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00:06:14 <ynpvisitor92> hi
00:08:53 <Graham> Mammoth report - little snow overnight and no geysers predicted to erupt
00:09:04 <Graham> breakfast was good tho
00:11:00 <Dave from B> Welcome back to civilization!
00:11:14 <Dave from B> Please hurry home.....Caps need you
00:11:56 <vw> Good morning!
00:12:07 <Dave from B> Morning, vw
00:12:14 <Hawkeye> morning everyone
00:12:21 <Dave from B> Morning, Hawkeye
00:12:27 <Dave from B> Looks loike we just missed Graham
00:13:15 <vw> I see that.
00:14:17 <vw> Our snowguy is still there. :)
00:14:23 <Graham> morning Dave
00:14:28 <Graham> and vw
00:14:38 <vw> Hi Graham!
00:14:46 <Graham> and hawkeye
00:14:51 <Dave from B> Hi, Graham
00:15:05 <Graham> no waving at the cam today
00:15:07 <vw> You heard steve left us company on the bw last night?
00:15:27 <vw> It was all rather dramatic and exciting. Says a lot about us, doesn't it?
00:15:35 <Graham> yes, warmed up so snow is sticky
00:15:51 <Hawkeye> I found it very entertaining
00:15:54 <Graham> maybe Todd and Laurie will grow him
00:15:58 <vw> I am looking forward to some light so we can see the little bugger.
00:16:07 <vw> Oh yeah!
00:16:19 <vw> Maybe we could get a whole family going...
00:16:20 <Graham> where is he?
00:16:27 <Hawkeye> I told them that there was one made
00:16:44 <vw> Do you have the stream Graham?
00:16:49 <Graham> was exciting day with 12b plume
00:17:02 <vw> On the bw just to the right of the cam's OF preset picture.
00:17:10 <Graham> no stream on crapberry
00:17:29 <vw> He should still be there when you get home. Will also ran capture.
00:17:42 <vw> Maybe someone could grab a still and post it to FB.
00:18:21 <vw> I was really sorry that you missed the Plume. We did too, but at least steve got it.
00:19:41 <Graham> will look for it when I get home. Supposed to land before the ics storm
00:20:18 <Dave from B> Hope your trip home is better than your trip out.
00:22:09 <Graham> was fun trip 11 grans and 4 BH
00:22:26 <Graham> Wondering if my water meter will have frozen given how cold it has been and no water flow
00:22:35 <vw> Lots of pictures?
00:23:25 <Graham> yeah a few, lots the firstfew days and less later as it got cloudy
00:23:45 <vw> I wondered how overcast skies would affect you.
00:24:22 <Graham> going to pack and walk the terraces before Bozo, might get snow there?
00:25:12 <vw> I think snow is in the forecast, but don't know how much for Boz.
00:25:37 <vw> Enjoy the terraces.
00:25:47 <ynpvisitor16> .
00:28:46 <ynpvisitor16> .
00:42:47 <vw> Lion 0742
00:43:25 <Dave from B> What time do Todd & Lori arrive today?
00:44:00 <vw> Good morning Kitt.
00:44:07 <Kitt> ooo, a geyser
00:44:35 <vw> I don't know what the coach schedule is from the south entrance.
00:45:12 <vw> Someone else grabbed the cam.
00:45:15 <Dave from B> Morning, Kitt
00:45:25 <Dave from B> Must be BH time
00:45:52 <Kitt> morning
00:46:04 <ynpvisitor16> Lion?
00:46:16 <Hawkeye> they should get on the snowcoach around 12 I think
00:46:23 <vw> I think CC has the cam for a while now. I am going to get some other things done, and will be back later.
00:46:41 <CC> morning all
00:46:48 <CC> vw I do have the cam
00:47:23 <Dave from B> Morning, CC
00:47:37 <Kitt> is that aurum?
00:47:39 <CC> hi Dave
00:48:04 <Hawkeye> they check in at 12:30 and arrive around 4:45
00:48:10 <Dave from B> Probably just Giantess steam
00:48:22 <Kitt> thanks
00:48:33 <Dave from B> Not much time for gaxzing today for T&L
00:48:39 <Kitt> how long do they get to be there?
00:49:02 <Hawkeye> They're staying 5 night
00:49:03 <Hawkeye> s
00:49:24 <Dave from B> Time sure goes by fast. Can't believe Graham is on his way home already
00:49:46 <Kitt> they would have enough time to test out their clothing choice so that they will be ready tomorrow
00:50:03 <Kitt> Graham probably can't either
00:50:58 <Kitt> they are napping
00:51:53 <Dave from B> Seems like they could find a warmer place for a nap.
00:52:13 <Kitt> oh, they are plenty warm
00:53:53 <Hawkeye> yeah mom couldn't figure out what to pack for the top of the snowcoach and what to have inside. She wanted everything accessible.
00:55:33 <Kitt> a full layer of outside gear, your camera, and some basic items like water, etc.
00:56:24 <Kitt> I haven't come in from the south on the snowcoach
00:57:23 <Kitt> I wish bee would splash
00:57:32 <Kitt> it could have erupted before daylight
00:58:42 <Kitt> breakfast time
00:58:45 <Kitt> bbl
01:10:12 <Dave from B> OF 0810ie
01:10:22 <Dave from B> Have to head out. bbl
01:20:00 <ynpvisitor55> .
01:26:48 <ynpvisitor16> ,,
01:38:19 <ynpvisitor16> .
01:39:03 <ynpvisitor16> lion
01:42:03 <Micah K> LC 824 ie
01:43:07 <Micah K> whoops 0842
01:47:51 <Micah K> sun's breaking out over by Daisy.
01:48:54 <Micah K> Oblong 0848 ie?
01:52:53 <Micah K> morning new numbers.
01:58:20 <kc (on call)> mornin
01:59:13 <Micah K> hi kc
01:59:26 <Micah K> kind of quiet, the grotto start was pretty cool though.
02:02:37 <Micah K> another turban 0902 ie
02:03:56 <kc (on call)> no vec predictions yet
02:07:29 <ynpvisitor55> .
02:17:48 <ynpvisitor16> ..
02:20:39 <ynpvisitor68> wow what senery
02:21:08 <Micah K> pretty gray today.
02:21:53 <ynpvisitor68> still looking wonderful
02:22:14 <Micah K> i agree, gotta love geysers.
02:22:18 <Hawkeye> my mother in law just posted a picture of her view....a beach in Florida
02:22:23 <Hawkeye> quite a difference
02:22:43 <Micah K> lol, Pretty much as big of a difference as you can get hawk.
02:22:52 <Hawkeye> definitely
02:22:59 <Hawkeye> palm trees and striped umbrellas
02:23:46 <Micah K> martini in hand? complete with the little umbrella I'm sure.
02:24:30 <ynpvisitor47> G'Day Everyone
02:24:39 <Micah K> howdy 47
02:24:43 <Hawkeye> lol they didn't show that but I bet they have something
02:25:04 <Micah K> you guys gotta stay awake now, I'm off to service. bbl this afternoon.
02:25:18 <ynpvisitor47> Hi Micah K
02:25:25 <CC> vw should be on the cam shortly
02:25:45 <CC> see you all later
02:28:20 <vw> Hi again!
02:28:35 <kc (on call)> ornin
02:28:38 <kc (on call)> *m
02:28:48 <vw> Lion 0927 ie
02:29:30 <vw> that should have been 0928 ie on Lion
02:31:45 <vw> I wonder if we are going to get enough light today to see our snowguy very well. Pretty gloomy in the basin.
02:33:13 <ynpvisitor18> hey
02:33:27 <vw> Good morning 18
02:33:42 <ynpvisitor18> im 22 and want to cam
02:33:47 <ynpvisitor18> anybody want?
02:33:58 <vw> Not that kind of chat room 18
02:34:10 <vw> we are watching geysers in Yellowstone National Park.
02:34:23 <ynpvisitor18> i looking for skype
02:34:36 <vw> have to look somewhere else.
02:34:57 <ynpvisitor47>
02:34:58 <vw> Good morning Kevin!
02:37:47 <vw> Aurum 0937 ? Hard to say for sure
02:38:04 <vw> OF 0937
02:38:49 <Kevin L> Cpuld be Aurum. It usually gets covered by OF.
02:39:23 <vw> It was in the right place anyway!
02:39:52 <vw> I am not sure enough of it to post it. Just have to remember to watch again in 4 hours.
02:41:35 <Kevin L> About then the Giantess steam will cover it.
02:52:07 <vw> .
02:59:53 <vw> Conditions at OF Ranger Station at 0915: 28F, DP 23, RH 79%, wind SSW G02.
03:00:59 <vw> That station stopped reporting precip accumulations some time ago, so no information on snow depth.
03:01:08 <Kevin L> Heat spell.
03:01:52 <vw> It will be interesting to see if the temp falls. Billings is supposed to see a dip in daytime temps over the next couple of days at least.
03:24:39 <vw> Lion 1024
03:34:26 <vw> Visibility has definitely taken a turn for the worse. Until it is better, I will pretty much leave the cam in OF preset.
04:01:00 <vw> Cam in a position to try to avoid too much moisture on the lens. Can't really see much anyway.
04:05:10 <vw> OF 1104
04:05:47 <vw> I don't think there will be any way for us to know its duration.
04:10:51 <vw> VEC called OF a long. Next predicted for 1232.
04:21:40 <vw> Lion 1121 ie
04:47:16 <Kitt> hello again
04:47:27 <Kitt> anything exciting happening at bee?
04:47:43 <Dave from B> Hi, Kitt...just arrived myself
04:47:59 <Dave from B> Nice series from Lion
04:48:10 <Kitt> I'm glad our weather looks better than Yellowstone's
04:48:25 <Dave from B> Snowing lightly in Blgs
04:48:39 <Dave from B> Supposed to get 1"
04:48:45 <Kitt> I've popped in several times in time to catch Lion
04:49:18 <Kitt> I know Billings needs snow, but hopefully roads will be good by next weekend
04:49:30 <Kitt> I need a big city break
04:49:41 <Dave from B> Need to go shopping?
04:50:09 <Dave from B> What do you like to do in Blgs?
04:50:11 <Kitt> would like to shop, visit a nice restaurant, and maybe even a movie
04:50:32 <Dave from B> Sounds like fun
04:51:33 <Kitt> but I don't like Montana's roads when they get coated with ice or the visibility goes to nil
04:52:44 <Dave from B> Road conditions can change quickly this time of year.
04:54:19 <Kitt> I still remember a trip thru Bridger
04:54:52 <Kitt> Entered the town (no snow) and exited the town (1" snow flakes coming down hard)
04:56:22 <Kitt> time to fix lunch
04:56:44 <Kitt> I have a feeling that I won't see a bee today, but I keep hoping
04:56:46 <Kitt> bbl
05:22:52 <vw> Lion 1222 ie
05:25:27 <vw> Hi Graham.
05:25:27 <Graham> yeah BZN has iPA on tap again
05:25:50 <vw> Happy days. :D
05:26:03 <vw> Bozeman weather report?
05:26:18 <Graham> how go the geysers?
05:26:41 <vw> Haven't really been able to see much of anything today.
05:26:49 <vw> OF and Lion are about it.
05:26:55 <Graham> cloudy about freezing some snow on W side of bozo Pass
05:27:32 <Graham> snowed from MaMmoth to Livingstone
05:27:38 <vw> Interesting you didn't have snow on east side too. We are getting light snow here in Billings.
05:27:48 <vw> Oh... spoke too soon.
05:28:34 <vw> When does your flight take off?
05:30:50 <ynpvisitor86> busy enjoying his beer!
05:32:30 <vw> OF 1232
05:36:27 <vw> I think it was a long.
05:38:27 <vw> Back in a bit.
06:00:10 <Hawkeye> it's thundering now
06:00:56 <vw> With snow or rain?
06:01:06 <vw> Snow thunder is bizarre, and cool at the same time.
06:01:09 <Hawkeye> this morning it was freezing rain and now it's rain
06:01:09 <Graham> flight is delayed will miss connection
06:01:13 <Graham> joy
06:01:20 <Hawkeye> we've had snow thunder before though
06:01:28 <Hawkeye> just in time for nap time....Conor is not happy
06:01:30 <vw> Bummer Graham. Later connection possible?
06:01:37 <Hawkeye> that's not good
06:02:04 <Dave from B> Sorry to hear that, Graham
06:02:29 <vw> Call your sister and make backup plans if you have to stay in Denver overnight?
06:20:59 <Hawkeye> at least my parents get a nice snowy welcome
06:21:39 <vw> True Hawkeye!
06:22:01 <vw> It will be interesting to hear if they can see anything on the trip in.
06:22:17 <Hawkeye> I'm assuming they'll check in once they get service at OF
06:22:25 <Hawkeye> hard to say what the rest of park is like
06:23:03 <vw> Snowing in most of the greater Yellowstone area I think. Just don't know how heavy.
06:25:34 <Graham> rebooked 2h later
06:26:06 <Hawkeye> ok vw thanks
06:26:24 <Graham> should land about midnight
06:26:37 <vw>
06:27:13 <vw> I saw there was an 1100'ish flight Graham. Was hoping there were seats available.
06:27:14 <Hawkeye> oh yeah lots of snow
06:28:22 <vw> Yeah, that 'pink stuff' pretty much covers the entire park area.
06:28:39 <Graham> leaves den at 5 something
06:29:52 <vw> That is a much better flight than the later ones I saw. If you get in later, there are later flights too G.
06:30:19 <vw> Why the delay G?
06:30:45 <vw> Lion 1330 ie
06:32:10 <vw> Sure am glad Lion is giving us a long series.
06:33:04 <Maureen> snowing here too.
06:33:26 <vw> Hi Maureen.
06:33:37 <Hawkeye> hello
06:35:47 <Maureen> backing off now, yet visibility is not great here, like the basin
06:36:52 <vw> If what we saw about 0937 was Aurum, it it time for a repeat.
06:38:56 <Maureen> I was hoping for a nice blue sky for Todd and Lori's arrival, especially for West Thumb
06:40:02 <Maureen> almost 30 here for temp
06:40:50 <Hawkeye> me too
06:41:06 <Hawkeye> hopefully it'll get it out of it's system and be nice for the rest of the week
06:41:08 <Maureen> yet any time in Yellowstone is good time
06:41:20 <Hawkeye> oh yes, they'll be happy either way
06:41:24 <Maureen> snow in forecast for us all week, yet I am hoping that too
06:42:11 <vw> Possibly Aurum now.
06:42:18 <vw> Too steamy to be sure though.
06:42:51 <Maureen> wow, way too steamy
06:43:04 <Maureen> Steve is gone now too, right?
06:43:04 <Graham> Aurum 4h8m +-12m was nice
06:43:32 <Maureen> people out
06:43:42 <Graham> steve left this morning
06:43:50 <Maureen> ty
06:44:13 <vw> Yes, he had an early departure: 0700.
06:44:37 <Maureen> hopefully he is out of the snow soon on his drive home to Boise
06:44:45 <Maureen> it is all in Eastern Idaho
06:45:25 <Maureen> snow man gone?
06:45:34 <vw> Still there, but hard to see.
06:45:47 <Maureen> oh, looked like someone lopped its head off
06:46:04 <Maureen> ty, I see the head now
06:46:05 <vw> Just blends into background.
06:46:13 <Maureen> cute snowman
06:46:22 <Graham> hope he has a good drive out and you get lots of snow for the snowman Maureen
06:46:42 <Maureen> I like the one Steve built.
06:47:03 <Maureen> I could have built a huge one instead of shoveling yesterday, wet, heavy snow
06:48:12 <Maureen> so Micah posted Turban times yet no Grand, is that because of visibility issues earlier vw?
06:48:31 <Maureen> wow, skiing on the pavement
06:48:46 <Maureen> those must be rental skis!
06:48:54 <vw> We have had horrible visibility down basin.
06:49:14 <Maureen> but you could see at 9?
06:49:51 <vw> Pretty iffy in my opinion.
06:50:58 <vw> CC was on the cam then though and I wasn't paying really close attention.
06:51:00 <Graham> steve did it to celebrate Plume?
06:51:06 <Graham> maybe he saw Morning today?
06:51:21 <vw> Not sure G. He was pretty excited about Plume though!
06:52:23 <Graham> and seeing Old Tardy Drain
06:52:24 <Hawkeye> they should wait a few minutes and get a picture with OF
06:53:03 <vw> Maureen, I see Micah made a comment about sunlight in Daisy area, so maybe there was a brief clearing that allowed them to see the Grand area better.
06:53:08 <Maureen> I think Steve built the snowman because he could and not much going on in basin
06:53:19 <Maureen> ty vw
06:53:43 <Maureen> people are looking at it now
06:53:45 <vw> People checking out our snowguy!
06:54:03 <Maureen> I wish Steve would have taken a pic
06:54:20 <Maureen> I am sure it is getting lots of photo time on tourist cameras
06:54:58 <vw> We will have to make sure we get Lori/Todd to take a picture. I am not sure when we will have enough light to see it well.
06:55:44 <Hawkeye> I'm sure they will but I can remind them
06:55:52 <Graham> how much snow did they get
06:55:57 <Maureen> maybe they can get someone to take their photo sitting with it.
06:55:57 <vw> Thank you Hawkeye!
06:55:58 <Hawkeye> hopefully tomorrow?
06:55:59 <Graham> yeah plane just *rrived
06:56:16 <Hawkeye> that would be fun
06:56:21 <Maureen> not much snow, a couple inches at most
06:56:24 <vw> Board that sucker before it ices up Graham!
06:56:41 <Maureen> too warm to ice in Bozo I would guess
06:56:51 <Maureen> And they have to let the passengers off and service the plane...
06:57:06 <Maureen> why was it late G?
06:58:50 <Graham> no idea why its late. small plane so turnaround should be quick
06:58:54 <Graham> see ya
06:59:01 <Maureen> bye
06:59:03 <vw> Bye! Safe flight.
07:00:14 <Maureen> could be a bumpy start getting out of Bozo
07:00:35 <Maureen> little person with the snowman!!
07:00:36 <vw> Little kid and the snowman
07:00:41 <Hawkeye> cute
07:01:38 <vw> OF 1401
07:02:24 <Maureen> gray on gray on gray
07:02:29 <Hawkeye> we're getting a little yet
07:02:31 <Hawkeye> wet*
07:02:34 <Maureen> and now bonus drops
07:03:57 <Maureen> off to continue my cleaning venture...I will be lurking, GO BEEHIVE
07:06:07 <Maureen> nice long OF
07:16:41 <vw> Steam from BH, but I can't get close enough to see what is going on.
07:18:31 <Maureen> GO BEEHIVE
07:18:47 <Maureen> Maybe it will wait for G to be in Denver so he can watch too.
07:18:55 <Maureen> And Will coming home from Mammoth.
07:19:37 <vw> Oh yeah. I forgot about Will's meeting with Dr. Hessler.
07:37:56 <vw> Lion 1437
07:38:15 <vw> Well... maybe not.
07:38:33 <Maureen> hmmmm
07:38:52 <vw> Its been trying, but just can't seem to sustain itself.
07:38:53 <ynpvisitor83> It has been puffing, like end of series.
07:38:54 <Maureen> sure is gray, it is brighter here than there.
07:39:30 <Maureen> it was a nice long series...
07:40:20 <vw> I have been very thankful for Lion today. Needed it to break the monotony.
07:40:48 <ynpvisitor83> yep, a Plume would be nice.
07:42:25 <ynpvisitor96> And it used to be as common as muck
07:42:38 <ynpvisitor44> A Plume is always nice! :)
07:42:48 <Maureen> i know, I used to make fun of folks calling PLUME!!
07:43:15 <Maureen> Yet I always look if I am in the area, and they are very fun up close
07:47:46 <ynpvisitor96> I wounder when giantess will finally blow
07:48:38 <vw> Depression looks hot.
07:50:13 <vw> As clear now as I have seen it all day.
07:51:12 <Maureen> he he
07:52:01 <af> howdy
07:52:06 <Maureen> hey
07:52:46 <ynpvisitor83> Hi af
07:56:14 <vw> Kuib 1456 ie
07:56:22 <vw> duh...
07:56:28 <vw> Lion 1456 ie
07:56:36 <vw> Helps if your fingers are situated right.
07:56:53 <vw> Calling that a minor. Did see water.
07:57:10 <af> has dave infected you?
07:57:43 <vw> Think I need a break. Too long trying to see things in the white on white picture.
07:58:26 <vw> back in a bit
08:16:21 <Maureen> hey is that a new geyser vw, KULB? just caught up there...
08:16:23 <Maureen> he he
08:16:58 <af> vw is taking a break I think
08:17:06 <Maureen> she will see it later
08:19:29 <vw> hehe
08:19:55 <vw> I looked up after hitting enter and though 'what the h...???"
08:20:36 <Maureen> funny
08:21:04 <Maureen> well, I hope I hear some Beehive dings before too long
08:21:35 <vw> Occasional bursts of steam from BH, but nothing that sticks around for long.
08:27:35 <vw> OF 1527
08:29:54 <Hawkeye> it's a good thing we have the trees for some contrast
08:32:03 <vw> Your folks should be there for the next OF Hawkeye. Assuming they aren't too tired after their long drive.
08:32:56 <Maureen> maybe it will clear off for a bit and the full moon will greet them
08:33:46 <Hawkeye> Oh I'm sure they'll have enough energy for it
08:34:28 <Hawkeye> getting to the park from Lander and then their ride in will seem short compared to the drive from Iowa
08:35:05 <Hawkeye> although the way they split it this time they didn't have any long days
08:40:02 <vw> .
08:40:37 <Hawkeye> hubby and i are planning on making it to spearfish our first day, so that'll be a long day
08:40:52 <Maureen> do they use smartphones? We will have reports from the basin?
08:41:19 <Hawkeye> they do not, they have track phones
08:41:28 <Hawkeye> but dad texts so he can update me and I'll pass it on
08:41:37 <Maureen> oh good, that he will text you
08:41:37 <Hawkeye> they have been slow to embrace technology
08:41:50 <Maureen> but they cannot check GT, you will have to keep them posted
08:42:00 <Hawkeye> I don't know how to check that
08:42:14 <Maureen>
08:42:21 <Maureen> you can check it anytime
08:42:34 <Maureen> that is how I get on the chat page, in the link from GT
08:43:04 <Hawkeye> oh ok
08:43:07 <Maureen> It gives the time since the last eruptions
08:43:11 <Hawkeye> ok
08:43:16 <Hawkeye> I can help keep them updated
08:43:17 <Maureen> perhaps useful to your folks...
08:43:26 <Hawkeye> dad probably looks at it
08:43:28 <vw> Yeah, you need to check out both and
08:43:32 <Maureen> Steve, the ranger, posts there
08:43:55 <Maureen> he cannot look there without a smart phone at the basin.
08:44:32 <vw> Going to lose visibility again. Snow picking up.
08:47:19 <Hawkeye> ok
08:48:01 <Maureen> all done here...
08:48:04 <Maureen> for now
08:48:39 <Maureen> looks like it will be done there soon too
08:48:52 <Maureen> beehive is looking steamy
08:49:04 <Maureen> at times
08:49:07 <vw> Yeap. Just need it to stick.
08:55:40 <vw> Hi Will!
08:55:47 <Will B> Hi
08:56:20 <vw> You have a good trip? Didn't miss much here: its been foggy all day.
08:56:57 <Will B> I guessed so. It was snowing in Mammoth also
08:57:16 <vw> Yes, Graham said he had snow Mammoth to Livingston.
08:57:51 <Will B> We probably passed each other
09:01:41 <Hawkeye> my parents are at west thumb
09:03:47 <Will B> as of now I will be living there in a few months
09:04:38 <af> leaving where_
09:08:05 <Hawkeye> said it's snowing big time
09:09:04 <vw> The pass should be interesting then!
09:09:55 <Hawkeye> definitely
09:10:34 <vw> Need another break. Afraid I am near to nodding off. Not good; could send the cam all over the place with the touch pad on the computer!
09:10:36 <vw> brb
09:14:34 <Hawkeye> hi graham
09:14:40 <Graham> part way, in DEN
09:15:01 <Hawkeye> af, Will is working at Grant this summer
09:15:23 <af> oh
09:19:24 <Graham> maybe Ledge Spring will erupt
09:20:07 <Graham> it was full and overflowing
09:20:30 <Hawkeye> all we've seen today is Lion and OF
09:20:34 <Hawkeye> where is Ledge?
09:21:10 <af> norris
09:21:26 <af> oh ledge spring not geyse
09:21:29 <af> r
09:23:00 <Maureen> Hey G. Was the flight nice and smooth?
09:23:14 <Maureen> He is gone to DC!
09:23:40 <Graham> Ledge Spring is a geyser at W Thumb
09:23:48 <Hawkeye> oh ok
09:23:56 <Maureen> hence the name spring, he he
09:23:59 <Hawkeye> not sure how much time they get to spend there?
09:24:07 <Hawkeye> lol not confusing
09:24:13 <Maureen> like Firehole Spring is a geyser
09:24:21 <Graham> was walking to new Belgian Alehouse - no draft IPA :(
09:24:25 <Maureen> they will not be at OF until dark then
09:24:48 <Maureen> what about Belgian beer...isn't that supposed to be the best?
09:25:33 <Will B> .
09:25:52 <Maureen> was that a person there?
09:26:21 <Graham> yeah they do have ranger on tap
09:26:37 <vw> Where Maureen. i was only paying attention to focus.
09:26:43 <Maureen> at least Todd and Lori do not have to contend with cars on the pass in the snowstorm
09:26:55 <Maureen> right behind it. yet maybe not.
09:26:56 <Will B> Is the snowman still alive?
09:27:10 <Maureen> yes, will, people have been taking a lot of photos of it
09:27:12 <Graham> is it warm wet snow again today? will be a slow ride then
09:27:28 <Maureen> yes, they will be slogging
09:27:34 <vw> Snowman there but hard to see.
09:27:36 <Maureen> snow could be drier on the pass though, higher
09:27:58 <vw> Losing view of GH.
09:28:12 <Maureen> good thing Lion is all done then
09:31:08 <Graham> Turban reports but no grand what's up with. that?
09:32:27 <Hawkeye> we wondered that earlier too
09:34:10 <Will B> They are Micah's entries
09:34:42 <Graham> will Todd and Laurie be posting times?
09:35:18 <Hawkeye> they will have to text me and I'll have to let you guys know. No smart phones for them.
09:35:51 <Graham> I know I was a bit slow posting grand times but this is r*ther late now
09:44:39 <Will B> zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
09:49:05 <Graham> did you meet Hank Will?
09:49:34 <Will B> Yep we talked
09:49:58 <Will B> Will write something to the list tomorrow or Tuesday
09:50:44 <Graham> k
09:54:27 <Graham> Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
09:54:50 <vw> Hey G. Yeah, been like this all day.
09:55:18 <Maureen> too many beers G?
09:55:37 <vw> hehe
09:55:57 <Maureen> look, no numbers
09:56:04 <Maureen> highly unusual
09:56:27 <vw> Nearly unheard of!
09:56:48 <vw> OF 1656
09:57:03 <vw> Smart ass
09:57:21 <Will B> lol
09:57:24 <vw> better.
09:57:24 <Maureen> funny Will
09:57:34 <Graham> never too many beere maureen
09:57:40 <Maureen> looks miserable there
09:57:47 <vw> hahahahaha, G!!!
09:57:48 <Maureen> sure, slur your words....
09:58:10 <Maureen> they will not let you on the next plane!
09:58:35 <Maureen> "we have a drunk, belligerent passenger here that insists on going back to Yellowstone!"
09:58:42 <Maureen> he he
09:58:53 <vw> I would love to hear how he explained that to his boss on Monday morning!
09:59:09 <Graham> direct to West, get shoveling the runway Maureen
09:59:25 <Maureen> ok, I will get my snowplow right on that!
09:59:54 <Maureen> oh no, a visitor...he he
10:00:22 <Maureen> vw, we knew it would not last, that is why I had to comment....
10:00:43 <vw> Maybe you could convince them to come out Maureen!
10:01:02 <Maureen> if it is lazy, maybe....
10:01:35 <Graham> going to walk to my gate, see ya
10:01:40 <Maureen> or maybe not
10:01:47 <Maureen> walk a straight line now....
10:01:54 <Will B> bye G
10:02:05 <vw> Bye G.
10:03:09 <Maureen> the numbers are invading...
10:03:34 <Maureen> I am off to clean some have done an admirable job today vw, it must not have been easy
10:03:39 <vw> We need to change either our welcome mat or our deodorant?
10:03:56 <vw> Thanks M. Just wish we could have seen something!
10:03:59 <Maureen> one nice thing about the virtual world...
10:04:13 <Maureen> I am not giving up on Beehive! Yet!
10:04:37 <vw> still some steam. "Some" being relative.
10:04:44 <Maureen> hope G's luggage goes with him this time back to DC
10:04:56 <vw> People on bw out by BH.
10:05:13 <vw> Luggage back home no problem. Not much he needs for work tomorrow.
10:05:22 <Maureen> on January 21 it went right on this time frame...
10:05:28 <Maureen> maybe they will wake it up!
10:05:30 <vw> Unless his pipes are frozen and then he might need cold weather gear.
10:05:45 <vw> They walked right on by....
10:05:59 <Maureen> yeah, he said the hassle is waiting and having to file the claim. That takes time
10:06:19 <Maureen> I think this time his luggage should have had plenty of time to make the next flight.
10:06:47 <Maureen> and hopefully he does not have to endure that again, the hassle part
10:06:58 <vw> I certainly hope so too. May make the way he packs a little different in the future too.
10:07:11 <Maureen> it is going to be 70 at his place by Wed, so we cannot feel toooo sorry for him.
10:07:36 <Maureen> looks like it is clearing a bit in the basin.
10:07:38 <vw> ahhh. He was concerned his pipes might have frozen in his absence.
10:07:47 <Maureen> Maybe Todd and Lori will see the moon yet!
10:08:22 <vw> Did I see Hawkeye mention they wouldn't be at OF until after dark?
10:08:30 <vw> Hope they make their dinner reservatiosn.
10:08:31 <Maureen> I said that
10:08:39 <vw> *reservations*
10:08:39 <Maureen> if they were at West Thumb at 1600
10:08:50 <Maureen> The wet snow slows down the coaches too.
10:08:53 <vw> Makes for a long day for them.
10:09:00 <Maureen> They might make it with a smidge of light left
10:09:06 <vw> Yes, and the pass really does slow down the coach.
10:09:32 <vw> Especially with new snow.
10:09:33 <Maureen> graham said his ride was slow and bumpy with the wet conditions
10:10:14 <Hawkeye> not sure what they did for reservations for tonight
10:10:24 <Hawkeye> if they miss them, appetizers at the bar will have to do
10:10:30 <vw> When we did the lower loop tour, we were at West Thumb when it started to get dark. It was a very long ride to OF!
10:10:40 <Hawkeye> I think that's an option at least?
10:10:49 <vw> Appetizers in the bar work.
10:10:49 <Hawkeye> but SL doesn't have a bar....right?
10:11:09 <vw> Yes, bar is right next to restaurant.
10:11:20 <Will B> I do have to say snow coaches are a bit squirrley to begin with
10:11:33 <Maureen> can we see toward Grand?
10:11:50 <Hawkeye> oh wait, I knew that
10:11:51 <vw> Barely!
10:11:53 <Hawkeye> I've eaten there haha
10:12:00 <Maureen> they would not have winter lodging with out a BAR!!
10:12:11 <Hawkeye> lol very true
10:12:28 <Maureen> yeah, not sure we could tell what is happening, if anything was
10:12:29 <vw> Yeah, that is where the employees hang out!
10:13:01 <Maureen> this is Wyoming, after all, YNP...
10:14:20 <Maureen> oh well...
10:20:52 <Will B> ok im off to go jog my lap arround campus
10:21:12 <vw> Bye Will! Have a great evening!
10:27:24 <ynpvisitor14> no the employees have the pub in the government area
10:29:59 <vw> When I was there, the employees almost filled the bar in the Snow Lodge. I was surprised at that!
10:30:40 <ynpvisitor14> they do occasionally gather there
10:31:35 <ynpvisitor14> are the geysers all napping?
10:31:50 <vw> Mostly hiding behind fog today.
10:31:51 <ynpvisitor38> coyote left of OF
10:31:51 <ynpvisitor14> what is over near bee
10:31:56 <Maureen> or melding with the fog
10:31:57 <ynpvisitor14> just went behind fluffy
10:32:07 <ynpvisitor14> coyote?
10:32:15 <ynpvisitor14> was headed toward cabins
10:32:46 <vw> Behind the hillock now.
10:32:51 <ynpvisitor14> it was dark
10:34:02 <ynpvisitor14> sorry didn't type fast enough before it disappeared
10:34:29 <vw> no problem. I saw just a hint of it before it disappeared.
10:35:08 <vw> My eyes are weary too. Could have been looking right at it and I would have missed it.
10:35:42 <Maureen> it sure was a lot of white and gray today.
10:37:03 <vw> We still haven't gotten a good look at the snowman!
10:39:16 <vw> Kevin is on tomorrow midday, so if the lighting is better, he should be able to get a good look at it. He knows where the snowman is.
10:41:24 <ynpvisitor14> nice splash
10:43:32 <Hawkeye> back up the cam
10:43:35 <Hawkeye> parents are there
10:43:53 <ynpvisitor14> where? at the sign
10:44:01 <Hawkeye> walking to the vec
10:44:20 <ynpvisitor14> not there yet
10:45:15 <Hawkeye> they said they'll stand by the snowman
10:45:29 <vw> Cool!
10:45:42 <vw> I will wait until they show before I sign off for the evening.
10:46:12 <vw> That is probably them on the VEC static cam now.
10:46:29 <ynpvisitor38> VEC cam
10:46:30 <Hawkeye> yes
10:46:33 <vw> :)
10:46:39 <Hawkeye> tracks came apart on snowcoach by lonestar
10:46:50 <ynpvisitor14> yikes
10:47:03 <ynpvisitor13>
10:47:08 <ynpvisitor14> tell them to wave
10:47:39 <Hawkeye> the snowman has a smiley face
10:47:41 <ynpvisitor14> there it is
10:47:46 <ynpvisitor38> One on each side
10:47:58 <ynpvisitor14> they need some color for the snowman
10:48:16 <ynpvisitor14> an a hat
10:48:17 <Hawkeye> snow at west thumb is as high as the railings on the boardwalk
10:48:19 <Hawkeye> they are alone
10:48:19 <vw> Its too dark!!!
10:48:32 <vw> :D
10:48:38 <ynpvisitor14> haha
10:48:48 <Hawkeye> can they capture that
10:48:53 <ynpvisitor38> ~~~~~
10:48:53 <ynpvisitor14> we shall name him Buddy
10:48:54 <Hawkeye> 3 other people on skis
10:49:14 <vw> I wish the lighting was better.
10:49:38 <Will B> What is that on the snowman?
10:49:41 <ynpvisitor14> good on streaming cam still
10:49:44 <ynpvisitor38> Hat
10:49:47 <ynpvisitor14> a bench
10:49:48 <vw> A hat, Will.
10:50:03 <Will B> ah
10:50:23 <vw> Please tell them we are glad they made it!!!
10:50:30 <ynpvisitor14> your dad loaned Buddy a hat
10:50:51 <Hawkeye> snow is deep and soft
10:50:56 <kcmule>
10:51:07 <vw> Thank you kc!
10:51:27 <ynpvisitor14> in a short while they will be hanging out in the very busy Snow Lodge
10:51:36 <vw> This is the most entertainment we have had all day.
10:51:40 <ynpvisitor14> because it will get very dark there
10:51:41 <kcmule> hope they work, trying new things
10:52:08 <Hawkeye> yup
10:52:12 <Maureen> fun, is that Todd and Lori?
10:52:13 <Hawkeye> they have late reservations
10:52:19 <vw> Yeap.
10:52:20 <ynpvisitor14> smart
10:52:46 <Hawkeye> he's worried he doesn't have time to go anywhere else with OF due in a short while
10:52:54 <vw> That is about all I have in me for the day.
10:53:00 <Hawkeye> some one threw up as soon as he got out of the snowcoach at SL
10:53:04 <vw> Heading out. Hope everybody has a great evening!
10:53:14 <Maureen> night vw
10:53:17 <ynpvisitor14> good night everyone
10:53:17 <Hawkeye> night vw
10:53:20 <kcmule> nite
10:53:22 <ynpvisitor14> good night bee
10:53:25 <Maureen> so the cam is on preset until darK?
10:53:32 <Will B> yep
10:53:59 <kcmule> what do u want to see?
10:53:59 <Will B> unless kc takes it
10:54:06 <Maureen> I do not think that snow lodge is full, is it?
10:54:21 <kcmule> not sure if i can check that from here..
10:54:24 <Maureen> i would be surprised. This is the slow season, this week especially
10:54:54 <Maureen> glad they are there and out of the coach!
10:55:02 <Hawkeye> me too
10:55:12 <Maureen> kc, do you have the cam?
10:55:13 <Hawkeye> he sounded happy, said they were just going to listen to the silence
10:55:21 <Maureen> nice
10:55:30 <Maureen> or Beehive roar, that would be fun.
10:55:36 <Hawkeye> that too
10:55:39 <kcmule> something in sawmill group cant tell what it is
10:56:21 <Maureen> it could be another 1/2 hour until OF
10:56:54 <Hawkeye> getting dark fast
10:56:59 <Hawkeye> could be yeah
10:57:01 <Maureen> well, here's to a wonderful week for them.
10:57:14 <Hawkeye> agreed
10:57:30 <Maureen> night all.
10:57:35 <Hawkeye> night
10:57:43 <ynpvisitor38> Nite Maureen
10:57:43 <kcmule> nite
10:58:37 <Hawkeye> it's so fun to see them...but I'm jealous :)
11:06:36 <Hawkeye> nite
11:07:01 <ynpvisitor38> Nite
11:31:12 <ynpvisitor6> beehive 6:23 ie from todd
11:31:53 <ynpvisitor38> ty
13:58:55 <ynpvisitor1> [[iidisllyk]]
13:59:18 <ynpvisitor1> [[iidislyk]]