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22:35:13 <ynpvisitor58> Hey
00:57:29 <ynpvisitor72> did OF just fiish?
00:57:39 <ynpvisitor72> finish?
01:00:41 <ynpvisitor55> was multitasking, not watching, sorry 72
01:01:23 <Dave from B> Same here, 72
01:03:20 <Will B> hmm the static cams have different timestamps right now
01:05:17 <Dave from B> Morning, Hawkeye
01:05:45 <Hawkeye> good morning
01:12:39 <ynpvisitor55> .
01:20:22 <Dave from B> Should have stayed in bed #44:)
01:40:55 <ynpvisitor52> Indy!
01:41:00 <ynpvisitor52> ding
01:41:01 <ynpvisitor52> ding
01:41:02 <ynpvisitor52> ding
01:41:08 <Will B> :!:
01:41:09 <Will B> :!:
01:41:10 <Will B> :!:
01:41:11 <Will B> :!:
01:41:12 <Will B> :!:
01:41:13 <Will B> :!:
01:41:14 <Will B> :!:
01:41:15 <Will B> :!:
01:41:16 <Will B> :!:
01:41:17 <Will B> :!:
01:41:27 <Will B> Time?
01:41:29 <ynpvisitor52> 0841ie
01:41:46 <Will B> I am sending txtr
01:41:53 <ynpvisitor52> change that to 0840ie
01:42:03 <Dave from B> ..
01:42:19 <Hawkeye> I texted my parents. Not sure where they are.
01:43:45 <kc (working)> ty
01:44:30 <vw> Good morning!
01:44:39 <Hawkeye> morning
01:44:44 <Dave from B> Morning, vw and kc
01:44:46 <vw> Hawkeye, your dad just called me to find out about BHI
01:44:55 <Will B> BH 0844
01:45:10 <Hawkeye> lol good
01:45:37 <vw> They were just strapping skies on when they noticed it. In front of VEC I think. I told them to go to the overlook, but it looks like even that is too far!!!
01:45:47 <Hawkeye> probably
01:46:14 <ynpvisitor10> bav
01:46:20 <ynpvisitor10> back up
01:46:23 <Dave from B> Have BHI's been really short or have we just been missing the starts ?
01:46:28 <vw> He said they saw last nights BH. Very cool: for them to see it so quickly and for us to have closed interval.
01:46:36 <ynpvisitor52> cam op is not on the page
01:46:47 <vw> I think maybe a bit of both Dave?
01:46:48 <Hawkeye> yeah they were waiting for OF and he thought he heard a jet
01:48:24 <ynpvisitor10> snow blower is out
01:49:55 <vw> Nice BH. We can actually see it!
01:54:13 <vw> Hawkeye, next time you talk/text them, make sure to tell them they just have to be out about 1100 pm to about midnight for next BH. :D
01:54:53 <Hawkeye> lol I'll pass that on
01:55:12 <vw> FYI, looks like LS is acting up again. That will affect the operator being able to respond. Driving blind.
01:55:25 <vw> Heading out. Have a great day all!
01:55:59 <Hawkeye> you too
01:58:02 <Dave from B> bye, vw
02:11:22 <Will B> td if you are on here Lois had BHI at 0835ie
02:14:00 <Hawkeye> I'm assuming no one was here to get a capture of my parents last night with the snowman?
02:14:28 <Will B> I think kc got captures maybe
02:14:32 <Hawkeye> ok
02:14:48 <Will B> check yesterday's log
02:17:23 <Hawkeye> the only one I saw was of the coyote
02:17:33 <Hawkeye> sunshine!
02:17:38 <Will B> oh ok
02:22:10 <Kevin L> :p
02:22:24 <Dave from B> Morning, Kevin
02:22:30 <Dave from B> :P for BSOD?
02:23:12 <Kevin L> Staring off really good. Get the BH txt while I was at the dentist and it is snowing outside.
02:23:27 <Dave from B> Snowing at your house?
02:23:35 <Kevin L> yep.
02:23:55 <Dave from B> Wow
02:24:06 <Kevin L> Nothing but flurries and it won't stick, but it is cold.
02:24:19 <Dave from B> I hope your dentist is a good friend. Seems like you visit him quite a bit.
02:27:07 <Kevin L> Just a clean & lube.
02:28:42 <Hawkeye> I get to go next Tuesday
02:30:03 <ynpvisitor7> G'Day Everyone
02:30:59 <Dave from B> Morning, Rich
02:31:37 <ynpvisitor7> loisb thinks she saw BHI as early as 0830ie, going to check her captures.
02:32:16 <Dave from B> Thanks, Rich
02:35:04 <ynpvisitor7> Got a late start this morning or I would have gotten BH. Bed was to comfy. g
02:36:18 <ynpvisitor7> Looks like UGB got dusted with new snow.
02:46:41 <Dave from B> 2 snowshoers?
02:53:38 <Hawkeye> skiers
02:55:05 <ynpvisitor29> blue sky!
02:58:37 <Micah K> morning all.
03:00:02 <Hawkeye> morning
03:00:25 <ynpvisitor7> Hi Micah K
03:00:46 <Micah K> how was the bug?
03:01:32 <Hawkeye> great
03:02:24 <Micah K> good, I actually had the computer right next to me when it went off, but my phone was in another room so I didn't get the text. doh!
03:03:37 <ynpvisitor7>
03:04:57 <Kevin L> Livescope isn't letting me control the cam.
03:06:47 <Micah K> thanks 7
03:13:08 <ynpvisitor7> yw
03:21:54 <ynpvisitor45> vw here. Is Kevin around?
03:22:43 <vw> Todd and Lori are at Grand. Maybe Turban now.
03:24:13 <Dave from B> Not sure, vw. He was having problems with Livescope
03:24:33 <vw> Thanks Dave. Texting with him now.
03:25:42 <Dave from B> He's probably out playing in the snow
03:26:59 <vw> Is anybody seeing water in that? Picture on LS sucks.
03:27:15 <Micah K> I just see a roiling column of steam.
03:28:12 <Micah K> I think the spikes basically come up to the left of that one tall tree you see there. That's where I'm looking.
03:28:33 <Hawkeye> I don't see any spikes
03:28:37 <vw> Todd reports Oblong. No time, so say 1028 ie.
03:29:02 <Micah K> spasmo at 1028 ie as well.
03:29:18 <Kevin L> Still won't connect vw
03:29:50 <vw> Oh... Hi Kevin!
03:31:53 <vw> Kevin keeps disappearing.
03:32:22 <Micah K> Guess the page has picked him to be the victim of it's antics today.
03:33:31 <vw> Not good on top of LS antics!
03:33:36 <ynpvisitor7> I had trouble getting into the chatroom, took about 6 tries.
03:34:25 <Micah K> I got in pretty easily. What browser are ya'll using?
03:34:38 <ynpvisitor7> Chrome
03:35:00 <Hawkeye> I'm using chrome and haven't had any issues
03:35:11 <vw> ditto
03:35:13 <Micah K> same Hawkeye
03:35:54 <Micah K> is our snowman still there?
03:36:27 <Hawkeye> yup!
03:36:36 <Hawkeye> dad got a kick out of it having legs
03:36:38 <vw> Todd said it is very cute!
03:37:34 <vw> If Kevin continues to have problems, I can run the cam for most of the day, but need to get a few things done.
03:37:51 <vw> I am going to leave it in wide and will be back in about 20-30 minutes.
03:37:56 <Kevin L> I think I may have it. Going to try to take it now.
03:38:03 <vw> k
03:38:11 <Kevin L> Got it.
03:38:13 <vw> It worked!
03:38:18 <Kevin L> That was strange.
03:39:48 <vw> Kevin, I am going to go ahead and get my things done so if you need backup, I can be ready.
03:39:51 <vw> Back in a bit.
03:40:30 <Kevin L> ty vw
03:40:34 <Micah K> Split cone's channel melted again. eruption overnight probably.
03:56:15 <Hawkeye-lunch> do we have a prediction for daisy?
03:56:28 <Dave from B> let me ckeck. brb
03:57:38 <Dave from B> No Geyser predictions on VEC Hotline. Steve is off today, I believe
03:57:42 <Hawkeye-lunch> ok
03:58:04 <Micah K> Little Squirt ie 1057
03:58:13 <Micah K> with a ? of course
04:11:56 <Kevin L> of 1111
04:12:11 <Micah K> make a wish haha.
04:14:02 <Dave from B> I wish it was Spring
04:16:49 <Kevin L> Looks like some doggies waiting for Grand & Daisy.
04:17:20 <Micah K> and Sawmill's ie 1116 it looks like.
04:18:58 <Kevin L> Here you go Dave:
04:18:59 <Kevin L>
04:20:32 <ynpvisitor7> /
04:23:33 <Dave from B> Thanks a lot Kevin:)
04:23:54 <Kevin L> It was the least I could do.
04:26:14 <vw> Daisy 1126 ie ?
04:26:20 <vw> So much steam I can't tell!
04:26:50 <vw> Kevin, I will be close to computer should you need me to take the cam.
04:27:57 <Kevin L> OK. I think I have bus duty at 1335.
04:28:38 <Kevin L> I think we are just getting the boils on Daisy.
04:30:15 <vw> Todd just reported they are at Grand and the pool is full. Asked him about Daisy, but no reply yet. Hard to manage those little keys in the cold.
04:32:19 <kc (working)> looks like daisy now
04:32:34 <vw> yeap. Good eyes kc.
04:32:44 <vw> you must be younger than me. :D
04:33:04 <kc (working)> stronger prescription maybe
04:33:31 <vw> hehe
04:34:25 <vw> time to shovel the front walk. Back in a bit.
04:36:35 <Kevin L> Gee dear, I hate these frozen dinners.....
04:36:35 <Hawkeye-lunch> he had texted me about Daisy but I could only tell him when the last eruption was
04:45:15 <vw> Hawkeye, did you get a chance to check out and A huge help in watching times and getting fairly reliable predictions.
04:46:50 <Hawkeye> I did
04:46:50 <Hawkeye> yes
04:46:52 <Hawkeye> thanks
04:47:15 <Hawkeye> my phone is almost dead, I have barely used it today so might need a new battery. I told dad to text you with any questions.
04:47:43 <Hawkeye> Glad we have a recent daisy to go off of
04:49:52 <vw> Yeah, he is keeping in contact with me Hawkeye. I just suggested they check out the areas around Penta and Sawmill. Keeps them moving while they wait for Grand.
04:50:46 <Hawkeye> true
04:50:49 <CC> hi all
04:50:53 <Kevin L> Hi CC.
04:50:56 <CC> vw dp ypu have the cam
04:51:03 <CC> do you
04:51:03 <vw> Kevin has it.
04:51:03 <Kevin L> I have it.
04:51:10 <Dave from B> Hi, CC
04:51:11 <vw> Hi CC!
04:51:22 <CC> okay...don't know what the problem was this morning
04:51:25 <vw> I am just around for backup.
04:51:26 <Kevin L> It did harrass me this morning though.
04:52:02 <CC> Kevin when I find my phone I am going to call
04:52:05 <Kevin L> It was really strange. Just said it could connect to video server, but did have the video on it. New on for me.
04:53:06 <vw> Todd: Turban 1150. Pool is dropping.
04:53:12 <Hawkeye> does anyone have the snowlodge front desk number?
04:57:49 <vw> Sorry Hawkeye, I don't.
04:58:10 <Hawkeye> ok thanks
04:58:28 <Dave from B> Should be time for Lion soon
04:59:08 <Hawkeye> is there a link with weather info?
05:00:08 <Dave from B> Current weatmps or forecast?
05:00:34 <Dave from B> weather temps or forecast?
05:00:37 <vw> NOAA is
05:00:41 <Dave from B> Page is really bugging me today
05:00:44 <vw> But that forecast is for Lake.
05:01:33 <vw> For current, the best is mesowest
05:02:24 <vw> Find the OF Ranger Station or Firehole at OF location and click. Good recent temps and conditions, although it can be a bugger to find the locations the first time!
05:03:06 <vw> To reach the Snow Lodge, you might try 307-344-7311. That is the reservation number for Xanterra in the Park.
05:07:07 <Hawkeye> ok thanks
05:18:17 <Kitt> Home for lunch
05:18:26 <Kitt> our snow waited until dark last night
05:18:29 <Kevin L> Hi Kitt.
05:18:33 <Kitt> then it snowed all night
05:18:38 <Kitt> hello
05:18:49 <Kitt> I'm guessing we got about 3"
05:18:52 <Kevin L> I had snow today
05:19:18 <Kitt> the people who are suppose to maintain our walks and parking lot at the center keep showing up late
05:19:48 <Kitt> I spent 30 min. this morning making a path so people could get to the building
05:20:22 <Kitt> we didn't get a lot of snow but it does have a high moisture content and now it is starting to melt
05:20:44 <Kitt> How much did Billings get?
05:21:51 <vw> Only about an inch or so. Melting fast now.
05:22:06 <vw> More snow predicted to start tonight or early tomorrow though.
05:22:31 <vw> Todd: West Triplet keeps erupting, but so far no Rift.
05:23:08 <vw> Bitter cold supposed to sweep back in to Billings tomorrow.
05:23:55 <Kitt> but it is suppose to be nice starting Friday
05:25:32 <vw> So cold won't go as far south as Worland. Nice if you can get a few days of stable weather!
05:25:52 <Kitt> hm, I was hoping for Grand before I disappeared for lunch
05:26:03 <Kitt> I heard it was suppose to get cold here
05:26:22 <Kitt> it tends to funnel down into the basin
05:27:18 <vw> Tomorrow night we are supposed to get down to about zero. Wednesday high is 18
05:27:36 <Kitt> oh, that is still pretty warm
05:27:43 <vw> I think we lose sunshine after today. :(
05:27:47 <Kevin L> OF time
05:28:30 <vw> Cold doesn't bother me as long as we get some of these sunny days!
05:29:23 <Kitt> off to lunch, enjoy the geysers
05:29:26 <Kitt> bye
05:29:54 <Kevin L> bye
05:30:05 <vw> Bye Kitt!
05:31:13 <Dave from B> ..
05:38:41 <Hawkeye> phone is officially dead :(
05:40:44 <vw> Been there, done that! Mine is charging as I use it.
05:42:13 <vw> Hawkeye, I pm'd you.
05:43:53 <Hawkeye> I should have brought my charger, I wonder if maybe it didn't charge fully through the night
05:46:56 <Dave from B> ..
05:47:13 <ynpvisitor23> Of 1246
05:47:26 <Dave from B> How long have Todd and Lori been at Grand?
05:47:40 <Kevin L> BSOD on ls right now.
05:49:40 <Hawkeye> about an hour I think?
05:49:58 <Hawkeye> first text came at 11:30
05:50:03 <Hawkeye> that the pool was full
05:50:29 <Dave from B> Thanks, Hawkeye...just seemed longer
05:50:57 <Hawkeye> np
05:58:44 <ynpvisitor53> .
05:58:49 <ynpvisitor53> .
05:58:49 <ynpvisitor53> .
06:03:40 <vw> Todd: WT is rained. Just finished another Turban.
06:21:36 <Kevin L> Darn. Had me excited for a minute.
06:21:49 <Kevin L> Looks like just Turban.
06:26:22 <Micah K> wait, Grand hasn't erupted yet??? wow
06:26:35 <AndrewW> hi micah
06:26:49 <Kevin L> Not that I have seen
06:26:59 <Micah K> hi Andrew.
06:27:27 <vw> VEC predictions: Riverside 1315, Daisy 1420, Grand 1525
06:27:54 <Kevin L> Weare in the window.
06:28:00 <AndrewW> perhapsburg it erupted when you couldn't see it
06:28:50 <Micah K> there was quite a bit of steam around that area this morning, but I didn't think it was tall enough to constitute suspicion
06:28:50 <Kevin L> There are feet on the ground out there.
06:31:03 <vw> Could have been E times downloaded. Steve not on duty today, so don't know that anybody else would post to GT.
06:31:26 <Micah K> thanks kevin and vw.
06:31:52 <Micah K> I'm kinda lurking today mostly, got some other side projects I'm working on.
06:32:14 <Kevin L> If they are posting 1525 I am guessing someone saw it.
06:32:54 <Dave from B> Should have gone around 7 or 8 then?
06:33:43 <Kevin L> That is what I am thinking. They must have a time to predict it from.
06:34:59 <Kevin L> Heading out. brb. Since vw is here I will leave it on Grand.
06:36:53 <Dave from B> Drive safe
06:38:52 <vw> ooohhhh: sun in the basin!
06:40:03 <Micah K> Grand's going to be awesome looking if it stays just like this.
06:40:30 <vw> Not sure the sunlight will stick around, sadly.
06:52:20 <ynpvisitor33> any Grand yet?
06:52:31 <AndrewW> no
06:52:52 <Maureen> So a Turban was posted a while ago, yet no more...did Todd and Lori move on?
06:53:02 <vw> A few reports of Turbans.
06:53:03 <Maureen> blue sky here, nice
06:53:04 <Hawkeye> vw did you text my parents with the predictions?
06:53:11 <vw> I haven't heard from Todd for a while now.
06:53:14 <Maureen> only one on GT
06:53:20 <vw> Yes, I sent predictions.
06:53:21 <Maureen> 1150
06:53:26 <Hawkeye> ok thanks
06:53:32 <Maureen> what is the Grand prediction?
06:53:46 <Micah K> 1525 I think
06:53:53 <Maureen> we can see vw, how novel.
06:53:56 <vw> Yes, that is what the VEC has.
06:54:17 <Maureen> so we are in the window. I wonder why they do not post E times?
06:54:41 <Maureen> ooh, looks ominous there
06:55:10 <Dave from B> Hi, Maureen and Micah and Andrew
06:55:16 <Maureen> vw Did you hear G got home fine, and even had until noon to get to work because of ICE warnings in DC
06:55:30 <Maureen> hey Dave from B!
06:55:42 <Micah K> hi Dave.
06:55:46 <Maureen> another late Monday lunch for me.
06:55:51 <vw> No, I hadn't heard that Maureen! Thank you for letting me know. I worry!
06:56:48 <Maureen> his luggage made it too.
06:56:59 <vw> :)
06:57:14 <Maureen> no word yet on if the ice storm materialized or not
06:57:15 <vw> Wow. That is an interesting sky!
06:57:35 <Maureen> I prefer the blue
06:57:53 <Maureen> turban now maybe
06:57:54 <Dave from B> Who in their right mind likes gray skies?
06:58:00 <vw> I don't remember if Graham was going to be here this evening or not. Will be nice to see him back on the cam!
06:58:04 <Maureen> true dat Dave
06:58:19 <vw> We need Grand NOW! :D
06:58:23 <Maureen> you mean the chat?
06:58:32 <vw> Yes.
06:58:38 <Maureen> he will not be back on the cam, at least for our viewing..he he
06:58:58 <vw> hehe
06:59:05 <AndrewW> those clouds look mencaing no snow but still
06:59:12 <Maureen> todd and lori's turn
06:59:23 <Micah K> They can put snow on the ground during the night, but then they need to skedadle.
06:59:37 <Maureen> GO GRAND!
07:00:10 <Maureen> closed interval on BH? That is good.
07:00:25 <vw> I told Todd he could catch the next BH between 1100 and midnight. I think he had other plans. :D
07:00:57 <Maureen> what could he be thinking???
07:01:10 <Dave from B> He would have caught Grand ealrier today if he's gotten out of bed:)
07:01:52 <vw> True Dave! But as a farmer he probably gets up at the crack of dawn every day.
07:01:59 <Maureen> do you guys have the earlier time?
07:02:03 <Micah K> I'm sorry Maureen, but me and Beehive will always be at odds with each other after I waited for it last summer till 0043, I left. And it erupted an hour later.
07:02:25 <Maureen> Micah, you are too funny
07:02:31 <vw> On Grand? No. Steve isn't in the VEC today, so no early/electronic times posted.
07:02:36 <Dave from B> After all, Todd and Lori are oon VACATION
07:02:37 <Maureen> That was one time, so you will ALWAYS be at odds?
07:02:54 <Dave from B> Micah seems to hold grudges, Maureen
07:03:03 <Dave from B> He never forgets:)
07:03:05 <Maureen> I get that, I think it is soooo funny
07:03:08 <Micah K> haha
07:03:35 <Maureen> wow, the sky sure has changed there
07:03:47 <Maureen> any blue by OF?
07:04:02 <Maureen> No Grand this time...
07:04:35 <Maureen> ty for the pan
07:04:53 <Maureen> Did I see Kevin say he got snow?
07:04:54 <vw> np
07:05:30 <vw> I missed that if he did. But I haven't been in chat a lot today.
07:05:35 <Dave from B> Yeah, not sure it stuck but it wasa flying
07:05:35 <Maureen> it is windy here, it does not look windy at the basin
07:05:54 <Maureen> I think he mentioned it.
07:06:18 <Hawkeye> those dark clouds in the distance moved in
07:06:37 <Hawkeye> up to 50 degrees for us today, almost 60 tomorrow and high of 19 by the end of the week!
07:06:42 <Maureen> hey Hawkeye, glad our wind is not there
07:06:45 <Micah K> someone sitting at plume.
07:06:49 <Maureen> winter is whacky...
07:07:07 <AndrewW> i saw two legs on the hill
07:07:09 <Hawkeye> definitely
07:07:09 <Maureen> do you know where your parents are now, Hawkeye?
07:07:16 <Hawkeye> no
07:07:29 <Hawkeye> my phone is dead so they've been texting vw and she said a bit ago that she hasn't heard from them
07:07:33 <Maureen> still looks like blue sky may be out there...
07:07:40 <Hawkeye> in spots yeah
07:07:51 <Maureen> a dead phone, I hope only out of battery...
07:08:45 <vw> Hi Will.
07:08:57 <Hawkeye> yes just the battery
07:09:12 <Hawkeye> can charge it in 2 hrs when I get off work
07:09:34 <Maureen> Glad they are in touch with vw
07:09:42 <Hawkeye> yup
07:09:56 <Will B> I can tell G is home.
07:09:59 <Maureen> so does work know you are on the chat?
07:10:09 <Maureen> why is that Will?
07:10:16 <Will B> FB notifications
07:10:19 <AndrewW> f and m?
07:10:22 <vw> OF 1410
07:10:28 <Maureen> oh, he did not have to go to work until noon.
07:10:31 <vw> Something down basin.
07:10:40 <Will B> vw after of can you zoom on that cloud down basin
07:10:43 <vw> Tall and white anyway!
07:10:43 <Maureen> riverside?
07:10:51 <Will B> too far left
07:10:54 <vw> Yeap, planning on that Will.
07:11:07 <Micah K> I think riverside.
07:11:16 <Micah K> I hope F&M
07:11:16 <Maureen> me too
07:11:17 <AndrewW> in this weather, seems to small for frustration and mortification
07:11:17 <Micah K> :p
07:11:34 <Maureen> it would be a huge plume,you would think
07:11:42 <Will B> But to me that is in the correct location
07:11:54 <Maureen> and Riverside is right near it, right?
07:12:01 <Micah K> One does not simply identify mordor? lol
07:12:10 <vw> hehe
07:12:15 <AndrewW> I use rge row of trees on the bottom of the screen
07:12:25 <Will B> some one have the link to Rich's labeled pic
07:12:27 <AndrewW> :D
07:12:39 <Micah K> I do, standby
07:12:59 <Maureen> steamy day
07:13:06 <Maureen> what else is new, eh?
07:13:14 <Micah K> Whoa, My facebook exploded. Hello.
07:13:33 <Maureen> how does one's FB explode?
07:13:40 <Hawkeye> work does not know maureen
07:13:48 <Will B> tons of notifications
07:13:53 <Hawkeye> the boss is gone today but he usually doesn't pay attention to what I'm doing
07:13:54 <Maureen> probably best Hawkeye
07:13:57 <Micah K> I half expected it was you Will lol.
07:14:04 <Will B> nope
07:14:15 <Maureen> dark sky now
07:14:16 <Hawkeye> oh yes
07:14:22 <AndrewW> upon searching I found this photo and am at a loss for what it is:
07:14:24 <Micah K>
07:14:30 <Hawkeye> he knows we get our work done and get the customers taken care of, that's all he worries about
07:14:40 <Maureen> good boss
07:14:50 <Hawkeye> yup
07:15:01 <Will B> save the cam!
07:15:02 <vw> Sorry, defensive mode with cam.
07:15:05 <Micah K> I just posted Rich's panoramic photo.
07:15:17 <Hawkeye> I do have a customer coming in soon to look over a plan so I'll be away for awhile in about 10 minutes
07:15:41 <Micah K> tour group?
07:16:20 <Micah K> Andrew I'm at a loss too. My guess would be one of those pools up by Artemesia.
07:16:23 <Micah K> along the trail.
07:17:08 <vw> Daisy 1416 ie
07:17:20 <Micah K> yay, a geyser!
07:17:55 <vw> with wildlife too. Life can be good.
07:18:08 <AndrewW> but cold
07:18:57 <vw> Coming up: Riverside location.
07:19:16 <vw> I would look for Riverside just to the left of those two tall trees right of center.
07:19:40 <vw> We were too far away though to tell where that tall plume came from a bit ago.
07:19:41 <Maureen> the plume did not sustain itself for long....
07:19:50 <Maureen> back to Grand?
07:19:57 <vw> Based on duration, I think it was Riverside.
07:20:03 <Maureen> me as well
07:20:09 <Maureen> Grand?
07:20:33 <Will B> turban
07:20:37 <vw> Maybe a Rift or Turban?
07:20:54 <Maureen> it does not look nice there.
07:20:58 <vw> Todd had said no Rift earlier, but that has been a while.
07:20:59 <Kevin L> I am back.
07:21:00 <Maureen> come on Grand
07:21:07 <vw> wb Kevin!
07:21:12 <Kevin L> Guessing Grand did not go yet.
07:21:19 <vw> Nope.
07:21:24 <vw> Did have Daisy though.
07:21:25 <Maureen> just had Daisy
07:21:34 <Kevin L> I can take the cam whenever you are ready.
07:21:49 <vw> Go for it.
07:21:54 <Maureen> Kevin did you get snow?
07:22:01 <Kevin L> Got it.
07:22:06 <Kevin L> ty vw
07:22:22 <Kevin L> We had a few flurries. Really surprised me.
07:22:41 <Maureen> did you find any old lights for the trees?
07:23:21 <Maureen> no Grand this Turban...
07:23:51 <Kevin L> Nope. There were about 1000 boxes in there. I did find a really cool circular saw though.
07:23:54 <Maureen> looks like wind and snow is picking up there.
07:24:09 <Maureen> well, glad you had a find of some kind.
07:24:35 <Maureen> lunchtime over
07:25:07 <Kevin L> We did get the daughter moved. That is waht really counted.
07:25:18 <Kevin L> Rained all day, but it wasn't snow.
07:25:26 <Dave from B> I'm back
07:26:20 <AndrewW> turban?
07:26:49 <Micah K> If that's turban, that's HUGE.
07:27:17 <AndrewW> thats hyge
07:27:23 <Will B> I think that is Oblong
07:27:32 <vw> 4 hours since last Oblong.
07:28:03 <AndrewW> short but possible
07:28:33 <AndrewW> exactly 4 hours too
07:29:11 <Micah K> oblong can go anywhere from 3-8 rigth?
07:29:14 <Micah K> right*
07:29:31 <AndrewW> grand now perhapsburg
07:34:00 <AndrewW> sawmill?
07:36:08 <Micah K> looks like it.
07:47:43 <AndrewW> bbl]
07:53:52 <Graham> hello all, now back at the wrong end of the cam
07:54:04 <Micah K> Welcome Back Graham!
07:54:26 <Graham> I know Oblong had an interval under 5h last week, maybe as short as 4
07:54:57 <Dave from B> Hi, Graham
07:55:20 <Dave from B> You need to find a way to work from OF
07:56:10 <Maureen> Hey Graham. did the ice storm happen there?
07:56:51 <Graham> there was some ice this morning, slipery in the neighborhood but they had salted the main roads heavily
07:57:03 <Graham> how is your snow?
07:57:18 <Maureen> sugary again, the snow
07:57:24 <Maureen> a few more inches
07:57:42 <Maureen> why are you home from work already?
07:58:09 <Graham> i couldn't take it any more
07:58:22 <Maureen> HA!
07:59:03 <Maureen> noon to 4 was too much for you?
07:59:04 <Dave from B> Don't want to work too much on your first day back
07:59:30 <Dave from B> Maureen, he's probably depressed from leaving OF
07:59:32 <Graham> 0930-1445 please :)
08:00:12 <Kevin L> I like my schedule better.
08:00:31 <Maureen> I thought you said they delayed opening because of the storm...?
08:00:31 <Dave from B> You need a light schedule, Kevin.....
08:00:41 <Dave from B> Aren't you a part-time plumber?:)
08:01:29 <Kevin L> Full time lately. Also auto mechanic.
08:01:50 <Graham> feds were delayed but I am not a fed
08:02:10 <Dave from B> Good thing you are a jack of all trades, Kevin. Saves you money in the long run
08:08:54 <Kevin L> Called survival Dave.
08:12:07 <vw - away> Grand ?
08:12:10 <Dave from B> Yep...repairmen can really eat into the pocketbook
08:12:28 <Kevin L> Looks like Grand.
08:12:39 <Dave from B> Winds look strong
08:12:46 <vw - away> Thought I saw water, but haven't been paying much attention.
08:12:53 <vw - away> Hi Graham! Welcome back.
08:13:01 <Dave from B> Yep...that's Grand
08:13:02 <Micah K> Spikes! Grand 1513 ie
08:13:03 <vw - away> Grand was 1511 ie
08:13:06 <Kevin L> I was looking at it, but it is difficult to tell.
08:13:08 <Maureen> very close to the predicted time
08:13:08 <Graham> hey vw
08:13:16 <Dave from B> Thanks for the time, vw
08:13:43 <Graham> was nice to get 2 Grands a day (except one day)
08:13:46 <vw - away> I was relieved to hear from Maureen that you AND your luggage arrived safely.
08:14:19 <Graham> yeah i was wondering when i missed the connection in Denver
08:14:33 <vw - away> Todd and Lori had a long wait at Grand. They will be relieved to get moving!
08:14:58 <vw - away> But G, you didn't have any problems making the later connection?
08:14:59 <Kevin L> Wind must have picked up. Last listed as NW 3 G 6
08:15:13 <Graham> when was Grand this morning?
08:15:27 <vw - away> We don't know. Didn't see it and no E time posted.
08:15:28 <Kevin L> Lion ie 1515
08:15:45 <Micah K> that would be an initial right Kevin?
08:16:12 <Maureen> maybe better cam viewing than grand
08:16:23 <Maureen> we do not have the E time G, for Grand this morning
08:16:31 <Maureen> only a prediction of 1525
08:16:49 <Graham> ok, so still in first half of the window
08:16:55 <Kevin L> I am assuming an initial on Lion.
08:17:43 <Graham> No vw, BZN to DEN flight was 50min late which left me 1h40 for the next flight from DEN to DC
08:18:19 <Graham> lucked out, empty seat next to me too
08:18:40 <vw - away> Pipes frozen when you got home?
08:18:58 <Maureen> 2nd?
08:19:06 <vw - away> Beautiful!
08:19:09 <Maureen> nice
08:19:11 <Kevin L> yep
08:19:27 <Graham> no water or heating problems, i was happy about that
08:19:29 <Micah K> wow, that was up and down quick.
08:19:30 <Maureen> wind really picked up
08:19:38 <Kevin L> 100' tall 3 miles long....
08:19:48 <Maureen> hope T & L are not frozen
08:19:55 <Graham> so the 1150 Turban was Turban and Vent ie?
08:19:58 <Maureen> 3rd?
08:20:21 <Maureen> No that was Micah...not sure what that was
08:20:34 <Maureen> or was that T & L?
08:20:34 <Kevin L> yes
08:20:38 <Maureen> Not sure what it was
08:20:43 <Micah K> Wahoo!
08:20:51 <Maureen> 3rd
08:20:58 <Graham> vw entered it from Todd
08:21:13 <vw - away> 1150 was just Turban.
08:21:17 <Maureen> I have wondered what it was
08:21:33 <Micah K> What the heck, I added a turban earlier and someone deleted, that's three of my entries that have been deleted from there. What gives?
08:21:40 <Maureen> what a good first grand for them, 3 bursts
08:21:45 <Graham> yeah, low pool Turban
08:22:13 <Maureen> 11 minutes now
08:22:19 <Micah K> 4?
08:22:35 <Maureen> T & L will have to scoop us
08:22:39 <Micah K> That might have been 4 right there.
08:22:49 <Dave from B> I bet Grand was worth the long wait
08:23:11 <Kevin L> I think it is a long 3 but we will see.
08:23:25 <Maureen> vw, get the scoop!
08:24:12 <vw - away> texting now.
08:24:55 <Maureen> G, did you see BH this morning before work?
08:25:21 <Graham> nope, didnt get online
08:25:38 <Kevin L> Whatever it was, I liked it.
08:25:40 <Graham> i was work then anyway
08:25:52 <Kevin L> Work?
08:25:54 <Maureen> oh right, I forget about the time dif
08:27:13 <Graham> yeah Kevin, its a curable disease
08:27:14 <vw - away> 3 bursts. They saw 9 Turbans. Long wait!
08:27:57 <Hawkeye> definitely
08:28:01 <Hawkeye> good for them though!
08:29:18 <Maureen> glad their wait was rewarded with a 3 burst Grand!
08:29:21 <Graham> thay having fun?
08:29:53 <vw - away> I think so. Might be a bit cold right now though!
08:30:24 <vw - away> they loved seeing the snowman. Caught BH from OF bw this am.
08:30:26 <Graham> i see it cooled off, like last weekend only snowy
08:35:19 <Dave from B> Have a good evening everyone. Time to get out of Dodge.
08:35:41 <Kevin L> of 1535
08:35:45 <Hawkeye> nice lighting
08:35:45 <Kevin L> bye
08:36:10 <Dave from B> nice eruption with darker gray clouds
08:36:36 <Graham> how is frosty today?
08:37:01 <Kevin L> Where is frosty and I will check when OF is done.
08:37:28 <Graham> on the BW in front of the cam
08:38:58 <vw - away> K, on OF preset, it is in the extreme lower right corner.
08:40:37 <Graham> nice snow work
08:40:46 <vw - away> Sweet!
08:40:49 <Micah K> so cool
08:40:53 <Hawkeye> great lighting this time
08:41:00 <vw - away> Kudo's and thanks to steve.
08:41:02 <Hawkeye> dad said it had a smiley face
08:41:09 <Kevin L> I love it!
08:41:20 <Micah K> Steve went all out for us.
08:41:26 <Graham> not a gazer tho, its facing the cam
08:41:52 <vw - away> We were hoping it might stimulate the growth of additional snow people...
08:42:19 <Graham> no Aurum report today? sigh
08:43:12 <Micah K> No Anemone's either. I feel your pain.
08:43:44 <Graham> well what have you been doing all day?
08:44:16 <Micah K> watching pretty much everything BUT anemone because OF's being selfish again.
08:44:29 <Micah K> I did catch Little Squirt ie this morning though.
08:48:21 <Kevin L> Hard to see anything in that area with OF steam today.
08:48:30 <Micah K> thank you for taking time to watch the A's for a bit thought Graham. That means a lot to me.
08:48:43 <Micah K> thought=though
08:49:06 <Graham> yw, got a bit of spare time. hard to take many notes in winter tho, don't want fingers getting too cold
08:49:55 <Micah K> no problem. what details you did get are very interesting to me, because they hinted that Anemone is behaving slightly differently than before.
08:50:28 <Graham> k, got the short Little eruptions when they happened cjust after Big
08:51:10 <Micah K> yeah, that stayed the same pretty much, the big thing to me was that Big's durations were shorter by an average of 5-10 seconds of over labor day week.
08:51:19 <Micah K> which is a lot for Anemone.
08:51:47 <Graham> ah, ok
08:54:44 <Hawkeye> time to head out. errands and grocery shopping tonight, probably won't be on unless Todd updates me.
08:55:34 <Graham> bye Hawkeye
08:55:44 <Graham> guess its time for me to start my "other job"
08:55:48 <Micah K> bye Hawk.
08:57:37 <Kevin L> Should get a lion before too long.
08:58:45 <Graham> was that Aurum
09:00:15 <Kevin L> I don't think so. With the steam today I think it would have had a bigger cloud.
09:00:27 <Micah K> Sawmill 1600 ie
09:08:47 <Graham> have to teach Todd and Laurie the prediction formula based on how much splashing or steam huffing its doing
09:09:12 <Maureen> Lori
09:09:29 <Maureen> what is your other job?
09:09:40 <Graham> cam op
09:09:52 <Graham> oops sorry Lori
09:11:29 <vw - away> Todd and Lori are probably at Lion. Lori really wanted to catch the start of a Lion.
09:12:54 <vw - away> They might be cold though. They had a long sit at Grand!
09:21:55 <Graham> Lion 1621
09:22:31 <kc (working)> wb Graham
09:22:41 <Graham> thanks kc
09:30:35 <Micah K> Weird, I haven't seen sprinkler all day. It's hard to tell if it's going now.
09:33:19 <Micah K> Sprinkler ns 1633
09:34:59 <Kevin L> Firecam is impressive right now
09:35:36 <Micah K> whoa.
09:35:52 <Graham> guess i should have been at the Caps game yesterday kc ... :)
09:36:15 <Micah K> I count 8 bison.
09:36:26 <Kevin L> Doggies are back for their frozen dinners.
09:42:52 <Graham> OT 1642ie?
09:43:46 <Graham> looks like it
09:47:14 <kc (working)> both our teams look el stinko so far
09:50:01 <Graham> yep, not a good start. Thinking I should stay away so they have a chance to win some games
09:50:50 <kc (working)> your theory didnt work this last week or so, must only be applicable when playing buf
09:51:23 <Graham> well there was no way I could be there yesterday since I was flying home
09:52:58 <kc (working)> better yesterday than today, we're getting a lot of snow today
09:55:24 <Graham> was nice and warm yesterday, got some Ranger IPA
10:02:00 <Graham> OF 1701ns
10:03:04 <Kevin L> Nice vec shot
10:09:23 <Graham> Daisy 1709ns
10:10:12 <Graham> hum, guess it was just a blend of Daisy and Sawmill steam
10:10:28 <Kevin L> Daisy minor?
10:10:40 <kc (working)> coyote walked by
10:11:38 <Graham> how about 1711
10:11:46 <Kevin L> Now that looks like Daisy.
10:12:10 <Graham> where was it kc,?
10:12:16 <Graham> might try to find it next
10:13:47 <AndrewW> howdy
10:14:00 <kc (working)> went behind split coe, left to right
10:14:07 <kc (working)> *cone
10:16:08 <Graham> k, chances of finding it again are close to zero
10:16:23 <Micah K> Lion roar
10:16:26 <AndrewW> lion 1716
10:16:48 <AndrewW> yay!
10:16:49 <Micah K> good call Andrew. This might be the last geyser of the night.
10:17:15 <AndrewW> I was hoping I wasn't going to do an af
10:17:47 <AndrewW> nice one
10:17:54 <Micah K> very nice.
10:24:27 <kc (working)> castle ie?
10:24:41 <AndrewW> I would think so
10:25:11 <Micah K> 1724
10:25:35 <AndrewW> this is early kc
10:25:48 <kcmule> yeah screw work
10:25:58 <kcmule> oops sorry, family forum..
10:27:24 <kcmule> castle more fun to look at than bug reports
10:27:42 <Micah K> If only we could see the cone...
10:27:45 <Micah K> wb Will.
10:27:48 <AndrewW> what is it you do exactly?
10:28:19 <kcmule> network engineering
10:28:40 <Will B> is it just me or is the streaming chopy right now
10:28:50 <Micah K> good on my end
10:28:54 <AndrewW> fine on my end
10:29:48 <kcmule> if castle minors u can blame the network
10:29:54 <ynpvisitor57> nice
10:30:21 <Maureen> was thinking there were no geysers left...
10:31:17 <Graham> Castle must have minored sometime in the last 2 days, its off-schedule
10:31:32 <Maureen> it is not nice out here. 17 yet with wind feels below zero. Brutal.
10:31:48 <Maureen> well, we know that is probable
10:32:02 <Maureen> did you catch a Castle up close G?
10:32:34 <Graham> sorry to hear that weather Maureen, gonna be 60s here tomorrow :)
10:32:38 <Maureen> And Micah, I vote taking out the trees that interfere with our view of Castle
10:32:58 <Graham> Actually I dont think Castle had a minor all week i was there. Yes did see one up close
10:33:28 <Maureen> yeah, I meant if it was OFF schedule, probable a minor occured
10:33:36 <Maureen> glad you saw one up close
10:33:55 <Maureen> and wish I were there in 60's, then here in teens with WIND
10:33:55 <Micah K> Alright, Maureen, your the one that gets to propose that to NPS :p
10:33:57 <Maureen> nice
10:34:00 <Micah K> you're
10:34:10 <Maureen> Monkey wrench it.
10:34:31 <kcmule> they knocked down trees to get view of yosemite falls improved, so not unprecedented
10:34:39 <Maureen> Does that reference mean anything to you Micah?
10:35:08 <Micah K> I've heard the term before but I can place it.
10:35:15 <Maureen> yeah, as the web world takes over, it would provide better access for the millions looking in from all over the world
10:35:28 <Maureen> and the trees hold no real purpose there
10:35:41 <Maureen> not like it is a huge wind block or anything
10:35:47 <Maureen> there are plenty of trees
10:35:53 <kcmule> id settle for a downbasin streaming cam ;)
10:36:06 <Micah K> Heck, Id settle for a streaming cam off observation point.
10:36:11 <Maureen> Castle could be up close and personal like Beehive
10:36:27 <Maureen> that would be fun Micah.
10:36:28 <vw - away> Have to head out. Hope everybody has a great evening!
10:36:34 <Micah K> bye vw!
10:36:40 <Maureen> bye
10:36:44 <Maureen> glad we could see today
10:36:46 <kcmule> bye vw, thx for helping to cover yesterday
10:38:13 <Graham> Trying to decide if the tree on the bisons head is growing there or a bit that broke off and got stuck ...
10:38:45 <Maureen> is there a bison with tree stuck on it?
10:39:18 <Maureen> to what reference is that?
10:39:25 <Graham> looks like it from my photo
10:39:32 <Maureen> wow, will we have photos soon?
10:39:37 <Maureen> it just dawned on me...
10:39:44 <Graham> oh, i read the YTG post about the spring at Ftn, i have similar photos
10:39:47 <Maureen> castle is happy
10:39:50 <Micah K> I'M SO EXCITED
10:39:57 <Graham> there are photos already
10:40:11 <Maureen> good G, glad you got caught up. And also were there to observe
10:40:22 <Graham> excited about what Micah?
10:40:23 <Maureen> oh fun, I will be going there...just got off work
10:40:35 <Graham> i am not caught up by a long way!
10:40:50 <Maureen> well with that I meant
10:40:53 <Micah K> excited for your photos.
10:40:59 <Graham> just posted a few of the more general interest ones, a Penta Churn dual and wolf shots
10:41:04 <Maureen> I am so happy Castle is visiting
10:41:13 <Graham> done the river otters but will post them tomorrow
10:41:22 <Will B> So where exactly is this new feature at fountain?
10:41:22 <Maureen> fun
10:41:23 <Micah K> The churn penta one is Gold.
10:41:24 <Graham> and trying to decide which Bison forest to post
10:41:35 <Graham> beyond Twig
10:41:36 <Maureen> fun
10:41:37 <Micah K> are you going to make an album?
10:41:40 <Graham> not new, but improved
10:41:51 <Graham> I will make an album or two later
10:41:55 <Maureen> well it has water now
10:42:12 <Maureen> are you always on cam on Monday?
10:42:26 <Graham> have 1671 photos left to go through
10:42:32 <Maureen> he he
10:42:47 <Micah K> that's amazing.
10:42:53 <Graham> hopefully cut it down below 800
10:42:56 <Maureen> not in the digital world
10:43:18 <Maureen> did you get one of your missing bag's arrival to OF?
10:43:47 <Graham> Castle is a Major BTW
10:43:47 <Maureen> cold. Todd and Lori are prepared though
10:44:14 <Graham> no i didnt Maureen, should have taken a shot of it in my room by the sink :)
10:44:38 <Graham> bellhop put it there
10:45:54 <Maureen> it magically appeared...
10:46:11 <Maureen> lost in the United wilderness, it finds its owner
10:46:36 <Graham> pretty sure it was just sitting in Denver howling
10:46:42 <Maureen> wonder if it saw any cool wildlife on its way to you? He he
10:46:44 <Micah K> haha, it's like one of those dogs that travels across country to find it's owner
10:47:02 <Maureen> or not howling, as it took them long enough to locate it.
10:47:55 <Maureen> Well, this is a good way to view the basin on an evening like this
10:48:18 <Maureen> I wish Todd and Lori a warm night at Snow Lodge and maybe the moon will come out a bit
10:49:20 <Graham> just found a series of 22 shots of Mouth
10:49:37 <Graham> probably reduce to 2
10:50:48 <Graham> for some reason i have a lot of Churn pics
10:51:11 <Will B> hmm I wonder why
10:52:20 <Maureen> hmmm wonder why so many Churn pics?
10:52:32 <Maureen> what was the unexpected dual of?
10:52:38 <Maureen> on FB
10:52:52 <Will B> Penta and Churn
10:53:08 <Maureen> I guessed right, yet I could not see the boardwalk so I was wondering...
10:53:10 <Graham> yep
10:53:25 <Maureen> nice shot
10:53:43 <Maureen> the wolf ones are so fun. I am so glad you had that experience
10:54:17 <Will B> So I have a friend that is going in on presidents weekend and I told him to build another snowman for us
10:54:22 <Maureen> I bet they can cover some ground on the road
10:54:39 <Maureen> is Steve's gone?
10:55:02 <Will B> Last I kow of it is still there
10:55:06 <Will B> know*
10:55:08 <Kevin L> It was there today.
10:55:09 <Maureen> look, it will be barely light at 1800
10:55:22 <Maureen> it is wonderful
10:55:34 <Maureen> I need to thank Steve. Hope he got home OK
10:55:42 <Micah K> were almost to 11 hour days.
10:55:44 <Micah K> we're
10:56:06 <Maureen> each minute helps
10:56:27 <Maureen> I was hoping we did not have to get brutal cold again though
10:57:17 <Maureen> tough light
10:57:27 <Maureen> I can see it though as I know where to look
10:57:31 <Micah K> camera losing it.
10:57:41 <Graham> cant see him white on white in the dark
10:57:53 <Graham> bet he is loving the weather tho
10:57:56 <Maureen> I could yet it was more like a shadow
10:58:00 <Maureen> he he
10:58:27 <Kevin L> I will look tomorrow
10:58:28 <Maureen> quite a few folks have had their photo taken with him.
10:58:45 <Maureen> I do not think Steve took a close up photo though
10:58:49 <Will B>
10:59:08 <Maureen> He did not take a photo during that video
10:59:10 <Graham> wolves were running pretty fast, we followed them round several bends N of Biscuit keeping up with them but not able to stop and photo them
10:59:37 <Maureen> wow, kind of like being on safari in a snow coach
10:59:44 <Graham> steve has a great video of OT Drain
10:59:58 <Maureen> your photos of them are very nice
10:59:59 <Will B> sweet
11:00:12 <Maureen> so Steve was taking photos?
11:01:15 <Maureen> and your comment was funny G, that the snowman was not a gazer as he was looking away from OF!
11:03:42 <Micah K> He's pouting that he's not on Geyser hill.
11:05:48 <Maureen> night
11:06:53 <kcmule> little past 1800 now, getting there
11:06:57 <kcmule> nite
11:07:01 <Micah K> night all.
11:11:14 <Graham> goodnight all
16:04:53 <ynpvisitor41> Hi