35 <Dave from B> Should be decent conditions for opening day on Saturday
08:45:12 <cb> the winter guilds are happy i am sure. This was a nice snow producing storm!
08:51:04 <AG> dang, where's the benches? haha.
08:52:54 <AG> split cone must have had an eruption sometime today based on that melt channel.
08:53:51 <Dave from B> Afternoon, AG
08:53:55 <AG> hi Dave.
08:54:09 <Dave from B> Time for me to head out. Have a great evening, everyone!
08:54:11 <ynpvisitor76> Hi AG
08:54:19 <ynpvisitor76> bye Dave from B
08:54:21 <AG> bye Dave, and hi 76
08:54:23 <cb> Bye dave
08:55:42 <AG> at least the wind is going the right direction today.
08:58:39 <ynpvisitor76> ah, for Anemone. g
08:59:42 <AG> Yep. g.
08:59:55 <AG> Big anemone 1559
09:04:55 <AG> Daisy heating up? hard to tell.
09:06:30 <ynpvisitor92> hi
09:06:45 <cb> Hi 92
09:06:49 <ynpvisitor92> ynpvisitor92, ynpvisitor92,
09:06:52 <ynpvisitor92> hi
09:07:49 <Will B> plunk
09:07:56 <AG> lol
09:10:27 <ynpvisitor76> Our afternoon 2 legger with backpack just went by.
09:10:53 <AG> Daisy 1610?
09:11:08 <cb>!
09:11:36 <AG> sorry, just saw a lot of steam over there.
09:14:41 <cb> NOW THAT is maybe Daisy at 1614ie
09:14:58 <cb> yep
09:15:15 <AG> I should have figured it would be huge.
09:15:17 <AG> g
09:17:06 <af> hello
09:17:43 <AG> hi af
09:27:49 <cb> OF 1627
09:28:13 <AG> nice!
09:39:48 <Graham> hello
09:39:56 <ynpvisitor76> hi
09:39:58 <af> yellow
09:40:13 <Graham> i see someone stole the legs off the benches
09:40:28 <ynpvisitor76> sawed them off anyway. g
09:51:36 <ynpvisitor76> Mt. Rainier in the background
09:51:51 <ynpvisitor76> Must be Summer. g
09:53:56 <Graham> nice, Seattle gets all the good weather :)
09:54:29 <AG> Still mostly cloudy here across the water, rain's stopped though.
09:55:30 <cb> Oblong 1655ie?
09:56:39 <AG> could be a large Turban.
10:08:41 <Graham> zzzzz
10:08:54 <Graham> you are not making the geysers erupt for us cb
10:09:29 <cb> sorry Graham. Did catch Daisy..... :/
10:10:20 <Kevin L> Daisy is a challenge.
10:10:56 <cb> momentary clearing!!
10:11:11 <Graham> i didnt see it
10:11:32 <cb> was before you got on
10:11:57 <Graham> yep, so was OF, BH, Grand, Lion
10:12:35 <Graham> maybe Aurum due now?
10:13:33 <cb> i was would grace us
10:13:52 <Graham> hum, have the benches vanished now?
10:14:24 <cb> not quite
10:14:44 <Graham> k, thanks
10:14:54 <Graham> maybe tomorrow, just in time for opening :)
10:15:04 <cb> 'couple of more "
10:17:20 <lc> somebody turned out the light.
10:17:37 <cb> dark quick!
10:18:18 <lc> have a good night everyone.
10:18:25 <Graham> yep, will get lighter starting in a week :)
10:18:25 <cb> Nite lc!
10:18:32 <af> goodnight all
10:19:52 <Kevin L> We even have a cold rain here right now.
10:20:20 <Graham> cold?
10:20:36 <Graham> cold rain in most places now is snow
10:20:51 <cb> It is really cold here tonight. snowed yesterday! Bill is happy now
10:21:18 <Kevin L> Not here. It is mid 40's.
10:23:27 <Graham> good for you and bill
10:23:47 <Graham> that is cold Kevin, bnundle up :)
10:24:03 <Graham> pretty warm at OF too, 28
10:24:47 <cb> calling it a night. tata all
10:24:57 <Graham> bye cb.
10:25:04 <Graham> i am out too
10:25:09 <cb> Have a good evening!
10:25:18 <Kevin L> bye
10:25:30 <AG> bye cb
10:25:51 <AG> I'm out as well everyone, have a good night.