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23:03:49 <ynpvisitor43> hi
00:13:17 <ynpvisitor94> hi
00:24:53 <ynpvisitor66> Lion looks ie @ 0724 on static.
00:28:03 <ynpvisitor10> good thing it happened then, can't see a thing on any of the cams now
00:29:45 <ynpvisitor54> Wow! Nice view
00:30:51 <ynpvisitor60> Lion 0721 onstatic
00:34:13 <vw> Good morning all.
00:34:43 <vw> Art about YNP Superintendent Wenk's efforts regarding winter use:
00:35:08 <vw> wait... that didn't work:
00:35:08 <Dave from B> gOOD MORNING, VW
00:35:16 <vw> Hi Dave!
00:35:48 <vw> Looks like there is more snow this morning in the basin?
00:37:36 <Dave from B> I heard last night there was a winterstorm watch for YNP
00:38:13 <vw> I didn't watch the news last night. I suppose that storm is likely to make it our way?
00:41:25 <Dave from B> For some reason, I don't think it is headed here
00:42:26 <vw> Just checked: only a slight chance of snow in Billings today, and then almost none for the rest of the week, according to the forecast. That will change.
00:43:37 <Dave from B> ..
00:43:39 <vw> Dave, you ready for your busy, busy week? Plus your daughter's arrival home for the winter break?
00:43:59 <Dave from B> I'm ready:)
00:44:21 <vw> Especially the second event... :)
00:46:30 <Dave from B> ..
00:47:34 <Dave from B> I hope weather is okay for next Saturday...headed to GF for Xmas.
00:48:51 <Dave from B> OF 748ie
00:49:44 <vw> That trip can be kind of dicey in the winter. Have never understood how it has never been upgraded to a 4 lane. Lots of semi/transport traffic.
00:50:55 <Dave from B> It's been talked about a few times
00:51:48 <Dave from B> Stretch from Judith Gap to Stanford is the worst in winter
00:52:42 <vw> I will hope the weather holds and leaves you dry roads.
00:54:07 <vw> Well, I better get my week started.
00:54:14 <vw> Have a great one all!
00:54:40 <Dave from B> bye, vw
00:58:27 <Dave from B> Based on snow on benches, it looks like about 3 or 4" overnight
00:58:37 <Dave from B> or more
01:05:08 <Kevin L> Yuck!
01:05:30 <Dave from B> Morning, Kevin
01:05:58 <Dave from B> Just got your text this battery died
01:06:19 <Kevin L> vw, I have to take my piece of crap Hyundai to the thieves at the dealer to see if they will by grace for once honor that warranty they tout on TV. I am hoping to be back by shift time.
01:06:45 <Kevin L> Boy I thought the 49ers were going to choke on that one. Wierd game!
01:06:58 <Dave from B> I believe vw took off
01:07:23 <Dave from B> Didn't get a chance to watch...sure disappointed that Pats didn't come back...Seahawks needed it
01:07:28 <Kevin L> Oh, she did. I am still half awake. I will txt her. You can tell I am in a good mood today.
01:08:16 <Dave from B> Car problems have a way of making people feel that way
01:08:31 <Kevin L> They did come back, but they never went ahead. Just glad the Packers won. Beating the Bears twice makes it a successful season.
01:09:42 <Kevin L> Wouldn't bother me if they would fix it. They always seem to make it a fight to get warranty work done. I even got home once from this place and found out they took my old air filter out but never put a new one in!
01:10:26 <Dave from B> Could think you looked under the hood!
01:11:02 <Kevin L> Really.
01:17:05 <Kevin L> I had a bad battery cable on the way to Yellowstone in Provo. Car wouldn't start and cable would not tighten. Simple. I put a new clamp on and away I went. They told me this voided my warranty and that I would have to pay $700 for a new battery cable!
01:19:37 <Dave from B> You wonder how companies that treat customers like that stay in business.
01:29:32 <Kevin L> I will never buy another Hyundai.
01:30:04 <Dave from B> Yeah...but how long are you stuck with this one?
01:45:59 <Dave from B> ..
01:51:46 <ynpvisitor100> Lion 0851ie
02:11:27 <ynpvisitor61> G'Day Everyone
02:17:42 <Dave from B> Mornin', 61
02:30:54 <Dave from B> OF 930ie
02:37:33 <ynpvisitor1> Wow, not nice in the basin.
02:38:22 <ynpvisitor1> Latest times are not on GT btw...
02:38:27 <Dave from B> Unless you like snow
02:39:01 <ynpvisitor1> even if you like snow...cold and blowing = no fun
02:39:48 <Maureen> have you been watching Castle for a while?
02:40:18 <Maureen> thank goodness is it relatively warm out there...
02:40:25 <Maureen> 29 here in West.
02:40:55 <Maureen> How is it in Billings Dave? Calm?
02:41:25 <Maureen> Is that Daisy out there?
02:42:04 <Dave from B> Calm in Blgs...Good morning, Maureen
02:42:23 <Maureen> calm would be nice....
02:42:57 <Maureen> that is Castle then, just from afar, right?
02:43:27 <Maureen> wow, glad it does not look like that outside my window...
02:45:28 <Dave from B> That is Castle, yes
02:46:39 <vw> Good morning again.
02:46:44 <Maureen> any thoughts on a time?
02:46:49 <Maureen> for Castle/
02:46:55 <Dave from B> wb, vw
02:47:30 <vw> Just here in case Kevin is a little late taking the cam.
02:49:12 <Kevin L> I just got back.
02:49:24 <Kevin L> Thanks vw.
02:49:52 <vw> Good to know K. Let me know if you have bus duty later. Back to my day for now...
02:50:10 <Kevin L> I won't have it today. No car!
02:51:50 <Kevin L> BTW I found ot that those M&Ms are at Target exclusive. Strange.
02:52:42 <Dave from B> Well, that's one way to get out of buus duty:)
02:58:42 <Kevin L> I needed to do the 30,00 mile treatment for it also. CHA-CHING!
03:03:03 <Dave from B> Just replaced the rear main seal on our honda
03:03:16 <ynpvisitor61> Russian Volcano eruption
03:03:26 <Kevin L> Ouch!
03:04:08 <Dave from B> Almost at 100K on our Odyseey. It has been the best vehicle we've had in a long time
03:04:59 <Kevin L> Stick with it then. Whatever you do, don't buy a Hyundai.
03:06:35 <ynpvisitor61> Kamchatka web cam
03:06:47 <ynpvisitor61> can't see anything now.
03:08:44 <Maureen> any thoughts anyone, on a time for Castle for GT?
03:08:56 <Maureen> plow was here so I was out, fun.
03:09:46 <Maureen> just went in for my 100,000 mile service on my Fusion and even though I made the appointment weeks ahead, they did not have the spark plugs and failed to mention it to me....
03:10:11 <Maureen> so a whole day of work, 90 miles to Bozeman, and now another trip still needed...
03:10:39 <Kevin L> That really stinks!
03:10:58 <Maureen> so I first saw the web cam at Castle at 939...should I enter that for the time...?
03:11:10 <Maureen> LOOK, a plow on the boardwalk
03:11:32 <Maureen> did you guys see the Bobcat on the bw?
03:11:52 <ynpvisitor61> What cam are you watching Maureen?
03:11:56 <Maureen> G will be happy...
03:11:58 <Dave from B> We were just discussing that a few days ago...didn't think that happened
03:12:02 <Maureen> yours 61...
03:12:21 <Maureen> it was in the bottom corner a minute ago a Bobcat tractor with a plow on it!
03:12:37 <Maureen> well it was there...
03:12:53 <Maureen> anyway, maybe just coming in from the pavement...
03:13:16 <Maureen> So I will put in Castle at 0939 ie, yet anyone feel free to fix that....
03:13:34 <Kevin L> I think that would work.
03:14:52 <ynpvisitor61> ON VEC cam now
03:14:58 <ynpvisitor61> snowblower
03:15:12 <Maureen> plow, snowblower....
03:15:29 <Maureen> Kevin, did you make cookies?
03:15:42 <Maureen> with the white chocolate M&Ms?
03:16:01 <Maureen> there is the path!
03:16:11 <Maureen> that is a good move by the Park Service!
03:16:21 <Maureen> Glad to see that.
03:16:40 <Kevin L> Not yet. Been really busy. May do it today. There is another one I want to make that is a chocolate cookie wrapped around a cherry.
03:17:06 <Maureen> wow, sending any care packages? he he
03:17:48 <Kevin L> I saw them in a Sunday paper. Looked really good. Let me see if I can find the link.
03:19:30 <Kevin L> Here it is:
03:19:35 <Kevin L>
03:19:41 <Maureen> have to get to work. Grand should be soon for you folks watching...if the past few days mean anything...
03:20:09 <Kevin L> ty. Don't know if we will be able to see it.
03:20:39 <Maureen> those look good Kevin...wonder if it would work with almond extract?
03:20:52 <Maureen> I do not have any rum extract around, do you?
03:20:53 <Kevin L> It probably would.
03:21:30 <Kevin L> I think my wife had to use some for something, so there may be some up there. I don't know how old it is though.
03:21:38 <Maureen> It is blowing like crazy here yet no snow, so I hope nicer conditions are headed to the basin soon for you guys.
03:22:16 <Maureen> wet heavy California type snow today.
03:22:39 <Maureen> Sierra cement type.
03:22:56 <ynpvisitor61> Snow level in CA is dropping to 2000 feet next couple of days, I'll probably get a little.
03:23:13 <Maureen> is that good 61?
03:23:23 <Kevin L> We had snow to 4000' this week in Vegas.
03:23:35 <Maureen> snow topped peaks now?
03:23:44 <Kevin L> Yep.
03:23:51 <ynpvisitor61> White mtns are whhite?
03:24:07 <Maureen> do you want snow 61?
03:24:46 <Maureen> steam cloud...maybe back out and see it we can see a big one?
03:25:38 <Kevin L> I see a big cloud but not steam.
03:25:48 <Maureen> he he, so true
03:26:10 <Maureen> there kind of looks like a different color white near the tree tops?
03:26:25 <Maureen> maybe, that is really not nice there.
03:26:44 <Kevin L> possible bh soon too.
03:26:57 <Maureen> wonder if VC loggers are working yet?
03:29:43 <Maureen> just called Rita and Steve is not back on until tomorrow, he will try to fix the loggers then.
03:29:55 <Maureen> she is amazed we can see anything...
03:30:13 <Maureen> I will hope for a BH text in the not too distant future...
03:30:20 <Maureen> Have a good day 61!
03:30:52 <Kevin L> Have a good one
03:32:37 <Dave from B> Bye, Maureen
03:32:40 <ynpvisitor61> Bye Maureen
03:40:27 <ynpvisitor4> .
03:43:48 <Will B> good morning!
03:43:58 <ynpvisitor61> Hi Will B
03:44:03 <Kevin L> Hi.
03:45:14 <Will B> We just had a bird fight between a massive bird and what looked to be a falcon in our neighbor's yard.
03:45:53 <Kevin L> Bet the falcons won this one too.
03:46:39 <Will B> well i guess he did because he got the big bird to fly away
03:51:48 <Kevin L> Falcon beat the Giant again.
03:53:00 <Will B> ill post some pics later
03:59:47 <Kevin L> OF 1059
04:10:40 <Dave from B> Should be time for Grand and BH
04:35:56 <Hawkeye> alright guys, I need suggestions for a christmas present for my Dad
04:36:14 <Hawkeye> maybe a book on geysers or yellowstone? he has some already but I know there's tons out there
04:36:16 <Kevin L> Power tools!
04:36:20 <Hawkeye> haha
04:36:25 <Hawkeye> I'm not even going to try to go there
04:36:50 <Kevin L> Can't have enought power tools.
04:36:56 <Hawkeye> true
04:37:35 <ynpvisitor61> Here is a list put together a couple of years ago
04:38:10 <Kevin L> How about this one:
04:38:12 <Kevin L>
04:38:42 <Kevin L> Turban?
04:38:58 <Hawkeye> thanks! He loves reading about the early visitors and I got him a book by Lee Whittlesey a few years ago.
04:39:18 <Hawkeye> My mom got him that book Kevin a few months ago, not sure why she didn't save it for now!
04:40:24 <Hawkeye> I got him story telling in yellowstone but ho for wonderland looks good too
04:40:44 <Kevin L> This is also good:
04:40:46 <Kevin L>
04:41:47 <Hawkeye> oh that one looks better!
04:42:38 <Kevin L> You may even be able to get Butch to sign it for you.
04:46:18 <Hawkeye> that would be great!
04:48:41 <Hawkeye> looks like I can get a 2012 edition already signed
04:49:21 <Kevin L> That would work. Great book.
04:49:52 <Kevin L> He is a great ranger.
04:49:53 <Hawkeye> thanks for the recommendation
04:49:59 <Kevin L> yw
04:50:03 <Hawkeye> he's hard to shop for
04:50:22 <Dave from B> Kevin, I don't know much about the author.
04:51:11 <Kevin L> My wife says that about me, but I am easy. Steel Wheels w/flanges or power tools never miss.
04:52:21 <Hawkeye> I had some ideas but it seems he gets the same thing a lot, he gets a head lamp every year lol
04:55:48 <Kevin L> I found a neat light at Harbor Freight Tools. it has a 5 led flashlight and a 30 led light. It comes with a hook or a magnet. I used the hook at Yellowstone this Summer and when I was working on the faucet the magnet was great. I stuck it to the sink and had super light. It was only $3 and came with batteries!
04:56:33 <Hawkeye> wow that sounds pretty handy
04:57:09 <Kevin L>
05:02:00 <Hawkeye> cool, thanks
05:03:10 <Kevin L> I like all these new fun things. Lowes has a cool ratchet that has a handle that extends and if you twist the handle the ratchet moves.
05:04:27 <Hawkeye> was that out last year? I think I remember seeing it?
05:04:47 <ynpvisitor49> hi
05:04:50 <Hawkeye> I wouldn't have to pay shipping since we have Lowe's, and the hubby works there so I get a discount :)
05:05:00 <Kevin L> Not sure. It really looks handy.
05:05:22 <Kevin L> I know they have it at our Lowes.
05:08:41 <Hawkeye> I'll have to check it out
05:09:11 <Hawkeye> I know there was a new tool that was all the rage last year but I can't remember what it was
05:09:15 <Kevin L> Looks like more weather moving in. I was hoping for a Grand or Daisy before that
05:10:15 <Kevin L> L like this because you can either use it like a regular ratchet or twist the handle. You can still work it in tight places.
05:10:27 <Hawkeye> good to know
05:10:52 <Hawkeye> I wonder if they use one on the tractors? I know there's some tight spaces on those
05:10:58 <Hawkeye> I'll check it out tomorrow
05:11:55 <Hawkeye> I have a photographer friend from the park who does metal prints and they're amazing but they're more expensive than what I was looking for
05:12:16 <Kevin L>¤tURL=%3FNtt%3Dratchet&facetInfo=
05:12:40 <Kevin L> Here is the ratchet. Metal prints are cool but pricey.
05:12:57 <Dave from B> ..
05:13:00 <Hawkeye> definitely
05:16:33 <Hawkeye> thanks for all your help
05:16:51 <Hawkeye> kind of last minute but I thought my sister and I were going in together and then she bought her own stuff
05:16:54 <Kevin L> yw
05:17:08 <Kevin L> I hate it when that happens.
05:17:35 <Hawkeye> yup
05:18:30 <Hawkeye> I thought about some ynp dollars but he's going to Canada so there may not be a trip to the park next year
05:21:39 <Kevin L> My son is up in Canada. He sent back some beautiful pics
05:21:54 <Hawkeye> oh cool, I bet he did!
05:22:25 <Hawkeye> does he live up there?
05:24:09 <Hawkeye> the steam just blends in to the sky
05:24:10 <Kevin L> OF 1223
05:24:23 <Kevin L> He is living in Medicine Hat right now.
05:25:54 <Kevin L> Barely can see OF.
05:26:12 <Hawkeye> oh ok
05:26:44 <Kevin L> He was in Banff for a while. That place was incredible.
05:29:07 <Hawkeye> I can only imagine!
05:29:49 <Kevin L> I hope I can make it up there sometime.
05:29:56 <Hawkeye> that is on my long to do list
05:30:07 <Hawkeye> yeah, it'd be a little bit of a trip
05:30:57 <Hawkeye> guess there's a truck on it's side in the river on 191
05:31:09 <Kevin L> There is one of those "have to see before I die" streches of railroad up there.
05:31:33 <Kevin L> That would just ruin your whole day.
05:31:51 <Hawkeye> definitely
05:32:14 <Hawkeye> I saw you talking about trains the other day, what is your connection?
05:32:23 <Hawkeye> just a fan?
05:33:41 <Kevin L> Right now yes. I used to inspect railroad crossing for the Nevada Department Of Transportation.
05:34:04 <Hawkeye> oh ok
05:34:06 <ynpvisitor82> any more news about the truck on 191?
05:34:18 <Kevin L> I have always liked trains though. I have been collection N scale trains since 1964.
05:34:18 <Hawkeye> not yet
05:34:40 <Hawkeye> yellowstone tour guides posted it on fb but no further updates
05:34:49 <ynpvisitor82> ty
05:35:17 <Hawkeye> my son loves them and so my dad takes him to the depot downtown to watch them come in. there's also a bridge over the tracks about 20 min away that they go to also.
05:36:14 <Hawkeye> it's the weirdest feeling to stand above a moving train
05:36:31 <Kevin L> Yep. That is us also. Right now they have one of the oldest operating steam locomotives at our museum.
05:36:42 <Hawkeye> oh cool
05:37:00 <Hawkeye> they have one on display outside the depot but I'm not sure how old it is
05:37:32 <ynpvisitor61> Snoqualimie WA has a train.
05:37:42 <Kevin L> This one was rescued from a fire and this amazing person has restored it like new.
05:38:17 <Hawkeye> neat
05:38:40 <Hawkeye> he will sit and watch steam engine videos on youtube for hours
05:39:21 <Hawkeye> the last time they went down they were switching crews so some of them came over to talk to them. made my dad's day I think.
05:40:37 <Kevin L> That is always fun. An engineer took my son when he was about 4 and let him ride in the cab while we were fixing some track one day.
05:40:50 <Hawkeye> guess the one downtown is a CBQ S-4
05:40:56 <Hawkeye> that would be so fun!
05:41:02 <Kevin L> Here is a picture of the enginge that is here now:
05:41:05 <Kevin L>
05:41:25 <Hawkeye> wow! that is a cool looking train!
05:41:37 <Hawkeye> not nearly as cool as the one we have lol
05:41:55 <Hawkeye> I'll definitely share that with my dad
05:42:23 <Kevin L> He gave me a cab ride Saturday. It was great. He built the cab for it in his garage himself. The original was destroyed in the fire.
05:42:35 <Hawkeye> talented guy then
05:42:44 <Kevin L> Is that Grand?
05:43:52 <Kevin L> Guess not. Had me excited though.
05:44:01 <Hawkeye> I don't see anything :(
05:44:05 <Hawkeye>
05:44:08 <ynpvisitor82> better visibility now
05:44:10 <Hawkeye> that's what is downtown
05:44:15 <Hawkeye> yes thankfully
05:45:15 <ynpvisitor61> I thought is was just time delay on my end. g
05:46:24 <Kevin L> I really hope we can get at least one of the two.
05:47:09 <Kevin L> The Museum down here will let you drive one of their locomotive for $250. For that they "train" you and then you can run it for an hour.
05:47:59 <Hawkeye> very cool
05:48:24 <ynpvisitor61> Snoqualamie
05:48:27 <Hawkeye> our depot is pretty run down and not used for much anymore unfortunately. There's a local group trying to slowly spruce it up.
05:49:02 <Dave from B> 61, I have been by that museum on our way to the falls
05:49:29 <Hawkeye> looks like fun
05:49:33 <ynpvisitor61> Train ride is forward, then a back up again.
05:50:35 <Kevin L> Beautiful depot. Museums are slow moving. We have been working on this one for about 20 years now, and it is just touching the surface.
05:51:14 <Hawkeye> yeah they are
05:51:30 <Hawkeye> there's still amtrak service down there but that's it
05:52:07 <Hawkeye> two towns close by have more train events so I'm not sure Burlington could support another one
05:52:14 <Kevin L> We don't even have Amtrak anymore.
05:52:35 <Hawkeye> I doubt it gets used much, I think Galesburg is where most people go
05:52:58 <ynpvisitor61> Ohio or Kansas?
05:53:20 <Hawkeye> Iowa and Ilinois
05:53:25 <Hawkeye> Illinois*
05:53:27 <ynpvisitor61> lol
05:53:36 <ynpvisitor61> Galesburg everywhere. g
05:53:44 <Hawkeye> apparently@
05:53:46 <Hawkeye> !
05:53:58 <Hawkeye> so is Burlington
05:55:37 <Hawkeye> we got a train table for the little guy, I can't wait for him to open it
06:04:12 <ynpvisitor61> McRibb sandwiches are back. Yeah
06:07:25 <ynpvisitor61> OT ?: Which button on an elevator doesn't do anything?
06:11:14 <Dave from B> Lots of visitors today
06:12:04 <Kevin L> Geysers are shy.
06:12:34 <Dave from B> wb, Will
06:18:33 <Hawkeye> I've helped two people all day....I could really use some action in the basin :)
06:19:08 <Kevin L> It is really slow today.
06:19:26 <Kevin L> Daisy is looking hot.
06:19:47 <Hawkeye> good
06:25:03 <ynpvisitor75> Is that bee
06:25:54 <Hawkeye> glad it cleared up!
06:25:57 <Kevin L> ty Another no indicator. :(
06:26:27 <Dave from B> Seems like we're having a couple of those every week
06:26:57 <Janet> Wow - surprise
06:27:00 <ynpvisitor61> Beehive on static cam
06:27:04 <ynpvisitor61> 1326
06:27:16 <Will B> .
06:27:17 <Will B> .
06:27:17 <Will B> .
06:27:17 <Will B> .
06:27:18 <Will B> .
06:27:18 <Will B> .
06:27:19 <Will B> .
06:27:19 <Will B> .
06:27:20 <Will B> .
06:27:24 <af> wow
06:27:30 <ynpvisitor82> NICE!
06:28:11 <ynpvisitor61> sorry I didn't notice sooner, was in a conversation
06:28:18 <Will B> :!: wow another no indicator
06:28:38 <Kevin L> I had been checking the static but missed the start.
06:28:45 <ynpvisitor82> wind has backed off
06:28:55 <ynpvisitor82> text said 1325
06:29:37 <Kevin L> That is when I first saw it.
06:29:40 <Janet> I think that's about the time I noticed it.
06:29:59 <ynpvisitor82> well that was fun, thanks for the text and all the dings...
06:30:24 <ynpvisitor82> No hopefully Grand will show up?
06:30:34 <ynpvisitor82> we maybe missed that in the low vis time...
06:30:46 <ynpvisitor82> Now hopefully....
06:31:22 <ynpvisitor82> steam behind trees.
06:31:34 <ynpvisitor82> maybe not...
06:39:06 <Hawkeye> oh no..they put the only christmas music radio station on at work
06:46:05 <Kevin L> Looks like weather moving in quickly.
06:48:06 <Hawkeye> oh yeah
06:48:14 <Kevin L> OF 1347
06:48:23 <Hawkeye> wow that seemed fast
06:49:10 <ynpvisitor82> look, 5 humans...big day at OF for visitors...
06:49:15 <ynpvisitor61> Interval 01:24
06:49:37 <af> lol
06:49:40 <ynpvisitor82> wow, those clouds look ominous
06:49:42 <Kevin L> Few more on vec
06:50:30 <af> i have to go
06:50:53 <Kevin L> bye
06:51:01 <ynpvisitor61> bye af
06:51:35 <ynpvisitor61> A lot more visitors visible on the VEC cam
06:52:00 <Dave from B> ..
07:01:43 <Kevin L> Wind is picking up.
07:02:37 <Kevin L> Daisy 1402
07:05:09 <Will B> Just got a call from Xanterra. I passed the data entry test and I have a phone interview tomorrow at 14:30!
07:06:14 <Dave from B> That's great, Will!
07:06:28 <ynpvisitor82> you rock WILL!!!
07:06:47 <ynpvisitor82> ask for the big bucks!! No selling trinkets for you....
07:07:04 <Hawkeye> good job!
07:07:26 <Kevin L> Get on the desk at the Lodge so we have an in there.
07:08:00 <Maureen, workin> Grand is at 26 hours now...really think we missed it unfortunately.
07:10:45 <Kevin L> Nothing else close, so we may as well keep an eye on it.
07:11:32 <Will B> Maureen, I have a phone interview tomorrow for Xanterra!
07:12:18 <Maureen, workin> I was 82, I posted above....YIPPEE
07:12:30 <Maureen, workin> no trinket selling for you young man....
07:12:45 <Hawkeye> what position did you apply for?
07:13:02 <Maureen, workin> no shake making or bathroom cleaning...
07:13:24 <Maureen, workin> that sky is DARK
07:13:58 <ynpvisitor61> Lion appears to be meowing
07:22:21 <Will B> Font desk
07:25:53 <Hawkeye> did you request a location yet?
07:26:21 <Will B> OF
07:27:18 <Kevin L> More :p weather
07:27:44 <Hawkeye> are you wanting the lodge?
07:31:44 <Will B> dont care as long as im at OF
07:34:08 <Hawkeye> is this your first year
07:37:08 <Will B> yes
07:37:59 <Hawkeye> do you handle stress well?
07:43:56 <Will B> normally yes
07:44:23 <Hawkeye> ok, because the Inn can get pretty hectic while the snowlodge can be boring. the lodge is in between.
07:50:13 <Hawkeye> I'm excited for you! You'll love it I'm sure.
07:51:36 <Maureen, workin> i am thinking data entry might be behind the an office at the Inn...
07:51:55 <Hawkeye> oh I didn't see that part
07:53:06 <Hawkeye> well either way, it'll still be a fun experience
08:01:40 <Maureen, workin> Will will make the most of his off work, unlike Demetri, you will have a car!
08:01:57 <Will B> :)
08:02:35 <Hawkeye> having a car is a must!
08:02:49 <Kevin L> I can relate to that!
08:05:26 <Dave from B> You can't drive to F&M...what do you need a car for:)
08:05:36 <Hawkeye> my first year I went with a friend who had a stick and I didn't know how to drive one so I was basically stranded. Not fun.
08:05:56 <Maureen, workin> Lower basin DAVE!!!
08:06:02 <Maureen, workin> he he....
08:06:03 <Hawkeye> Eventually I learned how to drive it in the park, fun memories of getting stuck in a bison jam in Lamar
08:06:15 <Dave from B> Is that in Yellowstone, Maureen? :)
08:06:22 <Maureen, workin> and getting around in general, to West, or Mammoth...
08:06:34 <Maureen, workin> i think it is 8 miles north of OF!!
08:09:17 <Dave from B> Maureen, I will be looking to tag along with someone next summer who can show me the LGB
08:09:20 <ynpvisitor61> /
08:10:16 <Dave from B> I've heard you might know a little about the area.
08:11:46 <Maureen, workin> just a little are welcome anytime...
08:12:22 <Dave from B> Haven't seen Pink Cone in a LONG time
08:12:45 <Maureen, workin> though if LS is there, she would be the GO TO person...we all help out though.
08:13:14 <Dave from B> I promise to broaden my horizons next year
08:15:43 <Maureen, workin> i can see why folks get stuck in UGB...lots of action there...
08:16:22 <Dave from B> It's hard to get too far from BH or Grand or F&M...
08:17:03 <Will B> depends on the day Dave
08:17:46 <Dave from B> Very true, Will
08:18:09 <Dave from B> Now, if I could cell service at LGB, I could watch GH :)
08:18:34 <Dave from B> Should be a have in there somewhere
08:19:58 <Will B> ok one false spike on OF temp trace is starting to make me mad...
08:20:04 <Hawkeye> it's been pretty interesting watching the weather today
08:22:39 <Hawkeye> are you 21 Will?
08:22:49 <Will B> no
08:22:55 <Hawkeye> oh ok
08:23:12 <Will B> 20 next may
08:23:36 <Maureen, workin> if I had cell in lower basin, I could work from there!!! BUT NO...YNP stupidity acts again. Folks at LAKE get uber cell service though, even though no one is there.
08:23:40 <ynpvisitor61> Oblong?
08:24:02 <Will B> OF 1523
08:25:27 <Maureen, workin> nice outside here now...
08:43:25 <Dave from B> ..
09:00:46 <Dave from B> Time to head home...Whew, what a day... Have a good evening, everyone!
09:01:09 <ynpvisitor61> later Dave from B
09:01:34 <Graham> hello
09:01:45 <Graham> wow lovely day, i thought it was supposed to be snowing?
09:01:53 <Dave from B> Snowed during the night
09:02:00 <Dave from B> Hi, Graham
09:03:00 <Graham> hi there
09:03:10 <Graham> do we havea Grand prediction?
09:04:29 <Dave from B> I believe we missed it this morning during visibility issues
09:04:34 <Kevin L> Haven't seen Grand today. Did have whiteout this morning though.
09:04:42 <Dave from B> Didn't think to call VEC Hotline
09:05:06 <Maureen, workin> night hotline on grand, they are without a logger...
09:05:06 <Graham> k, just wondering
09:05:15 <Graham> odds of seeing it in my hour shoift are slim
09:05:34 <Maureen, workin> this is the nicest it has been all day...lots more snow covering those benches for you G!
09:05:42 <Kevin L> Might get Daisy
09:06:00 <Maureen, workin> we are in a pause right now, more snow coming....
09:06:23 <Maureen, workin> Steve is back on shift tomorrow and will try to get the loggers working.
09:06:34 <Graham> k
09:06:38 <Maureen, workin> turban?
09:06:50 <Graham> can still see the benches tho, so not enough snow
09:07:06 <Maureen, workin> you cannot see much of them goofball
09:07:17 <Dave from B> :)
09:08:01 <Graham> wow, you need to focus on work now Maureen, geysers must be getting to you
09:18:53 <af> hello
09:19:04 <ynpvisitor61> hi af
09:19:12 <Graham> hi there af, ready for Christmas?
09:19:14 <Maureen, workin> I have been working, took time out to watch BEEHIVE though, smiley face!
09:19:30 <af> nope got mee finals all this week
09:21:56 <Graham> ah, lovely
09:27:37 <lc> is that Oblong?
09:28:23 <lc> or Turban?
09:36:38 <Graham> nice sky
09:36:47 <af> agreed
09:37:30 <ynpvisitor61> Have we given up on Plume?
09:38:00 <Maureen, workin> just had to scrape thick ice off my car...such fun.
09:38:17 <Maureen, workin> that means it is time to end work soon though!!
09:38:40 <ynpvisitor61> hi cb
09:38:44 <cb> Hello
09:38:48 <af> nice steam from F&Mish area
09:38:54 <cb> stunning view on the cam!
09:39:00 <Kevin L> Hey cb!
09:39:06 <cb> Hey all
09:39:44 <Graham> get back to work Maureen!
09:40:46 <Kevin L> Sent you an email cb
09:41:03 <cb> No Grand today?
09:41:20 <cb> Ok Kevin! I will ck
09:42:18 <Maureen, workin> i have been working....
09:42:23 <Maureen, workin> nice sky....
09:42:32 <Maureen, workin> no geysers,yet nice sky
09:42:54 <Maureen, workin> leaving now for post office before closing, look,humans still there.
09:43:27 <lc> thunderstorm moving in, gtg.
09:43:32 <cb> wow! One shrunk....
09:43:33 <ynpvisitor61> Dedicated visitors
09:43:37 <lc> have a good night everyone
09:43:59 <Kevin L> bye
09:44:16 <cb> Is dat you on your knees?
09:44:22 <Kevin L> Thunderstorm? In December?
09:44:38 <Kevin L> No, I wish.
09:44:45 <cb> haha!
09:44:54 <Kevin L> That thing is 38 years old. It is coal fired.
09:45:54 <cb> Amazing! Was there a train expo in LV this weekend?
09:47:39 <Kevin L> They have the Santa Train in December at the museum in Boulder City. Dan Markoff brings out the Eureka wihic is one of the oldest operating steam locomotives in the world. The live steam club also gives rides,
09:47:59 <cb> So cool.
09:49:56 <cb> Ya need to come up to Mariposa and take a ride on the Sugar PIne! Steam engines are so much fun to listen to!
09:50:14 <cb> Thanks for the pictures!
09:52:36 <Graham> OF 1652
09:52:39 <Graham> yeah a geyser
09:54:08 <Graham> and its a short
09:54:47 <Graham> Daisy 1654ie
09:55:27 <Graham> and sawmill is off
09:55:35 <Kevin L> Yea!
09:55:48 <Kevin L> I would love the Sugar Pine!
09:55:59 <Graham> 5 min of geysers and then nothing more till dark
09:56:06 <Graham> unless we get Grand
09:56:20 <cb> nice!!
09:56:51 <cb> You would Kevin. Plan on the BBQ ride! It is really fun!
09:58:42 <Kevin L> Some day I will have to. Those are the shays?
09:59:13 <Graham> here comes the snow
10:02:59 <cb> Yes, they are the Shays. I was just looking for some pictures to send to you. Can't find them right now. I will send them later if i can locate which picture file i have them in
10:03:29 <cb> Not quite Xmas and the benches are buried...NICE!
10:04:07 <Graham> hopefully the sky will fix that cb
10:05:49 <cb> Cookies are done. tata
10:06:05 <ynpvisitor61> by cb
10:06:11 <Graham> mmm cookies
10:17:34 <Maureen> the moon is shining on the snow already.
10:18:36 <Graham> not working any more Maureen?
10:18:58 <Maureen> done and home.
10:19:23 <Maureen> cold out. 20
10:19:43 <Graham> thats nothing for you guys is it?
10:19:55 <Maureen> was nice to have 33 today.
10:20:46 <Maureen> grand wil happen, maybe not before dark dark though
10:21:59 <Maureen> 33 then 20 made quite the heavy ice on my car, with the wind.
10:23:45 <Maureen> nice sunset though.
10:24:20 <Graham> i think you will have a white Christmas :)
10:24:38 <Maureen> It is so beautiful here right now.
10:24:56 <Maureen> moon rising in December is just awesome, no doubt about that.
10:25:03 <Maureen> the glow off the snow
10:25:27 <Maureen> it is going to help that during the darkest days ahead still, the moon will be there, to light the way.
10:25:48 <Maureen> then winter starts, and we can have more light hours once more...
10:26:08 <Maureen> the cam boat....
10:26:31 <Maureen> So Kevin, I hope your cookie making goes well.
10:26:35 <Graham> big day for me tomorrow :)
10:26:45 <Maureen> Why is that?
10:26:54 <Graham> the 1 month countdown
10:27:02 <Maureen> oh far out....
10:27:24 <Graham> well, not far out
10:27:33 <Maureen> to Yellowstone, live reports from Graham!!! In the basin, on the scene...
10:27:47 <Maureen> he he not far out...
10:27:54 <Graham> that will be on the 19th, but yeah :)
10:28:06 <Will B> for the rest of us its 122 days
10:28:21 <Maureen> wow are not coming one day all winter?
10:28:26 <Maureen> that surprises me.
10:28:40 <Graham> come for MLK weekend :)
10:28:53 <Will B> cant afford to, i just got a $900 camera
10:29:06 <Maureen> What if I hook you up with a snow coach ride, as a thank you for all you do Will. Would you go?
10:29:22 <Maureen> if it did not cost, except gas to West.
10:29:23 <Will B> YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
10:29:34 <Maureen> Far out...we will talk,
10:30:14 <Maureen> maybe booking ahead we could get you in there with Graham on MLK weekend
10:30:22 <Maureen> I will explore...
10:31:04 <Maureen> so night all, see I am your holiday person today Will...a winter day in Yellowstone for you, coming up in 2013,
10:31:08 <Maureen> Night all.
10:31:10 <Graham> my long break comes from Jan to Sept, thats a long wait
10:31:22 <Graham> see ya Maureen
10:31:28 <Maureen> TOOOOO long, summer is SOOOO nice.
10:31:29 <Will B> Thanks Maureen!!!!!!!!!
10:31:35 <Maureen> yw, Will,
10:31:40 <Will B> wow it got black fast
10:31:41 <kcmule> nite
10:31:57 <Graham> night from me too
11:04:02 <ynpvisitor61> RIP PLK