Showing logs for date: 2013-01-09
23:44:48 <Dave from B> :***:
23:47:55 <Dave from B> Balmy 28F at OF as of 0615
23:59:27 <Dave from B> Good morning, 17 and 89
00:00:02 <ynpvisitor89> Good morning. Can you see anything?
00:00:20 <Dave from B> Not yet
00:00:32 <Dave from B> Snow is in the forecast
00:00:44 <Dave from B> fstarting tomorrow, I believe
00:10:08 <Dave from B> Good morning, 57 and 96
00:10:38 <ynpvisitor96> good morning to you
00:15:08 <ynpvisitor96> ..
00:42:47 <ynpvisitor57> Hi Dave and #'s
00:49:25 <Dave from B> Morning, Will B
00:49:57 <Will B> zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
00:50:15 <Dave from B> Are you in Bozeman yet, Will?
00:50:23 <Will B> yes
00:50:35 <Will B> classes start today
00:50:38 <Dave from B> Looks like a good weekend for some powder
00:51:13 <Will B> good we need it
00:59:45 <Will B> OF 0759
01:10:16 <Dave from B> Good morning, Kevin
01:12:17 <Will B> Castle 0812ie
01:35:37 <Kevin L> Morning Dave
01:44:15 <Dave from B> Morning, Hawkeye
01:45:15 <lc> good morning everyone
01:45:26 <Will B> morning lc
01:45:49 <Dave from B> Morning, lc. How was fishing yesterday?
01:46:09 <lc> about as bad as it gets.
01:46:30 <lc> few little ones.
01:46:58 <Will B> thats why they call it fishing and not catching
01:47:15 <lc> g
02:02:46 <ynpvisitor34> G'Day Eveeryone
02:03:02 <Dave from B> Morning, 34
02:03:17 <Will B> Hi rich
02:04:40 <Kevin L> Bad day fishing is better than a good day working.
02:06:05 <ynpvisitor34> Hi Dave from B
02:06:08 <ynpvisitor34> Hi Will B
02:06:42 <ynpvisitor34> Linked 10 vid caps from yesterday to GT
02:24:53 <ynpvisitor34> OF 0924
02:28:09 <ynpvisitor34> Long
02:38:37 <Dave from B> ..
02:46:41 <Dave from B> How's BH looking?
02:52:29 <Will B> ding
02:52:30 <Will B> .
02:52:30 <Will B> .
02:52:31 <Will B> .
02:52:31 <Will B> .
02:52:31 <Will B> .
02:52:32 <Will B> .
02:52:32 <Will B> .
02:52:33 <Will B> .
02:52:33 <Will B> .
02:52:33 <Will B> .
02:52:37 <kc (working)> good
02:52:43 <Dave from B> :!:
02:52:46 <Dave from B> :!:
02:52:47 <Will B> :!:
02:52:49 <Will B> :!:
02:52:50 <Will B> :!:
02:52:51 <Will B> :!:
02:52:52 <Will B> :!:
02:52:53 <Will B> :!:
02:53:10 <Will B> before i have class also :)
02:53:14 <Dave from B> 952ie?
02:53:22 <Will B> yep
02:53:32 <Kevin L> I figured if I hid it would come out.
02:53:38 <Dave from B> Yippee!
02:53:45 <Kevin L> Do you want me to send alert?
02:53:54 <Will B> sure
02:56:02 <Will B> someone tell Kitt!
02:56:07 <Kevin L> I did.
02:56:34 <Dave from B> lc, you out there?
02:56:43 <Will B> where
02:56:50 <Will B> is
02:56:52 <Will B> lc
02:56:53 <Dave from B> as in this room
02:56:53 <Will B> and
02:56:59 <Will B> Hawkeye
02:57:06 <Will B> and
02:57:09 <Will B> Rich
02:57:16 <Will B> and
02:57:17 <Will B> all
02:57:19 <Will B> the
02:57:21 <Will B> other
02:57:21 <ynpvisitor34> I here
02:57:23 <Will B> people
02:57:25 <Will B> that
02:57:26 <Will B> are
02:57:27 <Will B> not
02:57:29 <Will B> on
02:57:30 <Will B> the
02:57:31 <Will B> page
02:57:32 <Will B> yet
02:57:35 <Will B> :)
02:58:02 <lc> I' m here
02:58:10 <Will B> yeah
02:58:17 <Maureen> thanks for text
02:58:18 <Will B> MAUREEN!!!
02:58:25 <Will B> Glad
02:58:26 <Will B> you
02:58:28 <Will B> made
02:58:30 <Will B> it
02:58:30 <ynpvisitor34> Morning Maureen
02:58:32 <Maureen> don't you have class will???
02:58:40 <Will B> class at 11
02:58:43 <lc> guess Kitt is back in school?
02:58:49 <Maureen> yes, she is
02:59:08 <Maureen> is it time for OF?
02:59:18 <ynpvisitor34> no
02:59:25 <ynpvisitor34> OF0924
02:59:25 <Maureen> good, seemed steamy
02:59:52 <Dave from B> Morning, Maureen!
02:59:57 <Maureen> hey Dave.
03:00:04 <Maureen> YIPPEE BH!!
03:00:21 <Dave from B> It's been over a week for me
03:00:44 <Dave from B> at least it seems like it
03:00:49 <Maureen> hopefully we can see it.
03:01:02 <Maureen> it is warm out!!!
03:01:32 <Kevin L> Almost 20 degrees?
03:01:36 <lc> 55.6 here
03:01:46 <Maureen> 28 here, HEAT WAVE
03:01:54 <Maureen> hey lc
03:02:09 <lc> morning Maureen
03:02:14 <Dave from B> Maurenn, you must be wearing shorts then
03:02:21 <Maureen> no wind here either....wish the basin was like that!
03:02:29 <AG> well, didn't I just pop in at the right time....Good morning everyone!
03:02:39 <Maureen> no shorts yet I am not COLD
03:02:43 <lc> hey AG
03:02:49 <Kevin L> 47 here headed to 65
03:02:50 <Maureen> Hey AG
03:02:59 <Maureen> nice Kevin...
03:03:05 <Maureen> lift off
03:03:07 <Will B> BH1003
03:03:09 <AG> WAhoo!!!
03:03:29 <Will B> lucky person on the BW
03:03:41 <ynpvisitor34> bh
03:03:42 <Dave from B> Hi, AG
03:04:22 <AG> nice tall spikes!
03:05:11 <lc> my first BH since 1/1/2013
03:05:26 <Maureen> Hawkeye, are you here?
03:05:51 <Maureen> 2 humans
03:06:07 <Maureen> more now
03:06:55 <ynpvisitor34> BHI shut off 1006
03:07:09 <Will B> I will be posting more of the comments from this first survey on the code issue tonight fyi
03:07:15 <AG> thank you ynpvisitor34
03:07:28 <Will B> 34=Rich
03:07:48 <Maureen> sneaky Rich, changing his number every day, he he
03:08:10 <ynpvisitor34> The program does that for me, Maureen. g
03:08:11 <Maureen> that was fun
03:08:30 <Maureen> hoperfully that made you LAUGH!
03:08:56 <lc> very good
03:08:59 <Maureen> well they say up to a foot of snow tomorrow, time will tell.
03:09:12 <Maureen> then the cold comes in.
03:09:27 <lc> the real cold?
03:09:41 <Dave from B> Better get your errands done today, Maureen
03:09:41 <Maureen> not too cold here yet alot of the nation will be REAL cold, for their standards...
03:09:56 <AG> I just found out I might be going Winter Camping in the Olympics with a friend this weekend. hooray, actually get to real snow.
03:10:07 <Maureen> nice AG
03:10:29 <Dave from B> Where in the Olympics, AG. I've been there a couple of times.
03:10:40 <Kevin L> Is that Daisy ie?
03:10:45 <Dave from B> You can pm me if you need to
03:10:46 <Kevin L> 1010
03:10:47 <Maureen> end?
03:11:05 <Kevin L> Think so.
03:11:22 <Maureen> maybe Steve will post some E times
03:11:37 <Jimbo> Enjoyed that
03:12:12 <AG> I'm not sure yet, but I was thinking maybe Marmot Pass, Hurricane Ridge Area, or Deer Park.
03:12:24 <Maureen> no predictions on the phone line yet, they say call back after 1030
03:12:44 <Maureen> good views today though
03:13:14 <Kevin L> Hoping it stays that way.
03:13:50 <Maureen> 18 hours since Grand, we most likely missed it, early
03:14:15 <Maureen> so maybe after lunch....
03:14:33 <Kevin L> Had a real long interval yesterday.
03:14:55 <Maureen> yes, though it does not seem to be having all longs.
03:16:09 <Maureen> well, best get back to work. Fun to see Bee
03:16:16 <Kevin L> Last two intervals were both over 9 hours.
03:16:28 <Maureen> i stand corrected
03:17:02 <Maureen> so maybe any minute....?
03:17:37 <Kevin L> Not much else looking hot. May as well keep an eye on it until OF time.
03:17:42 <Maureen> does look like Turban or something now
03:17:52 <AG> Maybe Rift?
03:17:59 <ynpvisitor34> Lion has been steaming
03:18:05 <Maureen> not rift
03:18:41 <Maureen> well, now it is looking rift like...weird winds though
03:19:06 <Maureen> Rift river usually steams out toward Bulger area
03:19:24 <AG> Ah ok. thanks. I still have yet to see a Rift Start. I hear it's pretty neat.
03:19:46 <Maureen> the river is fun....most folks are groaning when it happens though
03:20:16 <Maureen> and there are like 20 vents, sometimes, that comprise Rift, depends on how energetic it is how many are going
03:20:17 <AG> ah. because of the delay with Grand.
03:20:47 <Dave from B> I actually like the Sputniks.....sure is "dirty" water
03:20:54 <Maureen> yes Rift usually means delay, though I have seen at least 10 Grands with Rift in progress
03:21:08 <Maureen> Sputniks are fun, they were dormant last year
03:21:14 <AG> I saw at least one this year.
03:21:20 <AG> Grand with Rift that is.
03:21:32 <Kevin L> Used to be the kiss of death. Not so much anymore.
03:21:41 <lc> this year? G
03:21:57 <Maureen> HE HE lc
03:22:09 <Maureen> get it AG?
03:22:10 <lc> had to ask that.
03:22:38 <AG> yes, lc, I believe there was a Grand earlier in labor day week that occured during a Rift. Which if memory serves sparked a small debate about whether Rift Delays are fact or fiction.
03:22:55 <AG> oh...That one flew right over my head.
03:22:57 <Maureen> THIS YEAR, AG? 2013? get it?
03:23:07 <Maureen> there you go....
03:23:09 <lc> lil
03:23:19 <lc> lol
03:23:34 <lc> just messing with you AG.
03:23:41 <Maureen> these young uns, lc
03:23:45 <Dave from B> :D
03:23:50 <lc> g
03:24:20 <Maureen> it does look like we are "pre Grand"
03:24:35 <Dave from B> Hey, lc...don't take your bad day of fishing out on us:)
03:25:04 <Maureen> he is laughing out is that taking it out on us?
03:25:19 <Maureen> Grand?
03:26:01 <Maureen> hmmm, that is a lot of steam
03:26:29 <Dave from B> I have to tease lc once in awhile
03:27:20 <Maureen> weird steam bursts...i guess it is just Turban
03:27:42 <Maureen> did you guys see MA's photo of Economic on FB?
03:28:23 <lc> at least the weather was nice yesterday Dave.
03:28:51 <Dave from B> Yeah, fishing is no fun with wind, rain or snow
03:29:07 <lc> didn't see that Maureen, I don't do FB.
03:29:22 <AG> Yes I did Maureen, love the whole "Every man for himself" photo at the bottom.
03:29:48 <lc> any way I could see it?
03:30:59 <Maureen> not sure lc...i am a newbie to FB.
03:31:05 <AG> don't know unless we try. Standby.
03:31:13 <Maureen> Did she list where it was from AG?
03:31:15 <AG>
03:31:16 <ynpvisitor34> Neither is GOLF!!
03:31:43 <Maureen> it is 33 here....first time above freezing in the New Year!
03:32:08 <AG> Another Turban perhaps?
03:32:19 <lc> thanks AG, thats neat.
03:33:31 <lc> we're suppose to be above freezing the next 7-8 days (and nights).
03:33:42 <lc> unsual for Jan
03:34:44 <Dave from B> lc, do you have one specific place you go fishing or do you like to go to many?
03:36:25 <lc> two lakes close by that we fish.
03:37:00 <Dave from B> Do you bring your gear to Yellowstone?
03:37:06 <lc> one 11,ooo acres and 4,5oo acres.
03:37:25 <lc> no, never fished in Y'stone.
03:37:31 <Maureen> so ding a bunch if grand goes,OK?
03:37:40 <Dave from B> Will do, Maureen
03:37:45 <Kevin L> Will do
03:39:34 <lc> Kevin, my brother is thinking about moving to your part of the country.
03:40:01 <lc> for the life of me I don't know why. g
03:40:24 <Kevin L> Not a bad time if you have a job. Housing is fairly cheap now.
03:40:46 <AG> whoa whoa whoa, Is that Old Tardy or Penta?
03:40:51 <lc> he's retired
03:41:21 <AG> nevermind. Thought I saw a jet. g.
03:41:25 <Dave from B> AG, I don't see anything
03:41:28 <Kevin L> That would be even better. Just got my tax assesment and they dropped the value of my place by 20%
03:41:51 <Kevin L> Lots of stuff to do here also.
03:41:53 <Dave from B> That's both good and bad news, Kevin
03:42:03 <lc> he is looking at Vegas and Henderson
03:42:28 <lc> wants less house than he has here.
03:42:29 <Kevin L> I am native Henderson and have lived here all my life. I really like it here.
03:42:56 <Kevin L> Good selection out there right now.
03:43:08 <lc> he is 84
03:44:02 <Kevin L> I have a 1/2 acre and it is kicking my butt already.
03:44:25 <lc> I think he wants to make a move in a few months.
03:44:35 <Kevin L> I am getting old fast and yard work is getting tougher every year, but I love the area.
03:45:09 <lc> he now has about an acre and his house is 3 levels.
03:45:30 <Kevin L> If he needs a good realtor, I know a couple. I did buy a one story just for that reason.
03:45:38 <Dave from B> That sounds like a lot for an 84 year old
03:46:03 <lc> might be the only way I will ever get back to that area.
03:46:25 <lc> it is Dave.
03:46:27 <Dave from B> Unless a geyser springs up around there
03:46:34 <lc> g
03:46:45 <ynpvisitor34> Aurum 1046
03:47:02 <ynpvisitor34> better make that ie
03:47:04 <Dave from B> Thanks, Rich
03:47:16 <Kevin L> ty Rich
03:47:32 <Kevin L> Probably ns? :)
03:47:45 <missouri> I haven't seen Aurum in a long time. Thanks!
03:47:55 <ynpvisitor96> nice!
03:47:58 <lc> I'll keep that in mind Kevin, probably a little early now.
03:49:44 <Kevin L> They have a lot of areas that are designed for the older set and there are some smaller units that work well. Henderson is much bigger than when I grew up, but still has a very friendly atmosphere.
03:50:51 <lc> I will tell him
03:51:16 <lc> he might want your email later, if thats ok.
03:51:46 <Kevin L> Sound good.
03:51:56 <lc> thahks
03:53:43 <Kevin L> Wow. Almost above freezing at OF.
03:54:15 <Maureen> the warm before the cold...
03:54:27 <AG> OF 1054
03:54:30 <Kevin L> OF 1054
03:54:35 <Maureen> i love that we can see blue sky!
03:54:52 <Dave from B> Nice straight eruption
03:55:21 <Kevin L> Great contrast.
03:56:14 <Maureen> VC predtictions...they say castle had a that listed
03:56:18 <Maureen> ?
03:56:35 <Maureen> then Grand is 1515, and Daisy is 1310
03:56:56 <Kevin L> Think there was a time listed but I don't know if was listed as minor.
03:57:13 <Kevin L> Looks like Grand did go earlier.
03:57:14 <Maureen> it just says ie wc
03:57:20 <ynpvisitor34> ^
03:57:34 <Maureen> that sure seemed like Turban though...weird.
03:57:46 <Dave from B> How's Lion looking?
03:58:07 <AG> not visible on Static.
03:58:30 <AG> Old Faithful's East Vent is pretty prominent today though.
03:58:51 <Kevin L> Saw some puff from it earlier.
03:59:35 <AG> Whoa, Giant Steam ring from Giantess.
03:59:51 <ynpvisitor34> .
03:59:55 <AG> I quit nothing.
04:01:34 <lc> ma wants computer, bbl.
04:03:10 <Dave from B> AG, spoken like a true Seahawk
04:03:20 <AG> :D
04:04:06 <Dave from B> Except if our QB is hurt...he better be on the sideline holding a clipboard.
04:04:34 <AG> either, I'm not seeing Anemone, or it's pulling an 11+ minute interval.
04:06:01 <AG> Anemone 1105.
04:06:02 <AG> Big.
04:06:28 <AG> (sigh) nope.
04:06:30 <Kevin L> Is that sunlight?
04:06:41 <AG> It looks like it.
04:10:24 <AG> THat's Big Anemone 1110.
04:11:16 <AG> And little ie at 1110 as well. Making for a Concert sequence.
04:12:51 <ynpvisitor34> I haven't left
04:13:17 <Dave from B> Maybe page is telling you something, 34:)
04:14:17 <ynpvisitor34> I'LL TELL THE PAGE 'SOMETHING' _ _ _ _ _ _ _
04:14:29 <AG> lol.
04:14:42 <Dave from B> :D
04:19:24 <Maureen> you funny Rich.
04:19:46 <Maureen> be nice to the page, it provides you a new number every day!!
04:21:33 <AG> yikes, bad news for RG3, might need surgery and a recovery period of 8-12 months, and then they don't promise that he won't have more surgeries later.
04:22:22 <Dave from B> Yeah, being a running QB makes for a short career
04:29:07 <AG> zzzz
04:36:16 <Maureen> sad news about RG3. Stupid coaches...
04:36:33 <Maureen> and he is probably stubborn too, the "want to lead the team" thing.
04:43:24 <AG> OF isn't going to give us anything.
04:43:47 <AG> I've got to go to class, I'll bbl probably.
04:44:21 <Hawkeye> sounds like Todd and Lori are making a trip to the park in a couple weeks
04:59:04 <Maureen> wow, Hawkeye, fun for them. Were you away from the computer for BH?
05:00:17 <Hawkeye> yes
05:00:22 <Hawkeye> it has been very busy at work today
05:00:33 <Hawkeye> my to do pile is not getting smaller, I keep getting interrupted
05:04:06 <ynpvisitor34> I just linked BHI/BH to GT times
05:10:47 <ynpvisitor96> ..
05:14:28 <ynpvisitor96> .
05:14:37 <Dave from B> Still nothing from F&M per GT note
05:15:01 <ynpvisitor34> It went South for the Winter. g
05:15:24 <Dave from B> It better wake up before the end of June....or else
05:15:52 <Maureen> shouldn't the GT time for daisy at 1010 be ie? we only saw the tail end...
05:16:20 <Maureen> and F & M being dormant is good in a way, G and Steve will not waste all their time there.
05:18:05 <Maureen> it did wake up in June last year...I think a lot depends on how much water is around then.
05:19:52 <Dave from B> True, Maureen. water levels are usually too high in Spring
05:23:17 <ynpvisitor96> Some thought that the last FM dormancy was a little 'short', so maybe it will sleep longer this time
05:23:25 <ynpvisitor96> (go giant)
05:23:41 <lc> Maureen, you are right about Daisy. it was called ie but got logged without the is.
05:23:51 <lc> ie
05:24:30 <lc> Scott J logged it, don't know who that is.
05:24:47 <Kevin L> That is me.
05:25:07 <Kevin L> It kicked me out, so I am using an alias.
05:25:46 <lc> ok, then an ie should be added to Daisy.
05:25:57 <Kevin L> Done.
05:26:13 <lc> I'll try to remember that.
05:27:17 <ynpvisitor34> Come on OF, sky is right.
05:27:25 <Kevin L> For some reason it won't let me back on using my name. I used this one for conventions where I didn't really want to get salesmen to call me.
05:27:33 <Maureen> not sure about the short dormancy remark...some thought...who?
05:27:52 <Maureen> that is hysterical Kevin.
05:27:58 <Maureen> about the conventions...
05:28:58 <Kevin L> I had a card done and used a phone number of 702-564-1111 which was the time number. One year a guy remembered me. I told him he could accuse me of not giving him the time of day anyway.
05:29:17 <Kevin L> Couldn't
05:29:39 <ynpvisitor34> lol
05:29:43 <lc> thats funny.
05:29:48 <Dave from B> :D
05:29:55 <Maureen> FUNNY
05:31:05 <Kevin L> OF 1230
05:48:36 <Kevin L> Made it above freezing.
05:49:37 <Maureen> 37 here, everything is dripping...very slick outside too.
05:51:25 <Hawkeye-working> 49 here and sunny
05:58:50 <Kevin L> Losing picture on Livescope.
06:02:15 <Kevin L> Daisy 1302
06:03:12 <Kevin L> Nice Daisy
06:10:15 <ynpvisitor34> sorry I missed Daisy capture.
06:11:17 <Will B> Will some one tell Steve to give F&M a kick when he is down there next. When does it normally like to wake up from its winter slumbers?
06:13:02 <Dave from B> mAY?
06:13:48 <Kevin L> May June depending on snow melt.
06:14:14 <vw> Hello everybody!
06:14:17 <Kevin L> Hi vw
06:14:21 <Dave from B> It wasn't active on Memorial Day 2011
06:14:28 <Dave from B> Hey, vw!
06:15:35 <Maureen> i would go with June...for F&M, unless there is no snow between now and then. May is too high of water levels.
06:15:35 <vw> Looks like it will be a quiet time today during Kevin's bus duty. Here just in case.
06:16:38 <Dave from B> I keep thinking Lion should be starting soon
06:17:18 <Kevin L> It has been puffing. B"H made a mistake and played for me
06:17:51 <vw> Nice for you to catch BH Kevin!
06:18:20 <Kevin L> Even most of an Aurum.
06:19:01 <vw> Sweet!
06:21:14 <Kevin L> Oh oh
06:21:29 <Dave from B> Lion burp
06:21:29 <vw> joy. :(
06:21:41 <Kevin L> :p
06:21:42 <vw> That was about LS Dave, not Lion
06:21:52 <vw> Don't want to rain on eruption parade!
06:22:01 <Dave from B> I figured it was something else:(
06:22:11 <ynpvisitor34> I s there data in GT for August 2010?
06:22:58 <Dave from B> Not unless Will has put it there. Not sure, Rich
06:23:34 <ynpvisitor34> Ok, didn't know if I was entering retrieve request correcltly.
06:23:39 <ynpvisitor34> ty
06:24:06 <ynpvisitor34> Off to GOSA and check Ralph's data
06:24:08 <Dave from B> I just did a 2010 data
06:24:22 <Dave from B> I believe BB is working on 2010
06:24:29 <ynpvisitor34> Trying to figure out what days data is the first day of my trip to YNP
06:24:40 <ynpvisitor34> ty
06:25:01 <ynpvisitor34> I didn't date the first page of data. lol
06:25:40 <Dave from B> Dates aren't really important, Rich:)
06:25:55 <Dave from B> Just being there is all that's important
06:26:16 <ynpvisitor34> It is when I'm trying to figure out what my records say. hand writing is lack on some days. g
06:26:29 <ynpvisitor34> lacking
06:28:12 <Will B> not yet Rich it is still in the works
06:28:30 <Dave from B> LC 1328ie
06:28:35 <ynpvisitor34> ty, Will, and thanks for all the work you do.
06:28:59 <Will B> Crawlers on the BW
06:29:05 <Will B> lol
06:29:52 <vw> Rather they are crawling then falling.
06:30:10 <Will B> but falling is funnier
06:30:27 <vw> NOT if you are the faller.
06:30:58 <Will B> Laughter in others people's pain is always the best :P
06:31:00 <Dave from B> Falling at 20 is alot different than falling at over 50
06:31:40 <vw> The bw is so narrow that a risk of fall is a risk of falling off the bw. Not good for the visitor, not good for the features.
06:31:49 <Dave from B> Had to laugh last night...
06:32:23 <Dave from B> Referree for West-Senior Soph game was jogging backwards and bit it. Crowd didn't know what to do.
06:32:28 <Will B> I agree with that I am surprised the railing doesnt go further
06:32:59 <Dave from B> I was grateful that they didn't laugh or applaud
06:33:04 <vw> Yes, Dave, Rarely much appreciation for fans of ref's at sporting events.
06:34:17 <Dave from B> I've yelled at more than my share...but I'm getting a little more forgiving as I get older.
06:35:08 <Kevin L> Heading out
06:35:26 <vw> My brother ref'ed basketball, football and baseball for years. He loves sports, but ref'ing was/is a no win situation.
06:35:32 <vw> I have the cam.
06:35:34 <Dave from B> Have fun, Kevin...I know you won't missed BH this time
06:55:17 <Hawkeye-working> warmer temps lately? looks like more ground showing today
06:56:02 <vw> A lot of snow has melted. That will change as a winter storm is scheduled to start sometime today or early tomorrow.
06:57:27 <af> hello
06:57:35 <vw> Hi af
06:57:39 <ynpvisitor34> hi af
07:00:52 <vw> OF 1400
07:03:28 <vw> Wind can't make up its mind where it is blowing from.
07:04:35 <af> finally! someone else who personfies things in silly ways! thank you vw
07:05:05 <vw> Oh, I anthropomorphy everything af
07:06:27 <vw> In the window for Grand, but I am not seeing any action over there.
07:11:08 <vw> Maybe a Turban there?
07:12:34 <Dave from B> Afternoon, af
07:13:03 <Dave from B> Shhh...Don't tell Graham that the snow is melting.
07:13:24 <af> hi dave
07:13:54 <vw> Snow conditions could be a little low for G's visit.
07:15:31 <Dave from B> I have a feeling we will be lucky to see OF when storm hits Thurs or Fri.
07:16:09 <vw> You are probably right Dave. I see where they have extended the watch into Saturday morning for us here in Billings.
07:16:29 <Dave from B> How much are we supposed to get?
07:16:59 <vw> Advisory saying 8-14 inches.
07:17:22 <Dave from B> Wow...guess I better try to start the snowblower
07:17:35 <vw> I don't know if that is specific to Billings or not. I haven't checked NOAA location reports.
07:17:54 <vw> Definitely not a weekend to be traveling though.
07:17:57 <Dave from B> Still expecting storm to hit Thursday night?
07:18:15 <vw> Thursday morning through Saturday is the advisory timeframe.
07:18:17 <Dave from B> We have a truck that leaves for Bozeman on Fridays at 5 am
07:18:22 <vw> Saturday morning...
07:18:42 <vw> They will probably be in some of the weather coming. Going back could be bad.
07:19:16 <vw> Is Will around? Wondering about conditions in Boz now. Know Livingston has wind advisory now.
07:19:52 <Dave from B> I think Will is in class. He was here for BH
07:20:20 <ynpvisitor34> New Quarter out I just saw was for Denali NP
07:27:34 <Dave from B> Anyone been keeping an eye on Aurum....should be due?
07:27:54 <vw> Trying to now Dave.
07:29:02 <Dave from B> Something has to erupt while Kevin is gone
07:29:40 <vw> Well... we had OF. Maybe that is enough for today?
07:30:20 <vw> Looks like Turban again maybe.
07:30:33 <Dave from B> must be another turban 1430
07:30:44 <Dave from B> Definitely a ? on that
07:31:09 <vw> timing and location right for Turban
07:32:30 <Kevin L> Back
07:32:45 <vw> wb Kevin.
07:33:03 <Kevin L> I can take cam when you are ready.
07:33:08 <vw> Been watching Aurum and Grand areas for you. You only 'missed' OF.
07:33:19 <vw> Cam is all yours Kevin!
07:33:46 <Kevin L> Got it. ty
07:33:53 <vw> Heading out. Catch everybody tomorrow. Have a great evening all!
07:34:07 <Kevin L> bye
07:34:14 <Dave from B> Bye, vw. Have a great evening
07:35:21 <Kevin L> I think we are in a Grand window now. If I remember it was a 1515 prediction.
07:35:53 <Dave from B> Good memory
07:37:28 <ynpvisitor34> I can't remember if I did a still cap or a vid cap of Aurum this morning, will post asap.
07:38:15 <Kevin L> I am wondering what is erupting now.
07:38:36 <Kevin L> Looks too big for Turban, but too small for Oblong.
07:39:13 <Dave from B> Thought we had a tubran at 1430...but who knows
07:45:08 <af> I am going to head out
07:45:36 <Kevin L> bye
07:51:16 <ynpvisitor34> Posted still cap to FB Yellowstone
07:51:24 <ynpvisitor34> CamChat
07:51:35 <ynpvisitor34>
07:51:49 <ynpvisitor34> Aurum 1046ie
08:04:46 <Dave from B> Grand? 1504ie
08:04:49 <Kevin L> Grand 1504
08:05:09 <Dave from B> Maureen, you out there?
08:05:13 <Dave from B> :!:
08:05:23 <Kevin L> .
08:05:24 <Kevin L> .
08:05:44 <Kevin L> Looks like she isn't
08:05:50 <Dave from B> I can't wait until March or April when we can see water on a consistent basis again
08:06:10 <Dave from B> steam clouds are just not quite as exciting
08:06:32 <Dave from B> Kevin, are the Packers healthy for this weekend?
08:06:54 <Kevin L> As far as I know. Haven't seen many reports though.
08:07:40 <Dave from B> That game should be the best of the weekend
08:11:07 <Kevin L> Should be fun.
08:11:43 <Dave from B> This is my favorite football weekend of the year.
08:14:14 <Kevin L> 2nd
08:14:53 <Kevin L> It is a lot of fun.
08:17:37 <Kevin L> Looks like 2 is it
08:25:46 <Kevin L> of 1525
08:32:45 <Dave from B> Time to head home. Have a great evening!
08:33:13 <Kevin L> Have a good one Dave
08:34:32 <Maureen> Hey, thanks for the got crazy and I had to go off for a bit. Was Grand nice?
08:35:03 <Maureen> I appreciate you guys trying to reach me.
08:48:50 <ynpvisitor51> Maureen, sorry I didn't get Grand captured, computer has been acting up.
08:52:03 <ynpvisitor51> bb afk
08:52:43 <Kevin L> Had a 2 burst. Mostly steam, but at least you could see the steam.
08:55:54 <Kevin L> Daisy 1555
08:56:25 <Maureen> steamy day
08:56:34 <Maureen> hey, just saw a burst
08:56:46 <Kevin L> This is what Grand looked like.
08:57:22 <Maureen> np 51, about the capture. We appreciate that you get so many for us.
09:07:18 <af> hello
09:07:31 <Kevin L> hi
09:08:38 <Graham> hello
09:08:48 <Kevin L> Hi.
09:08:52 <Graham> wow you used up a lot of geysers today
09:08:56 <Kevin L> Not much left today.
09:09:00 <af> hello
09:09:07 <Graham> another Lion and OF
09:09:13 <Kevin L> Looks like there is some bogus info on Lion.
09:09:43 <Kevin L> I have been looking at Lion for about 20 minutes and I have not seen an eruption. Info is by "guest".
09:10:03 <af> smartphine test?
09:11:22 <Kevin L> Dumb user test I think.
09:11:23 <Graham> ok, it's gone now
09:11:30 <Graham> where did all the snow go today?
09:11:33 <Kevin L> I flagged it.
09:12:57 <Graham> 34 F - wow I bet Maureen is out in shorts and a t
09:16:08 <Maureen> hey G. It is nice, high was 37....the warm before the cold!!
09:16:58 <Maureen> have you looked at your forecast now, I think the most for you visit is now down to 5 inches...the whole time you are there.
09:17:17 <Maureen> only 1 snow day now. Bring your sunscreen
09:17:38 <Graham> i noticed that, lots of sum.....but its still more than a week away so who knows
09:18:51 <Maureen> seems each day they take out snow and put in suns
09:19:13 <Maureen> temps are back down though, for a few days they had it over freezing most of the week.
09:27:01 <Graham> yeah, i prefer some sun but an inch or 2 of snow each night
09:27:07 <Graham> will have to work my magic
09:27:13 <AG> wow...where'd all the snow go?
09:27:31 <Graham> thats my line
09:27:49 <AG> I didn't see any copyright.
09:27:51 <AG> :p
09:29:37 <Graham> accuweather still shows a foot of snow on the 24th but i am glad to see so,m,e Brilliant Sunshine in the forecast
09:29:49 <ynpvisitor51> Thermal energy melted it.
09:30:22 <Graham> guess i will forgo the frosts for sun instead
09:35:14 <Dave from B> Good evening, everyone
09:35:27 <Graham> hi Dave
09:35:42 <Dave from B> Guess what, Graham?
09:36:08 <Dave from B> Isles are still in the playoff hunt!!
09:36:27 <Dave from B> In fact, I think they're in first place
09:36:27 <Graham> the islanders?
09:37:17 <Dave from B> Yeap. They still are a hockey team, right?
09:38:12 <Graham> players still have to approve the deal, but OV is back
09:38:50 <Dave from B> Any idea how the 48 game schedule will work?
09:39:04 <AG> Not hockey, but still sports related, Seattle is getting it's Sonics Back!
09:39:17 <Dave from B> ?? to AG
09:39:26 <Graham> you can have thewizzards, going cheap
09:39:36 <Dave from B> I can't believe Lion hasn't started yet
09:39:45 <AG> Our old Basketball team, the Seattle Supersonics.
09:40:56 <Dave from B> I know who they are, AG. Are they getting an expansion team then?
09:41:50 <AG> Not sure, All I know is some local guy named Chris Hansen is buying them back.
09:42:20 <af> goodnight all
09:42:44 <AG> night af.
09:42:47 <Graham> i am sure thw Wizards will beat them :)
09:42:48 <Dave from B> nite, af
09:43:10 <AG> Yeah, hopefully they can succeed where the redskins failed...
09:43:39 <Graham> oohhhh thats bad ..... hehe Wizzards are way more aweful than the skins
09:44:03 <Dave from B> Graham, I haven't been reading logs.....what's your feeling on the RG3 fiasco
09:44:29 <Graham> no camchat rivalries next weekend? Maybe Packers at 49ers if we can get af excited
09:44:53 <Graham> well he had surgery today, pretty bad, may miss next season or at least the start
09:44:56 <Dave from B> Nope....hope we get a Hawks-Packers rematch.
09:45:24 <Dave from B> Maybe we can bring back the replacmeent refs fopr that one
09:45:34 <AG> Dave you mean where the Reffs actually put the nail in the coffin this time before burying it?
09:45:36 <Graham> haha
09:45:41 <Maureen> stupid, about RG3
09:46:12 <Graham> Skins need to draft a team doctor next season
09:46:17 <Dave from B> I think at the very least he should have been taken out at halftime
09:47:32 <ynpvisitor51>
09:48:51 <ynpvisitor51> I like the 'new' cinder cone behind the tree line on the right.
09:49:17 <AG> Anemone 1649
09:49:18 <ynpvisitor51> Almost looks like mt Fuji
09:49:40 <AG> or pre 1980 MSH.
09:49:45 <Dave from B> Thanks, 51
09:50:00 <ynpvisitor51> possible AG
09:50:09 <ynpvisitor51> yw Dave from B
09:50:29 <Dave from B> Hey, Graham...don't waste a first rounder on that team doctor
09:50:58 <Graham> the skins will trade up for first round :)
09:51:23 <AG> lets see if I can get a duration on this Little A.
09:51:46 <Dave from B> I hope Skins do well next year...I'm not a Cowboy, Giants or Eagles fan
09:52:00 <AG> Little A off.
09:52:04 <Graham> yeah getting on the bandwagon Dave?
09:52:52 <Dave from B> I have to have a favorite team in that division and I like the direction they're heading
09:54:12 <Graham> OF 1653
09:54:20 <Graham> my one geyser of the night :(
09:54:45 <Dave from B> It hasn't been the most exciting gazing day
09:55:03 <AG> there's still hope for Lion.
09:55:21 <Dave from B> Time for me to leave again. Talk to everyone tomorrow
09:55:35 <ynpvisitor51> Nite Dave from B
09:58:24 <AG> going to be fun if we can catch the Anemone start, the steam plume will be cool. g.
09:59:10 <AG> Anemone 1659
09:59:48 <AG> that was a quick one. less than 30 seconds. good grief.
10:00:02 <Graham> so when is the next one going to be?
10:00:31 <AG> haha, you want a prediction? ok. 1709+/- 2 minutes, and it will be a concert.
10:01:05 <AG> which means little should start around 1707.
10:05:06 <Graham> Sawmill 1704ie
10:05:54 <AG> Sprinkler 1705 ie.
10:06:30 <Graham> ready AG?
10:06:55 <AG> Yessir.
10:07:14 <AG> switching to Elk for bigger screen.
10:07:46 <AG> Little Anemone 1707
10:08:22 <AG> Big Anemone 1708 CONCERT
10:08:58 <AG> whoa. That was like a 20 second duration at the most...what's up with Big Anemone?
10:09:41 <AG> Since it was a concert, little should shut off at 1710.
10:11:05 <AG> Little Anemone was off at 1710.
10:12:34 <Graham> nice call AG
10:13:27 <AG> thanks, I don't like that short duration of big though...that concerns me...
10:24:09 <AG> Little Anemone 1724 ie on static.
10:24:51 <AG> Big Anemone ie 1724 on static as well.
10:25:14 <Graham> nothing much therenow
10:25:38 <AG> Little's still going.
10:32:55 <Todd's wife> question: if we get to the park the end of the month, what time should we make our dinner reservations for?
10:33:26 <Todd's wife> And, can you schedule the eruptions for us please so they don't go while we eat :)
10:34:34 <AG> I would say around 5 ish...personally. Not sure though. Graham ?
10:35:37 <Graham> whenever they have them, usually heavily booked
10:35:58 <Graham> Lion 1735ns
10:35:58 <AG> Lion 1735 initial wahoo!
10:36:11 <Kevin L> About time!
10:36:20 <kcmule> nice
10:36:56 <Graham> It will be dark a bit later than now, so it depends how long you want to stay out. Usually there are few openings, you will be lucky to get in before 8
10:39:07 <Graham> AG - can you add Initial to it, especially given the confusing posts earlier
10:39:26 <Graham> goodnight
10:40:11 <AG> will do. night.
10:42:05 <AG> night all. be back tomorrow.
10:45:46 <kcmule> nite
10:57:38 <Todd's wife> sorry- got distracted by food, lol. thanks for the insight.