Showing logs for date: 2012-12-21
00:28:22 <ynpvisitor88> OF 0726
00:32:21 <CC> morning
00:32:32 <lc> morning CC
00:32:39 <CC> having internet problems...winds are very strong this morning
00:32:45 <CC> hi lc
00:33:08 <CC> glad you got the start of OF internet was down
00:33:18 <lc> I couldn't tell if that was long/short
00:33:50 <lc> morning will
00:33:56 <Will B> zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
00:34:23 <CC> also had blue screen on the livescope
00:53:34 <Dave from B> Good morning, everyone!!
00:53:53 <Dave from B> One more crazy day at work until a 4 day break:)
00:54:08 <lc> morning Dave
01:03:00 <Dave from B> ..
01:05:29 <ynpvisitor87> .
01:18:27 <ynpvisitor87> ..
01:28:10 <Kevin L> Looks like you have some nasty weather your way CC.
01:28:52 <CC> thank goodness it is only rain
01:29:02 <CC> very heavy winds however
01:29:51 <CC> right now the temp is 54 degrees.....over 25 degrees above normal
01:29:59 <Kevin L> Looks like there may be some snow on its tail.
01:30:51 <Kevin L> That is amazing. I am at 28 now. Lemon trees are not happy.
01:32:47 <Dave from B> A frost 2 days in a row...that's unusual
01:35:22 <Graham> good morning
01:35:31 <Dave from B> Ooh...a day off for Graham:)
01:35:37 <lc> morning Graham
01:35:43 <Graham> looks like nice frosty trees
01:35:54 <Graham> yep, off for the holiday
01:36:05 <Kevin L> My roof is all white this morning.
01:36:10 <Graham> merry Christmas everyone
01:36:12 <lc> what time do you leave today?
01:36:13 <Kevin L> Gee Graham, so am I!
01:36:18 <CC> have any of your flights been canceled to Denver Graham
01:36:48 <Graham> leave just after noon. flights from here are ok, and plane is coming in from NM so it should be fine
01:37:05 <CC> that's good
01:37:20 <Graham> yep, we just had lots of rain last night, that was all
01:38:06 <Dave from B> Morning, Hawkeye
01:38:21 <Graham> only -13 at OF this morning, why so warm? :)
01:39:50 <Hawkeye> MORNING
01:40:15 <lc> morning Hawkeye
01:40:45 <lc> saving the COLD temps for Jan.
01:40:52 <Graham> is MORNING erupting?
01:40:59 <Graham> thanks lc :)
01:41:15 <Graham> trees will be ice and frosty today
01:42:08 <lc> think thats Solitary
01:44:30 <lc> something big down basin
01:44:42 <Hawkeye> my work computer program automatically puts the caps lock on
01:44:51 <Hawkeye> I accidentally yell at people a lot
01:45:25 <lc> thought you was trying to wake us up. g
01:45:36 <Graham> thats ok, you can yell if its GIANT
01:45:51 <Hawkeye> lol
01:45:52 <Hawkeye> ok
01:45:54 <Graham> nice shadows
01:47:46 <lc> Oblong ?
01:54:22 <Hawkeye> well the snow stopped yesterday evening but the wind is still going, everything is covered in ice
01:57:35 <Dave from B> Wow...nice colors on OF 857ir
01:57:40 <Dave from B> ie
01:58:30 <Graham> nice to see ppl out early as the SL is open
02:03:42 <CC> I keep loosing my internet
02:04:01 <Hawkeye> that's a pretty view
02:04:04 <CC> has to be the heavy winds
02:04:22 <Kevin L> Bird on the wire will do that to mine.
02:04:38 <vw> Good morning all!
02:04:43 <CC> I have underground wires
02:04:43 <vw> Beautiful view, CC!
02:04:54 <CC> hey vw
02:05:18 <Dave from B> Morning, CC and vw
02:05:30 <CC> hi dave
02:05:45 <vw> Hey Dave! Ready to take off for holiday?
02:06:30 <Dave from B> I'd say so...Normally 150-175 orders per week...
02:06:31 <Graham> morning vw
02:06:36 <Dave from B> This week 600+
02:07:02 <Graham> busy week
02:07:02 <vw> Hi Graham. Wow! You being here on a Friday morning is just plain weird.
02:07:20 <Graham> yep, didnt have an early flight today
02:07:22 <Graham> or work
02:07:26 <Kevin L> I was hoping for a nice package of cod.
02:07:38 <vw> All packed and ready to go then G?
02:08:11 <Graham> yep, going to have lunch then leave. flights are on schedule
02:08:44 <vw> Best holiday wishes to your family. Hugs to you and your mom! :)
02:08:59 <vw> I need to get back to chores.
02:09:13 <Graham> thanks vw, merry christmas to you too
02:09:14 <CC> bye
02:09:31 <vw> Dave, If I don't catch you before you leave today, best wishes to you and family. Safe journeys to all!
02:11:19 <Dave from B> Thanks and same to you, vw
02:11:51 <Dave from B> With free time Sat-Tues I should be in this room at some point from GF
02:12:22 <Dave from B> In between card games, racquetball, and watching football
02:12:43 <Kevin L> You were right about that game last night Dave.
02:12:55 <Kevin L> A little different than we thought though.
02:12:55 <Dave from B> Great BYU defense
02:13:15 <Dave from B> They had a pretty good year
02:13:48 <Kevin L> Pretty strange to have a defensive player that should get the offensive player of the game award.
02:14:28 <Dave from B> Well, he did produce most of the points
02:21:24 <Hawkeye> glad to see washburn cams are back
02:23:57 <AG> Good morning everyone.
02:29:28 <lc> morning AG
02:38:54 <Dave from B> Morning, AG
02:40:34 <Graham> who blurred the cam view?
02:42:01 <Graham> headed out, Merry Cristmas everyone, I may stop in sometime but not sure.
02:44:53 <ynpvisitor63> is it shaking from trying to hold focus?
02:48:50 <ynpvisitor9> the cam has a heart beat!
03:20:53 <ynpvisitor53> of 1020
03:24:19 <lc> Big steam down basin.
03:26:32 <ynpvisitor53> could be lion
03:28:15 <lc> my first thought was Riverside, but ?
03:28:47 <ynpvisitor53> yes could have been
03:29:06 <Will B (@ work)> hmm cant see much
03:30:44 <lc> never know now
03:31:19 <lc> OF does mess up the view.
03:43:57 <lc> bbl
04:10:51 <ynpvisitor85> bbb
04:27:10 <ynpvisitor26> another balmy day in the basin!
04:34:24 <Kevin L> Looks like Lion may may be ie on the static cam.
04:34:30 <Maureen> Lion?
04:42:35 <ynpvisitor17> of 1142
04:50:31 <Maureen> nice to see E times again on GT today.
04:50:58 <Maureen> hey Kristine...cold enough for you?
04:51:46 <Kevin L> The e times really help with Daisy & Grand.
04:52:02 <Kristine> Hi. I'm loving it!! Been out photographing; heard a wolf howling in the basin this morning.
04:52:28 <Kevin L> He was probably cold too.
04:53:47 <Kristine> It really wasn't too bad this morning, only about -11.
04:54:22 <Dave from B> Yeah...only takes 0.5 seconds to freeze your tongue to a sign
04:54:55 <Kristine> Haha. Good reason for me to not lick the signs :-)
04:55:30 <Maureen> glad you are getting some nice shots!
04:55:46 <Maureen> it was -18 here.
04:56:25 <Kristine> That's what I heard from one of the guides a little bit ago.
04:57:20 <Dave from B> Very beautiful if you are dressed for it
04:57:28 <Maureen> hey is your daughter doing?
04:57:36 <Dave from B> Probably not for Kevin, however.
04:57:42 <Kristine> Yes, it is.
04:57:49 <Dave from B> My college daughter?
04:58:23 <Dave from B> She is doing great. Been home since Wednesday. Finished her first semester happy with how she did on finals
04:59:28 <Maureen> nice, glad to hear it.
04:59:58 <Maureen> no work today Kristine?
05:00:12 <Hawkeye> I don't miss college and homework and finals but I sure do miss the long breaks!
05:01:22 <Kristine> Weekend.
05:02:07 <Kristine> It's lunchtime so I'll see ya later.
05:03:03 <Maureen> the steam almost looks like it is moving in slow motion.
05:11:22 <Maureen> there are some little ones in that bunch.
05:12:43 <Hawkeye> do the wolves target the littles ones more or the loner/unhealthy ones more?
05:13:49 <Dave from B> Unhealthy would be their first target
05:14:12 <Hawkeye> that's what I assumed. Not all loners are unhealthy.
05:14:27 <Hawkeye> If I remember right, it's usually males that are alone?
05:15:25 <Dave from B> They are opportunistic; just like grizzlies
05:16:29 <Hawkeye> does they bison choose to be alone or are they kicked out
05:18:17 <Dave from B> Getting beyond my expertise...I believe females and young usually congregate together at least for parts of the year
05:18:38 <Dave from B> Males are loners for the most part
05:28:25 <AG> hi everyone.
05:30:23 <ynpvisitor87> ..
05:31:07 <Hawkeye> thanks Dave, just curious
05:32:37 <AG> not much going on today?
05:33:37 <AG> anyone awake?
05:33:54 <lc> just slow. g
05:36:48 <ynpvisitor87> ..
05:39:38 <Dave from B> Hi, AG
05:39:58 <af> hello ,but I am af
05:40:42 <af> finals are all done
05:41:17 <Hawkeye> I helped my first customer of the day, shower doors....blah!
05:41:31 <Dave from B> Hi, AF
05:42:53 <Maureen> AG, af, hello...
05:47:29 <AG> congrats af
05:47:32 <Dave from B> ..
05:50:57 <ynpvisitor75> hi room
05:51:41 <ynpvisitor75> any girl wana ***y chat with me cam
05:52:15 <lc> who is going to tell him
05:52:18 <af> not that kinda chatpage 75
05:52:45 <ynpvisitor75> hi af
05:53:19 <AG> again, not that kind of chatroom 75.
05:55:13 <AG> Fun to see parents with their kids out there. that would be a fun experience.
05:55:20 <AG> if not a cold one.
05:56:27 <AG> looks like we missed an OF on gt.
05:56:47 <ynpvisitor75> hello room
05:57:17 <lc> Lion didn't get logged also.
05:59:00 <lc> Daisy
05:59:02 <af> daisy 1259 ie
05:59:09 <AG> nice catch lc.
05:59:24 <lc> ty
05:59:34 <AG> finally.
05:59:54 <af> finally he left, got pmed by the bugger
05:59:57 <AG> was about to let him have it. g.
06:00:24 <Hawkeye> Is there much temperature difference between the sun and the shade when it's that cold?
06:01:15 <lc> big difference if there is no wind.
06:05:35 <lc> long time since a Depression has been logged.
06:06:18 <AG> Old Faithful Side vent really prominent today.
06:06:40 <lc> makes me wonder if it is still having 3/5 hr intervals.
06:07:17 <AG> the strangeness on the hill continues....haha.
06:12:49 <kc (working)> nice OF
06:12:55 <lc> OF 1313
06:12:58 <af> wow
06:13:18 <af> are those things tress on the lower right or people?
06:15:28 <AG> I think those would be trees af
06:15:54 <af> plume?
06:16:08 <AG> No way to tell.
06:16:30 <af> there was a steam colun behind of but yes no way to tell
06:16:42 <AG> YES. Plume 1316 ie. I see the steam cloud now.
06:17:08 <AG> Yep. For sure.
06:17:50 <AG> nice catch af.
06:17:56 <lc> good catch af, pretty sure I saw 3 burst
06:18:10 <af> ty but I am unsure
06:18:11 <lc> well steam from 3 burst.
06:20:43 <AG> Wave
06:20:52 <af> ~~~~~~
06:21:23 <AG> was karen in that group?
06:22:03 <lc> she will probably tell us if she was.
06:28:30 <Hawkeye> this is a good facebook page if anyone is interested. they list what wildlife and geysers they saw on their tours.
06:37:57 <AG> I can't tell if that feature to the left of dome is erupting or not.
06:40:00 <AG> My guess would be mottled pool?
06:40:13 <AG> maybe Infant?
06:43:56 <af> a video just got a billion views on youttube
06:44:27 <AG> which one?
06:44:54 <af> gangamn style
06:45:05 <AG> Oooooooof course. lol. g.
06:45:26 <lc> is that the stupid dance?
06:45:34 <af> yes
06:48:29 <Hawkeye> boo
06:57:07 <af> bbl enjoy bee
07:02:06 <AG> zzzzzzz
07:29:42 <Will B(@ work)> i think the bubblers are on at BH
07:29:56 <AG> NG???
07:30:07 <Will B(@ work)> no
07:30:30 <AG> not enough steam probably, your right.
07:30:37 <lc> do't think so
07:30:48 <lc> don't
07:36:31 <Maureen> NICE
07:36:34 <AG> OF 1436
07:37:03 <Will B(@ work)> geyser wall!
07:37:36 <AG> that was awesome looking on the VEC
07:44:38 <lc> bbl
08:21:04 <ynpvisitor49> .
08:21:54 <Kevin L> Looks like time for Grand, bh, Daisy.
08:25:27 <ynpvisitor49> .
08:29:41 <ynpvisitor49> .
08:48:54 <kc (working)> grand i reckon
08:49:13 <kc (working)> 15:48ie
08:58:22 <ynpvisitor26> are you all looking in the direction of BHI?
09:11:02 <kc (working)> OF 16:10ie
09:12:56 <lc> its a long
09:15:03 <kc (working)> ty
09:15:18 <lc> yw
09:15:25 <lc> Ondy ?
09:15:32 <lc> Indy
09:15:33 <ynpvisitor8> BHI 1615 ie
09:15:33 <lc> d
09:15:34 <lc> d
09:15:48 <kc (working)> even better
09:15:49 <Maureen> NICE
09:15:54 <kc (working)> ill send txt
09:15:58 <lc> dyw. g
09:16:01 <ynpvisitor55> ty
09:16:32 <kc (working)> .
09:16:34 <kc (working)> .
09:16:35 <kc (working)> .
09:16:37 <kc (working)> .
09:16:39 <kc (working)> .
09:16:40 <kc (working)> .
09:17:14 <Kevin L> It's about time!
09:17:14 <kc (working)> quick one again
09:17:17 <kc (working)> nice
09:17:23 <kc (working)> whooosh
09:17:31 <ge> txt came just in time. TY
09:17:38 <Janet> Wow - that was fast
09:17:43 <ynpvisitor8> BH 1617
09:18:05 <Kevin L> Awesome on static
09:18:25 <lc> 2m indy
09:18:59 <Janet> Glad I didn't walk away to work on a bit of Christmas work I need to get done
09:19:18 <kc (working)> nice lighting, just in time will be getting dark soon
09:19:41 <lc> very nice
09:20:24 <Kevin L> Perfect timing.
09:22:33 <ge> Have a good weekend, all
09:22:34 <Maureen> nice solstice Beehive...beautiful
09:23:04 <Maureen> you too ge, nice weekend....
09:23:12 <Kevin L> Last one before the world ends!
09:23:25 <Kevin L> bye ge
09:23:26 <kc (working)> if thats the last bh before the world ends at least it was a good one
09:23:26 <Maureen> well that was a good way to go out....
09:23:33 <kc (working)> g
09:23:38 <Maureen> he he kc....
09:23:38 <Janet> Nice way to end the world
09:23:54 <Maureen> wow, too bad G was not there for it!
09:24:21 <Maureen> very nice...I missed Grand though, right?
09:24:28 <Kevin L> Yep
09:24:43 <kc (working)> it was a steamy mess, pleasant but not much visible
09:25:05 <Maureen> I sure hope the temperatures moderate for Chirstmas.
09:27:32 <Maureen> well that was awesome, now back to work...days off coming up!!!
10:03:15 <AG> you know it's the holiday season when a UPS, Flowers to Go, and Post Office truck all drop off packages to you back to back.
10:07:08 <Will B> You just had to use up the bug while I was on my way home from work :P
10:07:22 <Will B> Grand?
10:07:35 <AG> Grand already erupted it seems.
10:07:48 <AG> :(
10:07:51 <Will B> i just saw that
10:08:03 <AG> Whoa, lots of steam from Little S area.
10:08:18 <AG> and LC 1708 ie.
10:25:47 <Kristine> Evening all
10:29:15 <kc (working)> OF 17:28ie
10:29:18 <kc (working)> hi K
10:29:37 <Kristine> Hi kc
10:31:44 <kcmule> work done but cant see a thing
10:32:01 <kcmule> hope tomorrow is just as clear, covering Grahams shift
10:32:30 <kcmule> cyall then
14:54:18 <ynpvisitor21> hi