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19:56:04 <ynpvisitor88> hey all
23:56:49 <Dave from B> Good morning, vw!
23:58:21 <vw> Good morning Dave!
23:58:42 <vw> Just going to check the temp at OF. It looks cold there!
23:59:05 <Dave from B> I was thinking the same
23:59:19 <vw> 15. Not bad.
23:59:40 <vw> Other conditions: DP 12, RH 94%, Wind SSE 1G01.
23:59:49 <vw> It just looks cold!
00:01:07 <Dave from B> Supposed to be 52F at OF for a high today. Should be a good gazing day
00:01:47 <Dave from B> Hey! I see the finally put the benches out!
00:01:49 <vw> A lot os the ice and snow has melted off the bw!
00:02:01 <Dave from B> the = they
00:02:22 <vw> Can see all the way down to the walkway under the benches. Wow.
00:07:12 <vw> Thanks to Pat S: early OF time so we have a target for next eruption. :)
00:08:59 <vw> I like it when we get those early times before the day really even gets started.
00:10:35 <Dave from B> It definitely helps. So, who gets BH are Kevin?
00:11:06 <vw> I hope Kevin. I 'steal' too many from him while he has bus duty!
00:11:35 <vw> Sometimes it really does feel inevitable that BH will erupt while he is gone.
00:14:18 <vw> Time to enjoy the colors of the dawning day.
00:16:25 <Dave from B> Do you think Grand will go soon or do you think we missed it?
00:17:40 <vw> Not sure we can tell at this point.
00:18:12 <vw> Grand has been doing a few just over 6h intervals, so we are probably safe for a couple of hours.
00:18:40 <Dave from B> It seems intervals have shortened a bit. I agree, vw.
00:18:56 <vw> Even at 7 hour intervals we would be about in the middle of the intervals.
00:21:09 <Dave from B> Every now and then intervals are longer...I'm guessing 24:28 interval on GT for Grand is a triple not a quad.
00:22:58 <vw> That would make sense, but have we had many 8 hour intervals lately? I don't watch the numbers that closely.
00:24:59 <Dave from B> I can't wait for lengthening days so we don't have triple intervals to worry about!!
00:26:54 <vw> Sun hitting the OF steam plume. Next eruption should be pretty.
00:45:18 <ynpvisitor47> ..
00:47:17 <vw> OF 0746
00:47:41 <vw> Not very tall eruption.
00:49:04 <Dave from B> Love the blue sky
00:51:24 <vw> I wasn't sure it was going to be a long enough eruption to be a long. Last second bursts got it there though.
00:52:12 <vw> fog down basin cleared quite a bit while we were waiting for OF.
01:06:53 <vw> Lion 0806 ie
01:08:06 <ynpvisitor61> I feel the same way
01:08:07 <vw> Might be an initial.
01:10:03 <Dave from B> Morning Kevin and Jenna
01:11:11 <Kevin L> hi.
01:11:28 <Jenna> morning
01:13:23 <vw> Lion: nice addition to our morning repertoire.
01:14:51 <Dave from B> Any final thoughts on wethere it was an intial?
01:14:58 <ynpvisitor47> was that an oops, 61?
01:15:47 <vw> I am not sure Dave. It was in the range duration wise. Interval to next one might give us another hint.
01:16:48 <ynpvisitor61> G
01:21:59 <ynpvisitor47> ..
01:41:33 <vw> page is being unkind today. Lots of timeouts.
01:42:38 <vw> Michael posted Aurum 0836 ie. I am sorry I didn't see it.
01:47:22 <ynpvisitor47> I thought I saw the end, but was afk
01:47:59 <vw> LC 0847 ie
01:50:35 <vw> Pat S posted Riverside 0847 ie.
01:51:18 <vw> I saw some steam over the hill, but think I just saw the end maybe: very diffuse.
01:52:29 <Dave from B> Where is lc? Haven't seen him for awhile
01:54:16 <vw> He was on this weekend. Might ask Kitt if she shows up today.
02:01:02 <Lori (packing)> going to get into the 40's here today. Soaring (their word!) into the 50's tomorrow.
02:01:20 <vw> :)
02:01:47 <vw> does that mean you are leaving town soon Lori? I seem to remember you mentioning weather gets nice when you leave to get away from the cold.
02:01:59 <Lori (packing)> Vegas tomorrow :D
02:02:19 <vw> Sweet! Almost guarantee it will be warm there!
02:02:23 <vw> Hot even...
02:02:25 <Dave from B> Enjoy your trip Lori!!
02:03:27 <Dave from B> We are in the middle of traveling Soccer Saturdays....1 down 11 to go
02:03:38 <Lori (packing)> I am so looking forward to it! My dad and Todd's dad are both still in the hospital, so they had better behave.
02:03:56 <Lori (packing)> How far do you go this week Dave?
02:05:48 <Dave from B> ..
02:06:22 <Dave from B> Last Sat Bozeman, this weekend a rare home weekend. I'm glad...need to get some yardwork done.
02:07:18 <Dave from B> A crazy stretch starting Mother's Day: Sheridan, Missoula, Denver, Great Falls, Salt Lake City, Great Falls
02:07:50 <Dave from B> It's tough when 2 kids are playing, my wife and I won't be together much on Saturdays this Spring
02:08:01 <vw> Yikes. Those will put some serious miles on your vehicle, Dave.
02:08:09 <Dave from B> Lori, did you pick any shows?
02:08:26 <Dave from B> Yeah, and it just went over 100,000
02:09:14 <vw> The highway miles will be good for the engine. Not so sure good for your backside though.
02:09:23 <Dave from B> I will definitely car pool to Utah and Colorado
02:09:42 <Dave from B> And, my back is finally feeling better!!
02:10:23 <vw> Time to invest in an ortho-seat for your car? Want to keep your back happy.
02:10:51 <Lori (packing)> Car pool to Utah and Colorado- wow. Don't hear that for sports in IA, lol
02:11:27 <Lori (packing)> The got tickets for Terry Fator in Vegas. Loved him on America's Got Talent, so it should be great!
02:12:07 <Lori (packing)> Make sure you stretch after the drives Dave. Makes a world of difference for me.
02:12:22 <Dave from B> And, for long car pools you need to pick wisely:)
02:12:46 <Lori (packing)> Band trip to FL, I walked during each food stop and got my food to go back on the bus. Saved me for sure.
02:13:21 <Lori (packing)> oh yes, there are some people that are short drive people only for sure, lol
02:13:27 <alex> don't drive like my brother
02:14:49 <vw> .
02:14:50 <Lori (packing)> we had a great group for Cross Country one year, but most normal people would have gone crazy with us. Got lost a few times, lol. Not when I drove of course!
02:15:18 <Lori (packing)> and we always had cookies :)
02:15:55 <Dave from B> I definitely will stretch! Need to get out of the car about every 90-120 minutes
02:17:09 <Dave from B> Morning, alex
02:17:27 <Lori (packing)> does ice help? those flexible ice packs in a cooler might be a good idea.
02:17:50 <vw> OF 0917
02:18:11 <Dave from B> Good idea, Lori. Except, Becca usually needs it since she is the one actually playing:)
02:20:22 <Lori (packing)> no broken legs like that basketball guy!
02:20:40 <vw> Ouch. That was nasty.
02:21:03 <vw> I was so happy to see he was up on crutches yesterday morning.
02:21:58 <Lori (packing)> Got to see much more of it than I wanted- pics all over fb :(
02:22:21 <vw> I saw it during the game. That was enough!
02:22:56 <Lori (packing)> said they put a rod in and he should be good. I bet he can tell when it is going to rain as an old man!
02:23:27 <vw> Even as a young man! And imagine getting through airport security!
02:23:31 <vw> Lion 0923
02:24:56 <Dave from B> I didn't see the injury...and I have no interest in seeing it.
02:25:05 <vw> Interval on Lion would suggest the 0806 eruption was an initial.
02:25:14 <Dave from B> I remember when Joe Theisman broke his. That was gruesome
02:25:17 <Lori (packing)> nice lion
02:25:28 <ynpvisitor47> I know a sports photographer who is un-friending anyone on FB who posts the pic of the leg
02:25:32 <ynpvisitor60> yES!
02:25:42 <vw> Dave, it was a Theisman type injury. Turned your stomach to see it.
02:26:09 <vw> Good to hear 47.
02:26:24 <Lori (packing)> I am not good with bones poking out, and really disliked it poking out at me on fb. good for the photographer. the morning shows didn't show it, which I liked.
02:27:07 <vw> Oh man... I am so glad I didn't see those. What we saw during the game was gruesome enough.
02:27:36 <Kevin L> I can take the cam whenever you are ready vw
02:27:54 <vw> Yours when you want it K.
02:28:00 <Dave from B> But, did miss the YNP jackalope. I wonder how much it costs to ride!
02:28:13 <vw> oh bummer, Dave. :D
02:29:53 <Kevin L> Got it vw
02:30:04 <vw> Thank you Kevin.
02:30:11 <vw> I will be back later for bus duty!
02:30:31 <Dave from B> Enjoy the rest of your morning!
02:30:36 <Kevin L> ty. Looks like time for Daisy/Grand fishing.
02:31:50 <alex> good morning dave
02:31:59 <Dave from B> Get some chores done this morning, Kevin?
02:32:35 <Kevin L> Yep. Voting day and had to go to store to get yet another plumbing part.
02:33:21 <Kevin L> Looks like a possible Turban.
02:33:49 <Kevin L> Also got some citrus blooms this morning!
02:34:31 <Lori (packing)> so you are making Vegas pretty for me Kevin?
02:34:57 <Kevin L> Well I try.
02:35:45 <Lori (packing)> :)
02:36:07 <Kevin L> I did make it easier to drive. If you drive I-515 from Las Vegas Blvd to Wagonwheel, I was on the design team for that road but it is much different now than when we started.
02:36:27 <Kevin L> I did set the centerline for it though.
02:36:55 <Lori (packing)> ok- I will try to pay attention to the center line and give you the credit :)
02:37:07 <Dave from B> :)
02:37:21 <Lori (packing)> most road designs around here you would not want to take the credit (aka blame) for
02:38:00 <Kevin L> They have really changed it over the years. There is only one interchange that is istact as I designed it (College).
02:39:20 <Lori (packing)> several years back, the city of Burlington put in a bunch of those islands at intersections. really made a mess of things, especially in winter with plowing snow. some have been removed.
02:41:06 <Kevin L> They put some of the road buttons on a road in Reno and it was really ugly when they plowed. Lots of broken windows.
02:46:53 <Lori (packing)> got a text- dad should be dismissed today. one down, one to go :)
02:47:10 <Dave from B> Great news, Lori!!
02:47:17 <Kevin L> Sounds great.
02:48:09 <Lori (packing)> better check in the other and head out for my pedicure. gotta have pretty toes poolside :)
02:48:26 <Lori (packing)> *on
02:48:44 <Dave from B> bye, Lori
02:48:56 <Lori (packing)> have a good geyser day!
02:54:46 <Kevin L> Turban?
02:58:42 <Kevin L> Daisy 0958
03:03:06 <Dave from B> Kevin, any splashes from BH?
03:03:26 <Kevin L> didn't see any
03:05:50 <Kevin L> We will look more after the next Turban
03:12:08 <Kevin L> Turban?
03:17:28 <ynpvisitor2> good move
03:17:41 <Kevin L> Lion 1017
03:31:43 <ynpvisitor2> did you check Grand?
03:32:57 <ynpvisitor2> ty
03:42:22 <Kevin L> of 1041
03:47:11 <Kevin L> Small bh splashes.
03:49:50 <Kevin L> Grand 1049
03:49:52 <Kevin L> .
03:49:53 <Kevin L> .
03:50:57 <Dave from B> 6:45 average interval based on a triple
03:50:59 <Dave from B> ..
03:51:31 <Kevin L> I haven't seen spikes yet, but pretty sure this is Grand.
03:51:59 <Dave from B> Temp was 40F at 1015 at OF
03:52:32 <ynpvisitor17> What's the steam cloud on the Upper Basin static cam?
03:53:10 <Kevin L> There is a spike.
03:53:28 <Kevin L> If it is on the left, it is Grand.
03:53:57 <ynpvisitor17> Not the streaming cam with Grand, there was a cloud on the static cam on Geyser Hill at 10:50-10:51
03:55:11 <Kevin L> Didn't see it.
03:55:23 <Kevin L> Glad you made it for some of Grand Maureen.
03:55:24 <Maureen> nothing there now
03:55:30 <Maureen> me too
03:55:42 <Maureen> the DSL went out right when I signed on...
04:00:58 <Kevin L> Looks like a 1b
04:09:13 <Dave from B> ..
04:15:07 <Kevin L> Lion 1114
04:17:03 <Dave from B> Doesn't want to turn off
04:18:26 <ynpvisitor47> .
04:28:19 <ynpvisitor47> .
04:34:06 <ynpvisitor15> ..
04:38:23 <Dave from B> This page is being ornery today
04:39:05 <ynpvisitor15> .
04:40:46 <Jenna> Gpa Willard is being released today. Hope he does ok back home.
04:42:24 <Dave from B> Hi, Jenna. sounds like you're not sure if he should be going home.
04:42:58 <Jenna> well the gist I got from my mom is that he's not where he should be as far as walking on his own, etc
04:43:08 <Dave from B> Hi, Maureen. Didn't see you sneak in either
04:43:35 <Jenna> he was supposed to be released yesterday, guess he was still on Lasix to help with the fluid?
04:43:58 <Jenna> mom has been getting all the details. Gma and Gpa haven't been honest about everything it sounds like.
04:44:04 <Dave from B> No fun watching family or anyone for that matter age.
04:44:21 <Jenna> definitely not, especially him. he's always been a mover.
04:44:34 <Dave from B> That sure sounds familar. My wife has to go to my mom's appts now so we now the truch
04:44:47 <Dave from B> truch = to what's going on.
04:45:21 <Jenna> yes
04:45:46 <Jenna> one of mom's friends mentioned cardiac cripple..where they get too comfortable in the hospital
04:46:12 <Jenna> also sounds like Gma is babying him
04:46:34 <Dave from B> She is being a good spouse!
04:46:46 <Jenna> lol true
04:46:55 <Jenna> mom and her sisters can be the tough ones
04:47:01 <Dave from B> Hey, Kevin. Can you turn the valve for BHI...It's time!!
04:47:11 <Kevin L> I wish
04:47:50 <Jenna> yeah I've missed it the past few days!
04:48:08 <Maureen> hey Dave. At work. Jenna, will he be released straight to home?
04:48:25 <Maureen> I thought that grandma is not well enought to take care of him, or do I have them mixed up?
04:49:22 <Jenna> Yes he'll go straight home. His wife, Karen is well enough.
04:49:44 <Jenna> Grandma Rita, who's married to Gpa with the new hip is not well enough. He got accepted to the new rehab center.
04:50:19 <Maureen> oh good, so it is all coming out OK.
04:50:35 <Maureen> Karen will have to make sure he moves.
04:50:39 <Jenna> so far yeah
04:50:41 <Jenna> yes
04:50:58 <Jenna> Thankfully they live about 2 miles away so mom can keep an eye on him
04:51:38 <Dave from B> there are a lot of advantages of having a family that lives close to each other.
04:52:27 <Maureen> isn't your mom leaving?
04:53:32 <Jenna> yes
04:53:45 <Jenna> oh yeah, I'm so glad we all live nearby
04:53:58 <Jenna> Karen will have to keep him on track
05:00:03 <ynpvisitor15> /
05:00:15 <ynpvisitor15> /
05:02:12 <Dave from B> ..
05:02:51 <Kevin L> OF 1202
05:08:55 <ynpvisitor15> >
05:10:17 <vw> BH?
05:10:21 <Dave from B> I see water!
05:10:29 <vw> 1210
05:10:36 <Dave from B> No indy
05:10:48 <vw> I haven't been watching so don't know about BHI.
05:10:55 <vw> I don't see it now.
05:10:56 <Dave from B> BH having a tough time getting going
05:11:15 <Janet> No indy - I was watching it.
05:11:16 <Dave from B> BHI was watching
05:11:30 <Janet> really?
05:11:33 <Maureen> glad I am here already
05:11:40 <Janet> I didn't see it - just steam from BH
05:11:53 <Jenna> me too Maureen! not in my car this time lol
05:11:56 <Janet> Was talking with a neighbor though, so I could be wrong.
05:12:04 <Dave from B> Sorry, Janet...meant BHI was watching BH erupt...sorry for the confusion
05:12:08 <Kevin L> Pure luck.
05:12:12 <Dave from B> No BHI
05:12:28 <Maureen> and Kevin is not on bus duty
05:12:29 <Will B> ty
05:12:30 <Janet> ok - didn't think I missed it, but was talking
05:14:04 <Kevin L> Had to do a double take on that one.
05:15:09 <Will B> can someone check the new markers in the myriad group on the GT reference map are working after BH
05:16:09 <vw> dang... missed most of BH. Was right in the middle of something when I noticed it. :(
05:16:27 <Maureen> well thanks for noticing it.
05:16:51 <vw> Luckily Kevin had camera aimed right at it. Good job K!!!
05:17:20 <vw> See I missed Grand too. Not my day.
05:23:22 <Dave from B> Kevin, Big BH splash that got out of control:)
05:23:42 <Kevin L> It sure did
05:24:35 <Maureen> well glad we all got to see it.
05:24:59 <Kevin L> A big surprise for sure
05:27:12 <Dave from B> Anyone else having problems with GT?
05:27:41 <Kevin L> Works ok today so far.
05:28:08 <Dave from B> Wanted to edit my BH entry but it wouldn't let me for awhile
05:43:34 <Kevin L> Daisy 1243
05:45:26 <Kevin L> GT is being a problem for me now Dave
05:51:46 <Dave from B> I broke it
05:52:19 <Kevin L> You sure did
05:55:16 <Kevin L> .
06:31:13 <vw> Kevin, I am on standby for when you have to head out.
06:31:35 <Kevin L> OK. Just getting ready to head out.
06:32:39 <Dave from B> wb, vw
06:33:00 <vw> Thanks Dave!
06:33:15 <vw> K, I will grab the cam now, before OF gets started.
06:33:27 <Kevin L> ty
06:34:08 <vw> OF 1333
06:35:14 <vw> I got GT to open, but now it won't let me enter any data. Will note here if OF is a long/short.
06:35:55 <Dave from B> Yeah, GT has been iffy for the past hour
06:36:20 <vw> Last Daisy entry didn't sync over to either.
06:37:11 <vw> All the updates and downloads that Jake and Will are doing, I am not surprised some little thing has flumoxed it!
06:37:29 <vw> OF was a Long.
06:37:57 <Jenna> did someone just send out the BH text?
06:38:16 <Dave from B> No, it was sent during BH
06:38:21 <vw> I don't think so Jenna. Without a BHI, we don't have warning or enough time.
06:38:42 <Jenna> hmm ok. I just got it :)
06:39:10 <vw> ahhh. Sometimes that happens.
06:39:16 <Dave from B> Pony Express delivers your texts in addition to your mail?:)
06:39:43 <Jenna> apparently? lol
06:40:11 <Dave from B> I know that has happened to Rich on more than a few occassions
06:40:22 <Dave from B> ..
06:40:52 <Dave from B> Snow could be gone from OF this week
06:40:52 <vw> Snow is melting very rapidly!
06:41:20 <vw> BH bench visible.
06:42:11 <Dave from B> vw, I'm starting to get real nervous about fire season. We need moisture in Blgs region REAL bad.
06:42:52 <vw> Yes, I agree Dave. April is supposed to be start of rainy season and not much precip in the forecast.
06:43:44 <vw> The spits and dribbles we have been getting won't help much. :(
06:46:26 <Dave from B> No wet spots in my yard..even in the shade
06:47:47 <vw> Same here. With trees starting to bud up, we will all need to water our trees to keep them healthy.
06:48:16 <Dave from B> Already thinking about turning sprinkler system on
06:49:09 <Maureen> there something wrong with GT today?
06:49:29 <vw> Yes Maureen. Giving fits for about an hour I guess.
06:49:34 <Maureen> I was even thinking of watering my trees here, it really melted when I was gone.
06:49:49 <Maureen> maybe data is uploading or something.
06:50:23 <vw> Will isn't on the page right now. We need to ask him when he gets back.
06:50:35 <Maureen> melting has a lot more work to do until it is clear by BH though
06:51:07 <vw> Just took a look at bw out there. Surprisingly clear already.
06:52:28 <vw> You can see now that even the area nearest the cam tree is melting off so there are lots of clear patches.
06:55:45 <vw> GT let me update with last OF data.
06:56:00 <Maureen> oh good
06:56:02 <Dave from B> ..
06:56:15 <vw> Waiting to see if it syncs to
06:56:20 <Maureen> Hopefully they will have it blown out down to F & M for opening day like the past few years.
06:56:59 <vw> OF synced over, but last Daisy did not.
06:57:35 <Dave from B> Maureen, don't you need a permit or a visa to be in UGB? (Since you live at LGB):)
06:58:25 <Maureen> funny Dave
06:59:34 <Maureen> until Memorial Day once Fountain has erupted the UGB is the place to be.
07:00:38 <Dave from B> That's right...I forgot that Firehole Lake Road is closed until Memorial Day?
07:00:59 <vw> :(
07:01:01 <Dave from B> Maybe, Morning will be active
07:01:16 <vw> .
07:01:57 <Maureen> time will tell, about Morning...
07:02:22 <Maureen> I would be just as happy if Fountain returned to its old 6 hour intervals
07:03:26 <Maureen> with Fountain doing 10+ hours last summer, it was some long waits
07:04:48 <Maureen> folks are riding bikes in the West entrance now
07:06:13 <Kevin L> FYI Jenna I did send out a BH txt but since there was no indy it didn't do much good. :(
07:06:40 <Maureen> I got my text right away
07:06:51 <Kevin L> Hope you have better luck with you sprinklers than I did Dave. BTW I have citrus blooms today!
07:07:04 <Maureen> fun Kevin...
07:08:24 <Kevin L> Love it when it goes to full bloom. Really makes the whole backyard smell good.
07:09:38 <Dave from B> Kevin, my sytem is 15 years I'm always nervous to start them up.
07:10:55 <Kevin L> Mine was sort of like Yellowstone this year. You never knew where & when a new geyser would pop up.
07:11:05 <Jenna> I was here so it's ok that it was a few hours late :)
07:30:54 <Kevin L> zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
07:32:14 <Dave from B> I don't think 45 is sleeping right now.
07:32:41 <Dave from B> Kevin, 45 may need the computer smashing video to cheer him (her) up
07:33:23 <Kevin L> Room doesn't like that one. Hates me today too.
08:02:21 <Kevin L> of 1501
08:06:00 <vw> .
08:09:50 <vw> Kevin, I can take the cam whenever you are ready to head out. tried to pm you, but not sure you saw it.
08:10:28 <Kevin L> No, pm didn't come through. Go ahead and take it.
08:10:36 <Kevin L> Daisy due.
08:11:04 <vw> Got it. Thanks!
08:11:37 <vw> If you have a tab with my name open, you might have to close it and open another. I am guessing the msg will be there then.
08:12:35 <vw> Page seems to lose pm's when people are timed out.
08:12:45 <Dave from B> vw, you give new meaning to working a "split shift":)
08:13:09 <vw> Agree Dave! It really is kind of weird, isn't it? :D
08:13:35 <vw> Kind of hard to get anything done on Tuesdays.
08:23:37 <vw> Daisy 1523
08:29:59 <Dave from B> Time for me to head home. Have a great evening everyone!!
08:30:14 <vw> Have a great evening Dave!
08:31:07 <Dave from B> Same to you!
08:31:58 <vw> Not sure what to do with the cam. Absolutely nothing due any time soon. Can't even find any wildlife.
09:03:36 <ynpvisitor49> .
09:03:49 <ynpvisitor33> you can keep it pointed exactly where it is, maybe zoom in a little.
09:04:30 <vw> Tried that but didn't like the bounce.
09:04:53 <ynpvisitor33> yeah, looks a little breezy there.
09:15:21 <ynpvisitor49> +
09:25:11 <Graham> hello
09:25:28 <Andrew> hello
09:25:28 <vw> Hi Graham!
09:25:55 <vw> How are the cherry blossoms today?
09:26:30 <Graham> beats me, i was working not goofing off
09:26:40 <vw> :D
09:26:57 <Andrew> hows the weather?
09:27:23 <vw> He was stuck inside all day so didn't get to find out Andrew.
09:27:48 <Graham> cherry blossom cam doesn't show any
09:28:08 <Andrew> I know about the cherry blosoms but the weather?
09:28:13 <Graham> chilly, low 50s windy and sunny. been a cool start to spring
09:28:21 <vw> I guess so! I thought you had said they would be at their best later this week!
09:28:38 <Graham> supposed to be but doesn't look very pink
09:28:44 <Graham> maybe at the weekend
09:28:54 <Graham> going out for a walk, bbl
09:29:06 <vw> Have a good walk.
09:32:06 <vw> OF 1631
09:32:12 <Andrew> OF 1632
09:36:15 <vw> Castle 1636 ie
09:36:19 <ynpvisitor33> Yay
09:48:02 <vw> Possible Aurum on static 1647 ie
09:49:05 <vw> Timing right for a double interval, but only saw a hint of water in a single frame. Not going to log it. Hoping someone can review captures.
10:12:23 <Will B> Admin travel is open to wheeled vehicles on all the roads that are susposed to open in the 26th :),
10:12:43 <Will B> hopefully we get data from Dr. Heasler soon
10:13:23 <vw> That is good news Will. An indication that the roads are clearing off, whether naturally or artificially.
10:13:30 <Kevin L> Clean the Lenses!!!!!
10:13:42 <ynpvisitor49> beautiful day to be biking!!
10:14:11 <Kevin L> Bet a grizzly could outrun a bike.
10:15:24 <Will B> is OF or Fountain a better place to run into a bear?
10:15:44 <Will B> better as in likelyhood
10:16:09 <Kevin L> I would think Fountain. Less action there.
10:16:39 <Will B> but you can see further though
10:20:34 <Will B> Oblong?
10:21:33 <kc (working)> think so
10:22:34 <vw> I am heading out for the evening. Hope everybody has a great one!
10:22:45 <Graham> bye
10:22:54 <Kevin L> bye. ty
10:28:29 <Diane> Kevin, are you around?
10:32:44 <Maureen> oh good, in time for Grand!
10:33:34 <Graham> hi maureen, enjoying spring?
10:33:37 <Maureen> do you have the cam Kevin?
10:33:44 <Maureen> I am SOOO enjoying spring.
10:33:52 <Graham> warmer at OF than it is here :(
10:33:55 <Maureen> I was just driving home saying to myself, winter is gone.
10:34:05 <Maureen> 58 driving home
10:34:07 <Maureen> nice...
10:34:20 <Maureen> are you driving cam?
10:34:27 <Maureen> any Turban sightings?
10:34:53 <Maureen> 6hr 50 already, long....he he
10:34:55 <Graham> i am driving, glad you are here to get us in-sync with Turban
10:35:16 <Maureen> I was hoping you had caught the last one so we would have an interval.
10:35:32 <Maureen> At this time, I am hoping we just have Grand!
10:36:13 <Graham> no, was getting food
10:36:15 <Maureen> sooo nice. How fun it would be to be there.
10:36:19 <Maureen> off to Bozeman tomorrow.
10:36:40 <Maureen> food...they let cam operators eat???
10:37:11 <Maureen> lots of work today, yet mellow, I love it.
10:37:24 <Maureen> bouncy cam tonight.
10:37:28 <Graham> yep, you all can fgeed us when you like
10:37:32 <Will B> should be nice here tomorrow M
10:37:47 <Maureen> yes W, I see that.
10:38:13 <Maureen> just am not a fan of road construction
10:38:24 <Maureen> yet it is my reality
10:38:41 <Maureen> I cannot imagine there is a whole lot of traffic on the road in general.
10:39:12 <Maureen> oh, Big Sky is still open isn't it?
10:39:38 <Maureen> Will, did you catch Turban?
10:39:55 <Will B> Havent been watching
10:40:09 <Maureen> looks like steam now
10:40:24 <Maureen> so 1740 I will go with
10:40:57 <Graham> you can always come here Maureen, we have construction and traffic, always fun when nthey try to widen I95
10:41:13 <Maureen> at least they are doing good there, making it better.
10:41:36 <Maureen> here they are doing odd projects that benefit few.
10:41:46 <Maureen> and blasting hillsides to accomplish it.
10:42:06 <Maureen> I would think the money could be much better spent.
10:42:23 <Maureen> Turban is happy
10:42:57 <Graham> also converting free lanes into toll lanes to pay for it
10:43:01 <Maureen> is Daisy due?
10:43:31 <Maureen> no way around that I guess. It seems to be the way of roads in the east.
10:44:13 <Graham> Daisy and OF will eryupt together
10:44:23 <Maureen> drat
10:44:34 <Maureen> well hopefully OF goes before Grand.
10:44:53 <Maureen> not this time, so I will start looking at 1755
10:45:05 <Maureen> if the cam happens to be glimpsing that way that is...
10:45:20 <Maureen> even with OF, in the wee corner...
10:47:06 <Graham> look how much the snow melted on the path in the last day
10:49:14 <Maureen> Can we look later to see how much is left on the bridge between Castle and Grand?
10:49:45 <Will B> G did you watch any F&M cycles january?
10:49:52 <Graham> a bit bouncy for a close up
10:53:40 <Maureen> 50+ really melts the snow
10:53:49 <Maureen> please Grand, do not erupt
10:54:01 <Maureen> funny to be wishing for it NOT to erupt.
10:54:11 <Graham> no, i just did a walk by. Steve kept talking about watching it but I don't know what he saw
10:54:21 <Maureen> I will not be able to tell Turban start from here.
10:54:39 <Maureen> I do not think he spent much time there either.
10:55:04 <Maureen> what is there to see? Frozen snow around Fan?
10:55:05 <Graham> yeah, no reason to stay there, snow was piled all over Fan
10:55:17 <Maureen> like minds...
10:55:34 <Will B> ok i will talk to him
10:56:00 <Graham> i have spent too much winter time there only to find a layer of ice deposited overnight
10:56:56 <Maureen> i wonder when Steve, ranger, is back to work?
10:57:28 <Maureen> NO
10:57:30 <Graham> 1757
10:57:42 <Will B> Grand 1757
10:57:43 <Maureen> DRAT UPON DRAT
10:58:06 <Maureen> well that is nice
10:58:15 <Maureen> ty
10:58:15 <Graham> no OF time posted on the VEC cam to help
10:59:33 <Graham> OF 1758
10:59:37 <Maureen> paradise
10:59:56 <Maureen> geyser paradise
11:00:19 <Maureen> thank you OF, for cooperating
11:02:34 <Maureen> Daisy too...
11:03:14 <Maureen> Nice spikes
11:04:26 <Maureen> 24 days
11:04:54 <Graham> till?
11:05:10 <Will B> 23 days 13 hours 55 minutes
11:05:18 <Maureen> he he G
11:05:45 <Maureen> I could go for another 6 burst in May...
11:05:54 <Maureen> order one up...
11:06:24 <Graham> Will will be down at F&M watching it not erupt
11:06:41 <Maureen> he is not that silly
11:06:46 <Maureen> nice
11:06:51 <Maureen> another dual
11:07:17 <Graham> Daisy 1626ie
11:07:25 <Graham> or 1806ie
11:07:28 <Maureen> ???
11:07:29 <Graham> wow thatwas messed up
11:07:36 <Maureen> truly
11:07:40 <Maureen> 2nd???
11:07:45 <Maureen> calm at Grand
11:08:18 <Graham> 10m 1 burst
11:08:32 <Maureen> we had a 2nd at 10 the other day, just sayin
11:08:48 <Graham> i know, see them
11:08:52 <Maureen> well, that was nice
11:09:09 <Maureen> and now the calm...I see Castle already went.
11:09:21 <Graham> now its snooze time
11:09:49 <Kevin L> Still could get an Aurum.
11:10:14 <Graham> pretty clear of snow
11:10:25 <Maureen> thanks
11:10:38 <Maureen> not so near Bee
11:10:48 <Graham> still nice ice at bee
11:11:09 <Maureen> Supposed to snow this weekend
11:11:35 <Graham> not much left at Plume
11:11:40 <Maureen> nope
11:11:57 <Maureen> is there any left on cabin roofs?
11:12:13 <Maureen> wonder how much is on the bridge?
11:12:25 <Maureen> wow
11:12:43 <Maureen> ones in the sun are melted off
11:13:05 <Maureen> my roof is almost clear
11:13:46 <Graham> big blue
11:20:18 <Graham> WT
11:26:11 <ynpvisitor97> Sprinkler ie 1826
11:27:22 <Graham> zzzzz
11:30:11 <Micah> It's very surreal seeing it without snow for the first time in months.
11:30:19 <Micah> or just with very little snow.
11:38:26 <Maureen> it will be cold tonight again.
11:39:51 <Micah> Sprinkler is off.
11:46:04 <ynpvisitor49> .
11:46:04 <ynpvisitor49> .
12:29:19 <kcmule> OF 19:28
12:29:29 <Maureen> nice light
13:06:54 <ynpvisitor27> Depression looks steamy
13:14:16 <Graham> I just foind out theres a Cherry Blossom Indicator TYree
13:14:25 <Graham> it blooms a week before peak
13:14:52 <ynpvisitor27> :)
13:16:04 <Graham> nt known for false indicators, or long indicators, or no-indicator blooms
13:16:21 <ynpvisitor27> chuckle chuckly
13:22:02 <Maureen> is it indicating things are on time for the blossoms?
13:28:20 <Graham> its late
13:28:26 <Graham> goodnight
13:28:40 <ynpvisitor27> bye!
13:28:48 <kcmule> nite
13:45:35 <Will B> wow that got black fast