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19:29:29 <ynpvisitor11> hi
23:25:54 <Ryan> Lion 0625ie
23:31:29 <Ryan> OF 0631
23:35:00 <steve> Is that Little Squirt behind the trees to the right of OF?
23:35:37 <Ryan> Thats where it is located... but there are tow hot sprngs in the area that make it heard to tell... I dont think its erupting
23:36:05 <steve> I forgot, cold mornings make for big steam clouds.
23:37:53 <steve> bl
23:38:07 <Ryan> kk
23:43:54 <ynpvisitor24>
00:00:21 <Ryan> Daisy 0700ie?
00:12:03 <ynpvisitor24> .
00:14:10 <Ryan> Sawmill 0714ie
00:24:28 <Dave from B> Good morning Ryan, 19, 24 and 88
00:26:43 <Dave from B> 24, the sad bad about your link is there are 2 comments already!
00:26:51 <Dave from B> bad = part
00:30:17 <ynpvisitor24> lol!!!
00:34:56 <Ryan> I hope thats a joke article
00:36:32 <Dave from B> What day is it today, Ryan?:)
00:36:49 <ynpvisitor24> :)
00:39:04 <ynpvisitor20> Good one #24! :)
00:39:36 <Ryan> hahahahaha!
00:42:11 <Ryan> Thats funny!
00:43:24 <Dave from B> Has anyone checked GT this morning?
00:44:55 <ynpvisitor28> did you see the report of Steamboat?
00:45:31 <ynpvisitor24> I am not sure if I want that to be an April Fools joke, or the real thing!
00:49:00 <Ryan> where is the steamboat report? That person will be in mortal danger :)
00:49:42 <Lori> I stole the link posted for my fb status this morning, and saw Yellowstone Tour Guides had the possible steamboat eruption.
00:51:28 <Dave from B> Good morning, Lori and Jimbo
00:54:26 <Lori> good morning Dave
00:55:23 <Lori> cold here this morning- Mother Nature April Fools joke.
00:58:35 <Lori> Anyone ever seen "Meet the Deedles"?
00:59:14 <Lori> wow- poor grammer day- sorry :(
00:59:39 <Lori> Has anyone watched the movie "Meet the Deedles"?
01:00:04 <Dave from B> I haven't...from about 10-15 years ago?
01:02:00 <Dave from B> OF 801wayie
01:08:32 <Dave from B> Morning, Jenna
01:08:35 <Lori> yep- I want it on dvd but they don't have it. Our family quotes it often. The curtailed eruptions of OF reminded me of it.
01:08:38 <Dave from B> LC 0809ie
01:08:52 <Lori> morning Jenna- Surf Wyoming!
01:09:41 <Jenna> morning
01:09:57 <Jenna> I haven't thought about that movie in years!
01:10:08 <Jenna> gotta love petey the p dog
01:12:50 <Ryan> Well... something is erupting
01:13:11 <Dave from B> Grotto?
01:13:55 <Jenna> my screen looks really good!
01:14:45 <Dave from B> Morning, Kevin
01:15:19 <ynpvisitor55> hi
01:15:37 <ynpvisitor55> anyone onnline?
01:15:48 <ynpvisitor55> anyone online
01:15:48 <Kevin L> Morning Dave
01:19:44 <Lori> morning Kevin- what kind of jacket do I need to pack for Vegas?
01:20:02 <Lori> cold here this morning- I am hoping for warmer weather there!
01:20:37 <Kevin L> You need a short sleeved shirt and shorts! Supposed to hit the 90s this week.
01:21:03 <Ryan> Lion 0821
01:22:05 <Lori> short sleeve and capri's I can do. My shorts are for Ia summers only :)
01:22:28 <Will B> ryan you can take the question mark off your ini time
01:23:15 <Will B> and your 0631 OF needs a wc
01:23:23 <Ryan> kk
01:23:27 <Ryan> k
01:23:56 <ynpvisitor24> initial?
01:24:12 <Will B> no this one is not the initial
01:24:22 <ynpvisitor24> correct
01:25:07 <Will B> thanks Ryan
01:25:13 <Ryan> np
01:25:28 <Ryan> Will, do you have a GT mobile site? App?
01:25:54 <Will B> Its on the list
01:26:01 <Ryan> Daisy 0826ie
01:26:32 <Dave from B> Ryan, Alan has a Geyser App
01:27:13 <Will B> I does sound like though once GT gets it mobile site going that Allan may end Gnet.
01:45:57 <Lori> wow- in regards to visitor24's link: people thought the headline was a joke, but now are seriously ranting?
01:46:35 <Jenna> it's crazy
01:47:46 <Dave from B> It truly shows how some people shouldn't be allowed to think for themselves.
01:48:10 <Lori> yep. can't fix stupid, lol
01:48:36 <Lori> hey Kevin- not sure I should go to Vegas.
01:48:38 <Jenna> the one guy thinks they're already "directing the water"
01:48:57 <Lori> time to get the fire truck :)
01:50:47 <Kevin L> The comments are better than the article.
01:51:02 <Jenna> they are entertaining
01:51:14 <Jenna> that was a very clear picture of bigfoot! how lucky lol
01:51:18 <ynpvisitor24> and of course someone has to bring up wolves- another hot topics right now.
01:51:41 <Kevin L> Hey Lori, I know what you mean. This is one of the areas that my son was at in Canada. He has some awesome pictures of the place, but it is EXPENSIVE.
01:52:16 <Kevin L> If you take the train nut up there, check out the sprial tunnels.
01:52:18 <Lori> yeah, they need to buy the wolf food at CostCo, lol
01:52:26 <Jenna> at least Rick gets it
01:52:47 <Jenna> I would think cutting off the Lower Falls would help save more money than turning off OF
01:53:16 <Jenna> maybe they could put in a dam? lol
01:53:38 <Kevin L> They need to make a fish ladder for it.
01:53:39 <Ryan> That was a nice boil from Giantess
01:53:57 <Lori> thanks Kevin- will keep that on the to-do list. but expensive is usually not our budget.
01:54:09 <Kevin L> That would be a nice eruption for today. Nobody would believe it.
01:54:16 <Ryan> lol
01:54:50 <Lori> ok- I need to do stuff- ding for Giantess :D
01:55:01 <Ryan> Absolutely
01:59:17 <ynpvisitor24> ..
02:00:08 <Ryan> Turban and West Triplet
02:01:55 <Ryan> Definately Turban now
02:02:43 <Ryan> 0902ie
02:04:41 <Jenna> ..
02:04:58 <Kristine> Morning all
02:06:12 <Kevin L> Hi
02:07:27 <Ryan> Any water? :)
02:07:45 <Kristine> Hi Kevin.
02:08:13 <Lori> morning Kristine. I thought the dings were for something special- I was right :)
02:08:28 <Kristine> Morning Lori :)
02:08:44 <Dave from B> Morning, Krisitine
02:08:56 <Kristine> Hi Dave.
02:09:01 <Kristine> How is everyone today?
02:09:22 <Dave from B> Treating everything people tell me today with suspicion!
02:09:50 <Kristine> Me too, Dave.
02:10:09 <Dave from B> My son has already been after his older sister
02:10:18 <Kristine> There have been some good ones so far today.
02:10:27 <Kristine> heehee
02:10:33 <Dave from B> Not sure what happened exactly but it involved saran wrap and rubber bands
02:10:46 <Lori> Kristine, have you adjusted your info for the new OF eruption schedule?
02:10:46 <Kristine> That Yellowstone Gate article is a hoot.
02:10:58 <Dave from B> :D
02:11:02 <Kristine> Working on that now, Lori :)
02:11:14 <Dave from B> Make sure they change the clock in the Lodge:)
02:11:14 <Lori> and the Steamboat eruption
02:11:22 <Kristine> Did it involve the sink sprayer, Dave :)
02:11:26 <Ryan> Is the steamboat a fake too?
02:11:44 <Kristine> Will do, Dave.
02:11:52 <Ryan> Someone should send out a text "Grizzly bear ate camera"
02:12:28 <Lori> you know they are going to supplement feed the grizzlies because of fewer tourists.
02:12:31 <Kristine> LOL, Ryan! Black bear seen climbing tree; cam gone.
02:12:40 <Dave from B> I don't know YTG history on April 1...but I imaginie it is Ryan
02:12:41 <Lori> it will cancel the water savings.
02:13:13 <Kristine> No unusual steam when I went past Norris yesterday morning, so I'm going with April Fools.
02:13:24 <Ryan> Seriously, I dont know how to send out the text... if i could i would
02:14:00 <Jake> The Yellowstone Gate article is well-done
02:14:00 <Dave from B> Morning, Jake
02:14:10 <Kristine> Morning Jake.
02:14:12 <Jake> I have to believe everyone is trolling in those comments, right?
02:14:21 <Lori> the next black screen will be the intestinal tract of a black bear :)
02:14:33 <ynpvisitor20> Aurum 0914ir
02:14:34 <Kristine> ROFL, Lori!!
02:14:35 <Jake> "Limiting the flow of water into Old Faithful and other non-essential thermal features..."
02:14:41 <Ryan> Aurum 0914ie
02:14:50 <Kristine> The comments are almost better than the article!
02:15:20 <Jake> nice Aurum
02:15:35 <Jake> I just love "and other non-essential thermal features"
02:15:42 <Kristine> So, does that mean, no F&M this summer? Maybe Grand's intervals will be stretched out to 12 hours
02:15:50 <Lori> Yellowstone Tour Guides 04/01/13 Today's no trip in the park saw jackalope, pronghorn chipmunk, cork screw owl, the steam phase of Steamboat Geyser, Beehive 12:20, indicator 12:00, Twin Geyser 14:23, Echinus Geyser 16:78. Over all a truly mythical day in Yellowstone.
02:15:58 <Kristine> And shutting off some backcountry geysers.
02:16:39 <Kevin L> And the bison will have two furlough days a month.
02:16:51 <Kristine> haha.
02:17:32 <Lori> will those days be put on-line? I would be ticked if I planned my trip and the bison were off those days!
02:17:38 <Jake> I also decided today that I needed to start making revenue on PLEASE click-thru on the new ads to help support the site
02:17:41 <Jake> thanks, all
02:17:46 <Jake> ok, back to work
02:18:01 <Jenna> I'm laughing out loud here
02:18:47 <Kristine> We could seriously write a whole new geyser schedule with the new water restrictions :)
02:19:29 <Kristine> Although some people would probably fall for it.
02:19:42 <Ryan> I want to leave a comment on that soo badly...
02:20:10 <Ryan> maybe I will fire them up more and say that an insider to the park has told me that they have to turn down the heat too
02:20:10 <Lori> egg em on Ryan!
02:20:47 <Jenna> lol
02:21:03 <Jenna> and the people staying in the budget cabins have to bathe in Anenome
02:21:16 <Kristine> Haha!
02:21:21 <Ryan>
02:21:27 <Ryan> I lefta comment BAHAHAHA
02:21:53 <Jenna> are you "Jim"?
02:21:55 <Lori> Kristine- could you make sure Fountain and Great Fountain are on a good schedule? I like them both, so close enough to make it from one to the other and not miss the big ones in the upper basin.
02:22:00 <Ryan> Ryan
02:22:19 <Jenna> oh I didn't see it
02:22:26 <Kristine> I can try, Lori.
02:22:36 <Ryan> I just put it up a mnute ago... maybe it needs a sec
02:22:44 <Ryan> OF 0922
02:22:47 <Jenna> probably, Jim's comment is funny too
02:22:57 <Kristine> Jim's comment is funny. Turn off Lower Falls, but leave Upper Falls on.
02:23:52 <Jenna> maybe OF will become coin operated? another way to generate money?
02:24:12 <Dave from B> Great idea, Jenna!
02:24:18 <Kristine> ROFL!
02:24:21 <Lori> not enough tourists pay, it won't go off?
02:24:29 <Dave from B> I wonder how much people would chip in to watch OF
02:24:32 <Kristine> I have been asked how much it costs to see OF.
02:24:44 <Kevin L> Back from computer temper tantrum.
02:24:58 <Jenna> we could put up little bins of food for the animals like they do with duck ponds lol
02:25:02 <Kevin L> I wish we could do that for Aurum.
02:25:02 <Ryan> my comment is awaiting moderation
02:25:03 <Jenna> put in a quarter, feed a bison?
02:25:07 <Kristine> My coworkers and I decided it was $5/person and we would split the proceeds :)
02:25:07 <Lori> I would pay to see a few go for sure! BH, Giantess, Giant, Steamboat....
02:25:17 <Ryan> Excelsior
02:25:18 <Jenna> I'll start saving!
02:25:29 <Kristine> Which end of the bison do you feed the quarter?
02:25:36 <Lori> how much for a 4 burst Grand?
02:25:39 <Ryan> Really, why dont they cut off the water to Excelsior, the pressure reduction would od it good ;)
02:25:51 <Kristine> LOL
02:25:52 <Ryan> Kristine, OMG I AM DYING
02:25:54 <alex> I hope it isn't the north end of a southbound bison
02:26:14 <Lori> I bet that is what happened to Mammoth terraces and we just didn't find out about it!
02:26:15 <Jenna> I am trying to laugh quietly! lol
02:26:58 <Kristine> I'm laughing so hard I'm crying (and trying to do it quietly is not helping!)
02:27:08 <Jenna> lol
02:27:29 <Ryan> lol
02:27:38 <Lori> would the bison walk in a circle for the kiddies- like a pony ride? You could make BIG BUCKS with that!
02:27:41 <Jenna> this conversation has made my day! it would be handy if we could control Lonestar with a couple quarters
02:27:57 <Jenna> haha I'd love to see that
02:28:04 <Kristine> ROFL!!!
02:28:30 <Kristine> Okay, who would like with me to Shoshone so we can pay for a Union eruption?
02:28:38 <Kristine> like = hike
02:28:48 <Ryan> *raises hand and waves it wildly*
02:28:48 <Jenna> I'm in
02:28:55 <Lori> we are in!
02:29:06 <Dave from B> What if it took a lot of money to geu Union to erupt. Who would carry it?
02:29:16 <ynpvisitor24> how were the roads Kristine
02:29:19 <Dave from B> Would we need a horse?
02:29:26 <Ryan> lol
02:29:27 <Kristine> We can split it
02:29:29 <Lori> could we get a money order?
02:29:40 <Ryan> credit card
02:29:44 <Jenna> can we use those little white boxes on our cell phone and swipe a credit card?
02:29:46 <Kristine> 24, the roads are great
02:30:03 <Kristine> There's even a slot on Union to put the money!
02:30:08 <Jenna> lol
02:30:32 <Lori> hot dogs for lunch?
02:31:15 <Lori> I have a couple foldable forks. DOn't want to pick up sticks and disturb the environment ya know.
02:31:31 <Kristine> haha
02:31:34 <Jenna> lol
02:32:04 <Kristine> 24, the icy patches on the road (mainly OF to West) are melting like a snowcone in Phoenix in July.
02:32:04 <Jenna> You're comment get denied Ryan?
02:32:20 <Jenna> or in Vegas in April according to Kevin :)
02:32:26 <Dave from B> After all these years we finally figured out why people have thornw money in geysers and hot springs:)
02:32:31 <Lori> someone can eat my share of the "steamed" broccoli :)
02:32:34 <Kristine> True
02:32:35 <Jenna> lol
02:32:42 <Kristine> LOL
02:33:05 <Ryan> Not yet Jenna , still waiting
02:33:11 <Lori> but Vegas is a dry heat Jenna, lol
02:33:20 <Jenna> oh yes I forgot
02:33:31 <Ryan> Put the coins in the "Vault" to watch Giantess erupt
02:33:58 <Kristine> LOL
02:34:38 <Kristine> I am so glad I am not eating breakfast right now, I would have spit my cereal all over my computer!
02:34:47 <Ryan> lol
02:35:32 <Lori> Jenna- you want to call and tell Grandpa his cows are out?
02:35:50 <Jenna> lol no
02:35:59 <Jenna> don't want to risk giving him a heart attack
02:36:21 <Jenna> we don't need grandpa #3 to have heart issues too lol
02:36:54 <Jenna> although I can see the look of panic on his face....
02:37:31 <Lori> he fell for it EVERY YEAR!
02:38:23 <Dave from B> So, what is the max age limit for April Fool's jokes?
02:38:44 <Jenna> well grandpa is 90
02:39:03 <Jenna> good comments, Ryan and Jake
02:39:23 <Lori> :)
02:39:46 <Kristine> You could tell him one of his bulls is pregnant
02:40:03 <Jenna> he would have believed us right after his surgery lol
02:40:53 <Kristine> heehee
02:41:25 <Ryan> Hope Jake knows it was I who responded to him, wait until you see this one
02:41:41 <Dave from B> I sope a rare geyser goes today. Would sure be fun!!!!!
02:42:04 <Kristine> You know someone who is getting some new cows that have no legs so they can sell ground beef directly to the consumer
02:42:32 <Kristine> Or cows that have legs on one side of their body that are longer than the other side so they can stand on hill and not fall over.
02:42:59 <Jenna> lol
02:44:03 <Dave from B> OK...don't know what happened on last post.... sope = sure hope....can't you people read shorthand?:)
02:44:25 <Jenna> I figured it out
02:45:55 <Lori> Kristine, then you would have rare on one side and well on the other- :)
02:46:09 <Kristine> Haha!
02:46:10 <Lori> depending on the sun....
02:46:12 <ynpvisitor24> I was trying to get 'soap' out of that Dave, not a good thing to joke about even on April 1
02:46:43 <Kristine> I thought that at first too, 24. Then I figured he meant 'hope'
02:47:15 <ynpvisitor24> glad you clarified, I didnt 'get' your short-hand
02:47:50 <Lori> oh- I didn't think of soap- the geyser police may contact you shortly...
02:49:15 <Lori> ok- NOW I have to get more done. No foolin around, lol.
02:49:50 <Kristine> Yeah, I need to get going too. Later all.
02:50:06 <Lori> bye Kristine
02:57:21 <Dave from B> Sorry, was on the phone. I will joke about almost anything but never s**ping
02:58:19 <ynpvisitor24> sure hope so, lol
02:58:29 <ynpvisitor24> s'ope so, I mean
02:58:52 <Dave from B> :D
03:00:59 <Dave from B> How's Bee looking?
03:01:12 <kc (working)> riverside maybe
03:01:46 <Kevin L> BH should be about 1330 to 1400
03:02:10 <Dave from B> Should be before bus duty today
03:04:15 <Jenna> spaghetti Ryan? lol
03:04:42 <Kevin L> Hey we had spaghetti ice cream yesterday.
03:05:15 <Jenna> spaghetti ice cream?
03:05:58 <Kevin L> Yes.
03:06:07 <Ryan> Kevin , who is currently making AP?
03:06:34 <Dave from B> ..
03:06:50 <Kevin L>
03:07:17 <Kevin L> Wecco is making AP and the are the only ones. Not too much business right now though.
03:09:57 <Jenna> that looks delicious
03:10:08 <Jenna> and I'm hungry so that makes it worse!
03:10:58 <Kevin L> It is a lot of fun. I found it when I was in Germany and discovered it on this site. My kids love it.
03:11:04 <Jenna> some funny comments
03:12:33 <Kevin L> I like Teton Bill's comment.
03:12:47 <Jenna> he is a crack up
03:13:37 <Jenna> I bet they do Kevin
03:14:52 <Ryan> Thank KEvin, I was just on the phone with Aerotech. I used their motors in my test stand for my engineering report and all of the motors burner with a lower thrust but loner burn time.
03:15:19 <Ryan> He said that they have been buying new AP and it burns slightly slower than the old stuff and are working on changing their mix
03:15:34 <Ryan> burned with lower thrusts, longer burn times
03:16:45 <Kevin L> I know there are different purities and the more pure it is the higher the cost.
03:17:22 <Kevin L> I will check with Andy and see what he says about it.
03:18:09 <Ryan> Ok, i dont think its the purity though. Lower purity would mean lower thrust AND lower burn times... i had lower thrust but longer burn (same total impulse)
03:28:02 <Ryan> Jenna I used spaghetti to make me sound stupid (give the smart people a laugh)
03:28:10 <Ryan> Steam plumes have shrunk, how warm are we?
03:28:54 <Kevin L> Above freezing last time I looked.
03:33:50 <Ryan> Penta 1033
03:34:03 <Ryan> I think, if it is, there was the start
03:34:20 <Ryan> Nope
03:37:17 <Jenna> lol good choise
03:37:19 <Jenna> choice*
03:38:27 <Kevin L> Whoa baby!!!!
03:38:34 <Kevin L> BHI 1038 ie
03:38:36 <Kevin L> .
03:38:39 <Kevin L> .
03:38:39 <Lori> quick lunch break- you can let bh go now :)
03:38:42 <Will B> :!:
03:38:43 <Will B> :!:
03:38:44 <Will B> :!:
03:38:44 <Will B> :!:
03:38:45 <Will B> :!:
03:38:46 <Will B> :!:
03:38:47 <Will B> :!:
03:38:47 <Will B> :!:
03:38:48 <Will B> :!:
03:38:48 <Will B> :!:
03:38:49 <Will B> :!:
03:38:50 <Will B> :!:
03:38:50 <Will B> :!:
03:38:55 <kc (working)> ty
03:38:59 <Lori> thanks !
03:39:29 <Dave from B> Lori, Sorry but your spaghetti lunch will have to wait!
03:39:34 <Will B> and i have class at 11 :(
03:40:00 <Lori> pizza burger at the computer it is!
03:40:45 <Kevin L> This was sure a surprise.
03:41:03 <Kevin L> OF time though.
03:41:48 <Dave from B> Trust me, Kevin, since it is April 1, something BIG will erupt when you are on bus duty:)
03:42:03 <Dave from B> Or at least we'll text you!
03:42:14 <Lori> hmmm- does bhi know what day it is.? ......
03:42:54 <Dave from B> I'm not sure if we would laugh at a false indicator
03:43:29 <Lori> I was there for false summer :(
03:43:40 <Lori> I was not laughing.
03:44:19 <Dave from B> .;.
03:45:41 <alex> maybe BH will not erupt because it is playing an April Fool's Joke on us
03:48:21 <alex> I guess I should have read back a few lines, Sorry, looks like Lori and Dave were already on that idea
03:48:31 <alex> April Fools on myself
03:48:38 <Lori> lol
03:48:40 <Dave from B> np, alex
03:48:54 <Dave from B> Where is lc, Kitt?
03:48:57 <alex> Go BH
03:49:00 <alex> you can do it!
03:49:34 <Dave from B> 40F as of 1015 at OF
03:49:38 <Kevin L> Speaking of April Fools joke, looks like OF went at 1040 or so. I guess the 0922 must have been a short.
03:50:41 <Lori> anyone have the link handy for the non-chat live streaming?
03:51:00 <Dave from B>
03:51:03 <ynpvisitor75> kevin, that's still in the window for a long
03:51:29 <Lori> thanks!
03:51:30 <ynpvisitor75> or, real close anyway
03:51:51 <Kevin L> Maybe it was a medium?
03:52:44 <Kevin L> Lot earlier than I thought it would be anyway, but it does leave us a good view for BH!
03:54:05 <Will B> yes before i have to leave
03:54:08 <Dave from B> BH1053
03:54:56 <Lori> I so want sound!
03:55:10 <Will B> ok have to leave
03:55:19 <Lori> bye will
03:55:32 <Dave from B> Bye, Will
04:01:17 <Lori> ok- must get things done. ding for giantess.
04:01:18 <Kevin L> Time for Daisy/Grand fishing.
04:17:53 <Kevin L> Daisy was at 1115. Turban was starting also.
04:21:32 <ynpvisitor32> No bhi bh times in GT?
04:32:50 <Dave from B> 32, BHI and BH have been posted to GT
04:37:08 <Kristine> Oh darn it. I'm out watching the plow crew and I miss Beehive.
04:37:53 <Dave from B> Sorry, Kristine
04:39:19 <Kristine> Oh well.
04:40:12 <Kristine> Watching the front end loader with a rotary attachment has been fun.
04:45:42 <Dave from B> That happens less frequently than a BH eruption
04:48:12 <Kristine> True
05:09:29 <Lori>
05:14:54 <Ryan> OF 1214
05:32:43 <kc (working)> water at castle
05:34:35 <Kevin L> Been looking at it about 3 m looks like it may be a minor.
05:35:15 <Kevin L> Seems to go a bit, then stop.
05:36:38 <kc (working)> ill zap my gt entry, not enough time to watch at the moment
05:36:42 <Kevin L> Looking more steady now.
05:37:17 <Kevin L> May have been some of the initial splashes.
05:59:49 <Kevin L> I guess Castle was a major.
06:00:16 <Dave from B> Kevin, how much precip do you have for the year?
06:00:21 <Dave from B> Looks like it was
06:00:32 <Dave from B> Bet you may have more than us
06:00:45 <Kevin L> Let me look
06:12:24 <Kevin L> Geez, I thought that was something that almost all weather had listed. We have had .58 so far this year.
06:15:54 <vw> Good afternoon!
06:16:00 <Dave from B> Afternoon, vw...must be bus time
06:16:15 <Kevin L> hi
06:16:19 <vw> I think pretty close.
06:16:37 <Ryan> later guys
06:17:44 <vw> Grand watch? Just checking GT now.
06:18:16 <Kevin L> It knows I am going.
06:18:28 <Kevin L> Daisy should be pretty soon.
06:18:56 <vw> Several in their windows soon: Aurum, Daisy, Grand, OF...
06:20:16 <vw> Have there been obvious Turban cycles? No mention recently in the log.
06:20:41 <Kevin L> I was watching Castle and haven't seen any for a while.
06:20:57 <vw> k.
06:21:10 <Dave from B> vw, I haven't really been I'm afraid you'll just have to go fishing
06:21:50 <vw> Fishing sounds good Dave, but isn't it a little early for the season? Nice fried brook trout... :)
06:22:14 <Dave from B> Did you forget to have lunch?
06:22:15 <Kevin L> That does sound good. I'll take two.
06:22:35 <vw> Already ate lunch. Ham sandwich of course.
06:24:43 <vw> K, I will take the cam whenever you say you are heading out.
06:25:05 <Kevin L> OK, be about 10m
06:25:18 <vw> sounds good.
06:25:58 <Kevin L> Getting close to OF. Been looking at it a bit closer after the short one this morning.
06:26:55 <Kevin L> Hey Dave, Dodgers game at 1400
06:27:20 <Andrew> hi, nice gt prank
06:30:06 <Dave from B> I forgot. It is Opening Day. We are undefeated!
06:31:12 <Kevin L> Think it is on ESPN. They black that out here even though we are not in the area. Idiots.
06:31:23 <Andrew> oh yeah baseball
06:31:55 <Andrew> like a holiday here, getting annoying
06:34:29 <Jenna> Scott already started watching it last night.... :(
06:36:04 <Dave from B> Kevin, we only have 1.15" so far this year...We have you beat, but not by much
06:37:00 <Jenna> how do you find that Dave?
06:37:18 <Dave from B> It is in our local paper
06:37:59 <Dave from B> vw is the computer guru...She may know a site for your town.
06:38:44 <Kevin L> It is on NOAA, but it is hard to find for a certain locality.
06:39:12 <vw> Yeah, I would check NOAA, using your zip code.
06:39:19 <Jenna> oh ok
06:39:32 <vw> There should be a summary table somewhere on your local page.
06:39:52 <vw> Kevin just let me know he doesn't have bus duty, so I am going to head out.
06:39:58 <vw> Hope everybody has a great day!
06:40:06 <vw> Go Giantess!
06:40:12 <Kevin L> ty vw
06:40:51 <Dave from B> bye, vw
06:43:24 <Andrew> OF 342
06:44:03 <vw> Back!!!
06:44:14 <Dave from B> wb, vw!!!
06:45:02 <Dave from B> Andrew, you got up early this morning to watch that OF?
06:46:31 <Andrew> 1342, I am doing like 6 things right now my mental RAM is low right now
06:47:05 <vw> My mental ram being low is permanent state of being.
06:48:30 <Andrew> that daisy?
06:48:34 <vw> Daisy 1348 ie
06:48:35 <ynpvisitor36> Daisy ie
06:49:04 <ynpvisitor36> What about uncertain
06:49:25 <Andrew> steaming?
06:50:05 <vw> It does look like we have Uncertain doing something.
06:50:17 <Dave from B> Too bad we can't just buy more memory for ourselves:)
06:50:31 <Dave from B> vw, are you certain?
06:50:38 <vw> Never Dave!
06:50:57 <vw> Steam from Churn area too, but no water.
06:51:17 <ynpvisitor36> Uncertain may have finished
06:51:51 <vw> Was Uncertain going earlier? No time for it on GT.
06:52:01 <vw> BSOD. Driving blind.
06:52:07 <ynpvisitor36> No
06:52:43 <vw> I am calling both Uncertain and Churn 1350 ie
06:53:49 <vw> Both off now.
06:54:11 <Andrew> more like activity, not actual eruptions
06:55:01 <vw> We don't have a clear enough picture to rule out that there was water. Usually don't see too much steam from either unless there is some water being generated. And on really cold days. Not so cold now.
06:55:56 <ynpvisitor36> You can't get a churn and uncertain in one cycle
06:56:34 <ynpvisitor36> There not generally conected
06:56:40 <Dave from B> Temp is 52F as of 1315 at OF
06:57:15 <Lori> vw- did you not get the memo? black bear ate the cam.
06:57:33 <Andrew> :)
06:57:36 <Dave from B> Perhaps, someone can help us with captures
06:57:55 <vw> I have amended the GT entries with comments and "?".
06:58:19 <vw> We have seen Churn and Uncertain at the same time, albeit a very uncommon occurrence.
06:58:48 <vw> Lori: that would explain the BSOD? I never knew the stomach lining of bears was blue!
06:59:01 <Dave from B> :D
07:00:38 <Jenna> blue jacket maybe? lol
07:00:48 <Jenna> from the last tourist? ;)
07:03:24 <Lori> :)
07:07:56 <ynpvisitor69>
07:08:13 <ynpvisitor69> 13:57:31 * ynpvisitor97 quit (timeout) 13:57:32 * ynpvisitor97 quit (timeout) 13:57:33 ‹Andrew› :) 13:57:36 ‹Dave from B› Perhaps, someone can help us with captures 13:57:45 * ynpvisitor29 quit (timeout) 13:57:45 * ynpvisitor9 quit (timeout) 13:57:54 * ynpvisitor77 quit (timeout) 13:57:55 ‹vw› I have amended the GT entries with comments and "?". 13:58:04 * ynpvisitor94 quit (timeout) 1
07:08:38 <vw> ?
07:08:58 <ynpvisitor69> 13:57:54 * ynpvisitor77 quit (timeout) 13:57:55 ‹vw› I have amended the GT entries with comments and "?". 13:58:04 * ynpvisitor94 quit (timeout) 13:58:19 ‹vw› We have seen Churn and Uncertain at the same time, albeit a very uncommon occurrence. 13:58:33 * ynpvisitor77 quit (timeout) 13:58:48 ‹vw› Lori: that would explain the BSOD? I never knew the stomach lining of bears was blue! 13
07:09:01 <Dave from B> ??
07:09:17 <ynpvisitor69> 13:57:54 * ynpvisitor77 quit (timeout) 13:57:55 ‹vw› I have amended the GT entries with comments and "?". 13:58:04 * ynpvisitor94 quit (timeout) 13:58:19 ‹vw› We have seen Churn and Uncertain at the same time, albeit a very uncommon occurrence. 13:58:33 * ynpvisitor77 quit (timeout) 13:58:48 ‹vw› Lori: that would explain the BSOD? I never knew the stomach lining of bears was blue! 13
07:09:20 <Dave from B> Problems 69?
07:09:25 <vw> Looks like Turban now.
07:09:28 <Will B> what are you doing 69??
07:09:29 <ynpvisitor69> laaaggggg
07:10:09 <ynpvisitor69> Yellowstone 13:57:54 * ynpvisitor77 quit (timeout) 13:57:55 ‹vw› I have amended the GT entries with comments and "?". 13:58:04 * ynpvisitor94 quit (timeout) 13:58:19 ‹vw› We have seen Churn and Uncertain at the same time, albeit a very uncommon occurrence. 13:58:33 * ynpvisitor77 quit (timeout) 13:58:48 ‹vw› Lori: that would explain the BSOD? I never knew the stomach lining of bears
07:10:23 <ynpvisitor69> 13:57:54 * ynpvisitor77 quit (timeout) 13:57:55 ‹vw› I have amended the GT entries with comments and "?". 13:58:04 * ynpvisitor94 quit (timeout) 13:58:19 ‹vw› We have seen Churn and Uncertain at the same time, albeit a very uncommon occurrence. 13:58:33 * ynpvisitor77 quit (timeout) 13:58:48 ‹vw› Lori: that would explain the BSOD? I never knew the stomach lining of bears was blue! 13
07:10:40 <vw> 69, really not sure what the deal is?
07:10:40 <Lori> I think 69 belongs on a different chat.
07:10:53 <ynpvisitor69> uggg bad school computers
07:11:16 <Kevin L> Loose nut behind the keyboard?
07:12:38 <Andrew> some asshole saw me here a school
07:12:48 <ynpvisitor29> ...
07:12:59 <Andrew> I am not in control of his actions
07:13:17 <Lori> changing name from 67 to 69 was a give away.
07:13:17 <ynpvisitor28> 14:07:56 ‹ynpvisitor69› http://yellowstone.paulthompso...ile.png 14:08:13 ‹ynpvisitor69› 13:57:31 * ynpvisitor97 quit (timeout) 13:57:32 * ynpvisitor97 quit (timeout) 13:57:33 ‹Andrew› :) 13:57:36 ‹Dave from B› Perhaps, someone can help us with captures 13:57:45 * ynpvisitor29 quit (timeout) 13:57:45 * ynpvisitor9 quit (timeout) 13:57:54 * ynpvisitor77 quit (timeout) 13:57:55 ‹vw
07:13:29 <ynpvisitor28> 14:07:56 ‹ynpvisitor69› http://yellowstone.paulthompso...ile.png 14:08:13 ‹ynpvisitor69› 13:57:31 * ynpvisitor97 quit (timeout) 13:57:32 * ynpvisitor97 quit (timeout) 13:57:33 ‹Andrew› :) 13:57:36 ‹Dave from B› Perhaps, someone can help us with captures 13:57:45 * ynpvisitor29 quit (timeout) 13:57:45 * ynpvisitor9 quit (timeout) 13:57:54 * ynpvisitor77 quit (timeout) 13:57:55 ‹vw
07:13:44 <ynpvisitor28> 14:07:56 ‹ynpvisitor69› http://yellowstone.paulthompso...ile.png 14:08:13 ‹ynpvisitor69› 13:57:31 * ynpvisitor97 quit (timeout) 13:57:32 * ynpvisitor97 quit (timeout) 13:57:33 ‹Andrew› :) 13:57:36 ‹Dave from B› Perhaps, someone can help us with captures 13:57:45 * ynpvisitor29 quit (timeout) 13:57:45 * ynpvisitor9 quit (timeout) 13:57:54 * ynpvisitor77 quit (timeout) 13:57:55 ‹vw
07:14:03 <ynpvisitor28> 14:07:56 ‹ynpvisitor69› http://yellowstone.paulthompso...ile.png 14:08:13 ‹ynpvisitor69› 13:57:31 * ynpvisitor97 quit (timeout) 13:57:32 * ynpvisitor97 quit (timeout) 13:57:33 ‹Andrew› :) 13:57:36 ‹Dave from B› Perhaps, someone can help us with captures 13:57:45 * ynpvisitor29 quit (timeout) 13:57:45 * ynpvisitor9 quit (timeout) 13:57:54 * ynpvisitor77 quit (timeout) 13:57:55 ‹vw
07:14:16 <Dave from B> .
07:14:22 <vw> children will be children, and then there are assholes.
07:14:28 <ynpvisitor29> .
07:14:37 <vw> OMG!!! Did I really just say that?!?!?!
07:15:13 <Lori> not out load vw- we just all thought it at the same time :)
07:15:14 <Andrew> yes you did
07:15:16 <Dave from B> I was thinking just as guilty
07:15:19 <Lori> loud
07:15:52 <vw> My apologies for any I have offended. I am really quite good at it.
07:16:41 <Lori> not offended here- but I must leave for a while. perhaps it will be past bedtime when I return, :)
07:16:50 <vw> :D
07:16:58 <Dave from B> :D
07:17:59 <vw> back to prior conversation before we got interrupted by trolls: having someone review captures would be a great idea! maybe kc or DaveM could do that and let us know?
07:18:13 <vw> I am out again.
07:18:17 <vw> Have a great day all!
07:18:48 <Dave from B> Bye, vw
07:18:50 <Kevin L> ty vw
07:33:04 <Kevin L> cam control went away.
07:33:37 <Kevin L> Bad timing too Grand ie 1433
07:38:29 <Dave from B> ..
07:39:09 <Kevin L> Was that a 2nd burst?
07:39:30 <Dave from B> not sure
07:39:52 <Kevin L> I didn't really see a pause, but it sure looked like a 2nd.
07:40:03 <Kevin L> 0-0 top of 2 Dave.
07:40:29 <Dave from B> Thanks
07:41:26 <Kevin L> Dolts at ESPN have it blacked out.
07:41:54 <Kevin L> Fox has it on.
07:59:30 <kc (working)> stream appears offline
08:00:50 <Dave from B> BSOD here also
08:01:06 <Kevin L> LS has disconnected.
08:01:10 <Dave from B> Have a picture noiw
08:01:49 <Kevin L> Is it streaming?
08:02:07 <Dave from B> not streaming
08:02:56 <Kevin L> Livescope connected but streamming seems to be down
08:05:45 <Kevin L> Called to report but just got a message.
08:06:06 <Jenna> mine is streaming
08:06:11 <Kevin L> Dave, still 0-0 top 4
08:06:37 <Dave from B> Sounds like a good game
08:06:46 <Kevin L> Mine just started
08:08:59 <Dave from B> Yes, back up
08:15:46 <Kevin L> of being lazy
08:16:23 <Graham> hello, ooh a geyser to greet me
08:16:47 <Dave from B> Good evening, Graham
08:22:49 <Kevin L> Did anyone get a time on OF? I was on the phone to CC. Problem was a power outage at Mammorth.
08:23:02 <Graham> looks like you wore out all the geysers already
08:23:25 <ynpvisitor69> 1516ns wc
08:23:41 <Kevin L> ty. Looks like it was posted in GT.
08:24:10 <ynpvisitor69> I posted OF
08:24:22 <Kevin L> I did use up a bunch of them Graham. Did leave you Daisy and Aurum.
08:24:40 <Graham> thanks. Maybe a Lion restart?
08:24:49 <Kevin L> That could happen.
08:25:06 <ynpvisitor69> working from tablet so time was UGB cam
08:25:10 <Graham> i see there was a Churn Uncertain dual? thats unlikely to happen
08:25:34 <Kevin L> That was when I was gone.
08:25:41 <Dave from B> vw was hoping to get capture experts to verify
08:25:54 <Dave from B> I was not looking at the time
08:26:05 <ynpvisitor69> OF was a possible short.
08:26:44 <Kevin L> ty, good to know.
08:27:28 <kc (working)> i saw that steam, appeared to be on this side of the bw
08:27:40 <kc (working)> re: churn/unc
08:27:41 <Kevin L> You know there is nothing going on when you fish for Aurum and anenome.
08:30:19 <Kevin L> Couple of quakes in Japan shook the OF seismo really good.
08:31:28 <Graham> cool that Steamboat erupted today
08:31:37 <ynpvisitor69> they 'know' you are watching
08:31:58 <ynpvisitor69> LOL
08:32:31 <Will B> this is a nice hot period giantess has going
08:32:45 <Graham> looks like they restored fundiung for the OF eruptions now
08:32:53 <Kevin L> It was very active this morning.
08:33:15 <Graham> steam looks nice onstreaming cam on the inn
08:33:33 <Kevin L> I think Wyoming and Montana volunteed to make up the difference.
08:33:36 <Graham> is it Marathon recovery or S function?
08:34:13 <Dave from B> Time to head hme. Have great evening, everyone!!
08:34:18 <Dave from B> home
08:34:53 <Kevin L> Still no score Dave. top 6
08:34:58 <Kevin L> bye
08:35:13 <Dave from B> May be able to catch the end at home
08:35:45 <Kevin L> on espn2
08:36:27 <ynpvisitor69> bye Dave from B
08:38:32 <ynpvisitor54> funny
08:46:09 <Graham> are we waiting for Giantess?
08:46:21 <Kevin L> yep
08:46:30 <Kevin L> Due anytime.
08:47:01 <Will B> no one would believe the alert txt
08:47:23 <ynpvisitor69> Aren't we always waiting?
08:48:42 <ynpvisitor54> glad I did not miss it.
08:48:57 <Kevin L> Aurum looks hot.
08:49:07 <ynpvisitor54> oh good
08:50:06 <ynpvisitor69> hi Maureen
08:50:08 <Graham> nice and warm in West?
08:50:22 <Maureen> 56
08:50:24 <Maureen> very nice
08:50:33 <Maureen> it was a cold wind in Ennis though.
08:50:49 <Maureen> Missoula is balmy
08:50:56 <Maureen> I think it hit 70 yesterday
08:51:19 <Graham> nice. has all the snow melted yet?
08:51:36 <Maureen> it's melted a LOT since my departure, the park is now open to bikes
08:51:46 <Maureen> and HK, the road contractor, was allowed in today
08:52:12 <Jenna> can you send it our way? It's 30 here and hurricane like winds
08:53:09 <Maureen> wow, Jenna, hang in.
08:53:17 <Maureen> it was nicer for Easter, right?
08:53:18 <Jenna> or hang on? lol literally
08:53:29 <Jenna> it was about 45-50? still super windy
08:53:31 <Maureen> I bet winds there can get pretty intense
08:53:40 <Graham> you are not part of the road crew Maureen?
08:53:41 <Jenna> Conor is a trooper and was outside almost all wasn't a fan
08:53:52 <Maureen> kids will be kids
08:54:05 <Jenna> yup, he is unaware of freezing hands and noses!
08:54:13 <Maureen> 70 was rough yesterday I tell ya.
08:54:19 <Jenna> oh I bet lol
08:54:45 <Maureen> Missoula was quiet too, because it is spring break week now.
08:54:46 <Jenna> well time to punch out...I'll be back
08:54:55 <Maureen> so the weekend was super mellow
08:54:59 <Maureen> bye Jenna
08:59:34 <Maureen> So the bikers are happy, they get these temps, almost no traffic.
09:00:22 <Graham> time to work i guess
09:00:33 <Graham> you are not part of the road crew Maureen?
09:00:36 <Maureen> you are working?
09:00:45 <Maureen> no G, my road crew days are over.
09:01:14 <Maureen> I know those women make a lot of money flagging yet that would not be the job for me.
09:01:15 <Kevin L> Do you have your NoDoz?
09:01:16 <Graham> short Daisy interval
09:01:36 <Maureen> oh, I get it, Graham takes the cam...
09:02:21 <Maureen> I am glad Daisy is shortening up.
09:02:26 <Kevin L> Be worth looking that way in about 10m
09:02:29 <Graham> guest report of Aurum at 1600, guess we missed it
09:02:59 <Will B> um i didnt see it
09:03:13 <Graham> me neither
09:04:12 <Kevin L> I don't think it happened.
09:06:03 <Will B> dep is straming
09:06:14 <Will B> steaming*
09:07:14 <ynpvisitor69> I posted aUGB cam cap from 1600 to my FB
09:07:27 <ynpvisitor36> Aurum
09:07:56 <Graham> dont see it
09:08:25 <ynpvisitor36> Ok brief steam
09:09:16 <Graham> hi rich
09:09:32 <Will B> i think the static just froze
09:09:49 <Graham> it was just steam
09:09:56 <Graham> streaning was pojnted at Aurum at the time
09:10:02 <Rich> hi Graham
09:10:57 <Graham> the one at 1610 looked more like it
09:11:58 <Rich> steam around Riverside
09:13:33 <Rich> gone now
09:18:46 <Kevin L> .
09:20:25 <Graham> Daisy 1619
09:20:32 <Graham> 2h31
09:20:57 <Kevin L> Another short one
09:26:47 <Kevin L> Steamy hill
09:27:08 <Will B> yeah, plate is steaming now also
09:29:29 <Graham> so is Giantess
09:38:40 <Graham> OF 1438
09:38:59 <Rich> 1638
09:39:07 <Graham> grrr
09:40:17 <Maureen> quite the wind shift there.
09:41:55 <Rich> Long
09:44:04 <Graham> did you go to work today Maureen or still holding out for one more day of vacation?
09:45:15 <Maureen> no work until tomorrow
09:45:23 <Maureen> it is really a mellow time of year for us now
09:45:59 <Maureen> I picked the right week to leave.
09:46:13 <Graham> yep i guess, winter season winding down and nobody wants to spend money, and new season excitement is just not happening
09:46:54 <Maureen> a few Canadian things still in the works, yet very calm.
09:47:29 <Graham> opening is this month!
09:47:45 <Maureen> 25 days
09:48:02 <Maureen> looks like it will get colder for a bit, yet not winter again.
09:48:16 <Maureen> though snow is in the long range forecast right now.
09:48:31 <Maureen> first we will have an awesome week of 50's
09:48:32 <Graham> Sawmill is back off
09:48:57 <Maureen> maybe Lion will come back on.
09:51:15 <Kevin L> We could get a bear.
09:51:30 <Andrew> steaming from churn
09:51:50 <Andrew> perhaps water
09:52:00 <Maureen> bears harder to see now.
09:52:14 <Maureen> I saw about 30 bighorn sheep on the way home
09:52:26 <Maureen> and a herd of elk running in near the Madison river
09:52:40 <Maureen> and 20 bison going down the highway, thankfully in the light!
09:53:21 <Maureen> the bison are going to be out by the hundreds soon.
09:54:53 <Graham> Aurum 1654
09:55:19 <Andrew> damn looked away
10:01:44 <Graham> OT
10:18:58 <Graham> snow clinging on
10:19:14 <Andrew> hi micah
10:19:21 <Micah> hi Andrew
10:26:20 <Graham> LC
10:26:46 <Micah> Steam off of depression too
11:04:38 <ynpvisitor33> OF 1804
11:09:58 <Graham> LC
11:42:39 <Graham> Sawmill?
11:43:12 <ynpvisitor33> Yep, recent start too
11:43:15 <ynpvisitor33> 1843ns
11:43:44 <Graham> 1842ns based on my time stamp
11:44:01 <ynpvisitor33> k
11:52:09 <Graham> forgot to watch for Daisy, hope I didnt miss it
11:52:42 <Graham> looks like its steaming
11:53:48 <Maureen> think we are still pre Daisy
11:54:07 <Graham> have to watch early today
11:54:26 <Graham> was distracted writing my Sput article
11:54:40 <Maureen> I still do not have my Feb you?
11:54:58 <Maureen> oh, maybe it will be at work waiting for me...
11:54:58 <ynpvisitor33> I got it yesterday
11:55:10 <Graham> yep, it arrived early last week
11:55:34 <Graham> or maybe it was Friday
11:55:55 <Maureen> yeah, one of those two G!
11:56:20 <Maureen> glad you are writing another article
11:56:42 <Graham> need to do some pics for them too, but you have seen them all
11:57:03 <Maureen> you sure have some good ones to choose from.
11:57:27 <Graham> Tom should have taken some too
11:57:43 <Graham> Will didnt see many geysers tho
12:03:09 <Maureen> Daisy should be nice
12:04:16 <Maureen> Then maybe Lion by dark.
12:04:30 <Graham> Daisy 1904
12:05:21 <Maureen> nice
12:05:38 <Graham> glad the sun is shining on it
12:10:33 <Will B> .
12:13:58 <ynpvisitor33> Lion
12:14:40 <Maureen> ?
12:14:43 <Graham> minor minor
12:15:16 <Maureen> was that really considered an eruption?
12:15:41 <Graham> must be a pre-minor, like a pre-shock
12:16:04 <Kevin L> Nobody there to put a quarter in the slot.
12:16:05 <ynpvisitor33> minor minor lol nice
12:16:10 <ynpvisitor33> 1916
12:16:14 <Maureen> it is trying
12:16:18 <ynpvisitor33> Lion 1916 minor
12:16:31 <Maureen> why minor?
12:16:31 <ynpvisitor33> 1916 start
12:16:47 <ynpvisitor33> Didnt think it was going to go...
12:17:03 <Graham> its going
12:17:15 <ynpvisitor33> i noticed lol
12:17:17 <Maureen> so initial, right?
12:17:22 <Graham> just the slow initial start
12:18:07 <Maureen> thought it would show up
12:18:25 <Graham> maybe get one last gasp before total darkness
12:18:25 <Kevin L> Haven't got a reply from my brother in law yet Ryan.
12:18:38 <Maureen> very nice
12:19:03 <Ryan> K, thanks for checking Kevin
12:20:48 <Maureen> nice sun again
12:21:22 <Kevin L> He may be out of town. He usually gets back with me quickly.
12:21:47 <Kevin L> They also make air bag propellant and fire extinguishers.
12:23:51 <Ryan> Ironically kevin, the exhaust from my motors (mostly K2CO3 or Al2O3) are great fire extinguishers :P
12:23:54 <Ryan> Go figure
12:24:19 <Ryan> Dep
12:24:27 <Kevin L> Well I guess everything that can burn in them gets burnt!
12:24:30 <Ryan> 1924ie
12:24:31 <Graham> 1924ie
12:24:35 <Jenna> ..
12:24:55 <ynpvisitor41> Is Lion changing its behavior?
12:25:26 <Graham> don't think so
12:25:28 <ynpvisitor41> Looks like very short last gasp to initial interval plus lots of long, strong follow-ups
12:25:29 <Graham> why?
12:25:34 <Ryan> That was a short series interval
12:26:01 <Ryan> Oh, and hey, its a geyser; what behavior?
12:26:03 <Graham> 14 3/4 hours?
12:26:07 <Maureen> how was that short?
12:26:38 <Graham> 11 hours betwen eruptions
12:26:38 <ynpvisitor41> Used to a long series going more like 18-20 hours till next initial
12:26:41 <Graham> not really short
12:27:21 <ynpvisitor41> 14 3/4 hours? I thought the last one finished around 0800
12:27:32 <Ryan> Eh, I guess it was around normal... maybe it seems shorter due to it being in daylight
12:27:49 <Will B> interval was 10h55m
12:27:55 <Graham> had 8h series interval on 30th
12:28:23 <Graham> start to start was 14 3/4
12:28:36 <ynpvisitor41> Could you please arrange a pre-sunset BH?
12:28:45 <Graham> yep
12:28:50 <ynpvisitor41> Or Grand would do...
12:28:59 <Graham> i will tell you which day it happens later
12:29:12 <ynpvisitor41> Don't you get magic powers when you run the cam?
12:29:26 <Graham> sun has already set today
12:30:13 <Maureen> no Grand before dark
12:30:15 <ynpvisitor41> OK, pre-last light of day? I can still see fine, but digital imaging is way more forgiving of lighting condiitions that film ever was
12:30:42 <ynpvisitor41> Enough light to see sky is blue at least
12:31:01 <Graham> may get a Lion for pre-dark
12:31:22 <Graham> film? what's that?
12:31:29 <ynpvisitor41> Lion good.
12:32:03 <ynpvisitor41> Maybe I can sell my film camera bodies on ebay as antiques and make a fortune!
12:32:33 <ynpvisitor41> God bless SLRs
12:32:50 <Ryan> What cameras do you have?
12:33:08 <ynpvisitor41> A really old Minolta with all the bells and whistles
12:33:42 <ynpvisitor41> And a Nikon I inherited when I found it at Grand after an eruption, did the honorable thing of turning it in and no one ever claimed it
12:34:07 <Graham> OF 1933
12:34:23 <Maureen> nice
12:34:52 <ynpvisitor41> Pretty conditions.
12:34:54 <Ryan> Nice, I have a Canon AE-1, a Canon A-1, and some Sigma from like 1980ish...
12:35:24 <Ryan> None of them have autofocus nor do they have a properly functioning auto-exposure system anymore... they are a hoot to play with!
12:36:25 <Graham> i can't focus manually, eyes don't work well enough
12:37:17 <Ryan> They have the rangefinder pentaprisms in them :)
12:37:52 <Graham> new lenses don't tho, so I am stuck if autofocus breaks. happened 2 years ago in winter
12:38:00 <Graham> struggled to focus manually on that trip
12:38:20 <Ryan> Yeah, it's not the lenses though, its the camera's viewfinders
12:38:45 <Graham> where is Micah? the wind direction is good :)
12:38:55 <Ryan> Of course, the newer SLRs with the Live View in the LCDs have a zoom function to enlarge the screen
12:39:00 <Graham> may have been a dual
12:39:14 <Ryan> Plume is steaming!
12:39:19 <Graham> yeah i have one of them
12:39:29 <Kevin L> .
12:39:31 <Graham> Nikon D7000
12:39:36 <Ryan> So is something in front of the boardwalk downhill from Plume
12:39:49 <Ryan> Sweet on the Nikon, thats a good one
12:39:55 <Graham> my older D70 got wet somehow .... not sure which geysers
12:40:24 <Ryan> Actually, something is erupting, in from of the boardwalk just to the right of OF
12:40:28 <Ryan> I saw splashes
12:41:03 <Graham> there was Anemone in the senter, PLH on the left
12:41:10 <Graham> center
12:41:14 <Ryan> then it was the PLH
12:41:27 <Ryan> PLH 1941ie
12:41:30 <Graham> splashing all the time
12:41:32 <Ryan> ...I feel accomplished lol
12:41:46 <Graham> not noteworthy unless it goes 10'
12:42:10 <Graham> i missed it that year
12:42:23 <Ryan> It goes 10'?
12:42:26 <Graham> stepping away, be back before Lion
12:42:42 <Ryan> Turbam or West Triplet
12:45:44 <Ryan> Turban
12:45:53 <Graham> Scott says 20' in 2005 UNNG-GHG-12
12:49:11 <Ryan> Well guys, I am calling ti a night... I have an 84 page engineering report that needs proofread... night.
12:49:21 <Kevin L> bye
12:50:02 <Kevin L> Geez I am glad I am old and retired.
12:50:36 <Maureen> 84 page report in highschool seems extreme
12:51:06 <Jenna> not fun
12:51:13 <Jenna> I am glad I leave my work at work
12:51:18 <Will B> my longest ones have been 13-14 pages
12:51:49 <Maureen> must have a lot of data in it or something to be that long
12:52:36 <Kevin L> Sounds like a consultant getting paid by the page.
12:59:23 <Graham> big fonts?
13:03:38 <ynpvisitor52> ...
13:23:08 <Maureen> maybe no Lion before dark
13:26:32 <Graham> just about time...
13:29:07 <Maureen> night
13:29:31 <Graham> not waiting for Lion?
13:30:00 <Graham> Lion 2029
13:30:28 <Graham> theres the steam :)
13:47:41 <Graham> goodnight