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17:09:53 <ynpvisitor89> hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
20:29:31 <ynpvisitor70> hi
00:13:59 <ynpvisitor51> hi
00:14:03 <Graham> some steam from BHI area, 0712 ....
00:14:07 <Graham> morning
00:14:23 <Graham> looks promising
00:14:59 <Graham> or maybe its from Lion?
00:16:25 <Graham> yep BHI
00:17:03 <lc> morning
00:17:48 <lc> was watching on static, thought it was indy.
00:17:52 <CC> morning all
00:18:11 <CC> sorry I can not zoom into BHI the cam would not focus
00:18:32 <Graham> hi there. getting close to being able to
00:18:51 <Graham> its holding focus now on wide angle
00:19:03 <CC> hopefully soon
00:19:57 <Graham> want a nice long indicator for more light
00:20:15 <Graham> lets see who is listening for texts too
00:20:36 <vw> Good morning!
00:20:44 <Graham> morning vw
00:20:48 <Graham> did we wake you up?
00:21:14 <vw> Nah. Been up for a while.
00:21:34 <CC> still going out of focus if I zoom in too close
00:22:10 <Graham> yeah, getting easier to see now
00:22:21 <CC> at least we can see it if BH gpes npow
00:22:27 <vw> We can see well enough to enjoy the show.
00:22:49 <Graham> kept us waiting after the bubblers started yesterday
00:23:06 <Graham> they were going for an hour before dark and BHI didnt start
00:23:41 <CC> here we go
00:23:55 <Graham> 0723
00:24:24 <CC> morning vw and Maureen
00:24:58 <vw> Hi CC!
00:25:07 <vw> Hi Maureen!
00:25:17 <Maureen> hey all
00:25:20 <Graham> did the txt work Maureen?
00:25:31 <Maureen> yes thanks
00:27:53 <Graham> :)
00:28:07 <Graham> good job BH didnt go 30min earlier otherwise we would miss it for another day
00:28:35 <Redskins Rule> yes, now you can concentrate on football!
00:29:29 <vw> Thank you CC! Thank you to Graham too for alert.
00:29:35 <Redskins Rule> bye for now...GO REDSKINS!!!
00:29:36 <vw> Back in a few hours.
00:30:04 <Graham> thanks Maureen :)
00:30:20 <Graham> nice strat to the day, lots of us trying to make BH go before dark last night
00:30:51 <CC> you know BH loves should have called
00:31:35 <Graham> haha
00:31:52 <Graham> we had GO BUBBLERS, GO BHI, BO BH in the chat room
00:32:00 <Graham> or even GO BH
00:32:11 <Graham> we did get bubblers but nothing more
01:05:29 <CC> OF 8:04 NS
01:25:28 <CC> We have BS
01:25:54 <CC> We have had BSOD FOR 15 MINUTES NOW
01:26:13 <CC> having to use public stream now
02:15:51 <ynpvisitor46> G'Day Everyone
02:18:39 <lc> morning 46
02:20:58 <ynpvisitor46> Hi lc
02:25:56 <Graham> glad the weather was clearer for BH earlier
02:27:04 <ynpvisitor46> Snow blower is making the morning rounds.
02:27:26 <lc> be hard to see it now.
02:28:35 <ynpvisitor46> Just saw it on the sidewalk infront of the cam.
02:28:36 <Graham> the big snow blower is going :)
02:29:10 <ynpvisitor46> The one in the SKY?
02:29:23 <Graham> looks like tomorrow is the snowiest day in the forecast
02:29:28 <Graham> yep, that one
02:30:32 <ynpvisitor46> Sending another storm YNP's way.
02:33:53 <lc> first Plume logged in over 5 days. wonder what it is doing.
02:34:27 <lc> btw, did any people show up yesterday?
02:34:36 <Graham> col, glad it showed up
02:34:51 <Graham> yeah some, especialy for the post-noon OF
02:34:54 <Graham> not many though
02:35:12 <Graham> SL opens Tuesday so the numbers will go up then
02:35:30 <lc> of
02:35:38 <CC> OF 9:35
02:36:07 <lc> hope we get some reports from the basin.
02:36:33 <Graham> YTG posted that they think Morning is still active, wide runoff was clear of snow
02:36:48 <lc> I kow we will when you get there Graham.
02:36:51 <CC> yes I read that
02:37:16 <CC> loggers from Castle and Grand are drying out
02:37:29 <CC> Daisy logger is completely dead
02:37:47 <ynpvisitor67> cc
02:39:22 <Graham> yeah lc, looking forward to posting some times
02:39:33 <Graham> Kristine wil be out sometimes too
02:54:42 <vw> Hello again.
02:54:54 <CC> hi
02:55:00 <CC> redy to take the cam
02:55:05 <vw> CC, you have had a pretty good morning, catching both BH and Plume. :)
02:55:11 <vw> All set up!
02:55:57 <CC> okay...livescope has been terrible ...good luck...the only thing is the it is snowing and you cannot see much
02:56:14 <vw> k. Thank you!
02:56:21 <CC> lion as been puffing
02:56:37 <CC> I am out
02:56:45 <CC> bye all
02:56:48 <vw> I have the cam.
02:56:51 <vw> Bye CC!
02:57:59 <vw> It does look pretty bleak in the basin.
03:07:56 <Graham> SC nicely snowed in
03:08:56 <vw> Hey again Graham.
03:09:35 <vw> I am not sure about the forecast making sure there is a lot of snow on the ground for your arrival. Pretty unsettled and uncertain precip forecast.
03:10:31 <Graham> yeah i see theres snow for tomorrow but pretty light after that
03:10:47 <Graham> oh maybe i should cancel due to lack of snow?
03:11:01 <vw> I don't think so!
03:12:11 <vw> Weather forecasts this year have been more unreliable than usual. Earlier this week we were to have almost zero chance of precip until Christmas. Since then two systems have dropped rain/snow. :P
03:15:12 <Graham> yeah they don't really know. as long as people can get around ok I want it to snow
03:16:10 <vw> I hear you. As much as we can dislike snow at times, it is important to our ecosystem and economy, so I say 'let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.'
03:20:33 <Kevin L> Well i guess I don't have to worry about missing BH today.
03:24:13 <vw> True K: One less thing to worry about.
03:25:01 <Kevin L> Interesting though. Was that one super long interval or was there a real short one in there?
03:30:00 <Graham> I think it was 3 14h intervals
03:30:23 <Graham> so it went just after dark, and then maybe 13 overnight
03:30:51 <Kevin L> That would make sense.
03:31:11 <Kevin L> Should be just about time for bus duty tomorrow.
03:33:08 <lc> was there a time yesterday that BH couldn't be seen?
03:33:50 <GO REDSKINS> not that I saw
03:34:22 <vw> The couple of hours I was on the cam, GH was visible.
03:35:13 <lc> interesting, so interval app 28 hrs then 13 hrs?
03:37:25 <Kevin L> Here is a story for you lc:
03:37:49 <Kevin L> Just a minute. Lost the link.
03:38:35 <vw> I usually just lose the thought...
03:38:46 <lc> G
03:38:57 <Kevin L>
03:39:02 <lc> I know that feeling.
03:39:03 <Kevin L> There it is.
03:41:21 <af-hw> hello
03:41:31 <vw> Good morning af!
03:42:51 <lc> we have striped bass here (Tims Ford lake), we call them rock fish.
03:43:50 <lc> not sure what the lake record is. biggest I have ever caught around 18 lbs.
03:43:52 <GO REDSKINS> lc - I think BH had 3 regular intervals, 0300 onb 15th, 1800, then 0723 this morning, so two missed eruptions in darkness
03:44:46 <lc> that would make more sense Graham.
03:46:27 <Kevin L> That would work. It is hard to get a handle in the dark with nobody there. At least we start getting longer days nest Sunday!
03:47:07 <Kevin L> That was one heck of a fish there lc. Bet he had quite a time catching it by himself with 15lb line.
03:47:37 <Kevin L> I wish there was a video of him doing that.
03:48:02 <lc> Kevin, we never fish for rockfish but we do catch a few.
03:49:01 <Kevin L> I think that is about all we have here but catfish now. There were some good trout but then they introduced the strippers and they ate all the trout.
03:49:43 <GO REDSKINS> so we have a Dave vs KC rivalry game today?
03:49:58 <lc> we use 6 lb line, a 10-12 lb will rockfish will give you a fit.
03:57:03 <ynpvisitor82> any humans there...
03:57:05 <ynpvisitor82> ?
03:57:16 <vw> I saw one person a while ago.
03:57:29 <vw> More should be arriving soon.
04:00:13 <Maureen> hey all...
04:00:26 <Maureen> Time for the game Graham?
04:00:30 <vw> Hello again Maureen!
04:00:35 <GO REDSKINS> wb Maureen
04:00:54 <Maureen> blue sky here right now. NICE
04:01:13 <GO REDSKINS> and snowing in the park, perfect
04:01:20 <Maureen> how many games do you watch at once Graham?
04:01:21 <vw> :D
04:01:26 <Maureen> we got new snow here too.
04:01:40 <Maureen> cold snow, fine grained.
04:02:36 <GO REDSKINS> only 1
04:06:02 <Kevin L> "Regional" game here is Giants & Falcons.
04:06:40 <GO REDSKINS> must be the US region
04:06:56 <GO REDSKINS> excludes the game in Canada
04:07:02 <af-hw> excelsior major
04:12:15 <vw> OF 1111
04:12:43 <Kevin L> Great vec
04:19:02 <GO REDSKINS> boooo
04:20:17 <Maureen> that cannot be good
04:20:35 <Kevin L> guessing it is not a Redskins score.
04:23:32 <GO REDSKINS> nope, touchdown for the other guys
04:23:46 <Maureen> Falcons are ahead...
04:23:57 <GO REDSKINS> yeah
04:24:06 <Kevin L> Packers aren't losing.
04:24:40 <vw> That's the game I have on K.
04:26:02 <vw> Figured it would be a better game than the Denver @ Baltimore game.
04:26:42 <Kevin L> Wish I did. Not sure why they always seem to like to give us east coast games here.
04:27:04 <Kevin L> We have that game on CBS.
04:27:10 <vw> Yeah, that 'regional' game for you is just plain wierd!
04:28:10 <Kevin L> The Baseball channel does that too. Never seen a Dodger game on "Regional Coverage" but they always have Yankees, Phillies and such.
04:28:28 <Kevin L> Maybe it is something like "new math".
04:28:42 <vw> Yankees and Notre Dame anything are preferred games by all of the sports carriers.
04:29:38 <Maureen> seen any turbans? Who is on the cam?
04:29:38 <Kevin L> About time for me to head out. Good luck gazing today.
04:29:53 <vw> Thanks K. Have a good day. See you later.
04:30:08 <Maureen> have a good one Kevin.
04:30:15 <Maureen> did you make the cookies?
04:30:56 <Maureen> do you have the cam vw?
04:31:00 <vw> Baking here. CC, peanut butter and sunflower batches done.
04:31:07 <vw> Yeap, I am on the cam.
04:31:28 <Maureen> are you scanning down basin at all?
04:31:47 <vw> I am, but the view is nonexistent for the most part.
04:32:08 <vw> ahh, better now than it has been!
04:32:13 <Maureen> there, see we can see Grand area...
04:32:23 <Maureen> castle?
04:32:23 <vw> People have arrived.
04:34:20 <vw> Just steam at Castle.
04:36:32 <ynpvisitor18> grands going
04:36:59 <vw> Time 18?
04:37:12 <ynpvisitor18> 1136 ie
04:37:15 <Maureen> Grand!
04:37:35 <Maureen> thanks for moving down basin vw...
04:37:44 <vw> Very helpful if people would include times when they first notice an eruption. And post them too!
04:38:04 <vw> Thanks for asking Maureen, and 18 for noting eruption.
04:38:23 <vw> Hope the view holds.
04:38:57 <Maureen> good now...
04:39:52 <Maureen> nice
04:39:58 <vw> for the right team G?
04:40:16 <GO REDSKINS> still have not gotten a first down tho
04:40:34 <Maureen> called the VC
04:40:51 <Maureen> Rita was needs a Daisy time...
04:41:09 <af-hw> new mythbusters episode!
04:41:14 <Maureen> so interception for the TD?
04:41:21 <af-hw> named "X-ray Yellowstone
04:42:02 <af-hw> oh curiosity
04:42:36 <vw> Sunlight in the basin!
04:42:38 <Maureen> really nice grand for such a gray sky there...
04:44:42 <vw> 2nd. :)
04:44:46 <Maureen> yes!
04:46:54 <Maureen> all done, that was nice....
04:52:46 <GO REDSKINS> yeah a first down
04:52:57 <ynpvisitor59> sawmill 1152
04:53:07 <GO REDSKINS> Vikings tied 7-7 too vw
04:53:33 <vw> Thanks G. Haven't had time to check scores.
04:54:01 <lc (bbl)> have a good day everyone
04:54:09 <GO REDSKINS> another first down, game is picking up
04:54:11 <Maureen> you too lc
04:54:27 <vw> Bye lc. Good day to you too.
04:56:50 <vw> Packers are down 0-7 against the Bears.
05:00:18 <GO REDSKINS> Falcolns up 17-0 :)
05:00:32 <vw> No snowmen on the bw yet.
05:00:38 <GO REDSKINS> = Giants down 0-17
05:00:44 <Maureen> GO FALCONS!!!
05:04:00 <vw> BH/Chicago game tied.
05:04:39 <vw> That would be GB, not BH. :P
05:18:51 <vw> Daisy 1218
05:19:44 <vw> Dial away Maureen.
05:24:40 <vw> Hi Dave!
05:26:54 <GO REDSKINS> grrr
05:27:03 <Maureen> called Rita...
05:27:15 <vw> Thank you Maureen.
05:27:28 <GO REDSKINS> are they checking GT?
05:27:36 <Maureen> I think they do check on GT more...
05:27:58 <vw> A pretty great tool
05:27:58 <Maureen> in the winer...what is the grrrr...Redskins are ahead, right?
05:28:16 <Maureen> Hey Dave...
05:28:33 <GO REDSKINS> Browns TD under review
05:28:39 <Maureen> I missed Daisy, boo, yet have too much to do today...
05:28:53 <Maureen> oh...
05:28:56 <vw> Depression 1228 ie. Steam in runoff channel.
05:29:38 <vw> Saw a small bubble.
05:31:06 <GO REDSKINS> TD reversed, still 3rd and goal fron the 1/2 yard
05:31:08 <Maureen> scoop us Graham...
05:31:15 <Dave from B> Hi, everyone!!
05:31:18 <Maureen> good.
05:31:20 <Maureen> Hey Dave.
05:32:56 <Dave from B> Yeah...a Plume sighting today
05:33:15 <GO REDSKINS> bboooo TD now
05:33:23 <Maureen> I saw that...I also got to see BH too Dave.
05:33:27 <Maureen> boooooooo
05:35:16 <vw> Nice size group of people on the bw for OF eruption.
05:36:23 <Maureen> does that mean more than 5?
05:36:39 <vw> :)
05:36:48 <vw> For winter, it sure can!
05:36:51 <Dave from B> looks like a few dozen
05:37:04 <Maureen> snowing here sky day...over....
05:37:14 <Maureen> I was just kidding Dave...he he
05:37:38 <Maureen> This should be the "viewing time" before they head back to West.
05:38:01 <vw> When does the last coach leave OF for the day?
05:38:17 <Maureen> What the heck, G, the REDSKINS are supposed to have the HIGHER score...
05:38:24 <vw> OF 1137
05:38:28 <Maureen> I think they have to be back to West by 5 at latest.
05:38:50 <GO REDSKINS> i know but RGIII is not playing
05:38:53 <vw> That leaves a very short window!
05:39:06 <GO REDSKINS> at least just down 4 at HT
05:39:22 <Maureen> with eating and shopping, they have very little time in the basin, the day travelers.
05:42:26 <vw> Sorry, that OF time should be 1237. It was a long.
05:43:31 <vw> With the current view we are not going to be able to see very much, so a good time for me to grab some lunch. brb
05:56:09 <Hawkeye> I had a lindt dark chocolate truffle for lunch
05:56:57 <vw> Maybe more satisfying than my cheddar cheese on garlic bread sandwich, Hawkeye!
05:57:01 <Maureen> YIPPEE
05:57:17 <Hawkeye> it was delicious
05:57:26 <Hawkeye> trying to keep myself from eating the whole box
05:57:33 <vw> :)
05:57:39 <Hawkeye> the holiday eating season has begn
05:57:41 <Maureen> hard to eat just one....
05:57:42 <Hawkeye> begun
05:57:53 <Maureen> oh wait, that is potato chips...
05:58:02 <Hawkeye> it works for chocolate too
05:58:10 <Maureen> I would think so
05:58:13 <vw> oooh. I like Lays too...
05:58:50 <Hawkeye> my favorite is kettle cooked sea salt and cracked black pepper
06:08:35 <Maureen> YES!!!
06:08:54 <Maureen> Now they have a nice higher score!
06:09:44 <GO REDSKINS> 10 point leads are nice
06:10:03 <Maureen> especially with the #3 guy out!
06:10:26 <GO REDSKINS> Cousins is a rookie QB too
06:10:40 <Maureen> time to make his mark!
06:10:51 <Maureen> Good to know going into the playoffs that you have a good back up.
06:12:24 <GO REDSKINS> yep but its still early, this is his first game as the starter
06:13:16 <yaf> oops
06:16:39 <vw> zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
06:19:26 <Dave from B> ..
06:21:50 <ynpvisitor46> /
06:23:58 <vw> Lion really trying to start up.
06:28:43 <Maureen> it will make the afternoon more interesting if it does!!
06:33:52 <Maureen> Hope the Redskins hold on for the win G.
06:35:16 <Maureen> i was hoping Plume would show up again too.
06:35:55 <vw> Hardly any steam from that area. I really miss regular Plumes.
06:36:00 <Maureen> blue sky again here...maybe it will come to the basin!
06:37:04 <GO REDSKINS> TOUCHDOWN a walk in
06:37:45 <vw> Nice cushion there Graham.
06:37:58 <GO REDSKINS> 17 point lead is nicer
06:38:09 <Maureen> yeah...
06:40:36 <Maureen> And the FALCONs are good for the win...all good for you today G.
06:41:10 <GO REDSKINS> next need Dallas to lose
06:41:51 <GO REDSKINS> GB and Vikings winning
06:42:22 <Maureen> When does Dallas play?
06:43:05 <Maureen> and who do they play?
06:44:09 <GO REDSKINS> boooo down to 10pt lead
06:44:51 <GO REDSKINS> Steelers at Dallas at 1625 EST
06:46:00 <Maureen> ty...defense REDSKINS
06:52:01 <GO REDSKINS> Giants lose 34-zip
06:52:10 <GO REDSKINS> yeah
06:53:11 <GO REDSKINS> scramble for the ball
06:53:25 <GO REDSKINS> redskins retain it .. phew
06:54:52 <GO REDSKINS> much more exciting than the geysers at the moment
06:56:27 <ynpvisitor19> How dare you
06:56:58 <vw> oh, I would agree with him.
06:59:17 <GO REDSKINS> gonna be 2 OF eruptions with nothing in between
06:59:33 <GO REDSKINS> of course watching it snow is fun too, right Maureen?
07:00:58 <vw> OF 1400
07:02:13 <GO REDSKINS> ooohhh nice
07:06:00 <vw> nap time. Not much is likely to happen in the next hour or so. :(
07:06:47 <vw> Time for the people to be leaving the basin too. Coaches should be heading out soon.
07:07:12 <GO REDSKINS> probably not many ppl for next OF
07:09:09 <vw> Visitors will be gone, so maybe just some YNP or Xanterra employees. Not sure it is nice enough for them to venture out though.
07:10:02 <GO REDSKINS> Redskins win, yeah
07:10:18 <vw> Very cool!
07:10:38 <GO REDSKINS> showings Vikings game now
07:10:58 <vw> Yeah, Fox just flipped to that game here too.
07:11:16 <GO REDSKINS> Vikings win too
07:11:24 <vw> Hate Fox though: their cc is so bad I can't tell what is happening unless I watch the games closely.
07:12:01 <GO REDSKINS> GB won
07:12:07 <GO REDSKINS> good day for Cam oos
07:12:13 <GO REDSKINS> ops
07:12:36 <vw> Dave will be disappointed though? And of course, Denver winning is not a happy thought for some of us.
07:12:53 <GO REDSKINS> now its Daves seahawks against ks's bills
07:12:58 <GO REDSKINS> go Bills!
07:13:17 <GO REDSKINS> sorry Dave
07:14:22 <Maureen> so Glad the REDSKINS will win...
07:14:28 <Maureen> and Dave has left the building...
07:14:45 <Maureen> blue sky leaving again, at least it came to visit today.
07:15:16 <Graham> bills are down already
07:15:20 <vw> I think it was blue skies over the UGB for about 6 minutes today Maureen
07:15:35 <af> anyone know when the 49ers game is?
07:16:33 <Maureen> YEAH REDSKINS...
07:17:27 <Maureen> Go STEELERS next, right?
07:17:29 <Graham> its the late game
07:17:39 <Graham> 5:20 for you
07:19:58 <Will B> I made it home yesterday safely
07:20:12 <Graham> good thing Will
07:20:21 <Graham> doing laundry now?
07:20:30 <Will B> need to
07:20:34 <vw> So glad to hear Will. Now its time to relax and enjoy your break!
07:20:49 <Maureen> see G, this is the reward you get...SNOW for you!!
07:20:53 <Will B> and maureen i did not see BH this morning I was sleeping
07:21:21 <Maureen> I got up to watch the BEE, we could actually see it.
07:21:31 <Graham> yep, love it. snowing in West too?
07:21:41 <Maureen> no, still partly sunny...
07:21:49 <Maureen> blue is gone though...
07:21:54 <Maureen> human...
07:22:05 <Graham> thats perfect
07:22:20 <Maureen> yes, always love the snow at OF and not here...
07:23:00 <Graham> didnt think it was supposed to snow much today
07:23:22 <vw> The ever changing forecast Graham...
07:23:49 <ynpvisitor46> really coming down now
07:24:47 <vw> As Graham has graciously taken the cam for the rest of the day, I am going to head out before I fall asleep and my forehead hits the keyboard.
07:24:56 <vw> Always so embarrassing when that happens...
07:25:01 <vw> Have a great evening all!
07:25:39 <Will B> I have been playing with my new cam and helping my dad replace the water pump on his 95 f150
07:26:07 <Graham> Maybe Dep 1425ie?
07:27:18 <Graham> new cam?
07:28:58 <af> I use caps lock too dave not shift
07:29:11 <Dave from B> :P
07:29:25 <Dave from B> Hello, everyone!
07:29:34 <af> hello
07:29:51 <ynpvisitor46> dAvE fRoM b - hi
07:30:11 <Dave from B> Graham, congrats to Skins
07:30:18 <lc> anyone interesting in some Christmas lights?
07:30:29 <lc>
07:30:37 <Graham> thanks Dave, was worried with Cousins in and the slow start but they got it together
07:30:44 <lc> this is my son's house.
07:31:39 <Will B> new cam as in a canon rebel t4i
07:31:59 <Dave from B> Nice, lc
07:32:00 <Graham> Seattle up 14-0 .........
07:32:13 <Graham> for Christmas?
07:32:28 <Dave from B> Yeah....starting to really get excited sbout the Hawks
07:33:06 <Maureen> wow lc...that is a LOT of lights...
07:33:11 <Maureen> thanks for sharing.
07:33:46 <lc> he works at it. yw.
07:33:55 <Maureen> that must take a lot of work.
07:34:20 <lc> lot more than I would do. g
07:34:29 <Maureen> the song does not play in the neighborhood all night though, right? You listen on the radio?
07:34:51 <Will B> no i bought it but my dad fronted the money for me. my christmas gift was skis
07:34:58 <Dave from B> I agree, Maureen...that is a lot of work
07:35:05 <lc> yes, you tune your car radio.
07:35:05 <Maureen> A Lion would be nice before I return to chores.
07:35:28 <Maureen> good. I am not a fan of the ones that blare the music on loud speakers
07:36:05 <lc> I agree Maureen
07:36:26 <Maureen> lc we had a nice Grand today...
07:36:49 <Maureen> fun to be able to see some good spikes and a 2 burst!
07:36:57 <lc> I saw that before I left. 2b.
07:37:04 <Maureen> oh good.
07:37:22 <lc> I also saw BH this morning.
07:37:48 <Maureen> Yeah, there were like 4 of us here...a visitor actually signed off for it.
07:38:11 <Maureen> I was glad we could see it after getting skunked yesterday.
07:38:38 <lc> I was gone all day yesterday.
07:39:09 <Dave from B> lc, how many kids do you have?
07:39:20 <Dave from B> 2?
07:39:23 <lc> 2
07:39:29 <lc> boys
07:39:40 <lc> well they are men now.
07:39:49 <Dave from B> One lives in your area and other in CO?
07:39:51 <lc> 37 and 40.
07:46:42 <ynpvisitor71> .
07:50:27 <ynpvisitor71> .
08:01:29 <Graham> gonna be hard to see Daisy
08:02:04 <GO SEAHAWKS> looks like it is erupting but real hard to see
08:02:44 <Graham> who knows
08:03:05 <GO SEAHAWKS> Too many shades of white and gray
08:03:36 <Graham> think there would more steam to the right if it was erupting now tho
08:03:50 <GO SEAHAWKS> probably just heating up
08:05:25 <Graham> looks like SC has been drooling
08:08:00 <lc> Daisy now?
08:08:01 <Graham> Daisy 1507ie
08:09:11 <ynpvisitor46> Something for he Volcanologist
08:10:13 <Graham> cool
08:10:26 <Graham> there was an article in Wash Post about Virginias Volcanos
08:10:46 <Graham> i didnt know we had any - but they erupted about 48m years ago
08:11:33 <GO SEAHAWKS> Looks like Hawks are headed for 50+ again today...lead 31-7 with 5 min to go in 2nd
08:11:58 <Graham> i didn't weant them to do so well with the wildcard spot at stake
08:12:34 <GO SEAHAWKS> Graham, no worries...they are going to win division if Pats beat Niners tonight
08:12:55 <Graham> still no snowman
08:13:11 <GO SEAHAWKS> Benches are disappearing
08:13:29 <Graham> that doesn't really help tho :)
08:13:45 <Graham> need the second place teams to be losing
08:14:02 <Graham> need Dallas to lose too or there will be 3 8-6 teams in NFC East
08:14:34 <Graham> will make for an exciting end to the season
08:17:24 <GO SEAHAWKS> Yeah...7 teams fighting for 4 spots
08:17:44 <Graham> of course Redskins will win theor division too
08:17:56 <Graham> they control their fate
08:18:23 <GO SEAHAWKS> It is nice to have control and not count on others
08:18:50 <Graham> just have to beat PHI - should do but its always tough against them, and then Dallas at home - thats a big one
08:19:03 <Graham> dallas in DC
08:19:33 <GO SEAHAWKS> It seems most everything will be decided in the final week
08:19:57 <GO SEAHAWKS> Looks like Dallas is playing well also:(
08:20:42 <Graham> yep, thats good to have some suspense. Dallas should beat Pit but I can always hope for a change
08:20:46 <GO SEAHAWKS> Seahawks have 2 home games: Niners and Rams. Still undefeated at home...but don't tell Kevin that.
08:22:16 <Graham> only got up to 21 today. nice and cool
08:22:32 <GO SEAHAWKS> At OF or DC?
08:22:44 <Graham> OF
08:22:56 <Graham> we don't have days that stay that cold here
08:25:08 <Graham> LC
08:25:16 <ynpvisitor46> Cascads have just been put under Blizzard Conditions 40-6- mph winds gusting to 70-90 1-3 feet of snow
08:25:38 <ynpvisitor46> Batten down the hatches AG.
08:25:42 <Graham> nice
08:25:53 <ynpvisitor27> If you had to play 11 players and 5 refs you wouldn't be undefeated at thome!
08:27:30 <GO SEAHAWKS> Hope we get a chance to prove that we are better than Packers.....Seahawks have improved a bunch since then
08:30:46 <Graham> all we need now is a 6-0 run :)
08:33:40 <Graham> OF 1533
08:36:48 <GO SEAHAWKS> Heading out. Have a great evening, Graham, lc and numbers
08:37:01 <Graham> good luck Dave
08:37:25 <lc> llater Dave
08:43:06 <ynpvisitor27> Hey Graham, that happened to the Packers two years ago.
08:43:48 <Graham> well someone needs to have a 3 pr 4-0 run at the end
08:44:57 <Graham> redskins could theoretically get in with one loss
08:45:13 <Graham> and several things going right
08:50:13 <Maureen> back again...
08:50:39 <Graham> wb, finished your chores?
08:50:58 <Maureen> no went out to enjoy the blue sky that returned.
08:51:04 <Maureen> it is like winter wonderland here.
08:51:18 <Maureen> days are too short to stay inside with blue sky!
08:51:45 <Maureen> so GO STEELERS...what is up with that?
08:51:51 <Maureen> they are down.
08:51:51 <Graham> did you play in the snow?
08:52:12 <Maureen> no, i was moved to take a few photos though.
08:52:17 <Graham> yeah, wanting to make it a suspensefull end of season i guess
08:52:37 <Maureen> did errands out too. Met a man that really thought the world might end this week...
08:52:45 <Maureen> tourists...
08:52:52 <Graham> at least the Redskins control their destiny, win out and they go to the playoffs
08:54:58 <Maureen> that is good news.
08:55:08 <Maureen> If the Steelers win it just helps out?
08:55:28 <Graham> yep, pushes Cowboys a game back
08:58:42 <Maureen> so they Steelers need to get it together.
08:59:05 <Maureen> yeah, they tied it up.
08:59:09 <Graham> yep, thjey are going now tho, tied the game
09:01:32 <Maureen> still not much snow
09:01:48 <Maureen> similar to the roofs here in West.
09:02:23 <Maureen> I want to blink and have it all be melted and April be here!!
09:02:35 <Graham> blue
09:02:48 <Maureen> nice
09:02:58 <Maureen> did you get the photos?
09:03:22 <Graham> what photos?
09:03:37 <Maureen> sent you by E mail just now.
09:03:52 <Maureen> of today, winter wonderland.
09:03:59 <Graham> got them
09:04:04 <Maureen> good
09:04:33 <Maureen> halt time at Steelers game.
09:04:37 <Graham> very nice
09:04:49 <Maureen> look how far down basin we can see....
09:04:59 <Maureen> oh, you meant my photos?
09:05:30 <Graham> yeah your photos are nice
09:05:39 <Graham> and theres a nice glow down basin
09:06:02 <Maureen> and it is only 1606
09:06:16 <Maureen> I am so happy the days get longer in one more week!!
09:06:25 <Graham> me too
09:06:43 <Graham> how many days to opening?
09:06:53 <Maureen> the light hours...if af were here he would remind me that the day does not actually get longer...he he
09:07:18 <Graham> days get longer, night gets shorter
09:07:50 <Maureen> I do not keep track. When is opening day?
09:08:04 <Graham> Apr 15 isn't it?
09:08:08 <Maureen> k, i will go with that.
09:08:23 <Graham> nmever been to the park in April tho
09:08:28 <ynpvisitor46> Road openings AApril 19
09:08:32 <Maureen> It is not like winter, Dec. 15 all the time. It is the last Friday of the third week in April.
09:08:33 <Graham> k
09:08:40 <Maureen> Thanks 46.
09:09:00 <Maureen> So soon it will be 4 month until opening day!!
09:09:02 <Graham> or March, Nov, Dec
09:09:09 <Maureen> months...
09:09:31 <ynpvisitor46>
09:09:40 <Maureen> March, Nov. Dec.?
09:10:28 <Graham> I have never been to the park in Mar, Apr, Nov, Dec
09:11:01 <Maureen> oh, gotcha.
09:11:09 <Maureen> thanks again 46
09:11:26 <Graham> only done July and Oct once each
09:11:36 <Maureen> You need to get out more....
09:11:38 <Maureen> he he
09:11:49 <Graham> or move closer :)
09:11:55 <Graham> and get out more
09:11:56 <Maureen> July is my favorite even with the crowds.
09:12:26 <Maureen> When I think of moving away because of my adversity to winter, I just cannot bring myself to leave the geysers.
09:12:32 <Maureen> and become a visitor...
09:12:46 <Maureen> It is quite an attachment I have.
09:12:59 <Maureen> now including this chat room watching in winter...
09:13:32 <Maureen> I think it is a riot that we are the only names...I tried to private message you yet I just cannot get that to work.
09:14:23 <Maureen> It would be awesome if Lion would wake up.
09:18:54 <Graham> i bet kc wishes he was here running the cam and not watching the game
09:19:29 <Graham> all the bills need is 3 touchdowns to take the lead ...
09:19:47 <Maureen> is that all?
09:19:53 <Maureen> how much time is left for them?
09:20:26 <Maureen> come on Lion!
09:20:45 <ynpvisitor46> Storm info for Seattle et al
09:24:03 <Maureen> so is 46 near Seattle now?
09:26:41 <Graham> splashy bee
09:34:18 <ynpvisitor71> .
09:51:47 <Graham> OF 1651
09:52:11 <Maureen> nice
09:52:58 <Maureen> what is that behind?
09:53:19 <Maureen> gone now...
09:53:23 <Maureen> obscured by OF
09:54:16 <Graham> dunno, you tell us
09:55:49 <ynpvisitor46> To the immediate right of OF steam was Pump in the back
09:55:59 <Graham> probably Pump?
09:57:02 <Maureen> only 20 out.
09:57:13 <ynpvisitor46> brrr
09:59:13 <ynpvisitor46> That is Plate now
09:59:21 <ynpvisitor46> directly back
09:59:39 <Graham> no Plate
09:59:46 <ynpvisitor46> not now
09:59:59 <Graham> then it wasn't Plate then either, it lasts a while
10:00:16 <Graham> at least thats true unless its doing something unusual
10:00:36 <Maureen> well Lion did not show...
10:00:40 <ynpvisitor46> So what is back there?
10:00:40 <Graham> there are other features there that put up steam
10:00:52 <Graham> theres a pol that steam swirls off
10:00:58 <Graham> steam from Roof too
10:02:27 <Graham> you have to have very thick steam from Plate this time of year for it to be erupting
10:08:09 <Graham> Lion 1707 Ini
10:08:36 <Graham> BH to begin the day and Lion to end it
10:10:56 <Maureen> yippee
10:11:04 <Maureen> thanks G
10:11:07 <Graham> wb
10:13:14 <Maureen> don't we have a spotlight for Lion so we can watch it through the series???
10:13:35 <Maureen> Hope a human is watching from OF.
10:13:43 <ynpvisitor46> Geminid meteor?
10:14:01 <Maureen> timing would have to be exact...
10:14:05 <Maureen> hehe
10:14:06 <Graham> hehe good luck with that. I won't be staying out there for the after-dark Lion series
10:14:30 <Graham> will stick around if BHI is going, or waiting tfor the Vault Initial maybe :)
10:14:37 <Maureen> really, no all night Aurum watches on your January agenda?
10:15:03 <Maureen> Vault initial would mean you are already sated by Giantess, right?
10:15:04 <Graham> nope, don't want to miss my dinner reservations
10:15:16 <Maureen> after dinner!
10:15:24 <Graham> yeha if Giantess starts its usually 4-7 hours later?
10:15:31 <Maureen> all all nighters...
10:15:48 <Maureen> I know, that is why I said would be a happy camper waiting for Vault.
10:16:01 <Maureen> thanks Lion...nice end to the day.
10:16:09 <Graham> gets poretty cold fast tho
10:16:17 <Maureen> Be well numbers, how are the Steelers doing G?
10:16:29 <Graham> only late night I have spent out in winter was waiting for Marathon recovery at Giant
10:16:36 <Maureen> tied 24-24
10:16:45 <Maureen> and it was cold.
10:17:24 <Maureen> So they have 6 minutes to figure out how to beat the Cowboys...
10:17:59 <ynpvisitor46> Yellowstone Tour Guides just posted weather forecast, 10-20 inches of snow
10:18:30 <Maureen> does not really look like a storm of that magnitude is out there.
10:18:38 <Maureen> YTG like to dream big.
10:18:46 <Maureen> Maybe though...time will tell.
10:19:24 <Graham> game is tied at 24
10:19:46 <Graham> nice amount of snow for the park, not in West tho]
10:19:55 <Graham> maybe at Big Sky?
10:20:18 <ynpvisitor46> 6-12 for Big Sky
10:21:37 <Maureen> will check NOAA later...
10:21:37 <Graham> done for the day, see you tomorrow, even if ewe can't see any geyusers .. hope the benches will be buried too
10:21:50 <Maureen> go steelers, night G
10:21:56 <ynpvisitor46> coyote jsut moved off bw to the left streaming cam
10:22:08 <ynpvisitor46> was at the end of sidewalk
10:25:23 <ynpvisitor46> Posted to FB
14:28:52 <ynpvisitor89> sfg
14:28:55 <ynpvisitor89> ghfgh
14:29:11 <ynpvisitor89> sdfgsfg